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Connection Manager (ICM) for Mobile

The emergence and increased uptake of smartphones and mobile devices has changed the way consumers access the Internet. Mobile
Handheld users today have the luxury of multi-radio handsets that gives them a lot more wireless access network options. Consumers
expect devices to be intelligent enough to connect them to the most preferred networks or optimized networks (3G, 3.5G, WiMAX, LTE &
WiFi) automatically. They are also exposed to a wide range of internet-based applications that they are accustomed to use on the move.
With the increased uptake on smartphones and internet-based applications, Operators faced with congestion on its cellular network can
also offload data services to non-cellular networks to free up valuable 3G network resources.

Key Features
• Multi OS support
Android, Symbian & Window Mobile OS Support.

• Seamless Connectivity
One-Touch Connection Access to Multiple Networks.

• Intelligent Network Profiling

Inbuilt connection policies that govern that triggers network switching.

• Session Persistence
Uninterrupted on all IP-based applications during network transition.

Version 01.01
Seamless Connectivity
& Session Persistence
Greenpacket’s Intouch Connection Manager for Mobile (ICM Mobile) empowers operators to deliver an enhanced connectivity experience
across all mobile handheld devices (Smartphones, Feature Phones and Tablets) to the subscribers. Running on the Android, Symbian or
Windows Mobile OS, consumers experience reliable connectivity maintained at the fastest speed as they move across multiple spaces
such as home, hotspots, office, campuses, car, airports and beyond.

ICM Mobile further value adds with an embedded module based on Mobile IP that allows uninterrupted video, voice and downloads
during network transitions. All this translates to a transparent network switching mechanism that increased overall customer satisfaction
while still ensuring that operators maintaining control on how their subscribers connect to their most optimized network automatically.

& Services


Communication Email Music Download Video Download

(VoIP, Messaging)

Content Sharing Device Admin

Services Intouch MIP

Provider Reporting Server Home Agent

Operator IP Core

Access Network
Seamless Connectivity

3G/4G Network WiFi Network

(Partner, Trusted, Untrusted)

Intouch Connection
Manager Mobile (ICMM)
Product Features
Multi Access Profile Manager
The Connection Profile Manager provides a single interface to manage all available connections. It works with
inbuilt native connection utilities to allow consumers or operators to create and manage a list of network
connections (3G, 3.5G, WiMAX, LTE & WiFi) with a single click. It also provides additional controls on wireless
connections, such as turning on Wi-Fi radio.

Advanced WIFI Features

ICM Mobile also provides advanced WIFI features in the form of multiple WIFI authentication schemes support.
This guarantees end-to-end security for the user and operator. Operator can ensure their subscribers are not
only seamlessly logged on to free public WIFI networks but operator-subscribed WIFI networks.
Multi Access Profile Manager
Intelligent Connection Policies
The Profile Manager follows a set of inbuilt connection policies that governs which network to be attached.
These policies are configured to specific criteria such as pre-set priority, network availability, signal strength
thresholds and location. Operators can customize these rules based on their own internal business

Location-based Profiles
The Profile Manager is integrated with Google maps and on-device A-GPS receiver to allow consumers to tag
their connection profile. This provides a location-based profile that simplifies the connectivity selection.

Session Persistence
The Mobile IP component within ensures that there is a single IP address used when a device switches
between networks, ensuring an uninterrupted experience. Greenpacket’s Mobile IP implementation is suitable Connection Manager

for both Make Before Break and Break Before Make scenarios.

For operators, this experience goes beyond than just to provide means to optimize geographical coverage. It
provides network, applications and content interoperability across different networks within a single device,
revolutionizing services creation for operators, service providers and device manufacturers.

Centralized Usage Reports

Operators are able to enhance user connectivity experience by first understanding consumer’s connectivity
behavior. ICM Mobile has a reporting feature that works together with the Intouch Reporting Manager to gather
history of user connection activities and device information in a centralized location. Reports can be generated
and used by Operators to optimize their service offering or even generate new revenue through lifestyle driven
value-added services. Location-Based Profile

Reporting server¹ allows access to accurate data pertaining to the ICM Mobile platform to assist in unique
business needs such as marketing analysis, forecasting, planning and troubleshooting.

Customizable Mobile GUI

ICM Mobile is presented in the form of an intuitive widget for Android and integrated application for Symbian
or Windows Mobile, with its look-and-feel customizable based on operator’s branding requirement.

All these features ensure that operators, service providers and device manufacturers only need a single
software interface.

¹ Please refer to Intouch Reporting Server datasheet for more information.

Customized Widget GUI
for Android
Technical Specifications

Supported Platforms • Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2

• Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, S60 5th Edition
• Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0
Supported Networks • 3GPP, 3GPP2
• WiFi 802.11
Profile Manager • Multi-radio connection profiles
• Connection Profile Prioritization
• In built network switching policies based pre-set priority, network availability,
signal strength thresholds and location
• Location-based Google Maps support for A-GPS enabled device*

Supported WiFi Security • Open

• WPA Personal
• WPA2 Personal
• WPA2 Enterprise
Supported WiFi Authentication • WPA Enterprise (EAP-PEAP, EAP-SIM)*

Seamless Mobility • Based on Mobile IP RFCs

• Support Make before Break and Break Before Make
• Compliant with 3rd Party Mobile IP Home Agents**

* Only available on selected Mobile Handhelds.

** Some features may be dependent on related RFCs support needed by the 3rd party Home Agent.

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