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Digital currency requires a solu�on that’s easy like
PayPal, fast like Blockchain, trustable like everyday
system. There should be a fixed price if they’re being
used as currency or payment transac�ons. The future of
payments alongside crea�ng a truthful technique are
the two main objec�ves for Psyche to be achieved.
Psyche will endorse and ini�ate the vision to provide us
with a be�er world in the digital realm of currencies.

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Executive summary
“The future of money is digital currency”, quoted by Bill Gates. If we think closely we will see how true this is. In this technologically
evolved world, we are highly dependent on digitaliza�on, and this evolu�on has already digitalized the money and we call it Crypto-
currency. It is now widely used and well-accepted by various authori�es. The inven�on of cryptocurrency was out of necessity and
a�er almost a decade we can feel the urge. While blockchain technology has the poten�al to revolu�onize the world for the be�er,
the average person struggles to understand and use it.

History has been punctuated by many prominent industrial revolu�ons: the first industrial revolu�on; the second industrial revolu-
�on; the third industrial revolu�on was defined by computer technology, nuclear energy, and space technology. We hope that Psyche
Coin plays a role in the fourth industrial revolu�on.

Blockchain is a decentralized and entrusted network that achieves peer-to-peer value exchanges. It is known for being efficient as well
as transparent. Psyche believes that blockchain technology is the innova�ve push needed to reshape people's lives and make business
easier than ever. Blockchain technology is an extraordinary system that has been me�culously edited and revised mechanically to
ensure the best possible technology. Unfortunately, the sheer complexity of blockchain might make the concept difficult for the aver-
age person to understand. Technology is o�en in�mida�ng to use unless the individual already possesses strong knowledge
and a sense of understanding. This is partly why this impressive technology remains inaccessible to many people.
This is where Psyche Coin comes in. Psyche Coin is a ERC20 u�lity token synchronized with crypto points with the goal of making cryp-
tocurrency more accessible to the average person by being easy to use. Psyche is commi�ed to building an improved and convenient
DeFi system to encourage non-technical people to par�cipate in the ecosystem. It is the true combina�on of DeFi (individuals) and
CeFi (business). Blockchain is now considered one of the greatest technological innova�ons with the highest poten�al and crea�vity
in the world. We are excited to reveal the “RefleX Algorithm” that operates in synchronicity with Blockchain as well as tradi�onal tech-
nology. The algorithm makes it easier for everyone to understand how digital currency and blockchain technology will change the
future payment process.

With the advent of digitaliza�on and technology overall, we are about to experience the upcoming era, which will mainly benefit and
provide human living prospects. One revolu�on that occurred in the last decade or two is Bitcoin. There is no single person on Earth
who never heard of the first cryptocurrency established in 2008 by the imaginary group of people known by the pseudonym of Satoshi
Nakamoto. In fact, many are s�ll asking themselves how the whole cryptocurrency system works.

The technology needed for Bitcoin to impact the en�re economic system is blockchain - an online ledger database of every transac�on
that has ever occurred during the usage of a par�cular cryptocurrency.

Marketplace and payments
Blockchain technology, as an innova�ve concept, unequivocally opens a new digital space for improving the financial opera�ons
and, more broadly, the func�oning of business systems. The robustness of distributed record technology has sparked financial inter-
est ins�tu�ons, regulators, central banks, and governments to increasingly explorе the poten�als for financial advancement.

The main benefit of blockchain technology is decentraliza�on. Other crucial benefits are security, transparency, and immutability.

