Most of the washing powders use children in their advertisements. We can consider the example of a commercial of Surf Excel , where a kid is trying to please his teacher, who has lost her dog. The kid tries to woo the teacher by making some crazy gestures and doing activities that a dog would do. The kid gets some intense and heavy stains on his clothes, while playing in mud, while he was acting like a dog. The company just wants to show that their detergent powder is capable of removing the worst of the stains. This could have been done, even without using the kid in the advertisement. Using a child and making him do some activities which should not be done by children of his age (5-6 years) is unethical on the part of the company. This has been done by the company to win emotion of the

customers. The company has done this because a lot of children will force their parents to buy the product as they could connect with the advertisement.
The company could have used an adult, as the product they are dealing with is no where related to children. The company just wanted to create an impact on the viewers that their product can remove heavy stains, with great ease. A mechanic could have been shown who comes home after the work with an extremely dirty shirt and his wife could have been shown using Surf Excel to remove the stains.

even without cheating the customers. Within few minutes. which would keep people fit and would also help people lose their weight. The company need not claim that the results will be visible in few minutes only. which is practically impossible. They can simply exhibit their product as a machine. One such offering is Ab Pro King . Many of the offerings of Tele Brands look very lucrative. This is practically impossible. The stranger thing is that a lot of people actually fall in their trap and get influenced with what they see. You can t reduce your weight and reduce the measurement of your waist. The company can succeed. within few days. if r egular exercise is done on the machine. . the company is deceiving its c ustomers. The company should design its commercial in such a way. A person and some girls are shown in the advertisement. They want the viewers to believe in what they claim.TELE BRANDS: Tele Brands is a shopping network. The person takes measurement of the waist of the girls and then asks the girls to exercise on the machine. The company can promote the habit of regular exercising among the people. how effective their product is. It is an exercising device. and is cheating them by showing them something which is not possible. On ethical grounds. which can reshape your body. with a wide variety of products available. the waist of the girls gets reduced by inches. within minutes. The company wants to showcase. which reflects the reality.

Exploiting small kids in order to make profits is unethical. So they use kids in every commercial they come up with. By doing this the company stands out on the ethical grounds and can also be benefitted as a good image will be created among the parents that they don t exploit kids in their advertisements. obviously. who are used. The company can instead make use of animation. which do esn t involve any kids in real. without their consent. The kids are shown irritated and agitated in the advertisement. .PAMPERS: Pampers is a brand related to kids. This is unethical on part of the company. when the product Pampers come to rescue and make the kids happy. The kids are too small.

AXE DEODRANTS: Axe is a deodrant. Showing half naked girls can be easily avoided and usage of vulgar taglines should also be taken care of. . which are suitable for every member in a family. In a country. ads like these are considered to be vulgar. which is as per the norms of the society. The company uses unethical means of promoting their product. which is portrayed as. like India. which i s known for its culture. A weapon of seduction . which may are not liked by all the households. The company should change its promotional strategy in such a way. The ads should be made in such a way. The TV commercials of Axe are very westernized.

the company notifies. to get his bottle. to get a sip of it. The company has always associated the drink. This might have positioned the product in an entirely different way. without associating it with ac tion. runs very fast and drive really fast car. to get a bottle of Thums Up. leaves a bad impression upon the viewers. the action star of Bollywood. People drink cold drink. and even gets injured while doing all this nonsense. especially children. This is the reason they have used Akshay Kumar. For children. which is being endorsed by Akshay Kumar. that people are so crazy about the drink. t o endorse this brand. The company could have promoted it differently. . since many years. but the children might not keep that in mind.THUMS UP: Thums Up is a very popular cola drink. by associating it with a drink for the happy moments. He jumps off the building. They don t know what bad i t can do for them. Though. in the end that these stunts are done by expert and should not be tried by anyone. The company wants to show. that they would do anything. doing some death defying stunts. The company could have promoted it. The stunts shown in the advertisement. their star is doing some really cool stunts and they would definitely try to imitate him. with action. with Thums Up in their hands. to satisfy their thirst or people drink it at some happy moments with friends and family. The ad could have shown some friends watching TV. The ad showcases the star. having fun.

