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Aaron Orozco Harkins English III 13 November 2006 Going Nuclear: Good?

Imagine our world generations from now consumed by radiation. The people suffer from the diseases from radiation. The balanced ecosystem that once thrived now lies desolate. Imagine our only home which we humans have inhabited for centuries become inhospitable. This future is far from bright and is only a sample of the many deadly fruits from the deceiving tree of nuclear energy. Sadly, nuclear energy still progresses and thrives on the lack of awareness of its dangers. One common misconception is that using nuclear energy saves money and benefits the economy. In a perfect world, this would be true, however this is the real world, and there are many high costs hidden behind the exaggerated “benefits”. The disposal of waste and the decommissioning of nuclear plants are the most money leaching processes that plague nuclear energy, and have no place in any country’s economy. For example, from the article “Nuclear Power is Not a Solution to Global Warming” by Friends of The Earth Scotland, the cost of removing nuclear waste in the UK averages to about 70 billion dollars. Does nuclear energy still sound good for the economy? Also consider the price of CO2 reduction. From the same article, in a 1995 study in the UK, the government recognized nuclear energy as the worst method of reducing Co2 emissions as well as generating power.

nuclear waste not only is expensive to dispose.095workers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory were examined for health and mortality rate. The study discovered a relationship between cancer mortality and low-level radiation that the worker where exposed to. If we were to continue using nuclear power.Another issue is the threat against life nuclear power poses. and will complicate the lives of the people and the ecosystem. so we do not make the fatal choice to place our future in the grim hands of nuclear power. We cannot just sweep this issue under the rug. Form the article mentioned earlier. even centuries. Furthermore.S. so for the sake of all life. “… radioactive contamination is no respecter of national borders and nuclear power plants threaten the health and well-being of all surrounding nations and environments”. in a study from 1997 in the U. low-level radiation exposure was considered harmless. at the time. The belief that nuclear power will satisfy energy needs is morbid and should be reconsidered before we continue to build more of these disasters waiting to happen.. space will run out. it also remains toxic for many years. . lets take control of how we obtain our energy. 14. energy is important and we must take control of how we obtain it. As the Friends of the Earth Scotland warn.