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862-OCî' 14' 1940

Duration of


ühs sals o ye4tÞ ?!,{ þurþoses

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rsuant"to the, Rural
frrents thereof. "Sno. 10. (a)



mwrícipalities and othor¡úblic also to coo¡ôeratives and.oiKr nolin wholo of in part by,ldans made Êcation Act of 1936 urfr anY amend.-


dee,ms r as the in sales or leases-of such

or miscellaneous -Secretary




{9 6t¡t. 1303. ? U. S. C., SUPP.



of this Act, the Sec I to the uúilizaüion

ion with any p

constructed pur-

Äuthorlùy ol Secro' tary to u0lliæ Fedorâl

Supp. V, ch.


U. 8. C., ch.


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force and efiect.

out, their

the provisions of this

.App¡oprlstlons au.



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.A.ct. and (2) for be necessary to

A.pproved, ICHAPTER 862]
To expedte rtre provision

t4, L940.





narional defense, ¿nd ror



[H. R. r04r2l


Be i't ennnted bu th¿ ßenate a'nd House of -ltepreeenta't'iaes Anóted ßtates of Ám¿ri'aøim Congress assernbled, S";tro" 1, Iír order to pröviáe housing for porsons engaged -in national-defense activitios. dnd their familiés, in those areas or localitios in which the Presideít shatl find that an acute shortage of housirrg

of tl*

houdn¿ trator,

Natibnot dofonso

Âüth-orlty ol F€dorsl TvorÌs Adrninl¡/4t¿t¿,

eii"tr or impends whirh would

impetlo national-defensã activitiss







rc LÀlMS-cH.

862--{CT. 14,




tho ((Ädministratortt) is authorized : (a) To acquirc príor to the approval of titie by the Attorney Genotc. r0 u. s. c. [ 1339; eral '(without rosärd to sections-1136. as amendäd, and 3?09"of the 4ru.s.c.¡5. Revisbd Statutes) improved or unimp;oved lands or interests in lands by purch¿se, donatioñ, exchange, lea-e (without regard to section 322 {0 U. B. C. $ 40si oi [hê Act óf June 30, 7932 (47 Stat'.4L2), as amended, the -A.ct of Bupp. V, 0 l()a. 40 u. s, c. É 84. March 3,1877 (19 Stat. 3?0), or any time limit' on tho availability of 'íent). ðr condemnation (includins Drofunds fór the bavment of ao u. s. o. ll 267(25 Stat.'afZ¡, UÀicÏ f, 2680, 361-.3fì6; Supp, ceedings under*thä Acts otAuguit 1, 1888 v, 0 88õ. 1929 C45 Stat 141õ), and tr'ebruary 26,1931 (46 Staü 1a21)). Plaualng and conlb) Bv contract or otherwise (without res¿rd to sections 1186. as structlon of buildlDgs, amiídedi and 3?09 of the Revisocl Staüutes, úction 322 of the Àcd of stc. Juno 80,'1932 (47 Siat. 412), or any I'ederal, State, or municipal laws, ord.inances, rules, or regulations relating to plans ancl specifüationd or forms of contract, the approval thoreof or the submßsion of estimates therefor) prior to the ãpproval of title bv the Attorney General to mako dur^neys and inveðtïgations, plan, design, construci, remodel, extend, repair, or demglish structures, buildings, improvements, and community facilities, on lands or interests in lands acquired unden'the provisions'of subsecúion (a) hereof or on other lands of the Unitetl3tates which mav be available (transfers of wbich for this purpose bv the Federal agericy having jurildiction theteof are hereby äutltorized notwithstanding äny othii provisions of law), provitlä proper approaches thereto, utilities, and transportation facilitles, and þrocure nocessary materials, supplies, articles, equipment, machinery, ãnd do all thinss necessa,rrr in connection therewith to carrv out tño I},ooltos, purposes of thiE .þrct: Prõaåded, Thut the cost-plus-a-perceätage-ofOost-plus contrBcts. õosdsvstem of contracting shall áot be used, but [his prôviso sha'fl not be coñstrued to prevent"the use of the coét-plus-a-fxed-fee form of F¿mily dwelllng contract z Proaíd'ed, That the cost per family dwelling unit shaìl not units, cost limitatiols. exceed ân average of $3,000 for those units located within the continental Unitecl States nor an average of $4,000 for those located elsewhere, and the cost of no family dwelling unit shall exceed $3,950 within tho continent¿l United States or $4,750 elsewhere, exclusivo of exponses of administration, land acquisition, public utilities, and Communlty faclll- communitv facilities, and tho aggregate cost of communitv facilities ties. cost of all shall not eiceed 3 peí centum of iñe 6tal ('persons projectsl "Persons engagod ln engaged in nationalSr¡. 2. As used in this Act (a) the term nÀtlômldâfêtrs mtlvItios" doflnêd. defenss activitiestt shall include (1) enlist¿d men in the naval or military servicos of the United Stated;.(2) employees of the United States 'War Departmentd assignetl toduty at naval or military in ihe Naw and reserv¿tioris, posts, or böses; (3) workãrs engageð or to be engaged iir industries connected with and essential to the national defense; (b) the r'Ì'ederol agency,t' term ((X'ederal agency" means any executive department or offico (including the Fresiäent), indepeirdent sstablishìnent, commission, board, bureau, division, or offico in the executive branch of the United Stated Government, or other agency of the United States, including corporations in which the Unitsd States owns all or a majority of the stoc'k. directlv or indirectlv. Appmprl¡tlo¡ au" Snó. g. Tñe sum of $1sb,000,000, to rrmain available until expended, thotlzod. Ante,p,1116. is hereby authorized to be appropriated to carry out the purþoses of this in accordance witlifhe ãuthoritv therein contained ãnd for Þ,oolso. exponses in connection,therewj th : Proaíl'ed, hotn ea ey, Rolmbursometrt to administrativo deslgnstod omorgonclr That the AdminiJtrator is authorized to reimburse, from fuids which fun(ls. mav be annrooriated oursuant to the authoritv of this Äct. the sum of Sg.åoO.Ooö to tñe emerdencv funds made available to the Prcdident under (rAn Act making appropriations for üUä ¡.ót of .Tune 11, 1940, äntitled

