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National Transportation Safety Board NTSB ID: NYC08LA234B Aircraft Registration Number: N228PS

FACTUAL REPORT Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008 Most Critical Injury: None

AVIATION Occurrence Type: Accident Investigated By: NTSB

Nearest City/Place State Zip Code Local Time Time Zone
Charlotte NC 28208 1815 EDT

Airport Proximity: On Airport/Airstrip Distance From Landing Facility:

Aircraft Information Summary

Aircraft Manufacturer Model/Series Type of Aircraft

Bombardier, Inc. CL-600-2B19 Airplane

Revenue Sightseeing Flight: No Air Medical Transport Flight: No

Brief narrative statement of facts, conditions and circumstances pertinent to the accident/incident:
On June 28, 2008, about 1815 eastern daylight time, a Bombardier Inc. CL-600-2C10 (CRJ 700),
N725PS, was being pushed back for taxi to takeoff, when it struck a standing Bombardier Inc.
CL-600-2B19 (CRJ 200), N228PS, at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT), Charlotte,
North Carolina. Both airplanes were substantially damaged, and both flights were operated by PSA
Airlines Inc., doing business as US Airways Express. There were no injuries to the 2 flight
crewmembers, 2 flight attendants, and 60 passengers on board the CRJ 700, or the 2 flight
crewmembers, 1 flight attendant, and 45 passengers on board the CRJ 200. Visual meteorological
conditions prevailed, and instrument flight rules flight plans were filed for both flights, which
were conducted under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 121.

According to a representative from PSA Airlines Inc., due to lightning in the vicinity of CLT,
ground crewmembers were not utilizing headsets. The CRJ 200 had completed the pushback process from
gate E21, and was waiting for taxi clearance. The CRJ 700 was parked at gate E12, when it was
cleared for pushback by ramp control. A wing walker was stationed at the left wing, in plain sight
of the tugdriver. The wing walker was aware of the CRJ 200, and when the pushback commenced, he
believed that the tugdriver was only going to pushback the airplane about 10 feet, just enough to
trigger the aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (ACARS) "out" time. As the
tugdriver continued to push the airplane past 10 feet, the wing walker signaled the tugdriver to
stop. He continued to attempt to alert the tugdriver; however, the tugdriver did not observe the
wing walker before the tail section of the CRJ 700, struck the tail section of the CRJ 200.

The empennages of both airplanes were substantially damaged.

Two other ground crewmembers stated that they observed the wing walker signaling the tugdriver to
stop as the tugdriver continued to push the airplane. One of the ground crewmembers, who was
working at gate E14, ran toward the tugdriver and tried to get his attention. He stated that the
tugdriver was focused on the cockpit of the airplane and was directing the starting of the
airplane's No. 2 engine.

The tugdriver stated that he began the pushback as normal and gave the flight crew the signal to
start the No. 2 engine. He was not aware that anything was wrong until he observed the ground
crewmember from gate E14.
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National Transportation Safety Board

FACTUAL REPORT Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008

AVIATION Occurrence Type: Accident

Landing Facility/Approach Information

Airport Name Airport ID: Airport Elevation Runway Used Runway Length Runway Width
Charlotte-Douglas CLT 748 Ft. MSL N/A

Runway Surface Type:

Runway Surface Condition:

Approach/Arrival Flown: NONE

VFR Approach/Landing: None

Aircraft Information
Aircraft Manufacturer Model/Series Serial Number
Bombardier, Inc. CL-600-2B19 7897

Airworthiness Certificate(s): Transport

Landing Gear Type: Retractable - Tricycle

Amateur Built Acft? No Number of Seats: 54 Certified Max Gross Wt. 53250 LBS Number of Engines: 2
Engine Type: Engine Manufacturer: Model/Series: Rated Power:
Turbo Fan GE CF34-3B1 8729 LBS
- Aircraft Inspection Information
Type of Last Inspection Date of Last Inspection Time Since Last Inspection Airframe Total Time

