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Badve Engineering Ltd. Plant-V
Gut no.63/64, Narayanpur, Waluj, Aurangabad

Submitted By: Shivkumar B.Kumthekar


S.R. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. Name of subject Declaration Introduction Mission &Objective HR Department Account Department Purchase Department Production Department Conclusion Bibliography 4 5 6 9 13 18 23 24 Page no. 3


Here by declare that the project report entitled departmental management of industry. Submitted for degree of master business administration is my original work and the Project report has not formed the basis for the award of any diploma degree associate ship fellowship or similar others titles. It has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma.

Place: Aurangabad Date: 11 – Jan - 2010


Badve Engineering Ltd. was established in 1997.Today it Consists of eleven Units Spread over Four Different Locations, At Aurangabad and, Pant Nagar (Utter Pradesh) Chakan (Pune) & Chennai (Tamilnadu). Badve Engineering Unit-V Was Established & Production Started In 2005. The Total Turnover Of The Company (Plant V) Is 100 Crores and All Badvegroup Turnover is 2000 Crores. BADVE ENGINEERING LTD is one the most pioneer automobile engineering company. The biggest customer of Badve engineering is BAJAJ AUTO. Above plant is dealing with the models of PLATINA, PULSAR, XCD-125, CT-100, Discover, Boxer,XCD-135 etc (their body parts only) like Headlight, Indicators, Side panel, Seat Cover, Front fender and Speedometer etc. Aurangabad plant (5th) consisting of more than 300 employees approximately. Managing Director of Badve Engineering Ltd. is Mr. S.S. BADVE Plants of BADVE ENGINEERING are located in Aurangabad, Pant Nagar (Utter Pradesh) Chakan (Pune) & Chennai (Tamilnadu). Mr. V.S. Kasture is Plant Head & General Manager for Aurangabad plant.


To achieve and maintain leadership, Product Reliability and Safety in an environment of Honesty, Transparency and Fairness and contribute towards betterment of society.

It is BADVE dream to become not only a globally competitive automobile components supplier, but also to make Badve known for supply of components of the Best Quality AT MOST COMPETIVE PRICES. But, every dream has no have an action plan to make it a success therefore; I feel that it is very important for every individual working in a group to know what Badve’s objective are for the near future and what should be the Focus Area to help achieve these Goals.
* Achieve a sustained Zero Customer Complaint for Proprietor

Group Suspension, Transmission and Braking.
• Badve to achieve Profitable Sales Growth by the year 2009-

10 with Export.



In the BADVE ENGINEERING LTD UNT-V the head of the department and Sr. manager of HR department is Mr.N.U.Bhale and deputy manager of HR department is Mr.S.R.Jayabhay and Assistant Manager is Mr.M.M.Darade. The over all HR department are well managed and the all activities are systematically organized and its are more expensive.


Administration Compensation Employee Relations Employee Services Fiscal Health and Safety Labor Relations Leaves of Absence

Strategic planning, organizational evaluation, County Board relations, policy recommendations, supervision of department staff Salary and benefit surveys, job evaluation, job descriptions. Disciplinary processes, incident investigations, complaint/grievance procedures, labor-management relations. Educational assistance, employee service awards. Staffing budgets, departmental budget, accounts payable, total package costing. Employee assistance, workers compensation claims, OSHA-related compliance, drug testing, safety compliance and training. Contract administration, collective bargaining, grievances. State and/or Federal Family and Medical Leave rights, County approved leaves of absence, rights upon return to work, light duty assignments for temporary

periods. Computer-based or manual evaluation systems, supervisory training, Performance Appraisal compliance with timeliness standards. Record-keeping Employee files, litigation files, safety records and other administrative files. Job posting, advertising, testing administration, employment interviews, Recruitment background investigations, post-offer employment testing. Separations and Rights upon termination of employment, severance benefits, unemployment Terminations Training and Development Wages and benefits compensation, exit interviews. County-wide needs assessment, development of supervisory and management skills, employee training and workshops. Benefits orientation for new and transferring employees. Supervisory news letter. Salary / Wage plans.

Various function of the department is as

follows:a.Man Power Planning b.Recruitment and selection c.Introduction and training d.Time Office (Time Track Attendance & Leave Management System) e.Salary and Wages Administration f.Record of the employee g.Maintenance of Discipline h.Welfare of Employee i.Security Department


Material Inspection by QC.

