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26û.8. O..Sun. III. I 8443 (a) ($) (À) (u).'



Srar.l Slsr CONG,,

ZD SDSS._CÌIS. 994, gg5_gEtpT. 2g,7960




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aftor the date of onactment (ii) (relatins refunds in the of this as ships'stgiè , etc.) is herebv









_00.5,".4ND 606.


ena¡tment of
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first dayT






I gtst,12.



f-18 +"*t"t !çþ
Approf6d September
ZB, tgSO,





Retating to the

consr¡uor.io*""^ö,1Îä*ies in areas affeored by x,ederal -" - activities, and for other purposes.

86ÞtoEbo¡ 23. t0õ0
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.úmeric a t^-Co"/l"u

the- Benate

and Eouse of Eepresentatíaes of the r' v o v t uw a u o ù






Sohool faclliiles tn aross affoctod by Fed. orsl Àctlvltlæ- -

S¡c. 101. fn order to assist the se.veral States.to invcntory existi'g g:lgglþgiliries, .ro qú,"r.rh" ;..;d i;; rË;ññ"iiå"' åI'Jaäiì"""r äffitli,j;i;i lggl9giliú'gs,.ro surÇ _th" raciliries in reraiion to tnãa-rsirif'ìä.ääfËà'r,äüäi, #'íatråiåäli äöåäti' state plalg for school si"tódìþSt"""*,ä.iåii"üääirä"i,ä!ää3,'#H'i'jto study the adepìäþì*r, and "ä, quecy of state.and tocal resources uinii"¡r" i" ".o"Ài""ãtio" aïaiflable do *ô"i-, hool r"jl;r;uoo State_and local resour."* a9ryy facilities requirements, there is-hereby authorized to be a iated the sum of $3,000,000. to remain avo"ilnl-,i" -""ì;i*o*-o-.to, :îgil{ôl{i:yj priatod p;*'ú""r õ;[d iåJ¿"iäi",åä


Pûrt, Þ. luõt.

ild"Jü;l j:.l"4riiþ"r;tii'ü;iü""iiåi3f 'ffi:'il"*Jiilü



PIIBLIC L,{\ryS-CH. 995-SDP1'. 23,


[64 Sr¡.r.

pliete funds to ulrilertike

Sfates whose applicaíions fol funds for carrying out such purposes have been appräied : Prooi.d,ed,, That tho makingöf grants urì'dei this title.shall not in any rsa)' commit the Congress to author?e or âpproühe construction

of any public worlcs sr¡


Suc. 102, Tlro Commissioner of Educalion shall &pprove any npplication for funds ior carrying out the purposes of sãôtion 101 if^sirch


( i i Acsien¿tcs thc liúote educati,rrral u,gðrrov (as duliuecl irt paragrÀph (13fof section 210) as the sole a,gency ior carrying out-such purposes; - (2) prôvides for making an inventory and survey in ¿ccordance with seõtion 101 containinf information requasted by the Commissioner, and for developingã State program in accordance with such section; and (3) provides that the State educational agency will make such reports, in such form, and containing such information as the Commissioner may from timo to time reasonably require, and, to assuro verification oÍ such ¡eports, give the Commissioner, upon rer¡rest, acce^cs to f,he records upon which suc,h information is based"



rosnective school-aEe porrulations bear to thc totaf schbol-aso ponulano such allotment to"any State (other tha-n the District ôf Cotumbia, ,{.laska, Hawaii, Puertä Rico, dncl the Virgin frlands) shCI,ll bc lcsg th¿n $10,000. Tt¡ithin itg nllotmcnt cach Stato shail be ontitled to receive an amount equal to 50 por centum of its expenditures in carrying out the purposes of section 101-

la) Of the surns aooronriated oursuant to section 101. shail'be allotted bv thä dommissi'oner to lhe District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands according to their respectivc necds and upon the basis of agreements made with their respective State educational agencias, and tho remain. der shall be allotted to the other States in the same proportions as their
Snc. 103.

tioi of such other -Státus; except that

in accordance wíth its application. lb) The Commissioncr shnll from time to time ostimate the sum to whìcir each State will be entiiled under this section during such Éris,¡i.rr r¡pr.i¡¡ì *.¡ ìi¿ h'ìn.w rlaf¡.r'r¡rinc. n.nr{ shn,ll thgretloon certifv to iü;3¿'ut;;y-ãt'ïl'"'i$";;"y ¿i';'a*àiint sà estimadd, reduceä or increased, os"th* ca.se ma,y bo, by rì,ny sum by which the'Commissioner finds',that his estimäte 'foi any prioË period was greater or less than the amount to which the St¿le was entitled for such period. The Secretary of the Tre¿sury shall thereupon, prior to audit or settlcmerit by the General Accounting Ofüce, pay to the State, at the time or times fixed by tho Commissioner, the amount so certified.

Snc. 104. la) the Commissioner. after reasonable notico and opportuiiiv for hearing to a Stats edi¡cational agency, ûnds (1) thã-t such Sdato educationäl agency is not eomplying substantially with the provisions of this title or the terms and conditions of its applicatioi approved undor this title, or (2) that any funds paid tö iuch Stateäucationai agency under this ¿itlc have been diverted from the purposes for which they had been allotted or paid, the Commissioner may forthwith notify the Secretary o{ the Treasury and such State educational agency that no further corlification will







81sr CONG.,

2¡ SXISS.-CH. 995-SEPT.

29, 1950



m¿do under this úitle, and the Commissiôrier's ¿cLion .under subsection (a) of this seetion, shall be subject to iudicial review on the record, in the United Stated Court of .A.-ppealsïor the oircuiù in which the State is- Iocated, in accordanco-ivith tho provrsions of the Administroúivc Piocedure Act.

ü. ïJ. 101I; sup.



t. u. 0I 100r-


III, I 1001 ,t

Src. 105. (a,) Tho Commissioner is authorized to delegate to any officer or emþl'oyee of the Office of Education any of hiî functions nnder this title except the makine of reEulations. .(Þ) .Thele are heireþ authori"zed to"be appropriated for Federal administrative expenses such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this title




rrrl,a rr--scHooi".""#ffi





Sncrrox 201. fn recognition of the impact which certain X'ederal activities have had on íhe school construttion needs in tho areas in which such Federal activities have been or are being carried on,:the Congress hereby declares it, ø be the policv of the Ünited Statós to bear the cost of constructing school facilities in such areas in the manner and to the extent prõvided in this title.



A local educational agency shali be eligible under this Fnc. 202. ( ") subsection for payment with respect tó children who reãide on tr'ederal proport¡r wilh a parent employed on Federal property, if the estlmated estimated numbefof SUCII Cllllü.ron'Wno WrlI DO in AVerAge üAIry ¿tLenLLä,]ìCë ä,L Lhe IrUmPer OI such children who will be 1l1 average claily ¿t[end¿nce ¿[ Lü€ schoc'ls of sy^qh ägerlcy dq]g.ühe curreu!-iíscal ye.ar (as_defined in licrloors ()1 tiuojt'¿,gëtrcy uu¡'rfig LIre ourrcuL üscär yc¿rr (as (lerl paragraph (6) of section 210) is at least fiI[een and is aû loast 5 per õentum ôf tiie'estimat¿d number of all children who will be in averäge oar¡v ettendance daily attendancs_ at the schools.of such agency 4gtirg the-cunent fiscãl tne scnools or sucn cturrng f,ne current nscal yoa,r. Each sucn locat eoucaf,ronal year. -ujacn such local educational agency shall be entitled to receive slrall De enültreü chrldren wrth an amount not to exceed such estimated number of children with respoct amourrt esfima,ted to whom it is eligible for payment under this subsection, multiplied by 95 pe" centuilr of the ayerage per pupil cost of constructing complete per average sùch agèney schõol school facilities in the State in which thc school district of such agenev State=in





(b) A local educational agency of a State shall be eiigible under this subsection for payment with resþect to children who reside on tr'ederal property, or dho reside with a þarenú employed on tr'ederal property part or all of which is situated in such State, if the estimated number ôf such chilclren who will be in averase dnilv'attendance at the nchools of sr¡ch asencv rìurins ühe enrrent fiícal veä.r is a.f lea.st fifteen ancl is at least 5"per ðentum õt ttre estimated nuñber of all children who will be in aver{ge daily attendance at the schools of such agency during the curront fisõal veär. .Uach such local educational ãEencv shall be entitled to rcceTve an amount not to exceed such estimítedhumbcr of chiiclron with rospect to whom it is eligiblo for paymont under this

is situated.




PUrlrrrc LÁ"\rys-cH. 995-StDp1.. 23,


[64 Srer.

Pott, p. gî6,

of chlld¡on.

