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This arrangement was adopted in order to retain the original pagination of the first six vol- umes and thereby maintain in the integrity of the voluminous references to the Narragansett Edition the literature about is ROGER WILLIAMS. includ- ing Prof. will be found in VOLUME SEVEN. The reader directed to the inclusive Table of Contents for guidance. Miller's essay. .PUBLISHER'S NOTE All the new matter contained in this edition.


Number: 63-1 1034 Library of Congress Catalog Card Printed in 'The United States of America .THE COMPLETE WRITINGS OF ROGER WILLIAMS Issued in Seven Volumes in a Limited Edition of Four Hundred Sets Copyright 1963 by Russell & Russell. Inc.

Queries of Highest Consideration Edited by Reuben Aldridge Guild. Language of America Edited by James Hammond Trumbull. by into the MR.M. A. Caldwell VOLUME IV The Bloody Tenent Yet More Bloody Edited by Samuel L.M. Lewis Diman of ROGER WILLIAMS Edited by John Russell Bartlett VOLUME VII Publisher's Foreword Essay in Interpretation Christians ROGER WILLIAMS: An by Perry Miller Christenings make Not Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health The Fourth Paper Presented by Major Butler The Hireling Ministry None of Christs The Examiner Defended in a Fan* and Sober Answer VMjm.) PUBLIC LIBRARY. J. Letter of VOLUME II JOHN COTTON'S Answer to ROGER WILLIAMS A. Caldwell VOLUME V GEORGE Fox Digg'd VOLUME VI The Letters out of His Burr owes Edited by Rev.M.M. A. COTTON'S Letter Examined and Answered Edited by Reuben Aldridge Guild.THE * T^"* ~TE WRITINGS OF ROGER WILLIAMS r IN SEVEN VOLUMES Biographical Introduction Key Reuben Aldridge Guild. A. K?ft 6543595 . VOLUME HI Bloudy Tenent of Persecution Edited by Samuel L. JOHN COTTON MR.


CONTENTS OF VOLUME SEVEN Publisher's Foreword i ROGER WILLIAMS: An Essay in Christenings Interpretation by Perry Miller 5 make Not Christians 26 Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health 42 1 The Fourth Paper Presented by Major Butler 15 The Hireling Ministry None of Christs 142 The Examiner Defended in a Fair and Sober Answer 192 .


however. immediate advantage of making available literal and authentic texts of Williams' writings. another collection of the works had to be provided. The first six volumes are an exact was adopted as a CO: . In an ideal world of dedicated brittle scholars edition and unlimited funds.Publishers? Foreword THE warm in 1953 to Perry reception accorded by the reading public His Contribution to the AmeriMiller's book. The printing and editorial constitution of the present edition It has the happy compromise. can Tradition^ has encouraged the Publishers to set the present edition before the academic world. century are not to be had merely by inquiry in antiquarian bookshops. This too 5 Narragansett Edition was delivered to subscribers. and this scarcity has been aggravated by the ravages of time on a paper that crumbles to the touch. For many. were printed. ROGER WILLIAMS. Preliminary investigation indicated that such an edition would take years to prepare. the study has had to be pursued under severe handicaps. As for the collected writalmost ninety years have passed since the final volume of the ings. If Roger Williams very words were to be read again. nothing less than an entirely re-edited would be called for. and careful estimates of costs suggested a finally prohibitive price. The necessarily brief excerpts which were woven into the narrative of that book have whetted the curiosity of students and scholars for a wider knowledge of Williams' text and matter. Fewer than 200 sets is scarce. The original editions are The few reprints made in the nineteenth excessively rare and costly.

The ques- co . all have been retained as conforming to the canons of usage adopted by the Narragansett editors. For their volumes these scholars provided annotations which are models of erudition. own the sympathetic reader will discover that the punctuation has its This was as much a part of his style as his vocabulary. Samuel Brockunier. What difference that in one line appears the spelling Jews. the five tracts not printed therein. It is possible to become momentarily lost among the hedgerows of his parentheses. Parallels are heaped one upon the other. An occasional sentence has to be retraced in order to rescue the sense from the semi-colons. it must be confessed.together seventh volume. Williams' spelling is itself so inconsistent as to discourage editorial tampering. we venture to have been exaggerated. make up the Care has been taken to ensure texts of the utmost tric fidelity. It attempt to improve upon them. Williams was barely acquainted with the period. It enforces its own discipline. even the most egregious printer's errors. would be a rash editor indeed who would The archaic f . The eccen- spelling. reprint of the Narragansett Edition. It should be read in conjunction with any of the several biographies written by James Ernst. and dearly loved the comma. Jewes? A modern reader archaic constructions. Reuben Aldridge Guild's Biographical Introduction. Williams' rhetoric requires the reader's complete attention. rationale. Miller's essay. as he will to Williams' The difficulties of Williams' style. Notwithstanding these reservations. is sadly out of date. by numerous printer's errors. with new forewords and Prof. and in the next. The sentences are long. The punctuation is a more difficult matter. The sophisticated student who has worked with iyth century books will accommodate himself readily to this irritant. By modern standards there is too much of it. except in matters of minor detail and emphasis. or Ola Winslow. a close reading of each word. the whimsical use of capitals and italics. stumbling momentarily over the its retention by the editors as no more than a sentimental attachment to an antique type face. Although the texts have been corrupted say. capable of finding the important words in any sentence will be more amused than distracted by his emphatic use of italics. should regard twentieth century reader.

there he returns silent. His are also passages of superb prose in these pages. overwhelming century is likely to speak the last word about Roger Williams. To his contemporaries he was the arch-radical of his time. will not rest. required the protagonists to dot every "i" and to cross every "t. and because he held them steadfastly against redoubtable opposition. he came to hold this principle so tenaciously. will not be He He them persistence triumphs over the tiresome polemics. The reader becomes aware of a massive and sincerity. modern man may be forced to erect the barrier of Williams' central idea. the sanctity of the individual and his inviolable conscience. Because they were important ideas. No How . and makes finally bearable. a dissenter." Williams' forensic writings deal only with a few basic ideas. its dialectic. theological controversy stretched out interminably because its etiquette. Perry Miller undertakes to clarify on the following pages.tion and answer form in which he cast his disputations leads to tedious repetition. The nineteenth century revered him as a prophet of religious liberty who dared to test his principles in a small corner of America. In the xyth century. a non-conformist. Against the mass conformity pressing upon us from every side. In each successive tract to the same conclusions. Now in our own time his definition of freedom needs reexamination.


Essay in Interpretation


IN Geneva, Switzerland within what was in the sixteenth century the mighty fortress of John Calvin stands a massive monument to the memory of the Calvinistic wing of the Reformation. In the center are the four most majestic figures: Calvin himself, Guillaume Farel, Theodore Beza, John Knox. Flanking them on either side are the militant warriors of the many nations in which Calvinism fought, perished, or conquered. All but one are obvious choices, soldiers of the faith: Gustavus Adolphus for Sweden, William the Silent for Holland, Coligny for France, Oliver Cromwell for England, men who in the certainty of their calling and election waged bloody battles against the unregenerate. The exception is the space assigned to American Calvinism. In that portico there stands to the never-ending bafflemeht of American


not John Winthrop, John Cotton, nor Cotton Mather; not even Jonathan Edwards, nor Lyman Beecher, no military hero at all.

Us 3


Roger Williams. Beside him, in letters of stone are inscribed words from The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution. His "orthodox" contemporaries in New England have
stolid inaccurately

costumed statue



been heaving in their graves ever since that monument was erected. In their eyes, Roger Williams was the arch-radical of the age or of any age, a demon of discord and subversion who fancied himself an
difficult for us to angel of light. This image of the man is extremely The cause with which his name is forever associated, that of recapture. absolute religious liberty, has become for citizens of the United States


much taken


for granted, at least as it relates to the service of the lip, has been reduced to a platitude. American visitors to Geneva


moment be astonished at encountering Williams there, but even though a Calvinist, a forequickly accept him as being somehow, runner of Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment to the Constitufor a

Thus they can salute him in passing, and immediately forget all 53 about him. His "persecutors can likewise be comfortably classified as intolerant bigots, and dismissed forthwith. Few realize that he is today, if he be listened to, as serious a threat to any sort of "establishment"

he was visibly to that constructed by the Puritans

in Massachusetts


admiration of posterity for the founder of Providence is so perfunctory because his heirs do not even begin to grasp the reasoning that drove him to his magnificent protest against persecution. He is not a


whose liberalism

rests in part

upon a

cynical indifference


theological niceties.

He did


demand freedom

for all believ-

ers (or unbelievers) out of a deficiency of piety, but

from an exuberance

from an extravagance of


did not conceive the prohibition of a state church to be a negative device, but as a positive gesture, strengthening human reason with the


immeasurable grace of God. He was not a humanitarian outraged by the cruelties of fanaticism, but a "seeker" after an unattainable perfection.


would build a wall of separation between


and church

not to prevent the state from becoming an instrument of "priestcraft," but in order to keep the holy and pure religion of Jesus Christ from
contamination by the slightest taint of earthly support.


beheld in

the ecclesiastical order of


England not what


apologists claimed

of the last remnants of Popery it, a primitive Christianity purified and restored to the simplicity of the New Testament, but rather a prostitution of the churches to the foul

embraces of the



To him

England" was more insidious than was more fiendishly hypocritical. At his trial in October, 1635, Governor John Winthrop (who personally cherished a warm affection for Williams) solemnly enumerated



of the Churches in


Rome had

ever been, because


the four charges upon which, once they were proven, Williams had "banished himself" from the polity of Massachusetts [Vol. I, 23 ; II,

40-49], Firstly, Williams had maintained that the colony could not hold its title to the land by a royal charter, for King Charles never

had no right or power to bestow it. The true owners were the Indians, and they should have been paid for the territory (as Williams later scrupulously did in Rhode Island).


the soil in the





kind of talk to be dissemiClearly for the Bay authorities to allow this it the wrath of the Crown. Viewed in nated would bring down upon the context of the already delicate relations of the colony to London, Williams had on this matter made himself a menace to their society 5

he could and should be silenced. that no unregenerated man Secondly, he was accused of propounding swear upon his oath. Clearly could lawfully be required to pray, nor to

this notion, if enacted into official policy,

would destroy the

legal system,

paralyze the courts, and empty the churches. ishment of Williams makes perfect sense,


this score also, the


Thirdly, he had stated


unlawful to hear any ministers

who had

formally repented of their having served in the pulpits of the "parish" assemblies of England. In other words he was demanding that Massachusetts Bay openly declare that it had "separated" from the Church
of England. But at the cost of an immense expenditure of casuistry, defenders of the New England Way had established a base for the
thesis that

they never had and never would secede from their beloved

that they had only transported some of her Children to the wilderness, and there reformed the assemblies actoitffing to the model

Mother $

set forth in the


Testament. In the course of time they hoped the


would be likewise reformed. As a demonparish churches of England stration of their loyalty they insisted upon all possible occasions that
"true" churches, even though for defective in ritual and in manner of admitthe moment unfortunately Lord's Supper. The basic legitimacy of the Massating members to the
the churches of the
chusetts enterprise, without which it had no reason for being, hung Williams upon its unwavering insistence that it was not Separatist. Again

home land were

was not merely a
of that society.

social nuisance,


but a real danger to the very structure government in its right mind would and should

exterminate him.


fourth article of the indictment

variously phrased in the sev-

eral accounts, but the purport of it is clear. John Cotton put it [Vol. II, 41] that Williams had said the civil power should be limited to only

the outward state of mankind. Other versions have


that he denied

the magistrate any right to enforce obedience to "the First Table" that is, to the first four of the Ten Commandments, they being of a
those against murder purely personal and subjective nature, not, like
or adultery, susceptible of objective adjudication. But to any state existto police the consciences ing in the early seventeenth century the power




was conceived


be a sacred





and of Nature.


responsibility for enforcing conformity

by the laws of was a

deep one, reaching to the innermost being of the individuals, not restricted to mere externals. Whatever language Williams may have used,

have struck his colleagues only as utter madness. In Christian community it would automatically call for stern measures. any can thus perceive that while the first three counts against him were
his assertion could


liams' offending

grave enough to justify the Court's action, the head and front of Wilis contained in this fourth article. Here was the seed-

ling which he

would nurse

to a great flowering in

The Bloudy Tenent.




evidence that the General Court of Massachusetts

which tried Roger Williams had any later qualms about the necessity of its decision. Public policy required it. Indeed the disowning of Williams' Separatism by the Massachusetts Puritans was a timely assist to
the propaganda of their brethren in London. Puritan spokesmen in England, who were striving in 1635 to walk the ever more precarious

tightrope of non-separation, even while agitating for more reform, rushed a grateful letter of congratulation to John Winthrop.

did those who banished Williams ever show, publicly at least, uneasiness over "enlarging" him out of Massachusetts. Indeed the any leaders of Calvinist New England for a century thereafter did not rec-


ognize in him a hero of the region's culture. Cotton Mather in the (1702) opened his account of Williams with an elab-


orate allegory, "In the year 1654, a certain windmill in the Low Countries, whirling round with extraordinary violence by reason of a violent

storm then bio wing 5 the stone at length by


rapid motion became

so intensely hot as to fire the mill, from whence the flames, being dispersed by high winds, did set a whole town on fire. But I can tell


reader that, above twenty years before this, there was a whole country in America like to be set on fire by the rapid motion of a windmill in
the head of one particular man," This vivid passage from so prominent a spokesman underlined the image of Williams' role as a divisive and

inflammatory character. It had been an unpleasant episode. In the nineteenth century, when the "standing order" of Connecticut

was abolished (1818), and at long last that of Massachusetts (1833), the states were yielding to the pressures of that age, but they were not in any conscious manner following the leadership of Roger Williams. In 1876 the General Court of Massachusetts entertained a petition to rescind the sentence of banishment, and probably would have
yielded, except for a passionate tract, As to Roger Williams, written by a learned historian of Congregationalism, the Reverend Henry

Martyn Dexter, conclusively demonstrating that on the four counts listed by Winthrop the accusation of being incendiary was sufficiently
proved and the sentence entirely just. In the twentieth century a legislature, largely made up of Catholics, officially revoked the judgment, apparently without serious objection from the Brahmin families of

They no longer cared. Thus Roger Williams, if viewed

in a strictly historical perspective,


a relatively minor character. furnishes an episode in the history of Massachusetts. He is the chief pioneer of Rhode Island, but only one among the obstreperous band who finally created the colony, more



The issue was not at all the conthrop tent of the four indictments. social or individual. Roger Williams was a "typologist. the Bible was the all-encompassing rule of human existence. secret of his radicalism. nothing to be resolved by objective It was a concern of life and death. look back with pleasure upon Roger Williams and salute in him an tion of denominations almost forgotten prophet of themselves. Wherefore a division of this sort was no mere textual business. to study the whole book to the revealing final chapters. the had made the "voluntary principle" the only possible mode of religious activity. spokesmen for the j New the truly dangerous conviction from which he deduced these specific corollaries. he had none. To understand him rightly we must recognize that his slant was theohave not bothered logical not political. there to extricate rhetorical eloquence the real ground for his heresy. which continued still to bind upon this Him people together. scholarship. What did he actually say? We to read The Bloudy Tenent closely. would liberals. . Only after the spread of the enlightenment. Let us quickly remind ourselves that for for that of and his friends held that God had entered into a covenant with Abra- ham to nominate a chosen people. The difference was an irreconcilable opposition between two even more than Geneva or Holland. that Christ was the seal and His covenant. including reluctant ones. methods of reading the good luck than by good management. Cotton this society. As for any direct influence of his thought on the ultimate achievement of religious liberty in America." John Cotton and his colleagues were "federalists. It is is a misreading of his greatest altogether too easy to render him the honor without truly coming to grips with the deeper springs of his dissent. after the First Amendment. beyond from Williams' the open number eighty-five." Williams held that the historical Israel was a "type" that had been absorbed into the timeless and a-historical "antitype" of Jesus Christ. and the sheer multiplicateachings of Jefferson. This secular interpretation of Roger Williams real thought. It was rather the broad. between Williams and the It is his writings that reveal the true issue England theocracy 5 between him and Winbetween him and John Calvin. the undermining.

Abraham and Isaac as a "figurative" prophecy of a purely spiritual and invisible church (which by its nature would be utterly alienated from any physically embodied political order) was putting a chasm between the Old Testament and the New. need New England THE and probably impenetrable mystery about the mind of Rpger Williams is just how he could have tttome so obsessed by fascinating . If he was correct. there could then be nothing but make-shift and fallible expedients. enjoying the true power of the Lord Jesus.their social and historical endeavor upon the reality of and organic development from Palestine to Boston. 316] "that the state of Israel as a Nationall State made up of Sfiritwll and Civill power. establishing. Ill. such as a "social compact" too tenuous to claim any sanctions which a rebel was the colonization of respect. correcting. out temporal of which came a solid system of interpreting the growth. not only theological but social. defending in all cases concerning his Kingdome and Government. by treating the Israel of Moses. the step-byWithout this demonstrable continuity step unfolding of Christianity. reforming. human history would be meaningless 5 without it the Christian com- They founded this munity would dissolve into chaos. a gigantic and senseless blunder. But Williams. when he wrote that he would prove [Vol. Consequently. was meerly figurative and typing out the Christian Churches consisting of both Jewes and Gentiles. If he was correct then all coherence was gone. so farre as it attended upon the s^irituall." Williams was hacking savagely at the root of every ecclesiastical organization through which Western civilization had striven to confine the anarchical impulses of humanity. He was cutting off the present from its origins.

x-xiii] take their stands on Chief among these quite other grounds. Since Reuben Aldridge Guild wrote his biographical introduction to the Narragansett Club factual items in the edition. and was a city boy. This mode of re- New Model Army nouncing the bloody tenant is quite alien to Williams' thought. of English Independents that if all sects was the pragmatic calculation were free to enjoy their own ways of worship. 1603 and assuredly not in 1599. he understood that the did not require a theological uniform. an Anabaptist could kill as many cavaliers as an Antinomian. they would then cheerfully unite against the repressive tyranny of the Church of England. Or it may have been that a re- peated admonition from his elders to eschew the black magic inspired in one of his temperament a determination to find out for himself.out of typological lore as to extrapolate it his ecclesiastical radicalism. and thereafter against the new presbyter when he revealed himself to be "old priest writ large. not in Wales. we may now be persuaded that he was born in story. furthermore. his lecturer bold enough college in Cambridge. Neither Cromwell nor many of his cohorts indulged in speculations about the relation of Israel as a type to Christ the antitype. Certainly the passion with which Williams embraced the esoteric sys- tem distinguishes him from all contemporary pioneers of religious freedom. We do not know enough about his intellectual biography to say from what sources he acquired the awesome insight. At Pembroke. soldiers 3' Oliver Cromwell wanted discipline of the who would fight . The tracts listed by Samuel L. Lacking any documentary evidence we are compelled to assume that somewhere he must have fallen upon some tract or several treatises in the literature which circulated surreptitiously among Protestant scholars. Caldwell as fellow advocacies along with The Bloudy Tenant [Vol. But little or nothing has been revealed about his reading. An Arminian could charge as fiercely as a Calvinist. do not know how readers were even equipped to follow Williams' fantastic windmany ings. researchers have turned up many more For example. that he was born in London. and fundamentally. Ill. We But in 1644 the still dominant Presbyterians sensed enough treason . he may have heard some to venture into the forbidden terrain.

and civil and religious must be kept separate in the government of a this report is state. the scholars translate Williams into terms applicable to Cromwell or to Jefferson. The best of them. terms which simply do not apply to the fervent typological passion of Roger Williams. Their emphasis throughout is upon the Williams who objected to the use of political compulsion to regulate belief and worship. abjectly More recent studies exhibit the same blindness." In 1627 he had signed the Cambridge Subscription Book. Soon after his arrival he refused already a call to the First Church of Boston because they were "an unseparated people. and not by the to shifting hallucinations of typology. There may be a clue to the springs of Williams' thought in the fact New England (December I. Ola Elizabeth Winslow's Master Roger Williams (1957) summarizes the meaning of The Bloudy Tenent thus: "Freedom of conscience in matters of religion is an individual human right. that before he sailed for . There is no evidence that it meant anything more to them than it means modern historians a trenchant attack upon their attempt to impose religious The Bloudy Tenent to have Parliament order it publicly burned. They frequently see the central point of his argument." Insensitive to the ethos of the time. The several introductions and notes to the Narragansett Club volumes show that scholars as tenderly devoted to the texts as these editors could not seize the significance of the language spread before their eyes. The fatal inaccuracy in all these use of a language of exegesis best described as "secular historiography." The trouble with not that it poetry to platitudinous prose. that truth cannot be dictated to a church whose essence is that its truth is perpetually to be sought for is in places other than the sea or the land to which the state confined. that such a policy makes the state a dictator to the church as to what is the truth of Christianity 5 but they do not perceive his underlying paradox. In the long run they were to be thwarted by the beef-and-ale realism of the English minority sects. misrepresents Williams. 1630) he had become a convinced Separatist. but that it reduces his Miss Winslow ignores the presence of "type" and "antitype" almost to the same degree as did the Narraaccounts lies in the gansett Club editors.

or of Protwritings. of the works of the Fathers." He was deeply shocked when Williams revealed how far he had gone into Separatism by rejecting the best pastoral opportunity in Prayer. But a reference in The Bloody [Vol. By the same token they all stoutly adhered to Calvin's hostility to this dangerously subjective form of Biblical exegesis. to break with the rule of uniformity and to plunge into separation "without tarrying for any" were often ready to leap also into this intellectual gulf. in his of secondary sources. 65-66] indicates that he Common the colony. at least to themselves. Ainsworth" [Vol. Ill. Winthrop had not heard of this development. and there in 1596 became minister of a church-in-exile whose tumultuous internal discords were of secession. Williams was so intense a He being that the charge of perversity in refusing to recognize the obvious is by turned against John Cotton. estant theologians. constantly adduced to the Puritans as proof of the He folly was the author of a series of "annotations" on books of the Old Testament. Henry Ainsworth was an early Separatist who fled persecution to Amsterdam. or the fool- hardiness. that they were loyal to the Church of England even while actively "reforming" it from within. Yet in the first Tenent he does implication mention "That most despised (while living) and now much honoured Mr. the most eloquent being Annotations of The Five Books of . typology.agreeing to use the Book of Bloody Tenant 'Yet More had recanted. movement from Biblicist that he made little use. as so obvious ments. of creedal orthodoxy. Both the Presbyterians and Independents held a conception of church organization. Those who had the courage. Now of it a fact that within the literature of early Separatism. simply presented his own reading of the Testawhether out of cunning or bland innocence. which enabled them to insist. there can be discovered a tendency to init is dulge in typological flights. most printed surreptitiously. for at a meeting in Essex in 1629 he was scolding John Cotton and Thomas Hooker for still using the Book. and at first hailed Williams as "a godly minister. 307]. In either form of action the Separatists would be violating the Puritans' determination to keep their becoming an anarchical revolution. and above of institutional continuity. IV.

with typological divinations. but especially upon both together. but not intellectually in Christian thought was mo. It may hardly need seek in such sources alone for Williams' after all be quite adequate to explain his behavior in terms of his per- Moses) The Psalms. Judaism by resisting congeographical location version would stand for centuries as a challenge to the New Testament that it pertained in the slightest degree to the Old. problem f . and The Song this book is sonality. even while firmly disagreeing that very sweetness to recoil before the notion ever knew" was bound by of a brutal uniformity forced upon the church. BEYOND for this discourse to pause for a few definitions of terms. more No fying. it provided a method of showtheir interconnection. It is necessary to bear in mind that typology took shape in Patristic centuries as a a doubt the time has come scheme for interpreting the New Testament in the light of the threatening. After all. but one who wantonly invited his own destruction. and more importantly. eyes. and a dogmatic rendition of the voluptuous enigmas of the two Testaments. "the sweetest soul I called. addiction. Hence he would appear to that mentality not at all a martyr for the cause of conscience. Ker$2cution of the satisJews was one way of answering this charge. At the same time. each pagans.of Solomon published in London. However we replete 1627. he would find himself in opposition to the orthodox mentality. of their stories. Indeed. the two anthologies may and not related to each other beyond the capable of standing by itself. viewed with the mildest of sceptical ing and even more so when seen through the eyes of unconverted well seem to be separate books. One whom Governor Edward Winslow of Plymouth Colony with him. even though hewed out roughly. On either score.

the simple mortal anxiety persisted. The mighty Summa Thomas Aquinas from evaded by taking proof-texts indifferently for logical exemplification. pay any heed to the miserable affair of David and Bathsheba? Typology was a way of forging a link between the Testaments which did not depend upon any ingenious or manufactured theory of historical transmission. But somehow. albeit in many ways. Augustine's City of God to Rauschenbush's of A Theology in part for the Social Gospel. despite these immensely learned arguments. On no other article of the creed. the issue either Testament. tinuity. felt itself so vulnerable. By discriminating first the historical level. the Eucharist has organized Christianity been so sensitive. to speak frankly. however knotty the dual nature of Christ. St. the Trinity. and finally the anagogical. and thereafter the allegorical. while in using them as basic propositions another part brought the problem to heel by a subtle doctrine of the fourfold levels of meaning in Scripture. seeking the grace of of Why should one. concerned about his salvation. Mere assertion that the Testa- ments were both divinely inspired. then the moral. What. that the authors were supernaturally and again to collapse in the face of an incorguided.persistent. deeply God by the worship Christ on the Cross. promised again that they had been joined together by artificial human rigible suspicion contrivance. that all events in the Old Testament and all episodes of the kingdom of Israel were only physical rehearsals of spiritual significances ultimately to be made intelligible . It said. more exasperating than that of establishing a plausible con- a convincing rationale of an unbroken progress from Abraham and the Archbishop of Canterbury all the through Christ to the Pope way to the Congregational churches of New England. Thomas enabled Scholasticism to weave so complex a web around the whole of Revelation that the two segments were inextricably enveloped. could be the inherent relation be- tween the biography of Joseph and that of the crucified Christ? And what could the history of Solomon in his harem have to do with that of Christ in Gethsemane? Various programs of reconciliation have been propounded: the fulideas from fillment of traditions. and the many evolutionary prophecies.

which up till that moment had been no more than a factual record of a particular people and its dealings with a divinity. The illuminatensity. There is no bodies organic descent from the state church of Jerusalem to the political of church and state in Massachusetts. not by becoming aware of an evolutionary direction. became an entirely different kind of book it became Him. History gains its deepening insight. it mystifies and alerts the intel- ligence $ but it would be meaningless unless followed by the perfected and realized performance. "figurative. a body living in a certain time and place. but by irregular bursts of consciousness. it foretells but it does not make clear . for instance. increasing through time in in- but not moving through graduated stages. often stunted. by discovering more and more the intimations which flicker through the prophetic soul. the one irruption by spiritual eternity into the merely historical flow. But Joseph as a "type. tions of typology are outside all the logics of progression. Joseph was cast into the pit and after three days was lifted out of it. of course. premoniperformed in the culminating drama of the Passion. we might say that the Old Testament would become what Elizabethan Englishmen and Williams was one of these called in their theatre the "dumb-show." Hamlet ex- emplifies to us the relation of this kind of prologue to the actual play. With derer Him everything in the Old Testament." yields up his true being. History therefore is not development $ it is repetition. They were awkward. The Wherefore after the relations of His faithful be- ." of which the resurrected Christ is the "anti- the New tions of acts to be Testament. sequence remains unbroken." lievers with earthly authority can be only civil. his timeless significance. and in any of them a mur- may be tried and executed for physically harming society* The decisive break in chronology was the mission of Christ. in the world of normal causality. Meanwhile. In the typological view of the matter. Wherefore those bodies are not allowed to deal with dissenters as the Kings of Israel proceeded against heretics. where judgment is called for. Joseph as an historical per- sonage. Empires rise and fall. has no relation to Christ and therefore no more meaning than any other person in the past. They are to be judged. So. by the most utilitarian of interests.

