1. TUMS patch applied 2. AD.I.

2 I was getting following error, adearea(); Warning=> unable to locate /uclone/d01/oracle/prodcomn/java/owa.zip file. Signing product JAR files in APPL_TOP /uclone/d01/oracle/prodappl using entity PROD and certificate 1. Successfully created javaVersionFile. Generating product JAR files in APPL_TOP /uclone/d01/oracle/prodappl with command: adjava -ms128m -mx256m -nojit oracle.apps.ad.jri.adjmx @/uclone/d01/oracle/prodappl/admin/TEST/out/genjars.cmd

Failed to generate product JAR files in APPL_TOP /uclone/d01/oracle/prodappl.

adogjf() Unable to generate jar files under APPL_TOP AutoPatch error: Failed to generate the product JAR files

AutoPatch error: Error updating apps.zip

Solution is 1. Execute $APPL_TOP adjkey initilize 2. Regenerate all jar files using adadmin utility

Restart the patch again. It should complete without any error

I Tasks Run the adgrants sql Create a $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin folder on database tier Copy $APPL_TOP/admin/adgrants.Post AD.6.I.Production on Tue Feb 15 11:50:51 2011 Copyright (c) 1982. 2002.2 Run explode.05$ sqlplus /nolog SQL*Plus: Release 9.drv driver .0 .sql as follows bash-2. All rights reserved. SQL> @adgrants. Oracle Corporation.sql APPS Check the patch level SQL> select PATCH_LEVEL from fnd_product_installations where PATCH_LEVEL like '%AD%'.drv driver Apply the AD patch 5161676 Run explode.sql to $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin Run adgrants. PATCH_LEVEL -----------------------------11i.AD.drv Go to $AD_TOP/patch/115/driver Run adpatch with explode.2.drv Go to $AD_TOP/patch/115/driver Run adpatch with explode.0.

tools.FileSysDBCtxMerge.DBUtil.context.java:102) at oracle.java:1504) at oracle. I raised a SR for this and solution is to apply the patch 4201222 After applying this patch autoconfig was successful.initializeParams(FileSysDBCtxMerge.ad.ad.util.tools.apps.CtxValueMgt.java:759) at oracle.ad.CtxValueMgt.FileSysDBCtxMerge.<init>(DBUtil.setParams(FileSysDBCtxMerge.mergeCustomInFiles(CtxValueMgt.apps.ad.configuration.ad.configuration.main(CtxValueMgt.ad.apps.ad.apps.java:153) at oracle.context.context.ad.java:128) at oracle.processCtxFile(CtxValueMgt.FileSysDBCtxMerge.util.java:661) ERROR: Context Value Management Failed.registerDriver(DBUtil.configuration.getDBConnection(FileSysDBCtxMerge.apps.apps. Then Regenerate JAR files .lang.tools.java:147) at oracle.CtxValueMgt.java:1678) at oracle.DBUtil.apps.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleDriver at oracle.apps.Then run autoconfig and you will get the following error Context Value Management will now update the Context file Exception in thread "main" java.

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