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Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. is an R & D based Company since 1992 located with its global presence. Aim is to give “Complete Integrated Security and Software Products & Solutions” to the client.

Developed more than 250+ products in security & life support systems.
Our new focus areas include GPS/ GPRS / Telematics Module, Mobile Application (Symbian OS), GSM / CDMA, LBS & GIS, RFID, Wi-Fi, Video Analytics, Wi-max and Cloud Computing Comprises of a core team of qualified and experienced professionals possessing expertise in wide spectrum.

A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.net


Forbes ‘Best Under A Billion’ Award to be amongst 20 Indian and 200 Asian Companies

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award" for being one
of the 500 fastest growing companies in Asia for three consecutive years- 2007,2008 & 2009.

Dun & Bradstreet ECGC Indian Exporters’ Excellence Award, 2008”

“Amity Corporate Excellence Award” for Leveraging Technology in Global Business

NASSCOM 'Innovative Products Award' for Wi-Fi Security System.“

Micro Technologies and H.A.Sh Group, Israel launched the “Safe & Secure City Project” for Global Market
Micro Phantom 450, international version of vehicle security system (Micro VBB), gets global insurance approval by the SAIAS (South African Independent Accreditation Services (Pty) Ltd.
A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.net

microtechnologies. • Bagged 5 million USD businesses from FN Systems (Japan) to supply Micro MCS (Mobile Controller System) • Micro Technologies expands its existing business in South Africa A Presentation by www.Sh Group to jointly provide Global Security Solutions • Micro Technologies has made major inroads in Tanzania and Mongolia for the range of security products for Home.GLOBAL EXPANSION Micro Technologies partners with Premier Israeli Company H.net .A. Vehicle and Mobile etc.

Union Rural Development Minister Launching Micro Jai Kisan. Secured remote Water Management Tool for Rural India A Presentation by www. Micro Technologies and Hash Group launches “Safe & Secure City Project” for Global Market Dr.P. Joshi. Micro Technologies while launching the Micro Unique Identification System. C. P Sekhar.net .N Gopalaswamy.microtechnologies. Chairman and Managing Director. The former Chief Election Commissioner of India and Dr.PRODUCT LAUNCHES Mr.

CONTAINS • Infrastructure Security • Transport Security • Identification Security • Cyber Security • Health & Energy Security • Asset Security A Presentation by www.net .microtechnologies.

INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY A Presentation by www.net .microtechnologies.

MICRO ISS -INTELLIGENT SURVELLIENCE SYSTEM & ACCESS • Motion detection and/or directional motion.net . abandoned vehicles • Perimeter Protection & Intrusion detection A Presentation by www.microtechnologies. Loitering • Behavior and Facial recognition • Tracking and classifying objects • Smoke and fire sentries • Wide area perimeter security • Detection of objects left behind such as unattended baggage.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM • Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years.microtechnologies. and countless other end-users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance A Presentation by www. • Security cameras are more effective than ever before with High End Video Analytics as Passive Cameras have become an intelligent Tool for Surveillance with Video Analytics • City Surveillance Systems with IP based CCTV & Video Analytics to monitor city & manage • Banks. retail stores.net .

net . Indication of mail power availability and status. FEATURES • • Temperature Indicator System. • • Internal battery status. A Presentation by www. Oil level in conservator. • Web application for current status indication and historical data.microtechnologies.MICRO-IBB Micro IBB (Intelligent Black Box) is a security system for the control of unmanned location.

    The SMS alert is mapped to the concerned officials including Central monitoring station. Dyeing of Currency which enable financial security as these currencies will get discolored & can be replaced with Fresh Currency.MICRO ABB FOR ATM PROTECTION ATM Monitoring System with DYE Staining Technology     Micro ABB is a system coupled with various sensors fitted inside the ATM Machine Working on the GSM Technology the system senses various events of intrusion or break-in and immediately sends a SMS Alert to the concerned officials. A Presentation by www. This enables protection of Currency in case of Uprooting the Cash Chest thru Emergency Communication. hammering etc (Use of Siesmic Sensors) Alerts if there is intrusion of any foreign object in the Cash Dispensing Machine.net . CCTV system will capture the persons involved and Control Room can see the entire event. Alert valuation in case of welding and cutting machine tools.microtechnologies.