Key advantages of blockchain:

• It allows users to easily verify transac�on without the need for third-party confirma�on
• A data structure in the blockchain cannot be changed, altered, or deleted
• Time-stamping of blocks which means all par�cipants in the ledger ac�vity will adhere to what to be recorded in the block
• To validate the entry, many protocols are required for verifica�on and this is why there is no risk of any fraud nor

duplica�on of a transac�on
• Businesses across the globe can preconfigure blockchain's condi�ons with the help of smart contracts
The most famous stablecoin is Tether (USDT) as a fiat-collateralized stablecoin. And as a first stablecoin has experienced many
issues regarding their format of evalua�ng a collateralized IOU. In order to provide investors with trust and to guarantee its
reliability, Tether has been noted as a controversial approach due to the suspicions that Tether has granted more USDT that can be
sustained by its USD reserves. It was the first lesson that the upcoming stablecoin applica�ons should take into considera�on in the
first place. The later stablecoins in the likes of Synthe�x and MakerDAO endeavored to resolve and correct this par�cular problem
by altering the tradi�onal backing resources with the applica�on of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, etc. At last, the latest stablecoin
launchings are already deno�ng these issues, and with the help of price regula�ons, they u�lize algorithms that broaden the
volume of coins. It already reaps the benefits. However, many improvements have to be made because many stablecoins are s�ll
centralized or have not achieved scalability eleva�ons. Overall, stablecoins must overcome these challenges in order to dive into
the streamline:

• To maintain consistent liquidity, stability, and scalability when the market crashes.
• To become easily accessible by user-friendly technology.

The first can be easily overcome by simply implemen�ng strategies that will boost liquidity, stability, and scalability. In regards
to the second challenge, it's obvious that regulators at the end will have to accept stablecoins by manifes�ng a
regulatory model to fit into the economy sector.
Why do we need stablecoins and what is the ultimate solution?
Since cryptocurrencies tend to have high vola�lity of prices, the marketplace is desperate for a compact solu�on - and that solu-
�on is inves�ng in stablecoins with more stable prices alongside the robust a�rac�on. Many cases around the world paid lunches
or dinners with Bitcoins, like the man from Florida in 2010 who "burned in the air" 10,000 Bitcoins just to please himself with two
pizzas. In today's �me, those pizzas would cost over $100m.

Psyche is the only solu�on because it is set to revolu�onize the crypto world by providing the fusion of cryptocurrency and tech-
nology, which is user-friendly to establish an unbreakable bond between people only.

This pla�orm will design and conduct a pla�orm for numerous stable coins with more than 3.000 transac�ons in just a second
with no addi�onal fees, zero charges, no variety in prices, no exchange rate varia�ons, and no difference at any �me of the day. It
is very easy to use just like PayPal and, above all, no commission. Sounds interes�ng, right? In this case, I will indicate you the
benefits of using Psyche Coin:

Recently when people were polled on their knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency, a woman said, “My husband tried to
explain Bitcoin to me and it took five days! If this didn’t break our marriage, nothing can.” This woman is not alone: thousands of
people don’t grasp the concept of digital currency. The use of digital currency is projected to take 30 to 40 years to reach impover-
ished ci�es in Asia and Africa. If we want people to get their hands on digital technology and currency, we need to make it accessi-
ble and simple. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the most innova�ve pieces of technology that the world has seen. It
has touched countless industries, changed processes, improved transparency, and opened doors to some of the most innova�ve
projects in existence. However, a barrier s�ll exists between the Blockchain and the general public.

It took 20 years for email to become a preferred medium for sending posts, documents, and other correspondence. It took 10 years
for WhatsApp to become the best communica�on tool around the globe. When it comes to Blockchain technology, it took 10 years
for high-tech professionals to understand the benefits and future of technology. But how long will it take the average person to
understand and use?

A second issue involves payment transac�ons. Businesses and customers need a strong and trustworthy interceder to process
payments. If and when things go wrong, customers depend on middlemen to manage the situa�on. Having a “middleman” in
this situa�on drives the cost of services up, which typically presents itself as a huge hidden fee. By cu�ng the
middleman out, money is saved and by process becomes extremely difficult.
This scares people who don’t want to risk losing hard-earned money. This factor alone is why they so many prefer to use a brand
and business they are familiar with. They have experience using the service, they understand the process, and the fees aren’t
ques�oned because it delivers a sense of security.

