FEBRUARY 22-28, 2011


A letter from Deante
Hello my fine folks! This frigid February is a freaking nuisance! And speaking of which, why are some people in this world such idiots? There's a guy that I am Facebook friends with and he swears he is an accomplished individual. But here's the thing; he's so obviously a joke that it becomes hilarious, annoying and hilarious again just saying his name. He makes up wild and highly unlikely stories in an effort to augment his significance. But all he ever does is make himself look more and more like a sideshow clown than a serious businessman. He has such an exaggerated view of himself that it is offensive to even read his repugnant rantings. I understand the whole “fake it til you make it” concept. But this guy thinks he's already made it! How much does a person's real life have to suck for them to create a highly fictional land of make believe just to feel relevant? My favorite part of this pile of junk is that he actually tries to insult me and downplay who I am. But because I don't have issues with my self-worth, I often play mind games with him and pass myself off as a nobody who desperately wants to get to his level. In reality, I'll never get to his level. Because I can't stoop THAT low to the ground! I'll talk to you guys again next week! Deante Young Editor-in-Chief

Deante's Plan: Remix Hefner, Flynt and Francis
Deante Young has made no secret of being inspired by such 1st Amendment icons as Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and Joe Francis. But now, the Cleveland-based entertainer has decided to take elements of their notorious success, mix it with his own originality and formulate a revamped a Date with Deante; just in time for Season 4. He calls it “remixing.”
Black History Month Spotlight: Michael Jackson Since he was five years of age, Deante Young has been a huge admirer of the legendary Michael Jackson. Even these days, Young carries himself with the type of show business flair that made MJ the ultimate cultural icon. “ Michael is my biggest inspiration,” says Deante. “ He captured my imagination from the beginning and I looked up to hm because he was so original and was nothing like anyone else.” Jackson's epic place in Black history is also a major aspect of Young's appreciation of him. “ Michael ascended to an ethereal level of success and adulation in the early 1980's and as a Black man from an Indiana ghetto, that was beyond amazing,” says Young. “ And he was able to transcend race with the brilliance of his music, dance and creativity and it captured the world's imagination.” Indeed, Michael Jackson experienced the type of international acclaim that would typically be reserved for White artists. Says Young: “ Michael's legendary body of work will forever stand as tangible and irrefutable evidence of his gigantic impact upon not just Blacks, but the entire planet.”

“Hefner brought the original concept of nude, attractive women in monthly pictorials to the public in the 1950's,” says Young. “But 'Playboy' was far from being smut. He handled the nudity with style and class. In the 1970's, Flynt took this approach and modified it with a much edgier philosophy and 'Hustler' became a phenomenon. Both men became pioneers in their own way and Joe Francis, with 'Girls Gone Wild' during the past decade modernized their efforts and revolutionized the concept of hot and sexy with real life females.” Of course, Hefner was met with heavy opposition upon launching 'Playboy' in 1953. He was a constant target of Conservative America but he flourished because of his revolutionary product and incredible drive. Flynt was even more repudiated for his publication 'Hustler,' and was even gunned down because of it in the late '70's. Ever since Francis launched 'Girls Gone Wild' in 1997, he has been constantly denounced as a despicable exploiter of women. Young has similarly come under fire for his 'Deante' series. “I know I'm only dealing with what those legends already dealt with for decades,” he says. “But being a visionary is always going to be a challenge. And I'm up for it!” Season 4 of a Date with Deante debuts April 15.

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