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990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax on40 tom Under svetion 50%), 827, oF 04701 of the Internal Revenue Cods(oxcep rita foundation) Rink, Misco Do not enter socio security numbers on tis form a tmay be made publi. = Nera ronan De Go to wri go For60 for ins vctons and helt inforiton. Fnapeetion Aforthe oi csleids jen ataxves bedmin JUL 1, 2018 andenims JUN 30, 2019 B away, [ename ot xgmizaion 'D Employer lenaiication nomber tet | CNY Arts, Inc. (ie [Doing busts a8 15-0625350 Wei | number and strset (or PO DOKI Tal S Abt delvared Ww Set anGFeSS) [Roomisale |E Telephone nurnber Ck, |_421 Montgomery Street (315) 435-2155 Cy orton, sate orosneo, counsy, and Parte paste code G Seema 131,163 Syracuse, NY 13202 Hla) eth a grou voir F Name and address of pinipaloficer Stephen Butler for subordinates? _ [l¥es XT No 421 Montgomery St, Syracuse, N¥ 13202 fb) ae ct sind ner —l¥es [Io TToxmenptetwe: LETsovexe) Tevg¢ ——_)€ (msetno) Tsar t}@ LTH] way ent aust. sao nsttuctons) 4 Wibena: > www cnyarEs org ie) Group exempionauribor Pe Hormaton, 1.957) sis tal omen NY Form ot organeator: [J Gopporaion [_J fusi_[—Y Asaeion [Tomer i Part] Summary | 1 Bibly descitw heoganzatts plain armas ignitantaciies CNY Arte’ midsion is to promote, | support, and celebrate arts and culture In Central New York. § | 2 Ghookthic box DP [Tittho organiention discontinued @s eparations or dkspoosd of more than 26% of ts nat asset 1) Se eee : 1 | 4 thant ofindssendent votiw rerio te govern boxy (Pat Vie 10) 4 is | 5 Tora number ofindvisuats mproyes ncaenesr your 7018 Pat Ve 2) 5 ii 2 | 6 rorainmber of votntors (estate 8539) ese no t | 70 total urveited tuneasrevenia ra Par Vil carn Ine 2 za| 0. b Neturvelstos tushesstatls ncoms tom For 900T, ne39 7 0 Pier Year Ginrent Veer ta] 8 contains ane crants Pat Vl je th) 1,962,333.| 1,913,995. 2] procamsenice menue Pat VK rw 25) ees SI, TET540 3 | 10. tevosrmentneeme (Par Vil, etn (Ios 3,4 and 76) 75, 646. 5,628. [41 otersevenue Pact Vil column (A. fnes Bd Bc, 96, YOes anc Ye) On o. 42 Tata revere ned tne though 1 (ms cal Pet UL coke AL ine 12 7,088,991. 2,131,163. “S” Grants and emia suns pate (Part x, colar, hres 13) 1,453, 403.| 1,456,074. ‘46 Ronofts pid oor fr mombors (te, ete (A to 4) o. 7 4] 15. Sabres, ctercompencation employee benef (art X colin (A), nes 510) BT, 324. 327,085. # | 160 Proeseionelundeating fons Part, column in 110) 0. or 8] Total tindraising expenses (Part X, column (2)line 28) Pe 42,855. 2) a7 canor expanses (Prt 1, cols a 14, 128) 337, 040, Tig, 567 8 Total oxcenses. Aa nes 1217 (rst equal Pat corn (ne 25) 7,038, 767.| 2,091,883. 50,024. 7280. Hi Bape ot cuent Encl of You $2] 20 Total assets Part X. tine 10) 5 1,554,209] 4,060,627 Beas roxninaatues (Pon, ie 26) qa0| 3,067,578. 22|22_ Wot assots of und balances. Subtact ine 21 om na 20 953, 7169. EEERULEA [Parti [Signature Block rar penatis of ovary, I eae hal Tava barred ine ein, nelodligaccTipanghg seNeUoR ar fae, an ite Desay wrawide and Dae is ue, comet an complete Detralion of reser (othe than cies zed ona norton ich rears nas ny krcedae sion | saamocoraner a Here Stephen Butler, Executive Director Tyre pratense ante any prepara ame Fra ars gnaare Tar p= a rw Paid Michael Greene, CPA ichael Greene, CPA |09/27/19| usw P00023985 Prosar [Fimsnane » Evans and Bennett, LLP Femstp 15-0551397 Use ony [Fimreacies, 2112 Erie Blvd E Syracuse, NY 13224 Phonsro.315-474-3986 ‘May tie 153 ofscuss this etum with the preparer shown above? (sce instwuciions) [Tyes TL Tne ‘beni 2301) LA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notics, see the separate nsiuctions Farm 990 2016) erm 980 2018) CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 page? [Part [Statement of Program Service Accomplahmants ‘Chock it Schedule O contains a response cr note to any de in thes Part ih i 1 Bi deserve the oxganaeto's ison CNY Arts' mission is to promote, support, and celebrate arte and culture In Central New York. 2 Did the organization undonke any slgiicant program eerdees dung the year which ware not std on the vir Fm 960 or 89027 (lye [Ene tf Yes descive ese nen saves on Schecule 0 2 Diate orprizaton coors condactng cr mate soa charge nhow conduct, ry progam comico... [Wee Eke It "Ves," deserbe tere changes on Scho O. 44 _Doscibe the eruonizations program serving accomelshmen's foreach ot thie larcst program saves, ea moasured by exbensoo Section £0146 end 0c ergenizations ae reatied to renat te mnourt of grants and alocatons to others the total expenses, and revert ary. foreach program sera ported a (ow: Venous 1,041,240. wamayrnas FET, TT4. ) (iment 1,041, 246.) Onondaga County Grants —administering Onondaga County grant program to local arts and cultural organizations We (aoe Veomees 377,871. wasrosmece 36,377.) tans 377,877.) New York State Arts Council on the Arts Regional Regranting: program and Tocal artist assistence. ‘The program's goals are to serve the broadest population possible and Increase opportunity for under-served communities and areas through arts to rural areas, small arts organizations, schools individual artist driven projects, ethnic specific cultural groups and economically challenged areas(including those in the tnner-clty).1t also provides technical assistence to local artists and de arts organizations 4 (Gam ___)eemt__ 127,391. vaweevnat TOT, FIT.) foowe 127,291.) ‘The program's goa. ort the creation of a master Arts & Entertainment Dietrict plan for the five cities (one in each of the CNY REDC Counties}: Auburn (Cortland), Cortland (Cortland), Oneida Madison), Oswego (Oswego), and Syracuse (Onondaga). “a_Giher program services (Descibe W Sevens 0) (enero 404,757 mmisro gui as 144.6324) gmunns 520,124.) “e_Total program sence oxsanees 1,546,182. Fem 990 (2078) oum990 204 CNY arts, Inc. 625350 art ket oF Required Schedules Yes | Ro 1 ete organization decid in accon 5010) oF 47a (shor than apa undaten? 11s," camette Schodle A 14x 2's te crganizatlen teed to camidele Sched 2, Schedule of Cntituters 2 |e 3 Sidhe owaricaton engage inclia or vate potcal cam poign atv 9 behalf fon ppeiion 6 cada fr publ oftes? I“ complee Scheie, Fert a| |x 4 Section $01/¢f9 organizations. Ox the organization engage in ebbing aces rhe sate SH) eecton wet during the tax year? "Yes," completo Schone C, Pat 5 eth ojgarizaon a zocor £0144), (0K, 501K) orceniation tt eceies monbarhp dues, seeserens 7 =r arounts a define Never Procedure 98 199 # "Ye compte SchekleO, Pat H s| |x {6 diate canton manian ary donor acvsec funds or any rar us or accounts fr whch cners have eto ‘rode v6 onthe dain or invesimart of cunt meh Rnds or accaume? Vas conmpaioscrewien, Pat! | 6 |_| X 7 Did th erganzten race orhels a sencervaton easomant. ncuding sacements to prosowe cpm 3836, the envkcrment, tris nd alesse stots stuetnes” "Yes," completo Sched D, Par z| |x {8 Did he cxganvation malian clacton of wos ofa. socal reas. a the sha assets? "Yes" epee Sched D, Past 2| |x 8 Dots erganaston report an amountin ar, Ine", ter escrow or custo acccunt ably, sev a 2 cuntocia or amounts nat lted n Pat X cx prove crit couracng, dbl manage rol ops of debt negotnion servees? 1 "Ye," complete Shes D, Pat o| |x 10. Det eayniaton, det nowy «elated oy eat hol eases tanperaly esticed engowmiets permanent fencowmant, or ieekendowrnents? # ¥," complete Shel D,Pa wo| |x 31. tecrganeston's atawerte any othe toning questions Yes" ten corplete Sere , Pars Vi Vi, Door x ‘potable 2 Did re ergnieation open an emeun for lan, bulsinge, and equipment in Par X the 1021 Vas" complete Schade Pav sta| X 1 ide exganzaton repo an amour fr Investments othr secre in Pant, ne 1? thats 58 or mane fits tll Ee reported in ar Ine 1671", compete Scheade D, Par Vi... [| fx € Diatre erganeation rope an amount or rwoetmartaprosram rated in Part ne 1 hat oe or ar tits ta aoao reported in Part tne 162 "es," compte Sched D, Part Vi se| | 4 Bide orpniation repent an amen’ other asets n Past. fe 1Sthat i 694 or rer oft oll asset vapor a a an 167 Yes, canetete Schecue D Part va} |x, «8 Dustre orgnizatn report an are for etar lass et na 267A Yn, compte Seda, Pat ie 1 Didthe orgnizaton's sacra of consldetes franca ststerrts er th tot oar nc a eotote tha aeressoe th orgniatons sity or unsortsi oxpoaions under FIN 48 (ASC 742 Uf Ya," compote Sehoatl D Part X sm] |x {24 Date crganeaton obtah sepeat.independent atte rca satemen' or te tax yer? "You como ‘Schedule 0, Fats and ih : seal | x Was me ergarzaten des Sonelten, pendent tel franc sttoront fhe tc yen”? 1," nate erganiatenersworea Ne" foo 12, 109 araieng Seheo.le 0, Pats Xana A ostonal so| [x 49. ts-neorgenizaton azchoal ceszrBed in secten T7OI\ICNI? "Yoo" azmatete Schock E [x “4. Dd tre orgaizaton mata an ofice emoloses. or eents cutie ofthe Liked States? x ' fidsre organ rave aqgresite evens or expanses cree than $1000 ten grata, funda, busiase ‘rwsstnant, ane pregiam cence settee eutsde tho Uried States, o2g9regateforagn nvestments tala et $120,000, ‘omar? If 95," complete Shasta, Parts and _. [wo] | x 19. Die orgenieaten rept on Pat Xcel) tre are than $5000 of rants eter aon oa for ony forcign xganzati? If "¥25" complete Sched F; Farts land | |x 418 Diditecrgntatn repent on Pat, cra (he, rove han $5000 of agregar or thn assistance ‘or orforogn neva Yes "complete Schacive F, Parsi ard w| |x 47 Didtreorgaizator resort a atl af ree han $1520 cf exrsce er professional ising canons oy Par coin (\ hoes Dan 17 Yea cemaete Schedule G, Pet? u| |x 48 ide organization repent more han 51,000 tof Rncsng ever ress income ae conto on Pr Vi, es ‘candi 1s, completa Seed SPP a w| |x 19 Date argnteatan ape mere they $18,900 ges hear am gan delice on Pat Vil, no 87 Ves” conplte Senate G Pat i w| |x 209. ithe ogareator operate cn or more hospital fais? "Yes compete School H 20a] |X 1 1°¥es" to ne 208, he owganiaton mech copy of ts ake franca statements otis ren? 200 21, Cathe ogpniaton reper more than $5,000 of fans ote! asian 0 any domestic orgaizton or sete govern on ar coin (A, Yaa 7 Ye,” compres Senwaute Pats andi alx wae wave Fein 980 78) Foirn990 2016) cNy arts, Inc. 15-0625350__paged [Part lV checkist of Required Schedules anus Yea o 22 Sisto oganimonropon moe than 35,20 cf gran eter sshtance oc for domenica Batt chr nw? "Yes coma Serj at rt | x 28° Didthe orcentaton anne! "Yeo" fo Part Vl, Eaten A, in’, 4, cr ct eomparcaton ol ho wganaatns curant av tomer fiers, drecters, sts Koy emploess 6 anes compensates enoiayeas? "Ys corpse Schodiod . | |x 2a Did tne organiaten have atone bow issue wt attain pial amu lr than 8100200 of he ‘ot dy of ho yor that wo xvod ar acer 31,2092 "705" answer ines 240 tcigh 2 compile Sehost to, ¢0 10 no 230 aa] | x bb ido orcanaton rut any prosaees ex enept bonds beyond. tonporaynenodooaton? 