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City of Marco Island Fire Rescue Department Community, Honor, Tradition February 4, 2021 Dear Citizens of the Marco Island Community, I wish to extend my sincere apology for my serious lack of judgement regarding a local COVID-19 vaccination appointment. | let you all down and | am forever remorseful for the harm | have caused. | have failed in my ethical responsibility to this community. | make no excuses as | know many of you are struggling to obtain a vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones. This situation was self-inflicted, | take total responsibility for my actions and | will work tirelessly to earn back your trust and confidence for which | have damaged. | am grateful to the City Council and City Manager for their professionalism, fairness, and grace as they were faced with a situation they never should have had to deal with. This will forever be a defining moment in my life, and | am committed to use this experience as an opportunity to improve as a Man and Fire Chief. 1am available to discuss this situation with any community members who would like to. Please contact me at 239-206-0318 Sincerely, 7 Ce Christopher G.8yFne City of Marco Island Fire Chief