Do some secondary research. Try to find the reasons why 5 large ERP projects failed in the past.

Also try to find the reasons for great success of some of the ERP projects. What had the successful project team done differently from others? Most of the times organization have seen ERP projects fail for the following reasons: 1. Software selection was wrong 2. The software does not work as promised by vendor 3. Too many customization or interfaces to the software were attempted. 4. Lack of top management sponsorship for the project 5. Lack of a proper project plan and their execution 6. Poor or no training was provided to the user 7. Lack of business or technical resources committed to the ERP project 8. Lack of effective change management strategies 9. User refuse to use new ERP system, it is again due to improper training 10. A business merger terminates a existing implementation

Here, I will attempt to share through ERP consultant¶s experience, observation and research various strategies that give you the best chance of achieving a successful ERP implementation experience.

Critical factors toward achieving a successful ERP implementation are: 1. Selection of the right ERP software 2. Manage organization¶s expectations 3. Mitigate risks 4. Exploit the best business practices built into the ERP software 5. Get the step by step phase wise implementation 6. Prepare proper blueprint of ERP implementation 7. SRS study - this will help you in selection of software 8. GAP analysis to map organization process and ERP software 9. Selection of experienced ERP vendor- new company or vendor may not be able to give you proper support and service even after successful implementation.

Take a systematic approach. It is also important to point out early on in any discussion about successful ERP implementation some important points and realities about ERP implementations in general. This can be: 1. the ready to use or perfect ERP system does not exist. 2. ERP implementations are different in every organization ± it never be the same as previous 3. There is no perfect ERP implementation 4. No ERP implementation is ever complete- It requires support and services, upgrades and updates, technological changes, etc.

Ferazzoli Imports Initially paid: US$184. there is no apparent pattern to the vendors named in recent legal matters. In fact. ERP implementations fail for five key reasons.443. 2009 Vaughan & ERP software giant Infor is taking legal action against Infor Global . lawsuits against software vendors. However. When working with clients.61.656. millions of dollars of budget overruns. our research shows that there is no pattern to ERP failures and lawsuits. because large and high-visibility companies are more likely to embark on Oracle or SAP implementations. In fact. we looked at the most recent lawsuits to see if there was a pattern among vendors and software solutions. we often hear the perception that most ERP failures or lawsuits must pertain to SAP implementations.42 2009 of New England (included the additional software and services meant to make the system operate properly). As you will see in the table below. some of these failures lead to heads rolling.As we outlined in a blog post earlier this year. If anything. Unfortunately. when expressed as a percentage of total client base. those organizations are more likely to receive attention when something goes awry. After all. and a host of other high-visibility failures involved SAP¶s ERP software. Hershey¶s. However. other that they happen more often than they should and no one ERP vendor appears more or less likely to experience failure than the others. Waste Management. the number of inquiries we have received to act as expert witnesses in ERP lawsuits has increased dramatically in the last twelve months. To date: US$224. For example. Lawsuits Against ERP Vendors ERP Vendor Year ERP Customer Reason for ERP Lawsuit Article Link Epicor Software Corporation Epicor's system never worked as intended or promised. and in some extreme cases. two new lawsuits were announced in the last 30 days: one against Oracle and another against JDA¶s i2 unit. SAP and Oracle probably have a lower lawsuit rate than other vendors on the list.

000 invoice Infor sent Carver in August 2008 for allegedly using the Maxim ERP package without a license since 2000.for just a small fee ..Solutions Bushnell customers as it seeks to recoup license fees it claims it is owed. Health System . Infor Global Solutions 2008 Carver Pump Company . a breach-of-contract. The company sued Infor over a disputed $451. which sued Infor in this case.replacements for two software modules that will be decommissioned next year. NCA) in 1998 as part of a Y2K upgrade. Its agreement with the ERP 2009 of Leavenworth vendor requires Lawson to provide -. An attorney for the tool company. Carver says it received a perpetual license from CA (which acquired Maxim's original developer. The companies settled out of court in November. confirmed that his client paid Infor something. Lawson Software Public Health 2009 Foundation Enterprises Failed ERP implementation Lawson Software Hospital chain sues Lawson Software over retiring ERP Sisters of Charity apps. and claims it stopped using Maxim anyway in 2006.

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