2010 BEHIND | 2011 AHEAD
2010 has been a wonderful, growing, stretching and fruitful year. We have grown closer as a couple, the ministry has grown, and we both have grown in our walk with Christ. As 2010 was closing I had the opportunity to invest some time focusing on my key initiatives for 2011. As Pam and I complete 22 years of ministry we are thankful for all that God has done through us and in us.
2011 Key Initiatives 1. Grow in my understanding of the concept of the Grow in my understanding of the concept of the fear of man. 2. Grow in humility each day. 3. Become a student of my wife to better understand and minister to her. 4. Become more effective in biblical confrontation. 5. Become more effective in discipleship of men. 6. Reach my ideal body weight and maintain it. Now looking Many are the plans in 7. Develop and maintain a weekly toward the a man’s heart but it is fitness routine. next 15 years the Lord’s purpose 8. Invest 10% of my time in planwe are askthat prevails, ning and organization. ing, “What Proverbs 19:21. 9. Reach 100% of our budgeted could God do?” I want 2011 to support need. be a year that God does incredible 10. Start 8 new churches with Word of Life. things in our lives and through our 11. Disciple 4 men to a deeper walk with God. ministry. Below are a few of the key 12. Train 2 teen guys in preaching for Teens things that we will be focusing on in Involved. 13. Start a ministry blog and 2011. I would ask that you would pray post no less than 2 times with us that by God grace we would a month. be able to see many of these initia-

tives accomplished in 2011.

February 29th was a great day of leadership training at Davis College in Binghamton New York. This was the site for our winter leadership training conference. Pastor John Bouquet of Bethal Baptist Church, Savannah Ohio challenged us with God’s word during the power sessions while our New York staff taught seminars. I was a very encouraging day with over 100 people in attendance. John taught a seminar titled, “Are You On Track” that helped the leadership teams evaluate their discipleship process and how effective it is.

God has given me 3 young men to invest in this year, Caleb, Phil and Drew. Caleb and I meet weekly for Bible study and accountability which has been a great joy. Phil and Drew are both preaching in Teens Involved this year and I have the privilege of being their coach. We will meet a few times before the Teens Involved to prepare them to preach in our church on a youth emphasis service. This is a requirement for every student who participates in Teens Involved. We do this because the goal of Teens Involved is to help young people discover, develop and use their gifts in the ministry of the local church. It is one of the highlights of my year to see these young men prepare and deliver a message from God’s word. At the Teens Involved event they will be judged by pastors who will give them constructive ways in which they can improve their message and presentation. We use this input to make improvements for the next level, Regional Teens Involved. It is a joy to see these guys progress as we work together for several months.

We have received almost $2,212 towards a new ministry vehicle. Our car continues to run very well considering is just passed into old age in car years according to the odometer which reads 134,717. I realize that many of you reading this may be driving cars that have many more miles on them, I do understand that. Most of our personal vehicle started with over 100,000 miles when we got them. What we try to do in Word of Life is pass older vehicle on to new missionaries who do not have the money to get a vehicle. The lower the mileage the better for them. Brandon and Megan are now driving such a vehicle. It was in great condition when they received it and will help them for 2-3 more years while they get established. Our hope is to complete the fund raising in 2011 and then purchase the new vehicle in 2012. If you would like to help us with this project just use the response card below when sending in your gift.

RESPONSE | SLIP for Ministry Vehicle
Ministry Vehicle Odometer

Collins’ I am getting behind you and your ministry!”

134,717 miles

Please use the enclosed special gift of $________________ towards your ministry vehicle.

Name: ___________________________________________
Make your check payable to Word of Life. All gifts towards this ministry are tax deductible. Please enclose this Action Slip with your gift and send to; Word of Life, PO Box 600, Schroon Lake, NY 12870.

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