In a way. it is dramatic. They ruled over both the civil and spiritual kingdom. By treatOld Testament as figurative he did not explicitly deny that it understanding of what his religious opponents could not abide in his intellectual ing the was also valid as a chronicle of facts. The true thread on which they are strung was a sort of literary. they die a thousand deaths in the spirit. what many students still find offensive. they remain "national" because they are still hugging the poisonous preof England and the Book of tensions. has any right to punish one who dissents from his idea of true Christianity. It is not historical. They conform to be con- By this form of argument David and Solomon are not for executing Jewish heretics 3 in fact the justice or injustice of their administrative actions is irrelevant. English. For man's receptivity it is a work of the imagination. and least of all the any longer churches of New England. They are attempting what can only be expressed in poetry. even if the offender appear irretrievably anti-Christian. Spanish. or savage Indians. the Old Testament may or may not be an accurate copy of what actually happened. they have given way to the antitype. But no Christian magistrate since the Resurrection can play the dual role. or pagans. radically "separated" from pretended religious institutions. . which is the true church. however painful the effort. except in a "figurative" sense. schematism.magistrates may be of any persuasion professing Christians. no longer any community that can regard no such thing as "God's country. but the question is immaterial. No national church may claim to be in covenant with God. Christian men as seculars are concerned with the but as recipients of grace justice of the laws. But in effect he demoted that aspect of the sacred books to virtual insignificance. Advertising themselves as purified. a rhetorical. Churches which in Christian times claim the right to act upon the preceto act in prose dents of Israel are confusing categories hopelessly. to an make-up. but they are not in the slightest involved in any quest for a flawless society on this earth. demned No ruler. All typical regimes have been abolished in the consuming light of the disclosure of their hidden secret . There is is chosen 5 there If ing. to statutes." itself as we wish to approach the center of Williams' impassioned reasonwe must bring our minds around. or Bostonian. such as the parish churches Common Prayer.

&c. know no Church "What riddle or mysteriey or rather fallacie of Sathan is this?" have only to contrast Williams 5 approach with that of orthodox New England. Bradford. Winslow. could shed tears aver him which were not those of the crocodile. as it was in Israel. and then were compelled to quarantine him. must be hanged or stoned." Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut and Plymouth first tried to surround him. even loved him. Winthrop. which made every Protestant assertion of the authority in matters of religion a blaspheiEfr ^agpliist their own Saviour. was no theorist of the "creative" mind." estate. must cease to pretend to the Lord Jesus Christ and his institutions. within sciences.i&/steod on grounds no civil We different from those on which the Vatican was built. and elsewhere a thousand times. All this he conveyed in lengthy expositions of the terrible consequences to modern nations that must follow a "literal" application of the parallel of Jerusalem. esteemed him. rather than the He advocated the apprehended mean- ing. with the conception of a legitimacy based upon the continuous covenant. New England theocracy was taking. For example the deduction in The Eloudy Tenant [Vol. nor Christ.put this emphasis upon Williams is to employ terms used in literary criticism. to frame anew the issue between the individual conscience deavoring He and authority what modern in a post-Reformation world. Williams equated . Ill. we can be assured." By a failure o literary sensitivity the churches of New England have fallen into a contradiction. that they who follow Moses' church constitution. the framework of time. He could not have conceived o the Bible "as litera- To was a Calvinist theologian enture/' a twentieth-century notion. If they saw him as a firebrand. trying to be Congregational. His implacable foe. John Cotton. to perceive why the orthodox had to see in Williams their most dangerous foe. yet acting "nationally. 282] that by this pedantry "such as nor God. yea every wicked person and evill doer. "which the New English by such a practice implicitely doe. Yet he does appertain to scholars call the literary or at least symbolizing turn of historical. mind. it was not because he proclaimed the doctrine of liberty for all conbut because he set up a conception of cause and affect. But Williams. Their greatest leaders. He declared at the end of the chapter cited above. disregarding archaeological and philological interpretations in their historical context.

for Christ to rise from the ashes of Joseph. If this reading be follows that the real objective in Williams' writing was make teaching he summarized for the common understanding of his fellows of Providence in the oft-quoted letter of 1655 [Vol. Call him. VI. They would rather skirt about the inexpressible than permitted. Both interpreted their mission to be the continuation of the typical policy of Israel. the shadows. He does not anywhere. Something of this nature is the heart of Roger Williams' matter. the images of divine things have been of major concern are illusive and elliptical. persecution of one another in the name of the true religion. but to the undefined. Williams was never preaching a Christian Utopia. . of whom there is are not many resist will understand the disseverance of Christian conviction from formal By this conviction the spiritual church committed to any compulsory Christian state. either Protestant or Catholic. if you will. He and he pressed found strength for such resistance in an its logic hard enough upon the com- munity to make trouble for everybody. was saying that those who have received the blessing must ever resist the self-appointed virtuous trying to inflict communal He formulations upon others. with the Inquisition. esoteric science . for the crucifixion to lead The to no earthly kingdom at all. which in 1648 drew up the Cambridge Platform. or obscurantist. He meant that only the true Christians conversion. only resolution of the insane and bloody situation was for Christians of all persuasions to learn the readily available lesson of typology. Yet he did say what a few great Christian spokesmen have put differently (one thinks of the typological strain. something less egalitarian. undefinable yet all comprehensive fellowship of the inscrutable Gospels." which he himself ruefully acknowledged. interferes with his directness. Both were equally criminal. it not an assertion of the political wisdom of tolerating dissenters of all sorts so long as they did not disrupt the secular state. But then most religious writers to whom the figures. The Key and the two Tenentsy he intended something deeper. In the more complex works. This aspect of his a frontal attack upon it. His "prolixitie. it must be admitted. the emblems. eccentric. perverse. put it so bluntly.the Assembly of New England. 278-9].

as his George Diggd Out of His Burrowes [Vol. He did not contract the slightest taint of the "Antinomianism" which the banished Anne Hutchinson carried into Rhode Island. setts. : theological doctrine Williams was a sound. in the terms of his time. one may even a conventional Calvinist. who would never. He nobly protested against their persecution by Massachubut their heretical theology appalled him. Not in any measure was he an Arminian. What would we not give now to have an example of his pulpit rhetoric? To repeat. never concede an inch to worldliness. Fox has hardly a trace of rationalism. employed a certain amount He He . Arrogant as he sometimes sounds. in Pascal) self to worldliness. he sees no merit whatsoever in the unregenerated will of the natural man. The terror of innate depravity is always with him. break. his theology was convenorthodox as tional. Had he been his as sermons would have survived to be printed alongthey side their vibrant eloquence. He does not hint at any relaxation of his acceptance of the decrees of election and reprobation.for instance. Only tfeose students of the twentieth censay tury who are unfamiliar with the Puritan literature of the early seven- IN the area of teenth century are surprised to discover so much perfervid eloquence within the iron cage of the creed. there to create discord. V] tediously shows. he prayed for and depended utterly upon the grace of God. As the Experiments disclose. break with the past or else concede yourWilliams was the one worldling. Williams belonged to the same intense breed as Thomas Hooker and Thomas Shepard. and self-righteous as his enemies held him to be. secure in the tolerant climate he had created. despite the amount of it which modern eulogists attribute to him. He would not invoke the civil authority to strike down the Quakers.

and peculiar Grace and Mercy In as in Christ Jesus. at insane. and at its worse. without the Revelation of the Word and Sprit of God. Williams the arch-liberal in polity was in his creed a conservative Biblicist Not only did he use a minimum of secondary sources in his arguments. He respected of the logic he the untutored intellects of the Indians. the Incarnation. that we should be obliged to share Cotton Mather's wish some apothecary could have administered a purge to cure Williams ." Williams declared." The experience of mankind attests much Light the reality of original sin. Just as and peculiar by a maggot in his brain which drove him to interpret his Bible method which respectable scholars for centuries had branded as its best. but not because they exhibited any of the virtues which the eighteenth century would assign to the noble savage. Yes. "or to any thing but Sylendidum Peccatum. out of his absolute. he attacked most specifically the "Cultus Naturalis. who in the Anne Hutchinson crisis came perilously close to deviation. In The Examiner Defended. and But the "light of nature. in depraved nature. so also did he seek to separate true religion piety from the learning taught at Oxford and Cambridge." Undoubtedly he sensed a growing disposition in Cromwellian England toward a natural rational religion as a refuge from the proliferation of jarring sects. being. though even here he depended more upon the rush of rhetoric. There is no ground for attributing "so to any of the Eldest and GMantest sons of Nature" to be- lieve they could attain to a saving knowledge of God and of the articles of true belief." all doctrinal respects Thomas Hooker sionally Roger Williams was as rigidly unbending himself. VII]. irresponsibly whimsical. is nothing but "a downright Doctrine of Free-will. the Trinity. and probably was more correct confesthan John Cotton. but he held a low opinion of secular he endeavored to wrest from the grasp of the state. 1652 [Vol. the Creation. free. criminally So. preferring to depend upon the Bible and nothing but the Bible. had he been no more than a Calvinist who had contracted this strange illness. The only difference between him and the Massachusetts Bay oligarchy was the rationalistic scholarship in general.had learned at Cambridge in his disputations.

noble. No doubt the name of Roger Williams would deserve to be celebrated were he only the prophet of religious liberty in the terms which nineteenth century eulogists thought sufficiently honorific. especially the rhetoricians. They had had a surmissible. "types of ambiguity. the opinion of phrase. to John Cotton and his brethren it was the Bible. He was a dog returning to the vomit reasonable. At first sight. Williams proved that he caufatpEactftx this difficult etiquette in his relations with the ladians^ ifc would tell them about Christianity if they asked questions. Calvinists article of their hermeneutics that only one reading of the Bible is perand that is the historical. literal purport. feit of. The Reformation insisted as the primary sought to destroy the whole structure. yet never attempting to impose that truth ifXM tie minds or souls of other men. the Christian predicament of Christianity was to hold what the believer conceives to be truth with fierce tenacity. that no more glory can accrue to him from pointing it then.of typology. In the late Middle Ages a kind of typological craze seized the cult of it upon European theologians. and grasp gested that when we penetrate what this signified for the humanity of his time. it seemed to the ran riot and produced Reformers." In Puritans the doctrine of the continuous unbroken the England covenant reaching from Abraham to the end of time was not only in the entire structure of the two Testaments." For him. the Scriptures were being strangled. On this realization empowered him to say with the utmost of the contrary positive conviction. he emerged with a generous conviction that no man could say for certain what is ultimate truth. he justifiably enlists our sympathy. bizarre as they may have been. we must not sell it which was also the glory cheape. "Having bought Truth deare. This was not a sceptical or agnostic resting place. but it was also sane. a mystagoglc maze in which. But it is sugto this ground of his thinking. Out of his typological meditations. In fact "federalism" 5 of a decadent scholasticism. ffc wwdi 3^ lift a finger . to use a modern New plain was not really a doctrine at all. To them Williams resort to typology was a rekpse into a fever which the Reformation believed it had nursed to health. and aligns us correctly against his persecutors. may appear out that he adhered to a highly suspect mode of exegesis.

Neither could find any other word to signify a resolution of man's ordeal. declares that what was being sought found. Ill. in remember that for both men the ultimate concern was salvation. anxious has now been is discovery. as the poor theeje. In this respect they started from a common premise 5 they addressed each other in terms which were. at the beginning. Williams 5 insight into truth-seeker. Ill. strove to incarcerate the sprawling luxuriance of human experience. he own will. the Mouse disputes with a terrible persecuting Cat: who while she seemes to play and gently tosse. the long debate between Williams and Cotton is seen in these their disagreement may here and there flickering lights. 277]. but it enabled him to step aside from the juggernaut of historical continuity. The persecutor supposes He he he is working in the freedom given by God to the elect . see Christenings tians [Vol. and then turns to compelling others to accept his has not found anything which deserves the name of truth. Playing out the the right to defend his heresy. It is a plea for an awareness of the infinite depths of human consciousness. says Williams in one of his best sentences [Vol. offers the accused heretic is enslaved to his own masquerade he But the heretic knows. But Cotton endeavored to cut short the dialogue by making the answer seem easy. and insecure. He repeatedly declared [Vol. Make Not Chris- comparison with the way modern existentialism has tried to illuminate the same darkness. the essence of When be glimpsed. 64] that the fundamentals of true belief are so clear in his right and simple that anyone are properly explained mind must be convinced once they ." John Cotton was destroying whatever dignity the doctrine of the covenant might justly claim when he employed it to subdue the unsubduable Roger Williams. It is well to and Puritanism. yet the conclusion is a proud insulting and devouring crueltie. but by an insensate that depravity masquerading as righteousness. actually wilfulness.or raise his voice to convert them. It freed him from the vise of consistency in which Cotton their misguided assurance. that "he disputes in feare. In simply indulging the hysterical compulsions of his Calvinistic language he no longer lives by grace. mutually comprehensible. When the this pit invites VII]. The typology of Williams may be wild and impressionistic.

finished. of pride. but because underneath his arrogance lies a humility which true freedom begets. 172]. Yet a student who applies himself to a close study of Williams' writing. . though frequently irritated by his prolixity and pedantry. therefore if he still persists in his disbelief. he is being wilfully obstinate and may justifiably be persecuted "for sinning against his Literalists like own conscience. even by those who loved him. the supreme of salvation. Ill. VI. "no not for the saving of Soules. especially for those complacent admirers who suppose that he was as they are. I perish. a will pay for all/' dream I perish. a bubble broke. I humbly desire to say. But if Cotton could not grasp the notion. 70] that genuine Christians may be utterly wrong riposte in all the fundamentals and resist every endeavor to set them to rights. in endeavoring after your tem: when porall and spirituall peace. neither. he told John Cotton [Vol. if It is but a shadow competent instructors .. Ill. Williams was accused. though our owne most precious/' All authentic messengers of Jesus Christ. truly invaluable not merely because he propounded the idea of religious liberty to unheeding ears in America. of conceit. 350] "As to myself. will soon come to know why even those who persecuted him had valuable also to love him. 64. to this logically absurd conclusion that men may necessity how Williams moved from be saved whose Christianity is manifestly fallacious. even a little. of Connecti- Supremely cut this grace concludes his letter to Major Mason that colony was cruelly trespassing on the soil of Rhode Island [Vol. the mind and heart of Roger Williams. is to find the world ecstatically and generously turned upside down. and that their soules are not bound up in the bundle of eternall tije? y It should not surprise us that an antagonist like John Cotton could not understand their original proposition." To learn to know. To such a student Williams becomes most nay. can Williams' modern admirers follow the dialectic." Cotton could not begin to comprehend Williams' [Vol. it seems. Eternity This is the man who also said that we must not sell Truth cheap. yet no pious breast should "imagine that they are not saved. of imperiousness. "are esteemed seducing and seditious teachers and turners of the World upside downe.

Evidently he left in the hands of friends the short manuscript which was issued in January. Queries of Highest Consideration.FOREWORD TO Christenings Make Not CHRISTIANS ROGER WILLIAMS sailed from London in the landed at Boston September ijth carrying Plantations document. he explained that it was a discourse "concerning that name Heathen" It is an essential part of the cluster of the first five utterances. Mr. under the title Christenings Make Not Christians. On the first page. the fame of which had already reached and profoundly disturbed Boston. into the A Key Tenent. couched in polite ing safe passage through Massachusetts knew was a command." This meant that Rhode in the Narragansett Bay Island henceforth was. a legal entity summer of 1644 and with him a most important with guaranteed rights equal to Massachusetts and Connecticut. They were the further fruits of his dramatic year as emissary for Providence Plantations Language of America. 1645. He was also equipped with a letter signed by twelve powerful leaders requestto Providence. as far as Parliament could make it. ' A Key into the Language of America is a crude but picturesque . language which the Bay authorities Behind him in London lay copies of four publications. as a second title. and forms a link between A Key and The Eloudy Tenent. Cotton's Letter and The Eloudy Lately Printed. the Parliamentary charter for the "Providence in New England.

it was the exclusive church of God. Hence it followed that no Englishman or Christian could rightly look down upon the Indians as inferior or barbarian. why bring the simple children of the its wilderness into this conspiracy of civilized hypocrisy? In the years when the Narragansett Club was preparing edition of Williams' writings the existence of this tract was hardly suspected. yet ing success in getting along with the Indians it reveals Williams' strik- indeed of winning their and affection. he said.endeavor in anthropology and linguistics. and not in reality. and Scotland. by the admission of the godly throughout Protestantism. and attempt to "civilize" them by converting them. While Israel was the chosen people. have brought the whole professing to baptism and observance of the Sabbath. Then. "and in respect of the Lords speciall proprietie to one Country more then another. lies in Williams' dedication to the uses of typology. than that of maintaining law and order according to local conventions. between Europe and America. The Bloudy Tenent of self-denial which his provides the clue for this curious manifestation orthodox brethren considered the height of perversity. even though "heathen. In this amazing pamphlet Williams lays particular stress upon an argument that enraged his Puritan critics. But once the partition was broken down. but conscientiously country that he took He refrained. could. then all nations are on the same footing. The explanation. . If. London and Constantinople?" Because no one nation could any longer stand in a typical relation to the spiritual which is no more antitype. what difference between Asm and Africa. he makes clear again no advantage of his prestige to press them into becoming Christians. Also it suggests that one reason for this success respect was the respect he showed for native customs and religion." In Christenings Make Not Christians. then they too are even of England as "heathen" as the Narragansetts. between England and Turkie. remain unconverted. he remarked. if Europe is in fact Christian in name only. while it was "figuratively" forecasting the Gospel. It was not until 1881 that Henry Martyn Dexter uncovered the longlost pamphlet in the Thomason Collection in the British Museum. of course. the vast majority of the people.

dramatic discovery is given below. I came upon three citations which he credits to "Some ? Williams. Christenings Make Not Christians. of its surviving copy. Last winter in London almost my first opening of the Catalogue of the British Museum c was to Williams's name. in studying Robert Baylie's Dissuasive From the Errours of the Time.D. was vain. the presence of this little only known book remains literally unique.. But 26 March last. It is the Dexter's note." H. trusting that. among the eight or ten pamphlets bound together. since former searches there. the endeavor missing treatise might have been added to their shelves. somewhat compressed. Page's My Lawfulness^ of Infants 3a^tismey that treatise came to my desk bringing with it. Unique in con- tents.where it had lain uncatalogued for almost 250 years. and since that time have diligently searched in every probable locality for such a book. Of the name Heathen . years since. 1881.M. having occasion there to consult R. Sept. the longsought tract. ..

Chriftenings make not CHRISTIANS. As alfo concerning that great to point of their CONVERSION. London^ Printed by lane Coe. for L H. OR A Briefe Difcourfe concerning that name Heathen. . 1645. commonly given the INDIANS. Publi/Jied according to Order.


The word Heathen signifieth no more tfeen 'Nations or Gentiles. and have not heard of that One-God. & then we shall be no more troubled with them: They have spilt our Christian bloud. These Heathen civill. & the Dutch approve and practise name HEYDENEN. Heathens. I shall therefore them all all off. D'3 . better kill a thousand of them then that we be indangered or troubled with them 5 Better they were all cut off. yet this word Heathen is most improperly sinfully. humbly intreat my country-men of sorts to Heathen to consider. cut and so make way for Christians. given to the A commonly INDIANS As also concerning that great point of their CONVERSION.Briefe Discourse concerning that name Heathen. be humbly bold to inquire into the name Heathen. so do our Translations from the Hebre^ fl**p and the Greeke &&VT}. but the in their I which the English give them. Shall first Heathen or Nations. that although men have used to apply this word the Indians that go naked. Nations. signifying Christians should Dogges. the best way to make riddance of them. and undhristianly so used in this sence. How oft have I heard both the English and Dutch (not onely the most debauched and profane) say. in the old and New Testament promisraotisly render these words Gentiles.

&c. and so consequently all other the naturall Jewes themselves. enquire who are the People of God. Pet. GREEKES and ROMANES. (as he will be shortly) and were to make answer. will shortly speake. Europe. of the world. and a great part also of America. a vaste part of Africa. All People. not being of this People. what would they. eftvog Syiov the followers of Jesus. and must no man speak that names himselfe a Christian. Yea if the Lord Jesus himselfe were here. or the Nations glorious privileges. are Heathens. What say you to Christ endome? I answer. Within the People of God. This spect is the men or Christendome. and and Citizens. heathen. that the CHRISTIANS are 2. Why Nations? and MEDES. their stately not partakers of their but Ethnicke. 5.Because the Jewes being the onely People and Nation of God. Now then we must It is confest by all. Cor. the true Jewes: HEATHENS. what would he say to a then what CHRISTIAN WORLD? To CHRISTENDOME? And otherwise He would speak. that is indeed what he hath spoken. what do you thinke Peter or John. inferiour themselves. and the rejection of his first typicall holy Nation the Jewes. Cities. this will by many hands be yeelded. or gentiles. Heathen. I. in opposition to this People of God? I answer. since the coming of the Lord Jesus.9- now the onely People of God. but the famous BABYLONIANS. Herdious in his Map of his CHRISTIAN WORLD takes in all Asia. not only those that went naked. . but what say you to the Christian world? therefore People. esteemed (and that rightly) all other People. civilized as well as uncivilized. or Paul. so far as the Popes Christnings have reached to. in which restand upon their tearmes of high opposition between the CHRISSION WORLD. within or without. are then the nations. Nations or Gentiles. Gentiles. I. Yea. even the most famous States. CALDEANS. now opposed to the People of God. or any of the first Messengers of the Lord Jesus. Cities PERSIANS. and the Kingdomes of the World: Who For all must come within that distinction. his holy nation. And or NATIONS. his holy nation. his Church at CORINTH: Without the City of CORINTH worshipping Idols.

transferred from the Roman 11333 . or in his hand. followeth the Beast. and the Greeke KQloros will Anointed of God. O^TJ f| yrj wonders after the Beast. his If that beast be not the Turke. and boasts of the Beast. the Revelation came Revel I. to pertake of his anointings. (the Christian shore.) what saith John? What what saith Jesus Christ and his Father (from Angel? Yea. Revel. let me be bold to aske what is Christ? What are the Christians? The Hebrew pKHfla. nor the Roman Em^erour (as the grossest interpret) but either the generall councels. first. If this world or earth then be not intended of the whole terrestriall Globe. and the Turkish and shore) between the CHRISTIANS of this Christian the JEW. &c. who hath not the marke of the Beast in his Fore-head. to be a follower of that anointed secondly. saith the whom and Gods People. the turned CHRISTIAN. or the Popes or Papacy (as the most refined interpret) why then all the world. 13. (where the world becomes Christian holy. & no man shall buy nor sell. or the catholike church of Rome. worships the Beast. of his garments. and Nations. But since Without is turned to be Within. To come nearer to this Christion world. and the CHRISTIAN and the HEATHEN. and the People. whom that is Anointed also: So that indeed to be a Christian implyes two things.and the TURKE. (which sence and experience denyes) but of the Roman earth. come under the power of this Beast. Tongues. of the Roman Monarchy. Asiay Africa and America. and all People. or world. Languages. that there is none like him. and atheittle flock* of JESUS CHRIST hath mfor- CHRISTIAN WORLD WORLD velllously increased in such wonderfull conversions. anointed. or the number of his name. for the of the Lord Jesus (like to the anointings of to Anointing which none might make the like on pain of death) descend to the skirt all his Offices 3 one in AARON.. that is the naked American. Europe.L? What say they unto the Beast Worshippers Revel. are called tell us that Christ was and in (is) the the prophets and Kings and preists of Israel in their anointings did prefigure and type outj whence his followers KQIG-CIOLVOI Christians. nor live. and Nations. 13.

or main (ANTICHRISTIAN) Continent. in opposition to the People of God. Suffer of the Lord. contiguous and still unto his Christendome? If now the bodies of Protestant joyned Nations remaine in an unrepentant. must sadly consider and know (least their profesof Jesus prove at last but an aggravation of condemnation) that Christ Jesus hath said. they are but as Heathens and Pub1 8. 14. may we thinke of them. &c. unregenerate. and so consequently farre from hearing the admonitions of the Lord Jesus. that wondered after. his from the and coming out from ANTICHRISTIAN abominations. KINGDOMS a departure and salvation) be attended Beast. If any man worship the Beast or his future. & protesting against him. which is the onely holy Nation. and minis- BAPTISME. Whether such NATIONALL CHURCHES trations of in false MINISTERIES. and the Popish Kingdomes y branches (as all history and content of time make time what the Lord Jesus would say of the Christian world and of the Christian: Indeed what he saith Revel. and a false constitution. that is Nations or Gentiles. shall we.) to the Roman ROMAN-ROOT. or any of them may also be called (in true Scripture sence) Heathens. this Popes. not being so cut off. that all Nations now called Protestants were at first part of that whole Earth. they remaine not Peninsula or necks of land. : beastly yoke. or framing of to. cut off from that Earth which wonderd after and worshipped the Beast: or whether. 17. are not Papists. naturall estate. and must drinke of that most dreadfull cup But now for those nations that have withdrawn their necks from that Grant this. Booke of God ever held forth to that notwithstanding they make up Christendome. Admonitionsy Excommunications as amounts to a true perfect Hand.Emperour of that evident. but Protestants. he shall drinke &c. How might I therefore humbly beseech my country C343 . that they. worshipped the Beast. I answer. Math I say they sion of the name sy vers. say some of Pofish Countries. from markes in a false conversion. yet submitting to that Beast y they are the earth or world. or Christian world. This must then with holy feare and trembling (because it concernes the of God. even Then we know by the dread fullest cup that the whole sinners.

evince deeply and eternally this concerns each soule to search into! and yea. that is Heathens or Gentiles. so they may not forget rials of which a true House. People of America for we are all the worke of his hands 5 from the rising of the Sunne Now CONVERSION. D5l . many very ingenuous. If we respect their sins. their hearts and conversations will not or drawn after Romes them unconverted and unchristian Christians. inquisitive and (as for the Catholicks conversion. as they look to Formes and Frame of Buildings. and turning the Secondly. Kingdome. Leaders. Meanes and Instruments^ and &c. to the true spirituall ing Jew from without amongst the Nations. now new Testament are to be composed or gathered. may safely hope that God hath his in Ro$*e. they are of European sinners: They neither abuse such corporal! mercies for they have them not 3 nor sin they against the Gospell light. derived from. I said before) prepared with naaay convictions. Lastly. Builders of the First. in Spaifce. baptisme. pMne-hearted. for the hopes of unto God: There is no respect of Persons with him. and much more deeply such is professe to be from to consider that Beast and what deepe cause they have to search their conversions his Pisture? And whether having no more of Christ pattern) then the name (beside the invented wayes of worship. as they would lay sure Foundations 5 lasting Ground- will Fourthly. his name shall be great among &c. &c. yet if Anti- Now christ be their false head (as most trae it i$) the fedy. Citty. or Churches. and not yet knowwhat it is to come by true Regeneration within. or Nation of in the and mate- God. shines not amongst them) as the men of Europe do: And yet (which or greater sinners then the they were greater sinners then they are. faith. as they account the cost and charge such buildings amount unto. they are intelligent. are not the further from the great Ocean of mercy in EuroftemSy they if that respect. of God. as they attend to sells. How HOUSE Secondly. to the from the East & from the West. the true spirituall matter Fifthly. far short the nations going downe thereof. although I believe I secondly. Thirdly.

