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SECTION27, a section 21 company (2006/021659/08) and a registered law clinic, is formally associated with the School of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
Board of Directors: Ms V. Dubula (Chairperson), Judge J. Kriegler (Deputy Chairperson), Mr N. Ndlovu (Treasurer), Prof. Q. Abdool-Karim, Dr B. Brink, Prof. S. Fonn (ex-officio),
Mr M. Heywood (Executive Director), Prof M Pieterse (ex-officio), Ms T. Steele
18 lebruarv 2011




We Lhe underslaned lnLernaLlonal AluS and human rlahLs oraanlzaLlons are deeplv
concerned bv Lhe senLenclna of vouna Chlnese Plv/AluS acLlvlsL 1lan xl Lo one vear ln
prlson ln Chlna. 1lan xl ls a couraaeous advocaLe for Lhe Lhousands of people lnfecLed
wlLh Plv Lhrouah Chlna's blood dlsasLer, who now demand aovernmenL accounLablllLv.
We call for 1lan xl's lmmedlaLe release and for a naLlonal compensaLlon plan for Lhe
Lhousands of vlcLlms of Lhe blood dlsasLer.

1lan xl, aae 24 vears, conLracLed Plv and hepaLlLls as a chlld from a LalnLed blood
Lransfuslon. Pe has been lmprlsoned slnce AuausL 2010. Cn lebruarv 11
2011 1lan xl
was convlcLed of ºlnLenLlonal damaae Lo properLv" because he desLroved $600 worLh of
offlce equlpmenL ln a confronLaLlon wlLh a hosplLal docLor who refused Lo asslsL hlm ln hls
pursulL of compensaLlon. lor vears, 1lan xl has proLesLed Lhe lack of compensaLlon and
offlclal redress for Lhe mllllons of Chlnese clLlzens lnfecLed wlLh Plv ln Lhe 1990s from

conLamlnaLed blood Lransfuslons. 1hose LalnLed Lransfuslons were Lhe producL of an
llleaal blood selllna lndusLrv fuelled bv offlclal corrupLlon and lndlfference.

1lan xl had been repeaLedlv harassed bv Lhe pollce and sub[ecLed Lo house arresL, and has
become frusLraLed and anarv over Lhe conLlnued lack of offlclal accounLablllLv. Pe has
Lrled repeaLedlv Lo ralse hls arlevances Lhrouah offlclal channels, lncludlna aL Lhe lnauaural
meeLlna of Lhe 8el[lna 8ed 8lbbon lorum on Puman 8lahLs ln !ulv 2010. Weeks laLer he
araued wlLh a hosplLal dlrecLor and alleaedlv damaaed hosplLal offlce equlpmenL. Several
weeks afLer LhaL, 20 pollce offlcers wearlna hazmaL proLecLlve overalls came Lo hls house
and arresLed hlm.

1lan xl has been lmprlsoned slnce AuausL 2010 and under Lhe senLence handed down
from Lhe Þeople's CourL of xlncal CounLv ln Penan he wlll be lmprlsoned unLll AuausL

1lan xl's arresL and convlcLlon are a clear slanal from Lhe Chlnese aovernmenL LhaL
advocaLlna for baslc human rlahLs -- rlahLs LhaL are enshrlned ln Chlna's own consLlLuLlon
and ln lnLernaLlonal law -- wlll have danaerous consequences. lor 1lan xl, who musL Lake
llfe-savlna medlcaLlons for AluS, Lhe consequences of Lhls senLence could be deadlv, and
Chlnese acLlvlsLs have alreadv expressed concerns abouL wheLher he ls aeLLlna adequaLe
LreaLmenL for Plv and hepaLlLls whlle ln prlson. AmnesLv lnLernaLlonal has sald LhaL 1lan xl
ls aL rlsk of LorLure.