and that such housing lvould not be provided by private cepital when needed, the I'ederal'Works Administrator (hereinafter referrod to as




CONG.' 3o SÐSS.--OÌ{. 862--0ÕT. 14' 1940


the Navv Department and the naval servico for the fiscal year ending June 30] 194i. and for other purposes" (Public, Numbered 588)' and Ant¿'p'wt' the sum of $6.? to the õmergencv'funds irade available to the President undér tlie Mititary Apprõpriâtion Act, 1941, approved Juno Anta'P'srt' 13. 1940 (Public. Numbered 611). sno. 4. wheú the presidenl shall have.declared. that tho emer- ^.Te,rmrnarion of au. úno'rv' s"n"v declared by him on September 8, 1939, to exist, has ceased to ãxist- la) tho authoritv contained in secttion t hereof éhall terminate e*"epd with respect tö contracts on projects previously entered into or uñdertaken and court proceedings then pending, and (b) properüy acauired or constructed- under this Act shall be disposed of as prómptly as may be advantageous undor the circumstancõs and in the õublic interest. '^S_¡o. õ. 'lVhere'ederal agency.has funds for,the.provision ,{Iatstuorhor:stns of housrng rn connectron wrth natronal-delense û,cfivrtres lt mayr ln its discretÏon. make transfers of those funds, in rrhole or in part, to the -A.dmiúistrator. and the funds so transferred shall be av¿il' able for, but onlv for, anv or all of the objects and purposes of and in accordance wiih ali the authoritv and limitations cbntained in this .A.ct. and. for administrative expen-ses in connection therewith. rentÈr moq' Si,o. O. Moneys derived fro^m rental or operatign 9f plop-e{ty or con-structed under the provisions of this Act shall be ""lir.:t accluired. reiurned to tho appropriation autholized. by this Act and- shall bo available for exponses of operalion - and' maintenance including administrative exþenses in connection therewith, a-n{ the-unobligated balance of the moñeys so deposited. shall be covered into tho Treasury at the end of each fisôal yearìs miscellaneous receipts. Sno. 7. Noüwithstanding any other provisions of law,. whethu" or$!ffifluot' ""'. ttre acquidtionihandling, or &sposal of real or oúher prop"tnti"cto Unitãd States or to other matters, the Administrator, erty bi the rrifh räsnect to anv nropertv acquired or constrûcted under the provisions o't ttti. Acti iä aúthoiized-by means of Government personlnel, selected oualified privato asencies. õr public agencies (a) to deal with, maintaini operatei adminisîer, anêl in-sure; (b) to pursúe to final collection bí ri'av of compromise or otherwise, all cláims arising therefrom; (ci to ient,leasõ, exchange, sell for óash or credit, anilconvey the whòlô or anv'part of such þroperty and to convey without cost nortions thereofio local municipalities for streeü or other public use: Þroaid,ed,rTh_at-any such transaôtion shall þg opgtt su-ch.terins, ftg$"'o, ,o**ins the period of ariy lease, as may be deemed by the ,A'dministrator to bo in"the dublic intereðt: Próaided-further, That the Administrator shall Fair rent¡rs' fix faif rentals, on proiects develbped pursuant to this Act, which shall be within the finanìial reach of pèrsons engaged in national defense: Stat. +tz). Sno. 8. In.carrying out the provisions-of-thlq {ct the_Administra' ør is authorized tio uiilize ¿nd ãct through the Federal'W'orks Agency and other tr'ederal agencies and any local public a,gency' with the con-

