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n Peter McNamara an office. Many workers want

quick lunches so they can get
emote working is not new. back to their duties, and usually
Since personal computing do not bother to bring a healthy,
and the internet came into balanced meal with them – most
its own in the late 1990s, peo- people end up eating either a light
ple have been clocking-in from snack or grabbing a bite from the
home. Up to this point, however, nearest cafe. Working from home
it has been a fringe phenomenon gives you the chance to maintain
– an arrangement you might come a healthy diet, not just because
to with a certain company under of time but also the availability
a certain manager – and certainly of a properly-equipped kitchen.
not a style of working most peo- The option of being able to take
ple would expect, or even desire. a break whenever you need is
Enter 2020. also a bonus and encourages the
The benefits of remote work- movement you need for staying
ing have been widely touted. It in shape.
has the potential to create a hap- One of the biggest draws for
pier workforce, who build work working remotely is the chance
into their lives and not the other to avoid the dreaded commute.
way around. It can lower business return to their former in-office many people, remote working – cannot cater to everyone. With Commutes have been getting
costs due to less need for office structure. But many others will quite simply – works. the flexibility to build your sched- longer and more expensive. For
rental. And it gives employers not. For some, this experiment has ule, you can work at the time and many people, it means hours
and employees the chance to hire triggered a prickling sense of un- The Benefits of Not place that suits you best. Added lost every day on getting to and
from and be hired from anywhere ease, with many people wonder- Showing Up to that is the potential for a bet- from work. Most companies also
in the world, spreading the net for ing: if I can do my job from home In 2018, about 216,000 people ter work-life balance. With a lot do not include commuting in the
potential employees as wide as in Dublin, London, Brooklyn or in Ireland opted for working from of flexibility in terms of schedul- work hours, so this comes out
possible, and giving those in less Canberra, could someone else do home or a co-working space. As ing, you can slot your work time of the employeesʼ personal time.
fortunate countries and situations it more cheaply from Sofia, Mum- of March 2020, it seems that any- around your free time, and hence, By working from home, you can
a leg-up. bai or Manila? Others have raised one and everyone is trying out can find more time to spend with save time and money. And given
Companies have long been re- concerns about workers rights in this way of life. your family and friends. Addition- the ever-increasing traffic on our
sistant to trying it out, chiefly due this new era of remote working, The potential advantages are ally, with this flexibility, you can roads, it’s not just better for the
to concerns around discipline and and question whether current leg- many. For one thing, employees also adjust your schedule depend- individual but also the environ-
productivity – if someone is pay- islation is fit for purpose. can enjoy much greater flexibil- ing on your day-to-day changing ment.
ing for your time, they want to For better or worse, companies ity. Working remotely allows a needs. Remote workers also find There are huge potential advan-
watch how you spend it. Every- and managers have now been person to plan their schedule as time to spend on their hobbies and tages for businesses also. With
thing changed with the pandemic, thrust into a world where this form per their individual preferences, improving their skills. the option to work remotely, geo-
and for the last 11 or so months, of working has, at the very least, as opposed to strictly adhering to On that note, working to your graphical barriers become nonex-
the world has seen a mass experi- been proven possible. While sur- the rigid schedule demanded by own schedule can have positive istent: all you need is an internet
ment in this way of life. veys and collected data from the the workplace. Individuals have health impacts. It can be difficult connection and a computer to be
When the Covid storm finally last year indicate that clocking-in different needs based on their per- to maintain a healthy diet and life- able to work. This means that a
passes, many jobs are likely to from afar is not for everyone, for sonalities, so the work schedule style when you are working from company’s potential talent pool

Pgs 4-5: Mother and Baby Pgs 6-7: Vaccines Page 14: New Fiction Page 19: Robbie Brady


Page 2 February / March 2021

meant that between 22 ers earning below the pre- These jobs are more likely
and 29% of US jobs were vailing minimum wage. to become “hybrid” after
already offshorable, or In Ireland, a leading HR Covid-19, with a mixture
would be within a dec- organisation has said that of office and remote days.
ade or two. Many lower employment conditions They may move out of cit-
skilled service-sector jobs need to be “significantly ies, but not countries.
did indeed move from the reviewed” in light of the The pandemic also
NewsFour Newspaper US and the EU to cheaper coronavirus pandemic, as highlighted the risks as-
is part of a DEASP countries such as India, much of the legislation in sociated with offshoring:
Community Employment from call centres to IT and place is not fit for purpose when some call centre of-
Programme back-office support. in an era in which remote fices had to be shut down
The current situation working is becoming the in India and the Philip-
NewsFour will undoubtedly accel-
erate this process. The
The Chartered Institute
pines staff didnʼt have the
laptops, internet access
has increased massively. people who are work- “new” offshoring is more of Personnel and Devel- or security clearance to
Editor Businesses could also see ing from home due to the likely to be via platforms opment, which represents work from home. Telstra,
Eoin Meegan huge cost savings by go- coronavirus are clocking such as Upwork and more than 6,000 Irish HR an Australian telecoms
ing remote, as having a up an extra 38 hours per Fiverr, which connect professionals, said more company, was badly hit by
Online Editor physical office space can month – the equivalent employers with freelanc- action is needed by Gov- shutdowns in the Philip-
Geneva Pattison bring huge rental fees. of an additional working ers for task-based work ernment and employers pines and decided to hire
week. What’s more, 56% and take a cut of the pay. to increase the opportu- 3,500 temporary staff in
Journalists One Year On: Should I of respondents to this sur- Engaging freelancers is nity and uptake of flexible Australia.
Eoin Meegan Stay or Should I Go? vey said they felt more more flexible and avoids working arrangements. So, after all this, it seems
Peter McNamara Now, almost a year into anxious or stressed about the risk of an outsourced They added that there that office jobs arenʼt go-
David Prendeville this great experiment, we work than before the office being closed. Up- was no legal entitlement ing to disappear – but the
Dermot Carmody have gathered data on how Covid-19 lockdown was work and Fiverr reported for workers to be granted past year might persuade
things have gone. Perhaps introduced. The lockdown 24 and 88% year-on-year part-time employment, companies to shrink their
Contributors unsurprisingly, the results is also having a greater revenue growth in the or a broad entitlement for “core” of permanent staff
Felix O’Regan have been mixed. It seems impact on the stress levels third quarter respectively them to even request flex- and expand their periph-
that remote working can of younger workers, with and their share prices have ible or remote working. ery of on-demand workers
be a great option for some, over 70% of respondents risen sharply this year. The institute is calling based anywhere. This con-
but given the strange and under the age of 24 say- White-collar platform on the Government to fluence of globalisation
Crossword straining conditions in ing that they feel stressed work ranges from simple “lead by example in the and casualisation could
Gemma Byrne which we find ourselves, or anxious as a result of jobs, such as a piece of public sector”, by creating have big consequences,
the experience has been working from home. copy writing, to complex and sustaining more flex- especially for younger and
Design and Layout difficult for many. Meanwhile, the merg- project work. The compe- ible and remote working lower-skilled white-collar
Joseph Martin According to research ing of home and work tition for jobs is border- roles. workers.
carried out by pollsters environments resulted in less. A search on Fiverr The Irish Congress of Undoubtedly, we will
Ad Design Behaviour and Attitudes almost one-quarter of re- found someone in Sri Trade Unions is another need to tread carefully
Dara O Riordain (B&A) on behalf of Laya spondents struggling to Lanka who would write body that has urged the into this new style of
Healthcare, about 40 per switch off at the end of a blog post in 24 hours Government to commit to working, and aim to strike
cent of workers are “strug- the day. People were also for $5 (he has more than a review of employment a healthy balance. When
gling” with the remote set- anxious to prove that they 1,000 reviews with an av- legislation to ensure pro- properly put into practice,
up. The research lays bare deserve to keep their jobs, erage score of 4.9 out of tection of remote workers the potential gains for
the unpreparedness of with 43% of respondents 5), someone from India during the Covid-19 crisis. remote-working are huge.
Community Services,
most people, with almost saying they felt under who would charge $15 And, informative as the
13A Fitzwilliam Street,
20% working from their pressure to answer emails and someone from the US A Hybrid Future? great “mass experiment”
Ringsend, Dublin 4. bed and one in two work- and calls quicker than who would charge $10. In an Adecco Group has been, for the most part
ing from either a convert- usual, or be visible on- The platforms open survey of thousands of it has not been carried out
Telephone: (01)6673317 ed sitting room or kitchen. line while they are remote up opportunities to those workers around the world, in strict laboratory con-
“If you choose to work working. with in-demand skills who more than three-quarters ditions – employers and
E-mail: remotely,” said Sinead Overall, the Linked-In want the freedom to free- said that a mix of office- employees are trialing this Proos, head of wellness at research shows that keep- lance – especially valu- based and remote work is new way of working in the
Laya healthcare, “thatʼs a ing their job is the biggest able for talented people in the best model in this new most worrisome and diffi-
Website: choice for your lifestyle. concern among respond- poorer countries. But for era of work. And 79% cult of times. A future set- Youʼre probably set up ents with 41% concerned those with more generic want more flexibility in up of remote working days
ergonomically. You also that their employer may skills, there is the risk of how and where they work being balanced by time
Opinions expressed in NewsFour choose to have child care. no longer operate or make commoditization, com- overall. spent at the office might
do not necessarily represent But many people have staff redundant. pressed pay and no em- That doesnʼt mean all be the best approach. Like
the views of Sandymount simply been catapulted ployment protections, in the jobs currently being the fellah says: everything
Community Services. into this way of life.” Remote Control: the developed and devel- done remotely in the rich in moderation.
According to the B&A Workers Rights in a oping world alike. world can move offshore.
Printed by survey, 42% of people are new Era A 2017 International La- Shared language, culture Images courtesy of Wiki.
Webprint, experiencing “extreme The fear of being made bour Organization study and time zones will con- Front Page; Health,
Mahon, Co. Cork worry” because of the redundant due to out- of 3,500 workers from 75 tinue to matter. In addition, family, and freedom – is
Covid-19 pandemic while sourcing is not new. In countries on five micro- many employees working remote working all it’s
36 per cent admitted to 2007, Alan Blinder, an task platforms (which fea- remotely this year have cracked up to be?
struggling with everyday economist at Princeton ture simpler tasks) found relied on accrued social Currant Page; For the
life. University estimated that average hourly earnings capital with colleagues past year, we’ve been
Research commis- “stunning advances in ranged between $2 and and clients that will even- learning to work any
sioned by Linked-In made computerised telecom- $6.50 per hour, with a tually need to be refreshed which way.
similar findings. It seems munications technology” high proportion of work- with face-to-face contact. February / March 2021 Page 3

