What does an EPIK Teacher do?

EPIK (English Program in Korea) is a government initiative working towards placing a native English speaker in every public school in Korea. An EPIK teacher serves the community as an English instructor and a representative of his or her home country. It’s common to be greeted warmly anywhere in your host town and a great deal of interest is taken in the few foreigners working here. TV stations and newspapers seek us out at the many festivals and seasonal occasions in the Korean calendar. Most EPIK teachers have a home school and one or more satellite schools. The home school, typically a middle school, is where most of your working week is spent, while on other days you will visit your smaller schools. Sometimes these satellite schools are elementary or high schools. The normal work day is Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, with a maximum of 22 lessons a week.

Where is Gangwon, South Korea?
3 21 5 4 The cities as marked above are;
1. Gangwon, South Korea 4. Shanghai, China 2. Seoul, South Korea 3. Beijing, China 5. Fukuoka, Japan 6. Osaka, Japan


Gangwon-do is the most beautiful province in South Korea. Pine-covered mountains roll across the green landscape interspersed with river valleys and rice paddies. The long coastline features fine sandy beaches for summer recreation, national parks offer year-round hiking, and winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy a number of ski resorts. Living here is definitely different from wherever you might call home, but there is no lack of most modern conveniences. Come to Gangwon Province and join the EPIK teaching experience!

Free Housing Cost of Living Annual Holidays

YES LOW 35 to 49 days HIGH

NO HIGH 14 days LOW

At the end of the school semesters most schools provide a vacation camp for students or additional conversation classes. Often, this is a great way to make connections with other teachers in your area. However the job is only half of what an EPIK teacher does. Most EPIK teachers find that they have plenty of time for traveling around Korea and having fun! The public transport system in Korea is cheap, fast and plentiful.

Capacity to save

For more information on EPIK Gangwon, call: +82 33 258 5518, +82 10 7100 1782 or email: jdychung@gwe.go.kr

Why EPIK Gangwon?
• EPIK Gangwon offers one of the best teaching contracts in Korea and the EFL world. • EPIK Gangwon offers 3 weeks of winter vacation and 2 weeks of summer vacation with a bonus 2 weeks for those continuing into another year contract – the best vacation provision of any Korean province. • flight to Korea and return flight home reimbursed. • rent-free housing. • 50% of national medical insurance dues covered. • for those who renew their contracts, provision of return airfare for a home visit (or to a holiday destination). • EPIK Gangwon is geared towards keeping good teachers, leading all other provinces with its new pay scale. • EPIK Gangwon has regional coordinators in place to help out with any troubles or questions you have. These coordinators are experienced native English teachers who serve as a source of information and assistance during your stay in Korea. • EPIK Gangwon hosts regular social events throughout the year. Networking and socializing among teachers is important to working & living well in a foreign country. These social events also provide great opportunities to visit the province’s many worthwhile sites.
"Teaching everything from seven year-olds to seventeen year-olds has been a very rewarding challenge.  Having a ski resort a 15 minute walk from my house was pretty sweet too!" Adam Skory, EPIK Gangwon 2006 “The tremendous support, wonderful students, and caring community have made my experience here simply amazing.” Jean Bai, EPIK Gangwon since 2006

The duties of an EPIK Teacher
An EPIK Teacher is required • to plan and coordinate practical English lessons for students, and sometimes teachers, with a strong emphasis on conversational English. • to become informed about the practice of team-teaching and to “Great job in an interesting corner of the world. work closely with Korean English   I signed up again today for my 7th year.” teachers to realize this method in Chris Grayson, EPIK Gangwon since 2001 the classroom (some guidance is provided). • to prepare for all classes as expected of any regular The purpose of EPIK Gangwon is to foster elementary teacher working in a professional environment. and secondary school students' ability to communicate • to provide supplemental English-teaching services in English.  It also facilitates cultural exchange to improve during school vacation periods. the students' global awareness.  Korean English • to be an active member of one’s school and local teachers benefit from interacting with native English community. speakers too.   We make a real difference in our students' lives.  For those so inclined, there are additional opportunities for local volunteer work.  It's not just a job in Gangwon, it's a chance to make a lasting impact within a welcoming community.

EPIK Gangwon

“Teaching with EPIK has been a very rewarding, interesting, exciting, sometimes frustrating, enlightening, educational experience.” Sonya Clarke, EPIK Gangwon since 2004

Gangwon Online
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