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www.pftec.com Pathfinder offers a range of software products and Retail Point of Sale software solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of customer requirements, streamlining business functions and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality with a ROI assurance. Pathfinder is a leading retail software solutions provider in India, APAC Regions & Middle East and provides end to end solutions for retail automation, retail sales and inventory management, products management and planning. Pathfinder has a dedicated pool of IT professionals equipped with strong knowledge, rich experience and sound logic. This blend comes from diverse backgrounds, education in leading technical institutes, and track records from associations with leading IT companies. It is our strong conviction that every business Firm or Organization, irrespective of its size, has some common needs and some needs that are absolutely specific. Our team takes an approach based on these needs and adopts relevant strategies. We are an organization driving a huge clientele on a committed path of delivering quality products and a range of software solutions with core competencies in Retail Management, Point of Sale, and Barcode Automation, Mobility solutions on PDA / Hand Held Terminals, Enterprise Solutions and web services. We have a global and phenomenal presence in India, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, and Srilanka spreading ever & across with more than 500 corporations as our business milestones.

XtreMe eSmartStore has intrinsic flexibility to suit multiple, diverse business models:
XtreMe eSmartStore’s Point of Sale boasts speed, ease of use, reliability and an extensive range of powerful features designed for an array of diverse retail verticals ensuring your business is operational at all times. XtreMe eSmartStore Point of Sale and retail management tools ensure that you serve your customers effectively whilst maintaining tight control over business processes, performance and generates immediate cost savings. XtreMe eSmartStore provides your workforce with the necessary gears at the Point of Sale to deliver unmatched customer service. Processes are streamlined to eliminate confusion, decrease the time required for staff training and create a more efficient way of working. Features • • • • • • Easy to use application interface and configurable sales screen Fast multi-mode product lookup feature (EAN | UPC | PLC / SKU) Support for split tenders – cash, card, cheque or voucher for a single transaction Support for multiple currencies configuration Support for custom bill id Support for Price over-ride

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Support for Deposit collection and utilization Manage Line item and overall discounts On-Screen alert of promotional items Suspend billing and resume Support to generate cost estimates at the till Support for Home Delivery, Rate based & Non Inventory sales Support for on-account sales Manage exchanges & returns On-Screen excess cash alert Alerts on exceptional transactions On-Screen shift settlement with denominations On-Screen verification for high value items Support for customer registration at the till Robust customer search options and customer history Issue and redemption of gift vouchers /credit notes Support for Warranty Tracking Manage salesman shifts & commissions Automated data collection from weighing scale Touch screen, Bar code scanning, Receipt Printer & POS keyboard support Cash drawer support (pops drawer automatically) Pole display support (displays purchase information to the customer) Supports portable hand-held terminals for Q busting Supports Shop in Shop formats On-screen help options

Maintain real-time, inventory control for your stores with XtreMe eSmartStore:
XtreMe eSmartStore inventory module comprises of a detailed management features including Product and Pricing Control, Stock Control, Staff Management, Point of Sale Configuration, Loyalty Rewards, Accounts, Audit Control and a comprehensive set of Reports and Analysis Tools. All information can be accessed in real-time both onsite and remotely over the web, so that business decisions can be based on precise timely information

Features • • • • • • • • Easy to use, Windows-based management screens Create and manage products, departments and categories Support for 09 levels of SKU categorization Create & Manage custom unit descriptions Supports Auto-generated / custom product codes Ability to maintain multiple vendor / EAN codes Auto indenting based on MBQ, ROL & Lead Time GRN & Delivery Authorization

• • • • • • • • •

Set product shelf life and expiry Tag products to a BIN location Derive selling prices based on MRP / cost price Price Mark up / Mark down Set multiple pricing levels Barcode generation and printing - all popular barcode types supported Add unique codes for products without barcodes Multiple barcodes per product code allowing for differing pack sizes Monitor and updates stock levels automatically in real time Track inventory by category classification, department and product barcode Apply promotions, including individual product discounts, fixed price, quantity discounts and product bundling Seasons, Schemes, Promotions, Mix and Match Manage packet sales Grouping and Un-grouping of products Stock Adjustments Transfers between warehouse and retail stores Material Resource Planning Ticket printing for shelf edges tickets or product bar codes Supports portable hand-held terminals for inventory counting and order entry

• • • • • •

One of our main strengths is our in-house retail expertise and support, which is second to none. The immense depth of XtreMe Retail Solutions coupled with its use of retail logic makes it an ideal choice for any specialist retail business, regardless of size. Whether you are a single shop or represent a large retail organization with nationwide branches, XtreMe Retail Solutions is the answer for your needs.

Retailer Sales Reporting
XtreMe Imperium - Retailer sales reporting, a centralized reporting system for a malls POS data. It provides access to detailed, consolidated reporting of all retailers. We collect your data, and deliver it through reports that are customized to meet your needs. XtreMe Imperium Retailer Sales Reporting allows you to • • • • • • Manage master information of all retailers Web based daily / optional intraday* reporting of POS data Accurate sales information from retailers. No Misreporting Analytical Information of brand & category performance Average spend size with daily trends MIS to strategize and implement Mall promotions

How it works: It all starts with the client software running on each location’s POS server. This client is a small application that is set up to execute using Windows Scheduler. This gives you full control over how frequently the data is sent to the server. Once the data is loaded to the server, using secure FTP over a broadband internet connection, it is loaded in to a

MS SQL database. Once there, it is available for reporting using an interface that is simple and easy to navigate.
XtreMe Retail POS

XtreMe eSmartStore • • • • • • • • • • Boutiques Gift Stores Apparel & Footwear Supermarket / Hypermarket Furniture Fine Dining Kiosks & Takeaways Food Court Wellness Centers Salon & SPA

XtreMe Foodie

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Our solutions help organizations operate with greater efficiency, integrating and managing business to streamline costs, boost sales and deliver the optimum buying experience to their customers. Can we help support your operations? Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements. To know more about our Point of Sale, email us sales@pftec.com or call us on +91 44 4394 6666.

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