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Kumar Aman Anand
Campus IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208016
Course & B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree, Chemical
Discipline Engineering
Roll Number Y3167156

Education History (Graduation Onwards):

Discipline & Percent

Level Duration Institute
Specialization age
M.Tech (June 2008 IIT Kanpur 80
B.Tech 2003-07 IIT kanpur 70

Projects, Internships, Industry Exposure & Work Experience (if any):

Name of the Title of
Duration (Key Features, Roles,
Organization Assignment
Activities, Outcome)
IIT Kanpur July 2007- Hydrogenolysis It involves the synthesis and
(Master’s till date of glycerol characterization of the
Thesis) under mild organometallic complexes and
conditions subsequently the heterogeneous
using catalysts obtained by loading
heterogeneous these complexes on various
organometallic supports. These were then tested
complex for the hydrogenolysis of glycerol.
catalyst The catalyst which showed high
activity and selectivity towards the
desired products were used for
further reaction studies. The
reaction studies were performed
by varying the temperature,
pressure and concentration of
It involved preparation and
characterization of microcyclic
complex FeCu and then covalently
bonded to modified alumina
Heterogeneous support. The equilibrium
FeCu Complex conversion of 2-butanol is found to
January- Catalyst for be 96.50% with MEK selectivity of
IIT Kanpur September Oxidation of 2- 95.65%. It has been found that
2007 Butanol Using catalyst deactivation is negligible,
Molecular then a mathematical model has
Oxygen been proposed considering a two
phase reaction and computed the
concentrations of each component
of the reaction mixture in both
liquid and vapor phases.
It involved the designing of a
flowsheet in ASPEN PLUS for
Cumene production different from
Simulation of
the conventional plant design
January- existing already. Control structures
IIT Kanpur production by
April 2007 were added to the plant to handle
changes in production by 20 %
keeping the purity of Cumene at
least 95 %.

Objective was to design and

simulate the base case HDA
process considering different
design alternatives with increasing
Hydrodealkylat level of energy integration. Steady
July 2006-
IIT Kanpur ion of Toluene state design has been developed
April 2007
to Benzene in ASPEN involving controllability
and operability of the dynamic
model. The same exercise was
done with HYSYS to implement a
robust plantwide control scheme
IOCL, 8th May to In- Plant This training involved an exposure
Vadodara 1st July Vocational to the ongoing processes
Training employed by the aforementioned
company for the production of
petroleum products at the Plant
Site. We worked on Linear Alkyl
Benzene plant, Hydro Cracker Unit,
Atmospheric Distillation Units,
Vacuum Distillation Unit, Crude
Reforming Unit and Methyl Tertiary
Butyl Ether Unit.
The training gave me an insight
into working in a highly
professional environment and also
how to blend in with a new team in
a short span of time.
• Provide only a brief summary of the project.
• Limit to exposures of 2 weeks or higher only.
Extra Curricular & Non-Academic Achievements:

Nature of
Individual Role Achievement
Management As a part of security management of event,
Antaragni, Chief Security involving more than 800 colleges, managed
Cultural festival Officer security. Team work and taking on the spot
of IIT Kanpur, fast decisions was the biggest learning.
Managed large participation of colleges in
Antaragni 2004 compare to previous years.
This post gave me a unique opportunity
where I worked under my coordinators at the
Antaragni, Assistant
same time, a team of 15 student worked
Cultural Coordinator
under me- an ideal platform to learn about
Festival of IIT
coordination in a team. It also honed my
Kanpur, 2004
organizational and creative qualities as I was
involved in organization of several events.
Helped Underprivileged: To ensure that
every talented but underprivileged student
gets an opportunity to compete with his
better off peers. To ensure that he/she is not
left out due to lack of information, right
(To inspire,
guidance and motivation.
motivate and Team Leader
It is basically a motivating workshop for
guide young (Organized
the students preparing for IIT joint entrance
minds) workshop)
exam, being held every year at different
( December
parts of Bihar (Patna, Bhagalpur and
2004-till date)
Begusarai). Our mission is to ignite hidden
potential of the students by conducting lots
of interactive sessions with them in four days
in a certain planned way.
Jeevan Vidya is a human centric existence
based philosophy. It helps us understand the
basic nature of all entities – viz. from atoms,
molecules, space, planets, plants, animals,
to the human being -needs, nature,
behaviour, etc. Jeevan Vidya is presented in
the form of propositions, and does not
Jeevan Vidya expect anything to be accepted on faith but
Active member of on the basis of rigorous self-examination the
Jeevan Vidya truth or veracity of these propositions. The
( June 2005-till
date) basis of evaluating the propositions is ‘sahaj
swikriti’ or Natural Acceptance (which is
inherent in every human being and does not
change with space or time) instead of past
beliefs or conditionings, which are subject to
both space and time.
I am actively participating in organizing the
workshop at IIT Camper.
NCC, IIT Kanpur Undergone NCC program for 1 year and was
(National Cadet an active participant of many NCC activities
corps) NCC Cadet like rifling, gliding etc.
( July 2003- Received a certificate of cadet from NCC.
April 2004)

