AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE MARKET COMMITTEE, ESTABLISHMENT :The Agricultural Market Committee, Unjha is established on Dt.

:- 23-10-54 ( 1954-55 ) under the Bombay Agricultural Produce Act -1939 ( Bombay XXII ) for the better regulation of purchase and sale of Agricultural Commodities in Market area. There are 26 villages of Unjha Taluka in the market area of this Committee and Unjha is declared as principal Market Yard in the Market area. Arrivals of Agricultural Commodities in Unjha Market Yard is from 300 KM radius i.e. Mehsana Dist., Sabarkantha Dist., Banaskantha Dist., Saurashtra, Kutch and Rajasthan in the Market area to extend sale and purchase facilities. “ 27 ” Agricultural Commodities Viz. Jeera ( Cumin ), Variali ( Fennel Seeds ) Issabgul, Sarsav, Raido ( Mustard ), cartor seeds, Till, Groundnut, Asalio, Rajgaro, Fenugreek, Moong, Math, Udad, Gram, Tur, Val, Chola, Guwar, Wheat , Bajari, Juvar, Chino, Kalingada-Bij, Cotton, Coriander Seeds, Vegetables & Fruits, Suwa ( Dill Seed ) Ajmo ( Ajwain Seed ) in the Market Area.

OBJECT :The Object of Market Act. Is to regulate the Market for protecting Agriculturist sellers by cash and kind to establish modern Market Yard with required facilities for producers and traders.

CONSTITUTION OF MARKET COMMITTEE :The Market Committee is constituted of 17 members, i.e. 8 ( Eight ) Agriculturists, 2 (TWO) Member from Co. Op. Sale Society, 4 ( Four ) Traders, 1 (One ) Local authority and 2 ( Two ) Government nominees. These 17 Members elect one of them as Chairman and a Vice Chairman every two years, State Government nominates the first Committee and there after it comes through election at every four years. The Committee appoints Secretary and necessary staff under the approval of the director of Agricultural Marketing & Rural finance, Gujarat State , Gandhinagar, who is the executive Authority of the Act.

IMPORTANCE OF UNJHA MARKET :Unjha Market Yard is one of the biggest regulated Market and it is well known commercial centre throughout India for its trade of Jeera ( Cumin ) , Variali ( fennel ), and Isabgol and Raido ( Mustard Seeds ) crops of jeera, Variali, and Isabgol is only possible in Gujarat , Rajasthan and some areas in iron. The crop of jeera particularly of North Gujarat is superior in quality and hence there is great demand from all over India and foreign countries also. Unjha is natural assembling and exporting centre for Agricultural Commodities of North Gujarat. There are 800 big business firms in this town which export Jeera, Variali, Oil Seeds, Pulses and Isabgul to nearly 1500 centres of India & foreign countries every year. This market is also important for crushing and grinding of oilseeds, pulses, isabgul coriander

This detail is useful for the solution of disputes. 5 Pulse mills. Variali and other spices. Market Charges :The old practices of Market charges in cash and kind have been abolished and the Market Committee has fixed prescribed new Market charges for the purchasers and sellers not from the farmers. 6 Kalingada-bij factories & 5 Coriander seeds factories in Unjha. one given to Market Committee with Market fees and one for his own record and recover the value of sale from the purchaser next day with Market fee. Sieving & Delivery :After auction all the produce is sieved for minimizing adulteration and for improving Agricultural Commodities. 4 Sat Issabgul factories. one copy given to purchaser. 17 Banks and sub treasury.Delhi state Highway is also passing through the outskirts of this town. PROGRESS IN THE REGULATION OF THE MARKET :Before the application of the Act Unjha Market was unregulated and it was running on own accord of traders. Method of Sale :The Agricultural Commodities brought for the sale in the Market Yard are arranged in open heaps in the plots allotted to general commission agent and heaps are sold through open auction conducted by the paid auctioneers of the Committee. . Thus cash payment is introduced in all the work of sales delivery & payment is finished on the same day of arrivals & the commission agent prepares a sale slip in triplicate. for the trade. The details of the sale is noted by auction clerks on the same time. Facilities of open auction ( Sale ) standard weightment.seeds and kalingada-bij etc.e. Banking and Storage etc. The Market Committee has introduced the following main features of regulation. Thus Unjha Market has all the modern facilities of transports Communication. Cash Payment :After taking the delivery of the produce a cash memo is prepared by the general commission agent or purchaser and one copy of memo is given to the seller with cash payment another to Market Committee and copy is kept for his own record. real weight is given. 27 cleaning factories for Jeera. There is a Post office telegraphs and telephones services. There are 6 oil mills. cash payment protection from malpractice ' s and amenities were not provided to agrits sellers by any way. After the application of the Act. According to the serial order of the delivery of the produce is taken in the Market Yard on the place of auction by standard weights and in standardized on the spot i. Thus Unjha is natural assembling and exporting centre of Agricultural Commodities FACILITIES OF THE MARKET :Unjha Market is situated on the main line of the Western Railway Ahmedabad. State warehouse.

