Nursing care plan Name: Ms.

M DSM-IV-TR diagnosis: Depression Assessment Areas of strength: in good health, oriented Problems: Lack of social skills, social isolation, inability to establish and maintain stable relationship Diagnosis Outcomes Impaired social interaction Short term: • • The patient will establish therapeutic relationship with the nurse. The patient will identify the factors that interfere with socialization.

Long term: • • The patient will enumerate strategies to promote effective socialization. The patient will practice new social skills.

Intervention Nurse patient relationship: • Initiate a nurse-patient relationship with the client. Establish a time each day to meet with her to support her as she cope with her environment. • Provide supportive group therapy, establish group rules that discourage inappropriate social behavior, and encourage testing of new social behavior to assess her ability to interact in the group. • Provide a therapy so that the patient can become comfortable in social situations to assess patient’s willingness to participate with others. Psychopharmacology: • • nozinan 100mg/tab zyprexa 10mg/tab

Milieu management: • Identify the environment in which social interactions are impaired to assess for readiness to return to learning and working environment. . the patient identified barriers in his interpersonal relationships. Evaluation The patient was able to establish a therapeutic relationship with the nurses. Through the relationship and the group.

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