The Editor’s Corner

ith restrictions set to remain in place until March 5th at the earli- have the bill foisted onto working people and those least able to bear the
est, many people are really beginning to feel the strain of this burden. We need a new breed of economethics in this country, starting now.
third lockdown. There’s just something about long dark evenings
that makes days seem longer than they are. However, these fears should not In this issue (online only due to the restrictions) NewsFour is happy to
be compounded with uncertainty and confusion as to what the future holds. introduce a new feature: a fiction page, open to established and new writ-
Our government needs to make a final decision on whether the Leaving ers alike, starting with a story by Brid Fitzpatrick (pg.14) which we hope
Certificate is to go ahead this year, as well as whether to reopen schools you enjoy. Elsewhere we look at the fallout to the harrowing report into
for children with autism and learning disability, many of whom may suffer the Mother and Baby Homes released last month (pgs 4-5), while on pgs 
long-term impairment if denied access to education for a prolonged period. 6-7 we have a special feature on the history of vaccines, a topic of interest
Others are suffering due to the cancellation of elective and non life-threat- to nearly every citizen in the country at present. It may be spring but the
ening procedures, as well as outpatient appointments. And there must be perennials of the season, the Six Nations, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day in
increased vigilance for those who find themselves in abusive relationships March, and of course St Patrick’s Day will all have to be enjoyed from afar,
with coercive partners during lockdown. as they are scaled back or perhaps likely to disappear entirely this year.
Dark as these days are we are never without hope. We will get through this
With the national debt at over €219 bn (equivalent to €44,000 per per- and come out the other side a stronger and more united people. Let’s set
son) there will be a big price to pay for Covid. This time, it must be carried our short-term aspiration to stay safe and be able to enjoy a summer with
by those who are in a position to do so, those who can afford a modest tax friends once more, and our long-term one to build a new, post Covid, world
increase, who can afford to dig deepest. The government cannot get away of equality for everyone.
with pulling another fast one, as they did after the banking collapse, and

In the throes of pandemic none more so than Mick The Brother’s collection
and lockdown the Behan who is visited by a ghost- of poetry deals with eve-
Brothers have not only like figure named YADOT rything from banter to sad-
found a way to bring solace, who controls all emotions ness to calmness, things that
but maybe also a way out of and one’s consciousness affect us all. As ‘Raytown
all this. and will endeavour to find Native’ Mick Gregg states

answers. in his review “Using poetry
ingsend brothers Joe and and stories, they breathe
Mick Behan have been In the words of Dr. Mark life into our mundane exist-
Cirino, professor of Eng-
writing together for a ence and remind us all of
lish at Evansville University
number of years about primarily the power of imagination in
“I read this book as I con-
football and the history of their helping us to fly beyond our
hometown in this publication templated the end of civili- regular chores. It works and
as well as The Irish Echo NY,zation, democracy and the it helps.”
the 42 NY and various others.sense of calm that I usually
At Christmas 2019 in Ringsendcarry with me through the Joe and Mick have already
day.” He continues: “The
as Joe and his wife Missy vis- embarked on their next ad-
Behan Brothers have taken
ited, the brothers discussed col- venture and look forward to
a look at how we live in
laborating in a work of writing, sharing it soon. We look for-
something they are both pas- 2020 and without flinch- ward equally to reading it.
sionate about. Upon Joe’s re-ing, they are here to report
on their concerns. And then
turn to the US, little did they or WAITING FOR YADOT
anyone know what lay ahead asthere’s YADOT, an unfath- is available on Amazon as
omable trickster figure who
a pandemic engulfed the world. an e-Book.
has access to our thoughts.
Following a chat from Ringsend
It’s part children’s story and
to Naples FL, the brothers de- You can follow the broth-
part Dante in the internet era,
cided to compile a selection of ers on Instagram at @be-
fantastical and spooky. But
poems on how to deal with ‘Liv- hanbrothers.
ing with Covid’ and how tech-the great gift of the book is
nology, science, social mediathe fourth and final section
‘Tomorrow’ that promises a
and death impact our lives. The
way out of the bleak and the
result was ‘’Waiting for Yadot”
by Behan Brothers. pessimism of the days we
are all experiencing and re-
The work, in four sections, minds us of the treasures of
deals with how we all cope the world that we have had
with the aforementioned, and will have again soon.”
Page 4 COMMENTARY February / March 2021

Another Dark Chapter from Ireland’s

Chequered Past...

Report on the Mother and Baby Homes
n Eoin Meegan
they had little other choice.
n 2015 the Irish gov- Susan Lohan, co-founder of
ernment established the the Adoption Rights Alliance
‘Commission of Inves- and a member of a dedicated
tigation into Mother survivors group appointed to
and Baby Homes and advise the government, told
certain related matters’, RTÉ that the institutions were
following concerns that a septic a “form of social engineering.”
tank at St Mary’s Mother and She went on to say “state and
Baby Home in Tuam, Co. Gal- church worked in concert to
way, might contain the remains ensure that women, unmarried
of up to 798 babies and infants. mothers and girls who were
The investigation encompassed deemed to be a threat to the
14 mother and baby homes, and moral tone of the country were
four county homes. The three- incarcerated behind these very
person commission was com- high walls to ensure that they
posed of Judge Yvonne Murphy would not impact or offend pub-
(chair), Dr William Duncan, and lic morality.”
Professor Mary E. Daly. After And Chief Executive of the
several interim reports the com- Children’s Rights Alliance,
mission released its final report Tanya Ward said, “This Report
on January 12th last. The fol- double the infant mortality sheds light on some of the dark-
lowing day Taoiseach Micheál rate in the general population.  est days of our past. It is an Ire-
Martin issued an apology on “The chance of a child born in land people wish to forget but
behalf of the Irish people to all a mother and baby home sur- the people and stories at the
who were incarcerated in these viving until their first birthday, centre of this experience cannot
institutions. was just over half that of a ‘le- be forgotten. What women went
The report makes harrowing gitimate’ child who was not in through, cannot be forgotten.
reading. Its stark findings reveal a mother and baby home,” the What children went through,
that approximately 56,000 un- Report says. It marks the infant cannot be forgotten. Thousands
married girls from as young as mortality rate as the most “dis- and thousands of small children
12, to women in their 40s, were quieting feature of these institu- died and were buried in un-
sent to the 18 institutions inves- tions.”  The major identifiable marked graves. Becoming preg-
tigated.  It is believed a further causes of death were respiratory nant in Ireland when you were
25,000 mothers, and even more infections and gastroenteritis. unmarried was a terrifying pros-
children were in homes not in- The report is also critical of pect because of how families,
vestigated by the Commission forced vaccine trials on children society and institutions treated
(there were 180 of these institu- between 1934 and 1973 where mothers. What is most shock-
tions in total). It might surprise no consent was obtained or even ing is how women were treated
many that the largest admissions sought. while giving birth – the utter
occurred in the 1960s and 70s. lack of human dignity that was
The report describes how the Reaction afforded to them.”
profile of the women changed Response to the report has Among its recommendations
over the years, from the 1950s been mixed. While acknowl- the Report says that adopted
when they were predominantly edging emotional abuse the people should have a right to
domestics or farm workers, to Report’s downplaying of any their birth certificates and asso-
later years when they were of- physical or sexual abuse has ciated birth information (this is
ten civil servants, professional drawn opprobrium from some currently not the case), and that
women and schoolgirls.  civil liberties groups. Consider- there should be a central reposi-
In total 9,000 of the 57,000 ing the accounts of many former tory of the records of institu-
children born in these homes inmates of being forced to do tions and adoption societies so
between 1922 and 1998 didn’t manual work, such as scrub- that information can be obtained
survive their first year, that’s bing floors, and having to give from one place. On the question
birth without the aid of pain- of redress it recommends finan-
killers, while being taunted by cial support (along the lines of
nuns that their birth pains were remuneration for Magdalene
a punishment for their sins, this survivors), counselling or en-
is hardly surprising. Likewise hanced medical cards. The most
the Report’s claim of little or no recent noises from government
evidence that the women were seem to indicate they are going
forced into these institutions by for the last option. It is hoped
church or State authorities is a that substantial financial redress
little disingenuous to say the will be given as well.
least, as without State support February / March 2021 COMMENTARY Page 5