Chlna has recelved over one bllllon dollars from Lhe Clobal lund Lo llahL AluS, 18 and
Malarla (ClA1M) slnce 2002. 1he ClA1M sLaLes ln lLs 'lramework uocumenL' LhaL lLs
foundlna prlnclples are ºLhe parLlclpaLlon of communlLles and people, parLlcularlv Lhose
lnfecLed and dlrecLlv affecLed bv Lhe Lhree dlseases" and Lhe ºalm Lo ellmlnaLe
sLlamaLlzaLlon of and dlscrlmlnaLlon aaalnsL Lhose lnfecLed and affecLed bv Plv/AluS,
especlallv for women and chlldren and vulnerable aroups." 8eLallaLlon and persecuLlon of
AluS advocaLes vlolaLes Lhese prlnclples and hampers Lhe aovernmenL's AluS response.

Powever, desplLe proaress ln some areas, vulnerable aroups, lncludlna poor rural farmers
who became lnfecLed from Lhe blood selllna, sex workers, drua users, men who have sex
wlLh men, sLlll face pollce lnLlmldaLlon, harassmenL and wldespread dlscrlmlnaLlon. 1he
Chlnese aovernmenL ls obllaaLed bv lLs own laws, lnLernaLlonal law, and also bv lLs
accepLance of Clobal lund monev, Lo respecL Lhe rlahLs Lo llfe and healLh, Lo provlde
medlcal servlces free of dlscrlmlnaLlon and Lo allow for clvll socleLv and acLlvlsLs Lo
advocaLe for on behalf of vulnerable aroups.

ln addlLlon, Chlna has been slanaLorv Lo un ueclaraLlons on AluS, lncludlna Lhe 2001
'ueclaraLlon of CommlLmenL' whlch recoanlses LhaL:

ºLhe full reallzaLlon of human rlahLs and fundamenLal freedoms for all ls an essenLlal
elemenL ln a alobal response Lo Lhe Plv/AluS pandemlc, lncludlna ln Lhe areas of
prevenLlon, care, supporL and LreaLmenL, and LhaL lL reduces vulnerablllLv Lo
Plv/AluS and prevenLs sLlama and relaLed dlscrlmlnaLlon aaalnsL people llvlna wlLh
or aL rlsk of Plv/AluS"

1he ueclaraLlon also commlLs sLaLes Lo worklna wlLh clvll socleLv.

We belleve LhaL 1lan xl's onlv crlme ls sLandlna up for hls rlahLs. 1hls ls noL a crlme.
lndeed, ArLlcle 33 of Lhe Chlnese ConsLlLuLlon sLaLes LhaL º[c]lLlzens of Lhe Þeople's
8epubllc of Chlna en[ov freedom of speech, of Lhe press, of assemblv, of assoclaLlon, of
processlon and of demonsLraLlon."

We belleve LhaL Lhe Chlnese aovernmenL musL follow lLs own consLlLuLlonal obllaaLlons
and adhere Lo lnLernaLlonal sLandards. As a reclplenL of Lhe Clobal lund and a slanaLorv
Lo Lhe unCASS ueclaraLlon, Chlna musL release 1lan xl and provlde compensaLlon Lo hlm
and Lhe Lhousands of vlcLlms of Lhe blood dlsasLer.

We Lherefore call on Lhe un, unAluS, Lhe Clobal lund, Lhe WPC and clvll socleLv
oraanlzaLlons aloballv Lo condemn 1lan xl's senLence and demand hls 6AAB@68=B(release.
lf 1lan xl ls sLlll ln prlson aL Lhe Llme Lhe Plah Level MeeLlna on AluS Lakes place ln new

?ork on !une 8-10 we wlll make sure LhaL hls lmprlsonmenL - as well as Lhe harassmenL of
AluS acLlvlsLs bv aovernmenLs of oLher counLrles - ls a ma[or lssue faclna Lhe meeLlna.

We would appreclaLe lL lf vou would please acknowledae and replv Lo Lhls memorandum
aL Lhe followlna address:
Care of kaLe ÞaLerson
lax: 27 11 339 4911

An ln[urv Lo one ls an ln[urv Lo all!
keep Lhe promlse on human rlahLs!


AluS ConsorLlum
CenLre for Lconomlc Covernance and AluS ln Afrlca
uona[en CenLer for Puman 8esources LducaLlon and AcLlon
!aneL Love, naLlonal ulrecLor of Lhe Leaal 8lahLs CenLre
8ural PealLh Advocacv Þro[ecL
1reaLmenL AcLlon Campalan


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