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Cosmic Concerto

- duration 6.1 billion years -

Relativistic quasar jets travel two billion light years to meet head on

An indestructible planetesimal hits a larger normal planet head on,

then continues through another larger still, then another, then another
for million of years before settling down in the centre of a Wolf-Rayet star
Fifty billion pulsars in unison communicate every thought
ever had, every sound ever uttered, coded in their flashes 
A handful of stellar mass black holes merge A thousand stars each distanced by five light years
go supernova like dominoes with atomic precision

Journey through a space larger than An entire galactic supercluster is turned to dust
the Boötes Void: The Cage Void

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is made

to fluctuate wildly, dancing everywhere at once

A planetary nebula drifts undisturbed

Two supergiant elliptical galaxies collide and over A hot Big Bang into a red giant’s photosphere
half a billion years, the rare collisions increase,
building up way above the average expectation
An equilateral triangular trio of triple
A trillion stars turn on at the same time supermassive black hole mergers

every spacetime
beat is equal 4
to twenty-five
million years

An antimatter galaxy rushes towards a galaxy of

regular matter at five hundred million miles per hour
The Cosmic Web is
plucked like piano wire
A diamond planet grazes a planet The most advanced civilisation in the universe, able to
composed of mainly gold and silver manipulate spacetime at will, is flicked out of existence

Powerfully interacting gravitational waves, the likes A bizarre juggling of solar systems, first just one moving up and down, then two,
of which the universe has never before experienced then three, another being added every petasecond until there are two hundred

A moon breaches the Roche limit and disintegrates, each fragment

raining down meditatively on a planet with a liquid methane surface
Two quadrillion asteroids hit a Jupiter sized planet from all angles

Seventy thousand spaceships containing three

A titanic interstellar gas cloud collapses to a point in a zeptosecond  million souls destroyed in a brief, brutal battle

Eighty quintillion oh-my-god-ultra-high-energy-cosmic-ray-particles slam a life inhabited planet

A neverending hypernova, like a inextinguishable birthday candle, this will

continue even after all protons have decayed, it will be the only place time exists

A volcanic eruption that if it happened

on Earth would literally destroy it

Matthew Lee Knowles - February 2021