If the reports (yea which they understood not. to absolute Protestanisme under Edward the sixth: from absoluer Prot- under Edward the sixt to absalute popery under Quegne Mary. and from absolute Popery under Queene Mary. to have brought many a far greater Antichristian conversion Natives. and confidently. what monstrous and most inhumane conversions have they made 5 baptizing sometimes by wiles thousands. why hath there been such a price in my hand not improved? why have I not brought them to such a con- . yea ten thousands of the poore Natives. Thirdly. I have reported something in the Chapter of their Religion. Yea what lamentable experience have we of the Turnings and Turnings Land in point of Religion in When is England was all conversion wrought to few yeares? under Henry the seventh. sometimes by force compelling them to submit to and subtle devices. (just like the Weathercocke. maintained priests and formes of prayer.) are all false also 5 yea their preachings. conse- some of their owne Historians) be true. yet some may aske. how readily I could have brought the whole Country to have observed one day in seven j I adde to have received a Baftisme (or washing) though it were in Rivers (as the first for my and the Lord Jesus himselfe did) to have come to a stated Church meeting. conversions. for our New-england parts. For all this. to then ever was yet heard of in America. and a whole forme of Antichristian worship in life and death. Ephes. thousands of these long ere this.hope (opposite to the true. 4. for -plausible ferswasions men esteem and love: for the power of prevailing forces and armies Christians hath done this in of the body of this all the Nations (as men speake) of Christendome. how easie Popsh halfe Papist halfe-Protestant under Henry the eighth? From halfe-Protestanisme halfe-Popery under Henry the eight. neither before nor after such their monstrous Christning of them. salvations (leaving secret things quently to God) must all be of the same false nature likewise. with the breath of every Prince) to absolute Protestanisme under estation Queene Elizabeth &c. yea the whole country. I know it to have been easie I can that speake uprightly selfe. Let none wonder at in the mouths of those whom naturall this.

.) But of a true externall conversion I say then. from one false worship to another. and Testament. into a Church-estate. and yet more is fine. (which as may but glister. his holy Son and blessed Ordinances. the times of ignorance (which and now a greater is God pleaseth to passe by) are over. which is indeed subversion of the soules of Millions in Christendome. to suffer this among us. I question whether or no. whom all men. yea and to codvert thousands. I question not but that it hath pleased God in his infinit pitty and patience. and converlight concerning arisen. and so build them up with Ordinances as a converted Christian People. I question whether if such rare talents. and from that to cloth of diamonds. which God hath many betrusted of his precious Worthies with. when sion. Ministery. woe be to me. I and be no solid gold 5 Simon Magus. where there hath been one (in his personall estate converted) there have not been. according to the visible Rule of his last will speake not of Hypocrites. thousands truly converted jErom Anhchristian Idols Lords time (both in person and worsMp) to serve the living &ad true God. and I hope in the shall be in the Lord's shall be. and a finer. were laid out (as they most holy season) according to the first pattern \ I say. and the prophanation of the holy name of God. yea and the persons (in their personall estates converted) have esteemed themselves good converts before. and yet afterward still pretend to catch them by an after conversion. Judas &c. nor the change of one forme a into another. or darknesse light j sweet bitter. America (as Europe and all nations) lyes dead in sin and that conversion unto trespasses: It is not a suite of crimson Satten will make a dead man live. and shift him into cloth of gold. or bitter sweety woe be to me if I call God. that is and the bringing of men as a converted estate. a finer. the Church. But I question whether this hath been so frequent in these late yeares. woe be to me if intending to catch men (as the Lord Jesus said to Peter) I should pretend conversion) mistical fish.version as I speake of? I answer. if I call light darknesse. he is but a dead man still: For it is not a forme. that makes man a convert I meane such a convert as acceptable to God in Jesus Christ. take off and change his crimson into white he is dead still. off with that.

4. it make inquiry what is that true conversion answer first negatively. 17. so doth his Antitype all the earth. yea the very Indians doe) an unwillship. with false gods & their worships. having a forme of many wholsome truths amongst them. as the People were converted by the King of Assyria. not a conversion of a People from one false worship to as Nebuchadnezzer compeld all Nations under his Monarchy. Joh. but otherwise with earthly weapons he never did compell nor can be compelled. & the Earth drunk with the bloud of the Saints. Secondly. it must Gods Ordinances upon earthly respects. that I may not pretend a false false state of worship. dispersion unto this day. that he hath not it. 13. ing Spouse. 3. But is like a free Vote. (it is not possible it should be in truth) a conversion of People to the woship of the Lord Jesus. Thirdly. nee cogitur: JESUS CHRIST compells by the mighty perswasions of his Messengers to come in. as God and the Messiah. Kin. in which worship for many Generations did these Samaritans continue. satisfy so required. unlesse the downe upon and D83 . I. I should be far yet from unsecuring the peace of a City. it must not be. 12. and made the whore drunk. if true. The not discerning of this ttuth hath let out the bloud of thousands in civill combustions in all ages. Rev. And it is yet like to be the destruction & and dissolution of (that which loofce God of peace and pity the soules of men. by force of Armes and swords of steele: So indeed did ebuchadnezzer deale with all the N world. as the SichewuteS. another. and witnesses of Jesus. &c. it is conversion) and out of question to me. to the true Lord Jesus. not be a conversion to some externall submission JACOBS sons converted Fiftly. 2. nee cogit. concerning false. 34. If any noble Berean shall I intend j I First.And lastly. Dan. Gen. it is not to a mixture of the manner or worship of the true is God. Kin. and successor the Beast deal with so did never the Lord Jesus bring any unto his most pure worfor he abhorres (as all men. is called) the Christian world. the God of Israel. it is not from the true to a Tribes to their Jereboam turned the ten mine and to Fourthly. and to enter into a forced bed: The will in worship.

That Rule is to and so to baptize or wash them Disciples out of all nations: to ovo^id into the name or profession of the holy Trinity. 2 Joh. gap open to I know (lastly) the consciences of many are otherwise perswaded. I am able to present such considerations to the eyes of all who love the Prince of truth and Peace. and answer in this point. and soch a. Jewish. Turkish. of Sathan unto &c. as God. either of the Jewes or the Heathens 5 the golden Mece wand. new Babe B soule. and you of Language. 15. amounts to man from the power man became a Gods new creation in the if an old E^hes.of a Land. I all objections. Luk. affirmatively: of Americans or Europeans) must be such as those Conver(whether sions were of the first pattern. not only of conversation Thirdly. it must be by the free proclaiming or preaching of Repentance & forgivenesse of sins. 9. Visibly it is a turning from Idols of worship (whether Pagan.) as is a turning of the whole 26. rev. as mans Judgement can reach Secondly. I. in the have such a Key 393 . If any now say unto me. senger. or can be made So much negatively. II. ele make 19 Rom. by such Messengers as can prove their lawfull sending and Commission from the Lord Jesus. (which I confesse ought to be maintained by civill weapons. Why then if this \&Cdversion. but the golden Rule. act. answer in generall. nor wish a weapon in the hand of any known to be mutinous and peace-breakers. beside In particular: First. I. 10. (as was the judgement of the first Messengers. in the hand of the Angell or Meswhich all other are leaden and crooked. yea. I know Objections use to be made against this. Such a change. 24. Mat. if well attended to. appointed by his Son. 3. and other Allegations 5 yet I shall be humbly bold to say. or ANTICHRISbut TIAN) to the Living and true God in the waies of his holy worship. dare of opportunity. such a conversion (so farre which is fallible. that shall discover the weaknesse of all such allegations. A true Conversion Secondly. I Thes. 10. as 2. both from Israels state of old. that have been. & which I have so much cause to be earnest with God for) Nor would I leave a left any mutinous hand or tongue. as in Simon Magus. 28. will discover all crooked swervrngs aad aberrations. 14.

first. and mighty paines and hardship undergone by my selfe. but in matters of Heaven (to which the soule is naturally so averse) how far are the Eares of man hedged up from desires listening to all improper Lan- guage? Secondly. Thirdly. as Nathan. I confesse to the honour of my worthy Countrymen in the Bay of Massachuset) and elsewhere. my and endeavours are constant (by the helpe of God) to attaine a propriety of Language. must not be first over. and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem) I say whether Gods great businesse between Christ Jesus the holy Son of God and Antichrist the man of sin and Sonne of perdition. that I received not long since expressions of their holy desires and proffers of assistance in the worke. they must afterwards heare a voice (though accepting good desires. if a man were as affectionate and zealous as David to build an house for God. during his abode there. yet reproving want of Commission) Did I ever speak a word saith the Lord? &c. Sam. why proceed you not to produce in America some patternes of such conversions as you speake of? I answer. before the Law and word of life be sent forth to the rest of the Nations of the World. I answer. it must be a great deale of practise.7. The truth is. and manner. Yet fourthly. 7.knowledge of the Country and the inhabitants. for matter. and as wise and holy to advise and incourage. who have not heard of Christ: The Prophets are deep concerning this. In matters of Earth men will helpe to spell out each other. I must ingenuously confesse the restlesse unsatisfiednesse of my soule in divers main particulars: As first whether (since the Law must go forth from Zion. 2. and Zion and Jerusalem be rebuilt and re-established. from GOD himselfe. . Warrant and Commission. or any that would proceed to such a further degree of the Language. by the hand of my worthy friend Colonell Humphreys. having not been without (through the mercy of God) abundant and constant thoughts about a true Commission for such an Embassie and Ministery. attempt this worke without a Word. as to be able in propriety of speech to open matters of salvation to them.

15. Have you no respect all you that fasse by. for that (in whorish worships) wee have broken him with our whorish hearts Ezek. 2. I say where that power now lyes? It is here unseasonable to number up all that lay claime to this Power> sort. 5. behold and see if there were ever sorrow like to my sorrow. That may make us ashamed for all that wee have done. FINIS. 14. WONDERFUL BOOK Your unworthy Country-man ROGER WILLIAMS. To fall dead at the feet of JESUS. that so the Lamb may and the seven SEALED MYSTERIES please to open unto us that thereof. as hath been done to JERUSALEM: and with JEREMY in the same respect. I. and the mighty controversies which are this day in all parts about it: in due place (haply) I may present such sad Queries to consideration. 9) Under the whole Heaven hath not been done. Lam. Rev. either those of the Romish or those of the Reforming or Re-building sort.Secondly since there can be no preaching (according to the last Will and Testament of Christ Jesus) without a true sending Rom. Where the power and authority of sending and giving that Commission Math. 43 and loath our selves. wherewith the Lord hath afflicted may me in the day of his fierce wrath. as JOHN did. 9. with their grounds for their pretences. 12. Ezek. 28 &c. . and to weepe much as hee Rev. that occasion some to cry with DANIEL (concer-JERUSALEMS desolation Dan.

"My my dear Lovey affairs at present. when I as the grasse of the field shall be gone. and withered" In 1652 the "little Posey" which Williams had tendered his wife on . I desire often to send send thee that which I know will be sweeter to thee since it Honey and the Honey-combe.. that I to thee* I now pleaseth the Lord so to dispose of me. for thy dear selfe. Williams received word from Providence that his wife Mary had been ill and was but lately recovered.. and of more value then if every line or letter were thousands of and silver . Apparently he composed a tion suggests that long letter of consolation.FOREWORD TO Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health IN THE YEAR 1650. At any rate it is such a note of sympathy as only the purest of Puritans could devise in such a situation. to look and smell on. I send thee (though in gold then the Winter} an handfull of -flowers made up in a little Posey. and cannot often see thee. and our dear children. while away on a distant trading expedition. to be delivered in person. or thereabouts. and stronger refreshment then the strongest wines or waters. since the dedicahe carried the manuscript about with him and jotted down lines by the light of a fire in various wigwams. Furthermore it displays the poetry and tenderness that lay so close beneath his rugged Calvinist surface.

to this re- fined age. the terrible task of an unrelenting. most of it was penned and writ (as seldom or never such discourses were) in the thickest of the naked Indians of America. is liams' ecclesiastical radicalism arose out of a profound Puritan piety. such sailors as Mary Williams. standing utterly alone. in their very wild houses. "Experiments" was a word variously used in Puritan devotional lit- erature." . C433 ." Nevertheless it falls naturally into the long line of Puritan manuals of introspection. and withal. Here was the "root of the matter" which even Cotton Mather admitted in him. ments of navigation. or at least Calvinist. Apparently he had been prevailed upon to pubown "by the earnest desire of some Godly Friends" and "mine desire o ." Furthermore. to teach. the rudiit. For the student of Williams this devotional book is of Placed alongside the two Tenents it shows feow Wilbasic importance.lish it was printed in England. a Cheapside merciless search of his own soul. sowing a little handfull of spirituall seed. ideal of behavior under the lash of adversity." He says "the . and that "the form and stile will seem. the care he takes to document for her the texts which authorize his statements illustrates anew the intensely Biblidst character of Wil- liams' mind. The prospect was dismaying. Since he was writing for a woman who assuredly <c was no scholar he frankly tells her that she is slow in her writing" he does not confuse her mind with the subtleties of typology. Since Calvinism dispensed with the Confessional and the Mass. The ocean of the heart upon the is so uncharted that constant efforts had to be made by those who sailed as best they could. but does endeavor to explain the uses of "parables and similitudes. it thrust whether in single individual. . one of the most moving. too rude and barbarous. At the same time he was offering her a scheme of "evidences" by which she could pass her own judgment on the state of her calling and election." dences. . It signified generally not the modern connotation but someIt also conveyed a sense of "evithing closer to our "experiences." Williams was endeavoring to cheer up his wife by summarizing the characteristic Christian. the more so as the intensity of the examination mounted. or in Rhode Island. .

unchanged. The Editors probably saw no good reason The last for duplicating a readily available and careful edition. It may still have been in print some years later. to produce "a facsimile retaining. Rider." During the intervening century further copies have come to light. this country. An excellent modernized Providence in 1863 complete printing of Experiments was by Sidney S. with tories of rare books in S. and this remains the only plausible explanation for its omission from the Narragansett Edition. and the original may now be consulted in a number of the larger deposiobsolete all words and phrases. edited by Winthrop Hudson. all the the peculiarities of orthography. Rider's note states that he was at great pains to obtain the use of one of the two known copies. . was published in 1951.

in the 16*5 a. Printed. . may their PRESERVATIVES In which the &eafe(l Child of God of get Durance and his Spiritual! Life Blefihcfle And the Strange^ may fm3e proportionable pifcof it.EXPERIMENTS OF Spiritual Life And & Health. Williams of ^Prcriidence in Second MoatJi.


This broken piece. my Witnes on high. how harsh and doleful the touch of those strings arey especially > against such Worthies both in old and newEngland. / am really and uprightly say. the Younger MADAM. While I have sometimes mused how to express a Chrisat last 'perswaded to crave your Ladythese -poore Experiments of each true ships acceptance of Christians personal! union and communion voith the Father of Spirits. but is I can opposites C473 . can I lightly (at this turne) ewfe&t troversies. &mt men of this world. is a breath of & still and gentle voice. your Godly and Christian Letters many thousand miles distant in America: And your many gracious Demonstrations of an humble and to y me so Christian Spirit breathing in you. none but the God of this world. // is truey I have been sometimes frest to engage in con- tian gratitude. Your favourable. are a three fold Cord which have drawn these lines into your 'presence. in whom I joyfully before the world acknowledge (in many heavenly respects) a lively character and Image of the Son of God.To the the truly Honorable Lady VANE. and Christian respects to me {both of former and latter date).

and chooseth jew Lords. in their very wild houses. and bringeth every thought into the obedience of 5 y Christ Jesus. (who I Cor. too rude and barbarous: And the truth is. And yet is the it is the like Christs: Is the comLanguage flaine? posure rude? such was his outward Beauty: Are the tryals (seemingly) too close? such is the two edged Sword of his most holy Spirit. as David speaks of his y Psal. C483 . the most of it was 'penn'd and writ (so as seldom or never such discourses were) in the thickest of the naked Indians of America. occasioned by a sudden sickness threatening death. and not composed and ordred at their souls desire. few Ladies. few Knights. The forme and stile I know will seem to this refined Age. few noble. routed and laid wast and desolat: At 'present. there are two which justly challenge (and your Ladyship I know doth humbly acknowledge them) to be the fairest.At other times I have been drawne little flock to consider of the of Jesus. (few wise. 5. I confess (Madam) it was but a private and sudden discourse. his building. that many hundred years have been scattered. sent in private to my poor Companion and Yoakfellow. makes his common choice. That he himselfe most high. most holy. Amongst the it many Crowns of mercy (Madam) which hath fleased the Father of mercies to crowne your soul with. to desire to feare his Name. his body. though scattered. I onely examine who are the personall and particular Sheep of Jesus Christ. his living materials. the poor. his Army. 103. and by their barbarous fires when the Lord was pleased this last year (more than ordinarily} to dispose of my abode and travell amongst them. The first. in so gracious and blessed a measure. his jor these Souldiers. Jam. divided. few mighty) hath freely chosen you Madam. which foerceth between the very Soul and Spirit. into whichy and from which it pleased the Lord -most graciously to cast and raise her. 2.

who beares so bright an Image of your Husband in the Heavens. he hath graciously vouchsafed at this present an honorable remembrance to the Names of some of his more eminent former friends and witnesses. his Son. for both the freedoms both of the outward and inner man* I doe humbly acknowledge (that U'pon an absolute account) all is mercy. Maries dayes. who hath made your so and so to love his Name. he hath been such a mercifull and faithfull Instrument. his Children.y humble and eternall mercies. how hath it pleased his wisdom and goodnesse. of those his 2 zealous the 8th. his days * with a most emiServants in K* Henry nent and blessed succession of such names and spirits at this an & How hath he crowned the memory day? and in a gracious remembrance of his love to that blessed daughter and witnesse of his the Lady Vane in Q. even so. and may so e&periment&lly resent . and tels us of a sfeciall love he yet bears the Jewes for Abrahams sake. that in a respect (as he graciously remembered his old friend Abraham. that others at the Torch of your ex- emplary meekenesse and fear of God. and yet I am also humbly confident. and in whose most holy and gracious hand. of such an Husband on earth. both in your Ladishi'p and so many otherwaysy with so many loving kindnesses at this day? cry (Madam) to the Lord shall never ceasey those all those your many obligations of both temporaU a ert M. to remember and to honour that Name. may (like chaines of Adamant) draw and bind your precious Soul more and 'more to resolve (by his grace assisting) to make his name great. his Spirit.A secondy That for your dearest Companion and Guide in this vale of tears (amongst the famous Worthies of this age) he hath graciously guided you to such a blessed choice. his Truth. may light and kmdle theirs^ That your Souls-eye more and more brightly may see him who is invisible.

Enemies: that neither the pleasing calme of prosperity. and so dear a Saviour. your Children.that in comparison thereof the visible and may be accounted by you but dreams of shadows. pleasures. may quench or dam^e that holy fire of your souls love (in Life and Death) to your Him whom Ladyship hath so much infinite cause to love. full storms of changes. nor the dreadworldly. and profits that are in him. Kindred. Servants.those invisible and internal Honors. in whom. and (as in other excellencies so) in that especially of a desire of saving others. yea. etc. and -forever I desire to be Your Honours unfeignedly faithfull R. . W. That your great desire may be a likenesse of so high and holy. but never yet saw. Friends.

pretending to come from Christ Jesus. blusht not to avouch that in the Forme of a . but pretends to the Spirit of God. 40 the most /#gA weighs the Hills and Mountains: As also Solomon. in or no. There useth first to passe a private kindling of Love. The Holy pr& (in Isaiah) tels us of Ballances wherein /. even of men whose way is right in their owne eyes. and a private consent and promise (which sometimes are long) before the open solemnity. and the publike profession of a Married Life together. DO .To every truly CHRISTIAN READER. There is not the grossest Protestant or Papist. it is in the Heavenly Marriage Thy Maker Maker. but) to present some poor Experiments of those Personall excellencies of each true beleeving soule and spirit. (not to controvert the matters of pub- Order and Worship. This is it is As in the Earthly y so of a poor Sinner to his ' my like present designe. of Ballances wherein hee weighs the very Spirits. Now blessed is that is GW did whisper in his ewre froM p*ft. whether they be of God. in And John (14) he commands us to try the Spirits. the holy Spirit of He&uen. pretences to DOTO. pubUke or and joyfull to lye dowae ia the truly willing of the L0r<r weighings. yea that horrid Monster Mahomet.