if you own a Lava phone. the girl on the cash counter. The company could have used different means to showcase the manly thing. This would have been a better way of showing the difference between men and boys. She has been shown discriminating among the boys on the basis of the phone they have. otherwise you will be like any other guy. The company has put emphasis on the manly quotient in the ad. The TV commercials are very fresh and unique. unlike other guys. or rather boy. That is the reason the girl offers. . but when a guy with Lava phone comes to the counter. A lot of people would not like to see such advertisements with their families. instead. In the latest TV commercial.LAVA MOBILE: Lava Mobile has not spent much time in the market so far. The company could have shown a woman in trouble from eve teasers and a man with Lava phone could have helped her out. The boys with other phones were given toffees. Usage of condoms in a completely unrelated ad is not justified. but has done quite heavy promotions to establish the brand. The ad shows that you will be considered a man. condoms to the man with Lava phone. the girl couldn t resist and offers condoms. doesn t have change and is offering toffees. to all the boys.

he will become fairer in just 5 weeks. Vaseline men. telling public about the benefits of the cream. Vaseline came up with its new variant. A good cream can help you retain healthy skin. . This is unethic al on the part of the company. but as it is a young hand some man who says so. by telling people to eat healthy food and also using their cream as an add on. but only ensuring that there are no side effects of the cream. No cre am can make you fair within weeks. young men of the country follows him.VASELINE MEN: Recently. but it is your eating habits. blindly. Company can develop the habit of healthy eating among the youth and can recommend its cream as well. which helps you improve your skin. The company has used Shahid Kapoor in the ad to connect with the youth. just to earn profits. Young men will see their idol saying something on screen and will fall for it. to retain the healthy skin. The ad shows Shahid Kapoor (Bollywood Star). as they are fooling people with lies. He says that if one applies this cream on his face. The ad could be redesigned.

I don t think there is any requirement of redesigning this advertisement. The company has taken up the initiative to spr ead awareness about the unethical practices that happen in the system. while he was taking bribe and then exposing him. The aim was to motivate everyone to exercise their right of vote. All these related initiatives by Tata Tea. as it has already been able to make an impact on the people of country. The campaign was a mix of CSR and building brand image. The ad was directed towards the corruption that exists among th e govt. Khilana Band. Pilana Shuru . a couple of years back. Jaago Re . have really helped it build its brand. . employee. officials. The part of Jaago Re campaign was another initiative. especially the youth of the country.TATA TEA: Tata Tea launched a very successful campaign. The ad shows a young man getting hold of a Govt.

at the expe nse of all the celebrities. instead of making fun of people. The company has been making fun of the celebrities and gained popularity. . The brand certainly has become very popular only because of these out of the Box . The company wanted to create a mark. This. Amul has been using guerrilla marketing by making fun of the celebrities. like every other company. to me is unethical on part of the company. They could have gone for something else. Over the years. advertisements.AMUL: Amul is one of the most famous brand and most popularly used brand in the Indian household. but the company has earned all.

This could have looked more Indian and would have created a better impact. where Shahrukh Khan . has become like an anthem in the country. which is actually not prevalent in our nation. as the ad reflects a culture. for me. There could have been a better way of creating an impact. Ranbir Kapoor tries to enter her house by claiming to be an alien. I am talking about here. is unethical. The ad. . The ad. The girls are not expected to do such things in front of elders. The youngsters connected well with the brand and the company saw some really substantial sales in the country. that he has been sent to protect the girl and the brother agrees. India is known for its culture and the values that are possessed by the countrymen. the tag line of Pepsi. plays the brother of a young girl.PEPSI: Yeh hai Youngistan meri jaan . The boyfriend of the girl. The boy could have come to the house with cold drinks and the three of them could h ave been showed as celebrating. because of the presence of her brother. In the end the boy succeeds in g etting into the bedroom of the girl. by saying. is the one. played by Deepika Podukune.

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