Maxlmum Dumbor

currcrit fisca,i yenr is a,t le.ast twenfy a,¡ld is nt leditr 1fi ¡rer ,roñtum of the estimated number oJ ull children who wil beìn average daily attendance at ths schools of such â,gency during the curreñt ffscal vear: and (2)'the'construcüion of additional school facilities to take care ' of the children whose attendance results from such activities of the United States. has imposed or will impose utr ,ãdoe û"u*i"i burden- on the taxing andborrowins authoritv of the ¿sen E ach *;il r". ;i' ;á;;¿T"äî ;äñ;ïf, ri "üä' åäiii"ä' iå*;ä'"{*," " amount not to exceed such estimated nu¡nl¡er of children with resnect to whom it is. eligib_le,for payment under this subsection, muttiþiied by 45 per qe1tu.g1 9f the a.verage per pupil cost of constrûcting com_ plete school facilities in the stateìn wniõn the school rlistrict ðf such agency is situated. rn determining etigibility and maximum amounts of payment under this subsection, the Comñrissioner (A) shall take into ¿ccount_only activities of the United States carried oá after June 3ú, 1939; and (B) shall not t¿ke into accounü activities of the united States carried on in qonnection with real property which has been excluded from the definition of tr'ederal proþerty ui ttre last sentencs of paragraph (1) of section 210. (q) If tyg- 9r more of the firsb three subsections of this section apply to a child, the l-ocal educational agency shall erect which of such suLrsections shall applv to such child. , .(g) Notwittrstaria'irU the-preceding provisions of this section, the total number of children fôr whom- â local education-ar ug"rõy i. entitled to receive payment under this title shall not exceed- . (1) g4cept_ where the determination of the maximum amount is based in whole or in part on entitlement unde.r subsection lc). flre cs(,inia,te,I numÌ.'er oi all childre" i" ltã*siã*Tv-.iiåiä-*J ¿t the schools of such- eggï-rgy during the cirrenfl fi;;i ï;;; minus ihe nnmirer of aii chiltiien in aVe"age daily attendo"ó"'nd the schools of such a,gsncy during the fiscaÍyeu" é"aing J;;;sO,

thiough a contracüor) if, in tho judginenü of the C,lriri'ir*iu"ãi ðf Etlucãtiuu* (1) tho r:süirnutccl nu¡rrbcr of such chilelre.' who will be in averâgo daily attendance at the schools of such agency duri"g th"



v¡rur¡¡< ^-,1;--

in whole or in part on entitlement under subsection (c), ihe estimated'numbei of atl children in aver&ge daitv attendance at the schools of suclr agency during the curíenú fisóal yããri *i;u; 1L0 per centunr of tho'ùmber oT all children in aväraE'e dailv attendanco at the schools of such a,gency during the fisõal yeai, c q^

1939; and - (2) whero the determination of úhe maximum amount is based

T,,'.^ av. i nÐn vttv Lúùt.

tho provisions of the fir.sü Lr'ee subsections "(t). of fhrs -sectron, where the average dailv attendance at the schools of any..local educatioaal agency during-tho fiscal year ending Juno


30, l-930, cxceeded 3b,00q.(1) such agency's percentago requirement

for elisibilitv under (3). o" (b) shall be 10 per centum insãead o-f 5 per Tl|Ìecrion cenr,rtm.r and lts percenta.ge requirornenf for olicihility rurdcr. subsection lc) shall he 20 þer ce,ñf,um inste,arl of 1õ peräentum;



81sr CONG., 2¡ SESS.--CE. gg5-SEpT. 29, 1950

. (2).in determining the maximum amounü which such agency is entitled to receive-irnder any such subsection, the aqencv"shail be entitled to roccivc paynlcig.w-ith rcs-pect io ontf so many of úhe esLirtr*ted nurn&f of children ,wñose attendã,nce scrvss øs.thê basis-for eligibitity urider such su ati óxocods ("{.) rfr r.ilÍì..r!r.:ìo oI EtrnÊc(titon t&) or (o), D pcr ccn[um or tng ûfitìt.rpated- nu.mbor of all chililien in averaife daily attendanen nt, the schools of such a.Eêncy during tho C:urrcnt-fisca,I yea". "ttd (B) j" the caso.of qubsãction (a), 1õ pcr.cnntrrrrr of srrcJr änl,irírntad ' r nuimber,of all ohildrcn eo in uvoiugc daily attenttã.nce. G) (r) Whenr-* -'"TA) undor any law-ol,l¡e-r.thun a law relating to ùhe disposal of surplus property, the United States ' iri tho construcûion of, school facilitiesconstru-cted, or asdisted in the school district of any local educationai aqency;

l{?¡J¿, p.970,

in'thô judgment of

ciation applied to such cost for the peribd beqiniiñs with ihe c'ompletion of the construction of such facilities aìid endíne on June 80, 1951 (the rate of such depreciation to be based on the estimated usabló life of such school facililies for the school purposes of such agency), and (ii) .so ryucli of the actual cost to the United'Stut"s of constíuctííg or assisting in the construction of such facilities as has beon recovereã. by the United States. Tho Commissioner of Communitv Facilities Service shall certify to the Commissioner of Education thö amount so deterrnined; and the Commissioner of Education shall reduçe the mâximum amount which such agency is otherwise entitled to recsivo und.er this seclion in accordance with-such certification. (.4.) uncler the Act of October 14, 1940. entitled (An Act to expedite the provision of housing iir coniection with national tlefense, anti for other purposest!, ãs amende<i, the United States has prior to the enactment of this Act constructed school faciiities in the school district, of a local educational agency; and (B) such school facilities ars available to suCh agency on the date this Act is enacted, the head of the n'ederal depártment or agencv havins custodv of such facilities shali forthwith tiansfer to sucñ iod¿l educátional aäencv all right, title, and interest remaining in the United States in anä to äuch facilities and the iand being useùin connection with the oporation of
4-^ili+iae ¡@W¡¡¡U¡w.

lhç riglrt to use such facilities for the remoincler oî thé cstimaúod. usable ]ife of such facilities. fhen f,hç Çommissioner of Cnmminitv X'n.eilitics Serviee. in nccor,Lnnco with regulations prescribed by him, shall determine theîmount which pQu3,ls the actual òost to the United States of constructing or assisting iT the construction of such school facilities, minus (i) perclhtage deprel

(C) either such aEencv has title to such school fácilitres. on ãhe Õommissioner of Communitv tr'aciútieJ Service, there is reasonablo assura,nce tha,f sue,h as"ne; wili have

(2) IVhere-

il Q+^+ lloÈ

U. S. O. ¡l rõngup.







-"-Ì' ÞUV¡¡


Snc. 208. Nolwil.lrsl,a.rrtiing tho pnrvisions of ser:tion 202. whenever thadpart or all of the attenáance with respect to which any local pducational agency is _entitled to receivo payment pafment under such section will be of temporary duration only, such such-section tem payment with. respect to a,gency shall not be entitled to receive such pa¡rment with resþect tn the attendance so determined to be of tempoiarv duration onlv. Instead, úhe Commissioner shall make avaflable''to such ageniy such
úhe Commissioner determine"s


PûBLIC LAWS-CH. 991¡-SEpT. 28,


[64 Sr¿r.

temporary school facilitie,s as ma.y be necessary to take carc of suc.h a,ttenoence; except th¿t,he may, whe'e the local educational asencv grves assurance that ad-equato school facitities will be pro"i¿il lä t¿ke care of such attendairco, pay (on such drms-;"d-"ffiditìons as dgemg appropriate t" ca"1yiít-t'frq oI Lhis title) to such lrg the amourrt rvhioh hc cstimatclwould bo nccessnry to such temporary facilities



Snc. ?04.

Chtldren: or

In úhc casc of children whn lcsirle,lrr tr'ederal þronortv ,o ,, (1) jfmayLax revênues of rrre slale or ""y pãtiti.¡i riu,i'iîi.:io" thereof be ex¡nnded for the freo puËriõ cducation ;¡ ñh

local educational,ueflqrir abrc to provi<te ruifurrï. iiuL.p"niiä education for such ðirilaren. the commissioner shall-m'!e srich .arr:angements for constructins or otherwise pryviding- schoot fr¡,citilics *r-dt ú;-;.õ;;;f I;ih; education of such children. To the maximum extent practicatïe school facilities prooided-lna*" 1i,ir"ré"riãü' rïi'il-¡î"i#;;"ïtïî; the sch ool f acilities p"o"ia"ã" io; ;i'il unties in ttre Sfir.üe. Ttris sl¿riu,i"l,*lll,ðiîpäv tai reside

consulted wtth t.ìo appropriate State cducational agency. that no

if it.it tlr" judgment of the Commissioner, afber he has

dñ1ruö;'äirääåï ø';iiã;;";Ë


* "f,"#; ;ö'?"-- ;Ëöäårü.ri o,," "'' ""à to provide school faciliries"for childrcn".*î residiålãn iiãaã""T'"i:oDerrv " lldç" this section, no tocat educarionai ;$ili';úru;;iiriå',i'ïå reÆerve payment under section 202 with respect to the attendance oi such childien.