3a © ithe oreaniaton rina an escrow secant cha rena ending escrow at ny tne cra te er dees ay TPS PONE 240 Cite crpantaton ee “on baa st aciriorbor tong any cing the yea? EA 250 Section 60161, £0164), and 501o)20]argentztors. Od th oeneatenergage Man exec Sent ‘resacon ya sual poor dun he yer? "8 ealeteSerecve , Pat aaa] | x bb Ss the extn awe that engaged nan excess benef enaecon with dagled woson ina ix Yo and ‘hat ne onan fine ae reper nary of xara pr Fars 60 or 999627 Yes" cameete Schedule, Patt amo] | x. 126 Didtho orinizaton apo any amour on Pat Ine, 8, 2k ocauabics ro payabes oan cre or ‘oumerife's, directors tustes, key emlovees, ches compentnt ampleyane er deci partan""¥65, conte Seed L Pert | |x 221-ismeorganaton pote nya or ter axaktarca on lice, iusto kay yew cit contract ororpojeeheest a’ slucron comnts marae, a0 235% erro ny oat eb ‘of any of these porsanc? if "Yes" complete Schedule (, Part tH za x 26 Vas the ogendaton a patty oa bushes tansachon wth oe afte foling Fares ose Sohal Ea insiucons ke appa rg trends, condos, and exertions ‘a Acurent or former officer, director, ttusiee, or key employee? I! "Y's," comolste Schedule L Part iV 200 x A amily momooretacuront or tre tier, cect, ste oy payee? Yes *compice Scher Pat 0 [aaa LH 2 bnoty of ren «conor or fora lia, doy, ribo or ay omployea (or ami mbar react Waka er. tiecor sto, cr da or indrcl ono? "Yes," complete Shel, Ft zmo| | x 29. Didthe ocanieaton ocele ratte $25,000 parca canna? "econ Soheul ot ]e 30 Di the ogenization eceue crtibulons fa. Hora ease, ooh sar mets ried conaeration sentroutine? i105 complete Sc cf See een so| |x 21. Didth onion aes, temic, er desi ane acess cpa? 1 en comet Saved, Pat? al |x 32. Didthe organizations exchange, elspa of renter tan 25 one asst "completo SchedioN Part Soot te w| |x 88 Udine ocaiationonn 10 btn ty orcad a eparat o ws @gtiaon er Feats sections 01 77002 and GUT 701 8 "795 compe Sona A, Pat as |X 34 Waa‘he organization sled oc tox como or texans? "es," compete Sched Fa i lor Wy ne Pat Wine? ul |x 380 Did he omarion have acrobat win bw eoring secon SHZENTS? wo |X © oe" olne 3a, dd he ergarzaen race ary ym Fomor engage ay wens wih rsh! ety atin the meaning of action BIT? "Ys canete Senecue A, Par, fe 2 ae 30 Secion £01(¢{@erganeatons. Di the orsenzaian nak ny nso a ekarp ne charles eget "Yes," complats Schedule P, Part V, fine 2 36. x 37 Di6tne ganization concuct mare han Sofas aces tc an enya sna a esos oraricaion ard tata osted a a parnae total incre ax pupae? (Yes "compee Sic Pa a| |x 433, Diethe oranzaton cornice Schaaulo Car prowo oxpatatens Wy SohedseO Tor Pa V, Ines 1B ane 18? Note A Form 90 er rogues to con ae Sh wa] X Part VJ Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance GhectiSchasla © canis a respons role tony tn is Pat V o res] ho ta. Enter the number reported in Box 3 of Form 1098, Entor 0: not appieabie a. A! b Enter the mbar of Poms W26 incon neta Enter 0 nat apa we Di he ongonztion com vty backup wtholdn ee for ropa payers to vendor ardeportlo gars iin wong: tone wines? wx oa ae Ferm 90 2045) Foi 990 010, CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 _pageS [PartV] Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance conmued Yes] Wo 2a Enter the ruber of employeos report on Ferm Wi anemia of Wage and fay Statements, lod tor tho calondar yaar ancing with or within the year coverod by thie raturn 1 1 iftleast one is regorted on lhe 2, isthe organization fe all required foceral employment telus? 2 x Note. the sum of ines Ya and Zais greater than 250, you may Ue rected to oe soe instructions) 34 id the orcanintion have unesstes busiress gress come of £1,000 or more cing hn year? 30 x ites has ited a Ferm 9st ern year f "No" 0 ne Bo, provide an explanation in Sched ES 44a. Atany timo during the calor dar yeu, de Uo exgariztion have ay hnterost in, ora slgratur Or eher authonty Ova a ‘nancial account na foreign county (such 2 a bark account, securities account, or otherfrancial account)? 4a x ba If Yex? enter the name ofthe foreign county: ‘See instructions fring reqakements for inOEN Form 14, Repo of Foran Bark and Financial Acccunés (BAA) ‘63 as to organization a party o.8 priate tax shar rancor ak ony Oe dung We ax year? ou x 'b Dig any texabio party not the org zation that twas ors @ pert to a prohibtes tax hater transaction? os x 2 If "Yon! to line 5a or Sb, did the exgenizaton Hip Form BEOG-T? be 6a Does tne rasrizmtion have annual oss recelpts tet ate rotrmally greater than $100,000, ard id the exganizaton sokok any cantriutions that wore not tax deciles chaftabl contrbuticns? 6 x 1 it"Ya3" ale he ergentzton hee uth every soleaian an xpress statement tit such eoninalans oF gs ‘nore not tox deauetie? o 7. Organizations that may roseiva daductible centibutions undor section 17C(2). (id eorgnizaton receive a payer exes of $7 made party asa cantabutor and pat for goad and cancer provided ote pio"? | Za x > 11°¥es- ld the organization wot the donor ofthe vl of the goods o services provided? 7. © Did the erganiaton se, axerango, or otherwise dispose of angie persenal propery for whe was requ: to Horo a2e2? : x x 4 1F*¥99- indore the numberof Forms 8282 Med during ths yoor i © id the erganization receive any funds, dec or indiecly, fo pay preniurs ona personal beret contact? ze 1 Dia the cxgantzation, ding the year, pay pretrums, recor indtecty, on a personal bene central? 7m 9 me crgantzaton recetves a corteution of quatied rtetectal prepeny, ad tne organization tle Form aa36 as requed? . [7g Ite ergenizaton racelvad 9 corte ution of cre, boat, arplanos, oF cre vorioee, dk tho oiganazaton me a Fox wow? [mm |_| 8 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor edvoed funda. Oc a donot advloos und meltanod by tho sponsoring xonrization have exoo3s business haldegs et aay time du tho you"? 8 ‘9 Sponsoring organizations maltaining donor advised funds. | Dis the sponsarng argenustion make say taxable detibuioris nar secon 49667 . se > Disthe sponsoring renzation maken cstibuten toa dencr, canoe saver, or rlatoe person? [a0 | 30 Section SOM(eH7) organizations. Enter. ‘2 Iniation fase and capital contbutions induded on Part VI tine 2 108 Gross receips,ineluded on Form 380, Pat Vl Ine 12, for pubic use of cub facies 106. 11 Section 50:46 12) organtrations. Eni 18 Gree neome tom members crenarenaldere ne 1 Grose income trom other sours (Oo ct not emouns cu or pad fo cthersoureas against amoints due o rcalve frem then) + 12a. Soetion 4947(a)1) non-exempt charitable trusts. |s tha exganization fh For 990 9 fey of Fam 10417 20 "Yep" erter the smmount of ex exerpt interest racelvoc or ace ee cng Woe yee 1, 18 Soction 5011¢X29} qualifod nonprofit health incurance ssuars. 18s theoraonization loensed ta seus quaifas eth plana in mera han one sino? sa Noto. Se tha nstuctions for adtionelinforation the orcenzeton ust repert on Schedule ©, 1b Extor tne amatet of reserves te oxgarization sree to maintain bi te status which the ‘organization is oensed to issue quatied heath pians 126 © Eloy ne amount of rasarvee on had w Pise = “4a Cie the crganization ecetve ay payrents for ndbertenning serigae dura ths tax year? 1a > If°Yes,* hs it ied Ferm 729 to epor these payments? "No," provide en exparaton h Schedule O “48 418 ts haorganization sunjct to eye seeven 4280 tex cx peyerents ef ree thar 1,090,090 inremureratin er ‘cers parachuve paym ons) dur tha yeu? 16 x It Ye5aae inetuetons ane fla Form 4720, Schedate 46 ks thoorganizstion an educational rettton subjeat to the aceon ADEE excise tx on not nveetmont Income? 16 x Yes" complete Foo 4729 Schestle 0. Form 990 (2078) Fousgo0 2010) CNY arte, Inc. 15-0625350 pao 6 overnance, Management, and Disclosure For aia) "Vas oaporae To Inesd Urough Te blow, an tora 'No" response {0 47989, 80, o 100 defen, aoaore the crcumstarces, processes, or changes n Schedule, Seo msinvetions ‘Check t Senedule O contains 3 raszenes of note to any ine in this Part (x Section A. Governing Body and Management ta Yor] no Enter the numbor of volray mambrs of he governing boca the ml of the tax year 19 19 tere ars maria dren in vetieg gts among merits tte geverring body oF ts gowerlag oxyde road a8 tory oan exzcatbe conan srr commie, expan Schedal 0, Enter the numbor ef voting mambo Fisludod imine te, above, who sro rdopondant 1 15] Did any ofiear, drector tustoe, or kay employee have a family rletionchip oF « bueinose roktone'yp with ary har acer, citetor tustee, er ey ompleyes? ‘id the oxganzationdeegare cancel aver maregement dues castorvarly performed by or ureet the d= a afcare, dectors, cr iste, oF Key ompiayoos 1's marnagen ant company of ver pewson? id the organaation make any sigaieant chances tas govarsing dacuments snes the prior For 00D wae et? Did the organization bocce anare during the year af a eigrticant diversion ofthe organczation’s eeeets? Did the oraenization have members cr slockholders? Did the organization have members, stockrcklers, cr other persons who he! the power to ect or eppoint one or ‘more mermers of he geseming oly? ‘hr any governance dosti ofthe ergenizaton recervea t or Subject te appreval by membre, stosshoters, oF persons other than the ovaining body? a id te coariatin confomporerecuslycecerent the masts hte mille ation undrtken ding to yearby the The gownning body? ba Each committee wiih autony tact an behalf te governing hey? . le tera. any otter, deoetor, trustee or Yoy employee stad n Part Vi, Section A, who cannot be reached athe sragrzaton's maling oderege? I "ea, prove te namas and aatracces in Schocull O 2 x suparvsion = Re ef Beetion B. Policies Ins Section Geavests nlomation about poiees 03t equrea bythe tora! Favanae Code) 4 18 Yee le id the organization have lees! chapters, branches, or attates? 1, It "705" ths organistion hav wtlen poling ang procedures govarnng the acters: oF such chaprer,amtates, sd btanchoe to ence ther operations ave consistent wi the argarizatien's exempt purporos? 100, Fst oegnization provide! a cate copy of this Fer 980 to all members of govering Body before lia tha tern? [18 Deseine in Schedule O the process ary, used by the organization to eve this Form S60, id the organization hava awrkian cantct of terse poy? Ne gotofme 13... sea ere Mees, datos oF Muses, snd ey apoE aque Buse ay rest tal cue gue se 0 cond? 1 Did the organization reguey ard conn atenty menor and en‘orce cemplance withthe policy? "Yes" reserina in Schecle 0 aw tia was dare tee id the organization have a witon whistiblower pokey? 3 id the organization have awetion doesirent retention and cestructon poscy? 4 Lid the proceas for detarminng companestion oft foe ing partons mee. favew and saprevalby Independent emona, caramlycete, and cantemporanaous substantiation ofthe delberation and dacilen? The orpentzation's CEO, Execute Docter, arte management ofa | 163 ther airs or key ornpoyaes of the erg ization é 19 I1°Y06" to tne 15a 9 15b, describe He process in SchwduieO (sve hstructons). Did the organization rveet n, contribute actete 10, patente in 2 ict venture cr sir arangement with taxable entty dura the your? va] | x 1 "Yes," cel tha eqganization fotow a mitten paley 2 proces requiing the orgerizstion to evauete ts certicpetion injont venture arangements uncer applicable federal tax lam, ane taka stops to sod the organization's som etatue wth wepect io euch arrgements? . 