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html http://www.crivoice.org/creedfm.html In 1860, the "free" in Free Methodist emphasized certain basic freedoms found in the Scriptures: Human freedom, upholding the right of every person to be free, denying the right of anyone to hold slaves; Freedom and simplicity in worship; Free seats in church, so the poor will not be kept out or discriminated against; Freedom and openness in relationships and loyalties so the truth may always be spoken freely (avoiding vows of secrecy); Freedom of lay persons to be fully involved at all levels of decision making; Freedom from materialism in order to help the poor. ” Free Methodist head quarters are located in Indianapolis.

The Free Methodist Church is organized into conferences, the first meeting was held the second Wednesday of October in 1862 in St. Charles Illinois. Today the Free Methodist is still organized into conferences such as general conferences and world conferences. There are currently 13 General Conferences in the world, which are linked together through the articles of religion and common constitution of the first two chapters of the Book of Discipline. Free Methodist follow “modified episcopacy” which means that the church mimics mutual submission of the ordained ministers and lay ministers in its governing bodies. (FAQ free Methodist church). The Free Methodist are very open to women having a role in ministry. B.T. Roberts wanted women to play a role in Free Methodism, but he never saw this in his life. Women were able to work in the ministry in 1911. Lay Ministers duties include guiding members of the church and assisting to the pastor of minister. The lay minister assists in worship, “administration, social action,

" (ARTICLES OF RELIGION CRI VIOCE) Free Methodist declare that Gods love is free to anyone who wants to be whole and build a relationship with Jesus. (FAQ) The minister’s main role is to lead worship services and act as the leader of the local churches. Scriptures teach the way to reach salvation and how to lead a life of faith and anything not found in the Bible it is not to be required as an . Spring Arbor university in Spring Arbor Minnesota. Free Methodist believes that Scripture and the Bible have authority over all human life. which they believe are one everlasting power. and Holy Spirit”. and counseling”. Free Methodist believe in one living God who made and preserves all things. and Azusa Pacific University in Azusa California. Free Methodist have six main colleges founded on their basic beliefs.Christian education. Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. Greenville College in Greenville Illinois. Local organization of a congregation can occur when a governing board is guided by the “ Book of Discipline” and the mission of the Free Methodist Church until the new ministries develop. Free Methodists basic beliefs are stated in the mission statement that states “"The mission of the Free Methodist Church is to make known to all people everywhere God's call to wholeness through forgiveness and holiness in Jesus Christ. and in the unity of this God there are three persons “ Father. There is also Osaka Christian College of the Japanese Free Methodist Church and Hope Africa University. Son. and to invite into membership and to equip for ministry all who respond in faith. Central Christian College of Kansas in Mc Pherson Kansas. and shines a truthful light about God and his followers. Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester New York.

and living a wholesome life through God Free Methodist believe . reproducing itself. Regeneration is when the believer is reborn and has a fresh relationship with God. To Free Methodist Baptism represents the new covenant of grace. and many small group sessions where they believe becoming closer with God is easier to reach. regeneration.article of belief. To Free Methodist salvation is possible with redemptive acts of kindness that include justification. worshipping. understanding its surrounding culture. They believe that both Old and New Testaments both bear witness to Gods power and love for his followers. witnessing of people being saved. and adoption. Most Free Methodist children are baptized with the request of parents who promise to fulfill everything necessary to teach their children Christian beliefs. This three-step program results in believers able to love God and prepare them for more spiritual growth. The bread that is eaten represents the body of Christ and the wine represents the blood of Christ. as circumcision was the symbol of the old covenant. Free Methodist like other Methodist including United and Wesleyan Methodist worship with traditional Sunday services. Adoption is the final step that involves the acceptance of Gods love and becoming the “ children of God” (CRIVIOCE). Communion represents the redemption by Christ’s death to the Free Methodist members who are willing and able to receive communion. and ministering with a plan”(FAQ) by achieving these things. following the basic beliefs. Free Methodist want to achieve “every church praying. and the old relationship is in the past. Justification involves creating a new relationship with God and ridding yourself of your own sins and guilt. being involved in world missions. full of disciples who reproduce themselves.

publisher. The influence of his character and ministry continue today.in an eternal life with Christ in heaven. BT ===He was a champion for equal rights (especially for women). . writer. Christian educator. and holiness preacher.

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