The Accounts department is well managed Head of The department is Mr.P.B.Shriramwar and Assistant manager is Mr.S.D.khedakar and cashier is Mr.J.R.Sayyad and other faculty is Mr.S.V.Pendharkar, Mr.C.P.Sharma and Mrs.P.A.Kulkarni. These all are well managed and systematically handle Accounts department. This department is well organized & the latest technologies like S.A.P. are utilized. The whole organization is connected by LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) & overall control on each & every thing can be possible. This dept. is dealing with Bill passing process , Receipts , payments , records keeping & up gradation of all the accounting data , day to day transactions , Issuing of various vouchers (Cash payment, Credit purchase, Journal Voucher ) Sale Invoices , Purchase Invoices & Banking issues of the company etc .

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Preparation of RCIA/Service Sheet Availing Cenvat Credit Bill passing/MIRO in A/C Dept.


Arranging, filling, Checking of Invoice with PO

Sales Invoice Procedure
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1.Checking of daily sales invoices with amended P.O. of BAL 2.Filing of sales invoice & numbering of files after the process of binding. 3.Proper arrangement of sales invoices as per Sale invoice no. (Sequencing ) & missing report regarding invoices. 4.Day to day cash book entries & preparation of daily cash report. 5.Distribution of cheques to vendors & maintenance of proper record of it. 6.Distribution of TDS certificates & maintenance of record of it. 7.Data entry regarding BAL purchase order amendments.


8.Cash counting (Cash Closing activity).


In the Badve Engineering LTD Head of the department of purchase department is Mr.N.P.Wadgaokar and the assistant manager is Mr.U.N.Sonavane and the officer is Mr.V.S.Kakade. These all are well managed of purchase department and systematically organized all activities of purchase department.

The function of the BADVE Purchasing Department is to provide assistance in securing qualified vendors, soliciting and obtaining proper equipment, supplies, and services at the right price, in the right quantity, at the right time. Maximizing value obtained for the budget Crores is paramount. At the same time, purchasing procedures that protect the BADVE budgets must be enforced. The Purchasing 13

Department of Badve is not to be used to procure supplies, equipment, or other merchandise for the personal use of employees of the Badve.

The Purchasing Department functions to: 1. Handle the mechanical operations of procurement: obtaining quotations, ordering, expediting, and making adjustments. 2. Act as a center of information on sources of supply for the many items used by the Badve. 3. Effect savings and economy of Badve resources. 4. Follow the progress of an order from the time it is issued until the supplies are received or the service is performed satisfactorily. Purchase department is conserved with the purchase of all types of raw material Components, machine tool & any other inventory may be directly related with production or not, from the approved vendor, dealers, subcontractors or pub venders it is carried out as per the need & shortage in co-ordination with other department like P.P.C. (Production Planning & Control) Q.A. (Quality Assurance) & Tours also, the Finance. Vendor development is the also most important part of activities of purchase.


Let see in short the activities curried out under purchase dept.

* A Vendor Development
Development of approved vendors for regular purchasing of components is called vendor development. The steps in vendor development are; * Purchase of Material:Issue of P.O. for regular purchase of components in regular production as well as for indented items.Vendor rating & interaction as described previously.Item codification.Self certification of supplier by arranging regular audits. Purchase dept had the complete responsibility of supply of component at exact time in day to day production sc that only shortage or interruption in production should not be there * Purchase Requisition / Indent The purchase requisition is the need items are not available from the stores department for the new items and this is recording point. Purchase requisition fully described the quantity and quality of the needed items taken action. Another time’s “Bill of Materials” (BOM) is list of all items, which are required to complete one specific order serves as a requisitioning.


* The Supplies (Selection) After the need of the item has been recognized and described, the attempts should be made to select the best source of the supply. This is the negative process in the sense that the list of potential supplier is required to select few. For the repetitive orders the buying records of the previous suppliers are referred and suppliers is selected on the basis of the satisfactory performance in the part. In the absence of any existing supplier the producer for the selection of the supplier would be slightly different. It is the usual practice of the buyer to maintain an up to the date list of potential supplier. The information about the supplier is available from the directories, advertisement in the trade journals by the supplier. Out of the given sources a short list of the appropriate supplier should be selected. They may be asked for their quotation of price, delivery and other terms and condition. a)Catalogue Price The standard terms generally the catalogue and price list are prepared by supplier which are applicable to all type of buyers. b)Negotiated Price The price hanging better the supplier and buyer. It is technique and good buyer can use for the benefit of the organization.