The earnest Mine own some Godly Friends. eternally gainjull and profitable . a little desire of sowing handfull of sprituall seed while the short Minute of The the my seed-time least of (the opportunity of life) lasteth.with Hitherto tend these Experiments of personal God in the Sprit of Holinesse. scope is to fill each truly Christian soule with My tri- little ones of Christ Jesus ought to reJoyce. how great a part of the World pretend to be Christendome> the Christian world. this sprituall poverty is blessed. no Love. To this poore weake one I speak peace and joy. Blessed are the poor in Kingdoms of Heaven. desire of 2. anointed with the Sprit of Christ Jesus? But was it feit the holy Death in Moses Rites to counterfeit that ceremoniall and Spirit dread- full Exod. all men. Knowledge Tis true. no Faith. Mat. 'Tis true. who can but speak (saith Peter and John) the Things they have seene and heard? I confesse I spake these first but in a private Letter in Americay and thought not that the figurative Ointment) light in Europe should have seen them: But a two-fold desire hath prevailed with me to expose these Try alls to the Trying of 1. rejoycing: I speak peace and joy to the Weakest Lamb and Child (in Christianity} that is so low. it umphing and hath no Christ> no Spirit. so weake. that it sometimes saith. no it selfe. that is. and say. I found joyfull Alarums of Encouragement to the strong to grow (as Peter exhorteth) in the Grace and of the Lord Jesus. pre- To counter- tend the Sprit of Holinesse: yea. the communion of Saints is sweet and joyfull. Rom. all publike Communion and private Christian Sprits. for theirs is the Secondly. 30. strong and powerfull. spirit. 5.3. and . so titley so poor in its owne eyes. and is the first step or round of that spirituall Ladder nor true Desire in -. 1. what shall it be to counterfeit the Sprit of Life and Holiness it self? What I beleeve therefore (as David and Paul once spake) I freely speak: Yea.

upon the Mountaine of Joy. ously finish I tian end (Deare Christian) with the yroposall of two ChrisTimes knots. Sicknesse. one bpnt. gloriit. that yet he is work out our owne Salvation with pleased to command us to Feare and Trembling? Let us all humbly beg the Finger Why (the Spirit) of the Lord to untie these Knots for us. Adversity. tian Riddles. W. i is that Sprit that /> . R. is it.. r rr o * hour of the Sa$nts uniting in o<? Heart. for he of the that hath eternall Sprit. that is content to be a Dog. 30. ^ Lamb hemb that comes but stealing in the Crowd to touch the Jesus his garment. doe and to will of his owne good pleasure. since God worketh freely in us to Secondly. and breath and pant: and yet the weakest and the faintest after. the shadow of Death. etc. then in the dark Firs^ why is Victory.makes the Saints (who are Communion Saints the Excellent of the Earth) its Delight. C533 . and after that blessed */ most sweet. not unsuitable to these present Spirits? and the Heart of a David himself (Psa. or Riddles. let all that love Christ Jesus mourne and lament.) Two Chrismore apt to decline from God.. holy and blessed . Prosperity. Vale of Deliverance. Persecution. I desire to be thine unfeigned in Christ Jesus. will Lord begun that blessed work by his owne free and by the same his owne holy Arme. lamented. and to wait for crums of mercy under the esteemed Table of the Son of God: let them I say rejoyce also. one fo be Worship.

though over-cast and eclipsed with spiritual Weak- and Distempers. with it selfe.The Contents of this Discourse. Arguments nesse in Christ. The Souls private correspondency with the Lord himselfe. The Heads are three. 3. Spirituall third God . wherein the Weakest and the Sickest Child of God may finde its Spirituall Life apparent. respect. Converse and correspondency with Men. and Christian Activity and chearfullnesse. These Experiments 1. of the strength and vigour of the Life and Holinesse: In which the strongest and the eldest Spirit of may find Experiments of Spirituall Health. Under the second Head. Under the first are contained the Arguments of Spirituall Life. 2. Private Retirednesses Under the Head are proposed some Means wherein the Spirit of breatheth for the preserving and usually maintaining of a truly and Christian Health and Chearfullnesse.

of whose wonderfull power and mercy thou hast had so much and so late experience. they may a warning from Heaven to make f stcknesse - this Home and Country.) Rlesse the Lord O my Soul. infirmities: who who redeemeth thy Soul. his benefits. $$& crowneth thee with mercy and loving kmdnesse. dear Love. and all that is within me blesse his holy to trust in the living Name: Blesse the Lord. which must make thee sing with David. The true use and others eyes. longing and breathing after another cast off and earnestly desire. since it pleaseth the Lord so to'dftsjfose My of me. so I hope. and forget not all forgiveth all thy sins. and healeth thine life O my from destruction. To our great cares and fears and desires and joyes about Candle of this TOJW #/*. (PsaL 103. My Dearest Love and Companion in this Vale of Tears. Thy late sudden and dangerous Sicknesse. and the Lords most gracious and speedy raising thee up from the gates and jawes of Death: as they were wonderful! in thine own. that is so soon blowne out. and God. and of my affair at present. be ever in our thoughts.The Letter which the Author sent with this Dis- course to his Wife MW. that I caaiiei: dfetl see . as ready for a sudden call to be gone from hence: to live the rest of our short uncertaine syan. more as strangers. upon her recovery from a dangerous sicknesse.

2 Cor.thee. Hezekiah '. and thine in him* my The outward and inner man made up I send thee (though in Winter} an handfull of -flowers in a little Posey.) as of godlinesse for the future. which with humble thankfulnesse and praise to the Lord. to look and smell on. Wee know how it pleaseth the spirit of God to distin- guish between the outward and the inner man. enter upon the Disputes about that questhe Inner-man. after This Inner man. whether Christ himselfey as some say. for thy dear self e. and thereby to teach us both. and are the Sons of God. an everlasting monument of his praise unto God. and that thou wilt gladly accept of this poore hetye. or an Image or likenesse of Christ Jesusy as others say. I desire often to send to thee. [Though our outward man perish 5 yet our inner is renewed day by day:] It hath pleased the most high to cast downe thy outward man. by believing and obeying of him. upon his recovery from his sicknesse. and our dear ' children. That is a Candle or Torch to me. That Christ may dwell in your Hearts by faith: unto which agrees that of the first of John: As many as received him. to examine and try the healthy and strength^ and welfare of the inner. and againe graciously to lift him up. 3. made a writing (Isai. and stronger refreshment then the strongest wines or waters and of more value then if every line and letter were thousands of gold and silver. I humbly tender to his holy service. which is written tion. Thy holy and humble desires are strong but I know thy writing is slow. I will not now what is Eyhes. and withered. I now send thee that which the I know will be sweeter to thee then the Honey and Honey-combe. 4. this new-man (which God is ere- . and as a Goad or spur to himselfe and others in the wayes 38. when I as the grasse of the -field shall be gone. that is received Christ Jesus into the house of their hearts to dwell there they are borne of the Sprit.

and other breathings of GO^J Sprit: the /o. heavenly inner man. and therefore can no more die then Christ himself: Rom.w<5? (that is in a measure. The second is the body of corruption. dye. and the sleep of the Spouse of Christ Jesus. shall shortly give up the ghost. a chearfull prayer. then rise againe to Glory. which being deadly wounded by the Son of God alreadie in all that are his. For as the Lord loveth a cheerfull giver: So loves he also a cheerfull Preacher. ^son in in this outward naturall being. First. and tightness. and but also health and cheerfulness in all the living A spirituall being. recorded in Scripture. an as this Now and cheerfull temper. 6. which must be dissolved and sc * . and our whole soul be ready in an holy trim. and never rise again. for all his holy employments of us in the . his health and sicknesse. the *y&sem? ers inward-many the growing and increasing of F^wVA and Love. or old man. (and much more ten thousand fold) requires the inward and spirituall man. Hence the many -falls of the Lords best Servants. a chearfull hearer. motions and actions thereof: So. this Inner-man What the hath his tempers and distempers. of whose health and daily renewing I now discourse. and rot. and a chearfull sufhealthfull loves that the shoes of preparaferer for his Name sake: tion be on our feet ready to run (all wayes and weathers) He the paths of his Commandments: That like a vessel our leaks be stopt.ated in holinesse and righteousnesse) I say. outward-man this body of Clay. which can never wholly her and be extinguished* dye The holy Scripture mentioneth a three-fold person in A threefold all that are borne againe. although her heart wake in the truth of marriage-love. renewing of the Subject to Hence we hear so often mentioned. who is born of an immortall seed. outward man desires not onely life. The third is this holy. the body of Flesh and clay.) of the Ephesians -first love. inner-man as well as this is.

ones in the knowledge and love of Christ. Peter. Tis true. as it is between a loving couple. Distinction Yea as between spirttuall Saints at Corinth. fresh and equally although the fire of the truth and sinceritie of marriage love never die. mine own and others Spirits. sicknes and weakness: Every sicknes of Gods Children is not a death. Again. our Arms be or like an Instrument. It is true that Paul cries out distempers. as Abraham rescued Lot. O wretched man that I am. the . so Paul distinguished of Gods afflicting hand on his must I distinguish. led slaves away from Ziklag. the strings of our affections and farts be all in tune. who (how much more may we) shall deliver me from this body of death? Tis true. in the -fall and rising of his servants. (notwithstanding their S'pirituall weaknes. S'pirituall weakness. and sicknesses) in whom the least spark or breathing of the sprit of Life can be discerned. (and as in the was not easie to keep in the first flame of Love. while others to be strong are grown and aged in CAw/ Jesus. I am far therefore from passing the sentence of death ones of Jesus. by giving repentance unto his Israel. it holy ears of our heavenly Lord and King. as he did to David. etc. death. Rom: is 6. for some are weak. between these three. for the inner man cannot die. every weaknes little not a sicknes. untill Christ Jesus rescue. redeem and ransome. which yet are not unto death (as Christ Jesus spake of Lazarus) but for the glory of God. no more sickness and then Christ himself. as slaves and captives for a time. upon the least of the little And and I desire to see diseases of and lament the spirituall sicknesses. or be exat Church Ephesus) it is Spirituall tinguished. Yea. and as David recovered all his precious captives. that sometimes corruption and Satan surprize and carry away the strongest champions of Christ Jesus. sfirituall death.greatest tempests: that like heavenly souldiers. to make heavenly musick in the fixt.

to a Father. the Spirit of the Lord in I Job. intending only to send thee after thy sicknes. de. 3dly. What are those spiritual preservatives. 2Ly. pickt out from the Garden of the holy Scriptures for our spiritually refreshing and consolation. who have not thought their dearest Heartblood to dear for such a Lord and Master. notwithstanding spirit- and distempers. the true life of the inner man. and chearfull temper. First then when (to wit a child. and refreshing. and disposition of the inner man. In these Examinations I professe two things: First not to oppresse thy thoughts and ^memory. which weaknesses yet activity not brought them to a down right halting in Chris- in their hands. a little posey fit and easie for thy meditation. I propose therefore (with the assistance of spirit} to examine these three particulars.strongest and oldest Souldiers of Christ Jesus. 2Ly. 2. and Feet.The weakest scribeth the severall Ages and grouths of this inward man of Gods uall weaknes. All my Flowers shall be some choice example. which may be called the health. Gods holy spirit- what are the Arguments of that measure of uall life in Christ. First. which yet may stand with great spirituall The Heads of this weaknesses and diseases. and an old 7 little ma&}% y * cm** c*y * pfeaisefcfa r^ ^ tttfto Go A as him to describe the young or one by lib &^&fiance. a strong o man. or speech of some son or daughter of God. weaknes their spirituall cheatin Christs wayes. free from sicknesses spirituall and distempers. sicknes. . have nesy and is fits yet been troubled with some weakof spiritual! distempers: Weaknes in their Eyes not discerning aright the mind of Christ Jesus. I begin therefore with such trialls and arguments as de- clare. hindring julnes. with any long discourse. and have tianity. which may keep the Soul in an healthful temper. What is the measure of the grace of Christ Jesus.

of edge of Cod. above all Fathers. Lord. his Saints. but in the Heart. tinually to learn more and more of this Men Wom&n heavenly . Father give me. of his name. Etc. Lord. 63. his word. Almighty and most mercifull Fathery Etc. and many as Fathersy besides. For a second triall therefore: Where sprituall life is z. I answer. Father help me. loves him. and calls upon him that y Obj. on a Father: according to that of Gal: 4. though Abraham be ignorant of us. But may not the Hypocrites call upon God. Hence Beleevers in Jesus. Whereas Gods Little ones cry out. professing conteacher. of his Sprit. as to Look upon him (in his measure) as to a Father that he fears him.) Not every one that wil of saith unto me Lord. (Mat: 7. he hath sent forth the spirit of his Son crying in your Hearts Abba Father: Father pardon me. and Ordinances.) Doubtles thou art our Father. false calling upon God as Ftk r Lord. both and y are called Disciples.Argum: Godchildren (notwithstanding weaknes or distemper) there is always * P ro ^esst(^ uxllwgnesse to get more and more knowledg more and moreknowl. as if they had said: Thou art our only Father. saies The Hypocrite ^d heavenly Fathers will in all things. Etc. to all that he believes to be the will and pleasure of his heavenly Father.[He knows the Father} to wit. and joyned with their (pretended) heavenly Father. Because you are sons. according to the difference proposed by the Lord Jesus. that he knows the Lord so. obeys him. to an 2Ly. of his works.of this heavenly Father. of his Christ. ^ ut a c f God declares his child like submission. but he that doth the is my Father which in Heaven: The difference lies not in the words. An. (and sometime more boldly then Gods Little ones) Lord Lord. but cares for no mO re of the will of the Lord then may serve his own turne. an Hypocrite hath many Lords. or Scholars of Christ Jesus. in the upright submission of a child of God. (Isa.

or &rof Fathers. and "false Christians may easily satisfie themselves.desire the sincere milk of the feor^ that you may grow thereby. while David and respect to all the all Gods children uprightly of desire to have Commandments God in Christ Jesus. of knowledg. Ans. follows a third /w/Z of spirituall life. though for a while they were ignorant the mystery of his Death. no question. as may serve his own ends. when the obedience of a >&& of is that of a dutifull child to his Father. houre-glasse. and Resurrection. or other traditions. or an endeared to her Husband. and out of self love. Hence they ask him many Questions. not caused by terrour or wages. Etc. and I answer. . (a true Ministrie) as for a the opening of the word by any in any way. may desire. although an Hypocrite out of an itching desire. Lord teach us to pray: Lord increase our Faith. and of Christ. Womaas Milk. for the true Sermon by an Mothers-Breast. and attain. etc. Pet: 2. and projesse. Again. yet will he pick and choose as Saul did. preached: 50&?j. or the /f*0*. I. Etc. of But may not an Hypocrite desire to know more and more obj. As 7V>ze? Gods Word. But a child of God desifes to be as well carefull (according to his sight. of God. of Christ. of novelty. both affectionately hear and preach. but hearty Reverence and Afection. /. to make use of so much of God. their consciences. Ami there- cant. the obedience of Hypocrites if but the task of a slave. and are by little little instructed. with any formal performance *rtGods<o>ay. but -false worshippers.Hence his Disciples or Scholars petition to Christ Jesus. (though accompanied with much weaknes. But may not Hypocrits and counterfeits. Etc? I answer.) to wit a vehement Hence children hunger and longing after the Ordinance of the thirst after Hence that similitude by Peter. or Hireling. and preach much of God and Christ. and stop the mouths of of a /otfwtf Obj.

shew me where thou feedest. a soul can say uprightly in Gods unfainedly longing to know his I am much ignorant. with the kisses of his mouthy for his love is better then find their natural delight in the word. Ob. [That you A 4th. only can desire God for himself. for why should I my be as one that turns aside to the 2ly. is a true and unfained desire. though I find much fearfulnesse. do that which to or sicknes. when presence. May not an Hypocrite desire to know and love God. and desire to be like unto God in his holy Nature. while yet they obey not: The child of God comes to the breasts of the Churchy as a child hangs 3. an Hypocrite may desire to know so much of and false desire. when he sees he cannot be saved without it: But a child of God.fore cries the Spouse to Christ Jesus: Oh thou whom soul loveth.] Argument of the life it of the inner man. is. as may serve to save his soul. (though much weaknes. and its strength of sprituall life and grace increased in the ways of God: according to that in L Pet. -flocks A true child of God (though weak) of thy companions. While the Hypocrites upon the Mothers Breast. in may grow thereby. Difference between the true I answer. to have its ing. and therefore saith (Cant: i. Name.) Let Him kisse me True hunger after Gods word. I desire. that they desired to fear his 'people. and so much of his power against some sins. not only for the delight of suckbut out of a vehement painfull longing. soul satisfied. as in musick. I desire to be willing though and able to suffer. be chosen for God. . finds it cannot do. Etc. God must famsdf. that will. from the ufrightnes of their hearts. and to have every thought brought under the obedience of Christ Jesus. 2. I desire to believe. and to have so much of his grace. looks chiefly at God) and Christy himself in the Ministry . although Etc. and dispensation of the word. but falls short in doing True in all desire Gods or suffering the will of God: So Nehemiah pleads with God. I find an unbeleeving heart.

with the Father.) begs of God to search him. when as yet obj. G*/: between the 'flesh and the The law of the mind. then -fire or poison. he loved that ^m of cursing Gods people. my of the against bring a curse instead of a Blessing. against my *pride. or sicknes) sin. to fire^j. the sin of Hypocrisie. help A 5th: triall of a true life is (though in weaknes. and the it. and to lead against Hypocrisie it self. although good Jacob was overcome by a jf he first struggled powerful sperswasion. is there a continuall 5. my unbelief. is dangerous So Balaam. yet suspecting Father saith he. No. a child of God though overwhelmed with many An Hypocrite cannot resist Mm Sixtly. against my passions. that is to help false way. John 5. he can no more willingly touch it. but as it against sin? I answer. wars against the &? <o?#r members. The New-man against the old. and other darling sins: but a child of Go^ with Z)<n^ (P^/: 139. (I conceive in earnest) refused Balacks mony. But may not an Hypocrite resist temptation. and I shall it. and would not j*0 for an house full of gold and silver.Hence though an Hypocrite may weep as Esau and and others have done. (I. Hence jjsri/. and fight not against ji as sin. and every him in the way everlasting. and thou sfirituall poverty. a constant resisting and -fighting against all known that is born of God. as Gods Mldren cannot sin. . to furse. against my believe.. by mighty temptations . cleanesse. or the Devill himself. Etc. and hurtful to soul. against my covetousnes Etc. or struggling cousoned and deceived by the deceitfulnesse of . For his Mothers instance. or violently forced. wages of aly. unles he be suddenly surprised. yet a true child of God can only in child in an truth out. of the possessed humble Lord I cry sence of his own weaknes. that is help me imagainst my unbelief. to o^y.riw.) keepeth himself He ^^^ without that the evill one toucheth him not. will feel me.

but is always ready to tender of Gods name. though very strongly carried away with the flatterie of the idolatrous King of Israel.) her persecutes his servants. and stood to his uprightplained nes. ^ ^ . m and cursings could not be brought (no ill of God: but although he commuch of his own affliction. ^^ we . but upon cool glorified. . and .) that serves God for wages.A of true childe God weaknesses or temptations. and professeth to trust in him. but that still he acknowledgeth his high and holy hand in his victories and deliverances. cannot be brought except by surprisall for a time. And hence good Jehosaphat though Hence Samson. with v i TT i 7 dishonored: Hence Job in . let the Lord be but a child of 66. (Isa. for a stirrup to get up into the sadle of their own devils. against the charge of Hypocrisie. carried away so from the God of Israel. of his God and say all his Priests so. not by his wife) to speak Instances of Samson and carried away first by a Philistian and then by a Philistian whore. . and while he cries. a quiet mind. or as a commodity to get something by it. and in Christs Names and Honours. yet still he magnifies the name of his God in all his discourses. yet can he not be wife. be preachers of him. to prefer his name before Gods. but plainly (though weakly) takes part with his God and his Prophet. May not Balaam and other hypocrites pretend the of God and Christ. yet he cannot possibly be brought to an jn opinion or thought of Go^. and Courtiers. jj o f ki . Let not the King name Obj. is seriously willing to be trodden in the dust. to hear his his great passions name ancj endures not. although his God should kill him. God thoughts. cast out name do many wonderfull things? I answer: Hypocrites use the name of God onely as Jehu did. as an hireling (of whom the Lord Jesus speaks John 10. against the King of Israel. saying. to . and accordingly poures forth his soul to him for grace and assistance. yet he endures not to hear the name smitten through the sides of his servant the Prophet Micaiak.

in giving that heavenly and submissive answer to that fearfull threatening sent from the Lord by Samuel against him. Argument of the much weaknes or sicknes) / 1 A true life of grace (though in I observe to be an humble A true Mlde acknowledgement of. because he hopes God aims at his good. tkerod of This admirably appears in old Ely. Ahab. his Whereas a true child of God desires. Etc. as to acknowledge t?*tf Fathers hand correcting his righteously. as a Father. in sicknesses. so also graciously and faithfully. let him do what seemeth him good* Ob: But did not Pharaoh acknowledg. Etc. did not Ahab humble himself. the Philistins slef send a trespasse offering. and Ahab humbles him- Pharaoh. the Philistines. they are forced to it. in suffering them unpunished sions: ^ Go ^ is (though not unre^roved} in their outrageous transgresYet was he at the same time a good son to God. when the hand of God is removed. he either runs from him as a strange child striken by 653 . name of God to be blasphemed. and Jaolor or executionery not T by fasting. crosses. as appears by L ttter^ rs Pharaoh. bitter Pills and Physick. yth. Pharaoh sues unto God by Moses. It is the Lord. I answer. as David after the causing of the be exalted. and many more wofull cannot submit to be cast out. if it were in their choice. that the name of God alone may and glorified. Etc. and a submitting unto the correcting j j r ^ 7 7 7 -m patient under and afflicting hand or God. would not submit to the Lord at all. a with a child like submission. whom they yet look at as a conqueror of / Julian said of Christ Jesus. a Saul. losses. who though he were his Heavenly a bad Father to his own sons. because he hath deserved it. Etc. by Gods powerfull hand. and the Philistines acknowledg Gods hand in smiting them. as a Father doth at a childs in fatherly correction. as when the Lord strikes an Hypo- giving him And therefore (aLy) crite. his heavenly Father. saying. and when they do acknowledge and submit.

and unwilling to thinks she hears her Husbands Christ voice: It the voice of knocking at the my Beloved: She thinks door of her heart. or other bitter An 8th: Triall of true life. She was Gods true worship in Christ Jesus. and abhor. after his willingnes and own appointment. in such and such Scriptures. he returns with the Dog to his Vomit: But a true child of God. (if under Gods rod) desires to joyn with the Lords handy and the Lords ends. but a true child of God. unwill- ingly) to swallow medicine. and therefore strives (willingly. the Lord Hypocrite. (though in weaknes) is a true inclination to enjoy more and (though -faint) more of Christ Jesus. or flies against him in grieve for own affliction. as a child of wormes some understanding is willing to have its killed. .) Beds: So contrarily the true child of God truly desires to run to his heavenly Father. in such and such arguments. out for anguish as a Dog. in the society of his Saints. The Hypocrite if he might have 3Ly. as is Gods chil- fain to force affliction upon an dren joyn with men force down a drench into the throat of rod against themselves* an Horse. Gods people long after difficulty at- Hence rise to the Spuose was both asleep. his dis- as for his pleasure. his pain own choice. (Hos: 7. Christ Jesus: Cant. although with hardship and tained unto. in such and such their suffrings. and it as well. and slay his dearest sins. and displeasure of the Lord. own smart and affliction. and professours. toward 5. down the bitter aloes. truly (though weakly) desires to see. for the anger.Gods dren their chilless another man. yea infinitely murmuring) or howls They howl upon their then for more Gods grieved. and will. In a word. and awake. and therefore when his pain is over. Etc. had rather be rid of than his sin. open is to Christ Jesus: is Hence she willing. because sons: he knows they are but flattering tray tors and guilded poyHence Job cries out in the midst of all his weaknesses and passions. in such and such professions. O teach me wherein I have offended.

though not so thoroughly awaked. It is in the heavenly as in the earthly marriage. and to turn from tions of some are more lively dull and weak: When to Christ Jesus. though not after the Lords due order. May it not possibly be that the true children of God. if I were perswaded of such cannot but sity of and such ordinances. . or such a people were in the true way of enjoying Christ Jesus. and asleef . Gods pe m /* . in t&nft&t&ms to sm. holy jealousie to send True mar- that yerez Uzza that breach of Uzxah amongst them. In respect of false worship. (that CkristSy is the worship) of all false and strangers. not only may neglect. I answer. r s> j J accordand materially respect of the worshipping of Go^ as possibly i . literall TT 7. which caused his to the visible Christ Jesus. in A 9th. willing (though xnixt with sleepy unwillingnes) to be at any pains and cost. if I were perswaded of the necessuch public ordinances and formes. yet way the bed and bozome. Hence others expressions. may be spirituall slaves and captives to Egypt and Babylon s-piritualL as Israel of old was to B obeli. he and all Israel brings up the Ark of God with rejoycing. . Hence such expressions with sighs and tearsy if I were perswaded of Gods will. Gods Israel and feofle under the Gospel. how joyfully should I joyn with them? of spirit as Hence holy David. and /r<?<? in true inclinations and desires. appointed and practised in his first Churches. and yet awake. but even deny the Ordinances of Christ Jesus.Obj. in what soever. Gods Israel may be a j/0w. himself is pleased to appoint. there are a degrees of marriage afectiony and yet all true: The fee- nag* affec- and strongy of some more the truth and life appears in a yet true and longing desire to enjoy the Lord Jesus. ing to the appointment of Christ Jesus. discovery of true sprituall lije> in weat$tesy I find to be a yainfatt and a restles mind. that such a people. to enjoy her souls beloved Christ Jesusy in his own appointments. to enjoy the Ark and presence of God.

desire to see that beauty of Christ Jesus. in humble confession and suit for mercy. and the severall parts thereof. an Hypocrite like some Tray tor or murtherer. triall of the true life of the inner sickly.breach not being made yeelding to sin. Thus therefore say thou the fairest of Women. old. his silence. so did Saul my Two sorts of soul loveth? loth. they say. and selves O Saints so praised. whither is fairest thy Beloved gone. which appears in others of Go/& Children. and lying in sin. and they only grieve at Gods displeasure and grievance. (though a discerning. wishing that beauty and shining of the gr#<? of Christ Jesus. in his visible worship. Only a true Wife and Spouse of Christ Jesus can grieve and morun for the displeased absence of Christ Jesus. Thus were there a sort of Go^r children. May not Hypocrites be troubled in the sence of displeasure for sin. (an acknowledgment they: of heavenly grace and beauty. and they also enquire. that we may Hence many of Gods dear Saints in 683 . and liking. dren have no feace in sin unre^entect of. But Gods children. sinfull way ^practice. 32 through my roaring all the Day. oh thou him with thee: among Women. and which we see wanting in our selves. and secret longing after Christ Jesus. the up with the Lord. When This was Davids painfull case in I kept silence my bones waxed upon or his discovered or but (strongly) suspected. Etc. I answer. as Saul. which could see beauty and excellency in those which so affectionately inquired after Christ Jesus. Psal. and cries out in humble bitterness of jo^7. whose person may desire a pardon from the Gods XVg he Only Gods <peo$le can truly desire 'peace with God. So that as a Fish out of the water (its element) as a bone broak or disjoynted. and so may any dissembler for his own ends of 'peace and safety.) is A Gods $eo$le enquiring & weak and man. and Ahab. of Kings. Etc. and Judas. Obj. although them- were not so zealously affected. saw ye him whom hates. which the other And in Cant: 6. Gods chil- in the blood of a Saviour. is the troubled mind of a child of God. Ahab.