For those who haven't been thoroughly educated about blockchain and who haven’t managed to learn about it themselves, the
blockchain is s�ll a black box, an enigma, a hypothe�cal. In addi�on to the difficulty that it presents purely from a comprehension
standpoint, the blockchain is also in�mida�ng from a consumer standpoint in that it is hard to use. Many are scared that their
Blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallet will be hacked or they will send funds to the incorrect address.

The best solu�on is crypto, but they are not mainstream yet because of the fact that they are not easy to use. The future of pay-
ments alongside crea�ng a truthful technique are the two main objec�ves for Psyche to be achieved. Psyche will endorse and ini�-
ate the vision to provide us with a be�er world in the digital realm of currencies. It is because of the fact that it's easy to under-
stand and it doesn't involve any complicated science behind the whole scheme. They are driven by the idea of easing the process of
disintermedia�on and financial integra�on.

Digital currency requires a solution that’s easy like PayPal, fast like blockchain, and trustworthy like traditional systems.

There should be a fixed price if they’re being used as currency or payment transac�ons. Users must know how much to send and
how much they expect to receive. For digital currency to truly transform the world, it needs to be as simple as possible. It should
be simple enough so that a grandfather can send $100.00 to his grandson using his phone. The solu�on has to streamline the pro-
cess, intui�ve to use, and convenient. The mainstream popula�on will gravitate toward solu�ons that grant them freedom, comfort,
and security in the palm of their hand. With the RefleX Algorithm, Blockchain and digital currency can be used every day as curren-
cy with the same amount of trust and confidence. It’s as easy as sending money by email. When a person goes to the bank and
withdraws money or deposits money in the bank, the cashier doesn’t need to go to the locker every single �me there’s a
transac�on. The banker uses the same cash in hand for all transac�ons. Then the associate at the bank deposits the
money in a safe once the shi� is closed. The same method was used to design the Psyche algorithm.
Transaction Cost

Banks Bitcoin E-wallets Psyche

$45 to $55 $12 to $25 $12 to $35 $0

Accessibility or consistency?
Nearly a decade of existence and the promise of a
true decentralized system is yet to be delivered.
With recent outages in the Blockchain has shown the
decentralized system is not fully decentralized and
the trust issues remain. The big ques�on raised about
accessibility or consistency, nevertheless, both do-
mains are important especially when the economy re-
volves around them. This is where the Psyche is
making a very sharp line difference, joining the both
technologies, and giving users op�ons in the scenari-
os of outage. Psyche is not only making a difference
with accessibility but also providing consistency.

Why Psyche
The name “Psyche” is inspired by Psyche 16, a most
valuable Asteroid in the space with aim to support the
research and mining on Psyche 16 in the near future.
Psyche Coin is a stable currency with the face value of
$1.00 per coin with the focus on accurate exchange
prices and free transac�ons. Psyche Coin is based on
the groundbreaking RefleX Algorithm, which was spe-
cially designed to make blockchain technology accessi-
ble to everybody, including non-technical people with
li�le knowledge of cryptocurrency.
Psyche is born out of the belief that something de-
signed to help the community must be easy for the
community to use.

Psyche’s vision is for a world where:
● Cryptocurrency is easy to understand and use.
● Cryptocurrency has a reputa�on as a trustworthy.
● People feel comfortable using cryptocurrency for daily transac�ons.
● Cryptocurrency does not harm the environment.
● Impoverished communi�es directly benefit from the existence of
digital currency.
Stable Network
Psyche will create a network of stable coins where the price is controlled $
by the system to provide accurate pricing throughout the day. The network

will provide the most advanced Smart Contracts to develop more stable
currency and allow those coins to pay the transac�on fee from their own
coins. However, these Smart Contracts are bound with several characteris-
�cs to ensure the quality and purpose of the coin and stability of the Net-
work. 15
RefleX Algorithm
The RefleX Algorithm is unique in that it merges
two concepts: blockchain technology and us-
er-friendly cryptocurrency. The result is unprece-
dented: a user-friendly digital currency unlike the
world has ever seen before. The technology
powers the behind-the-scenes ac�on instead of
becoming the focus of the cryptocurrency ecosys-
tem. This means that you don’t need in-depth
technical knowledge in order to use it. In this
way, the blockchain ecosystem is fast, economi-
cal, and easy to use, even for those who are unfa-
miliar with the intricacies of cryptocurrency.
Speed Anonymous balance
The transac�on �me is just one
second. The system can S A
One of the best features of the
algorithm is that it does not
manage 3,000 transac�ons display the user’s wallet’s balance
per second. to the network.

