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Institute of Information Technology & Management, New Delhi



1. Students of BBA Semester V are to carry out a project as part of curriculum. At the end
of the semester the students are to submit a written project report. The objective of this Circular
is to standardise the format of submission of the project report and to lay guidelines to conduct
the project including methodology. In this project work, students are required to develop an
application using the concepts of front and back-end and writing a Technical Report.

University Scheme

2. As per the syllabi of BBA (Paper code BBA-313), students of Semester V are to develop
an application and submit a project report comprising of 2 credits. The project report has two
components, viz.

(a) External : Project Viva (60 Marks), where viva on written report
would be undertaken by an external examiner.

(b) Internal : Conduct & Submission Project Report (40 Marks) It

involves development of application & submission of
report, presentations & viva at the Institute.

Scope of Project

3. It is partly the responsibility of the student to find a relevant topic for his/her project and
decide it in consultation with the guide allocated to him/her. The project work shall be an
application development using Visual Basic as front-end and MS Access as back-end. It shall be
an in-house development. A team of FOUR students is required to work jointly on a topic
assigned to them and submit the report jointly.




4. Methodology and activities that are to be performed to conduct the project are
given in details in Appendix-A.
Format & Final Report

5. The Guidelines for the format to be used for compilation of the project report are given in
Appendix-B. All students are to adhere to these guidelines.

Schedule of Submissions

6. Students are required to strictly follow the schedule given below:

To be Completed by Activity Marks Remarks

Date Allotted
06 August 2010 Briefing about the Project Study - -
13th August 2010 Revision of Microsoft Access and - -
Visual Basic Concepts
20th August 2010 Finalisation of Topics - -
27 August 2010 Completion & Submission of 5
activities under Chapter-1
10th September 2010 Completion & Submission of 5 As per Appendix-A.
activities under Chapter-2
29th September 2010 Completion & Submission of 10 As per Appendix-A.
activities under Chapter-3
18th October 2010 Submission of Draft Report 5 As per Appendix-A
& B.
26 October 2010 Return of Corrected Report
30th October 2010 Submission of Final Report (One 5
hard copy & CD) to the respective
18 November 2010 Completion of Powerpoint
Presentation of the project
22-27thNovember 2010 Presentation & Viva before the 10
Total Marks 40

Formation of Teams

7. As stated the project work is to be conducted by a team of FOUR students. Team

composition and names of guides is given in Appendix-C.

1. All Students of BBA Semester V (Prof S Chaturvedi)

2. Project Coord & Guides Director
Appendix ‘A’
(Refer Para 4)


Chapter-1: Problem Definition

This chapter should include the following aspects:

System Objectives & Needs: Explain the objectives and the needs for developing information
system vis-à-vis the referenced organisation. For the purpose of this project the organisation
could be a virtual set up.

Data Collection: For developing information system data is required in respect of input, output,
storage and processing requirements. Data is also required in respect of entities involved in the
system & their connectivity/linkages and flow of data between the entities. The data can be
collected from the secondary source.

Note: In the ‘training environment’ your guide will invariably act as the user of system and
define the requirements of data.

Project Planning: Give the plan of distribution of work amongst the team members giving
name of task/activity, precedence/order (date-wise) in which these are performed and the name
of the team member who has performed that task/activity.

Chapter-2: System Analysis & Design

This phase of the project requires the complete study of the system before database design
(Access Tables) and Interface Design (VB forms) could be formalised. Following activities are
to be undertaken in this phase:

Description of Information System:

(a) Identify the Processes: This activity involves identifying processes included in the
information system under study. Meaningful names are to be assigned to each process. For
example in the Billing Information System shown in Figure-1 two processes are ‘Purchase
Order’ and ‘Bill’.

(b) Identify the ‘Input to’ & ‘Output of’ each process: For each process identified in step
(a), you need to identify Input & Output. Give meaningful names to each input and output.
Conceptually, each process shall have at least one input and one output. In the example of
Billing Information System the Input to Purchase Order Process is Purchase Orders of
customers and the Output of Bill Process is Invoice. For each Input and Output included in the
system, identify data elements connected with each input and output. Present the catalogue of
data elements in tabular form. An example is given in Table-1:

Input/Out Data Elements

put Name
Purchase Date, Item Code, Item Name, Quantity. Any
Order other Labels to be included.
Invoice Date, Item Code, Item Name, Quantity, Price of
each item, Total amount charged for each item,
Gross Amount, Discount, Tax, Net Amount
Payable. Any other Labels to be included, e.g.,
name of organisation, terms & conditions etc.

