You have probably seen the graduation chart showing what you need.

But how does this affect you? If you know the rules, you can plan your own schedule. This is very important. Only you know what courses you want or need. Only you know what you are able to take. And with 50 kids to worry about, the administration will have a hard time making a schedule for you without your help – they may make a compromise, or forget a tiny detail that makes all the difference As an example of all of the possibilities, there are two extreme possibilities here for graduation. All have the minimum requirements: English 10, 11, and 12 Social Studies 10 and 11 or 12 Science 10 and 11 or 12 \Math 10 and 11 or 12 1 PE and 1 Arts/Skills Course Planning 12 Graduation Transitions 20 classes total, including 4 in Grade 12 Grade 12 Judaics Hebrew Language Arts Grade 11 Judaics Hebrew Language Arts Grade 10 Judaics Hebrew English Principles of Math Principles of Math Principles of Math Chemistry History Graduation Transitions PE for GradTrans Phys Ed

Chemistry Social Studies Drama: Film and TV Science Social Studies Planning

Table 1: This is what you are supposed to do if you want some breathing room and go into the sciences in university (UBC recommends 4 Grade 12 provincials).

Grade 12 Judaics Hebrew Language Arts Drama: Film and TV Graduation Transitions Grade 11 Judaics Hebrew Language Arts Applications of Math Physics Applications Grade 10 Judaics Hebrew English Applications of Math Science Civic Studies PE for GradTrans Planning Social Studies PE

Table 2: This is as easy as it gets, but don't use it if you don't know what you are doing for college.

Some things to keep in mind:

– – – – – – – –

Courses in bold on the list hold more appeal to universities. The bottom chart won't get you very far if you haven't checked beforehand to make sure it is OK. If you are going into math or sciences, take more of them in Grade 11 or 12. For this to work, you have to take Hebrew Language in the morning, or you have to take more classes to make it work. Graduation Transitions replaces the Portfolio. It is done over three years and is explained below. The school will not be able to offer all of these, but the more kids sign on, the more likely it is. The larger the grade, the more flexible it is. AP and IB courses mostly count also, and can be used towards college – but are much harder. When picking an applied skill, try one that can be integrated into th eJudaics (e.g. Family Studies)

Take the information above and find something in between.

COURSES BY GRAD REQUIREMENT Language Arts 10, 11, and 12 English 10/11/12 Communications 11/12

Technical and Professional Communications 12 Math 10 and 11 or 12 Applications of Mathematics 10/11/12 Essentials of Mathematics 10/11/12 Principles of Mathematics 10/11/12 Calculus 12 Science 10 and 11 or 12 Science 10 Earth Science 11 Forests 11/12 Geology 12 Physics 11/12 Science & Technology 11 Agriculture 11/12 Applications of Physics 11/12 Biology 11/12 Chemistry 11/12 Social Studies 10 and 11 or 12 Social Studies 10 Civic Studies 11 BC First Nations Studies 12 Social Studies 11
Applied Skills 10, 11, 12 4-H 11/12 Accounting 11/12 Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing: Woodlinks 12 Applied Skills 11/11A/11AB Auto Service Technician Level One 12A/12B/12C/12D Automotive Technology 11/12/12 Automotive Electricity and Electronics/$Body Repair and Finish/Engine and Drive Train Basic Military Qualification 11 Boating 11A/11B Bold Eagle Program 11 Business Computer Applications 11 Business Education 10: Business Communications/Entrepreneurship/Finance and Economics/General/Marketing Business Information Management 12 Cafeteria Training 11/12 Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor 11 Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructor 11 Carpentry Level One 12A/12B/12C