As part of his apology Micheál
. . . and the woman who brought it
Martin said:
“We embraced a perverse
religious morality and con-
into the light
trol, judgementalism and mor-
al certainty, but shunned our
daughters. We honoured piety, It is largely thanks to one
but failed to show even basic woman, Galway amateur histo-
kindness to those who needed rian Catherine Corless that the
it most. We had a completely mother and baby scandal came
warped attitude to sexuality to light.
and intimacy, and young moth- As a child Catherine Corless
ers and their sons and daughters recalls playing with the chil-
were forced to pay a terrible dren from the Tuam home and
price for that dysfunction. To attending primary school with
confront the dark and shameful them.  She remembers the nuns’
reality which is detailed in this coldness towards the children,
report we must acknowledge it which marked them out, silent-
as part of our national history. ly, but effectively as different
And for the women and children from the other schoolchildren.
who were treated so cruelly we Nuns threatened pupils that if
must do what we can, to show they misbehaved they would
our deep remorse, understand- be put beside a ‘home’ child in
ing and support.” class. “They openly displayed
that these children were dif-
Conclusion ferent. It was an open form of the world. By now a momentum found clear evidence in the case well as refusing to attend a re-
humiliation. They were born il- had started that was unstoppa- of some records previously held ception for Pope Francis when
legitimate, therefore they were ble. In the Dáil the then Taoi- by St Patrick’s Guild.”  That he visited here.  President Mi-
bad,” she said. In school the seach Enda Kenny said: “For followed reports in the media chael D. Higgins said of her:
nuns largely ignored the chil- their trouble, we took their ba- of falsification of death certifi- “She has demonstrated not only
dren from the homes, like they bies and gifted them, sold them, cates to facilitate children being courage and perseverance but a
had decided in advance they trafficked them, starved them, “brokered” for adoption, and of remarkable commitment to un-
didn’t have a future. neglected them or denied them letters sent to parents asking for covering the truth, to historical
These memories prompted to the point of their disappear- money for the upkeep of some truth and to moral truth. All of
Catherine to write an article for ance from our hearts, our sight, children who had already been us in this republic owe a debt of
the Journal of the Old Tuam our country and, in the case of discharged or had died. Prior to gratitude to Catherine for what
The Mother and Baby Homes Society. The anomaly she un- Tuam and possibly other places, 1953 when adoptions became was an extraordinary act of civic
were institutions run by reli- covered was that there were 798 from life itself.” legal here children born in these virtue.”
gious organisations, chiefly the death records of children who An evacuation of the site in homes were sent to industrial Indeed we all owe Catherine
Bon Secours, the Daughters of died in the home but no burial Tuam carried out between No- schools or to ‘foster’ homes.  Corless a huge debt of gratitude
Charity, and the Sisters of the records. All evidence seemed vember 2016 and February The report states that “the for her tireless work and unre-
Sacred Heart, and were part of to lead to a mass grave on a site 2017 uncovered multiple hu- commission has not been able mitting search for the truth. In
a system that included the Mag- on the grounds of the former man remains in an underground to find burial records for the ma- the end we are all at fault for
dalene Laundries and Industrial home, which was believed to be structure divided into 20 cham- jority of the children who died the horrible treatment, systemic
Schools. They came into exist- a famine grave. However, Cor- bers, in what appeared to be, in in the institutions under inves- and cruel that was visited upon
ence post Independence when less had her doubts and an Ord- the Commission’s estimation, a tigation,” and is critical of reli- these young women and chil-
the State abdicated responsibil- nance Survey map suggested sewage tank. The investigation gious institutions, specifically dren, but none more so than the
ity towards its most vulnerable instead that the grave might be confirmed that they died dur- Bessborough and Tuam, for not State whose duty of care was set
citizens and relegated their care a septic tank. Without access to ing the time when the property being forthcoming in providing aside, and the institutions who
to cold and impersonal religious academic resources she spent was used as a mother and baby these records. Further, it states it ignored Christ’s words whom
institutions.  It is a shameful weeks pouring over records in home, between the 1920s and is aware of at least one mother they claim to be following, to
part of our history, of our past, libraries, churches, and coun- the 1950s,  and that they were who was given the incorrect in- pursue their own strange and
which I have previously referred cil offices, tirelessly examining not famine remains as had pre- formation as regards the burial perverted ideology. Let’s hope
to in this paper as Ireland’s Aus- every piece of evidence. She ap- viously been thought, vindicat- of her child. On the question of this brings some closure to this
chwitz. proached the Bon Secours for ing Corless. forced or illegal adoptions the sad chapter in our nation’s his-
What is urgently needed now more information but was met In May 2018, Tusla referred report is more vague, merely tory.
is legislation to enable adopt- with stony silence. Her article, 126 files to the Commission stating, “many allegations have
ed people access to their birth which turned out to be the cata- regarding births that had been been made that large sums of
certificates and other sensitive lyst for the investigation, ended falsely registered by St Patrick’s money were given to the insti-
information. There must be no with the ominous question: were Guild adoption agency. In a tutions and agencies in Ireland Clockwise page 4; mass grave at Bon Se-
fudge on this on the govern- these dead babies for whom press release, the then Minister that arranged foreign adoptions. cours Mother and Baby home Tuam, Gal-
ment’s behalf. The other thing there were no death records bur- for Children Katherine Zappone Such allegations are impossible way, Wikipedia; Teddy, source Rolling-
that needs to be urgently ad- ied in the septic tank? said: “We have known about to prove and impossible to dis-; Statue, courtesy Laura Hutton,
dressed is poverty. Around 50% Initially Corless’s story re- the practice of incorrect regis- prove.”   RollingNews; Beds, image courtesy of the
of unmarried mothers still live ceived muted interest, until 2014 trations for many years, but it As well as tenaciously search- Irish Catholic.
below the poverty line. Unless, when the Irish Mail on Sunday has been extremely difficult to ing for the truth Corless took a Page 5; Catherine Corless, courtesy Lau-
and until we grasp this social broke the story, giving it front identify and prove in individual principled stand on behalf of the ra Hutton,; inset, Names of
nettle we will be betraying our page coverage. After that eve- cases because of the deliberate survivors, fighting against con- some of those buried in mass grave, Tuam,
weakest and most vulnerable rything changed and the story failure of those involved to keep siderable local opposition for a courtesy of Charles McQuillan, Getty
people all over again.   went viral in the US and around records. However, Tusla has full exhumation of the site, as Images.
Page 6 HEALTH HISTORY February / March 2021


n Peter McNamara
t’s no secret that vacci-
nations have revolution-
ised global health. Ar-
guably the single most
life-saving innovation
in the history of medi-
cine, vaccines have eradicated
smallpox, slashed child mor-
tality rates, and prevented life-
long disabilities. Possibly lesser
known, however, are the his-
toric events and pioneers we can
today thank for not only saving
millions of lives each year, but
for laying the foundations of
future vaccine development –
something that is front-of-mind
as the world rushes to make a vi-
able coronavirus vaccine.
Vaccines typically require
years of research and testing be-
fore reaching the clinic, but in
2020, scientists embarked on a
race to produce safe and effec-
tive coronavirus vaccines in re- stroy any of the microorganisms cine production could be scaled
cord time. Historically, vaccines associated with that disease that up by the late 1940s, setting
have been researched and de- it may encounter in the future. global vaccination and disease
veloped with limited economic It’s like picking a fight with eradication efforts in motion.
resources: in the last year, every someone with one hand tied be- Vaccines against polio (1955),
developed country has been hind their back. With a vaccine, measles (1963), rubella (1969)
throwing everything they can our body trains itself to destroy and other viruses were added
behind the race to beat Covid. a given disease by fighting that to the list over the decades that
Researchers around the world disease when it can’t defend it- followed, and worldwide vac-
are currently testing 64 vaccines self. cination rates shot up dramati-
in clinical trials on humans. 20 Like the situation we face with cally thanks to successful global
have reached the final stages, Covid today, vaccinations were health campaigns. The world
and a handful are fully approved born of necessity. Inoculation was announced smallpox-free in
and are already being adminis- was first theorised and tested 1980, the first of many big vac-
tered. in China as far back as 200BC, cine success stories, but there
While the vaccines should in response to the great terror was still a long way to go with
bring the pandemic under con- of the day: smallpox. Consid- much safer than variolation, boy’s life after he was bitten by other infectious diseases.
trol in the long run, they will ering what humanity has had originated from the observa- a rabid dog, by injecting him By the late 1990s, however,
not arrest the current surge in to contend with in the past, we tion that dairy farmers did not with a weakened form of the ra- the progress of international
Ireland. And so for the com- might consider ourselves lucky. catch smallpox. The 18th Cen- bies virus each day for 13 days. immunisation programmes
ing weeks and months, the best Smallpox was a fierce disease, tury English physician, Ed- The boy never developed rabies was stalling. Nearly 30 million
tools at our disposal are those – with a death rate of 30%. Fur- ward Jenner, hypothesised that and the treatment was heralded children in developing coun-
social distancing, good hygiene, ther accounts from the 1500s prior infection with cowpox – a a success. Pasteur coined his tries were not fully immunised
and quarantine – that have al- describe smallpox inoculation mild illness spread from cat- therapy a “rabies vaccine”, ex- against deadly diseases, and
ready proved capable of keeping as practiced then in China and tle – might be responsible for panding the meaning of cow- many others weren’t immunised
the disease in check. India. That method involved the suspected protection against based vaccine beyond its origin. at all. The problem was that new
grinding up smallpox scabs and smallpox. And so he set to work The global influence of Louis vaccines were becoming avail-
Humanity Gets a Shot blowing the matter into nostril. on a series of experiments that Pasteur led to the expansion of able but developing countries
in the Arm With that in mind, an injection are now considered the birth of the term vaccine to include a simply could not afford them.
A vaccine is a biological might seem the less unpleasant immunology, vaccine therapy, long list of treatments contain- In response, the Bill and
preparation that provides im- method. and preventive health. ing live, weakened or killed Melinda Gates Foundation
munity to a particular infectious The practice, known as “vari- The earliest vaccination – the viruses, typically given in the and partners came together in
disease. Created in a labora- olation”, came into fashion in origin of the term coming from form of an injection, to produce 2000 to set up the Global Al-
tory, this preparation is often Europe in 1721, with the en- the Latin for cow (“vacca”) immunity against an infectious liance for Vaccines and im-
made from weakened or killed dorsement of English aristocrat – was born. Jenner’s vaccina- disease. munisation, now called Gavi,
forms of the disease microbe, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. tion quickly became the major Scientific advances in the first the Vaccine Alliance. The aim
its toxins, or one of its surface It soon met with public out- means of preventing smallpox half of the 20th Century led to an was to encourage manufactur-
proteins. When administered, a cry, however, after it transpired around the world, even becom- explosion of vaccines that pro- ers to lower vaccine prices for
vaccine stimulates the body’s 2-3% of people died after inocu- ing mandatory in some coun- tected against whooping cough the poorest countries in return
immune system to recognise this lation, and further smallpox out- tries. (1914), diphtheria (1926), teta- for long-term, high-volume and
weakened form of the disease as breaks were triggered. Almost a century later, in nus (1938), influenza (1945) and predictable demand from those
a threat, to destroy it, and with The next iteration of inocu- 1885, the French biologist, Lou- mumps (1948). Thanks to new countries. Since its launch, child
that to further recognise and de- lation, which turned out to be is Pasteur, saved a nine-year-old manufacturing techniques, vac- deaths have halved, and 13 mil- February / March 2021 HEALTH HISTORY Page 7