160, pilecloe [peas pelo Section C. Disclosure 7 10 19 20 Lisi the slates wth wid a copy oF For 630s roauied wo be Hea PNT Section 8104 requtes an ongarato oak ts Farms 10231024 : 1024-Aiapphobi, 990, ond G90 (Sacton S01] on) avaloble tor pute mspecton eat row you mee these eataie. Check al tha 30, [lounwabate [I rvemorswoeste CE) upen aquest omer exp n Scheie 0) Describe in Seredule © whethe anc, How the argenzaten rade ts governing dacument, conf! of nto poly, an anes slatenents avaiable to tho pubis dana te tax yes, State me name, access, ac elephone mer of he eran who poasosses tre organzatr's books and rare Stephen Butler — (315) 435-2125 #21 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202 am eae For 990 (2018) fom 980 018) CNY Arts, Inc. 150625350 page7 ‘ompensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employes, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Gontractors (Check Schedule O cnian a roeporss or nat ary ine ths Pat Vi 5 ‘SEEN A_Ofcns, Dueciors, Trusts, Key Employer, and Highos! Compensated Employees "Complete ts table er al pesons recta fe sted, Repo earinensatn fo healer yer cng Aor WHT Ie GAIT ak Yr Let alof ne oganzaton’ current fica, drecton, inten urether ndhduse or ognitiond regardless of amount of compeneaton Ener 6 freoums (5) (6, ana fre corporat on waa " Let aol ne oparestans curent hoy omployasn any, Se rabucons tor detton of "ey repoyen* 4 Letine oraneton’ fe ae highest compensated spioysssictrer then an otter, ecto, ses, oy ama wh o0hd roport se compare (Boe cf Frm W? ana Boe ol Porn 09B4AC| one tan S100 060 am ths xpsaon an ary vealed rere, the organkaton's former acer, Hey enkvecs, ae! it compensated employees ho recoved more than 190,000 of ancaton fem the rkealon sony Pato oxen te ciganuaton'sfomer Grectrs or rusiees fat acsied hth capacky asa forrer deta or see othe engenzation, moc ran 0 0000 eportasiecompensaten rom te organization ane ar rss erganatons Lat pane hte foloning oer nds wits a racy meter nas fey employee; Nes compansns pans, ‘a foror suaporeone [creck is box it nather the cgarzar ray eis rgarizaton conpensated any cent fet. deco, or ste. a i © ol # a Name ar Tike Average | iasnn eM san ove | _Ropertante Repensblo ovimated fies (aetinee| Steen |, omtemstn, | oetten ano (Eres | me ue | “as sao [g tre snes. | ieee fae (E | | commen | peannsosa | “stmne reated |312 Hy (werogewisey ‘organization Lowcnioe! E14) Jib “eeu wor [6/2 /a[E (GEE i aoe 300 1 Preaideat x a. Oo. oO. ¥ rita weasere oo; yd] | Vice President x 0. oO. Oo. <_. To meee x a, o, 0 14) Phyliss Clark-Sova 00 eee x a a, o 15) Dori Bailey 1.00 Board member x od 0.) Oo. 16) Kieran Dailey 1.00 Board member x o.| 0. Oo. 17) eileebeth Dunbar 1.00 ie mane Ex a, 0 0 a uae 100 soot ater x a, a, 0. 13) Rita Panlaave 1.00) soos meaner x a, 0, 0 a ee £00 hal pnes x a, 0 0. Til] Merike treler 1.00) eda x a, a, 0. ‘Ex oftioio x Cn 0. 0 i a To x a, 0, 0. {1a} Stephen Butter 0.00 Executive Director x 81,300.| Saw pase Fon 980 G18) Foun goo 2018) CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 _poe8 art Vil] section A Ofer, Oster, Tusiess Koy Employees and Highest Comp eneaes Employes line “ @) © e 7 ame nd te ‘average Feportble Rrparabie | Extmatod ours er conporsaten | comparsaten | ancuntot ~ ‘rom teva her stay [E the crasrcatons | compsneation terse [€ cxganznion | ovornoepitse) | “rom tw reed || worse) erganzaton reanieatons| £] 8) |x ‘ard roatod selon [3/8] |e ergerveions oa, Ee ls|s ‘Tb Substatal. - 81, 300. 0. © Total from continuation sheets to Part Vil, Section A. > 0. 0. 0. d Total jode tines th and 1¢ > 81, 300. c. 0. 2 Tetalrnborat neues (nekdirg but net red to those ates abo.) whe resaied more han 100/300 atepoTade competition to te cueriaion Pe 0 Tee 3 Dx ene ergrzton tt any formar afew, ctr cr usea, Fey erpoyee of highest compenadd arployo3 on fo 1a "05 complete Sched oreseh ma : : : a| |x 4 For ary inal cn i to, the um tsar eomporsaon and ot” compansatin Fon he yan ain ated oecations gest’ then 31500007 "Yon, comacate Shade Jer sueh ndveual «|_| 5 Did ny porsn later on tna ta econe or acrusconperston om any unre crrizaten eri fo eros rendered tthe organza "Yo copy Soda oy sich person sl |x Section Independant Ganiactors “| Gorlete sal fo you fv Highest coneaiedFeaparcnt Canvas a Tecovea ree Tan S109 eonparSATON Tarn the cepprivaon Agport compensation forthe calender yes ending wth or wahin tne orqareaton's tax yosr, « @ Name end business ade NONE Deseiption of senses ) Compensation ‘D _ Total number af independent eanvactors (alder not Wd to hows Isied above) who eceWved rae than $100,900 of eomporsetion fr the oreanestion oO Form 590 por CNY Arts, Inc. Form o90 (08) [Parti] “statementor Revenue CChook f Sonedile © contain response or note ta. finan ha Per vit 15-0525350 Pago El } elated or worst uneson Fner ences tae tne tht seh ions, Gifts, Gran Senor Aiowarts| Federated campagne fa Memscrchip duce 1 Fundraising events te oted crcarizatons ‘a Goweramert oanis cortrbuttors) [ae I, BOS, 215. Alter conrbutons, gts, gets, an simitr amounts natincweed woe. [at] 30, 780 ee cebu ncn e618, otal Ad ines nit > 913,995. iaciness Co Film grants T1190 95,759. 95,759. Rdmisston/registration [711150 Bi, 781. 3,780 ‘ioiner progiam serves revenus Total. Add in0s 29 > TdT, 540, Other Revenue 1 Net nts camo oss) Gross amount fom salos of [a Seeurios | th Oner Tnvestmentinzome fhsluding dhidends, interest, and ‘ther simi ara) Income fom Investment af laxexenpt band proseects Foyatles > 69,628. 69,628.| > > nea | (9 Personal Grose ents Less: ronial expres, ental income cr oss) > asco oer then inertny Less: cost ar other ass and sates expanses Gainer foxs) Net gain or Jose) (Gross inaore tom funcraicig ovens not inctadng $ of ‘contibutlosrapcrtod on ina 1a) See ary, tne 18 _ a Lace direct oxnonoe | ‘Net ncome-r (oss) ram fundrasing events {Goss incre ftom gerng actives. See Party ne 19 . a Loss: dcet oxpercos | Netincams.r ese ram gamine aetvtes Gross sles ol invontry, Ins retuns and allowances a Lesetenstot goods 00 | ot income ar (bes ram sais of enter Mscelanoous Roverue eines Co: 12 ‘iaterreverua Total. Add ines 112-116 “Tota revenue See nstusions vv iar, Tes, 217, 168, 0. a. Fern 990 (08) Form 900 (078) CNY Arts, Inc. [Part lx Statement at Funetional Expenses 15-0625350_bage10 “Seton 50 (HE SOT orcs cn ET aT CORTON, FOBT ORAMERTINS TAT COMPS CORA cero ty ne this Par ‘Check f Schedule O contains a reap: Deo nolinckide amounts reported on tes 6, 7 Bb, Gb, and 10 oF Part Vt Total densa Prog verbo pees 7) Gents and ctr saves ty Tomes oamnaaTns| nd camctegovernmpns ae Pat IV, a2 1,446,734, 1,444,734. 2 Grantsanc other assistance to domestic Ihouls. See Pant W, fna22 11,340, 21,340. 3 Grartsand other assistance to trelg1 cergantzations, foreign goverment, fre indivdiuale,Go0 Pat W, lines 15 ans 13 Benefits pal to for mombers 5 Compensation of curent officers rectors, tusteo, 30 Ky AMPIOYEAS sae {6 Covmpansaton not cud ate dead pecan (as dete uncer seeton 895861) ad atsons dosed scton4858(¢K8)6) 7 Giver saiaes and wages 8 Pease plan azzvas ad coeur (elude sHcH0) 401 ae 419) emp.yee com 81,300. 32,300, 38,500. 10,500. 186,207, 156, 057.) 750 3800. 2 Other empioyoo bonchits Tze 22,810, 7,389. 1,925. 40. Peyrlitaxos i576, 16,028. 5,192. 1,354. 11 Fes for sereas nonemplayoes): Mangement Local Accounting ebbing Prolessional nadia saris. Sez Part Mme 17 Invostment management tees Other. (90 1g aroun axcants 10% one 2, tolum (A) amaunt ttre 119 expenses on Son.) 12 Advertising and promotion 42. Office mxpenses 44 intomaton teen n.agy 18 Royalties 18. Ocsvpancy 17 Travel 18 Payments of avelorentarcanment expenses for any facta sta, or toca pute ofa 19 Gonforonces, corwortions, and meetings 20 Interet 21 Payinents to altistes 22 Depreciation, depletion, and amertication 23 Insurance TT 045, 17, 045 20, 000. 0, 000 3,755, “2 66E. 226. 3,591. 426, 7,428 3,357. T3504 @,185.| 1,883 wou. 4 Over expenses. riz expenies vol coved ost (el miceoaneeus expenses nia 2 he 24e amour! eet 10% ao 2, ou) ray il 2 speases or Secu 0.) Artist, project expense 196,812, 196, 812. Hiscel taneous 24,014, 17,050,! 5,523, Tae. 24,680, 22,680. oe printing 4,096 7,893. Tz ai. b Professional a ‘Alomer expenses 1587, ‘25 Twat furt onal expeises Ades | Uenah 246 2,091,663, 546,181. T0z, 84T-| T2855. ‘26 dint cost, Compe is neon he ernaon roperes in eclama (8) ontecsts fom 4 combined ‘eueaonacamalgasn¢ funda soltsten omcanos > (| tito Ser 362083 160.70 Fon 99012078) orn 980 2013) CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 page 14 Part X [Batanoe Steat Checi tSchede O conan a oxparae or now my hohe Pate eS To Decay of yor 1) Gash nonsnterast bearing: 50, 613.[ 4 2. Savngs.and encore cash iveatinan's 42,537. 2 3 Pledges and gant recenaba ret 2 4 Accounts recewable, net 39, 603.| 4 SS Leans and athe ecehabes rar crrnt ard former oices rector, ‘wusees, key anpiovess, and highost compensstec! ansioyses, Comite Partilot Sched 5 6 Leans.amtotherraceibles an omar eeualed poeons ox cana or section (9st), poteons describes secon 4950), ane Sentreuting mplayer and sponsor crponizatons of sacton 011eX0 cantare sg. | __emetoyes' beefy organizations (ee si. Compete Part of Soh ° 3 7 Motus and Kons receivaate, ret 7 8 Invortaras forbs oruse 2 9 Propaid expenses and deterred charges 5.45. 9 7150. 108. Land, bulking, arc eaupent: stor oor basis. Complete Part Vi of Scredue D 408 142,915, b Less: accuraated depreciation... 10 39,475. 39,997.) toc 83,440, 11 Investments - publicly traded securities 332,842 1 60,131. 12. Invectnts-cther seer. Sao Pat ih 11 mH 12. Invetments-roaram raetee. Soe Part W, In 1 2 = 14 Intangible essets 43,198 [14 39,270. 13. Omer sets See Pate 11 1 18 Total aesete. Add ines 1 ougy 13 just egal ne 30) T7554, 200.[ 18 | 4,060, 627. 17 Aeceunls payable ane accrued expennon 33,450-[ 0] 74,393. 18 Grants payable 497,737. a 869,335. {8 Delered reverse 3,253-[ 09 49,337. 20, Tacexempt bond lables 20 21 sow or costed aeoourt tnt, Coneiea Part vcr Sonecue 2 1g [22 Loans and onergayabie te curow and omer otters easton, tice, 2 | boy emeloroce, hichest compensated enaloyeas, end dacuattos persene, | complete Part ot rede L 22 3 | 23. Secured mortgages and notes payable to umtelated hed parties: 23 24 Unsecured notes an lare peje torte thes fetes 2 Ta,SIs. 25. Other biti (ncn focoral come tax payables to robes tra parte, and ther ables ot nokided on fos 1724) Cormpat Pat X ‘Schedule D 25 28 Total liabilities. Acid bres 47 through 25, 500, 140 | 25 5067, 578 ‘Organizations that tollaw SFAS 117 (ASC-S58), eneck here> AT and | __ complete ines 27 wvough 2, ana ines 39 and, B | 27° Unrestricted not aoccts 870,141.| a7 915,601. 4 | 29. Terporaiyresticednet asels 20 B | 29 Permeneaity esrcted net assets 53,626 .[ 29 TT Tae 2 COrgantzations that do nat tollow SFAS 117 (ASC #58), ehack he 1 5 | endeomplat nea'30 tough 34, | 90. Gapta stock or nst peo or eteent nds 2 B [at Pain or capital sup, orl, ld, cr equipment ard 3 $ | 2 Reratwd earings, encowment accumulated Neame,crother Winds 22 2 | 2a Totalnet asetso tune alorcos 353, 765,| 33 33,089, 34 _Totaliabiies one not assetuns belances 1,554/200-[e[ 4,060, 627. Ferm 930 078) 2 ny arte, Inc 15-0625350_page12 feartxt] ‘Reconciliation of Net Assets a ——— Chek Sched coene a espenss onto nye nthe Pat o 1 Total reverue (must equal Part Vill, column (A), fina 12) 4 2,131,163. 2 Total expenses (must equal Part IX, cohen (A), line 25) 2 2,091,883. 3) Revenue less expenses. Subtract line 2 framing 1 3 39,280. 4 Net assets of fund balances at begnning of year (must equal Part X, ine 33, column (Al) 4 953,169. {Nat ureated gunn fomco) on rvermente. S Donated serves an ve of ies 5 7 lester excess 7 ©. Pre prad edhe 8 © Cihercorges inna aeseisc ndblnces pinin Sched) 3 o 10 Noten er und slnoce tnd cyear.Cotinetns 3 hough ura ar he, column (8h) 10 993,049, Patil Financial Statements and Reporting hock Schade Oca a respoee oro ay re Ws Par [Fa] Te Re 1+ Accouring method eae prosaretheFom ase: oan El acca Cloner Whe cemlcton charged is hot a accauning Fora pyar rcs “Oa npn SAO 2a Were tne organization's (nancial statements compiled or roviewed by an indenendont aoscuintant? 