Carpentry and Joinery 11/12/12: Cabinet Construction/12: CNC Wood Processes/12: Furniture Construction /12: Residential Construction/12: Woodcraft Products Computer Certification 10/11/12 Cook Training Level One 11A/11B/11C/12A/12B/12C Data Management 12 Drafting and Design 11/12/12: Advanced Design/12: Architecture and Habitat Design/12: Engineering and Mechanical Drafting/12: Technical Visualization Economics 12 Electronics 11/12/12: Analog Systems/12: Digital Systems/12: Robotics Entrepreneurship 12 Family Studies 11/12 Financial Accounting 12 Fine Arts and Applied Skills 11 First Aid 11/12 Fitness Leader 11/12 Food Studies 11/12 Ground Search and Rescue (Provincial Emergency Program) 11 Home Economics 10: Family Studies/Foods/General/Textiles Human Services 11A/11B/11C/12A/12B/12C Industrial Design 11/12 Information Technology 10 Introductory Wood Products Manufacturing: Woodlinks 12 Management Innovation 12 Marketing 11/12 Medic First Aid 12 Metal Fabrication and Machining 11/12/12: Advanced Fabrication/Advanced Machining/Advanced Welding/Art Metal and Jewellery/CNC Processes/Forging and Foundry/Sheet Metal Occupational Certification: Tourism 11A/11B/11C Outward Bound 11 Raven Programme 11 Technology Education 10: Drafting and Design/Electronics/General/Mechanics/Metalwork/Woodwork Textile Studies 11/12 Tourism 11/12 Welding 11A/11B/11C/12A/12B/12C Fine Arts 10, 11, or 12 Art Foundations 11/12 Beaux-Arts 11/11A /11B Choral Music 11: Concert Choir / Vocal Jazz / 12: Concert Choir/Vocal Jazz Conservatory Canada 10/11/12 Dance 10: Choreography/General/Performance Dance: Choreography 11/12 / Performance 11/12 Drama 10: General /Theatre Performance/Theatre Production Drama: Film and Television 11/12 Fine Arts 11/11A/11B Highland Dancing 11/12 Music 10: Concert Band /Concert Choir/General/Guitar/Jazz Band/Orchestral Strings/Vocal Jazz Music: Composition and Technology 11/12 Studio Arts 11/12: Ceramics and Sculpture/Drawing and Painting/Fabric and Fibre/Printmaking and Graphic Design Theatre Performance 11/12: Acting/Directing and Script Development Theatre Production 11/12: Technical Theatre/12: Theatre Management Visual Arts 10: Ceramics and Sculpture/Drawing and Painting/General/Media Arts Visual Arts: Media Arts 11/12

OTHER COURSES Agriculture 10

Comparative Civilizations 12 English Literature 12 Geography 12 History 12 Independent Directed Studies/11A/11B/11C/12A/12B/12C Law 12 Metal Fabrication and Machining (FNASK) 11/12 Physical Education 11/12 Work Experience 12A/12B Writing 12
Arabic 10/11/12 German 10/11/12 Heiltsuk 10/11/12 French 10/11/12 American Sign Language 10/11/12 Introductory American Sign Language 11 Introductory Arabic 11 Introductory German 11 Introductory Heiltsuk 11 Introductory Italian 11 Introductory Japanese 11 Introductory Korean 11 Introductory Mandarin 11 Introductory Okanagan 11 Introductory Punjabi 11 Introductory Secwepemctsin 11 Introductory Shashishalhem 11 (Sechelt Language) Introductory Sim’algaxhl Nisga’a 11 Introductory Sm’algyax 11 Introductory Spanish 11 Introductory Upper St’át’imcets 11 Introductory Tsek'ene 11 Italian 10/11/12 Japanese 10/11/12 Korean 10/11/12 Mandarin Chinese 10/11/12 Okanagan 10/11/12 Punjabi 10/11/12 Secwepemctsin 10/11/12 Shashishalhem 10/11/12 (Sechelt Language) Sim’alga Nisga’a 10/11/12 Sm’algyax 10/11/12 Spanish 10/11/12 Tsek'ene 10/11/12 Upper St’át’imcets 10/11/12


• engage in at least 80 hours of regular physical activity in addition to PE 10 • develop a healthy living plan Community Connections • participate in at least 30 hours of work experience and/or community service • describe the duties performed, how it connects with their employability and life skills, and the benefit to the community and to the student Transition Planning • develop a plan to transition from secondary school • complete transition activities • find skills that can be used after school • Figure out finances for post-graduation • present their plan REFERENCES For graduation requirements and exam dates For curriculum packages – if you wonder what a course is like, look here For available courses in BC The website is awful to navigate – to find something, you can also try googling it with at the end of your search.

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