lion deaths have been prevented. tions don’t have the comfort of
knowing that huge deals have
Our Latest Creation: been struck with pharmaceuti-
The Covid Vaccines cal companies on their behalf.
On November 9th, New York- That’s where Covax comes in.
based Pfizer and the German Covax is a multilateral ini-
company BioNTech made his- tiative aimed at ensuring that
tory by presenting preliminary all countries have “fair and
data indicating that their coro- equitable access” to Covid-19
navirus vaccine was over 90% vaccines. Co-led by Gavi, the
effective. It was the first time Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), the
anyone had found such conclu- Coalition for Epidemic Prepar-
sive evidence. Following in the edness Innovations (CEPI), and
footsteps of Jenner and Pasteur, the World Health Organization
it looked like humanity had (WHO), Covax is a voluntary
once again done away with yet arrangement that enables coun-
another medical scourge. tries to pool their resources and
BioNTech researchers began risk by collectively investing in
designing their vaccine last vaccine candidates while devel-
January when the “novel coro- oping the political and logistical
navirus” was first discovered. infrastructure needed for vac-
Through the summer and into cine distribution.
the autumn, the world focused Proportional allocation of
more and more of its attention ernment bankrolled Moderna’s the Russian creators of the Sput- a small amount of a dangerous vaccines through Covax is fairer
on the Pfizer-BioNTech efforts, efforts, providing nearly $1 bil- nik V vaccine, which is also disease – it’s not surprising that and more efficient than an un-
until the good news came. This lion in support. On November made from adenoviruses, to see many people are wary of vac- coordinated approach in which
vaccine requires 2 doses taken 25th, the company reached an if a combination with Sputnik cines and the effects they can countries compete in the market
3 weeks apart, and depends on agreement with the European V might increase the efficacy have. to secure as much vaccine as
freezer storage of –70°C. Commission to supply up to of the Oxford vaccine. The trial Vaccine scepticism has exist- possible for their own citizens.
In trials, the vaccine showed 160 million doses. Moderna has is planned to take place in ear- ed since Edward Jenner admin- The commitment to interna-
little difference in its protec- made similar deals with other ly 2021 in Ukraine. In August, istered the first smallpox vac- tional cooperation embodied in
tion of Black, Latino, and white countries including Canada, Ja- the European Union reached an cine, in 1796. Reasons include Covax is critical to preventing
volunteers; likewise, people pan, Qatar and South Korea. agreement for AstraZeneca to religious beliefs, past medical a future dominated by “vac-
with conditions such as obesity Another provider is the Ger- deliver 400 million doses if the exploitation inflicted on minor- cine nationalism,” in which rich
or diabetes enjoyed the same man-based, CureVac. In No- trials yield positive results. The ity populations, and the current countries bid against each other
level of protection. The elderly vember, they negotiated a deal company has said their total an- rampant misinformation on so- to secure bilateral contracts
also showed the same efficacy to provide the European Union nual manufacturing capacity for cial media. And it has to be said with vaccine manufacturers
rate as people under 65. While with up to 225 million doses the vaccine, if approved, stands the particularly rapid develop- and stockpile vaccine doses for
this preparation caused no seri- of their vaccine. They project at two billion doses. ment and approval of Covid-19 their own citizens. Such vaccine
ous side effects, it frequently manufacturing up to 300 million China has also been busy on vaccines is food for sceptics hoarding by high income coun-
caused short-lived fatigue, fe- doses in 2021 and up to 600 mil- producing a cure. Chinese com- while offering a fertile breeding tries would be unfair because it
ver, and muscle aches. These lion doses the following year. pany CanSino Biologics devel- ground for conspiracy theories. would profoundly disadvantage
impressive results led rapidly to CureVac has collaborated with oped their vaccine Convidecia The truth is, vaccines are one people living in low income
authorisations across the world. Elon Musk’s company Tesla on in partnership with the Insti- of the safest medical interven- countries that lack the resources
The European Union has since creating mRNA “micro-facto- tute of Biology at the country’s tions we have. Through the cen- to procure vaccines for their cit-
arranged to purchase 300 mil- ries,” which could potentially Academy of Military Medical turies they have done wonders izens. And the irony is, it would
lion doses. Pfizer and BioNTech be deployed around the world Sciences. On Nov. 28, the Chief for human health. But “safe” also be ineffective, because it
expect to manufacture over 1.3 to make billions of doses of the Executive of CanSino Biologics is not synonymous with “no would fail to allocate vaccines
billion doses worldwide by the vaccine. said in an interview that about side effects”. No medical treat- to countries with the greatest
end of 2021. Russia has also produced a 40,000 to 50,000 people had re- ment is completely free of side need and greatest potential for
Following hot on their heels vaccine, named Sputnik V. In ceived Convidecia. Starting in effects. So to expect the new harm reduction.
is the Boston-based company November, Putin’s government August, CanSino began running range of Covid-19 vaccines to The fact is, no one on earth
Moderna. The Moderna vaccine began offering Sputnik V within effectiveness trials in a number be free of them is unreasonable. is safe from Covid until every-
is the second one authorised in the country in a mass vaccina- of countries, including Pakistan, The risk of not being vac- one is. We really are all in this
America, coming a week after tion campaign. But worry that Russia, Mexico and Chile. cinated against Covid-19 is far together.
the vaccine made by Pfizer and the vaccine was rushed to ap- greater than the risk of side ef-
BioNTech. Canada authorised proval led to widespread hesi- Vaccine Safety and fects from the vaccine itself. Of
the vaccine on December 23rd. tancy in the country. Nonethe- Global Fairness the tens of thousands of people Images; page 6 left to right;
In January, the European Union, less, Putin has negotiated a Vaccines are one of the great who have already been vac- French biologist, Louis Pasteur,
Israel and the United Kingdom number of deals to supply other triumphs of modern medicine. cinated, some have reported Edward Jenner, the 18th Century
all granted it emergency author- countries with the Sputnik V They have helped add decades short-term symptoms like fever English physician, considered the
father of immunology, vaccine
isation. vaccine, including Brazil, India, to human life expectancy and or aches. These are consistent
therapy, and preventive health.
Like Pfizer and BioNTech, Mexico, and Venezuela. are one of the best tools for pre- with the brief side effects seen Page 7; Latest Covid vaccines.
Moderna began developing a In an unprecedented move in venting disease and death. They with all vaccines: local bruising
vaccine for the coronavirus last the coronavirus vaccine field, do however require a measure at the injection site, headache,
January. Their preparation re- the group leading UK research of trust and confidence. Given and a feeling of malaise.
quires 2 doses, 4 weeks apart, efforts, Oxford-AstraZeneca, that inoculation calls for the in- Perhaps we should feel lucky
and the vaccine is stored at announced on December 11th jection of a complex chemical we’ll be able to get one at all.
–20°C. The United States gov- that it would collaborate with preparation – which includes Millions of people in poorer na-
Page 8 DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL NOTES February / March 2021

DCC Notes
for December 2020/ January 2021
Compiled by Dermot Carmody

SEAC Passes Emergency

Motion On Strand Road
Interim Cycleway
The controversial Strand Road saying that 5000 leaflets had
Interim Cycleway proposal was been distributed in the area in Ballsbridge. He felt that people to make the road safer regard- enade along the strand is not a
again a major bone of conten- the midst of a pandemic and that are much more likely to support less, but believed the temporary panacea, because it would affect
tion at the meeting of the South there were “very strong views infrastructure changes if some- measures should be halted pend- protected bird nesting areas,
East Area Committee (SEAC) expressed in that meeting.” He thing new is added rather than ing An Bord Pleanála decision. which would force traffic back
on January 11th, at which a mo- said that it would be fair to stay removing something that is al- Cllr. Lacey said that in the past into the road along that stretch
tion proposed by four council- that the community engagement ready there. He expressed doubt measures like this would never and potentially affect residents
lors was debated. process is “not currently func- about the usefulness of gather- have been “rammed through” on the road there as a result.
Brendan O’Brien , Acting tioning the way it’s designed to ing statistics on the Interim Cy- against the protests of council- She is supportive of the interim
Executive Manager Traffic at function” and that people who cleway over the coming months lors, and says councillors need trial measures going ahead. Cllr.
DCC reported to the SEAC favour the route are afraid to say as they will be irrelevant in the to assert themselves. Supporting Moore said that Sandymount
on progress with the proposed so because of levels of hostil- future once schools and busi- the motion he said he wants safe Strand is an amenity for the
cycleway and the process of ity. He felt that the community nesses are open once again. cycling measures in the city but whole city and that traffic and
engagement with the local is divided between Strand Road The Lord Mayor responded that it has to be done in a way parking there is chaotic at the
community. Mr. O’Brien told residents, who feel if they don’t that she was happy to write to that doesn’t destroy villages and moment. “It’s bedlam.” She said
councillors that traffic counts support the NTA plan they will Minister Ryan as requested in communities the proposals are a legitimate
are being completed in Sand- never be free of 500 tricks a day the motions, but that she is in fa- Cllr. Mary Freehill (LAB) felt Covid Mobility measure and she
ymount village and that air using Strand Road, and the rest vour of the current proposals on that the problem had arisen be- was opposed to councillors de-
quality monitoring will take of the community in the area Strand Road as it is part of Cov- cause the Covid-19 crisis had laying them. “It’s not just about
place soon. He said there was a who feel that the displaced com- id Mobility measures. She said been used as an opportunity to Sandymount residents,” she
productive meeting of the public mercial traffic will be coming these are not normal times and put forward proposals without maintained, pointing out that
forum but that more time needs down their roads instead. He that the job of council is to pro- proper consultation in the first the Strand is in the 5km travel
to be devoted to safe cycling felt that mitigating measures de- vide safe mobility for people of place. She agreed with Cllr Lac- limit for everyone living in the
measures as there wasn’t time to scribed in the presentation to the Dublin, and that going in with a ey that there has been a deterio- city centre.
complete discussion at the meet- SEAC before Christmas would long term plan will mean failure ration in working relationships In response to councillors’ re-
ing. He also mentioned that his address these concerns. How- to cope with the current crisis by between elected councillors and marks, Brendan O’Brien said he
department has received a letter ever, he said it is not changing giving people safe mobility dur- DCC executives and hoped this thought that the DCC Traffic de-
from STC Community Group, minds among the community ing the pandemic. She acknowl- issue would cause reflection on partment should be included in
which is opposed to the Interim and he feels the council needs to edged that there is a split in the what’s “gone wrong” with the the letter proposed by motion to
Cycleway, and he is awaiting address this in a positive way to community over the measures Council. the NTA, since that department
advice from the DCC legal de- end division in the community but said the job of the council Cllr. Pat Dunne (I4C), pointed has the legal responsibility for
partment in response to this. over the issue. A clear statement is to bring everyone along and out that the SEAC over time managing the road. He also de-
The STC group is disputing on a long term commitment to have safe measures in place. had agreed to going ahead with fended suggestions that public
the status of the proposed Inter- improved traffic infrastructure Supporting the motion, Cllr. these measures and to the set- consultation had not been prop-
im Cycleway as “exempted de- in the area would help, he said, Mannix Flynn (Ind) believed ting up of the public forum but erly entered into, saying that
velopment” and maintains that but it doesn’t fix the current is- that if the council pushed ahead now seems to seek to row back there had been public consul-
planning permission is required sue with trucks using the road. with the interim measures there on these decisions. He said that tation with 3000 submissions,
for the development, which Cllr Claire O’Connell (FF), would be a court case. Regard- in the past measures vehemently mosty in favour of the Interim
should therefore be halted un- also proposing the motion, said less of “hair splitting” about the opposed by councillors, such as Cycleway, last September and
til such a planning decision is that the long term proposal for differences between types of ve- the pedestrianisation of Grafton October. He said that the main
made. an off-road cycle path and the hicles, he believed the result of Street, have subsequently been concern expressed by members
Proposing the emergency mo- construction of a promenade the currently proposed measures proved to be the correct deci- of the community at that point
tion. Cllr James Geoghan (FG) on the Strand Road should go will be “a load of traffic” going sions despite the level of opposi- was that the trial would not go
referred to some confusion over ahead, rather that an interim through Sandymount village tion when they were introduced. ahead. Mr. O’Brien again em-
numbers given for various types measure which is likely to be- and and he feared that an injunc- (This was later disputed by Cllr. phasised that the proposed Inter-
of vehicle on the Strand Road, come permanent, and reiterated tion halting the measures could Freehill who said the Grafton im Cycleway is a Covid Mobili-
saying that a previous presenta- that council should write to Min- be put in place which would re- Street pedestrianisation had not ty measure that takes account of
tion to the SEAC had mentioned ister Eamon Ryamn and seek a sult in other important work be- met with strong opposition). He the fact that traffic is down 50%
1000 trucks per day on the strand clear statement committing to ing pushed back. wondered if councillors would in the context of the pandemic
road. Mr O’Brien pointed out this in order to stop frustrating Cllr. Dermot Lacey (Lab), ever reach agreement on the measures currently in force.
that that number was for LGV’s the community as is happening chairing the meeting, noted that Strand Road measures, and ex- Cllr. Geoghan agreed to add
(“white vans”) not trucks. at present. She requested that though he has been involved in pressed concern at concessions the DCC Transport Department
Cllr. Geoghan said the pur- Lord Mayor Hazel Chu (Green) many controversies in his years to powerful lobby groups under to the proposed letter to the NTA
pose of the motion was to ac- add her voice to this request. as a councillor, he has never the threat of legal action. and the motion was adopted
knowledge the recent meeting Cllr Paddy McCartan, also received the level of abuse in A dissenting view on the mo- with eleven votes in favour and
with STC Community Group speaking in favour, pointed out any controversy as he has on tion came from Green Party five against.
which “somewhat extraordi- that not only does this affect this. He said that “no matter councillors Claire Byrne and
narily” was attended by 300 Sandymount, but it will have a what happens, Strand Road has Carolyn Moore. Cllr. Byrne Cyclist on Strand Road,
people. He noted the level of far wider effect on communi- problems.” He didn’t see why pointed out that the proposed courtesy of Irish Times.
objections by the STC group, ties in Irishtown, Ringsend and measures should not be taken building of a cantilevered prom- Photo. Crispin Rodwell February / March 2021 Page 9