c)Placing the Purchase Order (P O) After the selection of the supplier the order is placed with him. The standard purchase order specification of the item required for the price and other relevant items. The material manager signs it. d)Follow up the order The materials at right time and right place are the important ingredients of effective purchasing. Simply the placing of order with the suppliers does not ensure that the materials will be made available where they are wanted. Fallow ups order is considered. It is not necessary to change all type of purchase order. This procedure tries to see that the purchase order is confirmed by the supplier and delivery to premised. e)Receiving Materials The store department receives the material supplied by the vendor. It is the duly of the purchase department to verify and to tally the quality of material. The receipt of the material is recorded on the goods received reports, which also specify the name of vendor and the purchase order. It also records any discrepancy damaged condition of the materials. A copy of the receiving report is send to the purchase department. f) Payment of the Invoice The goods are received in a satisfactory condition; the invoice is checked to see that the goods where duty authorized to

purchase, they are properly ordered and priced. The equally and quantity order confirm to the order, correct calculation etc.


Production department is dealing with the production of body parts of above models of Bajaj auto. T.P.M. (Total Productivity Maintenance) & KAIZEN (Continuous Development) such sort of latest technologies are used for better quality of production. T.P.M. is used for maximization of Production & to minimize the Rejection & rework. T.S. (Technical Specification) is another technique used for better quality of production. Paint Shop: Paint shop is the place where all the painting process for finished product can be done.


* Finished product will be ready on conveyor for passing through the process of washing by plain water. * After the process of washing it will be passed through the dryer for complete dryness. * After the process of drying the product will be passed for cooling purpose (Normal Temperature) in cooling zone. * After the above process the product will be passed to primer coating process & then it will be passed to flash off zone (for normal temperature). * After above process it will be passed to Base coating process where the sprinkling of colures is made for long lasting durability of product’s color & then to flash off zone normal temperature . * After the above process the product will passed to Final paint. It will be decided (the colour) of the product, as per the need of seller / vendor. Then coloring will be made. * Online inspection will be made (known as DECAL Application) for any fault if takes place after final coloring process. * Finished goods are checked by quality inspector.


* Dispatch of goods.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
TPM is today well known amongst engineering industry as a powerful business to become competitive in operations and management. Many Industries are enthusiastically introducing this approach and are achieving exciting result. TPM is a highly structured approach with very clear milestones and indicators that can be implemented with skilled professionals. The TPM facilitator course has been developed in the TPM club with a goal of developing such professionals in the companies who are practicing and initiating TPM. Depending upon the size of unit where TPM is being implemented a minimum of two people per unit must be exposed to this training. These people could then handle the responsibility to drive the TPM secretariat from the beginning stage to the award level. The program would impart both knowledge and skills to introduce


and support TPM at all stage of TPM development. The TPM approach followed in this program is strictly in line with the JIPMS methodology. Participants would be exposed to TPM thought classroom training and case study presentations. The program ends with an examination that would qualify the participants as TPM in-house facilitators.


T P M 8 Pillars
Pillar 1 Kobestu Kaizen (KK) 1Improvement is everyone’s activity 2Improvement is to eliminate production losses and reduce cost. Pillar 2 Jishu Hozen (JH) 1Maintaining basic conditions on shop floor and in machines 2All over participation through TPM circles. Pillar 3 • • Pillar 4 • • Pillar 5 • • Pillar 6 • • Pillar 7 • • Pillar 8 Quality Maintenance (QM) Developing perfect machine for perfect quality. Eliminating in-process defects and customer complaints. Planned Maintenance (PM) Logical analysis “real causes for real counter measures” Focus on prevention. Safety / Health / Environment To achieve zero accidents, zero health hazards at work To maintain zero pollution plant and environment Education & Training Skills development for uniformity of work practices on machines Multi-skilled employees in all departments Office TPM Offices oriented for excellent support for manufacturing Improving offices man hour efficiency. Development Management


• •

Developing machines for “high equipment effectiveness” Quick process for developing new products

● The BADVE ENGINEERING PVT LTD. is a pollution free
plant and has very beautiful environment. The working environment is also great. During training period I learn lots of practical things which otherwise.

● In Accounts department are very well management of funds and
management of all transactions.

Accounts Manager is very helpful and co-ordination and give

us their guidance. Also other faculty is very helpful and some our every query solve without any hesitation.

So in Inplant Training in BEPL is way great experience which

is very helpful for our future life. I am lucky that I took in plant Training in a represent core company.

23 3.Data provided by the company 4.Data collecting from previous report