2a x i "vex" Qucka bor below dale wae then tsanent fr Be yea mre cored eviews ona Apart bil, coeokdared ts bth Telsepernteboce Lloreotdatd pats. [1 bin coneseesd and sopra hee tn rgerieto's rar stern ste by onindopndr acca? 2o| Wve erecka box belt ncte var fe ancl tsar yur we ited on apa ace, consotited tn orto Seperteoace, EX] coward bass] Boh conotdte a sept ts © Var tole 2625, doe to organ Pave 8 Conmtaptat ass respon fe oversight id, review, or compilation of its financial statements and selsction of an indepondent necountant? « ze| X Ine ersicaton changed esis veg roan” enton paces cite ne yor cain Seta O 2A eut of td war wes the crgaiati ened to undo one or aes xt or he Sl AR detand OMe Crear ANE? sol | x » "Yen" te ongeiaten vir th ied cad ac Win grec dor ndogoine aque ai dts cn wy n Sehaile Or denetoe ay stos akon‘ Lndoras sus acts sa Form 350 para 2018 SCHEDULE A (Foon 999 or 990-52) Public Charity Status and Public Support Complete! the organization in a section 50/3) cxganizaticn ofa section 4947(0)(1) nonoxcmpt charitable trust roam rary De Attach 19 Fort 990 or Form 900-E2. ‘Open te Pustic Pine Soe D Go towomirs.gav/Farm020 for intruetions ond te atest Information. inspection Tame ofthe organaton Employer antineation number CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 jeason for Public Charity Status (lo garialkrs hust compete Wis pan) See Meine ‘The crgeniation i nat a prvate foundation because its [For line 1 through 12, check ont ene 60x) 1 [2] church, convention of churches, or association of churchas desztted section 170M WAR. 2 [1] Aschaol dascrbedin sation 17013) THAKH) (tach Schactue E Frm $30 0 30E7)) 3] Anospiat or 2 copperetive hostel service organization Gescribod in section *7O(b}( THANG). 4 [1 A medica! research erganization aporated in conj.netion with 2 hospital cleseninoct n section 170¢6X 1WA)(i). Enter the hospiial's name, cy, and state 5 (1 Anorgenszaton open forthe barel fe oblegs or urivaaity onred of cperated by a govemmantal unit deserbed Ta ‘section 170(\(1WA\f).(Gompiete Pet id 6 (1) Atecerat, state, or cel governmont ot govemmental unt describ in section 17O(b THAN. 7 LE) Anorganization that nocrally roo0'vos @ substantial part of te support from a governmental unt or ram the ganeral pie doseribed section f70(b)(SKAY(rD, (Comet Pat It) 8 [1] A community rust described i section 17O(UX 1A}(w}. (Complete Part!) @ () Anagricutural research organization dascrined in section ‘TO(b\AVANix) operate! in conjunction with a landgrant college ‘orunversty oF nan na yane colege of agrcuture (eee Instuctions).Erter the nam, cy, ane state of he college 0 univers: 10 [7] An organcation that nonally feces: (1) more then 99 172% efits suppert trem contrbutlone, membershie fees, and grace raosipte om actives related to is exeren knclon subjact to wettain exceaions, ard 2) no more than 36 1/92 ofits suse rem aross investment income and unrelated business ‘aratte Income fuss saction 11 sax for businesses arzqited by the erenizaten aftr une 0, 1976 ‘So enction 6D6(aX2).(Compiete 2a i) 11 [2] Ancxganization organizes ard oporated excticivaty to test for public satoty. See section S8,3}(1), 12 [1] Anowanization organized ané operated enclusivaly for the benefit oF, to pariorm the functions of, of te camry out the purposes of one or ‘move pibley sippavied axeanzations doscrbed ii section £08|aXt) or section 90a} Gee section 509[aK.9), Check the Box in fines 12a tough 12d that descibes the ype of supporting orantzaten end comet nes Y2e. Y2L and 12, 2 LJ Type. supponing organation ancratad, supervieed, or controfed by &s supported exganizations|, typically by giving the supported oraarization(l the pave to requlaly appcint or ace a rajrty ofthe rectors or trustoos ot the spparing ‘iganizaion. You must comets Port IV, Sections A and B > (1 Type A supporting erganizetton suinervsed or controlled in connection with ts supported craanization(, by having contol orrnaragomens ef he supporting organization vested inthe stre perso that control or manege the aucported cetganizationa). You mut complnts Pat 1, Sections A and. © [1 Type functionally integrated. A eupporting organtation operated h connection wth, and functionally imagrated wath, its supported acgaitations) (ss rstructians|, You must complete Part WV, Sections A, D, and. a [) Type tt non-functionally integrated, A supporting organization operated in connection with its sypported erpenieatonis) mat rot unerinnaly laegrned The organization generally wus! sats a cision requkemnent end an etertweness ‘equroment oe inctuctiow), You must complete Part IV, Sections A and D, and Part V. © (2) check thisbor the e-garization racsived a written dotortrinaton fiom the FAS that ts a Type |, Type lH, Type tl funetionaly integrated, or Tyb= W| ronfuretionalyntecreted aLpporting organization. f Erter he rambo: of supported xpanvaties =a Prove the folowing infomation about me supe great ‘Wiame of sapped Tera ea | POERREERTR [TW Paornerag | a Raa oT ‘rapztion ieee aniros 110 HERE sts) |sob bachns Toa LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act NCW ses the Instructions for Form 000 or 060 EZ. canai 91a Schedule A Form O80 or 860-2) 2018 Schedule A [Fonmaen or soor7 ois CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 pose2 [Part I] Support SchodtTe Tor Organizations Described i Sections TOTS TANI] ana T7OBN NANT (Gorrolete ony Ilyas checked te boxen ire 5,7 ar 8. Pat |r te oration fed to qusity under Por ithe organization {sis tocuaty uncer ne testo ted boo pee carpets Pat) Section A. Public Support Tear yea (ov sal ya! being |_ (0) 7004 wae | ame | ae [aie [ota + ts, grarts,contoutons, end trarberp 95 received (D0 not Inluse a “ora ret) 94 2 Tacrevr lv othe rar eaten’ beret nd thr pl 0 or capended on ts bhall 2. Tho vaue af sonics rfcios Arianod by a governmental unt to the organization without charge 57,630.) 58,630.| 58,097.) 55,440.| 58,629.| 288,426. 4 Total Aad ines 1 though 3 177 ven] 1,00, 92] 1,000,103] 2,003,075] #190 167] 9,667,080. 55 he parion ott conics by caen parson other man a ovarrraral unt or puely supporoc organization) netted amine that exconcs 2% of the amet show one 1 sown . 6 Publ support, ds tsi tet Ter, Section 8. Total Support Gale yor ors 7 Amounts teentnod 477 0] 1,3 8. Granircome tom nr, dhiderde, syrente reecivod on sevurtos ar rn oye, ‘and income from similar sources 27,849.| 32,224.| 76,912.| 75,646.| 69,628.| 282,259. 9. Hot come ro ulated nase dechitos, whaler or roth busines rogdaty cad on 10 Ober boar Det chr in ooss rom the sea captal secs (pla Par Vl) 11 Total support. ns 7 ovo === PRICIER 12 Gre edie fam robted cote, do, wosinauUeETe) 2 49. First ive years If the Frm 990 ifr the organization's ist, cacene third, fourth, or ith tax year ae a section £07(6K9) ateor62| 1,770,006 1,567,495] 2,061,538, 9,378,658. inp |_tep ora wos jeans | aor (ean, “Total 1099, 0a] 2,093,075] 1,100,107] 9,667,000 xgavizatign, cack his box ard stop hes C ‘Sectigi'G Ceinitation of Publ Support Percentages - 1H able aoppor poreeragarer 2018 ie B, cat f) awed BY Ine 1, coun) iz Tea 15 Public support percentage from 2017 Schechie A, Part W, ling 14 13 7.57 16038 1% support tost- 2018 tho wganzetion drt Seckthe box an 18 end ino i381 cr woe, hose ie Dox and shop here: Thvergetatin ques ea pbc supporter ergeiin mlx) 33 tc eeppot tet. 2017 tne ogencation cdot check box fo 1 0a an ine 18 8 V6 orc, hack i ox and stop her. The organization uaa ab pub suppored omganzz¥On Oo 4174 10% -facts-and-circumstancss test - 2910. the creanzatin di rot chock box Oy Ann 1, 16a, or 1B, ard ne 14's 10% or mare, ‘and ihe erganizaton meets the “actr-anc-cicumstarces' test, check tis box and stop here. Eyplnh Pert how the owgarization mee's the “facts-anc-citcumstances" test. The organization qualifies ss a pubkcly supported orgarietion OI 10% toote-and-clroumetanoge tect - 2017. |t he organization dd not check = tox.n ne 13, 16a, 18b, or 17a, rw ine 18 is 103% or more, an¢ f the orgenizston meets th sets ancscrcumstences” tet, check ts Boxand stop here. Expsinh Part Vt how the ‘organization mets te “lacts-end -orcumstances* test. The organization cualifea es @ publely supported organization -o 18 _Private tounciation. if the cryanivation eit not check a box on ing 13, 16s, 1b, 17a or 170, check this box anc see instructions pC) ‘Schociule A Form 000 or 60-E2) 2018 SoheduinA Form 000 or09DEz) 2013 CNY Art's, Tne. 15~0625350_pagea Part it] Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section SUNTAN {Compete crit you checkos the box on tne 10 of Pat ort he crgaizaton teste quay undor Par I. the erganiaton fs 10 ‘qui unde te est Ist ne, eas compse Pat Section A. Public Support CGalncarsearfortsealyeartennengiy >] jaa | mais | rave [aoe [ana [avai 1 ite, rants, cantons, and ‘mombsrhp fees recewed (00 net ‘rode ay “unusual oan.) 2 Gaess receipts rom aciissions, ‘morehansiga sald er sorrc0s por ‘oamed. o facies tarished in aot that lara To ‘Srganization’s tax oxompt purpose 3. cross receipts trom actives thet 16 not an unwelaed rade oF bus tress under section 513 4 Taxrovenucs loved for tre organ lztion's benolt and eth pad to rexpended on its bohat 15 The value of serviens or lacie ‘umsred by a govemmental uit 0 ‘ne organization without charge 6 Total. Add Hes 1 through 5 Ta AyoLnts nei: on tnes 1,2, and resaked fron ellsquslfiod persons ‘oAeid tes 7a orl 7 8 Pune support. pursue eiaebe ae Section B. Total Support = Celondar year (roca year toginsing in) >| ja] 2074 (9)2015, (208 (azo eas isa Amounts tom the 6 10. ingore kor tro inicenda: poymets exci! on Sours isan tenis. toys, te reais buses abe eco tes ertn 911 es rom buseesee eq fl June 30,1973 ac Ines Onan 10 11" Net eeome om unelsie busiess {thas nor cha nin 100, ‘thane’ tne ne tus ‘eau ea on 12 thor ncome, Donat neti gan Srtoas vem he sale 9 cop Sets Expat n Pan 43 Tat spore pana Yon 2) C 14 Fits ve years ho Form 900 ore ogarealns We 8aara, irs Faure” WRN En yor av @ secon STS organi eck ts bosand tog hare yO Section C. Computation of Public Support Poreontage 15. Pubic oppor percentage Ter Z018 (re 8 cua dd yl 7, aa = x {6 Ans sepport prewiine fom 2017 Soweule a Pt, mn % Soation D. Computation of Investment income Percentage 17 vesment no prarioge fo 208 ire Yo, ck (died oy Fs TSO A) a % 18 mestmentncorre perctions fam 2017 Scheie Pst, be 7 mn % {903 19 roppet tore 2016. rte det cho he box in 4 ane 18 more tn 38, eT ot tore an 35"12%, cho os hoc ancsop her. The orprtaton qualtes 8 Publ epporndapniaon oO bin Ps wppor tate 207. he ergenzaton de hack aban ne 10a 23a Ino Ye mere man 39 6, the 18 et more ta 30 eck ho box rdsta har. Th eganaaton quis as puny spooredorgewsaton RL] 20 Private foundation. if the organization dié not check 9 box on line 14, 19, ce 196, chook this box and soe instructic pul ‘ume orm ‘Sched A Form 000 or 990 €Z) 2018 FS pinzois CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 pages Part] Supporting Organizations {Camplese nly you checked « box in 12 cr Pat oe checked 12a of Part, complete Sections A ane B, you checked 120 of Part, complete Sections A and G Itycu checked 1200" Pat complet Sections A 0 ad Et you chosen 12 of Par | cemesate Sections A and D, and complete Pact) Section A. All Supporting Organizations Yes | No 1 Arealtof the erpanzaton's supported ogankeatins Kato by nama i the emarizaton’s governing ‘epeumente? 