Six Simple Dental

to include your tongue, as it smelly oral bacteria. as 3-6 months. Your dentist or
can also harbour bacteria. It orthodontist can advise you
is important to replace your #4 Schedule a regular on the treatment best suited to
toothbrush at least every three check-up your individual needs.
months, or after an illness. Regular check-ups are the best
way to avoid unnecessary pain #6 Check your dental enti-
#2 Floss daily and minimise unexpected den- tlements
Try committing to floss your tal costs in the longer-term. If you pay PRSI, you may be
teeth at least once a day, pref- Regular attendance allows entitled to claim a free oral
erably before brushing. Floss- your dentist to detect condi- examination in 2021, as well
ing helps to remove any food tions such as tooth decay, teeth as a subsidised scale & polish
and plaque trapped between grinding and gum disease at for €15. Under the Treatment
your teeth and gums, that may an early stage. Your dentist Benefit Scheme, dental ben-

be beyond your toothbrush’s will also offer professional ad- efits are available to insured
he start of a new year is berland Dental Care in Balls- reach. If plaque is allowed to vice on hygiene, diet and best workers, the self-employed,
an ideal time to review bridge. build up, it can lead to cavities maintenance. and retired people who have
your oral health regime and gum disease. the required number of PRSI
and consider some simple den- Six simple dental health #5 Teeth straightening contributions.
tal resolutions as part of your habits to consider in 2021: #3 Drink more water If a straighter smile is top of
overall wellbeing. Among your dental resolutions your new year’s resolution Dr Jennifer Collins is lead
#1 Brush up on your routine for 2021, make sure to drink list, there are a number of general dentist at Northum-
“A thorough cleaning routine A good brushing routine is plenty of water, particularly minimally invasive and even berland Dental Care in Dub-
and regular dental visits can key to maintaining a healthy after eating a meal. Drinking invisible options to consider. lin 4, part of the Dental Care
go a long way to ensuring a mouth. Ideally, brush twice water promotes healthy sa- Some of the latest treatments, Ireland group. For further tips
healthy mouth and gums,” per day for two minutes with a liva production, which washes such as Invisalign Go, can cor- and advice on looking after
says Dr Jennifer Collins, lead fluoride toothpaste, especially away leftover food particles rect mild overcrowding, gaps your oral health, visit www.
general dentist at Northum- last thing at night. Remember and helps deter the growth of or alignment issues in as little

Don’t forget Pancake Tuesday!

To Serve:
Freshly whipped cream
Confetti/rainbow sprinkles

1. Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder and

bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.
2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the
eggs, buttermilk, vanilla extract and
3. Gradually stir in the dry ingredients until
just combined.
4. Gently fold in the sprinkles.
5. Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium
-high heat. When it is hot, add some
butter. When the butter begins to foam,
add small ladlefuls of the batter to the pan
(add as many as can fit in the pan without
6. Cook for 2-3 minutes until bubbles form
in the centre of the pancakes and the
edges are golden brown. Flip and cook for
another minute until golden. Transfer
These festive and colourful Confetti Pancakes Ingredients to a plate and keep warm while you repeat
are super quick and easy to make from stand- 280g plain flour with the rest of the batter.
ard ingredients you most likely already have 40g Siúcra Caster Sugar 7. Serve warm with whipped cream and
in your pantry. 1½ tsp baking powder extra sprinkles.
1½ tsp bicarbonate of soda  
Stacked up a mile high and served on a small 2 large eggs
cake stand, these gorgeous pancakes can even 500ml buttermillk Courtesy of Siúcra
double as a breakfast birthday cake. 2 tsp vanilla extract
90g butter, melted, plus extra for cooking
Page 10 PHOTO DIARY February / March 2021 February / March 2021 PHOTO DIARY Page 11
Page 12 February / March 2021

The NewsFour Crossword

Compiled by Gemma Byrne

Feb Mar 2021 Crossword Clues Feb Mar 2021

1) Teens (11)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6) They might freeze your gains if they are ill-gotten (1.1.1.)
8) Mausoleum in Agra inspired by love (3, 5)
9) Famous waterway (and hat) (6)
13) Male deer (4)
8 9 10 11 14) Parish fete (4, 2, 4)
16) Chemical reaction that causes rust (9)
12 18) The 46th POTUS (5)
19) Accidentally take a nap (3, 3)
13 14 21) Flavoursome edible leaf (4)
22) Alcohol fuelled tour (3, 4)
15 23) Boat (en francais) (6)
26) Liberation (12)
16 17 18 28) Those who live close by (10)
29) A deep voiced fish (4)

19 20 21
1) Book about oneself (13)
2) Displeasing (13)
3) Assessment (4)
22 23 24
4) Indian flatbread (7)
5) Faucet (3)
7) The colour of bruising (5, 3, 4)
10) Good-natured (7)
26 27
11) Preventable (9)
12) Pretty average but a bit nasty (4)
15) Poppycock (10)
28 29 17) Buffoon (3)
20) Not many (3)
21) Cooking top (3)
24) Highest male singing voice (4)
25) Encourage or urge (4)
Name:…………………………… Telephone:………………… 27) Female reproductive cells (3)





1) Nigella Lawson, 8) Egg, 9) Victoria Falls, 10) Tog,

11) Otherwise, 12) Aero,
14) Exhilarating, 17) Gurn, 18) Exposition, 20) Loathing,
22) Casino, 23) Applause, 25) Ouzo, 26) Idiosyncrasies
Prize of €25 book token. Print this page and Post entries to
NewsFour, 13A Fitzwilliam Street, Ringsend, Dublin 4,
by the 19th March 2021.
1) Never Never land, 2) Gecko, 3) Loopholes, 4) Affliction, 5)
Salve, 6) Nestle, 7) Agog, 12) Aggressors, 13) Omnivorous, 15)
Haphazard, 16) Rotunda, 21) Hippo, 22) Clear, 24) Urn February / March 2021 ADVERTORIAL Page 13

Capital Credit Union Launch Small Business

Loans & SBCI Scheme Participation
Capital Credit Union are has a reasonable prospect of
proud to support the re- returning to viability post
covery of local businesses, Covid-19.  The scheme can
including the €2 billion provide liquidity finance.
COVID Credit Guarantee It is situated between the
Scheme. shorter term COVID-19
Working Capital scheme
• “” a business and the long-term Future
lending website is being Growth Loan Scheme being
launched to help local sole- offered by the Government.
traders & businesses get ac-
cess to credit Businesses need not pre-
• Plumbers, electricians viously have been clients
and other sole traders im- of a participating provider
pacted by COVID expected to apply for lending from
to utilise low-cost loans of those providers. Loans of
€10,000 to €300,000 up to €1 million are avail-
• Capital Credit Union set derstand the needs of their COVID-19 Credit Guar- to the COVID-19 Credit able for up to 5.5 years.  No
to meet face-to-face with all customers. Their inclusion antee Scheme. With over Guarantee Scheme. As personal guarantees or col-
business members to deliver will help further diversify 50,000 members and 50 well as providing a greater lateral is required for loans
rapid lending decisions the options available to years serving the local com- choice of lenders for farm- under €250,000. All loans
small business under this munity, Capital Credit Un- ers, fishers and food busi- have reduced interest rates
On the 25th of January Scheme.” ion is ideally placed to sup- nesses, it will benefit rural demonstrated in the agree-
2021, Capital Credit Un- port local businesses as part communities, which con- ment documents with the
ion launched their Small Based in South Dublin, of this scheme. Our process tinue to be well-served by participating enterprise.
Business Lending Initiative Capital Credit Union has 9 is clear, fast and efficient to the credit union movement.
along with 12 other credit branches and over 50,000 meet the needs of local busi- At this time of economic The scheme will be avail-
unions nationwide and are members. Capital Credit nesses and ensure they are disruption, access to finance able until the end of June
also partnering with Gov- Union believes it will suc- looked after properly.” is critical to ensuring the on- 2021, or until it is fully sub-
ernment in the low-cost ceed in working with mi- going viability of business- scribed.
COVID-19 Credit Guaran- cro, small & medium sized Minister of State at the es, including those in the
tee Scheme. businesses, impacted by Department of Finance, agri-food sector and I am The COVID-19 Credit
COVID-19, to review their Séan Fleming said, pleased that my Department Guarantee Scheme operates
The Tánaiste and Minis- cash-flow and working cap- is supporting this initiative.”under the State Aid Tempo-
ter for Enterprise, Trade and ital requirements to enable “I welcome today’s an- rary Framework introduced
Employment, Leo Varadkar these businesses to survive, nouncement that a further The scheme is operated in response to the pandemic.
T.D. made the announce- protect jobs, create future twelve credit unions, sup- by the SBCI and delivered
ment of the participation of employment, and thrive in ported by the Irish League of through the participating Participating Credit Un-
two the largest Credit Union 2021. Capital Credit Union Credit Unions (ILCU) and finance providers, allow- ions have signed legal
associations in Ireland, the plans to build on its strong the Credit Union Develop- ing affected businesses to agreements whereby the
Irish League of Credit Un- connections in the local ment Association (CUDA), access additional financing maximum individual loan is
ions (ILCU) and the Credit community to engage with will be participating in the through traditional lenders. set by the Credit Guarantee
Union Development As- local businesses and offer COVID-19 Credit Guaran- 19 Credit Unions with mul- Amendment Act 2020 and
sociation (CUDA) in the them the necessary support. tee Scheme, bringing the to- tiple outlets are now partici- in turn the European Com-
Government’s COVID-19 tal number of credit unions pating finance providers in mission State Aid Tempo-
Credit Guarantee Scheme. The COVID-19 Credit in the scheme to nineteen. the COVID Credit Guaran- rary Framework (Section
Guarantee Scheme offers With their unrivalled local tee Scheme. 25D). This results in the
The Tánaiste said: reduced interest rates on knowledge, credit unions maximum loan been calcu-
loans of up to 5 and a half are ideally placed to support About COVID-19 Credit lated as:
“Irish SMEs will now be years to Irish businesses re- the recovery and providing Guarantee Scheme
able to borrow from a further sponding to the impacts of loans to local businesses is • Double the annual wage
twelve Credit Unions under COVID-19, including those a key element of the recov- The scheme made avail- bill of the participating en-
the €2bn Covid Guarantee in the farming and fishing ery. Further development of able by the Department of terprise for 2019, or for the
Scheme. These new provid- sectors, with no personal SME lending in a controlled Business, Enterprise, Trade last year available
ers, from the Irish League guarantees required for manner could also assist & Employment is to sup- • 25% of the participating
of Credit Unions and the loans under €250,000. credit unions in growing port the economic recovery enterprises’ total turnover in
Credit Union Development and diversifying their loan and interested parties can 2019; or
Association, have a wide Gerry McConville, CEO book.” find further information on • in limited cases and with
geographical range, from of Capital Credit Union the COVID-19 Credit Guar- appropriate justification,
Blanchardstown to Castle- said, Minister for Agriculture, antee Scheme here.  Busi- the amount of the finance
comer, from Westport to Food and the Marine nesses will be required to agreement may be increased
Navan. Credit Unions are at “I am delighted to an- Charlie McConalogue TD make two declarations, i] to cover the liquidity needs
the very centre of communi- nounce the launch of Capi- said, that their turnover or pro- from the moment of grant-
ties across the country. They tal Credit Union’s Small jected turnover has been ing for the coming 18
have an excellent reputation Business Lending Initiative “I am delighted with the reduced by 15% as a result months for SMEs.
in their local areas and un- and our participation in the addition of 12 credit unions of COVID-19 and ii] that it
Page 14 LITERATURE February / March 2021