!;tr;!:(,rffi'liTä"î:åitliffå#f iïü:LXiïiii'ååtiÏ,ä;'(ÞFffs.",*0.


sent of such agency.-, and any fuñds appropúatei ptrsuant to this Act shall be av'ailaÈ,ie for transfer to añv such agenõy in reimbursement therefor. Nothing in this Act shall be construedito prevent the ,A.dministrator from emþloying or utilizing tho professioñ¿l services of private persons, firms, orcorporations. Sno. 9. The Á.dministrator may enter into any agreements to p¿y psymotrts ¿nnual sums in lieu of taxes to any State or political s¡þdivisien trxes' thereof. with respect to any real pröberty acquired and held by him this -A,ct. in?ludins improvements tliereon. Tho amount só paid for any year úpon anylucliproperty shall not exceed the taxesthat

in ueu




862, 871-OCT. 14,


[54 Srer.

over Àiqulred ProP



tion bv the Âdministratof of any rcal property pursuant to this .{¿ll lot.doprivo ap¿.Sfote.or politícal subdiiision thereof of ancl and. criminal jurisdiction its civil and crimiiial jurisãiction in añd over such propgrby, or impair the civil righis undel tho State or local law of the inhabitants on
â"tlmini¡trntor in n,nfhoti¿ert tn malio mreh ri¡lòn nnrl regul¿tions as lrra,y be necessarv to carnr out the provisions of this "4.,i, nnd chull estàblish rs¿sonnhle sfancla.rrls of safety, convsrriencrs, and health. Snc. 12. Notwithstanding any _other provision of law, the wages of every laborer and mechanic emplo.yed on any construction, repair or demõliüion rvork ¡ruthorizod bv this Act, shall be computed on n basic dav rate of eiEht hours per daï and work in excess of eisht hours oer dai shall be iermitted ïpon "compensation for all houis ¡vorked in of eiehi hours ner ãay at nôt iess than one and one-half times "*ö..s the basic rlto of pay. Not-less than tho prevailing wages shall be naid in tho construcÛion of defenso housinE authorized herein. " Suo. 13. If any provision of this Äct, õr the application thereof to any persons ór iircumstances, is helá invalid, ihe remainder of this Act, or application of such pîovision to other'persons or circumstances shall not bs afiected thoreby. Sncr. 14. Àt thc þqrginning of cnch scssion sf Çr.rrrgr:r,rss, tlrg Ärlrninistrator shall make t"o Conþss a full and detaileìf re¡íort covering all of the transactions authõrized hereunder. Approved, October 14, 1940.

'would be paid to the State or subdivision, as the crÌso mâ.y be, upon such nrondrtv if it wore not oxempt from taxation. Snô. f'0. Ñotwithttaoding any ãther provision of law, tho acqLrisi-


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That this Act may



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plural or


la,mb'or hair of
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"Roproc€ssodwool." (C 'woo
"Beusotl wool."


b Angora or Cashmero lv trOers from f,n .ãlt, fibers rrom the hair hich has never been

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the resul a wool product rv wa,v bv tho u

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or renrocessed wool

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