Ë",Ëå*:"älJ:iËïgHå9"'i"**lhá"iå*M,årå:;f, tr"fl rndi an ôch oots.'w, iì iìlïõ^'


P*_n9l:91_Ig l93l :li|^1!_!o1ar aselc{.þ.qll ¡e enrirred ro pay; *:ry""j?:.IJ,.î:r:lj*:yrry-pd*¡Ëdiü1sËd;ilöi.;s#¿; il P¡ 4l for:niuta contained the õti."-2Ãz-;;";õi;ñ; thereïor submitted throuEh ;i""'"'iå-:iå1it,ft"å"lhl;ïåi",T"åiirüiäffiÊrq.+ä a¡ì,i.ori annronria.fp i"#'"#f"iäål#'åä,i:; -;î -the' and Cþa bef or.e J ulv filed before uty _1, .fs sz, witË ih e' Cã'n *i *rit * Co.*i*rit-*; Eäö;ion in Eäl;ä#ffi ìi 114 -1, .fg52, &ccorda,ïce wrth regulatrons prescribed bv him. a.nv such ¡,nnlienfinn " "åif, tråi'iJ'i9."111ïffi l'ii,Jiî:'":{åli;,'*?'îîîi3f mav either set fortlh o. r-rr.'iri't. +.'" il""-"^*"i-,-*;^i^j+"^1i11rvËi^,,'.'- : l:¿: 'Ù*_-J öffFi:,?¡J,"": a I Lt es "( ju o".i*a'"ï ã. ø rh;Ëäd, ;î i &wvru4ltuE wtt,tl öl-lu ú) ; ; ; il;î åï'#i ï Í::, :::h,for a reimbursement payment, rye,cy, 1 request, ïor relmþursement glyment, i accordarrce wit]i in le,{¿ues[ subsection (c). 'rlle -uommrssloner of b,íucaiiãn-.shatl take final action witll The Commissiorrer Education shall dk; ff"ri--;itîL *;*r, respoct to. any appiication withi' lhe Spproval or disapprovar of anv such ,ppifu;i; within a reasonable tims.
' -tr -.

strr¿ll coirtain

or be supported bv(a), u descriptiôn of the"project and the site i,herefor. nrerimiof schooi facitities ro be constr.,,"iàrl llly such other ilformation relating.to the project ü*r*or, and -{_"i*irgs .the as may reasonably be reqrlired by the Commissroner; !p) assurancc that such agencv has ,r, wjil ira,ve title to the site. 9r llìo righb to constr:ucf, upori suuïr siLe school facilities a¡ spccÍfie..Ì rn f,IrH application and to maintoilr srr*h school f¿cilities än such slte ror a period of not ress than twenty years af,ter the compteliãn of !hç construction; . .(c) ûss'rarìce ilí¿ü such ¿ùgencv has legal authority to undertake the constrrrction of the pñ¡o.[ r-nlto Fnrnäuny tío"-nla"rur




81sr CONG., 2n SESS.-CH. 995-SÐP1'. 23,



f*nds lo

(D) assuranc-e that such a.gency will e¡,r¡so wor.lc on fhe project to bs commenced within a reasonable time and prosecçted tr¡ cömlocal wage rates for similar work as determined in dccordancõ wil,h Public Law Numbered 403 of the Seventy-fourth Congress, lSSlk.ttt¡çrre"_ a,pproved August 30, 1935, as amended; ?zo¿-b,'sïd,'Trr, ]Ii') ausur¿iírco thóú thc'school fuciliiies of such a¡rencv will be [¿?ðtÞ,]; availáble to the children for whose cducation contíibutions are provided in this title on the same tÆrms,,in accordance with the laws of the State in which the school district of such aEencv is situated, as they are available to other children in sucñ scñool district: ¿nd (G) âssurance that such aEencv will from time to time nrior to the completion 9f the project submit such reports relating to the pro;+ct, a,s l,l¡* Corurr¡issiulur. nläv r.e¿sulrablv rëouirê. (2) The Commissioner shall approïe the anpli"cation if he finds lA) úhat'the proposed tr'ederal shareìf the cost-^of ttte project does'noî exceed so much of the maximum amount which such aãencv is entitled to receive under section 202 ñ il;;;tÈ;il;îbãiä;a-"1ãËliã-îä'ffi atu,þ.g@. paymeqt of the Federatr S.hare of the cost of þrojeets of sucï agency theretofore approved, (B) that the requiremeñts "ot parasraþh fil ot this subsection have,bèên met, and (Õ) aft'er consültation'rrit'h'the State and local educational asdncv. ttìat'ttre prìiu"t G;;ïi;"o"ìirt""i with over-ail State plans for the cóñstruction ofächool faciljties. I{, and only . (c) (1) of a^project if, a:local educational ågency has provided (or, by reason o^r projects under tþis titte, witt provide) aäel quate school facilities foi the school children fôr wh?rse eduóation contributions are provided in this title. such agency may file an application containing-a request for a reimbn"semeît pävmónt of so iiirch of the maximum-amount which such agencv is entiile"d to receive under scction 202 as has not been expendeä or obligated for pavment of AtúG,p'sße' the Federal share of the cost of ihe proiects of irch nq"tr.i, uïder this tiûle.' Äny sueh application shall alsð contain assuranóË thät the school f¿cilities of such a,genc,v will be available to such children on the same lerms, in a,ccorrlance wrth the laws oÊ the Statc in which the school district of slch lgelcy is situated, as they are available to other children in.such school district. fn no evént shall the reimbursement pâyment.uncle_r this subsection exceed the amount expencled from locatr sources sinceJune 30, 1939, for the construction of tñe school facilities
y.'t¡*-¿-u ¡¡¡ u¡¡e w¡¡Þur uvurv¡¡ yv¡¡r 'u9 ttuu 16Ð uu&tt utlli l,rliv¿rrrull{ .

rvhen needed;

of the cost thereof es propossd,, and assuranqg that adequato de_fray any such noñ-I,'ederal share will ue avaiiuúlã

of the local educational agency (2) The Commissioner shall epprove any application of a local educational âgency if he finds that-the requiräments of paragraph (1) of this subsection h¿vc been met. (d) No application under this title shall be disapprove,il in whole or in ¡rart until the Commissioner of F'rrcation has aiorded the iocal educ¿Liol¿l ¿¿g€rrcy notice and opportunity for hearing.

lasonlbte TNATT.ITOAT




shall certify to the Secrétary of'th'e Treasury for pawnent to such agency an amount equal to lt) per centum of the I'ederáI share of the cost of the pro¡ect. After final drawings and specifications have been approved by the Commissioner of Education- and tho construction

Se,c.'206. (a) Upon approving tho application of anv local educational agency under sectién 205-íb). thi^Oommissioncr"of Erlqcation









puBl.ro LÀWS*CS. gS5*SÐPT. 23' 1950

[64 Srer.





rlt* fi=*ur¡y fo1þr-y¡rent to cuoh ogoncy, in occordnnco ãüft-"odulotione prescrifted b.i'him anrì a,t such times and in such üti1]itî*?"ì";iltú"easonable, the remainder of the Federal sharo of tþ c_qst of the project shall ce;nti{y to s""üolätir (c),ihe Cóñmissioner of th" Sdil;;; ãi tÈã ft*usurv for payment to sucþ a'ge+c-y -an amount ñ;I ã;ilír"*i*oÃ-u*""it *ttiätr soc\ agen-cy is entitþa ùo roceive äää;"ä'i;îäôä.*1"*u"y p*ô¡'qt Yþiqh Eu9þ' agencv has received * ði*illîãäi* under zubue""tion (a) of this section' f;ï^ñãi.;uótt nr*foò"t: tho Còrnmissiotrer of Eclue,afion shall doterout the purposes -iì,ätfru po"t¡" ãf tt{r funds appropriated to carry the.provtsrons titfe which shall be available for ca*yrng out of this avail;i;;î;ilä0t;"1àó¿.- t'du r.emainde¡ of su-ch lunds shall be which ø local educational. agencies for (c) of ;iü"ä;.^i,|ki"g úy*enls äõbiiãáiiåã--r,ãi"'¡Ë*"-app*oed under subsections (b) and

confract has beon entered intoo the copmissio-ner shall certify to ths



Arde, þp.972,


for any fiscal thcrelot rtray not bo su{li' äient to pav in full the amounts which all loc¿l educulruilul ¿guilcrës ;;id;¿ti¿í"*ise be errtitled to receivo under_ applications approved shall by regulations ui,ffiifrî-iitl" ¡"fore ihe end. of such_yo-ar',.þeapphuaLrurrs lÙl',pâ'y(1) a date or dates bcforo whiCh âll nresc¡ibe fli"üåä,,:tf/;ih ñ*i.;h;liñfit¿á, u"a iz¡ !hä^o1de1in which tho (b) of,this section äää#i"";-;"úi;.d by subsectiooþ- (3).a1,a.bè based on relativs ;-;ã". ttt" oráä" so prescribeðl'shall ;itî b" applications und'er ;;;;;;i:ió"¿ *i¿ tttail git'e section 205 (c)' section 205 (b) applications uñder ;;i";i¡+ ove" '^?J-tfr" S""iôt""v of the Treasury shall pey t9 oach local educa' tioidt â,sencv in accõrdance with the certification of the Uommrssloner. for agency anq ;ñ;Hfid; ó"ld ¿o ; iocal educational reþaid to thenet expended tho Treasurv of paiil shall be ;il;p;ñ;;.[Jo" *ttiðtt Iïnited Statcs. t"Àiifrãi út" ma. *ttich will bc available
úhs Commissioner

section 205. *"rd) ^íi

of Education


rilrTHrroLDrNG OI. CnBÍnlFroATroN


""t;*'an¿ opp'rtu'ity ;;;;,; fincìs lll thai-thcro is o eubstantial

suc. 20?. (a) w'henever the commissioner of Edu.cation, afber rea-

-t¿ilure [o eomplv wit'h specifications for the project, (2) thât any funds l,ñ'"-ãii,*i"st àt,d i,.ìa t";l;?;l-;dr¿ôtional agency underihis titts have been diverted il; tË pu"po*t for which"paið, or (3) that-any a'ssurance given in an anolicÃ.tioir is not beinE or cannot bs carried out, the Uommtsstoner mav't'orthwith notify the secretarv of thc Treasury lnd sgc_h agency t""ther certification will bõ made under this title with respect thã1 "o ;; ;;Ï ugñt until there is no longer any failure to comply or tho di;ñ;;-; ai,tu"tt has been correcñd or, if compliance or òorrection is impossibleo until such agency fepayg or arlanges lor.the rcPey-of X'edoral moneys which have been dlverted or lmproperry ment
exnended. "-lÈï*ih"

for hearíng to.a locnl



6 U. S. O. $$ 1001101t; Sup. ! 1001





o*'ãí"-*pÏii*tiã" üi,,1ttr [his title, and tho Coirimi.ssioncfs final äätiäT""õilõ6;úi"; f "l this seôtion, sh¿Il be subject t9 judicial United Stateâ Cgurt of Appeals for the ið;iñätñð "ããó"a, i"'túe"* jä."t educational a,gency isìocated,-in accordance li"óùit ñ ;hi"È ¿hã
with the provisions of the Adminisürative ProcedureAcú.