New in 2021 - NewsFour New Fiction:

‘For the price of a sausage…’
Brid Fitzpatrick
oblivious to what was going on behind his back in the shop
as he was trying hard to hear what was being said between
his apprentice and the solicitor. Then he noticed – the
dog was ravenously devouring the sausages hanging from
the counter. His loud shouts as he weaved his knife at the
hungry dog attracted the attention of the solicitor and his
client the apprentice. “Out! Out! Out!”, cried the butcher
as the dog dashed out the door.

As things calmed down, the still agitated butcher turned to

the solicitor. “What do you think, as a solicitor, would be
a fair payment for the loss of sausages to a dog?” “Well
sir, my legal advice would be that it would be exactly the
same amount as the cost of legal advice. No more no less,
So we’re quits.”

The butcher was tempted to use the chopping knife that he

was brandishing. But discretion, he decided, was the better
Early Morning and Mr. Thompson was busy as usual pre- face-making. He knew his ‘sizzlers’ from his steaks, his part of valour especially if a solicitor was involved. “And
paring for the day’s business in his butcher’s shop. Al- loin chops from his livers and could cook-up a repast with sir, what is the situation regarding the ongoing legal situa-
ready the various meats were hung up behind him or dis- the best of them. He believed that the best way to his girl- tion vis-à-vis this young fellow here and a financial benefit
played on the shelves before him. He was very proud of friend’s heart was through her stomach. Napoleon would relating to his wages?” “Cherchez la femme,” replied the
his skill as a butcher and matched his prices accordingly. have been proud! solicitor. “Now if you will excuse me I have other clients
His was a successful trade and he looked forward to the to see.”
day he would put the legend – Thompson & Son over the His girlfriend was the daughter of an eminent local, high
shop. He drove a hard bargain with the local farmers and maintenance and well looked after and educated by the The butcher’s assistant very quickly got back to work but
rarely did they outdo his negotiating skills, whether at the nuns and used to a pampered lifestyle so any increase in with the protection of a knife – just in case of a knife slip-
local fair or weekly mart there was always a deal to be had wages would be a bonus for our said Butcher’s Assistant. ping by his boss in to his heart where his true love dwelt.
and a hand to be shook at the end of the day. He took great However, time was eating away at his girlfriend’s patience He was caught between both men. How would the situa-
pride in his award-winning sausages – over several years and it was imperative that he get a wage increase. It was tion resolve itself?
they had been given first prize at the local agricultural time to make a move. She wanted a week-end away in
show. Thrilled was an understatement to describe his emo- Dublin and ‘for things to move on a bit but not without an The next day turned D-Day for everyone concerned. A let-
tion when he displayed the awards and bespoke sausages advance in his financial position so she and he could reveal ter arrived for the assistant. He was late for work and the
in full display at the front of the counter. He often steered their relationship.’ butcher was curious regarding its contents. He didn’t rec-
his customers’ towards his leek and pepper sausages taking ognise the handwriting and he thought it might be some-
pride of place at the top of his counter with other recipes Then, at last, the Solicitor’s letter arrived at Thompson’s. thing legal. Eventually he succumbed and put on the kettle
hanging loose further down; As temptingly as possible the Our Butcher’s Assistant had been keeping an eye out for to steam the letter open. It worked. He quickly scanned
meat was displayed. He demurred when the shoppers tried the postman carrying the letter. When he saw the letter the letter and saw that the assistant had a case. Then he
to inveigle the secret of his recipes. with the solicitor’s name on the envelope he whistled nerv- replaced the letter in the envelope, sealed it again with glue
ously. The waiting was over and the time for action had and left it in the backroom.
The recipes were written down in a book by his great- come. He worked busily with the sharp knives, cutting and
grandfather many years ago and had passed down the gen- carving the meat. Not too busily just in case Mr. Thomp- A guilty looking assistant arrived from the backroom and
erations to himself and hopefully to his son. The awards son got the wrong idea. But he had a sharp tongue and the slipped the letter into his pocket. He was an expletory em-
he won spoke of him as an artisan butcher and craftsman. assistant was half-tempted to use the knives just in case ployee for the rest of the day, butchering and cleaning and
He spoke to his assistant in glowing terms about what a Thompson lashed out. tidying up with zeal.
privilege it was to learn the butchering trade in Thomp-
son’s and the quality of products sold there. His emphasis The butcher never said a word on opening the envelope. Mr. Thompson got him to stay in the back as he could
was what an honour it was for the assistant to work there, But the shop turned icy. Neither said a word. Silence ruled make an appointment on the phone with his own solicitor.
learning the trade from bottom up and as a last riposte the day. Mr. Thompson busied himself with his prize- win- The solicitor told him he had no case. Then who should ar-
said that the assistant should be content with a basic rate ning sausages. The apprentice busied himself with sharp- rive but a young girl in her teens with a dog he recognized
of pay. However his assistant was a disgruntled assistant ing his knives. as belonging to the assistant’s solicitor. He was making
and would easily have accepted even a basic increase in some sausages. “Can I help you?” he asked carefully. She
wages as jobs were in short supply in the town and he had The sausages hung temptingly from the counter. replied that she wanted to speak with his assistant. “Who
a girlfriend to entertain. He decided to go to a lawyer to see shall I say is calling”? “Miss Fortune”, she replied. In an
if there was any way he could get an increase in wages. It Then who should arrive in but the solicitor with his dog in instant he realised he was talking to the solicitor’s daugh-
was time to pay a visit to a solicitor. tow. “I’ve come for a chat with your apprentice,” he said ter. “He might be still be in the backroom.” In she went.
to the butcher. Mr. Thompson scolded and called the as- Thompson saw an opportunity that would perhaps save a
“You have a case” – was his advice and he told the as- sistant from the backroom. The assistant signalled his so- solicitor’s fee. He got some sausages that he was mak-
sistant he would write a letter to Thompson. “That might licitor to the backroom. When they conversed the butcher ing. Artfully he mixed in chopped chilli with the meat. De-
do the trick – going to Court might be too complicated. A crept to the door to hear what was being said. lighted with his idea he quickly placed them on the counter
nudge might be all he needs to cough up.” near to where the dog was standing. The dog could resist
The dog was left sitting beside the counter. “I can resist anything but temptation and wolfed down the sausages.
The assistant was willing to give it a try, but it was with anything but temptation” was said by a famous Irish writer Within seconds a howling dog ran round in circles and out
trepidation that he awaited the letter and the reaction of and, if the dog could talk, he probably would have said the the door. A distressed Miss Fortune and butcher’s assistant
his Boss. As a result he was on his best behaviour, whis- same thing. The sausages were irresistible. He licked his dashed out the door. Touché, said the butcher. He knew
tling as he went about his work without complaining or lips, gazed longingly at them and gave in. The butcher was he’d never see the assistant again. February / March 2021 LITERATURE Page 15

February Light Raytown Poem for Imbolc

Brid Fitzpatrick Gay  Byrne

A candle-flicker of light Most summer mornings 

leads into the heart of We spent playing rounders
February. Most summer afternoons in the
lake standing on flounders
We are moved            
into the airy space Our Ma’s would say boys
of Life within the shining  come back home soon
smoothness of sky No such thing we’d spend all 
day on the lagoon
Shoots of flowers promise  
the beginning of Spring as We’d ramble up to Sandymount
we await the coming To do things illegal
of Hope. Get back with our Apple’s
In time for the Regal

Jump off the jetty steps into the liffey (February 1st.)
Cold and dirty out in a jiffy This is an ancient Celtic incantation in honour
Put  clothes  on that were damp  of the (triple goddess) Brighid, known in Chris-
And laugh at Sandy the tramp. tianity as St Brigid.
The words evoke a custom still observed in the
Coats put down in Ringsend Park US today - Groundhog Day (February 2nd.)
sides picked we’d play until dark The poem is in Irish with translation.
It was so bad we could not see a sinner
Someone suggested next goal the winner Thig an nathair as an toll
Là donn Brìde,
At times we’d meet and go down  Ged robh trì troighean dhen t-sneachd
To the dumps Air leac an làir.
If you got chocolate and crisps 
You had come up trumps The serpent will come from the hole
On the brown Day of Bríde,
Dockers going to North’s Though there should be three feet of snow
Dockers going to Smith’s On the flat surface of the ground.
When the pub’s closed
Ferrari’s for ray and chips

