Sample Test Section III: Technical Questions Section 3a: Conceptual Questions In this section there will be multiple choice

questions related to the latest Microsoft Technologies featuring .NET Case Study Inventory Management System Inventory Management System manages complete inventory of any organization. It is a requirement for every small or large organization. The system represents your items from different vendors at different prices. Inventory Requisition Process: Whenever a user requires inventory, user generates an inventory requisition, and if the inventory is available, the inventory will be directly issued and user’s inventory account will be updated. In case the inventory is not available, the purchase order will be generated for the required inventory to the corresponding vendor and sent to the vendor. Once the purchase order is received back, it will be updated as per the received inventory items. Finally the payment of the purchase order will be made. Hence the inventory will be updated accordingly. Once the inventory becomes available, based on inventory requisition, it will be issued to the end user, and the user’s inventory account will be updated. Section 3b: Business Process Flow Chart Analysis Time Duration: 30 minutes Question: You are required to analyze the above system “Inventory Management System” and design a business process flow chart.

Answer:The business process flow chart is given here as your reference. .


Answer: System Modules and ERD are given here as a reference on how to go about identifying modules for the system and designing an ERD . Based on the modular approach. you are required to formulate a system design for this system. major database entities that are involved. identify different modules that will be created for the above system. i.e. Then finally design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for your design.Section 3c: System Design Time Duration: 30 minute Question: Given the Inventory Management System and the business process created above.

System Modules: .


Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) .


you are required to develop “Inventory Management” and “Purchase Order Management” modules. . Purchase Order Management Module: Purchase Order Management Module handles the purchase order generation and purchase order receiving. inventory issuance. Inventory Management Module: Inventory Management Module handles the inventory requisition.Net Platform) Time Duration: 2 Hours Question: On the basis of Inventory Management System. business process. and inventory stocks maintenance.Section 3d: Project Development (. and system design provided to you. You can use language of your choice for developing the given system.

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