final refusal of the Commissioner to approve part or all




81sr OONG., 2n SESS.-CH. 99õ-SEPT. 23,



dí¡¡ectior¡, fliper:vis¡on, or; co¡rlrt1l ov_er the. pe*no¡¡rol, ggrr;igulum, or
Èita,tê educa,tronâ,l

Snc. 208. (a) In the administration of this Act, no department, lgenclr officeì",'or .employeo of the United Staúes shall exerc-isu &ly


. (b) î-he Oommis-sionör

finds necessarv to cariv out the nrovisions of this Äct. ' (c) The Cómmissidner shallinclude in his annual reporü to the


of Education shall administôr this Act, and þây make such reguletiops and pqrfoinq g¡r9h þtþer functíons âs he-

Lct. includinsä detailed statement of receipLs and disb,ursomcnts. . (á) With rÏspect Lo compliance with and.ônforcemert of the prevailrng wa,ge prov$rons of sötion 205 (b) (1) (E), tho Secrdtary of Labor shall prescribe appropriate standards, regulations, and procedures, which shall be observed by the agencies administering such provisioís, and shall cause to be mäde by"the Department of tabor 6uch investigations as he deems desirable.

Conr full rsport of tho oclminietroúion of his functions unclsr thie

Ìepo¡t to cotsrsss.


IIss oF orllna

any tr'ederal department or ageniy and may delegato the performance of äny of his fuñctions to unv õffi"ó" or empläyee oT any X'eåeral department"or a.sencv. The Corinissioner of þdicatiott Ëhall exercisã tho authoritv õontäined in the nrecedinE sentence whenover such exercise will avoTd the creation within tho õffice of Education of a stafi and facilities which duplicate existing available stafis and facilities. Any such utilization or delegation shall be pursuant to_ prop_er agreement with the Federal depaäment or agoncy concerned; and payment to 'cover the cost thereoÏ shall be mad-e eilher in advance or by way of 'reimbursement, as may be provided in such agreement. (b) A,ll Federal däpar:tment's or agencie'.i administering tr'edoral property on which cñildren resido, and all such departments or äseñcieõ principallv rosponsible foí X'ederal activitie which ma.y gívc riso^to ¿ ^ncc,i for-úhc construction of school facilities, shall {o ttre ul¿xirnunt exlurtL pr:auliuublu currrply wiúh roquost€ of ûho Commissioner for information he rnay reluirö in ca,rryirg uuf ühu Durposes of title. - lð) ttrere this herebv authorized to be appropriatcd for tho fiscal are .two vodr'endinE June 30. t"g5t. and for each of ftte succeedinq fiscal ier"s. suclisums as mav be necessarv to carry out the provisions of itrir åi4", includinq tlie administrítion theieof. Surås so appropriated, ôiher thañ sums appropriated for ¿dministration, shaìl iemain'availabls until expenä'"d.^ Not to exceed 10 per cenúum of the amount so appropria[ed for any fiscal vear (oxclusive of any ^-;.+^ã-+^i .,1*i-;.+--+.i^i.\ '-.- üo ,,ooà hv fha ll^--iå ^i"
educadional ageñcies eligible for payments únder section 202, whorø (1) ¿he app[ðá,tion of suich agenciès"would be approvcd under'section ø05 (b) 6ut for the agenciesr inability, unless aidetl by such grants, to fiiaáce the non-tr'ed"eral share of ths cost of úhe proiects seí forth in their applica,fions, or (2) although the applications of sue.h a.gencies have'Ëeon appróved,'the projeits coveiðd,by such apptications could not, without such grants, bô completed, because of flood, fire, or simila,r emersencv afrãctins either the work on the n¡oiects or the agencies' aËlity to finanõe tho non-Federa} share öf tho cost

åHï^ff"1#rsR Snc. 209. (a) In carrvins out his functions under this title. the Commissionei óf Education"mav utilize the facilities and servicôs of



r\ND ÂYÂrrrÅBrlrrY otr

mlsslonor fo¡ tnforma.





Ä ppro prtations authorized.

p, i0õ1.


ääå: Ëdüå;'- ffi;;iü.;d i;í hü,

ä * il;ä*ï



An e,p.969,





[64 Sr¡.r.

of the pro'iects. Such grants shall be in addition to the payments uûLur'rvisc ì.lovitlctl utrtler this ¿itls, shaLl be madc to thosò locnl
educationaf agencies whosc need for additional aid is the most urgent, íìJìd rT,clrtuì) ,r,rrrl i.rxrfs,¡: å$ practicable shall be made in the same manneq 3.n{uþ-on the samo-tqfms and conditions a,s such other payments.




ôr agencv foi the ffscal vear endirrg Jure 30. 1951. us the Director of tÉä Büreau of the BudEet deternìines to be'availáble for the same purp_ôses a^q this title, shall, except.to the extent necessary .io guT{f -durinE õut such year contracts made prior to the enactmenü of this -A.c[, be [r;ónsfcrrðd bo thr¡ C,rnunissioner fot usu by hirn ilt uu,rrying out such purposes. (e) Noãppropriation to any department or agency of the United Stàtés, othcr ¿hãn an appropriation to carry out this title, shall be available during the period beginning July 1, 1951, and cnding June 30, 1953, for thd-same purpose as this title; except that nothing in this subsectiôn or in subsection (d) of this section shall afiect the availabilitv during such period of appropriations (1) for lhe construction of school faõilities-on X'ederal property under the control of the Âtomic Encrgv Commission, (2) for the construction of school facilities which ar*e'to be Federallv operated for Indian children, or (3)
for the construction of school facilitios undpr the A ìaska. Pnhìie.'Workir Act, approverl Augusf 2l,l9+lt,

03 UtÈt. 02f.


18U.8. O.,8up.IU,



12U. S" O,,8up.Iu,




8t8t. 888; 64 40 u. s, c. l$ 40þ 414; 8up. III, ! 401
116; õ0
Stst.. 676. el, seq.: 42



200; 40 Stat.



1430, I50l-1õ05;

U. 8.


III, [ 1401 ¿ú Eeq.

Recovery Act, the Emergency Relief Âppropriation Act of 1935, the Ïlnited State,s Housing Act of 1-93?, thäifcf of June 28,1940 (Éublic Law 6?1 of the Seveiíty-sixth Congress), or any law'amendàtory of or supplementary to any of such

of the National fndusfrial

division of a State or bv the DistricLof Columbia. Such term inciudes real property leased fiom the Secretary of the Army, Navy, or A.ir Forcö underiection 805 of the National Housing Äct, as amended, for the þurnose of title VIII of such Act. Such term also includes res,l nroóertv hcl<lin trust bv the United States for individual Indians or Ït ,tian [ribes. and rea] niopertv held bv individual lndians or Indian tribes which'is subject to^restiictions"on alienation imposed bv the United States. Suöh term does not include (A) anv r:eal proþerfy used bv the IÏnited States primarilv fol the provision of services to the locäl arsa in which such þroperty is situate{, (n) any^real property used 1br a labor suppiy cent6r, labof home, or labor camp for migratory farm workers, or (Õ)-any low-rent liousing proiect beld ulrder titlc II

I'or the purposes of this Acf-(1) The term "Färleial property" means real-properLy which is owircd bv the United States oi is leased bv the United States, and which is"nol subject to taxation by any St¿te or,any political' subSnc. 210.

ÂvutüCu tendânc€.



12) The term ú'childt'means anv chilcl who is within úhe age lirnits wtrictr the applicable State próvides frec public education. a!r : - -ì--'-r-- - r--^^1 ^- ^¿L^-i-^-¡:^tÓ, lne f,erln -'paf'ellL lllcluue$ a' rcBd't gu¿1,lur¿Úlr ur uurrur PU¡ùu¡¡ s[¿iltlins in l<lco þalentis. 1+) fhe term^ífree public education" means cducation which is pròvíded at nublic exoeñse and under public supervision and direction, änd which is providôd as el$urenLarf or secoirdary school education in the applicable State. (¡) Áverase Cl¿ilv u,Lletü¿ncu slull Lll, r"lutsrrrined itr accol'dart<;e wii,h'St¿te ìai: excänt that. notwithstandins anv other provision of this title, whe¡d the li¡cal etlûu¿liorral agcrrcf"üf tlre schoól dis[ric[ il which anv chilct resjdes makes or contracts to makc a turtron payment for the free public education of such child in a sehool situated in




81sr CONCI., 2o SESS.-CI{. 995-SÐpT. 24,



a.nother school district, Ior purposes of ühis such child shall be held and cbnsìdersd-