1 ND," describe n Part Vi hon the supcastad organs are designated. designated by last or purpose, descnba the desir avon, Ihstaris and continuing radonstip, expt 4 2 Dic tho organization have ary supperted argancetian that dese not havea” IRS cotormintinn of satus Lund section 52¢a() 0: (217 Hes," expla it Park VI ew the organseation determined tet ihe suppartod ‘eganieatin vas descnbed in section 5054) or 2 38. Dic the organization havo a cupped ergenizaton des-ed in section S08), oF (OP Ul Yes," ansher (o) nae botow. aw | | bb Dic the o:caniztion canfirn that each eupporad organization quaifod under eection S01 (6), o (6) ane r satsfod the puis support tests under section (0K)? "Yes," deccrbe un Part VI vnen anc now the ‘egarnzatan race the determination x {© Dic tho organization angus hat el support to xuch erganatons: nas used exclusively or section 17O(NEB) jpurposoe? If *785" exc/ain in Bark VI what centri the organ pst pace 10 ers such use. de 442. Wes any supported orgenzetion not orgamzed inthe Untad States foreign eupporte organtatln'y? If "Yes.*and/f you checked 1Za0r 126 » Part enswer (and (6) baow. 4a bb 5ic the organization nave atmate coc and discretion a deciding whether te make grant the forign| suppcrted organization? if "Ys," ces i Part Vihow tha ganization fad such contoland discretion deapte being canted or superrsed by or h connection xh fs sipporied oxganzatons a ‘© De the organization surpor any feroln supported o”gancation that does not nave a (RS determination under seta 5043) eve SOO} or @) "Yoo," Blan” Part VI uet contro thecrgantatic used te ere th all suppet to the frei sxepoitedorgameatcn wes used exctusvely fr section 179/218) purposes. a0 ‘Ga. Did the orearitation ad, subetiute, oF mova any svepested erganiatons dure te tn year? I "YES" enawer @) and (e) Bolow ff eopleaat) is, prove ae'al Part I, nctudng() he nares ad EIN huibs's ofthe supeetod organizations added, substituted, 9 removed; th reazu foreach such action, {ip the authority under the orpntzaio’sercaneing dacumert autharzing such acten; anor how the action yas accampistied (such as by amenaant io the orgnichy document se bb Type or Type only. Wee any eedod or eubsttutor cuppertes crgenivation pari ota cass already esignatedin the oiganization’s erganzing document? sb © Substitutions ony, Was the subsuten he oaul of on event beyond the orgenzaton’s conve’? Se 6 Did me ovganization proce support (nether the fer of grants othe provision of senoes o laces} 10 ‘anyone ether then () ks suppertes ergarizatons, lisa that ae Gat of the arable class ‘benefited by one oF more of ts euppertes orgarizaticrs, oi other supporting argarizations tha aso “supporter beneft one er more ofthe fing orcaneation’s wippared organcetions? 1 “Yes provide dead m Part Vi 5 7. tid the organization pravice a grant, an, compensation, a ther sirnar payment to a substantial contrintot (ee dotnad in escton 4953(¢))0), stormy member of substi crtbutor,01 as contol entity with rega'd to a substantia! eantibutor? “Yes "comple Part of Stele. (Foun $50 or 890-2, z 8 id the crganization mate alan toa dequalice porcon (es dating in ection 2988) not daserBed inne 7? "es," complete Part of Scheie L orm 990 ar 990-62, 8 ‘83 Was the orgenzaten controled drecty cx exact at any tine daring the tax year by one or mere sioqusied percons 6s dtines in eeetan 4946 (otha hen fourdatton managers are orgenzations described ih section S09%aKt) or 2)? "Yon, * provide deta m Part 98 > Ci. ane or mara slequaifed pergcns (3 dered in Ino 8a) hold a contating interest any enety in wien ‘he supporting orgenizaion had an ntxast? Hf "Yes," provide detain Part Vi. 2 Cid aciequattied porson [as cline in ine Sa) have an oane'ship interest, or dave any persona sere ‘tom, ese in which the supnereng argenization aan nac an terest? I "Yes" prvide dete o Pat VI 9c 10a Was the organization udjeet to the ex0059 businaasNolenge nes of saction 4993 bacause of section 49294] teparding certin Type eupaeting oreanzations, end ak Type I na untionally integrated ssipportiog organizations)? If os * answer 109 slow: 10a 'b Did tne organization have any excess bushess Roksings nthe tax year’? (Use Sched G, Farm 4720 t0 eternive wnetnar the oganvetie had excess business hatin 00 ee or ‘Sched A Form 000 or 900-EZ) 2078 SchodloA omy arvoneg aoa CNY Arts, Tne. [Part VJ Supporting Organizations, 2 15-0625350 pages 11 Hes the ogarization accepted a git or combate fom eny the folowirg persons? 12 A porson who drectly or ectly canto, ether alr cr togethor with persis eseribed in (and (c volo, tie governing body ofa euoporte organzaton? > A tamiy membor ofa porson deacrbad ie) above? ASG% controled eit ofa person eectbed in (orb) above? “Yos" tow b oF rovide detain Part VL Yes a. ie 1 fe Section B. Type | Supporting Organizations 4. Cid he ckectors, mstees, or mamsarip of ane or more S.ppared crganzations have te power to ogula appont or alee atlaast « marty cf the ercanizations civeciors cr rustows at tines dug the tax year? I"No,” closer n Port Vi naw tho suppored ergansction|s)efactuely oparated, supers oF controled the organization's acti Uh orgarteaton ad ove than cre supported organzaton, LUsscibw nowt powers ta apgoint andforemnove drectors o tustees wer alecaied among the supported ‘organizations and what candiions a rastnctions, # any, spate to sich powers during the tax yea 2 Cid tho organization aparat fr te enol of any supported oreanizaton other than the supparied ‘orgsrizaticns) that operates, supe-vsed, or controled the euperting ganization? IF "Ye," exp in Part vi how provdig sich benef cevied out the purcoses ofthe supported ergansations) tht oer, sscenased, or cortound ie supporting organiaton. Section C. Type Il Supporting Organizations. 1 Wire monty of the etsanlention’s deste of ructac curing he tax year azo majorty of he drstors Gor tmustees of each of tha organization's supperted organization(s? I °No,” dace n Part VI Now conte! lor menagerent ofthe supporting orpaieaten Was vested in the sama perso that centred r managed ‘ne supported organza) Yes ie ‘Section D. All Type Ill Supporting Organizations: 1 Bid the organization rovile to each of ts suppested orgarizatons by th leat day of the fifth month of the organization's tax year) awrtten ntice deserting the type and arnount of suport provides dung the por ta eae, fi) e0py ofthe Form 990 that was most recent ed as oe cate of notion, ad (i copies of the txgorication’s govering documents in efoot on the cate of nosisstn, tothe extent not previously proved? 2 Wersany of the organization’ offers, dirctar, or nustees either (foppointad or alected by tho support ‘xganization(s or () serdng on the goverring bay of @ supiceted orearzator? No," explain in Part ow the e-gancation maintained aches arc canines workieg datonsip wih the cuaoorted oraarisaton( 3 Byreaton of me retionenip seserbie in 2}, ds oganeaton’s supported ganizations have & siniieant voic in tho organeaion' Investment pales anc cating theuse of the organization's Income or aesels ete tines durng toe ta yoo? "Yee, osorbe in Part the roo the oganizalion's sported organietions payedin this rgd. Yes Ne Seetion €. Type Ill Functionally Integrated Supporting Organizations “1 Ghack the Doe net the method Met te orgenicalan used to saul the integral Part Test ura te yeatvee structions) 2] The orgenieaticn satitied the Accwitos Test. Compiete tne 2.betow ‘Tre orgenivation fs the aerert of ezch of is eupportod craniestone, Complete ine 9 Beow 2 Actintee Test, Anawer (a) and (2) below. ‘9 Dit abetanally a of tho erganizaton's acts Curing he tax yr cre futher the exempt purposes of the supported oroaniztin(a) to which the oanestion was respenio7 fs," One Pert VI ently those supperted organizations and explein New thase aetitoe dive tunnered ther exerrprurcoses, ‘how the amgavzaton was responsi fe those supporied ortanentons, and ow the oiganaaten deterred thet nese actintes cansitutedsubssantity abe tsacttes. bb Did the aetiutioe deserbos in (a) corettute actus that but or she orcanlzation’sinvolvoment, ona or rore ofthe caganizations supported organizations) would ave neon engagadt fe," expla iy Part VIthe reesons fr the organization's postion thats ucported oroanzaton(} would nave engaged in these activities but forthe oxganation's inven! 3 Pent at Supported Orgarizatens. Answer (a) and b) below. ‘Did the organization neve te power ta rag erly apport oF elect mafory ofthe aco, rectors, ot trastozs of each ofthe supperted argarizations? Prove eas n Pant V bid the oxganizaion exercise a substantel degree af crecten over the peleice, programs, and actitas of ach tits supported orgenizatons? Yo," describe Part Vi tha co played by the organization i his op Tre orginiation supported a governmental entity. Dosenbe n Part VI ow you supported a goverment erty (ee insiwcto 20 Ef mae ane ‘School [Form 090 oF @00-E2) 2018 Seae A romooo esouen ane CNY Arts, Inc. 15- 0625350 pugeo [Part VT Type Il Non-Functionally Integrated 509[a)(9) Supporting Organizetions + Ll check nee the argnieton artis the tool Pa Tost oa ualivna trict on No. 20,1970 expan h Pan) ‘tier Type ll rowtureioaly legate suppertng crgnkations must compete Sections A tous E inetractons All Seetion A ~Aslunted Net Income es 8 ourert Yow {at ahor tem sapialgan 7 2 fecoveres of prior year dstbuions 2 ‘3 Othor gross income fee instuctons) 3 Ade thes 1 though 4 Depreciation and ception 3 (6 Porten sf aperaiing axpensos pad or Wouved fr production OF ‘collection of grc80 income or for menagemar, contseratlen, oF sralntewnee of croperty hel for reduction of ricoms (saa sbustions) “ 7_Othar expenses (sae hstucton 2 B_Adjastod Not Income siewact nee 5,6 and 7 hom nea) z Section 8 = Minimurn Asset Amount (8) Pir Yoar oan 7) Angiegate farmarket vaie af al non exempt ae ascot fee ‘nsrusion for short tax year or ase Nek fr part of yar: 2 Average monty value of secures = ‘b_Avorage monthly coh balsnicos we 1g Fae market vats of oth non axon ue assole te ‘Total ad ines ta, 1b, and te 16 ‘@Discount claimed for backs ge or ahr {actors expla W detail Part Vi 2 Asuisiton ndebtodness appicabie ty aNerenpT ane ASSETS z ‘2 Subtract ine 2 rom tne 1 3 4 Gash ceemed hot or exempt use, Enter H1/2% ef lne 9 fr greater amount, ee erst) 4 B_ Nat vakie of non axampruse sevels(oibvant the dom ine) s 6 Wutipip tna s by.035 ‘ 7 Racoverias of pno-year det buliow 7 2 Wiimum Asset Amount Gud tne 7 one) © Section © - Distributable Amour Ccarere Year [L_Agjsted nat income lor er year (Fam Sesto A, tne 8 Gouin AL n 2 Enter B66 of no 2 ‘3 Winnum asset amount fr pri year rom Section B, the 8, Cournn A 3 “4 Fntor greater of iw? one 4 ‘5 trcome fax mapoeed npr yaar 5 “6 Dictributable Amount. Subtact Ine 5 om Hne 4, urless subject to emergency temporary rection (69 inctucton) 6 7 LT check here ifthe curent yearis the organization's fist as @ nontunctionally integrated Type ll Supporing organization (620 Insti), ‘Scrodule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2010 Senecio a gomano