Balaam desired the my death. and other bloody days. wherein that plenty and better state is only Gods children can it found. their souls Beloved. and yet not in the true nature and beauty in a respect fruit desire of it. Obj. it is usually well said. Obj. of the righteous. Etc. for then he would have as well desired the life. I say can view them with a liking and true affecting of their graces. yet left much and fled to New England. and let I answer. who yet found not strength themselves. or wit. and a mourning desire of attaining to such a beauteous profession of Christ Jesus. to stand and suffer for. and righteous- death of the righteous. in our own and The liking other countries. and have been ravgracious ished with the beauties o the heavenly love and zeal. and with them. a true wanting in themselves: And thus.argument of the same nesses) it must needs argue a life of grace. or other Records. but not the tije and righteousnesse of the righteous. . hoping to enjoy there (though with too much weak desire of peace and liberty) the Ordinances them of Christ Jesus. when he cried out. with of our own wants and an humble acknowledgment poverties.ourselves. (whatever be our weak. have praised God for. and blessedness of the righteous. but endure not that life of labour and mdeavour. Such a beauty (doubtles) did many of Gods children ap- prehend in the Lords Ordinances. which they have seen others. of it. he might see ajid like righteousnes in the end. Dissemblers. But for it self. But did not Balaam see the beauty and excellency of Gods Saints. just as these Indians (amongst whom I write these lines) they see the excellency of the nesSy but English industry. as the may I answer. Balaam seems to have seen the beauty of righteousnesse it self. when we can Spirit in view the lives and deaths of the blessed martyrs. and in such as suffred for in England. joyned with plenty.Qu:Maries time. let me dye the death last end be like his. and in Spirit of Gods patience in others of Gods servants. nesses of Christ Jesus> (either in the holy Scriptures. and a better condition long for then their own.

for both our incouragement. and bind up. when we but incouragements to draw neerer to see such virtue proceed out from him. and secretly to bemoan their own infirmities and deformities. and make us dispair to attain to the heavenly temper: I pray thee therefore (dear love) observe. and I. and gather. 6. as if we had no life at all: Christ Jesus. life These and many more discoveries of the of Christ Jesus in the soul. (Gal. and comtry their spirituaU strength. and samplars for us to follow in the holy Scripture. . all that and and chearfull temper: The particular instances whereof. to the discovery of spirituaU life. copes.) thou maiest have rejoycing in thy thee. (though in the midst of weaknesses. and spiritual! sicknesses} I hope (my dear love and faithfull companion) thou in truth discernest in thy self. to desire to follow Christ Jesus in those holy 'paths. and not in anothers good opinion of Gods chil- dren cannot but desire spirituaU healthy as <wel as life But grant all these. not under the fains and weaknesses of a sick bed? Grant this life is as the life of Christy and Christian being. God must I confesse the beholding of such heavenly patterns may astonish like and amaze us. fort. and humbly beg his help. and others have discerned in thee: But oh search diligently in the Lords holy presence. being propounded as exam-pies. (what before I said) that these particulars next following are not discouragements from Christ. and the assurance of a true and blessed life of grace within us? never again to be Yet who rejoyceth not in health. that as the Spirit of God admonisheth. self. Next therefore are born of health.Gods children beholding the beauty and excellency of the heavenly lives and deaths of others. who mourns extinguished. to such poor sinners like our selves. (like souldiers in a Field) are provoked by those examples. I shall pick.

First such as concern holmes. I shall bind up (as I may so speak) into three severall parcelh as sometimes we see sweet flowers bound up into smaller bundles. from the highest Angels in Heaven. respecting our with God in Christ Jesus.* 139. at his * properties. & blemishes. Such as concern sobriety. (PW. I will of sprit as * Go* Al* praise thee. As the ^arks he would say. The three severall sorts shall be according to that division of the holy Spirit by Paul to Titus. and chearfulnesse. to the poorest justice. and healthful temper of the inner man. Earth. at his wonderfull dispensing of his and mercy. Such as concern righteousnesse. respecting others. to make up at last one larger bundle or posie in one. These The severall particular trialls of this spirituall health. and S^dw. fearfully and wonderfully bred womb. then it is an argument of the strength. Worme. from the Sun in the Firmament. for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. First.particulars then following are as an holy lookingto discover to us our souls spots. at the nature of incomprehensible God. when our apprehensions of God are always such. as also glasse sweet cordial flowers. to the lowest Devils in //<?2/. This was Davids temper when he cried out. fearfully and wonderfully brought forth: and we if m Etc may further say. saying. communion 3.) O Jehovah our Lord. in wisedome hast thou made them all! Also (P^/. and disposing. as bring us to holy wonderment and amazement. and ruling all things in Heaven. respecting our private selves and persons. to refresh and incourage our drooping sprits. and works. 8. how wonder-full is thy Name in all the earth! And PJ#/. 2.* 104) Oh Lord how wonderfull are thy works. ever since we came 1:713 thus fearfidfy and . he brings this wonder nearer to himself.

and Hypocrites admire the the Nature.^^ ^ ^ e name o f Q ^ is our great work and business in this world. to fear his Name. . But may not naturall men. Etc. I answer. 66. Tis such a wonder as draweth up the heart unto God. for this end was I born. yes. causeth out with David.wonderfully into the world. Isa. to tremble at the word of God. and threatening part of Gods word: But Gods children tremble at the commanding part. Psal. 119. i n hand in the world beside give way. and to be like unto eousnes. that he had glorified his Father that he had done upon the earth: Hence he professeth at his most solemn Arraignment. professeth (as his work. give me under- learn thy statutes. with longings to be united unto him. Him in holines. 18. fearfully and wonderfully brought up. is alone the The Devills may won-property of Gods Servants. ing of great Gods Ml- it is an Argument of health and spiritual! when the hallowing. I answer. that they it may hallow. Thus Thus he Christ Jesus teacheth all his to make it their first request to God. and tremble at God. Job. yea at the comforting and -promising part of it also. least they should depart or fall off from it. and for this end came I into the world. fearfully and wonderfully preserved) delivered. Thy fashioned me. though but for a time as David. that is. Etc. or glorifie his name: were upon his death bed) John 17. and to destroy the lyes of the devill the father of them. the joy and sweetness of it. unto which all the businesses and works we have Secondly. the magnifying. The t e glorify. and glorifystrength. and hands have of GW. who . and true Right- The Devills believe. and works of God. 'God. or loose. Qbj. der and -tremble at the just sentence. to give his Father the glory of his truth. that I might bear witness to the truth. Obj. but the wonder which doth possesse a ij/i2 him to cry made me. to partake of his divine standing that I may Nature.

as Jehu did: yet discover they hyfocrisie. it is an Argument of strength of Spirit in us. and fast in secret. God. But may not hypocrites speak and Breach against hifocrisie. when Lor^ himself offered it him. Ob. self-respect. But private G0dk children pray. and profaneth and dishonoreth his holy name in them all. and give alms. and pretend pure and upright ends for God. for not content zeal with the Lords eye and approbation. and fleshly and will fray worldly ends in the performance of spirituall duties? And is it not possible for Gods children to perform spirituall duties with carnall ends I and respects? Hypocrites pretend far answer: Hypocrites may do this. and rewards their performances of serv(saith he) . out of love to Gods name and glory. Obj. against self-love. Frequent single ues stron and constant delight in private converses argues strong affection. which I have for the Lord. Thirdly. and do good. and servand ordinances. who seeing in secret will not fail to reward openly. be did. 66. who sees and hears. and to say. in the very pretence of sinceritie. and as Christ Jesus did. when it crosseth his own glory: No hypocrite can purely and simply. Let the Lord be glorified. Gods children (doubtless) may look aside. but with a squint eye of and sinister self respect to be j0# of men. and the devil proffered him all the kingdoms of content to loose the offer of a kingdom as Moses the the world. Come see S ^f S G ^ my Jonadab. regarding no eye but the eye of an heavenly Father. Isa. Gods grace and Delightfull actions of godliness > with a ^wacie * and upright eye unto God himself in secret. and works. affection to when we perform God or men: Hypocrites (saith Christ Jesus) and fast. I answer: No hypocrite can make it his work to glorifie belyeth ants.God in all his holy attributes. when the people offered and would have made him a King by force. Hypocrites professe to glorifie God. and the glory of them. and mark 2ly. Etc.

this may Rom. and would not be beaten off. Or saith. #007^ and in the m the 'morning. many of Gods dear children perform in preaching as hirelings. evil is present with me: such temptations come in as water into a ship. A frequent Sf constant spirit Fourthly. Ob. Thus the Lord /^mr frequently retired alone to private prayer. he nseth at imdnight to pray: Thus Daniel is thrice each day on his knees to God. When be knowingly and discerningly. and therefore his name was as well as 7#0 called Israel. But may not Hypocrites be frequent and fervent in prayer to God? Did not the Pharisees and Jews pray and fast often? Do not the very Turks solemnly pray five times each unto God: But this is either in sins of ignorance. houres? And the Papists not onely keep their solemn morning and evening times of prayer. and got out again. with weeping and supplications. and sometimes spent the whole night in prayer to tears and supplications: And thereG0<s? with strong m^ fore ites. true that all true Christians are the spiritual Israelthat is. it is an Argument of spirituall strength when the Spirit of prayer breatheth forth frequently. and conceive themselves not bound although to glorifie Christ Jesus in saving souls} to God preach without an A^? and . 7. 2ly. but many other solemn prayers unto which the severall orders of Friars. j) cries of prayer an and J fervently j to at GW in us: Hence David prays and r ^ ^ argument of much of Gods evenmg. wrastlers and strivers with G0<^ in prayer 5 like is it unto their Father Jacob. as Paul I would do good. so in other cases. who wrastled all night in prayer with God. with the powers and terrors of cruel enemies and lyons. or as dust and diseases into a sound eye. and would not let the Angel go until he blessed him . Go^. and constantly. and then Gods children be never quiet untill such distempers be cleansed. as for service to instance. Monks and Nuns bind themselves? And how easie . a wrastler or prevailer with a supplanter and prevailer with men.

into the bosome of a friend. a talk and work to be done for carnall respects. most in frivate <vnth and delight (as a mourning in this holy exercise. it pleaseth God to give. Act. as touching the -passing by. or in the unbossoming man some it. or to stop the mouth of conscience. when she had powred forth her supplication before the Lord: And the Lord Jesus fowed forth his prayers. to merit True grayer is the souls Gods hand. soul- pleasure in drinking of the bitter cu$. Thus Hanna opprest with grief weeps no more. and tears. which tells them they cannot be Gods children except they pray: But true prayer is the pouring out of the heart to God. 9. I answer: Many are the differences netween the true of Gods children. some sfnrituall distempers may hinder and Gods children are obstruct the operations of the S-pirt of frayer: nevertheles the soul and spirit praies and mourns for the absence of holy -pleasure. whatever be the event or issue. and depart from Gods ^presence as heavy as they came? I answer. (for he was a Pharahe never praid indeed. untill his great change. in the bosome of his Father. or finds delight in casting off an his shoulder. Hence Gods children find a kind of holy pleasure and and. and then rests quiet in his Fathers pleasure. is as at First then hypocrites pray but in a -form and lif-labour. arising as Incense and unto God: Hence (no doubt) although Paul before ferjume his conversion sie) yet breathing unto God. and the descending of the holy Spirit of prayer upon him 5 And therefore the Lord sends Ananias with this incouragement unto Paul: Behold he prayeth. Heace Davids Turtledove) in his prayers^ and Jereimes God. C753 . and the false of dissemblers and prayers hypocrites: I will name a few for instance. like as a heavy burthen from of a grief. But may not the children of God want holy pleasure and delight in prayer. Obj. the true breathing of the soul to God. hath more or less* delight in grayer. by worldly engines to wheel about the Indians of America to become frequent prayers unto God. prayed much unto God.

the Hypocrites prayers more respect the ears o men then God. 27. as the Lord Jesus tells us: They pray that men may know so much. Psal: 119. delight to be priand fervent with their heavenly Father and Husband. Etc. and esteem them vate. chiefly eye heavenly things. of his suit to God.) God answer not. they run to the murmur and despair: but Gods chilif dren can no more cease to cry unto God. in this Lord and their holy Communion. And the fervent prayers of Paul in all his Efistles for heavenly and spiritual! mercies his Father. Devill in evil means. (and therefore Hos.) for the glorifying of his name. $rayers of Gods children. then to live a and therefore resolve to give God no rest and therefore also wait for and at last are satisfied with Gods 'people the Lord holy pleasure. and leasure. add bitter to flesh. and mercy in the souls of Beleevers: Hence the admirable spirituality of Davids prayers. and blood: So Moses in respect spiritual life. and sentence. Dogs howl and fawn for bones and crusts. most commonly respect earthly things. although it be in the they respect pardon of their sins. like true lovers. But Gods children beg the proper tokens. 7. rest in Gods answer. to the Saints of God. Hypocrites in their prayers. untill they receive an answer. and Hypocrites like Etc. Hypocrites will not always cry unto but at last with Saul. and crosse. and spirituall Grace. for his going into the land of Canaan: So David praying for his child: So Christ Jesus in respect . The second difference is. God (Job.) they cry their Beds. although it seem wait for. and saving of their Souls: But the respect spiritual and and howl upon soul mercies. The prayers of Gods 'people most Thirdly. to his spirituall children. Religious: Gods children. between the souls. Hence the wonderfull sprituallity of Christs grayer to (John 7. for corn and wine: or at the best but themselves. and characters of a spirituall Father. 4thly. his holy pleasure.lamentings for the obstructions. for sfirituall and soul mercies. Beloved.

J&r&mie cries out C773 . Hypocrites may say so.of his bitter cu$. and strength. Ob. out of unbelief. that is. and A basenes in less Gods presence: Hence Jacob professeth himself then the least of Gods mercies. fasting. they wait for. or look of mercy: Hence the Cen- turion professeth himself not worthy that Christ should come under his Roof: Hence Elizabeth her holy wonder. that if they had their deserts it were woe with them? I answer. and are and humbly thankfull for every crum of grace and mercy: So Christ Jesus teacheth us to give thanks for the mercy of a little bread. untill he look down from Heaven. and wrath. they cry out in mur- mur. children confessing themselves Beggars at Gods Dogs under his Table. as if that God seemed not to respect their offerings of prayer. and also wait upon God? I answer. and then for a little Fish. But may not Hypocrites pray long. whence is it (saith she) that the Mother of my Lord should come unto me? Hence Mefhiboseth wonders that David should look upon such a dead Dog. like an angry Dog. or rag. they (like Moses) beg help sire their eyes to their fainting hands in frayer. what should I wait upon God any longer? But Gods children never give over: for when they grow weary. vilenes. Lament: Jth: Argument of spiritual health. and demay never cease trickling tears unto God. as he deals with others* are only Hence they But Gods door. then the least crum. and anger. and quarrell with God. (Mark 6) So after most heavy and wonderfull afflictions. or drop. as the unbelieving King of Israel. Obj. or sturdy Beggar. but yet are angry when God seems to deal with them. But may not Hypocrites professe they are not P&psts. is a constant holy sence of our own unworthiness. Isa: 58. that they can deserve nothing at Gods hands. So Paul praying against his great temptation. 2. they may. yet at last.

of when the holy Commandments God but pleasant and delightful to us: when are not grievous. and an Enemy for a crust. or as an Hireling for his wages: But I answer. is righteous. and Flock and Heard fail. and of more esteem then thousands of gold and silver. in the want of all things. so pant our Hearts after God. 4. and to glory in the God of his salvation. It is an argument of spirituall health. when Vine. and my Fig-tree. Thus as David when his wives. but as a Dog respects his Master. But may not Hypocrites (as Balaam) professe so much and Hypocrite affection to that in earnest? far this God. the deceitful heart of a way: Yet certain it is Gods children. His Word. ythly. man will go wonderfull an Hypocrite respects God. in In the losse of the portion of hh. but burnt walls and ashes. and he finds no Remainder. when as the thirsty ground longeth for the showers of Rain. after God as a portion and inheritance) after God as an Husband: when as the Heart panteth after when the water-brooks. and professeth it is mercy that it is not and that they were not burnt up and consumed. his Favour. and children. Thou putinto test more joy heart. company ready to stone him. and friends. is the affections work strong and lively after God. that God their portion is not lost. Ob. his Spirit. Argument of the spiritual health and temper. God himself the greatest straights and extremities. are content with God alone. yea sometimes a stranger. A 6th. yet as David they take comand incourage themselves injoying their God. after God for himself. all things. and his own fort. and strength. and cattell were all devoured by an enslaving and captivating sword. we can say as the . his Christ. so long our souls after God: When his words are sweeter then the honey.Jehova 6thly. Gods children yet find comfort in God. and honey comb. worse. then in the time when their corn and wine increaseth: And Habacuck. 2ly. his Ordinances: Hence David professeth Psal. he professeth to reJoyce in God. and servants.

they confesse they have need of mercy. and as a servant. and can say (when the Lord asketh whom shall we send) send me. people. Here I am. but against carnall reason. they may indeed obey Gods commands by halves as he did. grudgor delaying. and and lame service. yea against Hope and Faith itself. against not only -flesh and blood. as Abraham did. to do our heavReady ence enly Fathers will: when we are active and ready at the commands of God. Obj. But may not Hypocrites obey the commands of God. in offering up his most dear and only son Isaac. (who accounted their heart bloods not to dear for Christ) have and do live in the breach of many Commmdrdren to this day. and yet be healthfull. and David. Tis true. lived long in the sin of many wives. and Gods chil. and most despised. I delight to do thy will my God: when we can without repining. he cannot walk a step with ease. and are unprofitable* Servants. which when he once really suspects. as Saul did. and hireling. it is our meat and drink. ments. with opinion of merit.The sins of even the holy Martyrs or Witnesses of Gods Jesus. out of ignorance of Gods will. with the greatest and and when all is done. But may not Gods children live in the disobedience of some commands of God. that concern the worship of God: But thtey are herein like a traveller deceived.Lord Jesus said. and even the least. O Obj. and others. as Saul did. it is impossible that a child of God should (either in spirituall health or sicknes) live in the breach of any known command of God his Father. as the Prophet Esay said: And as the Lord Jesus Psal: 40. Abraham. most difficult. I for wages. Etc? answer. by a false path. and Jacob. I will walk at . boast of their halt and with eye service. now do they cry out with David. serve God. and blood. strong in grace? I answer. Psal: 119. But Gods children imbrace all the commands of God with delight. obey commands most grievous to "flesh ing.

unier Goa. when in right temper) be blessed God in the midst of so many fearfull and astonishing losses. and earnestly desire a kindly working: Thus David. receiving Pills or Phisic from the hand of her loving Husband. and chastising hand of God. for all thy commands are cbald his Fathers. Argument of spiritual health. is an and giving glory unto God. but cannot possibly be thankfull for The counter- it: They acknowledg Gods is hand as a Dog his Masters when he beaten.^ ^e ^tfnw held (saith performance of their Priests Office: ' his peace: I was dumb and held L 111111 it is said. and the Philistins did. in the midst of their * . 8th. Servants. A 9th. discovery of spirituall health and strength. prepares them for her. in the up. that dreadfull stroak of GCN& hand. 39. she cannot but be thankfull for those bitter medicins. my 8My. for thou didst it: Thus Jeremiah (Lam: i. Blessed be the name of the Lord.f nancL. a patient and thankfull submission to the afflicting. . but proper Gods children. depriving him of his two sons n the yfo^ of j . humble rising and strength. Obj. for seek thy precepts: And when God saith seek I seek. but not as a frit patience *. David) Psal. May not wicked men and Hypocrites acknowledg Gods afflicting hand. and out of love and care. I know O Lord that thou in faithfulnesse hast afflicted me. but also (which is wonderful!. Face. Lord thy face will Psalm An 27. Yea Job not only exprest to patient mind. their Hearts answer. Psal: 119. of so many Cattel. who knows her sicknes. or recovering out of any scandalous transgression. ?My. a skilfall Physitian. Hypocrites may see Gods hand. for I have grievously transan humble and grest against him. and humble themselves as the Egyptians. righteous. y^~ CftfSt As a loving and dutifull Wife.I liberty. and humble themselves? I answer. my peace. is an humble. free confession.) Jehovah is righteous. and Children. Thus it is said of Aaron. their Youth. in The patience of Gods Mldren. saying.

but in horrour and trouble exalted. lying the Dust that God may tread upon them. with large confessions. which afterward he wisheth in False conagain: Like a their Dog. and (like men sicknesses) are willing to take those medicines which may provoke and cause vomit. which afterward they some are so far from returning to. did. Thus a Merchant casteth those goods over boord into the sea in a storme. grosse recover out of. and commit the same by humble confession? I answer. which which they have cast up Gods children are either. and give The sins of Gods feofle glory unto God. they give such an exemplary evidence of their true Repentance. or in the evidence of them flying in their faces. and lick up by new Commissions: But Gods children confesse in hatred of stomach their in sins. vomit. Hence the many bitter Holy David and other holy Servants of God. Obj. and loathing of themselves. and write after. I. 6. Obj. that they abhor to touch. Saul and Judas confesse their Etc? I answer. and Copy for all Saints afterward to follow. and lamentable confessions of The ^mourn- ful confession of Gods people. they vomit up the is filth which (after fessions. Hence we guished. after their committing of known evils: Hence the Corinthians repenting of their fellowship with the incestuous person in his sin. we seldome or never distinfind them returning to such their vomit again. eased) they return unto. sins and imperiously as they Sam. when they .against God Hence King y the Israelites confession of their sin in desiring a (so impatiently. the sins of or scandalous. or look on it. Not with hatred at the danger of them. But may not Gods children return again to their sins. taking down in shame before the world unto themselves. by fublike confession. that their holy practice is set as an holy Samplar. But did not Pharaoh. not with intent to glorifie God as Gods Saints do. I. and be of their sins.

that both Ezra True Christlans affec- tion to Christ Jesus in his visible and Nehemiah. and strength. or neglect. Gods. that house of the Lord.hear no more of Noahs Drunkennesse. and 0^/2 joyments of Got. of Davids Adultry. The very same which afterward the and Daniel declared in their bitter LamProphet Jeremy. And both Daniel and Zacharie. (that is in a low condition. Etc. Hence he sums up all his desires in one. and afterwards he mist in his thoughts ing about the building of God an house and Temple: Yet in both he discovered his holy strong afection. and endeavour. worship* Hence it is that in the heavenly Love Song. and Christs. and Haggie. though in never so safe and pleasant a condition. Etc. and what they prophesied. and grief. of Peters deniall of Christ Jesus. mightily declare this affection for the rebuilding. Or 2ly. wherein their passions of anger. It is an argument of spiritual health. in a visible. I may dwell in the of the Lords Order in carryof the Lords Ark. to Gods publike Hence (though David mist honour. separate from all false worships. and spirituall conversation? lOthly. Psal: 27. profession of his own holy worship and Ordinances. and of Christ. after the Gods $eo$le long after visible en- enjoyment of <jW. and worship. and afterward Jehoshua and Zerubabel zealously performed and executed. Hence that of David. or forgeffullnes prevail against them. One thing have I desired of the Lord. Their sins are sins of a more private and ordinary distemper. entations. Lord I have loved the Habitation of thy house. for the Ruine of Gods house. with resolution of a more watchfull. in Gods house) then to dwell in the tents of wickednes. the love of . and setting up again this Temple and worship of God. and heavenly. and humiliation. and the place where thine honour dwelleth: Hence he professeth he had rather be a ^oor keeper in the house of the Lord. never without some bitternes. Etc. to 'maintain or recover an holy vehement longing.

saith the Spouse. and maintain. Or 2. Hence it pleaseth the Spirit of God to resemble Jbis worship to the marriage bed. without shame before men. to an open flame of publick profession. the true 'wije contents not herself with the bare exercise y ordinance or administration (as the hypocrites do) but in all is restless to enjoy the Lord himself: For as the and and heavenly $ so longs the true beand heavenly communion with the Lord himself in it. May not Hypocrites (as Saul in slaying the Gib eonand Jehu in slaying the Baalites) discover strong affection and 'zeal to the Lord and his worship. For.Christians to Christ Jesus in his ordinances is most elegantly set forth by a similitude taken from the strong affection of married persons: I am. and fight for a itesy janciey a counterfeit. with a willing ignorance and delusion. if it be the true worship of the true God according to the appointment of Christ Jesusy yet ever in two things the sincere <wife (the true love of Christ Jesus) outgoes the <vohore counterjeit. and consequently in these times to Christ Jesus and his holy kingdom? I answer: Hypocrites and countejeits in their profession of love to Gods publick worship ever run upon one of these two Rocks. sick of a false Christy according to the sie prophe- of the Lord Jesusy that many (that is. Obj. either they set up. First. thousands and multitudes of people) should so use his name> that is. that he may become one spirit with more and more in all these outward and subordinate <m&&ns and administrations. which satisfies not the heavenly ordinance is Spiritually lee*ver for a spirituall Mm 833 . First.. and O ye daughters of Jerusalem tell Christ Jesus so If I finde him without I will kisse him openly in the streets^ and will not be ashamed: True heavenly affection (like mar: riage love) all at first kindles from some private sparks.

in respect of God. tion to What who Gods should be the reason why so many of Gods children in all ages have discovered their strong affecvisible worship. and lamenting after. & strength. and readily prepared for all the holy pleasure of God. in ments. Hence Ram. God of their Fathers: is Hence this readines. Davids heart answered. and contending for the truth of the spiritual injoyment of their all souls Beloved. spirituall captivity. and Ordinances of worship. thy Face will I seek. and tendreth as her life. the means of his own holy appoint- uthly. is not spiritually embraced therein. and wandred from the right. but absent. and desolation. must be in their when yet notwithstanding. that we should bring forth fruit unto God: whoorish heart willingly endures not fruitfulnes. We are married unto Christ Jesus. when the Husband Christ Jesus. and first institution of the Churchy and ministry. Obj. 2ly. and ready. I answer. but kills her own conceptions which the true Wife cherish- A eth. compared to the shoes on our Feet. and with which we are ready for any spirituall Employ- ment. Obj. Etc. Lord. Again it is an Argument of spirituall health. What is the reason that Gods children are some- . Hence Hezekiah praies for such whose hearts were prepared to seek Jehovah. and communion in Christ. walking. when the Heart is fixed. without which we are unfit for travelling. the strength of the affection of Gods people hath appeared mourning and weeping. and preparation of mind. Etc. Gods councell touching the fulfilled.Spouse. The desire of the true beleever in the enjoyment of Christ Jesus in any of his appointments is to be made fruitfall by him: but the desire of a whore extends no futher then Lust or a Reward. Hence David professeth that his heart was fixed. 7. and when the Lord said seek my Face. have yet so varied.