Psyche Protocol
Cost Signed transaction
Psyche can be transferred from Every transac�on is bound with a unique
one wallet to another without six-digit security code. The transac�on
any transac�on costs for up to can only be completed once the code
five free transac�ons per day. is submi�ed.

Psyche Protocol
Account informa�on is encrypted and stored. The app allows users to set private keys and a PIN to authen�cate all the transac�ons.
The Psyche network authen�cates connec�ons using public and private key cryptography. The PIN can’t be cracked due to a set al-
gorithm, which means it is secure unless the user shares it to another person. The wallet account is linked to email accounts and
allows users to reset their password whenever they choose to do so. The users are responsible for making sure the password is safe
and secure. Users can also add an extra layer of security using 2FA with Google authen�cator.
Nowadays, speed is important to modern-day professionals. Users expect tasks to be done easily without any extra hassle. The
speed of a transac�on is incredible, as it doesn’t require the whole network to approve and process each transac�on. The transac-
�on reaches the recipient at a rapid speed: transac�on �me is just one second. The system can manage 3,000 transac�ons per
The main benefit of using the RefleX algorithm is the cost. Psyche can be transferred from one wallet to another without any trans-
ac�on costs for up to five free transac�ons per day. From the sixth transac�on onwards, a charge of 0.25 percent per
transac�on will be incurred to ensure the system is not being spammed. There’s no interceder, there are lower costs, and
no extra hidden fees or surprises. 18
Signed transaction
Psyche Coin is well-aware of the repercussions we encounter in our daily life. One of the most common irrita�ng errors that could
happen is sending money to the wrong address while knowing it is unrecoverable. Every transac�on is bound with a unique six-digit
security code. The transac�on can only be completed once the code is submi�ed. This signed transac�on provides security and
trust between par�es while doing the transac�ons. The code is encrypted and only the sender can see that and share with the re-
ceiver. Because of this feature, users are less likely to accidentally send funds to the wrong address.
Anonymous balance
Users are concerned about the security of their data and personal informa�on. Users need to feel confident that their accounts are
encrypted and safe. One of the best features of the algorithm is that it does not display the wallet’s balance online. The transac�on
ID will only display the value of the transac�on itself rather than the balance at both ends. The sender and the receiver are iden�-
fied with a unique number that is generated by the system and it is not recorded any other personal info about the user, that's why
it remains anonymous.
Due to the innova�ve algorithm and process, Psyche has strong scalability and can be paired with any smartphone around the
world. The technology is easy to use and accessible for any smartphone user. The system can manage millions of ac�ve
users per day. 19
User-friendly technology
It provides the easiest wallet ID in the crypto world. This refers to the �me
needed for a transac�on verifica�on - in less than 3 seconds! And as a receiver,
you have to op�on to accept or reject the incoming transac�ons. Each transac-
�on is safe and secured. The wallet is fully encrypted and the user is the only one
who has access to Private KEY, PIN and backup.