xseoenzoia CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 Pago7 [Part V] Type Ill Non-Functionally Integrated 509(a)(0) Supporting Organ ts Soction D - Distributions Gumen Year 1 Amounts ped to supported organizations io ecoompish exanat prpcaoe 2 Areata to penform acivay hat dieety furthers exempt supose of acepared erqarizmtions, hr oxceas of come tom emntative expenses paid 1 aScemplsh © eri puposes ol mippared oigaalatons Arun paid 1 dequrs DOM uED asses ‘Qualed sot aside amount [prior IAS epprova reauied ‘Other dstibutons (des-rbe in Par VD. Se instuctons. Total annual dstributlons. Add ines 1 vous 6 Cision fe ati suppovted aggnizatons t Which the ogaralion & reap (proveo detain Bart Vi). Seo inensctone ‘2 Disib.tabte amount for 2018 trom Secton 6, ine 5 30 Line 0 rncant vided by foe ancunt : Undectit Dist hua ection E - etnuton Allocation (2 srt seess Distributions | Underdstrixtions rbutable ai ene ret re.20%8 Amount for 2018 1 ist ytable mount for 2018 from Soetion One 8 2 Unwiwdst-butors, any, fr years oor to 2018 (ease secs muir expan inPart Vi. See nstuctions. __brcose letnutions carnover, any, 20 2018, 9 From 2018 1b FromZon4 fe Fran 2015 From 2018 n ramZOWr Totolet nas sa rough S| a nppied to undordetrbutions of pie yours h n i Apples 10 2018 dstrbulable anal Carryover rom 2015 not appled (see instielion omaincar. Subtract ines, 9, 3903 eon 4 Disributons fer 2018 from Seotion lige 2 8 2 Appled to underasirbutons of pbx years 1b Appling 102018 dstButable ameunt ‘© Hemaincer Subtract bos 4a and 2b RAE “ Remaireng uncerdatibstons ter years poy 15.2018, # ny. Subtract ines Og end 4a ram Ino For aout creator man 2010, explain in Part VL. Seo instrsctions _Rerabing uncorisiibtons fr 2046, Sublact tines Oh land 4b rom ine 1, Forrest grastr than er, expan Part Vi. So9instvetor, 7 Excess distributions carsyover te 2019, Addins 3) end 4. @_Greaxcoun of ina 2 bxe0ss tom 2004 bb Excess tom 2018, 1c Excess han 2016 ‘Excess tom 7017 Excess torn 2018 “Schedule A (Fonn 900 © 890-EZ) 2016 Schesuie A (Form 900 or oven sore CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 pues [Part VI] Supplemental Information. Prove tho oxanaions rqured by Paci ipe 10: Pea tro (Tar 17; Pert re 12, Par IV, Sectun A. rs 1,2, 84,5, 4b, 46, 3a, 84 Sb, 9, 71a, 11D, and Te; Part ¥. Section Q, Ines | end 25 Part i, Seaton lin ts art N. Seeson ones 2 xc 2 Par V’ Sewn & lnas te, 2a 20, A ni Part, he Part W. Secon ie Yes Part ‘Seeton 0, nea, 6, and 8: and Pam V, Section E fines 2.5, and & Alco carols tha part er any adctional rtomaton. (See einictons: fam one “Senede A (Form 990 990-52) 2078 paieaile.B: Schedule of Contributors | scaled 0e7 (Form 4 Aah to Form 99, Form 920-€2, or Fore eee vce berryursparrennamo tr tigi Riera, 2018 ‘Name ctife organization ‘Employer ideniicaion numer CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 ‘Organization type (Check one) Filers of ‘Section: Form 990 0° 99062 [X) sonjex 3 y(onter number) organ zation 1 ea7akt) noneseret charitable trust not treated as a private foundation 27 poiticat ereaneaton Form S90 PF 1 Sorex) exempt private foundttion 2) coarayy nonoxerpt etait tr 1 501 0x8 tts privato toundotion “Greek f your orgarlzation is covered by te General Ruleo' 2 Special Ful. Note: Only 4 sectin 805(eK7), (0 {1 olganzation can ongck texes for bath the Genera Rule anc a Snecal Rue. See istractons, General Rute CH Foran ergantzation tting Form 990, 9907, oF 980-°F that received, during the year, contributions totaling $5,000 or mars (in wroney oF oporty) rem any ono eontrautor. Campo Parte | aI. Seainstuctons fr detaining a cortzuto's ttl conus. Special Rules 1 Foran organization deserved in section 801 (6)() ting Form 989 oF 880-£7 wat met the 33.1/G% support tes: of the regulations under feerons £00) and 17000140), that eheckad Seed A (Fm 996 cr 8907), art the T2, 16a, or 180, and hat recelved from anyone contrbxtcr, during the ea" ol contrigutons otha qeater of (1) $5,000, er 2) 2% of ne mount cn () For BDO, Part VI, Hoe th, ot) Form £90.62, fre 1. Complete Peits | anc [1 Foran crganizaton ceseribed in section 601 (0}7), (8). cr (10) fling For 980 or 930-42 that raceived fram any one contributor, during the oa, total eontiraLtons ol mers than $! G00 Wecksilyferratgous, chantabie, scent, Rerary, x erucatel purposes, oor the rovention of erste children or arial, Carplats Parts antonng "MIA" mn esluma @)intead othe eartibutor name and acess), Nyane h 1 Foran erganeation cesertned in section 501(e\7), (8), (10) fling Farm 890 or 930-27 that received irom eny one oontibutor, during the: oa", contrbutlone ecUswe for elgic, chartabla, ef. purposes, Dut no suc contuttons talc move then $1,000 ths box Ischecked, enterhere the totel eontbuloe hat were raceivad ng the your for an eli reljous, cramtabie, et. ‘purpose. Dont complete ary ofthe parts unless the General ule enpis to this organiztien neeauna recived nonexciushaly relia, ehartase, et, cort/Rullns toiling $5,090 a more during the year me Caution: An crgan zation that en? coverod by he Goer Hue ardor ihe Special Rules does fle Schedule B (Form £80, 95027, 0° $80PR, but it must answer "No" on Part line 2,0 Form €90; or chesk the ex on fre Heo Re Form 990 EZ or on is Frm 90.Pr, Pat n02, 10 ‘cvily tut t dows" meet He fing requirements of Stuedale B (Form 980, €20-Z, or 890-PP. THA For Paperwork Roaustion At Wale, See ie npTcuons for For 950, O.EE, or S00-PF ‘Siete B (Farm B95 BOOED, or 900PA ROT] Schedule B Fann 999, 89967, oF 990PR) 2018) ‘Name of organization Page? Employer Caniealion nomber CNY Arte, Inc. 15-0625350 Part | Contributors (ass netting) ce cupteate copies of Parti actonal apace is redo. @ ® © No. Name, addroca, and ZiP +4 Total contributions 1 | New York State Council on the arts 300 Park Ave South $ 511,947. | Nencosn J (Comelote Pan it New York, NY 10010 oneash cortibutions) @ eo @ @ No. Nemo, adress, and ZIP +6 “otal coninibutonns _| Type of contsibution 2 | Onondaga county Peroon 3X) Poyrot’ = [_) 421 Montgomery St $1,040,796. | Noncash (Cemolste Pan ter Syracuse, N¥ 13202 @ 8 @ No. Neme, adress, nd ZIP + “Type ot contribution 3| Empire State Development Porson KJ Payot = [_) 625 Broadway 5 330,472. | Noncasn 7] (Cerpiete Part itor Albany, N¥ 13202 rroncash cortibutons) @ G © @ No. Name, address, and 21P 4 Total contributions | Type a contribution Porson [1] Payot! (_] ’ Noneash [—] (Complete Pat or ‘noncash sortbtions,) @ ® @ @) No. Name, oddress, and ZIP +4 Totalooniriutions | Typo otcontiouton Person [1] Payot =) ‘ Novas J Complete Par itr ronsach contri) o @ @ No. Total conerutions | type of contribution a Person [_] Payot (_} $ Noncash J (Compiete Par ior Fncash contributions) mer neew Sea Form 50, 900-57, or SOTTO ‘Sohedule 0 Foxm £00, 99062, ee 890PF (2016), Page 3 ae Sa aon me cNY Arts, tne. 150625350 Parti Noncash Property weehsruciow] Use aici rps oa Vata pe de @ 3 = te % evgemenaen oe Sanne Sone ci a basa eehed at oeerabacon) er @ Sei had FMV (or estimate) fe oe itn dient raitk stat Daetetoe = (colasaion) @ @ ~ o FMV (or estimate). * ton Damion of inert en Fur ait eet @ a No, te) FMV (oF estimote) te ees cit aren oo rae sae Dos ecb ett a te mo. 5 a from, Description of noneash property given EMV forees 0 Date received bid ot ‘el 7 @ io te MY (or estimate} @ a SacenaN are RIE Om ri in itt ind Pont Senate (Fow 90,BUOEE, oF 9O-PFT OTE) Schedule B (orm 990, 9902, or 980.PF) 2018 Pago ‘Name of ergantzation Empleysr eoniiieation number ONY arts, Inc. 15-0625350 Bart TI excnswey ens chants ae, comnrions wo Sgarraane Fee w Reon HTT] BH oT) Wala move an STOO ke We Foot {vom any ona coiibuorCargite cour (a troup lan the folowng inaety For rgmnanos ‘Shrvctg hh sth tes ragcsemene se counteract £4000 a let eer awe) 8. Usp duploate copies of Pat If acalicnal sac i noel, TNS: from {by Purpose of ait (ci Useot att (€) Description of how sit is held 1) Tranater ot rt Transteree's nae, adress, and ZIP +4 elatlonship of transferor to transferee Tans or, (0) Purpose of git (ci Ueoet ott {e)Deseription of now sit is hele (o Transfer of at Traneforce's nome, addreee, and ZIP 4 4 tionship of transferor to wansteree TaN: fer, (0) Purpoes of git (eluseot ait {€) Description ot how git is held (a Transtar of ait Trorttoree's name, ecdress, and ZIP +4 Folotionship of wensforor to transforse “TaN. fon (©) Pumnose of eit (0) Use of att (1) Desorption of how git ie hole Te) Tranetor of at Teansereo's name, acdross,and ZIP + 4 Relationship of transteror te transforoe Face noe Schedule 8 Form 10, 00.2, o 9O-PFI BOT) SCHEDULE C Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities Sess ey (romero. 2018 Open to Public Inspection zations Exempt From income Tax Under sactlon 80{{o) and section S27 cuarhrite waany | PP COmbIete the arsenization a describadbolow. P Attach to Form OD or Form #90 hors Rorse were Goto umurirs.geu/Form990 Yor Instructions a te latest information, Iftne arganivation answered “Ves” Form 990, Part IV, line, er Farry 200-2, Pert line 46 (Pelice! Campaign Aotwti), then '® Section £01 (6X3) erganlatiens: Compete Pars (A and B. Do not compete Patt IC ‘Section £61 (thor than saction 60") organizations: Conlote Parts A and © below, Do not completa Part ' Saction 627 organizations: Complote Part LA ony. tthe organization answered "Yes," on Ferm 900, Pat V, line 4, er Ferm 990-EZ, Part Vine 47 [Lobbying Astvities), then # Section 501/2X3) organizations that have fied Fosm 5768 (lection under section SO1(N) Complete Pert I-A, Do net compte Het # Section #014eX3) organizations tat have NOT ited Fonn 3768 (decton unde! section 6OY(h): Complete Pat I-2, Do not complete Fast tA It tho organization ancwored "Yes" on Form 900, Part I, line 5 (Proxy Tax) (see separate Instructions) or Form 900-E2, Part, ine Se (Proxy “ay (see separate inlevctions), thar © Section Sot}, 5), 16) xgarizations: Comte Pat ams of organzchon Eplayer Wentfioation sumbar CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 [Part -A| Complete Ff the organization 1s exempt under seot1on SOTIG) oF 1s @ section 527 organization: 1 Provide a desertion ofthe organization's drect end increctpoltioal compoign actos Part iv 2 Paltcal campaign aeity neendias bs 8 Volunteer hours for potical campaign acivtes [Park S]_Complote if the organization Is exempt under section SOTTE)(). [Enter the amount of any excise fax incurred by the omanization uncer socio 4955 ¥e 22. Ester te amount of any excise tax brand by organization mangers under eoetion 4055 ms 8. tho organization curves a section 4855 ty, le Fon 4720 for tis yea’ Tyee Wo 4a Was a correction made? = Lye Lino an" cesetbo Pact [PRET SC Srr pate te oxgantaTion Ts exempt under soatTon BOTS), except socTon SOTTETST. 