• Provide only a brief summary
• Please focus on your most significant non-academic achievements, which will display
your CAR attributes.

Contact Details:

Mailing Address
B-315, Hall 4, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208016, India
(for use upto mid-2008)

Permanent Address House No. X-15, Asiyana Nagar, Patna-800025,

(for use after you graduate) India
Personal Email Address:
Campus Email Address:

Contact Numbers
Permanent +91-9431211910, +91-612-2587146
Campus +91-512-2597811
Mobile +91-9415511084
Personal Details:

Date of Birth 1st March, 1984

Place of Birth Rohtas, Bihar

Gender Male

Nationality Indian

Passport Details (if available)

Name (as on Passport) Kumar Aman Anand
Passport Number F8018039
Date of Issue 14 July, 2006
Date of Expiry 13July, 2016
Place of Issue Lucknow

Other Details:

Please give any other information that will assist us in understanding you better.
References are NOT required.

I have always believed that engineering is an art and a moral philosophy which is
meant for the upliftment of people. Therefore my dream is to work as an engineer
who solves the regular technical challenges that affect the common man in his own
way. Working in and as part of a team gives further impetus to this objective. I am
always been made to believe to be dedicated in whatever I do.
During the Shell Recruitment Day you will have a technical interview in which you will
be asked questions about a project that you have done which demonstrate your
technical skills. The assessors will be looking at your approach to solve the technical
challenges, your thoughts on the implications of your work and also your ability to
communicate technical information to an audience from a range of technical

In advance of this interview, we would like you to prepare by describing one or two
specific projects that you have done which you believe demonstrate your technical
skills. You can use projects from University, work placements, internships or even
specific research projects that you believe are relevant to the job for which you are
applying. Try to choose projects that are recent, significant and relevant to the area
that you are interested in applying to. Assessors will use the information you provide
as the basis for their discussion with you and therefore you need to be prepared to
provide further information about these projects. Alternatively, if you have not
worked on any relevant technical projects you may wish to describe a body of
research about a topic area that you believe is relevant to the job for which you are

The technical interview will last approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Remember, when preparing this information:

• Write about two projects, which you feel, are the best.

• Be brief – simplifying complex technical information is a key skill for Shell

employees and therefore we would like you to limit your description of each
project to 150 words. Also, think about how you explain the technical
information to individuals who do not know anything about your specialist

• Select projects that you believe clearly demonstrate your technical


• Use recent projects (within last 3 years) – you will need to be able to
discuss these projects in some depth.

• Think about your own personal contribution – it is common to discuss

projects in terms of ‘we did’ and ‘the team did’, however, we are interested
in what ‘you’ did.
• Review your preparation carefully to ensure the information you have
provided is clear to others who were not working with you during your

The following questions will help the flow of your project description.
• What was the background to the project?
• What was your specific objective?
• What were the key things that you did?
• Challenges that you faced?
• Who did you work with on this project?
• What were the results?
Project 1:
Project 2: