SAP EXAM V.1 by www.thaiitcertify.



1 .Which of the following Enterprise Portal platform enables unstructured content management, and sophisticated search and retrieval functionality over unstructured content in disparate information repositories? A. Portal Server B. Page Builder C. Knowledge Management (KM) D. Unification Server 2 .Which of the following is used to organize iViews into logical groups, are also assigned to roles? A. Roles B. iPanel C. iViews D. Channels 3 .Which tab contains the default Welcome page plus the pages assigned to all of the roles to which the logged on user is assigned? A. System Configuration B. Portal Admin C. My Pages D. Content Admin 4 .The first time you log on to the portal as __________ (Choose two.) A. default password, admin B. predefined user, called admin C. default password, sap D. predefined user, called administrator 5 .Which presents a hierarchical list of portal pages and services? A. Roles B. Channels C. iViews D. The navigation tree The Knowledge Management platform (KM) provides functions that support the management of information in the form of unstructured data and partly structured data in SAP Enterprise Portal.

UDP C. 443 B. Drag&Drop .) A.What are the three elements of the KM platform that have different tasks? A. Authentication using Digital envelopes E. Collaboration D. Drag&Relate B. 3299 D. TCP 9 . 80 C. Authentication with X. SSL B.What are the different types of integrated authentication mechanisms that the Enterprise Portal 5. TREX 7 .com 6 .SAP EXAM V. iView D.0 offers? (Choose all that apply. Content Management B. Authentication using Netegrity SiteMinder D.What type of request the client sends to the Unification Server through HTTP when you perform a Drag&Relate action in the front end? A.509 digital certificates B.What is the TCP/IP port number that the lock server use to identify the specific process request coming from each middleware client? A.1 by www. 1080 8 . Unifiers C.thaiitcertify. Authentication with User ID and Password 10 . Authentication Against User Data in SAP R/3 System C.Which technology relate business data across applications and/or databases for which you have installed a unifier on your Unification Server? A. HSRP E. HRNP D. Portal Content Directory (PCD) C. Authentication using a reverse proxy with UFS permissions F.

C.2 by www.Which of the following are true regarding iViews when it is invoked from an Internet Explorer or Netscape browser? A. In www. called admin 5.thaiitjobs. A. TREX 7.thaiitcertify.1 by www. In Internet Explorer. Drag&Relate 10. Authentication Against User Data in SAP R/3 System และ C.2 by www. My Pages 4. C. 3299 8. D. False . D. Authentication using Netegrity SiteMinder และ F. www. Knowledge Management (KM) 2. admin และ B.SAP EXAM 1 . each iView in a portal page is contained in an iFrame ANSWERS 1. Authentication with SAP EXAM V. In Internet Explorer. (True or False) SAP EXAM V. default password. Channels 3. Content Management และ C. predefined user. A. each iView is contained in an HTML table D. HRNP 9. Portal Admin tab provides the tools for creating Web components. each iView in a portal page is contained in an iFrame B. C. Collaboration และ D. each iView is contained in an HTML table www. A. Authentication with User ID and Password A. The navigation tree 6.thaiitcertify.thaiitcertify. C.thaiitnews.509 digital certificates และ B. In Netscape.

SSO with LDAP server B. Microsoft Active Directory Server master iView B. SSO with SAP logon tickets 6. The top-level navigation bar D. Which component of the Enterprise Portal provides authentication of portal users against user repository ? A. A.What type of permission does the portal server needs to access to its Portal Content Directory (PCD) file system? A. What are the two user management master iViews that you can modify to suit your company’s requirements and integrate in the portal? A. Corporate LDAP directory server B. Role definitions B. Portal LDAP directory server C. SSO with Digital Certificates C. Portal server D.1 by www. read C. Change password master iView 5. True 3. write D. Anonymous Logon with Named Guest Users master iView C. User access to content is determined by ________________. User management . SSO with user ID and password D. read/write 4. What are the two variants in Enterprise Portal SSO mechanism available depending on security requirements and the supported external applications? A. read/write/execute B. content management 7. Self registration master iView D.SAP EXAM V.thaiitcertify. iViews in the channels C.

1 by www. Content Server C. each iView in a portal page is contained in an iFrame และ B.thaiitjobs. A. Role definitions 7.SAP EXAM V. each iView is contained in an HTML table 2. Self registration master iView และ D.________ assembles the pages that are displayed in the Enterprise Portal. A. Page Builder www. In 8 . iViewServer ANSWERS 1. read/write 4.thaiitcertify. SSO with SAP logon tickets www. Change password master iView 5. False 3. SSO with user ID and password และ D. A.thaiitcertify. . Unification Server B.thaiitnews. C. D. C. User management 8. Page Builder www. In Internet Explorer. A. C.

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