correct and relevant information to the correct recipient in the correct format and the correct communication device to mitigate the preparedness planning.net .microtechnologies.MICRO-DMS (Disaster Management System) • Micro DMS is a customized technology which helps to prevent or reduce the destruction. A Presentation by www. loss. Accidents. Anomalies. human suffering or any economic losses caused by the Calamities. • Immediate detection and dissemination of timely.

of entries.CENTRAL MONITORING STATION • • Centralized Monitoring The Metal Detector located at critical areas can also be monitored from a centralized location like the no.net .microtechnologies. • A Presentation by www. alcohol or explosive detection It is useful for Law Enforcement Agencies to actively allocate the required resources.

microtechnologies.net .TRANSPORT SECURITY A Presentation by www.

• • • • License plate recognition Ability to Count Multiple Directions Traffic-flow Analysis and Reporting with Statistical analysis Crowd management system Strengths: A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.net .

net .INTELLIGENT VEHICLE SURVEILLANCE & ACCESS CONTROL (IVAC) A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.

Micro VBB gives a rugged hardware. cost-effective package.MICRO VBB (VEHICLE BLACK BOX) – NAVIGATOR • It is a vehicle anti-theft-cum-tracking system integrated with functions of security. security. dispatch.microtechnologies. • • Micro VBB renders its Web-based application for operational functions such as routing.. information and tracking. easy-to-use software and access to world-standard GSM/GPRS wireless network in one no-hassle. based on GPS – GPRS – Telematic Module using GSM technology and owner can immobilizes the vehicle thru an SMS in case of theft or misuse. A Presentation by www. and collecting on-board information about a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.net .

net .IDENTIFICATION SECURITY A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.

MICRO UID (Unique Identification System) Identification is a lifeline of every activity for instance an individual need:          Birth Registry Domicile Residence Proof Banking Access Control Polling Health Records Academic Records Legal ………….microtechnologies. & Many more that helps as interface to get the work done A Presentation by www.net .

net .microtechnologies.CYBER SECURITY A Presentation by www.

which would be useful to monitor the activities.MICRO CARMS – Cyber Activity Remote Monitoring System • Micro CARMS is a remote tracking of complex computer systems / Laptops for their proper utilization. It also uploads the details to your account. List of Programs installed etc.microtechnologies.net . which also would provide live information on the operator images warning of any improper happenings in the work place. A Presentation by www. Micro CARMS is a downloadable program that keeps track of activities on your computer system. This comes with a video camera. • Using Online account the user can shutdown his computer / laptop remotely as a CAPA [Corrective & Preventive Action]. • This would provide vital information on documents opened. programs opened. • This system is linked with a messaging software. URLs visited.

microtechnologies.net . Micro WSS can both monitor e-communications based on keywords and phrases Micro WSS automatically detects the change of security settings and send the details to the Server level Secured Web Account of the user A Presentation by www. Micro WSS also keeps tracks of individual file and the time of access and changes made to each file.MICRO WSS It is downloadable software which works in the stealth mode. Micro WSS sends alert email with the IP & MAC address of the machine and the user The user can be identified with the location using the MAC address • • • • Micro WSS maintains the track of user activities in a computer and sends regular updates to authorized individuals. Micro Wi-Fi Security System (WSS) allows the administrator to monitor the activity of the user and provide information about the Wi-Fi access through the authorized web account. FEATURES • • • Micro WSS detects any addition of user in an unsecured/secured WLAN.

HEALTH & ENERGY SECURITY A Presentation by www.net .microtechnologies.

compassionate care in the relaxed privacy of your own home. • Check physician instructions. • User can maintain Electronic health records(EHR) privileges. prescriptions. contains all the relevant information on diseases and conditions. • Feel assured that critical health information is available to your care providers in cases of emergency for proper and timely intervention A Presentation by www. symptoms. surgeries.net . allergies and other health. tests. injuries. Micro e Health Benefits • Maintain user medical records. hospitals online which will be accessible by the concerned authorities This Health Care System extends its tradition of quality care from the hospital into your home and offering convenient. • With help of personal login account user can access all medical records around the world.related information.www.net Micro e-health.microe-health.microtechnologies.