7 En react dieciy expended by he ig ceitn fr soalen 7 exempt uncon actos. PS 2 Enter re aneunt fe tng ergarizan's unde conrbed other erential secon 27 ‘ner funetion activities = : ms ‘9. Total exept function eaporsiewres, Ad Ines ¥ end 2, Exo here end on Form 112060, ina 170 . ms. “4. D4d the Sg onganzaton the Forrn 1120-POL for this yea”? Tres No 55 Enter tho namee, adstoee9s and ompcyaricentification number IN) ofall section 527 polica! organ izatens to whi the ing organization ‘made payments, For exch organization sled, iter the amcunt paid ‘er the fing rganlaton’s hinds. Ala ontr the aaunt of potest onirbutons received tha" ware primpily and dtecy Celveted to a sozeratepoltica organization, such es a separate segregated fund ora paltical acton committe (PAC), dla spacais needed, prove nformtic in Part fay name (adaess aE (Arun pac iem | _(e)Amontet palical fing orgenvaton’s |eontibutonsrecaied and funde Wom, entor|- promiy ard drecty elverod ta a seperate ‘oltical organization For Paperwork Reduction Act Moti, see te Instructions Ter Form 860 or BB0-EZ. “Gohodule © (Form 090 or 090-62) 2078 La Scneauie € (rom 990 or s80E7) 2018 CNY Arts, Inc 15-0625350_ Paez fomplete The organization is exempt under section ‘ae 7mm B7EE Teloction undor section 501th). check & [_T me ting arganvation neknga ean allinjed group Gd ist n/PaikW wach allated grup embers name, addres, EIN, ‘npensee, and share ct excess obaying expendtures) B Chock [1 ifthe fing organization checked box A and “limited contrct” provisions appl Lits on Lobbying Exzensdtures (the tarm Yexnensltures* means amounts gale or ineurrec) ring | @)Aifated group corgarization= Totals totes “a Total bbbpng expec tores to mtvancs pubis opin (rads Toots [ODD 'b Tota aboying expences ein tenes egiatve body (ect ebbying} {¢ Totallobbying exeerctues (edd ines 1a and 1b) df Otver exempt purpose expenditures 1 Total exempt purpose expenditures ads ines 1e anc 1e) # Loobying nontaxable cunt. Eur aout Wer he tow taken bet columns inte amount mie 1, corn a) [8]; [The loboying nontaeable arcunt is: et over 8500.900 20% ol the amount en ine Te, ‘Gver $500,000 pur not over $1,000,000 | $100,900 plus 15% ofthe xccss over $500 00. ‘Gvor $1,000,060 But not aver $1,500,000 | S175,000 plus 104 ofthe excess ove $1,000,005 [ver $1.60, But nt ve§17.000,00 | $225,000 pa 5% 6 tha oes cw $1,500.00 Over 617,000,000 $1,003,000. “Graseracta noniakabls wat ener Rb ate ‘Subtract ne 1g om tne te I2e16 ox ks, ene 0 ‘Subtract ne 1f ram ine 16. 1 2ar9 ress, semer It thete an emeunt other ten 2ere-on oir Ino 1 or Hs Il de he organtaton Me om 4720 inguin section 4911 tx or this you? “4-Vear Averaging Period Under Section 501(n) [Some o-aanizations thet made 9 seston 50) election do not have to complet all ‘Soe the eoparate netrtions ferns 2a through 20) Lobbying Expendiiures During 4 Year Averaging Period Tyes [1 We. of the five columaselow. CGalondar yoor 2] 201 pp) 20 (e207 (erica! year beginning) (ajz018 e208 ley wane (Tota! 2a Lobbying nontaxable amount ‘Lobbying cally amount [150% of tie 2a, cokirnde) Total obbying expencttures Grassroots ronlaxable amcunt ‘GrasHoots cling wnat (150% offre 20, coun) 1 Grassi00%slobbyins excenciturcs ‘Sehede © (Farm 950 960-7) 2018 Scholle C(Com990.0 S002) 2018 CNY Arts, Inc. 150625350 Page complete Ir the organization 1s exempt under Section SOTENG and hias NOT Tiled Form S768 {election under section 504¢h). Fix eich Vox ajar on nes Ta Dough 1 Below, provide Ph Pan 7 Geiahed deserter a foftneeboyng setinty ve | % mE 7 Gang he yoo ci ho fing agar atarot once Tron aera a or ] ibcalinpstton old ay aflemet to ntvenoe sue cpiian on allie atin | ‘or reread um, dough sha uso of a Volunteers? _x Pais stat! er managemert|nctde oorapansalon w) aqiensas eparied on Ines te through 17 x 2 Modi acvertiomente? x Maire to members, eaststors, othe pubic? XE 1 Pubteauons, ot pubtshed or brcadoast stares? + Grants to other owganzetians for anoying purpases? a ¥ 19 Direct contact wth giao, thelr tet, government tists ora lags ate bay? x hy ellos, domoratratiors, emirate, eorventions, speach, eoturcs or ary simisr mesns? ¥ i Other activities? x 20,000. | Total dd ines 46 ugh 7,000. 23 Dd tre actos ne | ee th egarwrlin To he 0} described 9 Seeson SOTCIEN? = 'b I¥e9\" antarthe amount oF any tax nourtes under section 4912 "Yes" enter the eraunt of eny tax nour by organization mansgars under seston 4312 1 tng organization ‘nqured a spetion 4912 ta, sit fle Form 4720 ou tis [Partli-ay Complete i tho organization is exempt under section 501(e](@), section SOT(E)@), oF section 504(6}6). Yer [We 4. Weresubstentily at (©0% or mere) due recaved noncodunto by members? i 2 Ck the crgmicaton minke nly fvhause lbyng axcenditure of $2,000 ore? “i td the coantvaton agiee 1 carry over obiing and ysis compas ecivty excenaures rom te prot your? |" B] Complete if the organization ia exompt undor section 601 (c)(4), section 501(c)(5), or section 150% c)(6] and if either (a} BOTH Part Ill-A, lines 1 and 2, are answered 'No," OR (b) Part IlleA, line 3, is answered "Yes." 7 tues, assessments and snilar amounts torn weber 2 Sector 182(9 nondeductbleleabying ard poitial enencstues (do not include amounts of poitica| txpentee for wnicn the sactlon 8774 tax was pai 2 Currert year . is ' Gatryover erie yoar 2 © Total [2] 3 Aggregate zmaunt repcrted in section 8038 1NA) ratices of endedeite section 1E2(o cues 3 4 tnatees ware sent ane the arnt ri 2c exc Ihe amourt on ine, what pon ofthe cace39 does te organization agree to earyever othe reaeontieestirate of roncecuce ying ard poll pendtre nxt yea"? 4 3 Taxable anant of odbyng one potica opensiucs eve neusiens) 3 Part IV | Supplemental Information Provo tne deepens requred or Part, An 7 Fan, rw & Pat TG, tne Pan WA aiised ron It Pa TA tes ¥ anc 200 Instructions); are Pat 1B, 1. Ake, compote ths Fart er any agonal information Part 11-8, Line 1, Lobbying Activities: employed Lobbyist _to review Upstate film oredits ‘Schedule G [Form S00 oF 980-E2) 2016 ‘SCHEDULE D Supplemental Financial Statements | an40 (Foe 990) > Complete if hs oxgenization apewored oe" on Farm 989, 2018 pariviting 6,7, 8,9, 18, tia, 11h te tig Ne, 1, 120,08 Tab. Cie on ay 'y itech to For 920. Ones Puta Sian aes eco to wns. gov ct for tnt vlan ade atest format Inspection "Namo of the erganizaion ‘Employer Wentifcation number CNY Arts, Tne. 15-0625350 Part] ] Organizations Malntaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Similar Funds or ACCOUNTS. complete the organization arwred "Yea" on Form 000, Part, re 8. aaa ERTS anda SORT 4 elari atyt 2 Aguas ae of ems [aus ya 3: agp ae of gen to (aha ya) 4. Nepagetataed syt f Shinocitaun tie w aGSNee ae LALGTh alg uaies ane RG naaWTaRD Da Sete miosis our Ligeti Piscine neal kieh et ve One 8 Gls aqematon oman conor sree este merino jm ic co Bad x Torchaabe purpecos an otter tho not of he Gone o” Conor advacr, ra anyother orpose cone _ Inperrisbie pee brett? vee no [Parti [Consorvation Easdmants. Corsica tw argon anew Vee" oo FarntB0 Par Nine 7 Purposes of coneavaen ensemens rei ly ta onarzabon checkal Tt pb) Prevevatonoftardtr pute ws 9. reseaton oed.enton) [1 Presevaton ofa stay inparant land area (protectin of natural nat (presents ofa cared isioie since Premio of sr ase 2 Complete ina 2a hyoug 2 opaaten ok’ a quid conserva contrition ne fom 8 canzoni asa on thoes ey of ho tax year, ald aha End ofthe Tas Year ‘© Total numbor of conservation eaeoments |, 2a fb Total acreage testtoe by conaowation casement a [2 | (6 Number of conservation asernants ona certified histare structure intuded in a) 20 (6 Number of conservation easements relided i (9 neater 725,06, ard not ona historic sructure lst in tha National Register 2a 2. Number of eansenuaton aasemanis rode, anstrr:, rebaased, oxiigusted, of trinated by the organization during Whe lax year 4 Number of'sintes where pronerty subject to conservation ease ment ie located | Does the oroantzation have a writien poley regardira the pesodis moritoring inspection, handing of \losstions, and enfercement ofthe conservation easements i nid? Loves Lino 4G Steff ene volunteer hours devoted to montarng,inspacting,Tanding of valtions, and enforcing canservalion easemants during the yoor > 7 Aemount of exaenses Incurred in menvoting, Insoeating, handing of viclalions, and enforeng censarvation easements ding the year mS 8 Do2s each cansenvaiion easement reported an ina 2(0) abave sarsty he requkemen of section 17O(RKAKON jon TORN? Dives Cone 2 In Par XIN, desorbe haw the orgenzat on reports sorervation sacemonts In Rs feYerWe and expense statement, and balance shaet, arc include, # appeable, the text of the feotnate tothe organization's financial sistoments that dosendes the erganzation’s accounting for “consarvation easoman's Irganizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets. Complete the organization answered "Yes" on Form 990. Part I, ine 8. 4e Iithe arganization eesied, 8 pernitiod under SEAS 176 [ASC 858), nat to report ine ravenve statement and Balanion shit works of at historcal veasures, or other similar assets held fer public exhintion, educction, cr racearch in furthararWe of pubs servic, provide, n Part, ‘the text ofthe footnote fis france stsiorants that eescites these tems. bb It tho organization slected, as pemited unser SFAS 116 (ASG 952), to report steven statement and balance sheet works ofa historical ‘treasures, of othor similar sets held for puibke ashisition, education, or research in furtherance of puolc service, provide the folawing amounts redating to these ters: (0. Revenue incest on Form $80, Part Vil, na t ms (i) Assets inctudet in Form 990, Pan X a 2 It tne orqanivatien received or hk works of at, historical treasures, or cthersimtar assets for nahcal gan, provkse the folowing amounts raquired to be reported uncer SFAS 116 (ASG 958) relating fo these items: cn oer 1 Revere Inchided an Ferm 980, Part Ml inet ms Assets nclucos in Form $60, Fat ps THA For Paperuark Reduction Act Notice, see tho Insiruetions for Fenn 980. ‘Sonedule D Ferm 090) 2078 SchaduedGangeg 2018 CNY Arte, Inc. 15-0625350 Pago? [Parti] Organizations Maintaining Collections of A, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assetecontinsss ‘2 Using the organizaton' accusiion, secossion, ane other sarc, check any o The olowng that we a Ignficant seo ts colecion erie (heck of mat app a C1 Pubic extisiton & 1 Leen or exchange pragrame 1» [1] senctary researc e Clomi ¢ [1 Preservation tor future generations 4 Providaa cocoon ofthe olganzaton's calections and explin how they hither he erganiaton's exten purpose in Part Xi, ‘8 Dating the year, cid the organization solst or acevo darations ofa historial eases, or ctr sir ass ‘to be sold to taive funds rather than to be mabntained a3 part of the erganiznton's collection? Dyes 1 Wo Part IV] Escrow and Custodial Arrangements. Conpicte ifthe rgeristen ansyered "Yes" er Form $90, Par, Boe, or repattd on meant on Farm 600, Pat X no 21 Ta lathe organation an ago. usien custecian o oher intermediary for conbitons or other asses ol heked ‘on Form 990, Fart x? Dyes Tne 1 1f"¥es.