The biggest problem with today's wallet technology, if one forgets the wallet’s
private key. There is no way to recover and one can lose millions. This is why
Psyche provides the benefit of rese�ng the Private Key if one forgets. The user
is enabled to set his own private key and a transac�on authen�ca�on pin. The
user is enabled to set a private key and a transac�on authen�ca�on pin. Certain
informa�on can never be cracked due to the fact that Psyche uses cryptography
to keep account informa�on safe. Account informa�on is encrypted, remains
stored, and only users are able to reset the password. Addi�onally, users are able
to add another form of security, u�lizing 2FA with Google Authen�ca�on. 20
Environmentally friendly
One major concern about cryptocurrency is its poten�ally nega�ve
effect on the environment. Bitcoin mining in par�cular takes a great
deal of power, which can in turn harm the environment. According
to research conducted by PowerCompare, mining Bitcoin in 2017
used more energy than what 159 countries use in a year. Psyche is
highly concerned about the environment. They are into improving
people's health, which is a great ini�a�ve. Psyche is also crea�ng a
be�er future by broadening the cryptocurrency vision and the
whole network does not need to be involved in every transac�on.
Through MasterNode, the P2P transac�ons take place directly.
Psyche is aiming to be the most environmentally friendly cryptocur-
rency yet. Because the en�re network doesn’t have to be involved
in every single transac�on, Psyche is be�er for the environment. 21
Due to the innova�ve algorithm and process, Psyche has strong scalability and can be paired with any smartphone around the world.
Thetechnology is easy to use and accessible for any smartphone user. The system can manage millions of ac�ve users per day.
The digital currency includes escrow-based marketplace which allows users to sell digital goods. Because a third party is holding the
funds, both the buyer and seller will feel more secure when making transac�ons. This enables buyers and sellers to trust one another
as well as the system.
If a user needs assets, they may purchase them from the Psyche community or earn them through a referral. Psyche is similar to Local-
Bitcoins in that people can buy and sell assets for a profit. Psyche recommends a sell rate of $0.98 and a buy rate of $1.00, although
this rate depends on the par�cular local market.
The repository component of the protocol manages a distributed accurate pricing in real-�me. Key proper�es of the repository
include authen�ca�on, capacity, transparency, and accuracy.

Easy wallet
Psyche provides the easiest wallet ID in the
crypto world to bring common people one step
closer to the Blockchain with 3000 transac�ons
per second.

Signed Transactions
Psyche knows the consequences you face if you
send money to a wrong address. Therefore, we
implemented a six-digit unique code bound to
submit for the comple�on of a transac�on.
Super Masternode
Marketing slogans and headlines that called the technology
“unhackable” were dead wrong. While paypal manages 193
transactions per second and visa manages 1667 transactions
per second, ethereum does only 20 transactions per second
while bitcoin manages a whopping 7 transactions per second!
The network will develop several Super Masternodes around
the globe to keep the whole network up and running to bring
more speed to the transactions. These Masternodes operate
directly under the network administrations.

Reinforce security Enhanced speed Scalability

During any transac�on, the buyer needs to know exactly
how much they are ge�ng paid. Even if the buyer uses
cryptocoins, what they own now will have a different value
in hours if not minutes. For example, the Bitcoin price fell
from 20,000 to 15,000 in days. This fluctua�on in value is
partly why many people are wary of cryptocurrency.

Stable coin is a requirement for every business, and thus it

has applica�ons across various pla�orms. This provides
peace-of-mind for the buyer as they know the value of the
transac�on—there will be no change in the price in the
coming days. 25
The applica�on is available on various pla�orms. It will first be adopted in the following areas:

Remittance Stable economy

Marketplace Payments
Crowdfunding 26
Giving back to the community
In light of recent events around the world and the ongoing pandemic that we are experi-
encing, it has become clearer than ever that our financial systems need a major overhaul.
Cryptocurrency has always presented a verifiably be�er way to do finance, but during the
current worldwide crisis, its value has become even more evident. When you examine the
issues that face our world today, you’ll no�ce that the common theme is a lack of cash
flow in the average household. When the worldwide economy is essen�ally shut down
across the globe, millions of families will have issues crea�ng income for their house-
holds, which in turn means they can’t make purchases from businesses that depend on
their patronage. Psyche Coin is unique in that it offers an opportunity for investment
aside from the tradi�onal specula�ve price increases that other cryptocurrencies, assets,
and commodi�es have to offer. The coin is designed to build a sense of community and a
spirit of mutual aid. Psyche will provide 100 coins every month to people in need. The
goal is to reach 10,000 people which includes users and their families, especially those
who live in poorer countries. They can use those coins to make a living. In some parts of
the world, people make less than $2.00 per day and providing them with $100 in coin
value for six months can help them sustain a living and improve their lives. This offer can
help a user for six months, and then it will move to another user in need for six months.
Space Mining Investments
Our solar system is full of essen�al raw materials. Asteroids like Psyche 16 have mineral resources with an es�mated worth of
around $700 Quadrillion.