Lord my heart is willing. an House well ordered. 66. and distempers. (Isa. continually say lead me. as his holy servant John Bradford said to Queen Mary. and Psal. come to the second Head of trialls of God: We now in matters concerning oursprituall health. and the excellency. strength. If she keep me in prison. an Argument of spritual healthy and after known sins committed. and pounded like spce in a First. most holy Sprit: And therefore with David. Etc. an Argument of sprituall healthy and strength when Gods children walk in a continuall sence of their own insufficiencies. which then they say as the 41. and garnished. (especially) our hearts are in a broken frame and temper.times hardly brought on to difficult services. and strength. David Psal: O my I will thank her 5 If she release me I will thank her 5 If she burn me. health. when they discern the evill inclination of their own sprits. and duties? I answer. and try my wickednes in me. 139. I will Lastly. Hence (Isa. 66) a contrite. it is still thank her. and cheerjulnes. unreadines. These and many more. and see if thou findest any way of and sufficiency of (?o/& and lead me in the way everlasting. when. swept. Search me O God. are the trials of sprituall in matters concerning strength. and broken heart is an House wherein God dwels. my heart is ready to do thy will God: And they say to Christ Jesus. Psalme 143. . of trembling. then yeelding the most delightful! smell and savour unto God. selves.) is an Argwnent and character of the most dutifull children of God: but of Hence a Sprit this formerly. heart. and unfitnes is a sprituall sicknes or distemper. in when Gods Lord Jesus children recover out of. then it is sprits Morter. Thy Sprit is good. when our are as it were contrite.



is an Argument of spirituM strength, when we our work to observe, watch, and kill our corruptions, and rebellions, and labour to keep under, and beat down our body to an holy fitnes, and readines for Gods service, in

2ndly. It

make it

and grayer against temptations. But may not Hypocrites humble themselves, and Obj. labour to mortifie their lusts and corruptions? I answer, no question, but in horrour of conscience, and fear of Gods judgments, an Hypocrite may humble

himself in fasting, as Ahab, Etc but to
desire to be ready for

kill sin, as sin,

and to

own, God.


denying, and subduing the character and property of a child of only
will, in


3 dly.

Godly loath.



3dly. It is an Argument of spirituall health, and strength. 7 * 11 when we so look upon our j;^^ and our smrull dispositions, that we not only loath our sins, but also loath our selves
, ,






saith the Lord, (Ezek 6.) people shall themselves for their abominations, and for their whoorish heart against me: Thus Job when he recovers himself from his murmurings against God, he cries out, Be-


them: So



hold I abhor




(Psal: 73.) looks

and repent in dust, and ashes. And upon himself for his murmuring

against Gods providence, as an ignorant person, as a fool and a beast in Gods presence. Object. But may not an Hypocrite loath and abhor himself for sin.

I answer, It is possible for an Hypocrite to be sorry for some sins, and to be angry with himselfe, and to loath himselfe,




but not properly for his sins, which he loveth, but (as thee^es> ^ores, drunkards, etc.) for the danger, damage ***& disgrace which his sin may bring upon him. It is onely the property of Gods children to look at sin as sin with a y

loathing eye, and to behold themselves vile and loathsome, even for the most pleasing and profitable, and


and most

secret sins.


Fourthly, It


when we


an Argument of the strength of Sfiritttall downe our selves at the feet of God, when



a Servants




our wils are subdued to the Lords willy become our selje, when his ends are our True selfe

ends, which give us content and 'pleasure, although our selves, our ends are lost and destroyed, that wee may finde

new ends and delights in God. Hence E^afhroditus to further

the worke of the


(Phil. 2) he regardeth not his health,

his life; as a true Souldier in the Service of his

and consequently not heavenly

King and Ca^taine. Object. But may not an Hypocrite deny himselfs$ his owne ends, his pleasures, his -profits, his credit, his liberty,
his life.

I answer,

It is impossible 5 for all that

himselje: like Israel,

bringeth forth fruit the name of God, his glory, his Christ, is still to exalt himever a greater selfe, to save himselfe: But Gods children eye end then ^//^ to wit, the glorifying of their God, although

he doth is still for an empty vine, he 7. to himselje: All that he aims at in using No Hypo-





te c

be in their own destructions. frame and Fifthly, Our hearts are then in an healthfull
cordially willing to goe from Christ, Phil. 3. yet for the serv-


we are disposition, when that we may be with hence,

of Christ and his Saints,


are cordially willing to stay


hard and difficult Service. and to Object. But may not an Hypocrite desire to dye,

be with Christ?

I tmswer, An Hyfovrite may desire to dye, and to be with Christ in a glorious carnation, but no Hyfo&ite caa andw^ to dye, to be with Chmt In mi* holy and spiritual! co^K^o^ free from sm: and tterdtoe can fee not erictere ,iip^W^, r, * A" r Etc to- worke for GJnr$$ ho R$rth* '.'.,,'
. 1















when God hath brought down our 'fcrtgtt 'to fe 'fcoaftent with

the changes of his right-hand upon us: when we have learnt the lesson of Paul, to be content with -food and raiment,


with a travellers and strangers 'portion, of so much as may serve us in our Journey: When we can tell how to abound




without Pride, or security, or trust in earthly things, and when we can tell how to want all outward mercies with

and contentation. But may not Hypocrites be contented with smal Obj. matters, and suppresse their desires of great things, and say

with Esau unto Jacob: Keep that thou hast
All changes


brother, I

have enough? I answer, the desires of
but yet the desires of



are not alike greedy;



made u$


are truely satisfied without



Now when

by himselfe.

changes and the losse of all things fall upon the Hypocrite, he cannot finde those changes and those losses made up in God: No Habakkuk tels us. That it is the
Character of Gods children, when the corne is gone, and the flocks and the heards, and the vine and -figtree faile, to rejoyce in God alone for a portion, and to glory in the of their Salvation.



Joy in Sorrow.

Seventhly, Then are our hearts in an health-full frame, when we are not onely willing to suffer for the name of Christ Jesus, but when we also conceive a kinde of pleasure in it ; so saith Paul, I take pleasure in necessities, in distresses,

and for Christs sake; Hence the Saints (Heb.


they took the spoyling of their goods with joy. Object. May not Hipocrites suffer joyfully for Christ?
Hypocrites pretend to

jo.) not only suffered the spoyling of their goods, but

I answer,



may doe and

suffer with a




ing joy for Christ: But he can never doe this out of love to Christ, I Cor. 13. but always out of self-love for his owne glory and honour, out of strong conviction of conscience, least

he be damned in denying his light, Etc. Onely Gods children can out of love to Christ Jesus rejoyce (as

some true friend or wife) to be afflicted loose for their Souls beloved.


to sorrow


then are many of Gods children so heavy Object. in their sufferings and losses for Christ Jesus?


I answer, This hapneth sometimes out of distemper of body; sometimes out of distemper and weaknesse of minde, which they labour against, and chide themselves for as did

David, Psal. 42. & 43. why art thou disquieted O my Soul, art thou so heavy within me? still trust in God, for I will praise him, who is the health of my countenance and my God.

and why

" wild Indians comforts with ^orlds a strange affection, willing and ready to be gone: or as comforts. Passengers in a Ship, willing and ready (when God will) to land, and goe ashoar in our own countrey, to our owne

Eighthly, It argues strength of Grace when we use this Eightly. world, and all the comforts of it with a weaned eye and Christian v* * mind, as if we used it not: as English Travellers that lodge

an Indian house, use

all the

House, and comforts in the Heavens. Thus Gideons Souldiers (in a figure of such as are fit for Christs Battels') are not only couragious and depart not with
the cowards, but also lap at the comforts of this life, with a speedy necessity, but lye not downe to them in excesse of


vanities of


May not Hypocrites use this world with a strange
weaned from the


/ answer, Doubtlesse not onely a false Christian or Hyfocrite, but other naturall men (out of the sence and exferl- The ence of the vamtie and uncertainty of this life* and the
comforts of



attame to a great seeming dispsmg of tkmg$> tltoogh never without sorrow? tfaat



they are not more full aad cert0m> as being tlietr Oaely Gods children who have made tfee I^&rd
their portion,


and has wor4 and Qrdmmc&$

them as from God, tokens they only I say use

of- his



and goodness 6) and as golden chaines to draw them unto in his grahim, and humbly submit to Gods holy pleasure, or withdrawing of them. cious bestowing of and affecNinthly, It is an Argument of a strong fear

Gody when in all our earthly businesses, we see God, and minde his name and praise. Hence saith James: Yee ought in all Journeys and purposes to say, If God will: Hence Soaz that holy man, when he comes into his Field hath God in his mouth: The Lord Blesse you sayed he to
tion to

to contribute Reapers: Hence the poorest Christian able Cor. 1 6) observes weekly) and therefore daily the dis(I observes the giving* pensations of God towards him 5 He

and takings of Gods hand, and walks with him though the poorest and meanest calling and condition. Object. But may not Hypocrites observe Gods blessing
worldly things, in faire winds, good
crease of children, corne, wine, cattel, Etc?



voyages, in the ento

I answer, Naturall conviction enforceth even Pagans
The glorifying f

confesse (a Manittoo) an Invisible Deity and God-head in these visible things $ But to make it a worke and Businesse
in all these earthly things to see and glorifie with him, and to be full of his praise all the





'pro'per to



day long 5

dren only.

onely the Character of Gods children, his hand, and love his name and glory.
Tenthly, It


only truly see




is an Argument of strength and vigour of to keep a constant watch and bridle on our lips and grace, tongue, that no words passe but such as are seasoned with Salt, to the glorifying of our Maker with our glory, and

watch of Gods
over their

the edifying or benefitting of others. This Tongue of ours the Lord compares to the bridle of a Horse, to the Helm
of a Ship, which if well



rules the horse



with safety and comfort; and the Spirit of God concludes^ that he is a perfect and strong man in Christ> that is thus
able to



Speech and Tongue in



that we not onely abhor the acts thereof. but also fly and shun the looks and appearance of it: so that we not only fly 'pride and passion. that no man should say there came a woman into the Soar. But may not worldly persons not 'only avoid but also the appearance of it? I answery No worldly <& .'?ridi . and tend not to heavenly profiting of others. Hence nor jeasting. but also he gravely advised her to be gone so early in the morning. or undeane touches. Morall wisdome may teach persons the vanity and grosse wickednesse of the Tongue. but also the appearance of them. he not only refrained from uncleannesse. but onely Gods spirit (and strength of it) doth teach Gods children. in true jeare and love of God. But may not worldly persons set a watch before the door of their lips? I answer. but also to attaine to a spirituall and heavenly Language. when Ruth night. and covetousnesse and at his feet in the uncleannesse. Object. or the appearance of it^ for it : Element^ they can onely faafe ilia d$%tm and discredit <& ity aact s$ m $FA0 toy hafe 'TIS oi*ly tie to hate ^ ^^ as jfe*. be once heard from the mouths of the Saints. nor foolish talking. It argues strength and life and Grace in Christ.Hence Christ Jesus preacheth Judgement to the world. Object. when our words are not working words.^w/ are wrought to such a degree when our of hatred of sin. 5. but rather giving of thanks.) that neither uncleannessey nor covetousnesse. the Spirit by Paul commands (Ephes. Lastly. and the idle words of it. Hence Boaz. for the abuse of the Tongue.wvreg&nera&e fersotf can hate sin. hearts by Go<& . not onely to restraine from vaine and foolish. and praising of God. as claiming marriage lay downe by right.

as well as the strongest and holiest that ever did or suffered for his holy name. women I answer. Devils> and healing bodily diseases. I am a member of Christ Jesus as wel as Peter himselfe. and that respects our conversation with men. strong in one tryal and weak in another: But it is their weaknesse and sicknesse. The least Believer and Follower of Jesus pertakes of the nature and spirit of him their holy head and husband. Doubtlesse Gods Children may be strong one way. Christ Jesus and his Apostles and messengers were endued with power from on high. at glorifying our Maker in doing good. which he did abundantly and constantly to the souls and bodies of men. as an holy witnesse of Christ Jesus (a Woman) Holy great helps once answered a Bishop. to goe about to doe good. the glorifying of God in the saving of the poor sons of men. that it is a Strong argument of a strong constitution and spirituall healthy when we can make it our God in doing worke and trade. when thay are slow and negligent of so glorious and a worke.) Phebe. to aime good to men. but also the service and helpe of Christian women. in which Christ and Christians worke to glorify First I argue. Object. and yet be strong in. But is it not possible for Gods children to be slack work and trade of doing good to the souls and bodies of others. the Apostles. great example Christ Jesus made it his worke and trade. heavenly in this . Priscilla. tryalls of spirituall I now come head of the health and strength. Thus our Obj. Therefore it is that we read not only of the service of those great master-builders and work-men of Christ Jesus. not only to preach the Word for conversion but also with power of casting out in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Persis> {Rom. 16. Mary. were eminently noted for helping forward the work for instance of Christ to their new and heavenly to the third nature in Jesus Christ. to wit. and weak in another. grace and healthfull? I answer.

Christs seedy Gods children. and others also.Thus Paul complains of the Saints of Asia. It argues strength of spirituall life. (Psalme 16. and Jeretnie (strong in spirituall health chides and reproves him for it. yet to Israel. May not wicked persons favour. that although she were growne poor. and life) Secondly. The nature and the grounds of the love 61 naturall persons to Gods children guished: Gods children tbemselves must be rigfetlf may ami otigte { each other. and for a while Herod. Thus was it in Barucks weaknesse and sicknesse to seek great and earthly things. Object. for whether thou goest I will goe. that she intreats Naomi not to intreat her: Intreat me not to leave thee.) David. affection. John the Baptist? Did not Michol love King David. as well as did her brother love. 45. when we bear a strong affection to the seed of the woman. though he was to loose a Kingdom by other. yet he loves him as his own Soul. This was when he look't upon Gods Gods Mlchildren as the excellent of the Earth. Davids houshold of faith. goe back. that he found none that stuck close to him but Timothie. Jer. Thus Ruth so loved that holy woman Naomi. a widow. where thou dyest I will dye. and respect Worldly men Gods children? Did not Saul greatly respect Samuel . and now in a tedious travel intreat from Moab her and her sister to was already returned to such was the flame of her holy and Naomi did also and Orpah her sister her kindred and her Gods. tian Jonathan? yea did not David finde wonderfull favour in the eyes of a PAffir- Achaz? I answer. but especially to the affection Secondly. To doe good to all men is a Christian trade. and there will I be buried: thy God shall be my God. Etc. according to any #<#*##// and Relation* yet onefy Gods Mlxbrm . and placed all his dren cannot delight in them: Thus Jonathan though he lost his Fathers /^J^^T^ love for Davids.

according to that of Paul to the Thessalonians. but In a way of Justice. Mother. although routed. and that onely for his jaithfulnesse in reproving him from God? I answer. the dearest friend or Brother may exercise much bitternesse. being of one common heavenly nature together.children for the grace and spirit of God. and to know themselves the sons uall love. Thus Fellow-souldiers which stick close each to other in Gods dren chil- may possibly be unkind and cruel each to other. which they see and finde in each other. him not as an Enemie. in committing the man of God to prison. noble and faithful Uriah? Did not Asah that holy King of Judah. practice false Imprisoning. deliver the incestuous person to the Devillj though probably yet deare. life and death. Thus Brethren reJoyce to finde each other in strange of one Father and places. yea. But may not Gods children have just cause of ex- ercising sharpness e each to others? be sharp each Yea doubtlesse. disordered and flying. yet count admonish him as a Brother. But Gods children can Thus as two Candles or Torches they spiritually close only love each other <wlth a sfirit- and embrace each other with heavenly affection. and David upon his recovery laments his weaknesse and wickednesse and Blood. if possible they can discerne and know each other. and with much tender " ' nielting arid bemoaning of affection* . in a way of Physick. for Paul withstood even Peter himselfe to otheri so may was David sharply to his face. Thus Countrey-men meeting in strange and forraign nations presently know each other by their language. This shews that both David and Asah at this time were very sick. Object. But did not holy David (who was a man strong in grace) did not he lay plots for the life of an holy man. and the Church of Corinth must put away and reproved by Nathan. though with much sweetnesse 6f temper. and a brother. Etc.guiltiness e. PsaL 51. Gods 'people in case Quest.

and therefore.guiltinesse my God and y my A tongue shall sing loud of thy righteousnesse. is owne Salvation. yet bringeth it neer unto although Deaths door. as knowing their wofull and miserable bondage and slavery to Sathan: And who knows whether it will please God in infinite mercy and compassion And when any to deliver as them by vouchsafing repentance in Christ Jesus.have we seen mounfull violence used. grieve for others? doubtlesse. Thus Gods people are commanded to weep with them that weep: oppose themselves. and made David cry out with bitternesse of (as in Davids case) it his soul. Deliver me from blood. Yea fyf Gods children may as wrfl exceed tke bounds of gfi^ as of joy and anger? and any kind of but it is ever safer tp fall-am a**d and . Thus Jeremy powres forth his Book and Rivers of Lam- entations for Jerusalem of old. 2. though it be with desire dishonored cover a sin.26. and to keep Gods name from being Thus in cases it is a weaknesse. third tryal of spirituall health and strength is a com- Thirdly. Thus the Lord Jesus of his Enemies: kill a sighs for the hardnesse of the heart thus he weeps over Jerusalem that was to Christian him. and prayed for his persecutors and enemies. But when Gods children shall so far degenerate. But may not Gods children 2 Tim. as to to world for pursue the life of each other. it is a sicknesse. passionate and 7 . or enemies of their even towards enemies heart. over the afflicted or A pitifully melting-heart Donate heart miserabley yea. he hath done to us? exceed and QverObject. to a One of the wife or brother in some kind of distempers and distractions. which be not unto death. as Christ for the latter. wee ought in meeknesse and patience to bear it. Oa^dhktetfa Swrw&l over-grieving for Sa^l> because God hath rejectee!. although our enemies.

(when strong) spares not the dearest: so neither doth it balk. and sin. nor John Baptist Herod and his Queen. Hence Job endures not counsell. as difference. and zeal for God. Thus deal Gods Prophets. nor Nathan David. & when ship. arid unwilling to behold their nakednes. but endeavour to help them out by wise. and his wor- Hence David Hence Christ Jesus sharply reproves his faithful servant Bold refrovertforsm. re- reproving a character of Gods feofle. or out of passion. as true love. Eliab Ahab. but especially to Gods children. whether they commit it out of a deceived judgment. she mocks at his holy z^eal for the Lord. sin in the wife of his Bozome. Again. and with shame. tion: and sudden flight of tempta- Their sins therefore (especially if superiours) we must Shem. as grieving. except self. or shun the highest. Fourthly. that considers. then it is it is others. and that only for (seeming) loving. and when we endure not exhortation. and seasonable reproof. and Apostle Peter. and conscience.Hence David weeps over sinners with Rivers of Tears. as subject to mercy make the temptation. but reprove them? I answer. sin to lie upon them. Impartiall it is a good evidence of spirituall health. smites deeply his dearest Michol. and deliver from temptation. even . Ob]. Hence we are commanded to bear the burthens of others. All sin is a burthen. But we are commanded not to suffer sin upon our Brethren. and Princes: Thus Samuel spares not Saul. and sorrow go backward like and Japheth. and z&tction-councell: Get thee behind me Satan. even with Kings. specting others. cover. when the tongue a fit instrument to reprove tuned by a grieved heart. and loving. and so fulfill Christs Law. or rather them to lie in the pit of sin. because they kept not Gods Law. and ponders others. impious but chargeth her with folly for her impatient.

and darling sins. two plausible temptations (to which resisting those most. and subject:} the one of lust to Women. This course may seem to destroy humane society. so true humility in bold dealing on Gods behalf. I answer. are propounded to us and strength of grace. yea nature. and fear of God. and Christian afection. the wicked nature of man is so -prone. but separate in case of finall obstinacy in sin. in grace. in for heavenly examples of fower. unto which the opportunity of temptation sollicites. due unto su^erioursf I answer. Fear. and repell such sins. and sharp language. Joseph an Gfum$ta- ered. and yet both Davidy Asa were thought to be strong Godlines? I answer. and Reverence. and sharp reproof of dearest. and meddle with. when strongly and often solicited by his wanton Mistris: the other of revenge toward man. (as some of the Prophets used) with humble Duty. and David. upon the very servant. it is true that Godlines. and civillity out of the world. most Qu: How stands such bold. and fowe^ Gods chamfimts are sometepes st&o^. but otherwise Godlines sanctifieth. and directeth nature.for those most neer. and highest. Cim ft '* and zeal for God destroys corrupt nature. as true afection stands with plain. and invites us. when Ms bloody persecutor Saul. with the most su^ream. Fifthly. But David himself was conquered by imdemes. civility. and humanity. and Asa wreaks his wrath. and aael Profhet of the most High. strong in some . and sometimes weak. resist. which were dangerous to touch. also Hence are Gods people commanded not only to re- prove. Obj. seemed by God himself to be deliv- Hence holy Joseph. and brought into his hand Obj. when a Soul is able to withstand. and grace. in the it argues strength of sprituall life.

when either a mistake of judgment. and hurts. or bitter word to either. and precious Ointment powred on us Hence the admirable patience. of strength of grace. when we can patiently. are Naturall wisdome goes far. and returns a soft. and Admonition. to jails. but as a sweet. or ways. hear not of the least impatient. Many Philosophers by naturall wisdome. Head. and thankfully make good argument of bear a Reproof. n) he patiently bears it. but Asa also claps up fast the reproving Prophet. and he will love thee: whence it may seem that 983 . But now the scorner.The fals of chil- and (as the strongest bodies) subject to spirituall colds Gods dren and to falls. and many and 'morall men. in matters concerning others. and gentle answer. and that by Saints (Act. and Herod. which wholsome heavenly potions intended by him the Father of mercies. and the best of Gods children are subject to such sad distempers. and sometimes for some private ends. civill Reproof with patience: And hence that of Solomori. or instrument. it is a good argument Sixtly. but uncharitably reproved her for Drunkennes. and couragious. rebuke a wise man. and afterward Paul dealt severely with him about dissembling in the matter of Communion. or a pang of passion sinfully hinders the receit and working of the Reproofs of the Almighty. yea We when he was unjustly charged. which turned their murmuring accusations into joyfull satisfaction. who ever be the cup. and thanksgiving. John the Baptist. but not so far as sfirituall. and meeknes of Hanna. when Eli zealously. and which are most graciously recorded for our well as the holy victories of the what end. as A Christian bearing of reproof a us watchfull. comfort in our Saints. out of the principles of civility and morality. yea the godly being (weak) reproved burst out in wrath. not as a blow or stroak on the muck of Christ Jesus. will bear a Obj. when we can esteem a Reproof for our evill words. Gods feo-ple may possibly be angry at reproofs. for our good. Thus not only Ahab imprisons Micaiah. Hence when Christ Jesus most sharply reproved Peter. the vial.

and principle3 that is they hear they see Gods wise. So David acknowledged God in Skimeis railing. that we can wish (upon supposition of them two) that we not onely loose our temporally but our and welfare: Hence those two famous and wonder-full speeches of those two glorious stars Moses and Paul: Blot me out of thy book saith Moses: And I could wish to be accursed from Christy saith Paul. and so dear in our eyes. also act in love. when the people in their murmur. 2dly. by slanders.^fj ings. But can such a wish be lawfull though for the gam and glory of Christy since to be accursed from Christ camk>t eternall state ' be without sin against Christ? I answer: I will not dispute what accursedness or sep$ra^ tion from Christy that is. and praies even for those unworthy. " any soul appiioad^lt i^*fe cofiesdf Mo$e$ 'and Pa&ly . are sent to GW: So David as a figure of Christ Jesus. I answer. but not from tbe I say. with reference to our walking with others. and so Moses also. reproached him. Gods children by by strength of wisdome may receive by a Reprehension. as the cause or occasion of their mis- eries. he runs to God. and Hezekiah in Rabsheka his provocations. doubtless so near as fr&? and holiness of . and -profit Gods children (as well as naturall men) may from Rules of Reason> and naturall wisedom. Lastly. and blasphemies. for Israels sake. and unthankfull men.Reproaches send Go ^s proaches. some saying that Pmtl wished tibeiy a temporally and some an eternall separation from some a separation from /oy and deUght in the Cfoist. but withall they act from an higher ground. and r^. and holy permitting hand in the foulest mouth. when the glory of the Lord and the salvation of Gods people is so great. it is an argument of great strength of grace. Ob.

and turn unto the Lord. and as zealous for the and his g/ory. as Moses. Let us our ways. Paul and Moses.Ob. every Israelite had not the strength of aged men in Christ: Again. Lam: 2. so to wish? I answer: as it is in nature so in grace. But can any man now attain to such a strength of Different manifestations of grace as this. as it is Samson: nor every of Davids Souldiers the strength and valour of Davids worthies: yet so neer to these heavenly copies as we approach. Abraham. holy consideration of our estate. and therefoe we must often crie to with David. in meekness as in afection to Go^ Some means which Gods Sprit aseth as 'preservatives. to enjoy a but to be as strong in faith as . wherein we truly verifie that true sayis ence (as it God ing. nature> so in grace.) and there are old and Christ Jesus in his -people. there are children and young men (or strong men. there are diferences of children. as were this blessed fair of zealous servants of the most high. in patience as David. frequent examination of our sfirituall condition is an exmeans of Christian health and temper: Thus teach- eth us the holy Sprit of search God by Jeremie. That often reckoning makes God and our is souls true friends* This dutie God hard. 139. not onely moderate health of sfirituall life. Search me God. and try my O . a deep and cellent amination a soul means of sfirituall preservation. try This searching and examining of our ways in Gods presand were) a casting up of our accounts between and our souls. and the pre- venting of sprituall sicknesses and diseases: In this I shall desire to be brief. the stronger we are in the grace of God in Christ: And doubtless it cannot be but it is in the desire of every true childe of prettie God. I am now come (dear Love) to the third and last Head proposed. First then. lest by too long a discourse I discourage Soul-ex- thy reading. and differences of young and aged men in Christ. which is some few means of recovering and 'preserving of Christian health and cheerfulness. Psal. and hinder thy use and improvement of it.

and flourishing. then in some hopefull turn for the Lords most gracious seed. but then espe. PsaL 69. and we tion. and soul meals. and then his serva$l& list: Bridegroom as if he had expressly named tfae times of tfc 4^wirA bondage. however before the Lord in secret: mighty ordinance. Christ Jesus his appoint-' dinance. and ages. This holy practice ought to be frequent. and showers from Heaven. and doubts in Gods pres. Our holy Bridegroom the Lord Jesus. and lead me in the way everlasting. wherein the followers of JeswfyiXjbB>:$& Kfessed (John the 20*) we&pm^ ^T ^%" &ate taken <^ . Secondly. which he hath appointed. Daniel is an heavenly pattern: so is ~Dcmd. remembring how frequent the children of God in holy scrijtture were in this duty. grouth. maintain an earnest longing. fit to be broken up. who wept and chastised his soul witb although he was reproached for it. and Rods of the Lord are upon us: ExaminaFor then (as Job saith) God softeneth our Hearts. and endeavour to enjoy Christ Jesus. society of Gods Christian health and chearfulness* are promised to the Trees planted in Jehovahs house: And that the holy Ordinances are the Lords 'provisions. tels IB shall tfea the be taken away. or like the ground moistened with storms. mollified upon a Thaw. If it be possible (with ments untrue satisfaction to our consciences. are most like then to be as the ground. who is our souls life in every holy Or- idly. and Breasts which he hath graciously appointed for his children. according to his most holy will and Testament: Remembering that Christian health. and heavenly planting. Especially be Lord: this is much in holy grayer. gathered into the order of Christ Jesus. of all sorts.hearty and see if there be any wicked way in me.Affliction the season of cially when the hand. and fasting before the an Ordinance of which neither Po'pe nor Devttl Prayer vxth fasting a most Chris- could ever deprive a child of God: If it be possible practice ttan and this duty with others.doubted ence) let us never rest from being planted into the holy means of children.

my Lord. we Obj. and the ground and beginning of others. as well as a prayer itself: New And for the use of it. and places destitute of the life of the Sun of Christ Jesus. longing to know. (and much more in the spirituall) when by damp colds. and obstructions of unnecessary frequenting of cold societies. But some say to the The excel- lent use of Ordinance of the grayer and fasting* I answer. from earthly occasions. and spirituall joys seem more suitable. consenting to a a time that they may give separation from each other. and in all places. This holy Ordinance is of such admirable use among the Saints. and upon all occasions expresse the life. as ever we would preserve our spirituall health. and spirits are stopt up. when the warm streams of blood. and power of Christ Jesus. and seasonable. that even in the first. or soul purge for the avoiding and cleansing out our spirituall Humours. for the pouring forth of prayers. For as it is in the naturall man. and corruptions. and purest times of Christiaway read of Christian yoak fellows. for the devoting of the soul to heavenly consideration. Righteousnes The Lord Jesus is a Christians Garment: O let us keep that blessed garment always close about us. and comforts. a cold it self is a great distemper. I Cor: 7. for themselves to prayer. and spirit. and cries to God in the many great. and examination of our wayes. let Thirdly. it seems to be more proper -fasting as Old Testament. and to spirits are stopt our heavenly . anity. us carefully take heed of spirituall colds and obstruc- tions: ta&ing of cold. and fasting. it is most admirable for the separating. and abstracting of the <mind. and I know not where they have laid him. And indeed it is (as I may say) the taking of a soul sweat. so seems it not so usefull in the New Covenant. and in all companies. and mighty straights which Gods people passe through in this vale of tears. when more spirituall worship. all the former Scriptures declare it to be an Testament. and obstructed: So is it. and Lamentation.

