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A list of prioritized nursing diagnosis

Ineffective breathing This is the top priority because

pattern related to 1 this is an actual diagnosis and
excessive mucous because airway pertains to
production as evidenced airway, breathing, circulation
by DOB and presence of method.
crackles on the both
Ineffective tissue This is the 2nd most priority
perfusion related to 2 because according to maslow
impaired transport of hierarchy of needs must be
oxygen as evidenced by priority, ineffective tissue
pallor in palms and soles perfusion must need on
immediate attention.
Activity intolerance This is the 3rd priority because
related to insufficient 3 safety and belongingness must
muscle strength as be 3rd priority to prevent fall or
evidenced by body injury and in condition of the
weakness and strength of client it must be need a
7/10 immediate action
Risk for impaired skin This is the 4th because it needs
integrity related to 4 to be aware of technique in that
inability of the client to diagnosis to prevent bed sores
ambulate and ulserations.
Readiness for enhanced This is the last priority because
therapeutic regimen 5 this is a readiness because it
need only a health teaching for
the patient.


-Client is on a soft diet. She is diagnosed to consider Pneumonia.

The client is under the said diet due to different test will done to her such as
RBC , Urinalysis test and to prevent other complications. There will be a false
reading for CBC test and Urinalysis if client eat nor drink something to consider
is a Doctor or Physician prescribed.

Fluid Food intake

Breakfast 1 cup of 230 ml of water
1 banana

Lunch ½ bowl 200 ml of water

of lugaw
1 banana

Dinner ½ cup of 250 ml of water


Client should be in complete bed rest to promote relaxation and comfort. She
would able to encourage her condition by ambulation, walking, sitting, and
moving a little to prevent ulceration and to prevent bed sores.
Client must do deep breathing exercise and ambulate if necessary and if the
client can tolerate , she must need to take rest and sleep to prevent or reduce
fatigue and to prevent sickness to occurs.