While their exploita�on could mean a sustainable solu�on for humanity and an end to the dependence on these resources on
Earth, for some, it can bring many benefits to its endeavors. It is predicted that space mining will offer significant benefits for future
technological and business perspec�ves, not only as a poten�al source of cri�cal raw materials and high-value mineral resources
but also as an enjoyable facilitator for strengthening and developing a new space called space tourism, contribu�ng for the eco-
nomic and social development of future genera�ons. It will open the door to expand the space industry, which counts around $350
billion right now �ll $1 trillion or more by 2040. Rapid developments in the space industry encouraged hundreds of startups world-
wide, especially from the US, Luxembourg, and China, to further inves�gate and dive into space mining, which now seems to be a
reality compared with the objec�ves in the previous century.

Psyche Coin is deemed to operate in the ultramodern society, and that is why Psyche will be the first coin which is focused on space
tourism and futuris�c plan. Named by the famous asteroid Psyche 16, who will be at the forefront of space mining, Psyche Coin will
invest in space mining startups. It is one of the most familiar human debates to examine, explore, and take benefits from
the outer space, i.e., to make the human dream come true.
The blockchain technology poten�ally allows individuals and communi�es to redesign their interac�ons in poli�cs, business and
payments at large, with an unprecedented process of disintermedia�on on large scale, based on automated and trustless transac-
�ons. Effec�ve, legi�mate and transparent governance is paramount for the long-term viability of decentralized networks Decen-
tralized governance is an effec�ve way of improving public services and government accountability with broadening contribu�on in
the economic, poli�cal, and social ac�vi�es. Each node is connected to one or more nodes that it directly interacts or communi-
cates with, and to other nodes indirectly. Not all nodes need to be connected or func�onal for the network to con�nue to operate;
there is no single point of failure Supported by the blockchain technology, which is noted as the Internet 2.0, it will empower users
to turn their trust for decentraliza�on as banks and the centralized system will have to accommodate and par�cipate in the whole
disrup�ng domain. As a decentralized ledger, blockchain is resistant to immutability, transparency, and verifiability, while security is
of the utmost importance for users to match their criteria in establishing reliability and trust. As a one-�me wri�ng technology,
blockchain can check and make sense of each transac�on’s records. It can only be updated by consensus among system par�ci-
pants, and once new data is entered, it can never be deleted. Since it is developed by teams with larger numbers of en��es and
complex rela�ons, it can spread across mul�ple sites. It will remain under the laws. Smart contracts are the tradi�onal blockchain
way of self-execu�ng, with the terms being wri�en in the code. To provide security and stability of the blockchain, the Super-
MasterNode will remain under the network administra�ons. It is expected that the world will turn into another form of
development to implement decentralized governance.
For developers of decentralized networks, the lack of clearly defined decision processes will cause prac�cal challenges. Protocol
updates and technical improvements can be unnecessarily delayed if there is no well-func�oning governance model in place. Dis-
agreement among stakeholders may ul�mately necessitate a protocol fork and a community split. For an established business,
there is always the need for a complete system that will endorse all the benefits and provide security and stability to the en�re net-
work. The complete decentralized system is not the requirement every business considers to ease the payment process and save
any addi�onal costs and �meframe.For that purpose, Psyche will provide a handshake governance pla�orm for commercial en��es
for the payments and remi�ances purposes. The remi�ance market size in 2018 was $700 billion and is expected to reach over a
trillion dollars by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4% from 2019 to 2026. Forex funds lost in investment are going to drop with the im-
plementa�on of handshake governance. The opera�on is decentralized, with no permissible naming protocol, compa�ble with DNS.
Each peer is authen�cated and responsible for managing the zone's root to create an alterna�ve to exis�ng Cer�ficate Authori�es.
The business channel will operate under handshake governance, a mix of centralized and decentralized. The whole concept will pro-
vide a ramp for the businesses to use the cryptocurrency with trust, security, and confidence. These business accounts will be re-
quired to process the authen�ca�on process, including the KYC and AML processes. The en�re business sector is aware that the
world is heading towards digitaliza�on, and the way handshake governance will help, and support is of great importance.
The vo�ng system enables the method of a decentralized system structured in the way of the vo�ng mechanism. A user to be part
of it must fulfill the requirements set up. First, it must have a registered account with relevant and correct informa�on with a mini-
mum investment of 1 Psyche Coin. One Pysche Coin equals one vote. Users can vote on specific demands or make specific decisions
and projects regarding their status and queued funding. It defines the direc�on the coin is taking. The whole process executes a
completely transparent approach through a public portal where new ini�a�ves are proposed, and master nodes can vote on them.
It is a comprehensive 100% decentralized system powered by every single user on the network. The decision-making process is
made by the users' choice, which creates an incredible and unique value within the currency, enabling Psyche Coin to be more agile
and compete with other payment systems, such as Bitcoin and credit cards, on a global rank.