Due to heavy arrivals of regulated Commodities at Unjha Market Yard. of the land at Unava Village ( 5 kms. variali. Issabgul. Gandhinagar vide their order serial No.DISSEMINATION OF PRICES :Daily prices and arrivals of the Market is published on notice board and broadcasted on Radio amplifier in the Market Yard at a time and also published in all the leading news papers of Gujarat & the prices of important Commodities are daily broadcasted from All India Radio. the APMC.15G. As per Government of Gujarat Agriculture co-operation and Gram development section. 2346002 2316594 2632998 2543442 846093 Sake Valuvation Price (Rs) 7943980900 8063770445 8222030320 8117939900 2576223190 FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE MARKET COMMITTEE :- The sources of income of the Market Committee is licensee fees from purchasers. The year wise arrivals of Agricultural Commodities are given as under :- Year 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2001-03 1/10/03 to 31/03/04 Total Qtls. Away from Unjha on highway ) for sub-market Yard and has prepared a layout plan with all necessary modern facilities 416 Office-CumGodowns estimated at a cost Rs. SITE OF UNJHA MARKET YARD AND SUB-YARD :The present site of Unjha Market Yard is between Unjha town and railway station with an area of acres 36. Farmers of Gujarat and Rajasthan are coming to Unjha Market Yard to sale their Jeera.37 G. Unjha has purchased acres 45. Unava has been separated and given its own identity.etc. 5 crores . 33 Vegetables shops. 2 rural godowns facility in sub yards Unava.K. Market Committee. AARIVALS OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE IN MARKET :The arrivals of regulated Agricultural Commodities in Unjha Market Yard is increasing every year due to better facilities of purchase & sale in Unjha Market Yard. The figures of yearly expenditure and surplus are as under :Year 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2001-03 1/10/03 to 31/03/04 Income 60480211-96 59330606-65 62384557-37 57644750-00 30793857-00 Expenditure 21532897-78 24985039-56 35858338-47 37497451-00 17912675-00 Surplus 38947314-18 34345567-09 26526218-90 20147298-00 12881182-00 . having all necessary facilities. Unjha and APMC.H-9 / 97 / APMC / 1197 / 1076 / G-26 Dated 31/01/97 . Baroda centre.H. G.

This way the Unjha Market Yard and Unjha town are well developed in last 35 years. furniture and staff for setting up of a laboratory in the APMC Yard . Accordingly. Finally. UNJHA :In the APMC General Body meeting held on 18-08-1999 . licensee fees and market fees are as under :- Year 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2001-03 1/10/03 to 31/3/04 No. OF LICENSEE. Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Most of the work of the laboratory is over and it will start functioning soon for the benefit of the farming / trading communities. 75 Lakhs have been given to licensed traders at the reasonable rent.Godowns. QUALITY TESTING LABORATORY AT APMC. 1 was passed unanimously to provide building. It solves many problems of Marketing and Market Committee can control effectively. 7. 155736/162345/169653/158183/144654/- Market Fees Rs. Unjha. a MOU has been signed on 01-02-2000 between the APMC. Moreover Market Committee has constructed 133 Office.Cum. 38839544-08 38372284-09 40354786-22 40555449-86 12676663-00 The Permanent fund as on Dt. of Licensee 3157 3690 4414 3600 2514 Licensee Fees Rs.NO. Thus Unjha Market Yard is progressing towards ideal and perfect Market with all the amenities and requirements of the Agricultural Marketing. With all required facilities for the purchasers & sellers associated a Agricultural Commodities will be definitely provide tremendous boost to Agricultural Marketing. Cochin .315-00 Paise. DEVELOPMENT OF MARKET YARD AND AMENITIES PROVIDED :To create modern Market on the present site of Acres 36.Cum – Godowns each of different size for the licensed traders to construct Office-Cum-Godowns at their own cost. (2) 52 plots of Godowns each of 65 ' x 16 ' (3) Plus 54 plots for office.Godowns at the cost of Rs.25 lakhs for setting up of the Quality Testing Laboratory. . of licensee. the Spices Board will purchase and provide equipments with an approximate total cost of Rs.37 G.79. at Unjha the Market Committee has allotted (1) 176 plots each of 105 ' x 18 ' for Office – Cum. Unjha and the Spices Board. 25. Government of India. This way the plot of Office-Cum-Godowns given to the traders are helpful in solving problem of storage of Agricultural Commodities and avoid compulsory sale of Agricultural Commodities. a resolution No.50. 31-03-04 is Rs. LICENSEE FEES AND MARKET FEES :The no. A Chemist has been appointed and he has sent to Cochin for one week ' s Training programme in the sophisticated laboratory of Spices Board.

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