Table-1: List of Data Elements Included in Input & Output

(c) Overall Design of Proposed System: Describe the functioning of information system
under study in narrative form in details. Draw a functional ‘Block Diagram’ to show generic
input, output and connectivity/flows between various entities of the system. It must also include
external/outside entities that interact with the system to identify external source/sink of
data/information. As an example, a block diagram for Billing Information System of a
Departmental Store is shown in Figure-1:

Figure-1: Functional Diagram Billing Information System

At the end of this phase, each project team is required to present the designs of the following:

(i) Table (s) designs for back-end database - it is to be presented as per example
given in Table-2.
Field Name Field Field Type Size (No of Description
Code Characters)
Item Code Item_Code Alphanumeric 10 Unique code of each item
Item Name Item_Code Alphabetic 20 Name of item
Quantity Qty Numeric 10 Quantity in stock

Table-2: Database Description

(ii) Form (s) designs for front-end as shown in Table-3. Each project should have at
least one Login & one data entry form.


Name of Label in Description/Purpose Validation Required
the Form
Date Date of Purchase Order In the format ddmmyyyy
Item Code Unique code of each item Alphanumeric (size 10)
Item Name Name of item Alphabetic (Size 20)
Quantity Quantity ordered Numeric (Size 10)

Table-3: Form Description

(iii) Report Format - each project should have at least one screen based and one
printable report.

Chapter-3: System Coding & Implementation

In this phase all practical implementation is to be carried out on selected back-end and front-end
and the designs presented in Chapter-2. Following activities are to be conducted in this phase:

(a) Create Database File (Attach relational/ER diagram of database).

(b) Create front-end Screens/interfaces (Attach snapshots of all front-end screens

along with full description).

(c) Connect back-end database & front-end screens (Explain the tools used for
database connectivity).

(d) Perform required validation checks (Explain implementation of all validations

checks performed).

(e) Implement complete system and create executable file (Submit the EXE file on a
(Refer Para 5)



1. The format for compilation of final report is given below:

(a) Title Page

(b) Certificate
(c) Acknowledgements
(d) Table of Contents
(e) List of Tables & Figures
(f) Body of the Project Report (As per Appendix A)
(g) Appendices
(h) Bibliography

Title Page

2. The format of the title page is attached as Annexure-I.


3. The format of the certificate is attached as Annexure-II. A certificate

by the student, guide and duly authenticated by the Director is to be


4. In the “Acknowledgement” page, the writer recognises his

indebtedness for guidance and assistance by the guide and other members
of the faculty. Courtesy demands that he/she also recognises specific
contributions by other persons or institutions such as libraries and research
foundations. Acknowledgements should be expressed simply, tastefully, and
tactfully duly signed above the name.

Table of Contents

5. The format of ‘Table of Contents’ and list of Tables and Figures is attached
as Annexure-III.

Body of the Project Report: Guidelines for Project Report Writing

6. The guidelines for the Body of the Project Report (methodology) are
detailed in Appendix-A. Following aspects must be adhered to:

(a) Page Size: Good quality white A4 size executive bond paper
should be used for typing and duplication.

(b) Chapter/Para Numbering: The chapters are to be numbered as

Chapter-1, Chapter-2 etc. The heading/title of the chapter is to appear
below the chapter number in uppercase. Paragraphs are to be
numbered as 1,2,3 etc in every chapter separately. Sub-paras are to
be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3----, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3-----etc. Sub-sub paras are
to be numbered as 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13 etc.

(c) Page Specifications:

(i) Left Margin : 1.25 inch

(ii) Right Margin : 1.25 inch
(iii) Top Margin : 1 inch
(iv) Bottom Margin : 1 inch

(d) Page Numbers: All text pages starting from Body of the Project
Report as well as program source code listings should be numbered at
the bottom center of the pages.

(e) Normal Body Text:

(i) Font Size: 12, Times New Roman, Double Spacing, Single
Side Writing.
(ii) Paragraphs Heading Font Size: 12, Times New Roman,
(iii) Page/Title Font Size: 14

(f) Table Number: Table/figure numbers are to be written at the bottom of the
table/figure as given below:

Table No-1: File Design for Employee Record

(g) Binding & Color Code of the Report: Each team is to submit a joint written
project report in hard bound with Navy Blue binding with Silver colour printing along
with a CD.