Business voting power: 50% Individuals voting power: 50%

Vo�ng is divided into equal por�ons as 50/50 for each channel, while the system uses two channels of user base and businesses.
Imagine the probable scenario, business channels have 35 out of 50, while users channels have 16 out of 50. The summarizing
result is 51, which means good to go. If the vo�ng stands at 50/50, management will push the decision.

Handshake Decentralized
Specifically developed for businesses where the net- Since DeFi users can interact with financial services
work provides the benefits from the blockchain tech- without KYC and identification documents, it opens
nology. It has the disruptive potential to bring bene- the power of decentralization and accessibility to ev-
fits like: eryone everywhere.

Keeping the procedure decentralized while en- Peer-to-Peer, self-policing and borderless
joying the benefits from blockchain. liquidity.

Increase the speed of payment, reduce cost The true innovation is created by uniquely com-
which means signify profit. bining the user-friendly technology.

It gives the business to operate in fully trusted Worldwide participation regardless of social
and manageable protocol. status and dispenses trusted third parties.

ERC20 Token Distribution
Token Name: Psyche Private sale,
Airdrop & ICO Space mining
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Founder 10%
Decimals: 02 10%

Symbol: USD1 10%

Mint: The new token will be mint once Investment 10% Admin
the purchase of token occurs.
Preminted : 30,000,000
Burnable: Coins will be burn to keep the
supply and demand in order for the
purpose to maintain the price. 50%