Lhe attendance


(Ä). il Lhe [wo local education¿] agencies conceÌned so agree, and if such asreement -is. annroved*bv the .Commissionor-,. n.* such. agreement, is approved-by the Commissionn.i a,é attendanco at a school of the local edueaúional a,geney receivinø ilanco ilschool edue-ational aEencv receiving


e'le,menta,rv an d se¡nnd a.rv schoo ls. ( la Tfrc furn íStato'í mcans a Statc. Àlaslra,

not be counted. (6) The term '(current fiscal veartt mea,ns lÄ) wifh respect to an apþlication apnroved before July t, 1951. the fiséal year enãing June i¡lication approved Juli f. 1951, hséal vear enãino 30, 1951,. and (B) with respect iã ri ãlptiãiãi*;pd""*,1 ;ä? iü"; to an application approvccl aftei June applicat 30. 1"951. the fiscal vearendinE June 30. 1952. scal 30.-tgtr2. (Z¡ fne averagä per pupil cost of'constructing complote school faoilities in the State in which the school district of a Iocal educalocal tional argency is situated shall be determined by the Commissioner of Erlrrca,tión oñ the h¿sis of eontracts entered intõ during the ffscal year proceding the fiscal year in which the application is approved- ïf the Commissioner ffnds tlìat the information available for the State concerned for such prccadinE fiscal vear is rnadeouate or not suùiciently representativTe, he strill deterinine such codt on the basis of such information as he has available and after consultation with the State educational agency. (8) Estimates of averago daily attendance during a current fiscal year, and all other determinations with respcct to eligibility and maximum amount of payment, shall be mado as of the time of the approval of the application for which mado, and shall be made on the basis of the best information available at the time of such approval. (9) The terms '(construct", '(constructing", and 3'construction" include the preparation of drawings and specifications for school facilit.iers; ererrtilg, buiJding, a.-',quiring, wlterirrg, Ìerrroùelirrg, irn¡lroving, or extencling school facilitics; rnd thc inspcction and supcrvigion of tho constructon of school facilities. (10) The term "school facilities" includes classrooms and related facilities; and initial equipment, mabhinery, and utilities neceßsary or appropriats for school purposes. Such term does not includo a,thlefîc. sta,clia.. or strucfuros or facilities intendecl primarily for ai,hletic exhibitions. contests. or g-ames or other events for which admission is to be chargeô to the genelal public. Except as used in sections 203 and 204, such term does not incìude interests in land and ofi-site improvemcnts. (11) School facilities shall be deemed adequato for a given number of childron if, under applicable State standards, they are adequate for the full-time education of such number of <',hildren. (12) The term ('local educational agency" me&ns a board of education or other legally constituted local school authority having administrative control and direction of free public education in a countv, township, independent, or other school district located within a Statir. Such term includes anv State a,sency which directly oþerates and f or brovidins"fred Ðubtic educatioir.' maintains facilitios('Stade (13) The ùerru educatÏonal ägency" ürealrs the officer or egency primarily responsible for the State suporvision of public

(B) in thö a,bsence,of any Êucb âpproyqd âgreement, âs_a,tüencJance at ¿ sohool of the local educational agenoy so making'or contractrng contracting to ¡nako such tuition payment. maKo turtlon þavmen[. fn any determination of averaee dailv ättendanco. children who are provided not piovided free public education (as"defined in páragraph (4) shall (as defined



cost of

end payment.



to oligibility


An¿q pÞ.571,972.'


Ädcquacy of school

Iïawaii, Pucrto Rico, ) or i,he'Virgin lslands; cxccpt that {or the purpôscs of rille I ths tcrm includes, in addition, the District of Columbia. 98362"_51_P1'. r--62

Ãtúc, V, þ6î.


PüBIJC LAWS-CHS. 99ã-994-SDPT. 23, 1950
meàn it-re United States Commissioner <lf Etluc¿Liun. mdand f,hnt na,rt^of ?he popul¿tion'which

[64 Sur.

115) The terms tt0ommissioner of Education" and. "Commissioner"


"gchool-Ègo popu¡o.

116) For the nurnoses of title I. the tcrm "school-ago popul¿tion" is bctwc'cn tÍc ïEès of fivc and seventeön, both incÏudive, and the school-age populatíon of the

ostimateE certitìed bv thc Dopnrtmont of Commorco; end for cuch purposss the term ttsõhooltt meä!:s 3nI ele,menf,ary or secondary se,hool ïhi¿h is tax-supported and publicly âdministored.

Approved September 23, 195A.

n class of commissi

ited St¿tes Code, so as fi6 equalize pay and relirement
'officers of the Co¿st Guard.

Ooast Cluard.


Be í,t Uni,ted,I
III, States

fed by the Senate s of Amerícaí,n C¿
is dmendcd bv inse


of Ee





U. S. C., 8up.


United rnimmedi-



ns section +,í,1túl

ôôrvlcå crÂdit,

gtet.614. t/4tu. g. o., sup. rlr, 6


691 ¿t seq,

84Íl; ?0,t , p, 1120.

Ar¿t¿, þF.214,216,


much of such servi Coast Guard. nted more than on Äpproved Septemþr 23, r950.


ÀN ACT I Conserv¿tion and T)o

49 Stst. 1149;62 1260.



690h (a).

l0 U. S. C.,


Approved Septemberl8, 1950.

To ¿mend fhe

Fo¡ces Leave Act


a,s amended, ancl


.{¡rucdÍuruusLc¿vg .A,ct of 1M6, åmotrd. ¡no¡t, 00 st¿t. 084,
3? U. L O., ¡ 31a (b).



of the



ngo tho poriod at tho
þltat, leave actually ta leave accruing during


, as amended,

3 (b) , Sevent¡


thcrcof to a 0uring any fiscal fiscal year without

insor'[: may be charged to rd to such sixty-day






1123, 1124-SÐPT. 30,

[64 Srer.


ment sha,ll thereu the Commission. 63 stst,907. Snc.9. (a nI' õ U. Ê. C,, ßuI, L¿w 429. Ei¡ $ 1121.

a performance-ratin

an prescribed by

of the Classi

Act of 1949 (Public
5r 28, 1049) is'hercby


Oomponsstlon in"

'rSso. basis,

i. Each ofücsr




in compensation fro¡rl any purperiod, except increase


õ U. S. C., SUP' 1123 (b) (2).

63 Stût. 068.


rrnless his

current Snc.11. The

tsatil 'ormance rating is ing Acts or pai'tÊ of. A

s-rlÆ. o., 8up.
JÍ4L, t142.



t Congress).

ft€ctlvo dûto.

This Ãct shall take
may be necessarY to ca 13. There are herebY

hinety days after
to be

of its


Àpp¡oprlatlou au'

Snc. t+. All laws or Pa ropealed to the extent

such sums s Act. ith are heroby

Approved SePteq

30, 1950.



N l-{



, :, ì.- t. b-l (r r{'

,ru* i"#ähïf*''Jä

aN acr ro provide nnanciar assistiå:i,{,ï,:::il'åtit?l'fiåî';$:ffå::.in


areas anected bv

sctivitles' "*.1;;fll[Prftu-.t:

Be ót enacted bu th.e Bcnate and, Eowsø of _lìgpresentøti'oes of the An'í,ted Bta,tes uf 'Á'm'eri'ou ùr' Üon'gresd usæntbl'ed' DpcrunetroN or Por'rcy Sncrrow 1. fn recognìtion of the responsibility of tho United States the local for the üpî.i *iriãlr""o"iain Federal activities have onâre carriededuon, itt; ;i.eas in which such activities cutiorraíîöJnäg;ìì;



81sr CONG., 2¡ SÐSS.-CE. 1124-SEPT. 30, 1950


tho Congress hereby declares it ø bo the policy of the United States to provide financi¿l assistance (as set for[h in-the followinE sections gf this Äct) for those local edr¡cational agencies upon whie,h tñe tTnited States has placed financial burdons bv reason of the fact thót_ (1 ) tlhe reve¡ues available to süch agencies from local sourcog
: ,l--







(3) such agencies provide education for children whose parents are emplovedon 3'ecleral nr,opertv: or (4) ¿hd'e has been a so-dden añti substantial increase in school attendance as the result of Federal activities.
Fnnnnar, Acer¡srrroN

l'erleral property; or

by the United States; or (F) such agencios provirlc erluca,tion

for children

r.esiding on


or Rn¡l,

Determln¿tlons bv Commislonor.




Snc. 2. (a) tho Commissioner, after consultation with anv local edulational agency and with the appropriate State educationdl agency,_determines for_the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1950, or for añr'oÍ the three rir¡crßsdins finon,l ion,rn - (r that the Uniteói Stated'owns tr'ederal propertv in the school ) tlistrict of euch locol educntionnl ûrrcnov. ond th¿t -such nronortv (A) has been acquired by úhe Unitãd Stâtcs sincc 1988, TnT wui not acquired by exchange for other X'ederal propertv in the s'chool district which the United States owned before tggg. and lC) had an assessed value, (determined as of the time or times ùhãn so acquired) aggregating 10 per centum: or more of the assessed vdlue of all real properby in ttie school district (similarlv determined


acquired) ; and




tinuing financial bur-den on such aÃencv¡ and -i,hat (3) such agency is not beine éd¡stantiallv compensated for the loss in revãnuõ resulting frõm such acquisition-bv (Ä) o.ther Fedel¿l payments, or (B)-increases in revãnue accrüing ó the agency from the carrying oú of tr'ederal acúivities with resþoct to the property so acquired, then the loôal õdudatiooufuguttdy shall be entitled to receive for such fiscal year such amount as, ìn tfre iudgment of úhe Commissioner. is equal to _fhe_continrring T''erleral ïesflonsibility for the additioial financiai burden with respect to curreñt expenditures placed on such âgency by such acquisition of property, to t}õ extent such agencv is not compensated for such burden bv other tr'ederal navmðnts.- Such amount shall not exceed the amoint which, in the iuäement of the Com_missioner,_such a,gency would have derived iri suãh yuoa o"a would have had availa5le fór current expenditures. from thdnrooer"tv acqüired by the United States (such amôunt to be áeterminedwiätrorit regard to any improvements or other changes made in or on such plgp?"¿L li":u,rrqh acquisition), minus thé amount w-hich in his Judgrnen[ the local erlucatiollal agenc.]r derived from other tr'ederal pay¡eqts an_d had available in sucñ year for current expenditures. (þ) f'or the purposes of this sectíon'' ' ( 1) The terå "other fãae"uipay-ents" means payments in lieu of taxes, and any othe1 peyments, m4de with respect tc¡ Eederal prgpgrty pursu¿nt to any law of ùbs United States oüheri LIìu,,n

of the time or times when such tr'ederal property Ìras so (2\ that such acquisition has placed a substantial and. con-

"OtherFodsral DÈv. mênts."



t¡ndel sectior of tlre Tennessee. VHllev Authoritv Act of 1933, as amended, shall not be regarded as Fc"deral propörty.

