Applicant: Minghong Gao(DOB: 03/21/1987



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Personal Statement

A top student at Bohai university currently who graduated in July 2009, I would like to scale intellectual heights by undertaking further study in the United States. Though I have completed my undergraduate course, I am still intent to further my study overseas, thus I decided to apply for the graduate program of Finance in your distinguished university. I was born into a harmonious family in Shenyang. Prodded by my parents’ high expectations, I have studied diligently over the years, drawing constant inspiration from the learning spirit prevalent on the campus. As a student, I spared no effort in academic study. With the strong will to excel, I kept ranking the top 30 among all the students of my grade in my school career. The hard work paid off in my impressive performance of National University Entrance Examination in China, with which I won acceptance into my university. The reason I chose this major is that I wanted to learn knowledge of international trade as well as handle skills to communicate in English in my undergraduate period. In my opinion, students in this major possess more logical and extensive thinking mode which is helpful for improving abilities of analyzing and solving problems. However, my sincerest goal in the future is business, especially finance. Different from other girls who were interested in film and play series I was attracted by economic performance when I was in middle school. Moreover, I was sensitive in economics, finance and marketing. Whenever I heard an economic phenomenon I would always try to find the related policies, analyze its advantage and disadvantage and predict its influence to the future. In my opinion, business and economy is the greatest creation of people. Although it is shapeless, it decides many fields. The more important element during the exceedingly competitive global business environment is finance. Knowledge of finance is a great educational background for any business career in general. Its magic color attracts me so much that I expect to get knowledge of its connotation. Naturally pursuing study of finance became my goal after graduation from university. This is just my life road I have planned myself. Directed by this goal I have been strict

As an active student. According to their words my coming added the harmonious and friendly atmosphere. In the course of such activities I developed my capacity of maintaining harmonious relations and happily cooperating with others. My earnest working attitude also won the leaders and colleagues’ high evaluation.Applicant: Minghong Gao(DOB: 03/21/1987) with myself from the beginning of university. Because of the eager of helping others. so many extracurricular activities did occupy a lot of time and energy on study during my freshman year. I went to Shanxi province as a volunteer to speak and encourage high school students there and help local student to improve their English skill in 2008. along with increasing difficulty in coursework. Therefore. optimistic and positive in my everyday life. I know the first step of the whole process is to make a solid academic foundation. our team was highly commended by local government. These activities made me energetic. I expect to study the most professional knowledge and a new 2 . It resulted in my overall GPA tending to be not very high. major courses and Elective courses. So only by studying from the mature and developed countries and extracting their experience can we resolve our own problems. there are still a lot of economic problems especially in China. During the process of assisting my manager I learned much practical knowledge of business and found that it is an art to operate finance affairs. In my second year of university. In the short working experience I found I need to possess more systematic knowledge and show prominent advantage in order to succeed in the international environment in which economic globalization is in progress and competence is enhancing day by day. During my work. I was elected to handle communication team of student association of educational poverty alleviation. I was made effort to open my eyes to see the world. During the summer vacation in 2008 I got a part time job in Beijing World Trade Corporation working as a project assistant. a capacity that helped me a great deal in my studies. advanced knowledge and technology and comprehensive attitude towards international students. But with my hard work in the following years. However. AEISEC team was evaluate me heading to Poland as a volunteer to extend Chinese culture and communicate with local students from 6-20 to discuss culture differences. With global eyes. I have maintained rounded development throughout my undergraduate period. At the time. I was made to understand that all forms of knowledge are essentially interconnected methodologically by logical analysis. As the member of our school’s roller-skater team I cooperated well with my teammates and had a very good time in my school. we share experience of volunteer life and help students in rural China to get more advanced education. At present. I make effort to apply Tsinghua University as an exchange student which is one of the most famous universities in China. a country with serious history remaining. The United States is my dreamed destination just because of its development speed. my achievements showed a trend of great ascending as well. So I made an effort in all the courses including basic courses. I believe that my solid foundation in logical analysis as well as my profound mathematics knowledge would significantly contribute to my ultimate success.

But I always encouraged myself with the proverb “Where there is a will. there is a way” and I will not easily give up my dream---to study new knowledge. I am confident that I will be competent for future study of finance although it is different from my undergraduate major. I will definitely set myself at a preferential place in the severe job market and infuse fresh blood to Chinese finance area and serve for its prosperous development. broaden my horizon and learn the culture of the United States.Applicant: Minghong Gao(DOB: 03/21/1987) angle of view to analyze the world. holding the advanced professional knowledge gained in America. After compare and consideration I have decided to apply for your esteemed university which attracts me with your unique education focus. I know it is not avoidable to face difficulties and challenges in the future study. in-depth academic atmosphere and advanced teaching philosophy as well as safe campus environment. 写 BALANCE 得出结论很高兴 3 . Therefore. After completing my study in your esteemed university. In addition I minored in Finance Engineering during my undergraduate period and have taken some elective subjects in business.

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