Airdrop: All the wallet which hold minimum

1 ETH or 10 USD1 in the wallet will
receive Psyche token with the max
20,000,000 token over all.

Phase 1
Q4 -2020
Phase 2
Q2 -2021
Phase 3
Q4 -2021
Phase 4
Q1 -2021
Phase 5
Q2 -2021 34
Phase 1
Comple�on of Reflex algorithm and launch the full func�onal wallet and token for users to experience the future of payment and what
Psyche has to offer. Develop and improve the pla�orm and community with the awareness of crypto usage in daily life.
Phase 2
P2P assets exchange, which will allow users to exchange/swap their cryptocurrency por�olio with USD1 and other coins without com-
missions. The aid funds will be given to the right people through our partnerships across the globe.
Phase 3
Development and launch of Psyche blockchain testnet. At this point, smart contract might be integrated. Launch of stable ERUO coin
and launch of business-based services to the tradi�onal exchanges, financial ins�tutes, and corporate organiza�ons for business trans-
Phase 4
P2P Marketplace, which allows users to sell their digital assets, services, and legal products through the network without any monopoly
and heavy commissions and approvals. The users can give each other trust points a�er each transac�on, which generates trust.
Phase 5 & 6
This project will con�nue to develop and improve with �me, follow trends, and gather data on the community. Due to the 35
highly scalable RefleX Algorithm, it is easy to adjust and improve Psyche as opportuni�es arise.
Legal Disclaimer
The informa�on shared in this Whitepaper is not all-encompassing or comprehensive and does not in any way intend to create or
put into implicit effect any elements of a contractual rela�onship. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide poten�al
token holders with per�nent informa�on in order for them to thoroughly analyse the project and make an informed decision. This
Whitepaper’s sole purpose is to provide relevant and reasonable informa�on to poten�al Psyche token holders in order for them to
determine whether to undertake a thorough analysis of the project with the intent of acquiring Psyche tokens.

The informa�on contained in this Whitepaper is for general understanding purposes only. This Whitepaper is for discussion and
presenta�on purposes only. The Issuer endeavors to keep the informa�on contained in this Whitepaper up-to-date and correct,
however, the Issuer has no obliga�on to update or keep current any informa�on or projec�ons contained in this Whitepaper. The
Issuer does not make any representa�on or warranty of any kind as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, suitability or
availability of the informa�on contained and the conclusions reached in this Whitepaper. The issuer can change, update, and
alter any informa�on at any �me without any no�ce before or a�er. 36
No regulatory authority has examined or approved any of the informa�on set out in this document. No such ac�on has been or will
be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdic�on. The publica�on, distribu�on or dissemina�on of this
document does not imply that the applicable laws, regulatory requirements, or rules have been complied. This Whitepaper does
not imply any elements of a contractual rela�onship. The content of this Whitepaper is not binding for the Issuer and is subject to
change in line with the ongoing research and development of the Psyche pla�orm. Any legal rela�onship between a token purchas-
er of the planned Psyche Token and the Issuer is not established by this document but solely based on separate individual agree-
ments and condi�ons, in which the rights and obliga�ons of a token purchaser and the Issuer are ruled. In case of any ambigui�es
or contradic�ons the regula�ons of the individual agreement take precedence over the informa�on contained in this Whitepaper.
Psyche tokens will not be intended to cons�tute securi�es of any types or forms in any jurisdic�on. This Whitepaper does not con-
s�tute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to cons�tute an offer of securi�es or a solicita�on for invest-
ment in securi�es in any jurisdic�on. The tokens are not intended for specula�on and hold no rights or claims to intellectual or
other property or cash flows.
High risk of loss
The purchase of Psyche Token involves considerable risks. Therefore, a token purchaser should not invest a substan�al part of its
assets for the purchase of Psyche Token and should be economically able to cope with a total loss of the investment. A token
purchaser should have experience with cryptocurrencies, in par�cular issued by start-up companies, and should be able to
understand the economic and technical interdependencies of the entrepreneurial ac�vi�es of the Issuer and the Psyche
Token and the impact on the value of the Psyche. Psyche does not provide any opinion on any advice to purchase, sell, or otherwise
transact with Psyche’s tokens and the fact of presenta�on of this Whitepaper shall not form the basis of, or be relied upon in con-
nec�on with, any contract or investment decision. The document, pla�orm or any person cannot ensure that there will be any
demand or market for its tokens, or that the purchase price is indica�ve of the market price a�er they have been made available for
trading on any cryptocurrency exchange or market. There is no assurance of any success of the Token Sale or business pla�orm and
service that is yet to be developed as envisaged by the available informa�on.

If you are not sure about joining, please consult with professional advisers in the fields of legal, tax and financial advice before en-
gaging in any sort of business endeavor.

Let’s connect


What’s most important is that Psyche will be the first
stablecoin that can be easily accessible and trade-
able in everyday utilization. It will be very easy for
people to connect with Psyche for the reason that it
is an environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency.


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