. and earth are gone. profit. and wholsome as hony) turn i Tit must watch as^ nst ^e not to bitternes. even eternall in God himself. we may use to help us upward to earthly comforts as a stool or ladder heavenly comforts. (though the comforts of yoak fellows. with ip. must ) surfeiting and weaned. Fourthly. of Thorns. and loathing. is and chearjvlness 5 Fifthly. children. let us watch that the loose upon them: But as we use salt with raw and fresh meats. credit. and mortified not: If Riches. Heavens. that we know not. upon their and going with Eagles wings: upon their uncertain coming. and examples in life. upon their certainty of departing. Gods children as travelers on the Land. as if they used Children.*/r0#g ^fiw& of the Aof<? of the /ojw to come: Lay hoM (saitfa 1!^ 10 Timothie) of eternall life: and as the S&uldier metji&tK& upon the g/ory of his victories. if affections. The sick pus#mger*at Sea upon his ^fe?^/ refreshings (Hi sfcofe: fee TT0&e$$t journeys end and comf&rts at his home: the the Hireling tfae M&chmt* &: so let us . which are only true. how soon O let us therefor beg grace from Heaven. as Passengers in use this world. -pleasures. 6? vexations: anxiety. that these worldly Goods and comforts are them common portion of the men of this perishing world. if Friends. who must perish together with them. to maintain a spiritual! health small use (as Paul writes to Timotbie) sometimses of no our cold stomachs with a little to help wine or . and perplexednes full their insufficiency to content. -profits. take heed of sprituall surfets. and death. that the feeding too much upon ~ . and all comforts of it.follow his blessed words. 7 \ ^ sweet. if fe0r/ fly not whatsoever increase. let us use no worldly comfort without a savoury Remembrance. Let us muse upon the and fill our Hearts. when these and lasting. if Cattel.

vomitings. out of which. goods. So is it with our souls. and slander- and persecuting dealing of others. but also of a purging. when they that suffer with Christ Jesus shall reign with him. Etc. servants. those refreshings and fruits. yea and out of our sins and failings his most holy and infinite wisdom. purgEtc. our is bodies. nor ear hath heard. with the assured hope of those victories. cattel. First. yea and sometimes a cordiall and healing physick. of the body to health. yet the harvest and the vintage are to come. nor never which never eye entred into for mans heart the things which God hath prepared them that love him: Of which however it pleaseth God to give his servants a taste in this life. and preservation of the health and cheerfulness spirits. and cleansing Nature. such as himself Two tions. sorts of bitter afflic- way of his fatherly pleased to use towards us in the afflictions of all sorts: on our spirits. and what ever else remains behinde of the body of death in us* It is true that the word of God. bitter potions. The second sort of sharp and bitter means are such. self-love. sweatings. covetousness. blood-letting. and all his holy Ordi- nances. . securitie. bitter pis.and fainting spirits. ing*. hath seen. uncleanness. of a preserving. and nourishing. and they that have sown in tears shall reap the never ending harvest of inconceivable joyes. fetcheth all sorts of cleansing and purging. those harvests. of the spirituall and the inner man. those crowns. yet be of a blessed and and wkolsome use to Gods -people. children. Utter medicines. they are not only of a feeding. own ruptions of pride. Sixthly. yea also out of the injurious. as we voluntarily use and apply our selves unto our selves. our yoak-fellows. The sharp and bitter things which it pleaseth God to make use of in these cases are of two sorts. for the slaying and the purging out of the filthy humours and corous. as it is in the restoring Bitter and untoolhsome things may or in the preserving of it in an healthfull condition: it is often necessarie to use the help of sharp and bitter things.

Obj. . For all dren bound. storehouse of men are subject. against the Lor^ as a Redeemer. Peter. Mary Magdalen. fals we read of in holy Scripture Obj. and without supply of Grace. and conditions. against the as a Father. call to an wholsome though bitter pill. David. . Hence the many examples of the servants of God Lord appointed throughout the whole Scripture. Lord transgressions against the Lord as a Creatour. against our selves. this I will be sought unto saith the most holy direction. We must marke the Lords Ordinance. it I answer. etc. of whose wofull as well as the strongest of Gods servants. our unknown then it is /. (Ezek. often to mind our many. against his Ordinances. T . according to that Jesus. against his Saints. First. -for all this I will be sought unto: Prayer and other sprituall Or- dinances hath the for our souls good. (the figured CMsi Jes&s) was appofaied. callings. It is a part of the Lords New Covenant. and lye open. as well as corporall meawes for our bodily comfort. we must take direction for all our stirituall Remedies. and strength from Heaven. and remember our iniquities no more. of the Lord Lord. we shall fall The rememtrance of and tumble into. unto all the promises of all sorts. our known. not only for daily Bread. The Lord hath forgiven them already in Christy what need to pray for forgivenesse of them again. and inner . . TheScri-pture th* true ' . our great. . Heiice tiie PmMll and Lambe. that he will forgive our sins. against Christ Jesus. . . both before Jesus Christ since. but also for daily forgivenes. to which we yet are subject. I answer. Yea the sins and severall corruptions of our Natures. 36. against 7 7 those soul dtstemfersy unto which our spntuaU.j&yr'^he Lord to be eaten with bitter herbs^ Ii^lybg jjlad that Jesm Christ luta&lie his ' . against his holy Sprit. to pray daily. .) pleaseth the Lord to adde this Gospel Proviso. breaking fortfc into heavenly showres of godly teares.and a restoring Quality: and therefore out of these.

and Salvation. and when I consider I am afraid of him 5 and David. never casteth out the true feare of God. What though therefore in Gods councel before the world was. justification. This feare is an holy and heavenly ingenuous all the children pf G&<jt. the greatness e ^n d dreadfulnesse and terrours of it. glorification are knowne to him and acted by him? the most inconceivable deep councelf of his will.rketh all things. Ephes. Hence it is that the Sprit of the fear of the Lord was poured upon the . 119.aM*e himself. that which is the fear of a Beast of slaves and Devils. and a tempting O f the jealous eyes of the most High. and chiefly) to Christ Jesus. but only that which is false and counterfeit. I answer. to neglect the wayes. in Godscouneels absolve yet were it presumptuous madness e in us. of corruption. and meanes.. But John saith. The true love of God. according to which he wo. to hide from our eyes. perfect love casteth out fear. and all the sfirituall and eternall sweets that here below we finde in Christ Jesus. Object. they have not their native and proper rellish without the helpe of such sharp and bitter hearbs. which his most holy Wisedome out of -in-finite Grace and goodnesse hath appointed to us? second sharp and bitter A fill to purge out spiritual! a due and serious pondering of the nature. all his works of creation and redemption. even (first.. the elder To Brother (in a sence) of cherish which hply fear. and I am afraid of thy judgements. the justice of the most High. - standing all the colours and pretences which we poor sinners invent to our selves. I. and 'paths of mercy for Soul or Body. n? I say. Lord Jesus . notwithstanding all the infinite sweetnesse of the Ocean of his mercy. Well therefore might Job say: therefore heavenly though bitter $m I troubled at his presence. of . Psal. child or reverence proper to a true of God. My Flesh trembleth for fear of thee. vocation. . endeavours. and notwithis of ce .

let and to come. Sodom & the (before both these) how wonderfully fearefull and whole universall was. our fuU sentence wonderfull those Plagues upon mankind* and Destructions upon Pharaoh and the land of Egypt. fearfull were the stroaks of Gods displeasure And How upon Fearfull stroaks of his owne people of Israel. and tml beoda^SDa'C'j^^ M Stood 4 love the Lord cast our eyes upon the fiery flashes of his severe justice revealed unto us in a three-fold time. . to the depth of Hell in horrible slavery to everlasting sinnes rejection full rejection of the Angels. Vfonthe Son of his )iw* of owne.^dchildreft% How fearfull was the rejection of that: whole the Jewes. and Gomorrah and Gods And The destruc- tion of other Cities with -fire and brimstone from Heaven? Egypt and. for first t Parents in Paradice? How all their oppressing people. the destruction of the whole world. (above all) wio can fint t&esibie . and torments. ever since but a cwse and m scome to all of the Nations <& tike worfd to tleb 'day? And. present. how dreadfull is that we finde of the and ejection of so many glorious heavenly Spirits the Angels. from the height of Heaven. How dreadfull was that dolefull Sentence upon the The dreadwhole race of mankinde. in their many Destructions and Captivities? How wholly swallowed erations? fearfull the rejection of the ten Tribes up and lost for so many ages and gen- Gods justice upon Israel* lamentable were the destructions (and especial! by Titus and Vesfasion) of the holy City> tiat glorious Jerusalem. in that World. and All-o'erwhelming flood or deluge. choaking. and their glorious attendance upon God. tumbled down for their sin of Pride. (before that) how fearfull and horroble was that destruction and burning up of Sodom. for the Sin of the first root. in the slaughter and captivity of rrooooo that How $^&Jewes. the time past. men wom^. For the time past.

Cor. cast out of Paradice with their posterity (even the whole race of mankind) notwithstanding their belief in the promised seed of Christ Jesus. upon Moses. and judgment must begin at the house of God. upon Aaron. even towards his owne children. and quicken their pace. Object. yet. to watch against future sins and provocations. II. and their hearts. that is righteous sentences of the most high. Gods fearfull stroks of his displeasure. Hence the heavy stroakes upon Lot. It is so evident.surety in the room of sinners to make satisfaction for their transgressions ? Object. For (that is for his childrens abuse of the Lords Supper) God chastiseth his many are weak and sick. hath quenched the fire of Gods eternal wrath toward his people. since that it is satisfied and his wrath appeased towards his people. true Christian Churches. for the abuse of his holy Ordinances and appointments. I answer. Judgements. and some are falne asleep. blow of Gods righteous hand upon Eve. though not eternall Judgements: these vindicate Gods name and Justice before an unrighteous world. upon Lots wife. upon Josiah. and sweetened the bitter Cup of all present Judgements and afflictions: upon his own in this world. God sees no sin in Jacob. etc. . yet for his Name and Justice children have temporally felt the Gods holy end in his sore afflictions upon his people. upon Sampson. etc. upon David. that dreadfull Hence first our Parents Adam and Hence this cause saith the Spirit of God expresly. these humble and bring his people to repentance and confession. and beare him witnesse of his impartiality. But some say. that although Christ Jesus his blood. sake in this world. Their calamities are Judgements. Grant Gods justice and -fierce wrath to be so hot. what need his children fear his justice. I answer. The heavy & dolt/till stroaks of Gods righteous hand. own people. upon Hezekiah. so fiery and fearfull towards his enemies. upon Eli. I. by the sufferings and bloodshed of Christ Jesus.

) the Lord hath wrought in the Earth? hundred thousands of men. wrath upon mankind. such are the the Nations of the righteous judgements of God. whereia the Nation of (GW> choice and love) the Jewes lye buried and t T God. let the direfull signs and tokens. tnthefresei sorroquf O f all sorts. yea.In the second place. of cuted at this present in the world. by wars. idolatries and superstitions. come and see (saith David) what Desolations (Psal. J and O ******&>** -79 of late years And weep. How many 46. weep with and ro/Ireland. forced to see but yet there are some stroakes . since we are commanded to w^^ with them that were fountains. that know not at all the true and living fearfull mouth of * t is that stone that lyes upon tfce that wonderful! grave of wjbeUeje. famines. women and children have of late years been swept away in the world. see before our eyes the daily first r i us cast our eyes abroad and behold Gods severe Justice exe~ Godsjustia **>h*** M How lamentably doe we - and continued i i rr ^ effects of f ^ that j. and our ^y&r rivers of waters. and yet not easily perceived. Let us consider of the great constant reproach and misery over all the Nations of the World. in so many sorrows of first all sorts for the transgression. To speak nothing of whole Nations and Kingdomes. O The more effects is every eye and marks of these most dreadfull blowes. Iiow cold and hard % o'rewhelmed to this day? Who can but wottder and trmMe at se noaay . giving up world to so many horrible and blasphemous worships. weep day and night with England of other remote Nations) in laying /0^ (to speake nothing stroakes of Gods most rightagaine and again to heart the eous judgements. that wee might weep with Germany. by reason of Gods righteous Sentence in the division of so many Tongues and Languages. in their most fearfull slaughters and that our &<?<&& desolations.

A wors&iff. in part to be powred forth in their season? And is The dreadfull and judgement yet to come. th< thousand and millions of (in so ' - Antichris- tiamsme. and this by -fire) shall appeare. fulfilled. given up to those two monstrously bewitching Worships of Mahumatisme and Antichristianisme. and exceeding alJ the temporall calamities in the world. when two worlds of men (the former destroyed by water. How and yet fearfull the effusion of the Viols. though not so easily discerned. will shortly be these two most wonderfull and dreadfull dovmfals of those two so mighty Monarchies (so great enemies to Christ Jesus) the Turkish and the Popsh: according to the Prediction of the holy let us cast Prophets. And (to come to the full period and -finall sentence of the most righteous Judge of the whole world) with what horrours and terrours shall these Heavetis and Earth passe awayj this Earth with the works thereof being consumed and burnt up? How inconceivably direfull will the last eternall judgement be. But (thirdly) from these two times of past' and $resent> our eyes on the third which is yet to come. before the most glorious Tribunall of the Son of God? When all the most secret sins shall be brought to tryal. Anti- christiart righteous judgement. as sure and wonderfull. yet in it selfe most dreadfull. n6t a little wonderfull Nations Gog and Magog mighty destruction of the gathered as the sand of the Sea that camp of the saints of the holy City. and an account shall be given for every idle word? against the O who who can conceive the terrours of that thundering .T. Gods most righteous judgements upon th< Easterne and Westerns professors of the knowledge of Got dire effects of in Christ Jesus? Adde The lamentable captivity to these that most fearfull and deplorable captivity of the very soules and consciences of so of Gods many hundred years) under false Gods owne people (foi and superstitious Wor- own 'people to ships.Ke lirefull judgement of M'ahwrfdtanisftty and men given up for so long a tlm< and so mighty flourishing Nations of th< many world) I say.

gone. never dying. like our selves. never ending. In the next place /* w* f view the rotten skids of so many innumerable thousands of millicte of millions of men and women. (my deare Love) let us downe together the stefs of holy meditation into the valley of the shadow by of DeafA. where the worm never dyes. and the fire never goes outj\ Object. declares a torment to" be inflicted upon both men and devils which shall be extream like fire which shall be universall ^^ out. The Parables holy as also that of Dives and Lazarus: yet what are Parables and and similitudes but Glasses to represent unto us in fri^* more plain and easie wayes the holy truth and mind of heavenly the Devill capable of grievous and painful! to ^ is not the lesse sweet though wrapt and husks$ Beyond all question therefore Christ Jesus foretels most sure and inconceivable plagues Thcwrme that never to all that know not God.sentence [Goe yee cursed into everlasting -jwey 'prepared for the Devill and his Angels. and this fire that never God? The Kernell kernels of of truth up in the shels goes out. which shall be also eternall. But some may say. and It is'Hot ulip^ltable 'to . and obey not his glorious Gospel: thi And by this Worme that never dyes. It is of excellent use to walke often into Golgotha. as an mr&&> as the Kghfmfag ttoedgb t&e to aire. yet we may adore Gods righteous judgements and (working out Salvation with fear and trembling) make sure of a Jesus a Saviour to deliver us from the wrath that is to come. etc. ^er goes upon the whole sinfull creature. no part ex- empted. gone forever from this life and being (as if they never had life nor being) as the swift Slips. Can these sayings be is any other then a Parable or similitude? for flesh any materiall fire? such as now is and blood? I answery Grant these sayings Parabolicall or similitudes. as tie Weavers shuttle.

when Oh how we remember that we are but strangers. the us. converse with strange companies. . and pufe of this weaned. our desires be. to Time wfeen. Manner how it all to shall come upon and dash our Earthern Pitcher pieces. rection and life bodies glorious. and will raise up. delivers us from the power. terrible. toman heavenly ^ should draw up our minds unto heavenly loosen us from the vexing vanities of this vaine present sinfull life. when he shal who shortly appear in glory. how mortified should our spirits.we knew. and make oui like his glorious Body. the breaking of this buble. the day of the splitting of this vessell. how temperate. this night shall be our finall change of this strange place for one far stranger. and a spur to quicken us to aboundant faithfalnesse in doing and suffering for the Lord and his Christ. objects. who is a resurunto us. with whom we had sweet acquaintance. with whom but now growne loathsome. the day of our lasi -farewell. our affections. and against the bitter-sweet delusions of this world daily to thinke each day our last. Terrible uncertainties. lodge in strange beds and know not whether this day. the Place where. how sober. dwel in strange houses. of the uncertainties of that most certain blow. in the $ath all fles* must tread: How then should we make sure. the quenching of this Candle. anc and Grave. bitternesse of Death. Those three wit. swec we have familiarly eaten and lodgec society. the Kin of terrors. should be a Meditations of death ** threefold cord to bind us fast to an holy watchfulness for our departures. and of our passage into the land of Darknesse. and Hell. I say the consideration of these three. even to thei dearest. since they fell into the jawes of death. never more to behold a sparke of light untill the Heavens be no more. ugly. It is further of great and sweet use against the bitternesst of Death. and infinite^ of a Saviour. And much yet they are but gone before us.

any Allowance of Bread. yet our very life and being is but a swift short -passage from the bank of time to the other side or Banck of a dolefull eternity? patient should our minds and bodies be under the crossingy disappointing hand of our all-powerful Maker. how diligenty how solicitous should we be (like strangers upon a strange Coast) waiting for a <uoinde or passage} to get dispatched what we have to doe before wee hear hence. unto -man should we poor strangers be for the least crum-. except enlightened by the Death and Lije of the Son of God. that finall call. How contented should we be with any Pittance. let us be gone from etc. when we remember we are but strangers in an In. or drop. of our most gracious Father. ply to get aboard that which will passe. of Cloaths. vouchsafed unto us. reproaches. when we remember that this is the short span of our -purging and fitting for an eternall Glory. who passe away and wither (it may be before night) like grasse. from the hands of men. and turne to blessed account in our own countrey? How should we over-look and despise this v&orlds trash which (as the holy <wom$n going to be burnt for C&rist said of money) will not passe in Heaven? How zealous for the true Gody the true CAr&r/y his praise. etc. How should we . that we should nt>t be condemned with the world? quietly (without the swellings of revenge and should we bear the daily injuries. and though we dreame of long Summer dayes. of Friendship. or as the smoake on the chimnies top. how busie. pervorath) secutings.darke and dolefull.? thankful unto God. or rag. of Respect. Av&ay^ Away. but passengers in a Ship. and their lo'ue and hatred How How How shall quickly perish? Yea. and that when we are judged we are chastened of the Lord. etc.

though guilded o're with truth. and "he that sotsoeth to the Spirit. yea even to our enemies. how constant (like Christ Jesus our the Spirit by Paul to the Galathians: He that soiveth to the -flesh. of which every minute is precious. and that as our sowing humble witnesse against the lyes and cozening delusions of the Father of lyes. and that by the hands of the highest or holyest upon the Earth? his truth. must be our eternall Harvest: for so sayeth FINIS. especially to the Household of Faith. Founder and Example} in doing good (especially to the Souls) of all men. shall of the flesh rea^p corruption or rottennesse. his worship. . when we remember that this is our seed time. shall of the Spirit rea^ life everlasting. how faithfull in How frequent.

!. and to seek clarification of the 1644 Charter from the Commonwealth authorities. 1651..FOREWORD TO The Fourth Paper. Presented by Major Butler ROGER WILLIAMS sailed on his second mission to England in Novem- ber. The constant jealousy of the power of Parliament.__. and was attempting to administer the afiairs of the Commonwealth. teriaa stole ctorcfc. guided by the hand of Cromwell.'iA|^w^-i shoulders of Cromwell and tlie amy.' A t^-JL ^fLlvM/v '' ^^' forms of ' ' - - - . His arrival coin- cided with a most troubled condition in English politics and religion* The House of Commons had scarcely recovered from its tragic victory over King Charles. *ui_. &t^^ --'- worsmp* About tnem ^ . In 1645 tie by Land fad been displaced by the 'Itel^fterfffi&j this system was coolly feceived by tfee HMSS of the BafpSfk j)!ffe Jlhen the in 1648 the gre^t fo6dy of ''fcd^^fete kad ridci^. with the object of procuring the repeal of Coddington's commission as Governor of Rhode Island. any harmonious settlement of social and religions diSeraicses* During the decade prior to 1652 the realm had been visited less than three changes m its established church. manifested by the army. Tltfe organization imposed itsdf as vokiog'' (be.

but opposed directly the theory of even a partial state church. They were in favor of a and allowing toleration within partially fostered by the State. It was . Professor Masson. Antinomians. Among these was a series of four proposals made by Major William Butler. His arguments were not only in favor of absolute toleration. Familists. they entered a protest with Parliament.Anabaptists. when in London a Latin edition of the Racovian Catethere was It had become license. was not yet so sure of its own footing that it could attack the momentous problem of a national religion. at this juncture that Roger Williams. The larger question of religious toleration did not become an important issue until early in 1652. all urging their several peculiar doctrines." Shortly. certain limits. or profanation of the Sabbath. To the Presbyterians. fresh from New Engentered into the controversy. even these proposals seemed by far too liberal. As the guardian of public morals it occasionally enacted laws against such crimes as drunkenness. blasphemy. Arminians. and speedily assaulted the committee with petitions of protest and advice. In the midst of a contest concerning landy freedom of conscience. the chief subject became a series of fifteen proposals made by the same ministers who had complained against the Socinian heresy. The was referred to a committee of complaint against the heretical book which a few months later ordered the edition to be burned. a soldier in Cromwell's army. published the Socinians. who forty. he could hardly stand idle. containing the so-called heretical doctrines of a group of Independent ministers this was too much to swallow. Dissenters would be required to meet in "places publicly Church known. Liberty possessed considerable influence with Cromwell. and an extreme Tolerationist. of a smaller comfar-reaching result was the appointment offered for the better mittee "to consider upon such Proposals as shall be A more of controversy Propagation of the Gospel. Libertines. Seekers- Parliament remained strangely passive amidst all this spiritual chaos. Led by John Owen. For chism." and those who opposed the principles of the Christian Religion would not be suffered to preach any doctrine to the contrary. But the dissenting sects realized at once that religious liberty was not here recognized as a principle.

just too late for inclusion in the Narrag^nsett Clii> PcWjcatioiis. The tract contains the original fifteen proposals of the ministers. but no copy was loped until like 1874. in March of 1652. pertinently asks. Dr. Christopher Goad written in their favor. his man in the monumental Life of Milton. rarity. that all Civil Magistracie in the meerly and essentially Civil 5 And that the Civil Magistrate can truly take cognisance of nothing. his own Major Butler's counter- proposals. as a Civil Magistrate. he says that "in these late years God hath made it evident. Parliament The Fourth Paper. Its existence most of Williams* shorter works* is a great was known to scholars. f^ reads. but wfcat is proper and within his Civil Sphean" And in a burst of eloquence adds. "Was he not the whole world who had done most to propagate the theory of Absolute Voluntaryism in Religion. It is a gratifyingly brief summation of Williams' position. he published. Presented By Major Sutler. or No State-Church of any kind. and an explanatory testimony by Williams himself.$egps. This testimony to the Proposals occupies the larger part of the pamphlet.ia a bound volume of pamphlets. A^fadbr-iM it to my . concentrated on the first paragraph's declaration that no man or group of men are sufficient to bring about "one unanimous Consent and Vote" In discussing the question of the spiritual power of the civil magistrate. and might it not be said that the controversy he now found going on was the result in great part of the ideas he had himself sown in the English mind in his former visit.'* pay. a letter from Mr. Realizing the importance of placing them more prominently before the English public. Hammond Truinbtill uncovered the tract in Lepcte . TnimfaoIFs note on tfe. more especially in his famous book of 1644 called the Bloudy Tenent of Persecution. and that the Voluntaries he now found so numerous in England were his own pupils?" Williams found Major Butler's proposals exactly in accordance with sentiments. The Fourth Payer. ^Tliis lost tract of Roger Wilian^H-iiidmowii tD I attjr' c^ibi^ "biographers : Wf have been in search of for teR. "Oh that it would please the Father of Spirits to affect the heart of the is World to proclaim a true and absolute Soul-freedom to all the of the Land impartially 5 so that no person be forced to BOT people prajr otherwise than as his Soul believeth and consented!.