The lads lay their nets
for a ner a one
Salmon going up
Brid Fitzpatrick is a Wordsmith – Poet, Au- The liffey to spawn
thor, Songwriter and Librarian. She is an alum- When the bailiffs arrive
nus of both NUIG & UCD. Her works (fiction The lads are well gone
and nonfiction) have been published in various
magazines. She has had poetry published in Boats on the river, race has begun
magazines, poetry anthologies, on calendars and Down to the hail and back
online. Her two books, Poem Drops and The Cup is collected Paddies have won
Book of the brown calf Moo-Calf, were pub- now it’s up to the Yacht for the craic.
lished by Swan Press in 2018. She is a member     
of the Rathmines Writers’ Workshop and The                 
Irish Writers’ Union. As well, she has been Raytowns different, it’s just not the same
interviewed on both broadcast and print media. No orchards, football, jetts,
Brid now lives in Dublin, after having lived in No rounders, flounders, nets,
various parts of Ireland, London, the USA and No Regal no dump progress to blame.
Page 16 CULTURE/FILM February / March 2021

New to Streaming/ Riz Ahmed has received ec-

static notices for his perfor-
of social values in modern day
Russia. Available on IFI@
with extraordinary deftness and
humanity. Features superb per-

n David Prendeville
mance in this drama, about a
British Pakistani rapper who’s
HOME. formances from Sandra Huller
and Peter Simonishcek. Avail-
tion with this drama shot during struck down with illness on India Song able on Mubi.
lockdown. John David Wash- the cusp of his first world tour. Marguerite Duras’s challeng-
Here I round up some of the ington stars as a director and Available on IFI@HOME. ing, fascinating drama is noted About Endlessness
best new offerings on streaming Zendaya as his wife, in a film for the uniqueness of its form. Surrealist Swedish auteur,
and newly released on Blu-ray. that has attracted some ire for Only God Forgives With the characters remaining Roy Andersson, returns with
it’s autobiographical nature and wordless throughout, the im- one of the most acclaimed films
Piece of a Woman for it’s supposed digs at film ages we see are accompanied by of the year past. Available on
Hungarian director Kondrel critics. Available on Netflix. off-screen voices that help the Volta and Mubi.
Mundruczo makes his English viewer piece together the story
language debut with this ac- Falling of the wife of a French diplomat The Masque of the Red Death
claimed drama featuring Va- Viggo Mortenson’s directo- in 1930s India driven to suicide. Roger Corman’s iconic Ed-
nessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf. rial debut stars himself as a man Available on Mubi. gar Allen Poe adaptation gets
The film has attracted attention whose peaceful existence with the Blu-ray treatment. Starring
for a bravura opening 30 min- his partner and adopted daugh- The Big Feast Vincent Price and noted for Nic
ute birthing scene. Available on ter in California is disrupted by Marco Ferreri’s infamous Roeg’s stunning cinematogra-
Netflix. a visit from his abrasive father black comedy from 1973 has phy. Blu-ray now on sale at the
(Lance Henrikson). Available Nicolas Winding Refn’s bril- lost none of its ability to shock. IFI shop and other retailers.
Malcolm and Marie on IFI@Home. liant, unfairly maligned thriller Featuring superb performances
Sam Levinson follows up the follows Ryan Gosling as a drug by greats such as Marcello Mas- Light Sleeper
controversial Assassination Na- Mogul Mowgli smuggler in Bangkok, com- troianni and the recently depart- Paul Schrader’s 1992 film
pelled by his overbearing moth- ed Michel Piccoli. A must for once again sees him rework his
er (Kristin Scott Thomas) to those with an adventurous pal- key themes into another com-
avenge his brother’s death. This ette. Available on Mubi. plex portrait of a damaged male
visually stunning, brutal film is psyche. Features great perfor-
ripe for re-discovery. Available Toni Erdmann mances from Willem Dafoe and
on IFI@HOME. Maren Ade’s superb melan- Susan Sarandon. Blu-ray now
choly comedy which follows a on sale at the IFI shop and other
Loveless practical joking father trying to retailers.
Russian maser Andrey Zvy- reconnect with his CEO daugh- Photos: John David Washington,
aginstev’s stark drama is a ter. What sounds like the prem- Riz Ahmed, Ryan Gosling -
searing, haunting indictment ise of a broad farce, is handled All WikiCommons

Dublin Smartphone
Film Festival 2021
There will also be workshops doors even open. It really dem- the creative ingenuity of film- And you can follow them on
online covering story writing onstrated to us just how popular makers within the constraints Facebook and Twitter and Ins-
and scripting as well as the all- the notion of Smartphone Film- of pandemic restrictions. For tagram.
important topic of how to raise making has become. This year is example UK director Coady
funding for projects using kick- unfortunately going to be a little Kearsley’s short comedy, Flim- Images: Dublin Smartphone
starter. different. It doesn’t mean it isn’t sy, which was filmed in isolation Film Festival logo
The Dublin Smartphone Film going to be great. The pandemic under quarantine with 13 actors Robert Fitzhugh, Festival
Festival will be handing out and subsequent lockdowns have in five countries. Director
its 2021 awards too. There are brought about an incredible
over 200 entries for these from period of creativity with peo- The Dublin Smartphone Film
n Dermot Camody 25 countries in categories such ple forced to use the tools they Festival takes place from the
as Best Fiction, Music Video, have at their disposal to tell sto- 30th of January to the 6th of
Now in its fourth year, the Documentary, Animation, and ries. As a result we have seen February on XERB.TV
Dublin Smartphone Film Fes- Best Irish, with entries restricted an increase in submissions and
tival takes place from January to no longer than 15 minutes in the quality has moved forward Quick video for the event
30th to February 6th. Like eve- length. The festival has teamed at a phenomenal rate. Despite
rything at the moment the for- up with SV Assets and tech site the situation we all find our- so
mat of the festival is affected by to provide prizes and selves in there has never been a
the current pandemic and result- gifts for the winners. more interesting time to explore Tickets are 5 euro per screen-
ant lockdown, but the organis- The festival was founded by Smartphone filmmaking. This ing or 15 euro for access to all
ers were determined to honour Robert Fitzhugh, a filmmaker is what the Dublin Smartphone short films
their commitment to showcas- who has previously worked for Film Festival is here to do; to
ing the best Smartphone film- the Reel World Film Festival encourage the next generation linsmartphonefilmfestival2021/
makers from around the world. in Canada and more recently of filmmakers to create their virtual-events
The festival features work cre- as part of the PR and marketing stories using their phones and to
ated exclusively using mobile team for the Fingal Film Festi- provide them with a platform to You can find out more infor-
devices like smartphones and val. present these stories to a wider mation on their website https://
tablets. This year’s virtual event “We just could not believe the audience” www.dublinsmartphonefilmfes-
online will screen a number success of the festival in the past The programme has many in-
of short films, documentaries, three years,” admits Fitzhugh. triguing entries from around the
animations and music videos. “We sell out each year before the world, and looks set to celebrate February / March 2021 CULTURE/FILM Page 17

The Outlook for Cinemas in 2021

n David Prendeville

proach that gave cinemas that our industry’s biggest filmmak-
he landscape for cinema are open films to show, while ers and most important movie
exhibition remains very also allowing the films to reach stars went to bed the night be-
uncertain in the early mass audiences. Most analysts fore thinking they were working
months of 2021. I have covered were critical of the decision, for the greatest movie studio and
in this paper the impact Cov- however, unsure of the long- woke up to find out they were
id-19 has had on film produc- term effects such an approach working for the worst stream-
tions and exhibitors. Despite the could have. Warners have said ing service. Warner Bros had an
hope of vaccines on the horizon, this strategy is for 2021 only, as incredible machine for getting
it remains to be seen when a re- we hopefully pass through the a filmmaker’s work out every-
turn to some form of normality pandemic and on to the other where, both in theaters and in
for cinemas is likely, and quite side. But what effect would this the home, and they are disman-
what Hollywood studios are have on viewer tastes? If this tling it as we speak. They don’t
likely to do with the stack of method proves successful, will even understand what they’re
tentpoles awaiting release, car- it be so easy to turn things back, losing.”
rying over from 2020. and go back to the exclusively Those were surprisingly dis-
Arguably, the biggest devel- theatrical distribution model? paraging words from a key
opment in this on-going story While the decision does have film-maker in their army of col-
occurred in December, when some merits, it seems, from the laborators. Denis Villeneuve,
Warner Bros made the an- studio’s point of view, there are director of the highly-anticipat-
nouncement that they were go- practical problems it will almost ed new adaptation of Dune, has
ing to release all of their huge certainly run into, the most no- also chimed in against the de-
2021 slate (many roll-overs table being piracy. The very cision on an artistic basis. Per-
from 2020) simultaneously in day the film becomes available haps, a less interesting aspect
cinemas (in territories where on HBO Max, it is likely high- of this story is the unforeseen
they’re open) and on the US quality pirate versions will be legal ramifications it could have
streaming platform HBO Max. uploaded online. The risk of for Warners from the creatives
This followed in the wake of piracy is further compounded involved in the film. Reports taken by surprise by the news. Keanu Reeves - WikiCommons
their initial announcement that by the fact that HBO Max is suggest this news opens up a He further added: “There’s such
their eagerly anticipated, mam- currently only available in the whole world of complications controversy around it, because this, is of course the cinemas
moth-budgeted Wonder Woman States. Are impatient customers with regards to residuals and they didn’t tell anyone. In 2021, themselves. There have been
1984 would be released in this in territories in which neither other profit sharing measures they’ve got some of the top film- some murmurs of representa-
manner. While one film was one cinemas are open nor HBO Max for directors, actors, writers etc makers in the world, they’ve got tives emphasising the need for
thing, the news that Warners is available going to be tempted involved in the projects. some of the biggest stars in the a theatrical exclusivity window,
were going to adopt this strategy into piracy? And that’s a best Given the current state of the world who worked for years in but the noise from exhibitors
for all of their 2021 releases sent case scenario as to the profile of world, it’s hard to have much some cases on these projects has for the most part been quiet.
ripples throughout the industry. those likely to pirate. The easy sympathy for these already very close to their hearts that are To cinephiles, they however, re-
Some of the films on the studi- availability of these titles on pi- vastly well paid people. Howev- meant to be big-screen experi- main the most important player
os slate for this period include: rate sites seems certain to make er, it does seem odd and short- ences. They’re meant to be out in this situation. It is imperative
Dune, Kong Vs Godzilla, The an impact on the films’ takings. sighted once more, if reports there for the widest possible au- that cinemas survive the pan-
Suicide Squad and The Matrix Since making the announce- are to be believed that Warners diences... And now they’re be- demic or else a very important
4. ment, Warners have also had to didn’t consult any of these per- ing used as a loss-leader for the cultural experience will have
Some people have reacted face the wrath of some of their sonnel prior to making the an- streaming service - for the fledg- died. In terms of the Warner
positively to the news, suggest- bigger players. Christopher No- nouncement. The vigour of the ling streaming service - without Bros and the other studios it
ing that it was a pragmatic ap- lan said of the news: “Some of responses such as that of No- any consultation.” would be wonderful if this dis-
lan’s certainly suggest he was The other key player in all ruption and these disputes could
Denis Villeneuve - lead to the sort of fissures that
WikiCommons lead to the New Hollywood era
in the late 60s and 70s. An era
in which sophisticated films
were also the big films, rather
than the cookie-cutter, super-
hero nonsense that pollutes the
mainstream cinema these days.
It’s hard to imagine exactly
how such a thing could occur.
Perhaps if the new relationship
between theatrical exhibition
and streaming meant it was less
value for money to spend big on
these superhero tent-poles, and
more of a focus was put on mid-
budget films. It’s a long shot,
but one can hope. One needs
Christopher Nolan - any hope they can get in this
Wikipedia current moment in time.
Page 18 SPORT February / March 2021