2.microebb. 3.microtechnologies.net .net 1.MICRO-EBB (Energy Black Box) www. 4. which in turn will minimize the electricity bill. control and auditing device. Consumers & Energy Distributors can keep a track of their electricity consumption and thus can keep a check on their usage. It involves data collection from energy consumption monitoring devices like energy meters at user location and periodic communication to the central server. The system also monitors the security aspect of the Energy Distributors by preparedness planning and early mitigation A Presentation by www. 5. The system will alert the users via email if their energy consumption is unusually high. Micro Energy Black Box is an automated energy consumption monitoring.

microtechnologies.OTHER MAJOR PRODUCTS A Presentation by www.net .

microtechnologies.MICRO-HSS (Home Security System) Various sensors of Micro Home Security Systems installed at Residences detects any sort of anomaly and immediately alerts via email & Mobile alerts the concerned person in order to take preventive measures or deal with the type of anomaly A Presentation by www.net .

MICRO-LMTS (Lost Mobile Tracking System) A Unique Solution and cost effective solution for Lost or Stolen Mobile.net .microtechnologies. Features • • • Intimates the SIM card change with Registered Mobile Intimates the current Location of the Registered Mobile Application is hidden • • No additional phone accessories required Easy to use and install A Presentation by www. Micro Lost Mobile Tracking System is an easy way to secure compatible mobile handsets.

MMS. You can retrieve Call Logs and Contacts.MICRO MCS (Mobile Controller System) • Immediate intimation of the new SIM number card inserted in the mobile.microtechnologies. Picture Gallery within a few seconds with the help of registered add-on recipient mobile Retrieve all the contact details Address Book upload an extraordinary backup facility of the contact details Receive the location of the handset – nearest cell tower location • • • • • You can delete your Images. Contact Details and Messages with the help of recipient mobile number. • A Presentation by www. You also get the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. SMS. Avoid the misuse of your personal data on the handset by deleting all the records like Contact Details.net .

• Micro PTS This is a low cost GPS enabled instrument with all features as in BTS with 3 predefined phones dial out & also one emergency control room number. record and review his/her work history.microtechnologies.net . Using this system.BTS/PTS for Field Workforce Management • • Micro Buddy Tracking System(BTS) is a location based downloadable software for cellular phones for keeping up with the whereabouts of your family. Reporting Authority. create and join groups.Micro ERS (Emergency Response System). A Presentation by www. one can share one’s position with his/her Official Colleagues. friends and employees. Micro BTS enables the subscriber to stay in touch when they are in transit.

net .KISAN (Secured Remote Water Management System for Rural India) • • • • • • How it works • • Mobile Based Remote Management of Motor Pump Sets Start /Stop Motor Pump Set from any location via mobile / Landline / PCO Status of Power On/Off status of the pump Work With both GSM / CDMA mobile Automatic Charging Of Mobile Handset Simplest Installation Procedure Cost Effective A Presentation by www.microtechnologies.MICRO JAI .

net .microtechnologies.APPROVALS A Presentation by www.

Significant contribution in education and installation 'Wi-fi Security System' in the unprotected wireless systems across Navi Mumbai. and give financial assistance to bright students for their future education with job opportunities. 2. Micro Technologies has fore-fronted the movement called 'Elite Brigade' a movement formed by young people to train and spread security awareness and to deal with emergency situations. a non-profit security forum to promote Security expertise and advisory services in order to educate and spread awareness about new and improved technology 4.microtechnologies.net . in India Micro Secure Think Tank (MSTT) . Micro Tech Global Foundation which aims to spread security awareness amongst the common masses. 3.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 1. it also aims to support the under privileged people not only in sports but also in education. A Presentation by www. Micro Technologies pioneers the first ever think tank in the security segment.

• • The contents as well as the data pertinent to each sector are refurbished A comprehensive analysis regarding the estimation of the security expenditure on each sector is carried out.INDIA’S SECURITY REQUIREMENT – A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE The attempt to construct a National Security Plan has been translated into a book “INDIA’S SECURITY REQUIREMENT – A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE” The first edition on India’s Security Requirements has exposed a detailed requirement of over 8 Billion USD worth Indian Security Market for Critical Infrastructure Security to the Global audience in the next few years.net . A Presentation by www.microtechnologies. We have come up with the 2nd edition of the book with the following upgrades.

EL-225. TTC Industrial Area MIDC.net website: www.microtechnologies. Plot No.CONTACT DETAILS Futech Park.net .net A Presentation by www.Navi Mumbai – 400 709 e-mail : info@microtechnologies. Mahape.microtechnologies.

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