1. When you think of cosmetics, which brand strikes you first?


The most preferred product amongst customers were lakme with a market preference of 35%, loreal with a market preference of 15% and Revlon with a market share of 8.3% were the leading brands having the maximum recall factor. In case of these brands more concentration is on emotional advertising. Lakme, loreal and Revlon promote their products more as compared to the others which helps customer recognize this brand easily and

connect with it. .of advertisements or promotions. Whereas incase of Emami and Vicco the awareness is less a possible reason being less no. This shows that advertisement creates an impact in the mind and preference of customers.

Emami a. Fair & handsome d. Can you match the following brands with their products? a. Fructis b.2. Aqua shine gloss e. Colourstay . Revlon c. Lakme’ b. . Garnier d.

Not so important c. it can be analyzed that 50% of purchase was influenced by the advertisements they saw. 45% did not find ads of much importance in their purchase. How effective is the advertisement according to you while purchasing? a. 5% did not bother about the ads they saw and the products they purchased. Very important b. Whereas. Least important Importance of advertisement could be measured through this question.3. .

Due to the increase in the advertisements and its reach. target audience has more no. This increases the awareness of the customer about the product where the customer reduces its interest in connecting with the product and looks into its attributes and what benefit he can get out of it. . How well the product connects to you.of products to choose from. b. What do you look for in an advertisement? a. Attributes/features of the product.4.

They are concerned about the product and not the one who promotes them. Yes b. .5. Does the brand ambassador in an advertisement influence your purchase decision? a. No. According to the survey there are hardly 35% of consumers that are actually influenced by the ambassador where as there were 65% of the consumers who said they are not influenced and it doesn’t matter to them whose the ambassador and whose not.

6. b. c. Kareena kapoor. Priyanka chopra. . Sonam kapoor. d. Aishwarya Rai. Dipika Padukone. Which Brand is associated with the following celebrity? a. e.

........................ effect and demand of the product ............. Manufacturer’s advertisement creates an impact or awareness of the product whereas retailer’s promotion activity sometimes develops a doubt in the mind of the customers related to the authenticity........................ Promotion effect of manufacturer’s advertisement is much more when compared to retailer’s promotional activity......... You buy the products because of the advertisement you saw or the offers provided by the retailer? ........................7....................................

“love the skin you are in” . “Because you’re worth it”.Can you name the brands from the following taglines? a. “Take care” (Apna khayal rakhna). c. “May be its you” d. b.

9. Can you recognise the following brands? .

Therefore.7% based on emotion. B C.A.7% and 16. D Vicco and Himalaya do attribute based advertisements whereas garnier and loreal do emotion based advertising. we can analyze that consumers are more influenced by the attributes of the products than emotions attached with the same.7%based on both attribute and emotion. . Recognition of brands based on attributes is 51.whereas there are 31.


At the same time fair & lovely has a customer preference of 43. .7%. Which of the two would you prefer? And Why? a. FAIR &LOVELY Vicco usually advertising its attributes which has made it more preferable in the minds of the customers with a product preference of 56. This indicates that the effect of attribute based advertising is more as compared to the emotional advertising.10.3%. VICCO b.

(Most effective) 12..... How would you rate Attribute based advertisement? (Least effective) .2..3.11........5..1........4....5....1......2.....4....... (Most effective) ..3..... How would you rate an emotion based advertisement? (Least effective) ...

fair and lovely which does emotion based advertising. . The products above like Vicco.Conclusion: Most of the advertisements try to connect with the customers on an emotional basis as it is normally observed that it creates a customer relation. As per the survey conducted customers are more inclined towards attribute based advertising as this gives them a clear picture about the product. we can conclude that customers do not always look for an emotion but the benefits attached which is portrayed through advertisements. Emami which does attribute based advertising had a higher rating when compared to Lakme. Attribute based advertising plays an important role in the minds of the customer. He has a wider range to select from what he actually needs is the benefit and not the emotion attached with it. Therefore. loreal.

S. the constant barrage of beautiful people shown using cosmetics has an effect on how the everyday consumer spends his/her money on health products.6 billion. cosmetics packaged in glittery." This definition includes skin-care creams. and in 2003. and mouthwashes. . lipsticks. In 1999. powders and sprays. U. or altering the appearance without affecting the body's structure or functions. lotions. the international cosmetic market is predicted to reap benefits for cosmetic companies of over $23. Obviously. bubble baths. baby products. FDA defines cosmetics as: "intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing. consumers spent $3.4 billion on health and beauty products. sparkly packaging and marketing and advertising using young girls. as well as any material intended for use as a component of a cosmetic product. bath oils. promoting attractiveness. cosmetics are being used by teens (especially teen girls) at a younger and younger age. hair colors.Introduction: The U. deodorants. Many companies have catered to this expanding market by introducing more flavored lipsticks and glosses. Especially in the United States. perfumes. eye and facial makeup.S. beautifying. permanent waves. The popularity of cosmetics in the 20th century has increased rapidly. fingernail polishes.

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