Clanns Support People in Need in our Community

delighted and very grateful to re- commitment. At the same time allow this to happen. club Games Development Of-

n Felix O’Regan ceive the food and toys that were we welcome new appointees in  The club is working on a num- ficer, states:
n light of the Covid-19 pan- collected at Clanna Gael Fon- their place as well as a number of ber of ‘Green’ initiatives for 2021 “Clanna Gael Fontenoy has
demic, and to comply with tenoy before Christmas. The food other new members to the Execu- too. We will be encouraging our long fostered the development
Government and GAA guid- was used to help to make up 1,300 tive Committee as follows: members to cycle to the club by of girls’/women’s football and
ance, Clanna Gael Fontenoy’s fa- food hamper bags that were dis- • Chairman Brian Delany camogie. Thanks to the dedi-
cilities in Sean Moore Park have tributed to families and individu- • Vice Chairman Tony Murphy cation of various club officials,
remained closed for all activities. als in need in Sandymount and • Secretary Michael Costello coaches and volunteers over the
Members of the club and mem- the surrounding areas. Likewise, • Treasurer Eamonn Sherry years, female participation in our
bers of the public are advised not the toys were distributed to fami- • Registrar Eoghan Heneghan games is particularly high today
to use these during this period. lies in need in the area and were • Children’s Officer Suzanne McKenna and quite a number of our female
However, prior to the most gratefully received. We would • Coaching Games teams have enjoyed notable com-
recent lockdown the club took like to thank the Club and its Officer Declan Darcy petitive success. By signing up
the opportunity in the run up to members for thinking of those in • PRO Felix O’Regan to the 20X20 Charter we are for-
Christmas to show support for need at this very difficult time for • Other Exec. Members Bernard Barron, Simon Beirne, malising that which we have been
people in need in our community. everyone. Go raibh maith agaibh Garret Bennis, Aidan Marsh, doing; but we are also pledging
Una McCullagh, John Mitchell,
Acting on a proposal from our go léir.” our continued support for female
Frank White
U13 girls’ squad to organise an involvement in our sports.”
appeal for donations of food and New Officers and As the new Chairman, Brian providing cycle racks. We’ll also
toys, team mentors James Dolly Executive Committee Delany sees a number of objec- be promoting energy awareness
and Sinead Spain reached out to We extend sincere thanks and tives for the year ahead: through a partnership with the Images:
the local chapter of St Vincent De best wishes to a number of offic- “For me, our success will al- Ringsend Irishtown Sustainable 1. Members of the U13 girls’ squad
Paul (SVP). What followed was ers following their years of ser- ways be about the numbers of Energy in the Community pro- display just a fraction of the items
a tremendous response from club vice to the club in their respective playing members we have; but ject.” donated at the club
players, members, supporters and roles: Bernard Barron as Chair- we saw the important role the  Female participation in sport 2. One of the frontline teams accept-
friends in terms of volunteering man, Jay Byrne as Vice Chairman club played in the wider com- Our club has committed to for- ing donations: l to r Paul Keelan, AJ
and in contributions of non-per- and Suzanne Murray as Treasurer. munity in 2020. For many people mally adopting the 20X20 Club O’Leary, Joan O’Leary, James Dolly
ishable foodstuffs; confectionery, The club has benefitted enor- the weekly training sessions and Charter which requires sports and Sinéad Spain
chocolates and sweets, as well as mously from their dedication and matches were highlights of the clubs and organizations to pro- 3. Club support for the 20x20 Char-
new toys. The number of van and week, allowing them the chance mote and facilitate gender equal- ter is welcomed by Games Develop-
car trips required to get every- to socialise in outdoor situations. ity by providing equal opportuni- ment Officer Shaunna Curtis pictured
thing delivered to the SVP depot  So for 2021 we know the chal- ties to female players. We have (centre) with some of our U16 and
was far greater than had been an- lenges the pandemic will bring. a strong track record in facilitat- Minor players, l to r: Lauren Darcy,
ticipated – thankfully so! We need to provide as safe an ing female participation in Gaelic Sasha O’Neill, Holly Lewis, Olivia
St Vincent de Paul’s Síona Ly- environment as possible for our games, as evidenced by the num- Mohan, Tímea Kovács, Maura Con-
don advises how the donations members to train and play. It’s ber of females playing football roy and Lauren O’Brien
were put to very good use: vital that our facilities are main- and camogie across the different (Inset) Brian Delany, the club’s new
“We at St Vincent de Paul were tained to the highest standards to age groups. As Shaunna Curtis, Chairman February / March 2021 SPORT Page 19

Preview of Ireland’s 2022

World Cup Qualifying Campaign
gen Klopp seems to have a lot lar starter in Steve Bruce’s hope-
of faith in the youngster and less Newcastle side. He could
has also talked up his ability do a job and would certainly be
on the ball. Kelleher played as more comfortable on the ball
an outfielder at youth level and than Duffy. If we were to look
retains a composure on the ball for more youthful options, Dara
reminiscent of the new breed of O’Shea has gained valuable ex-
ball-playing keepers such as his perience playing regularly with
Liverpool team-mate Alison or West Brom, and may benefit
Man City’s Ederson. It would be from recently appointed man-
a bold move for Kenny to drop ager Sam Allardyce’s renowned
Randolph, who has been an ex- defensive coaching. Kevin Long
cellent servant. But one won- of Burnley is another option.
ders if it might not be time for The left-back position looks to
new beginnings, where possi- be Enda Stevens’ to lose. Do-
ble, across the pitch. A 22-year- herty or O’Shea could also fill grated into the team more go-
old that’s involved in a squad as in here if necessary. ing forward. Let’s hope he can
good as Liverpool’s certainly In central midfield, Conor also learn something from his
sounds like a starting option Hourihane may benefit from new manager at Derby, Wayne
for Ireland. Randolph is also, if a recent loan move from As- Rooney. The usual faces of Cal-
anything, playing less minutes ton Villa to Swansea City. The lum O’Dowda and James Mc-
than Kelleher as back-up to Lu- Swans sit second in the Cham- Clean should fill out the vacant
casz Fabianski at West Ham. pionship table and are renowned squad positions in the wide ar-
The big call in defence will be for playing decent football. eas.
the perennial problem of pick- It has the makings of a good One would expect Aaron Con-
ing skipper Seamus Coleman move, though, it is dishearten- nolly to start these games if he’s
or Spurs’ Matt Doherty. As I’ve ing that as soon as Villa became fit, whether that be out wide or
argued many times in these arti- anyway good they ditched Hou- up-front. He’s had a stop-start
cles, it shouldn’t be a problem at rihane. Another likely starter in season at Brighton and it would
all. It should be one of Kenny’s central midfield, Jeff Hendrick, be good to see him put a run to-
main priorities to find a way to is not having a good season at gether. So far, Kenny has con-
play both. If it’s a straight shoot Newcastle. He’s been in and out tinually deployed him on the left
out between the two for one po- of the team and has done little to wing, so I would expect more of
sition, Kenny has a very tough inspire when he’s played. James the same for these games. That
decision to make. Doherty’s McCarthy might be a better op- means that Kenny will probably
form hasn’t been all that great tion. The veteran continues to do persevere with Norwich’s Adam
since he got his big move to a solid job for Roy Hodgson’s Idah as the lone man up-front,
Spurs, being in and out of Jose Crystal Palace. Another option given David McGoldrick’s re-
Mourinho’s lineups. Coleman, is Jayson Molumby, who Ken- tirement. Shane Long would
meanwhile, recently returned ny seems to rate. The young- be another option here, but he
from injury for Everton and has ster was recently loaned out doesn’t seem to be at the fore-
carried on the impressive form from Brighton to Preston in the front of Kenny’s thoughts. Troy
he showed at the start of the sea- Championship. Alan Browne is Parrott, meanwhile, has unfor-
son. also somebody highly-rated by tunately failed to make much of

Unless Kenny switches to the manager, also playing with an impression during his loan
cently stood down from his role a formation involving three Preston. A wild-card choice spell with Millwall so far.
n David Prendeville in the backroom staff, in myste- centre-backs, you would ex- here would be Southampton’s Whoever Kenny picks, realis-
ext month sees rious circumstances. Leaving all pect Shane Duffy and John Will Smallbone but it’s likely tically, the team will have their
the start of Ire- that noise aside, however, here I Egan will retain their places as that Kenny would want him to work cut out to qualify for the
land’s World Cup take a look at the form of some the two starting centre-backs. be playing more regularly to call World Cup in Qatar. But let’s
Qualifying cam- of Ireland’s key players heading Neither of them, however, are him up for a senior cap. hope we at least see the founda-
paign for Qatar into the game and assess what enjoying their football at the On the flanks, one bit of good tions starting to form of a prom-
in 2022. The Boys in Green are sort of team Kenny may pick for moment. Duffy has had a torrid news recently has been that ising team that Irish fans could
away to Serbia on the 24th of these crucial games. time at Celtic, who look certain Robbie Brady has had an inju- have pride in again, following
March, followed by a home tie In goal, Kenny is likely to to lose the title to Rangers for ry-free run back in the Burnley what’s been a sustained period
against Luxembourg on the 27th. stick with tried and tested Dar- the first time in over a decade. team. His re-emergence has also of misery.
I have previously documented ren Randolph. Liverpool’s Egan hasn’t performed badly as coincided with a decent spell
the turbulent journey Kenny has Caomhin Kelleher has claimed an individual but his Sheffield of form of Sean Dyche’s side. Images: Shane Duffy and
taken to get to this point. From a stake, though, by his impres- United team sit rock bottom of He could make a huge differ- Robbie Brady - WikiCommons
the poor results, to coronavirus sive performances standing in the Premier League and are cur- ence to this Irish team if he can
outbreaks, to the controversy for Alison at the end of last year. rently on course to finish the maintain his fitness. One player
surrounding a motivational vid- The fact that Kelleher is now season with the lowest number who impressed in the dire draw
eo shown to the players before Liverpool’s bona fide number of points ever. We’re not inun- with Bulgaria in November was
the friendly against England. two is an impressive achieve- dated with other options in this Derby winger Jason Knight. It
Further to this, Damien Duff re- ment for the 22-year old. Jur- position. Ciaran Clark is a regu- would be good to see him inte-
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