(2) Any real property with -13


respect to which paymenLs aro being


Btst.00. u. s. (), !


Oonsolidatotl school distr¡cts,

PüBric rJalüs-cH.

1124-SEPT. 30, 1950

[64 Sret.

Posf, p.1106.

(c) 'Where tho school district of any local ed.ucational agcncy shall have been formed at any time after 1938 by thc consolidation of two or moro former school districts, such agency may elect (at the time it files ication under section 5) for aãy ffscal year to havo (1) the and 12) ths amount whi¿h eliEibili[f of such local educaúional such agencv sha,Il be entrtlod to recelvo. ctetermlnecl uncter tnls secfron only riith iespect to such of the fornier school districts comprising such consolictaled school districú as tho agsncy shall designato in such

Unrr,unm¡ llnsorng


Ânu Urvr-rr.ovru üm,

Sro. 3. (a) For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1950, and for each of the three succeeding fiscal yoars, each local educational agency which provides free public education during such yoar for children who ieside on I'edeial property with a parõnt empÏoyed on X'ederal property shall be entitlìd to air amount. equal to tho number of such children in average dailv attendance duriris such vear at the schools of such "by a,gency, muttípliert tho iocal contribution" rate (dctermineil under snbsection (c) ), (b) For the fisca.i year beginning July I, 1950, anrl for eaeh of ths three succeeding fiscal yearsreach local educational agency of a Stato which provides free public education during such year for children who resido on X'ederalproperty, or who reside with a parent employed on X'ederal property part or all of which is situated in such State, shall be entitled to an amount equal to the numbor of such children in average daily attendance during such year at the schools of such agoncy, multiplied by one-half the focal contribution rato (detormined under subsection (c)). ff both subsection (a) and this subsection epply to a child, the local educational agency shall oloct which of such
subsections shall apply to such child.


fc) The local contribution rate for a local educ¿tional aEencv for any'ftscal year shall be computed by the Commissioner of Eäucdtion, after consultation with-the Stats educational ¿gency and the local educational agency, in the following manner: (1) ho shall determine which school districts within the Stato aro in his judgmcnt most noarly compar:able to tho school district of the agency for which the computation is being mado; and (2) he shall then divide (A) tho aggregatn Current expenditures, during the second fiscal year preceding the fiscal yeãr for which he is making tho computation, which the local educational agoncies of such comparable school districts made from revenues derived from local sources, by (B) the aggrogate number of children in averaso dailv atteúdãnc'e io whorã-suõh asoncies provided free public cðucatioï durine such second preceäing fisõal voar. The locaicontribution rate shall-be ân amount'eoual to"the ouoiienf obtained under clauso (\ of this subsection. ffoin the judehent of tho Commissioncr, the current exponditures in those schooliistricts which he has selected under clause (1) are not reasonably comparable becauso of unusual geographical facl¡x's whir:h ¿lÍer:í, l,he õur"re¡rt exponditures necessar! tõmãintain, in the school district of the local educational agency for which the eomprrta,tion is heins made. a levol o_f eduçatlon eiquiíalent to that maintained in such othõr distrícts, the Commjssionor may increase the local contribution rate for such agency by such amount aö he determines will compensato such agency fõr th:e increase in current expenditures necessitated by such unusual geographical factors.



81st CONG., 2o SESS.-OII. 1124-SAPT. 30,



f,r1!fr1Á.TroNs oN rrJGrBrr,fTT; LrMrrAmoNð oN fAlrM¡:NT

an¿ þayníent for a fiscal year undei'suli'seotion asThe c¿se ma¡r.be, unlgsÄ the number oJ

(d) (1) No local educational

aEencv shall be errtitled to receive (u) g" subseotion (b)owho are.ina,yel?ge

(.ts) amounts tr¡ B psr centum or morê of tho total numbor of children childien who aru irr âverage r{uily aü[errclauce during sueh year áverage ond for whorn such a,soucyîrovid"cs free Dublic edur:¿iion. {otwithstanding [he proiisiuirs of clause (B) of this parå,grâ,ph, the Commissioner may wãivo the 3 per centuù óonditionif eñtitieñent contained in such"clause whenevôr. in his judgmont, exceptional circumstances exist, which would make tho applicátion of such condiçion inequitable and would defeat the purposo6 ôf this Act. (2) Notwithstanding the preceiling provisions of this section, where the average daily atteñdance at the schools of any local educational agency during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1939, exceeded 35,000(,4¡) quc.h agoncy's percenLage requirement for oligibility (as set forth in paragraph (1) of this subsection) shall be 6 per centum instead of 3 per centum (and those provisions of such paragraph (1) which rolate to the lowering of the percentage requirement shall not apply) ; and (B) in determining the amount which such agency is entitled to receive under subsection (a) or (b), tho âgency shall be entitled to receive payment with resþdct to'oáíy so rfran/of the numbsr of children whose'attendance serves as tho basis for eligibility under such sübsection, as exceeds 3 per centum of the n-umbeí of all children in average dailv ¿ttendance at the schools of such agency during the fiscallear fär which pa5rment is to be made.

(Ä) is üuu or ururo; und

. '


(e) 'Whereor (b) to receive a payment-for ány fiscal year with respect to the eclucation of a child; and (2) undei State law, the eligibility of such agency for State aid with respect to the free public education of such child is determined oñ a basis no less favorable to such agency th¿n the b¿sis used in determining the eligibility of local ãducätional agenciqg for State aid with respect tb the freo public education of othei ehildren in the State; and (3) such â.gency is not yet eligible to receive for such child part or all of such St¿te aid, the payment under subsection (a) or (b), as thg case may be, shall be incrèased by an amount equal to the amount of State aid for which


a local educational agency is ontitled under subsection (a)

such agency is not yet eligible.

the Commissioner determines thata local ecttrcational agency has macte pre¡a.ra.tions fr.r provide durinE a fiscal vear froe nublic education to a cert¿in number of chitdren-to whoni subsectiôn (a) or (b) applies; and (2) such number has been substantially reduced bv reason of n dbcîc¿sc in or cossntion of I'cdcral activitTcs, ths amount to which such asencv is otherwise entitled under this sec; tion for such ¡rear shail beÏncröased to the amount.to which, in ths






puBr,rc L^ws-cH. 1124-SDPT. 30, 1950

[64 St¡r.

judemcnt of tho Commissioner. such a,gency would have been entitled l¡ut*{or such decrease in or cessation of F ederal activities-, minus any reduction in currenl expenditures for such year which the Commrs'sioner determines that such a,ge¡]cy has effec[ecl, or reasonably3hgul{ h¿ve effected, by reason of such ilecreaso in or cessation of'Fedoral

Ánte,p.7!lt. (õ) (i) )

and had available in such year for current expenditures (fút oriti to the extent such payments are not deducted under the last sentence"of scction 2 (a)),ãnï 1Z¡ such amount as he determines to be the value of tranòpoitation and of custodial and other maintena,nce services furnished such agency by the tr'ederal Government during such year. Suoonx ¡r.rn Srrnsr¿NTr.a.rr frccnnasns

agency derive-d-from other Tecleral payments (as defined

(g) In determining the total amount which a local educational this section for a fiscal year, tho Cómrñissioner shall deduct (1) such amount as he determines such
agencv is entitled to îeceive under


section 2




Snc. 4. (a) If the Commissioner determines for tho Iìscal year beginning Juiv 1, L950, or for any of the three succeeding fiscal years" (1T thät, ás the'result of ãctivities of the United States (carrie<l on'eíthor directlv or through a contractor). an increaso in the number of childien in average dail.y attendáúce at the schools of any local educational agency has occured in such fiscal year,

which increase so resulting from activities of the lTnited States is eoual to at least 10 per céntum of the number of all children in aveiage dailv attendänce at the schools of such egency during the pieceding three-year peiiod; and (9) that such activitieÀ of ths United States_havo_ placed on such'ascncv a substantial and continuing financial burden: and l3) ihaf such asencv is makinE a reãsonable tax efrorú and is u*eì"disittg duo dilÏgente in avaiÏing itself of State and other financialãssistance but is unable to secure sufåcient funds to meet
the increased educational costs involved,
.1"-11 vv øáwtLwJ Þ¡^o¡r l"^ a-tilla,T *^ -anoiva 4a¡ ilro f,o^ol troo4^-

which the deterñination is made, and for eaclt of the two succecding fiscal yoars (but in no event for ánv fiscal year ending after June 30', 1954); an amount equal to the product of' ' (.{) the num'ber of chiidien which the Commissioner determinos to be tho increase in average daily attendance, so resulting from activities of tho UniËed Stãtes, in the fiscal year for which payment is to be made; and (B) the amount which the Commissioner determines to be the curroit oxpenditures per child necessar.v to provide free pubiic education ?o such adrlitional children durinþ such ycar, ininus the amount which ths Commissioner determines to be av¿ilable from X'ederal, State, and local sources for such purpose (not counting as available for such purpose either payments under this AcL, or funtls florn local sourc:es requir:etl ío meet ourren¿ experrtlifrrres nenessarv to nrovide free nuhlie, erlue,ation to othor children). The number of childfen which thã Commissioner determines undér eJause (A) to ho fhe inerease in a,vera,ge rla.ily a,ttendance for any fiscal ycâr'shall not exceed the numbcr of ãll ctrii¿ren in average daily attend¿nco at the schools of sr¡ch agency during such year, minus the

