letter to assange defense #3 2-23-11 good luck my loves!

pleased to be meeting with brita sundberg here in sweden for an interview and legal mentorship advice. i enjoyed her expert opinion, but feel the mischaracterization of sweden as ultra radical feminist is unfair and inaccurate. there is a high degreee of human rights violation of women here, with human trafficking, jobplace harassment etc and a system which limps along and eaves the victims to enforce justice. and yes i think ny and expressen have behaved deliberately defamitorily maliciously etc. i am with you. i look forward to speaking with her. good luck this time. keep the anti-feminist rhetoric low. it damages the case. (maybe not in a sexist UK court or a sexist illiterate USA media monkey court, but among us, true intellectuals and crusaders for justice) human rights in the future will involve total safety for women. the future of wikileaks. thank you for enduring my previous letter. to be clear and concise the hateful mischaracterization of sweden or various persons as "ultra radical feminist" is utterly devoid of accuracy in the future all women persons will be respected at a much higher level than they are now even in sweden

and wikileaks is making way for this we can all grow in our compassion and communication skills. brita sundberg will shed light on my research as well as a planned meeting/interview with the feminist initiativ thank you again for everything and for keeping wikileaks mary eng light and peace and compassion

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