Dr Wanjiru Susanna J Dodgson was born Susan Jane Dodgson in Bristol, England, to Irish and English physicians who

met when the bombs were falling in the heart o f London. Dr Patience Uprichard and Dr MCH Dodgson met in the hospital that Flor ence Nightingale built with funds spontaneously raised from the British public a fter she and her nurses triumphantly returned from the Crimean War in 1856. Dr Susanna lived in Bristol, UK until she was 3, and started school in Mancheste r, UK, where she lived until she was nearly 6, when she went to school in Belfas t, Northern Ireland for 6 months. Her father was appointed hospital pathologist in Gisborne, the eastern-most city in New Zealand, and Dr Susanna and her brothe rs went to Mangapapa School and learned Maori songs and stories about Maori vict ories against the British colonists. After 3 years the family, now with 3 boys, went by boat to Australia, where decades later, Dr Patience and Dr Michael died 8 years apart. Dr Susanna was educated in Australia progressively through Randwick Primary Girl s School (royal blue uniform) and Sydney Girls High School (brown uniform) and f inally, walked across the street from her parents' house to attend the Universi ty of New South Wales. Her first degree was in science, with majors in Biochemis try and Physiology. Her proficiency in Biochemistry earned her entrance into the additional honors year in biochemistry, which resulted in a thesis on the red b lood protein from spiny anteaters, which, along with platypus, is an egg-laying monotreme mammal. She was awarded an honors degree in science, BSc(Hons), and an Australian Government scholarship which paid tuition and a stipend for her subs equent studies towards her doctorate in physiology and pharmacology. Her dissert ation topic was how blood proteins take up and release blood gases.. The same week Dr Susanna participated in the university ceremony in which she wa s officially made a Doctor of Philosophy, she turned 27, ran for election to sta te parliament (3,000 votes; the winner had 12,000 votes) and flew to California for a 3-week roadtrip talking about kangaroo blood to university audiences in La Jolla and Loma Linda, California, Austin Texas and Gainesville Florida, arrivin g in Philadelphia for an 18-year stint in the Department of Physiology, Universi ty of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. At Penn she was sequentially a post-docto ral fellow, a research associate, an assistant professor and an associate profes sor. She worked in Physiology laboratories on carbon dioxide transport throughou t the human body, acquired grant monies, worked for some months in Germany, Holl and and Sweden, wrote scientific papers, organized department, national and inte rnational conferences, gave invited talks, and edited a book of reviews by colle agues in her field. In 1996 she left the laboratory and started working on her career as a medical w riter and publisher. She started Emerald Pademelon Press in 1997, and published 3 books in the early 2000s. In 1998 she started working as a freelance medical w riter, which led to a second academic stint, as Professor of Biomedical Writing and Director of the Master of Science Program in Biomedical Writing at Universit y of the Sciences in Philadelphia. In 2003 she was the founding Editor-in-Chief and graphic designer of a shortly l ived print journal , American Journal of Diabetes. The experience of putting tog ether a journal led her to start a journal for biomedical writing students, so t hey could have their names attached to their own work. At the same time, Dr Susa nna became interested in Florence Nightingale, and when in London looking for in formation about Florence Nightingale, became convinced that her lifeâ s work was to r emove barriers that have for centuries blocked the paths of descendants of Afric a. Thus she started, with 30 students and faculty, Medical Journal of Therapeuti cs Africa, an online print-ready journal describing Africa and the successes of African descendants. The first issue was published January 15, 2007, http://www. mjota.org.

In May 2008, after visiting Nigeria 3 times, Dr Susanna left her academic positi on to focus fully on working in Africa. Since then she has been working with Afr ican communities in Black newspapers in Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, K enya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Haiti. She also runs an international online sch ool for medical writers, http://medicalwritinginstitute.us. Dr Susanna has been married and divorced from Gavan T Schneider, a German-Austra lian physician who is now an anesthesiologist and farmer in Australia, Raymond T Pekala, a Polish-American eye surgeon with 2 ophthalmology practices, and E Lot har Blossfeld, a German physicist inventor who was an Olympic rower. During her 18 years at Penn she gave birth 4 times, to her 3 sons and her daughter, Angus Z oltan Dodgson Pekala MS (Univ Sciences in Philadelphia, biomedical writing), Mil es Conrad Dodgson Pekala MS (Lehigh University, robotic engineering), Allister M ichael Dodgson Blossfeld and Patience Caroline Blossfeld Dodgson.

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