+L^- ùuvr¡ u¡rar¡ ^"^l^


f lt,






2p SESS.-CH. 112r1-SDPf. 30,



of all children in averase dailv attendance at tho schools of tluling tlic plccctlirig Llrt"r'-y*or poriutl. The üetermination under clause (B) shall be made by !!rq Commi.l,sioner after considering ths ourrent ôxpondituros por ähild in providinE frcc publio educatiõn in those schõol districtÈ within the Statê rihich, in ttre
suùh ä,gency

tion-is being made

tho oomputa



(b) g) If the Commissioner determines in q,ny ûscal year ending bofore Júty 1, 7954,(Ai túat, asihe result of activities of the Unitetl States (carried on either directly or throush a contractor). an increase in the number of childien in averígo dailv attendá,hce at the schools of any local educational agency-has occurred after Juno 30, 1939, and beforej July 1, 1950; anã

year ending Juno 30, 1939; and (C) that- such activities of the United States have pl¿ced on sugþ g,ge_ncy a substantial and continuing financial buiden; and (D) that such agency is making a realonable tax efrort ¿nd is exercising due diligonco in availine itself of State and othor financial ¿ssislance but-is unable to sec"ure sufficient funds to meet tho increased educational costs involved. then such agency shall be entitled to receiîe for the fiscal year in which the determination is made, and fgr each succeeding fiscai year ending before July 1, 1954, an amount determined as foll"ows: I'är the fiscai year ending June 30, 1951, 100 per centum of the product determined p provitlerf in pa,rag'raph (g) ; for the lscal year eñding Jun eï}r 7g52, 75 per centuur of such prorlrrct,; for the ffs-':al year ending Juir,¡ 80, ^such product; and for the fiscal yäâr ending 195:i,:5^0_pjj.c.c3tum of June 30, 195+125 per centum of such product. - (2) The product referred to in paragraph (1) for a fiscal year shall
be an amount equal

. (B) that the portion of such increase so resulting from activities of the United States which still exists in suòh fiscal year amounts to noL less üharr 25 per centum (or to not less than 1õ psr cerrf;urn whore, in the iudgmint of the Commissioneri exceptiôiâl circumstances'exist whicñ'would make the applicati'on of'the 25 por centum condition of entitlement inequitablô and would defeat the-purposes of this Act) of the number-of all children in average daily atlendance at the schools of such agency during the ffscãl



clartse (A) to he the ìnereaso in average deilv ettendance which still exists iù anv fiscal year shall not exceeä the nîmber of all children in a.vorage daily attendance at the schools of such agency during such
98362.-61_PT. ¡--.7O

eüuu¿liun tu such addiiional childron duñine s^uch vear. minis the amount which the Commissioner determinei to be-avaíable from X'ederal,.S_ta!e, and local sources for such purposo (not counting as available for such purpose either paym6nts^undei this Act, oi funds from local souicejrequired tô ñreet current oxpenditrires necessary to provide free puHic education to other chilàren). The nr¡mher of c.hildrcn whiõh the Commissioner cleterrnines înder

(r\) and (B) of paragraþh (1) ) ; multiplied bî (,8) the amount which the Commissioner determines to be the currenû expenditures_p9r cþild necessary to provide free public

mines to be the increase in averaqe dailv attendance at the schools of such agency, so resulting from actiíities of the United States. which still exists in such ñscal vear (determined as nrovided in

(A) the number of children


which the Commissioner deter-


PUBr,rc L.,I.WS-ÕH. 1124-SLPT. 30,


[64 Sur;

yearr minus tlle nrrmber of all children in â,verage dailv attendance at the schools of such. a,gency during the fiscal yöar ending ,Iune ;lt), rÌetnrrnination 1030. 'l'he rletnrrninatiorì rrnder nlause (R) shall l-re mado i.¡v the Comshatl i¡v mipsionor nftcr considcring ttrc currcnt'cxþondituros per child .in providing free_prrblie educatiõ^n jn those sq,hqäl distriets ïittrin the State

t*'i,1^T;i¡äJff,i.îãlït¡"r,,*r¡ur*ïlãJ,*iiiä".1'öä,ö"iå;"*iîi, the computation
is being made.





(c) fn determining under this section (1) whether there has been an incroase in attendance in any fiscal veai and whether anv increase in attendance still exists in any fiscal -year, and (2) the riumber of childre.n with respect to whom paymerit is to be made for any fiscal year, the Commissioner shall not, c-ount. (A) children.with rcspcc_t_to whom a local educational &gency is, or upon appiicaticn worrld be, entitied to reccive any payYmen"u under subsection (a) or (b) gf scction 3 for such fiscai yeaï, and (ts) children whc¡se attendance is attributable to activitibs of thc Unitcd States cau.ied oll in corrncclion with real property whioh has bccn cxcludcd f*om,the definition of lrede'al þruþerty Ìiy tho lnst sontence of paragraph (1) of scr:tiol 0.

- (d) Notwithstanding_the preceding provisions of this section, whero the aver_age daily a_ttendanCe at the sihools of any local educâtional agcncy.during-the fiscal year cnding June 30, 1939, exceeded 35,00G(1) such agency's percontage requirement for eligibilitv undor subsection (a) shall be 15 per centum jnstead of 1Õ per ðentum. u-"q jÞ percentage lequiremãn t for eì i gibi I ity u n der subsecti on ( b j shall be 30 per centum instead of 25 pcr centum (and those provisions of súbsectio{ì (b) (1) (Þ) which relate to ùhe lowering of -_ tlro porccll*g" roluirùrríunì ót'ùilîot opplv) l"na (2) in determining ths amount whidtr stch agency is entitled to receive under subsection (a) or (b), the agency shall be entitled üo receive payment with re-dpeÆt tì ófiv so--uríy of the nu-U"" oi children for whom the agencv worild othorbisc bc cntitlcd to receive peyment undor such subscction, as cxcccds (lt) in the case of subsection (a), 10 pr:r cr:rrluu¡ <¡f [hu ¡rurnbor of all ohildren in avcrage daily attendanee at the sclrools of such agency during the fiscal year for which payment is to be made, or (B) in the case of subsection (b)r25 per cenLum of all children so in averagc daily

made, only after consultation el,^ l^^^l ^J.-,^^¿:^- ^ì i,¡rij ruuai euuc¿iLionai agency.

(e) All determinations of the

with the State educational agency and

Commissioner under tiris section shall

Mnrxon on Marnvs P¡ymn¡tr:8 sr.c. 5. (a) No ,""", shari be entitrett to any paymont Urdet section Zr B, or-4 of thií Äci for any fiscal year excopi tlpon n.¡rplical,ir¡n f,lv"refrrr, snl,ni{.ted through the State eclrrcational ãgëncy and fllect in accordance with regulatiõns of the L'lommissioner,


u01' 110¿




81sr CONG., 2o SESS.-Cã. 1124-SDPT' 30, 1950


which application gives a,rleqriafn a.ssrlra,ncre ths,t the loca,l erilrnaiinna,l å,gene,y wlìl suhmitnuch reìrorts as tho Commissioner may reasonably re--quiie to determine the amõunt to which such agency is entitled under this Act.


'cDnrrFlcamol{ ÄND PltYluE¡fT

(b) Tho Commiccionor shall, for esch caJendar qtra.rter, eertify to the Secretarv of the Tre¿surv for p¿.ymcrrt to e¿ch local educatiònal aEericy. eithér in advance or by wãr of reimbursement, úhe amount wiich ihe Commissioner estimä,tes such agoncv is entitled to receive under this Act for such quarter. The ¿mouñt so certified for any quarter shall be reduced of increased, as tho case ma,y be, by any sum Ëy which he finds that the amount-paid to the agency under this r{ct for anv nrior ouarter was Ereatef or loss than tLe amount which should havä been päid to it fornuch prior quarter. Upon receipt 9f such certification,ihe Secretary of tF T¡easury shall, prior to audit or settlement bv the General Aðcounting Office, þay to the local educational agency iir accordance with such certiûcation.
Nnctssrr¡t'; By .^pp*opRrarroNs (c) If the funds appropriated for a fiscal year for making the pay¡neìtts providetl in tliiê Äct are noú sufrcient to pay in full the total omoonts to which all local educational agenciês aie'entitled, tle Com:



missioneþ shall reduce the amounts whie,ñ he enrtifies under subsection (b). for such vear for payment to oach local educational agoncy by thé percentagö by which the funds so appropriated are less-than-the totai necess"iy tó pay to such agencies thã full amount to which they are entitled under this Act'.