* expin the engementn Port il are complet the fatowna tab Amount fe aging natance stan te Adttens ounng ne year 16 © Distrbutians ding tho year 1 1 Encing balance w 2a Did the erganization incuce an amaunt on Form 960, Pet X, ino, for eacrow or ouetodtl account lay, ver We b Ht "¥es,* eyptain the evtangerent in Pert Kil. Check home ifthe explanation hes beer provided on Pert Xi O [Part V_ [Endowment Funds. Compie tha oanwatka arswored "Yes" on Farm 380, Prt Iv te 10. fa} Curent yaar [__(o)Psoryear | (e) Two yes tack [a Tice ars bask | (o Four ns bask 4a Begining a year balance bb Contatmtions = a © Netirvesiment earings gins, and oases Gears or conolaranps ‘© Other expenelture fer lattice grams 1 Acininsative expenses End of year balance aed 2 Provide the estimated percentage o to caront year end atx (ina 19, Cou fl) Pek aS ‘9 Board designated er quasi-endownent % > Penanent xvionmont % © Tamsorarly restctee endownent % ‘ie porsentagas on Ines 22, 2, and 25 shoud enV 10058 ‘39. Arothero endowment funde net he possession of the exganiztin that are hell are aciinistere forthe organization by (@) veiated orgenizatons (i) solatoo organizations bb if*¥eston ine 3a, oro the rlated organizations fst as requred on Schedule A? 4 _Dosenive m Bart F the intended uses ofthe organization's erlowrment uns Part Vi_| Land, Buildings, and Equipment. Complete ithe organization anewared "Ve on Fein 900, Part, na 119. See Fem 990, Par, bre 1. Description al prepety (eGost orcther | (@)Coskorathor | (o)Accumuiaied ] eBook vate basis (rvostmen) | basi (othe) erection Ye Lend 1 Buon — ¢ Leasehald improveenants © Equipment Taz, 515, 39,475, CEPELOn other ‘Total Ac tines 1a twoush Ye. (Coun (must equal Form 990, Pa K coun B) ine 105) > Bs, 440. “EchecialeD (Form 960) 2018, Senscvle oromooyz0i _ ONY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 paged Part Vil Investments = Other Securities. Complot i tho organization aneworac "Yes" on Frm €00, Part ne 1b. 99 Form 990, Par No 12. [aT EASE an at Seaunty ar Faby pokes reel omy) [TBI Book value Tel Method ol valuation: Cost or maar (Financia cemvatnes (2) Cteeelyho equry rearosts (3) omer w 8 ©) o a ia (o ww “ul Go) ot oud Form 990, Pa ol [we Part Vill] Investments - Program Rolated. Compote Ihe organization wiewsrod "Veo" on Form 600, Pst V, fro 119. Seo Fo1m000,Par Kine. Ta) Dosaepten af nveeront iBjseokvaue Te) Method of vation’ Cost or end 6 yaar mak van Teal (Glo) mst eqal orm 900, Pax cl [B) ne 9 fart thor Assets. Compete ithe arganizatlon anewared “Ye 09 Form £50, Pet WV, Ene it See Foe 990, Par X tne 15. a Descrpon yaaa vals re ol, (Sobran) mast equa Fora 990, Part K col (apie TE) PartX | Other Liabilities. Complete ithe oranriation answered "Yee" on Form 000, Pat, 110 011. Sco Form 00, Bart X [no 26, (a) Description of abity Tp} Bo5% vas Facer income axe Tota, (oure (us equal Form 990, Part X col (eS) > 2. Lab ‘or uertsin tax poations In Pa XIN, roMis the txt oth Yootneto Tote argariaon stare satements Hat eporte te organizalion’s abil for uneerisin tex gositons under FIN 48 (ASC 740), Chock here i tho tent of the fooinate has bean provided in Part x1] ‘Schedule D (Form 600) 2018 Scrocule 0 fom oonoo% CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 posed Part XI_] Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return. Complete if the organization answered “Yes” oa Form 990, Prt NV le 12a Tatalvavere, gains, and ether spar per alied nancial saiemente ri fAmconts ncused on ine 1 but not on Fox 940, Part Vil ine 12: Not unrealized gins fooaes) on mvestnonta Donated services ane une tees Recoveres cf pricr year grants eS Other (Desorive in Pat xh) 2a ‘Add ines 23 through 2d 20 ubvect ine 20 rom tine 1 2 ‘Amount included on Form 000, Pat Vi, Ine 72, Et nat on ne t: Investrent expenses aot oluded on Foun 890, Pat Vl the 7b 1b Otter Descrbe in Part Ml) © Add nas 4a ant 0 ao Totairoverue, Ace tnes J and ae. (ins mus equal Form 860, Pate 12) 3 Bart XI] Roconclliation of Exponsos per Audited Financial Statements With Expenses par Return Complete! he organization arewored "Veo" on Form 600, Pat WV, foo 12a. le le. ee 7 Tolar expensos and losses por audited fancal stionents rr ni 2 Amaunte notded on ina | but net on Farm 990, Pert, ne 25) 12 Donaied corviet and ute of acitice 2a Prior yearad stents 2 © Other bsses 2 1 Gther Beser te Par XL) (eal 2 Acd ines 2a owough 26 2 2 Subtract ne 20 from tne 4 3 4 Amaunts inckades on Form 260, Pet ine Z9, outnet en Ihe 1 1 Invesiment exnenses nat inuded cn Form 990, Part Vl ine 7b 4a Cmer Messrte in Pan xi) 2 “Total emponsoa_ Add §nos 3 ans de. (tus must equal Form WO, Part |, ne 18, Cs] [Ea inf Supptertertal Information. Prove he desziplions requted for Part, ties, 5, ww 9; Pa ina Ya ani Part W, inca Then 2b, Pan V. lho 4 Pat tre & Pat, ‘nes 26 and ay and Pare, ines Zt and Aso complete tis prt te prowde ay acne ifraton. Teron ‘Schedule D Form 880) 2076 SCHEDULE! (Form 990), Grants and Other A: Governments, and Individuals in the Complete tthe organization answered "Yes" cn Farm 990, PartIV, tine 2 er 22. sistance to Organizations, 2018 apart ote Tare ‘Open te Pubic Ina earn Eaoe D> Go to wweirs.gou/Far900 for the iatest information. Inspection iiame of he erganaation ] Employer identification number 15-0625350 ain records to eubetantiat te ameunt ofthe grants oF aesitarce, the grantees) slglbiy ior the genta o assistance and he selection = CX] no ered "Yes" on Form 880 Pat N, fie 27, for ay gent Poundetion Ine 441 ST = Syracuse IY 1: 36-1546334 fonier core Foundation, he ARTRAGS GALLERY PO DOx 6865 Syracuse, 8Y 13203. 6-1269903_b03/0)(3) 150616899 boa/e)i3) s4-se694a1 goate)(3) | ‘Schodule | (Ferm B00} (2078) Sensovie |irormgoo) _CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 ago art ll] Contiwation of Grants and Other Assistance to Governments and Orgonizaticns in the United Statos (Sonedule [Form 290), Part) men (eRe section | (amount of | (eyAmount ot | (| Metnodot | (@) Descricton of (ny Purpose of grant “fappieasie | “easheant | ror vawaion — |noncash assistance oressistance asestance | (book FMV, | appraisal othe) | o1.e)(3) _ 27.190, “ pits & culture 7 | ga-79986ai 0110019 8,000, © sree culture yor? DMesevary Center S00 8 PRANLIN sr cacuse_ NY 15203 22-429156% _50266)(2) 197.080, 0, ste & Culture Musial Aesociates of Centzal Bow York - PO ROX 1161 ~ syracuse, HY a207 1080817 onc) sen.24p.| 0, sete § culture es-esrsser_boriedi3 3609, 9 rte & Cults 26-6023200 Beate cove 5.295 9. bs 6 culture ag-asesers boats1(3) 34,000 o. ete & culture | a7-sas0a36_bortei(21 6.200 0 wee & culture Redhouco Arte Center 201 s west st Syracuse, wv 23202 22-2365663 BO2(cI(31 39.50 Arts « culture ‘Schedule | (Ferm 960), Sehosisiifomso CNY Arts, Inc 15-0625350 pases [Pore | Gontnuouon of rancs and Other Aasietance to Governors ond Organizaions inthe United Sites Gobedue (orm S50) Par (a) Name and addroes of (EN (ey!ACascton | (@)Arountot | (9) Amount ot {) Description of (h) Purpose of gant organzation or government Pappicabe | cashgrant | noncash roneash accistarce crassictance Boaercay 2.050 0 = ee 4 culture: si-oasss60 s.s00 2 hts culture syracuse City 7926 sozron> > ae-1530825 berceics) 32.010 © ts & cul gersssere berceics 32,550 9 L pte 4 culture syracuse opera 70 Box 3213 Serecuse Wy 13201 | ai-7is7e6s Bose 13) 2.230 ® wee 4 culvure Syeacuse Poster Project Ine 207 rau ave, Syracuse. HY 12206. 21=2472515 501643) z 9.540, © eg cults Shakespeare Festival Comp | VETTE §7 AM Syacuse, wy 13202 oi-0758900 S01 te (3: 10 300 © ayes ¢ cult T Syracuse siege 420 GENESEE So syracuse, Wy 12210 s501¢0)¢3 o farts ¢ culture 13202 15-052978_lsoaceyia) 25960. 9 beta culture ‘Sehedule| (Form 989) Screduie | Parti )__CNY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 Page t ion of Grants and Other Assistance to Governments and Organizations ih the United States (Schedule (Pom 890), Part il) Name and adcress of (wy tv e|ROsection | (gyAmaunt of | (eyAmaunt of | (Method ot _(@) Descrinton of () Purpose of grant organization or government it acpleael ‘cach grant norvcash austen | noncash assisance orassistance assistance | _ (book, FWY, apprasal, omen) 200d You Plus Ine 2270 Sen ave ow Yor’, s¥ 10028 832898415 _§ corporation a6 s sbe_¢ eulcure 350 # FAVEDTE so ‘Sviaeuae 01 19202 9-2020607_503(e)(3 6,500, 9, 208 & colzure Syracuse Chilarea'e Theatre 700 w mamTUS 67 B Syracuse. MY 13057 a6-a5577e6 [0a1e}13) 5,920, 2, rte & Culture: byeneuse chosaie ine 0 Box 402 Suracuse nr 23206-0002 __| 16-6052946 _on/e)i3) 5.009 a, ere g culture Syracuse Ccnmaity Choir ine ott alceR st acuse_ NY 15710 sg-rg0r612 ore) (9> 3.509 io sts « culture Syracuse Yocal Snseable Syracuse, NY 13217 au-asisoes borteo is: 6.350. seu athe Roxbury Acts Group Po Box 9 Roxeucy. s¥ 128 sa agns3es S0n¢e)/3: s,000,| 0 te & culeure Saeaiel Form Sohociul | Form 980) (2018) NY Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 Page Part | Grants and Other Asvistance to Domestic Indhicuals, Compete the ergarizalon answered 'Yes" on Form G00, Par IV, ino 22 Fat can be dupicatea racdrional space ie noased (@) Type o grant assistance [p)Numaerof | fe) Amourtet [(@)Amount otnar-] (ep Method of valation | (@) Desorption of noncash assistance: fecienis | casngrart | cash assistance | (S205, HV, peracal, other) ARIS_AND COUTURE, 31340 6 | [parti] Scpplemental information, Pmvige te iowa ing iad Part tne 2: Pant ll elu (2); and wy ether additional information. som oe ‘Schedule | (Form 890) (2018) SCHEDULE O Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ (Fem 999 or 900-62) Conrplete to provide infermation for responses fo specific cvestions on erin 880 er 930-27 oF to pou ary atonal format on. Degen iT ‘> Attach to Form geo er so0-Ez. Heenan Do to wwe ins gou/Fr¥M000 fo the latest infermation, Name cf tre organization Employer idonifieation number cny Arts, Inc. 15-0625350 Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 11b: he Board reviews the 990 before it is filed. Form 990, Part VI, Section B, Line 12¢ How does the Organization monitor and enforce compliance of the policy. (a) Prior to election to the Board, in the case of a Director, and prior to appointment and/or employment with the corporation in the case of Officers and employees, and thereafter on an annual basis, all Interested Persons shall disclose in writing on the Corporation's Dieclosure Statement, to the best of their knowledge, any Financial Interest such Interested Person may have. A copy of each disclosure statement shall be available to any Director of the Corporation on request. (>) 1f at any time during his or her term of service, a Director, Officer or employee acquires any Financial Interest or otherwise a circumstance arises which may give rise to a Financial Interest, that Financial Interest shall be promptly disclosed in writing to the President of the Board and the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committees of the Board in the case of Directors and Officers and to the President of the Board, or to any officer or employes appointed by the President of the Board, in the case of employees. _ (c) When any matter for decision or approval comes before the Board or any committee of the Board in which a Director, Officer ox employee has a Financial Interest, such Director, Officer or employee shall immediately disclose the Financial Interest to the Board or committee together with all material facts. THA Fer Paperwork Reduction Act NoUco, se the Instructions fer Form 850 or S00-EZ, ‘Shoal © (Form 9B0 o 980:E2) (2010) Schodle © Form 990 a veOED (2018) Pra 2 Heme ofthe orasnizaton Employer lenifeation pumber CNY arts, Inc. 15- 0625350 Form 990, Part VI, Section B, bine 1 Board Personnel Committee does annual review of the Executive Director. All members of that committee have significant experience in staffing reviews and understand staffing formulas from across the nation ang how it applies in our area Porm 990, Part VI, Section ¢, Line 1 All documents are available in office upon written notice. Form 990, Part VI, Section C, Line 19: All documents are available on the Guidestar website and are available to be reviewed in office upon written request. 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