7. The appendices are to be attached at the end of the report and to be numbered as
Appendix-A, Appendix-B etc right justified at the top of the page. Below the word Appendix
write in parenthesis “Refer Para No__”. The para number is to be the number in the body of text
where the reference of appendix is given. An appendix may have annexure (s). If there are
annexure, these are to be attached immediately after the said appendix. The annexure are to be
numbered as Annexure-I, Annexure-II etc.

Title of The Project Report

(Font size = 18)

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the award of the degree of

Bachelor of Business Administration


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Guide: Submitted
(Guide Name)
1. (Student name Roll
2. (Student name Roll
3. (Student name Roll
4. (Student name Roll
Institute of Information Technology & Management,
New Delhi – 1100 58
Batch (2006-2009)


We, 1. (Name & Roll No), 2. (Name & Roll No), 3. (Name & Roll No) and 4. (Name &
Roll No) certify that the Summer Training Project Report (BBA-313) entitled
“________________________________” is done by us and it is an authentic work
carried out by us at ___________________________. The matter embodied in this
project work has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to the
best of our knowledge and belief.

1. Signature of the Student 2. Signature of

the Student

3. Signature of the Student 4. Signature of

the Student


Certified that the Project Report (BBA-313) entitled


done by the above students is completed under my guidance.

Signature of the Guide

Name of the Guide:




S No Topic Page No
1 Certificate -
2 Acknowledgements -
3 List of Tables/Figures -
4 Chapter-1: Problem Definition
5 Chapter-2: System Analysis & Design
6 Chapter-3: System Coding & Implementation
7 Appendices
8 Bibliography



Table No Title Page No

1 File Design for Employee Record
2 File Design for Personal Details


Figure No Title Page No

1 Data Flow Diagram
2 Input Screen for Data Entry

Project Coordinator: Ms Preeta Rajiv Sivaraman

Team S. Roll No Name of the Student Team S. Roll No Name of the Student
No No No No
Guide: Mr Neeraj Mishra 8 29 0571371708 Aman Panwar
1 1 0011371708 Priya Xalxo 30 0581371708 Mukund Kumar
2 0021371708 Ankur Kushwaha 31 0591371708 Amandeep Singh
3 0031371708 Sonu Kumar Singh 32 0601371708 Vikas
4 0051371708 Kanishka Tanwar 9 33 0611371708 Swati Bhardwaj
2 5 0061371708 Nishu 34 0621371708 Abhishek K Singh
6 0071371708 Jyoti Bhatia 35 0631371708 Alisha Madan
7 0101371708 Jatin Kumar 36 0641371708 Shubham Goyal
8 0131371708 Akul Bhatia 10 37 0651371708 Shaivya Lamba
3 9 0151371708 Aditi Kapoor 38 0661371708 Gautam Ahuja
10 0221371708 Parminder Kaur 39 0671371708 Harshit Chawla
11 0261371708 Harishita Rishi 40 0681371708 Bhuvan Anand
12 0271371708 Mantaran Bimbra Guide: Ms Preeta Rajiv Sivaraman
4 13 0281371708 Shubham Chadha 11 41 0691371708 Bhavya Khunger
14 0301371708 Kumari Neha 42 0701371708 Ishant Khurana
15 0331371708 Ankit Mohan 43 0711371709 Sandeep Singh Sarin
16 0351371708 Sunny Kumar 44 0721371708 Zubair Zahoor
5 17 0361371708 Kush Kalsi 12 45 0731371708 Jaideep Singh
18 0371371708 Kushal Khare 46 0741371708 Love Johari
19 0391371708 Ruchi Arora 47 0751371708 Kamesh Sandal
20 0401371708 Karan Sharma 48 0771371708 Himank Sharma
Guide: Ms Shweta Malik 13 49 0791371708 Nikita Dewan
6 21 0411371708 Kapil Tokas 50 0801371708 Gaurav Kanda
22 0431371708 Saurabh Madan 51 0811371708 Priyank Kumar
23 0471371708 Vipul Batra 52 0821371708 Sanchita Arora
24 0491371708 Pundeer Arun Singh 14 53 0831371708 Aditya Sethi
7 25 0511371708 Aman Sharma 54 0841371708 Shitij Kumar
26 0541371708 Ishaan Verma 55 0851371708 Aanchal Anand
27 0551371708 Pooja Gupta 56 0861371708 Sandeep Saini
28 0561371708 Abhishek Tyagi 57