Csrr¡np¡r ron Wrrou Loolr,,A.cnxcrns Ann lf¡rlsr,n To Pnovpn E¡ucarrorv thereof may be expended for the free publiõ education of such children: or (2\ if it is the iudErnent of the Commissioner, after he has consutieâ with the apprõpriate State educational agency, that no ]ocal urlrru¿f,iuira.l agefry is- ablo to provide suitabls-freo þublic cduoo tion for such children. the Commissioner shail md,ke such arrangements (other than arrang+' rirents with respect to the acquisition of lãnd, the erectio{r of facilitics, interest, or de6t sorvice) às-may be necessary to provide.free public educatión for such chiidren. To the maximum extent practicable, such education shall be comparable to free public oducation provided for children in comparable cômmunities in the Stato.
ApMrrvrsrnarroN úhe administration of this Act, no department, or omployee of the United States shall exerciso eny directión, supérvision, oi controi over th.e personnel, curriculum, or program'of lnstruction of any school or school system of any local or
a,gency, ofr'cer,
Sl,r.l+r erll¡cal,ional agelr(ty. -"'?fi'''fil;öä'*i."rffi#

Sro. 6. fn the case of children who resid.e on Federal property(1) if no tax revenues of the State or anv political subdivision

Src. ?. (a)


shall administer this act, and he may make îeculations and perform such other functions as he finds necessary to carriout the provisions of this Act. .(ß) îbÊ Coñmissionsr sha,ìl inch¡de in his annual re.port lo {}e Coiróress a full rcroort of the administration of his func[ions under this"Act, includingi detailed statement of roceipts and disbursements.








PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 1124-SIXPT. 30, .lLrrnornrarroNs
S¡:c. 8.





Usn or Ornnn F¡.¡nnar, r\cnxcros; Tn¡wsrnn ÂND AvArr,ABrLtTf or
missioner is authorized, pursuant to proper agreement

(a) fn carrying out his functions under this Act, the Comwith any other

(b) ¡,lt'X'ederäl dôparúments or agõrcies administering I'ederal propertv on which children reside, and a1l such departments or agonõies priñcipally responsible for Federal activities which may occasion assistance under this Act, shall to the maximum extent practicable comply.with requests of the Commissioner for information ho may requirc in carrying out the purposes of this Act. (c) Such pórtiõn of the appropriations of any other department or a.gp,ney for ths fise.a,l yna,r ending.Irrnn 30, 1951, n,s tho f)iroctor of the Bureau of the Budget determines to be av¿r,ilable for the same lrurposes a.s f.his Act, shnJì, exe.ept tn the extent nece.sss,ry to carry out clnring cuoh yonr oôntracte mudo prior' [o Lht¡ crru,cLtnclrl oT Lhis Äct, lie Lrr¡rruferreá to the Commissioirer for use by him in carrying'out such

srrch clopartmont or fl.geney) n.nrl, when he dâems if neeessary ôr âppropriatc, to dclegato to nny officsr or employee thereof the function undor 3ecf;Ít'rri 6 of rriãking *rrá,ngements fof pr-oviding free public etiuc¿l,ion. Pavment to cover the cost of such utilization or of can'ying out such delägatud function shnll bc mado cithcr in odvancc or by waþ of roimbursement, as mâ.y be provided in such agreement.


for the samepurposes as this Act, except that nothing in this or in subseõtion (c) of this section shall afrect the availabilitv of appropriations for the maintenance and operation of school facili[ies of inedäral property under the control of t]ie Atomic Energy
30, 1954,

(d) No- appropriation to any d.epartment or agency of the.U+14¿ States, othei-than an appropriation to carry out this Äct, shall be available during the period beginning July 1, 1951, and ending Juno



owiród bv the United States or is leased bv the United States' and which is not suhject to taxa,fion hv a,nv State or a,ny politica,l subdivision of a State orby the District of Coh¡mbia'. Suc.h term inclrrcles real propert--' leaserì from the Secretary of lhe Almy, Navy, or A ir tr'ol ce. rrndõr 03 gtat. õ?8. H",i.i'g ¡"t,ãJ o-"iä"ã, for ihe purpose ãåàiiåi', aói ï* 12 U. 8. C., Bup. III, of title VIII of such .{-ct. Such teim also includes roal properby held 0 r7{8d. in trust bv the United States for individual fndians or fndian tribes, aud real firopcrtv held by individual fndians or fndian tribes which is subjecf to iestíictions ön alienation imposed by the Unibed SLates. Such Èerm does not include (A) any real property used by tho United Srates primariJy for [he provision of sorvices to the ]ocal area in which such pfoperty i-s situated, (B) any real property used for a labor supplv c-rmter. làbor home, or labor camp for migratolv farm workers, 18 Stst. 200; 4S 8tôt. irf tCl any low-rent hoúsing project held under'title II of the National ltõ; õ0 8tat. 888; f'4 Inciusiriai Recovery Act, th"cTniergerìcy Relief Appropriation A.ct of . 8tat. 676. 40 U. 8. C.6 401 d Eet;42V,8. C. ! 1430; 1935, the United States Housing Act of 1937, the Act of June 28, 1940 8up. III, tl40l d seq.i (Public La;r 677 of the Seventy-sixth Congrcss), or any law amcndañnIT Â O EIr¡. llt,ll torv of or sutrnlementarv to anv of such Acts. d Eoq. (z¡ me teiir "child"ineans äny c,hild who is within tho ago limits for which the applicable State prôvides free pubìic education. Such l,er¡1 tlueu nuf irciutle iu.L.y cftilil wl',,-t;5 n l,,*,,11'ù,', r.rl t'l,e ilcpctrflerrf. cr'f a. merrrber, of ¿rry frrdi¿¡r Lr'ibal orgarizaLiott, t'ecrtgttizcrl as such urrcler the l¿wé of thä Unitccl Statcs rôiating to Índiaií alTairs, ¿nd who is eligible frrr eclucationa,l services pt'ovirlärl ptrrstra,nt, to a capitnl grant hy

Da*r*Írro*s Sec. 9. tr'or the purposcs of this 4çt(1) The term 'iX'ederal property" means real proporty whieh is


64 Sret.l 81er CONG., 2¡ SESS.-CHS. 1124, 1125*SEPr' 30' 1950


united states, or under tho suporvisiorl qf, g¡ pursuart to a contracü other arrangemont with, the Bureau of.fndian Afiairs. or (3) The terãr "parent" includes a legal guardian or other person stahdins in loco parentis. (4) ftre Terø dfree nublic odücationtt rtreane oilue¿tion which is pro' vrded at Duþlrc exþense. under puþllc superYlsrQn a,rlq. (rll.ecurorrr ¿rllu withouú tiuition chãrse.'and whÏeh is prôvidecl as elementary or socondarv school educatíoú in thö applicable State. 15):The term "current exneñditurestt mea,ns expenditures for frse pobtíc education to the exterit that such expenditures are_made from öurront revenues. excspt that such term does not include any such

expenditure for'the atquisition of land, the erection of facilitios, intirest, or debt service. le ) fhe term 6(local educaüional a,EencYt' moans a board of education o" bthe" leeallv constituted local scñool äuthoritv having administrative controÏ arid direction of freo public education i-n a -cggnty, townshin. indenend.ent. or othor sehoõl district locatod within a Stats. S"äú termincludeé any State agency which directly operates and maintains facilities for proiiding frão public education. (?) The term "Stato eduõationä,I agencyt'means the officor or a,goncy primârity respolsiblo for tfie State lupelvision of public elemen[ary
or ùho Virsin Islands.

änd secoñdarü schtxrls.

meàis ¿he United States Commissioner of Education.

(8) Ths tdrm ttstatstt moa,ns a State, Älaska, Hawaii, Ptrerto Rico, f g) Thã'terms "Commissioner of Educationtt Írnd "Commissionert' lfo'¡ ¡.o""rse dailv attendance shall
be detormined

for the fiee public education of such child in a school situated' in another schoól district. for purposes of this Act the attendance of such child at such schooi shalibe held and considered (A) to bo ¿útendance at a school of tho local educational agency so making or contracting to make such tuition payment, and-(B) not tobe attendance at a sch"ool of the local educatiãnãl agency reòeiving- such tuition payment or entitled to receive such tuition paymont under tho contract -A.pproved Septomber 30, 1950.

excebt that. notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, whore the tõcal edûcational agency of the school district in which ariv chilrt resides makes or contrãcts to make a tuition paymont

øìtr State l¿#:



thorize I'eder¿l

and for other

to States


goDtombsr 30, 19õ0 -fE. R.83e0l


Be i,t ennctedlïa the Bennte and Youse of Bepresentatì'fs of th,e Btate{of Ameríca i'n Conqrlss øssembled,, That itjf the intent provide an ordetLland continuin meaplof assistance conüinuing mea¡xrof of Consresdio órovide an o Government by tho ifieralGovornment lz€fates and lo_cal. govgnrlments in ca,rryI iítg oqdLheir. resp onsibü iti$ to a! evi ato sufr eriñgrfnd cl a,rn age resu rLtmajo il inffrom major ilisasterg44o repair essential lrñ¡" lu"iiitiàs-in *uj o¡ P$i" faciljties inorga¡i dKasters, and to fostur,/,ne development of sugll State and-local ä,s Rrä,y Do planq t9lcope with major zatrons and plâns þzcope wtth malor ürs?ßtors a,s nrä,y be neceq¡iá'y. ions Snc. 2. Àsìsedzfn this Äct. the followfnE terms shall bs as follows unløducontrary intnnt appfirs flom the-contoxt: (u) "Maiç{ disastert' means flood, drought, frrdhurricano the Unite storm, or_ other- ca,tgÉlrop}rrø i4_utl eartlíqaakfstorm, or, other- ca states w6icn. in ths determinatíon oÏ the Presidenf is or úhreatgfb magnitudo ta warTÁ'nt disaster to belf sufficient severity "¡Aq!efrorts andlavailtho X'ederal Govey'ment to supplemen and local gõiernrpénts in ollcviq¿íng the resources of

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