Continuous Airworthiness 06/2008 Hours 10544 Hours

- Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Information

ELT Installed?/Type Yes / Unknown ELT Operated? No ELT Aided in Locating Accident Site? No

Owner/Operator Information
Registered Aircraft Owner Street Address

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee City State Zip Code

Salt Lake City UT 84111
Street Address
Operator of Aircraft
City State Zip Code
Vandalia OH 45377
Operator Does Business As: US Airways Express Operator Designator Code: VNAA
- Type of U.S. Certificate(s) Held:
Air Carrier Operating Certificate(s): Flag Carrier/Domestic

Operating Certificate: Operator Certificate:

Regulation Flight Conducted Under: Part 121: Air Carrier

Type of Flight Operation Conducted: Scheduled; Domestic; Passenger Only


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National Transportation Safety Board NTSB ID: NYC08LA234B

FACTUAL REPORT Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008

AVIATION Occurrence Type: Accident

First Pilot Information

Name City State Date of Birth Age

On File On File On File On File 26

Sex: M Seat Occupied: Left Occupational Pilot? Yes Certificate Number: On File

Certificate(s): Airline Transport

Airplane Rating(s): Multi-engine Land; Single-engine Land

Rotorcraft/Glider/LTA: None

Instrument Rating(s): Airplane

Instructor Rating(s): None

Current Biennial Flight Review? 03/2008

Medical Cert.: Class 1 Medical Cert. Status: Without Waivers/Limitations Date of Last Medical Exam: 02/2008

This Make Airplane Airplane Instrument Lighter

All A/C
- Flight Time Matrix and Model Single Engine Mult-Engine
Actual Simulated
Rotorcraft Glider
Than Air

Total Time 1595

Pilot In Command(PIC) 87

Instruction Received 122

Last 90 Days 122
Last 30 Days 25
Last 24 Hours

Seatbelt Used? Yes Shoulder Harness Used? No Toxicology Performed? No Second Pilot? Yes

Flight Plan/Itinerary
Type of Flight Plan Filed: IFR
Departure Point State Airport Identifier Departure Time Time Zone

Charlotte NC CLT EDT

Destination State Airport Identifier

Fayetteville NC FAY

Type of Clearance: IFR

Type of Airspace: Class B

Weather Information
Source of Wx Information:



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National Transportation Safety Board NTSB ID: NYC08LA234B

FACTUAL REPORT Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008

AVIATION Occurrence Type: Accident

Weather Information
WOF ID Observation Time Time Zone WOF Elevation WOF Distance From Accident Site Direction From Accident Site

CLT 1852 EDT 748 Ft. MSL NM Deg. Mag.

Sky/Lowest Cloud Condition: Few 1000 Ft. AGL Condition of Light: Day

Lowest Ceiling: Broken 25000 Ft. AGL Visibility: 10 SM Altimeter: 29.99 "Hg

Temperature: 25 ° C Dew Point: 20 ° C Weather Conditions at Accident Site: Visual Conditions

Wind Direction: 168 Wind Speed: 8 Wind Gusts:

Visibility (RVR): Ft. Visibility (RVV) SM

Precip and/or Obscuration:

No Obscuration; No Precipitation

Accident Information
Aircraft Damage: Substantial Aircraft Fire: None Aircraft Explosion None

- Injury Summary Matrix Fatal Serious Minor None TOTAL

First Pilot 1 1
Second Pilot 1 1
Student Pilot

Flight Instructor

Check Pilot

Flight Engineer

Cabin Attendants 1 1
Other Crew

Passengers 45 45
- TOTAL ABOARD - 48 48
Other Ground

- GRAND TOTAL - 48 48


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National Transportation Safety Board

FACTUAL REPORT Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008

AVIATION Occurrence Type: Accident

Administrative Information
Investigator-In-Charge (IIC)
Luke Schiada

Additional Persons Participating in This Accident/Incident Investigation:

Mitzi Crouse
Charlotte, NC