W." the gnarled style and erratic punctuation are entirely characteristic." There can be no doubt that it was written by Williams. More ship. an express reference to the "great controversie of and myself/' and a margithe Bloody Tenet.. May 22.T.H. nal note says. . "Of which I have spoken more particularly in the Hireconclusively there is COTTON and ling Ministry. J." The latter tract was then in the hands of the printer. 1874. All the internal evidence points to his authorBesides the familiar appearance of the signature "R. between Mr. in fact appeared a month later.hands today.

f CMr. <Mr. Witt. to the faid fourth Paper . w S Unto which is fubjoyned the Fifteen Propofals of the M N I I T R S> the I*di*t Printed fof Gtift C*lvtrtt at the Biack-fored-Ek . aad is attended to be made good CMajor BtttUr. ALSO ATeftimony By way of Explanation upon the four PROPOSALS sr R.and was. Which Paper was humbly owned. And By CCoL Daffverf. Charles Y*#t.The To the Fourth Paper Prefented > by Maior Pailiameat . of ic. T*rtr* A Letter from Mr. to CMajor B u T L E. ><Mr. R f PA PER upon occafion ofthe faid and PROPOSALS. Butler 7 Honourable Committee of for the Propagating the Gofpel of Ckrifi JESUS. (joad. fackfin. j cMr.


The liberty of Prophesying. that little hofes appears of their Honours Time and Purpose (if of Reading. as also of Mr. furnishing paper with this fourth many Christian Voluntiers. (as ufon this high point of Propagating the Gospel of Jesus they must needs agree in one unanimous Consent and Vote like occasion). yet hardly) of Examining and debating all of them. (according to the Parliaments order) hath freely (and with abundance of Christian Civility and gentleness} received many and several Papers from many and several sorts of Men The Honourable Committee and Consciences. together with the Scriptures at large. and therefore are they both presented. / acknowledge a most wise providence of God. then our streets (like . Paul once sfake upon the sufficient Who is sufficient? We are not for these things. and the Mercies liberty of Trying. Goads Letter. and the liberty of presenting imto Trial.To the truly Christian Reader. who chearjully subscribing. no convenience for my subscription: But since the The Stationer was solicitous of gratifying the desire of many with the sight of the Ministers fifteen Proposals. are if now vouchsafed to us> of higher value. left number of Proposals is so increased. to consult If Christ. I am therefore humbly bold to present this Explication and Testimony. all the Angels in Heaven were turned into a grand Committee. for the more dear and easie discovery of the sence and scope intended.

Rubies.worships : As to Spiritual Crown of Christ Jesus upon Henry 8. to be jealous of their My humble desire the subtlety of the heighth of this business: the easiness of mistaking. of Armies. I will end late Speeches of his Excellency the Lord General. zealously to argue against a Laodicean. Such a spirit as it is from God. and the Peace and Tranquility of this Nation humbly prays The Unworthiest of all the Followers Jesus. His Excellency with much Christian zeal and affection for his m own Conscience professed also^ That he had rather that that one of Mahumetanism were permitted amongst usy then Children should be persecuted. since y As to the stopping the breath of the Spirit of Christ Jesus. and the high Court his own Spirit. to this upon to discover purpose. and the to guard this Nation Gods Lamb of God. of Navies. to cry to him to guide by both the Honourable Committee. I shall need no Revelation {said that Noble Lord) unto me that man that endeavours to impose upon his Brethren. of Pestilendes. own Insufficiencies to 'perceive the of Parliament. of Men and Devils: For the pouring forth of this Spirit. at a differency Religion. professing for his party That he had rather be a Saul then a Gallic. so is it like from the Terrours of Ecclipses.W. and Will. the guilt of National superstitions.those of Jerusalem to come) were (literally) of "pure Gold. . persecution. is not bound up from deceiving whole Nations) the yet Serpent (who this Nation. occasion of these papers. When it pleased an Honourable Gentleman of the Committee. or stones were the richest Diamonds and. and Witnesses of Christ R. and in a confluence of many Auditors. The one before many witnesses. the setting of the his head y and so ever the persecuting of the said Lord Jesus in his Witnesses And since I have mentioned that point of and and Servants. and lukewarm' inother -. The with two excellent Debate of the Honourable Committee. if all our is y to all that fear God. As to Piety and Equity of Soul-freedom.

humbly Presented to the Honourable Committee for the Propagating of the Gospel.20. Propos. 4. is door into the Sheepfold) but cUmbeth uf some other w&yt ike $&me is a Thief and a Robber: but he that entreth in by the door is the Shepherd of the sheep. John 10. that the Gospel that w&$ pre&c&ed of not after man. some Prophets. He that e&freth wot fa by the Gal. Act. . Verily I say imto you. but by the Holy 1. for neither received it I of mm. etc.19. But Peter and John said unto them. 12. more then unto God. 10.16. neither was I me.5. Ministry. hearken unto you.3. judge ye: the things Which we have seen and heard. etc. ult. Mat. But I certifie you. Spirit. taught it but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Pray therefore the Lord of the Harvest. some and some Pastors and Teachers: for the Work of the Evangelists. I From Mat. 4. 9. Behold I send you forth as Sheep amongst Wolves etc. And he gave some Apostles. whether it be right in the fight of God to For we cannot but speak Ephes.11. that he would send forth Labourers. 12. No man can say that Jesus is the Lord.11. etc.Certain Proposals from the Scriptures. I Cor.

And the servant of the Lord must not strive. r thwe must be also Heresies amongst you. 2. for there are certain men crept In etc. etc. If God peradventure will give them Repentance. The Parable of the Tares. and we forbad him. and bring upon themselves swift destruction. Forbid him not. who privily shall bring in damnable Heresies.4.1. From Mat. Luke 949^5' And John answered and said.15. have not the faith of the Lord Jesus. of glory. that the Judgement and Condemnation of such false Teachers and Hereticks be left to himself? . 2. ver.24. they which are approved may be made manifest amongst you. My brethren.24. even denying the Lord that bought them. them by his Spirit. we saw one casting out devils in thy name. But there were false Prophets amongst them: even so there shall be false Teachers amongst you. And Jesus said unto him. 11. without the Testimony and Reward of men? Propos. Jude 3. furnishing Harvest. 2.19. 2 Tim. but be gentle towards all men*.25. F 2 Pet. of God who it be not the Will (or Counsell) that there must be Heresies. Whether Christ Jesus.James 2. It is humbly Proposed. because he followeth not with us. yea damnable Heresies. Master. to the 40. for he that Is not against us. So on to ver.34. Contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered to the Saints. 10. that 1 Cor. the Lori I. II 13. the Lord of the doth not send forth Labourers into his Vineyard. the good seed the children of the Kingdom. t&at such are approved may be made manifest? And whether it be not the humbly Proposed. Acts 5. and bearing witness to their Labours. 38. It is Is for us. with respect of persons.26.1. The Field is the world. but the Tares the children of the wicked one. Whether pleasure of God. Gamaliels advice concerning the Apostles.

1 6. be of God. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin. to live freely and peaceably amongst us? it Whether . 7. be not the servants of men. whose conversion we look for. Stand fast in the liberties wherewith Christ hath made you 14. faith it is impossible to flease God. 14.Propos. 1 1.1. Gal. It is Jesus to his people? Propos. be not the duty of the Magistrate to permit the Jews. 1. humbly Proposed. Who art free. Ill From Rom.4.23. You are bought with a price. thou that judgest another mans servant? I Cor. be not against the Liberties given by Christ 3. but try the sprits. IV II From Rom. I Without Rom. Whether for the Civil powers to assume a Judgement in Spirituals. etc. Heb. Gal. 4.1. 5. whether they John 4. / conferred not with 'flesh and blood. ult. Believe not every sprit. 6.

and we cannot go back to mens Judgements. it is dismisseth these. nor Cefhas: we are come into the unity of the Sprit. and God forbid we should rejoyce in any thing save that. by which the world is Crucified unto us. Your Payer which you left with me. it is to make it of none which is weakness and foolishness unto the effect. and to undertake to carry the Cross by these. concerning which. where only comes the demonstration of the Sprit and power: and if it be said that the 'principalities to which all Sprit goes forth in these. whilst reaching not unto the Conscience. when he was to world. the power. Goads Letter to Major Butler Major Butler. Not by might. nor by "power. we are come to God the Judge of all. that the Spirit going forth. knowing such as are mighty through God to cast down strong holds. but by build the Temfle: it is the Cross of Christ my Sprit. is nonsence and contradiction . we are returned unto the Archbishop of our Souls.Mr. God hath made us able . stronger and wiser then the world. answered. hath set my thoughts on work about the way of the propagating of the Gospel. and to Jesus the Mediator of the new Covenant. Hosts. and righteousness of man is altogether insufficient. nor Apollo. quot homines tot sententiae-. and to wrastle with and powers. we are neither of Paul. though seeming Pillars. Thus saith the Lord of by which we are saved. as Gideon did his Souldiers. even in its wisdom and righteousness. nor give our voice for the use of any Carnal weapons. and high imaginations. and the Ruler of the darkness of this world. wisdom.

and cutting it short in righteousness. the truth. and God is finishing the work apace. but of the Sprit . whose feet are Iron aini no where but in his stump. upon his last legs.Ministers of the new Testament. that the man of Sin might be revealed: but it will come forth. we answer that it hath been long withdrawn. but a further revealing of the man of sin. obstruct it. in which he is coming forth: how soon was he thrown down in his last appewmea and rising among us: even before he could bite> his teeth were broken: God smote him on the Cheek bone: before the Thorns were grown liard to prick. nor Truth that cannot defend themselves and me. for so destruction Gd r . which is not enough to quicken him thoroughly in this his last image and form. and the life: let me have no God. any strength and wisdom. and get himself honour upon him. and is now coming. not in of the Letter. but in the Spirits. whose appearance deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. and that Pharaoh should rise unto his full greatness. agasbst this Sorcery . and with the Lord. or deliver themselves and me into freedome: having upon design suf- way of the Lord: Christ is fered bonds to be put upon them. there is life by the brightness of Ms commg. and sin. and Satan. Blessed are they who go forth in. to the propagation of the Gospel. and we are resolved to be weak. and therefore let error. even his utter amslitmptio& and Antichrist is now getting up Clay. that is. till we come forth in him. not preparing the the way. that he may appear to be above him. and heU. is to doubt of the Sprits truth and power: and if it be asked where this power is. and be glorified: The Causewayes that we make for it. and darkness come forth in their power. as the light keeps out the darkhis return only that can destroy that sin: and All goings forth man of man so in all against is and is it. and fools in Christ. pray that it may have free passage. sin. the msdom of Gody and the power of God: to go forth in man. the -fire took hold of them. is the going forth of darkness. for the fae of the Lord upon it is not irill bear swift witness quenched. Tfaere is iio cause to fear for the tayl of this smoking firebrand. to and go forth according to the Proposals of some unto the Committee. it is the will of God they should do so. is to go forth for Christ> against him: The Spirit of God his presence did let and hinder the revealing of the ness: It is of sin. no Christ.

and now that Balams incantations are in vain. but it will be by fire. they go from the glory of his Majesty. I Cor. interpreted to be the laying of another foundation. and smite them. bring forth your women to Lord by his Spirit upon them from his Temple. and defiling the Temple of God. is by the Spirit of God in Paul. but ere they begin again to vex with these wiles. not foundation can no man knowing that our strength is to sit still 5 other lay but that which is laid. that they have no care of Religion. snare them with your prudential way of Gospel propagation. even upon those that have stood in his way. hath been the -founand confusion which hath been in the dation of all the persecution Churches: how hath the God of this world blinded mens eyes: how are those which were clothed in Scarlet. and putting weapons into the evil setting up themselves servants hands to beat his -fellow servants. to of the Bishop. who will set the thorns and bryars my soul goes against him: he will go through them. which he that doth. because the Lord and Master desolation. hath been condemned: The hostility nothing them. God is going on his way conquering and to conquer. will appear to be the abomination of talking of -foundation doctrines. now imbracing the dunghils? That which is now held forth in forth in pitty to them. who is defers his coming. but how would I save them from that fire.are all the dealings of men in the things of God: and this foundation that some Proposers are laying. and his voice will be heard. even Jesus Christ: or Apollo any thing. vex the Midianites. When there is thrust out of his office. he hath left him do but this 5 Midian. tell them what a reproach lies upon them from all Nations. sure they shall be saved. and the treachery joyned with hostility in the Presbyters. is in his place. every tongue that hath risen up in Judgement. but he hath been . from henceforth be silent all will suddenly be flesh. him shall God destroy. and that they give liberty to all heresies and fanatical sprits. and to make Paul some Proposals. when Christ the Corner stone refused of the builders. and would not give him free passage: there is no weapon hath prospered against our present State. 3. the The Philistims know where Sampsons strength lies. and to the Moles and Bats. and burn them together: Mark where the indignation of the Lord hath of late fallen.

nay the Wheat will be destroyed.weak and blind long enough. and and throw out these The last Spirit of Christ saith. whether they may be tolerated among us. waiting with you for his Kingdome. shall make you no more sport with pillars is left desolate. Yours Christopher Goad. scatter. and there is nothing intended but weeding out the Tares. and flourish. 8. and it stands before the world and now I look when the Lord will witness unto me. which I believe the Proposers do not see. which he doth already but openlyj for which work he secretly I in Print. Your Querie concerning the Jews. and the good of the Corn. which is not of this world. your house of it. he him. . even to cast out. and have no confidence in the flesh. at the door. not to them. and the Lord is now resolved that the Wheat shall spread it. but the Husbandman knows that by this husbandry the Wheat will be pulled up with the Tares. for they know not what they do. have given my testimony in this thing. is Remove from these mens Tents. into the fire. is so wishing you the presence of the Lord with you. and destroy those inward spiritual Jews. or no? I am sure that this is now in design in some Proposals. therefore Father forgive them. and the Tares nourished. And March 1651. I rest. he will come himself and sever the Tares from husbandmen^ with them. his hands are shaking the main O are fair ye Philistims! All the risings and puttings forth of Antichrist and well looking.

Apostolical Gifts and Abilities in the Men except they sent. viz. Secondly. of Christ Jesus sending re- forth of his own Messengers: that there is I humbly pray it may be v$he$. The one of Pastors and Teachers. sent forth to convert and and beget to Christ. How be Apostliz'd. feeding the Flocks a i rea(iy Christian The twofold and Converted. membered. As to the first Head. ^ Messengers or Apostles. First. a greater spiritual -power in the Senders. 4. . or Sent? Upon which Distinction I humbly offer three things to be necessarily supposed. First. except 10). I.11 a twofold Ministry of Christ Jesus. . Of this sort I humbly conceive is the Sending now in debate before you: and of this ' 2 ^e ot ^ er sort is (Rom. to I vouchsafe that that Honourable Committee Time and Hearts to examine the Scriptures alleged in that Paper: And at present. "t is my humble Petition to the God of Heaven. that they may please to weigh (with those double weights of the Sanctuary) this humble Explication of the Four Proposals.A Testimony to the 4th Paper presented by Major Butler to the Honorable Committee for propagating the Gospel. that Sending and Questioning so large and punctual can they Preach.

his XII. etc. that none that I know of professing Christ Jesus these many hundred years. 10. I say. Yet. the Wicklevists. immediately stirr'd up Paul and A^pollos. who doubtless hath now stirred up more than ever were in this Nation. The Waldenses. These Protestant Witnesses could never clear up their Functions or Ministeries (as Bishops or Presbyters) yet endowed them with Prophetical Gifts of Translating and Expounding the Scriptures. CaUfa& and Wages shall all be \Gentlemen. not only withour Civil. And doubtless such is his faithfulness and lowe to his Chosen. they were as Prophets immediately stirr'd up by Christ Jesus. etc. Physitians. Chapters. that he wUl yet stir up his Witness^ aed Prophets. but also without Spiritual and Church power. afterwards to all Nations. the Calvinists. Whose Gifts. and to prove such a Ministery extant. and mediately by the Church at Antioch. yea and in his time Apostles and Me$$&*fg&r$ * Of which 1 have spoken more farticularly in the Hireling- from Himself. Souldiers. doubtless hath Christ Jesus ^ * Wmk to the Nations of the World. He hath in all Ages stirr'd up his Prophets to witness (in a poor and mournful sackcloth) Rev. 10. Yea since the Afostasie and Rising of Antichrist. 1 6. Of Lastly. the He &H. Thirdly. other- whom Which wise then by some (seemingly) Prudential Inventions. L&voyers. Christ Jesus did immediately send forth by his im- mediate sending. estate in the People to such Messengers are sent to preach and baptize. it supposes an unconverted. Mat. as to those Terms of Te$tiww$f9 $&$&&& of Ministry etc* . Spirit. Mat. 10. Secondly. Luc. are three such Knots. have been able to untie.&I4 His sending of Prophets all the reign of Antichrist Lutherans. men of Prophetical Gifts and Sprits. Act.according to that Rule: Greater is the Sender then the Sent. First to the Jews. or the Power of the Sword. others only with the Scriptures. Tradesm&il some adorned with Humane Learning. the Hussites. Christ Jesus did immediately send forth his Christ Jesus his first Messengers (Legatos a Latere) his LXX. 13.

of Permitting False teachers and Hereticks: I am humbly confident. Hereticks. To is not Bishops) for Preaching. that they may learn not to Blaspheme. sometimes by subduing . the Wheat and the Tares. That for the Magistrates would be found to sollicite his Pay and Sword. to trade. have most commonly been accounted. without which they will not be sent. and in works denying him. hath not been without Care against Hereand Blasphemers: First. professing to know Christ Jesus in word. It seems to be an ungosfel or unchristian task put upon the were it Civil State. his Text or testimony doubtless such Preachers. and with Blasphemers.) Paul delivered Hymineus and Alexander unto Sathan. I humbly conceive they can would be little re- never be said to be sent by Christ Jesus. very few Text or Testimony. 2. that the Lord Jesus Christ himself. cannot but be acknowledged to live and practical Christ Jesus his course die (if without Repentance) in constant real Denyings and Blasyhemings of Christ Jesus. The Body of this Nation. 2. Seducers. etc. But sword and mony. Upon a due survey it will be found. 3. garded. should be permitted to dwell. by judging them without: First. although all the Civil Powers in the World should subscribe to their Commissions and Sendings. or so much. and Blasphemers in the World. It were it not for the Magistrates grant Licenses (as the not hard to guesse. by judging them that are within among the Saints: therefore (I Tim. I. To the second Head. and of all Nations profess- ing Christianity. to live and die in the common Field of the World together. ticks 4. who (either above or under board) make a Bargain for so much. sometimes by horrible judgments in this life.Men 5 I am far from obstructing any countenance or en- couragement to any whom Christ Jesus stirs up. I. that (from the Scriptures alleadged) it will appear to be the will of God. viz. and have suffered as the greatest Deceivers. and his Servants. that Christians and Antichristians. Christ Jesus Secondly. This only I say.

nor wil. 2* Yet suppose the Magistrates be never so ungodly. Hence. Queens. 7 >? 1 cognisance or nothing. they are ordained (saith Peter and Jude) to condemnation. By the last find not the least trate (as Civil) to outward condition be. And that the Civil Magistrate can truly take may be seen r x>. I humbly conceive. Will and Testament of Christ Jesus. and the Kings of Israel and Judah. Kingdom. as a Cwtl Magistrate. The Magistrate. hath more of Christs ^enet ^ Power. and so have all Saints. 1. 29. Forming. That in these late years hath GOD TI made it evident. (as they were in the first 300 years after Christ) yet Ckist Jesus failed not. people. although it be the Duty of Kings. Reforming his etc. hath a Spiritual power. blasphemous. That great pretence from the Land of Canaan. to be nursing Fathers and Mothers to the Saints: Although it be the Saints Duty to pray for Magistrates. the third Head. the Saints never discovered so bright an Image of . And their To judgment and damnation sleepeth not. to preserve his feints in the Power and Sprit of true Christianity and Godliness: AIM! contrarily. tihat they may live peaceably under them in all Godliness and Magistrates & *&* Honesty. if a Saint. and he that partakes Controvert!* f tke more of his Christs Spirit.them by phemous his Spirit. concerning Civil Magistrates Com- mission in Spirituals. Mag. As for the wilfully and finally obstinate. but what is in that great proper and within his Civil Sphear. The full that all Civil Magistrade in the World is meerly and essen- debate of daily Civil. as Paul from his persecuting and blas- courses. idolatrous. the King Head of all the Israel of God. bloody.The Saints ** istrates. and the Lord Jesus Christ and himself to be the Antitype of all those Figures. Tim. Jer. whatever 2. and I. hath been in these late years proved but weak and sandie. Thirdly. we Cotton and my se title of Commission to the Civil Magigisjudge and act in the matters of his Spirit- ual 3.

For instance: with their English Common Prayer. Our Fathers before us in England. what Disagreements about the Title? For while the Clergy have preacht the Jus Divinum of the Princes of the Kings of Authority in Spirituals. and Victories.Christ Jesus since. cannot but expect to be solicited by some of these Consciences. that Christian Kings and Magistrates succeed the Kings of Israel and Judah. the truth is. and the Parliaments could not the Parliament their give them but what the People gave which could not possibly be a Spiritual and Representative. supplanted the Bishops Work Popish Bishops and their Latine Masse: The Presbyterians at last and their Scotch Directories. The Parliament established King Henry the 8. in using Instruments of various Consciences in their late Service. though famous for Civil Laws and Wars. in the power of Establishing Religion. The bicker- ings of the premacy hath continued in four Protestant Yet first. t) all zelous for the Civil sword. of Punishing the contrary '343 . Soul-power. have pleaded. in those times wherein Constantine and so many after him have used and drawn their Civil swords in Spiritual causes. and his Instructions and Promises in such a Work. hath never prospered: but succeedChrist Jesus. and walked in a Circle -. Head of the Church: this Su- the Round. after the pattern Israel and Judah. more enlightened by Secondly. have still been ing Times. That Princes could not receive but what the Parliaments gave them. as we their Children do: and all for plant want of Commissions from Christ Jesus. after some Disputes. rout the Protestant Bishops and their Common Prayers: Now the Parliament being graciously pleased to remind the Providence of the most High. the the Protestant breaking down and pulling up. yet have they but trod plant and pluck up. and Reforming it 5 of Defining Doctrines. espeas Herecially Fundamentals. that Parliaments and People since Princes since. and to be zealously told. and pluck up.

And therefore that they are bound. oh that of the Soul-Bars it would please the Father of Spirits to affect the heart of the Parliament with such a merciful sense and Yokes which our Fathers have kid upon the neck of this Nation. to Establish My humble Prayer shall be to so to guide this Renowned But. the easing and sweetewmg the minds of the people of this Nation. to their own souls. the preventing all the Clwg?c0l Designs of one sort or aaother. in the mouths and hearts of such by whom and in whom he freely pleaseth. that hath from Hes&n set them free fr< and so long continued Slavery* . and at last to proclaim a true and absolute Soul-Freedom to all the people of the Land impartially j so that no person be forced to pray nor f&y. so fair. when the whole people of the Nation shall be engaged as one man to maintain ffest s& gireat Power. that they may see something. of seeing their settle Religion. and injorced. Secondly. Him and shun the Rocks on which our Fathers (as touching a State-Religion) both Papist and Protestant have made most woful shipwrack. our yet Spiritual Lord the Lord Jesus will sooner or later eradiber.ticks and Blasphemers. that cate and pluck them up. And that they may be pleased to remembe the Plants never so new. of Granting Licenses and Authority Wages paid them. Parliament. etc. to Christ. to work freely and in his own way. to to Preachers. as they will answer it to God. so hopeful. untill at last the work and glory be given to Himself. who have so long cried out Burthens etc. as I believe it to be the absolute will of God. otherwise then as his Soul believeth and consenteth. while National} while State-plants. as to this and all the oppressed Nations of the Worldj so will this co most prudent State find it to be a principal Expedient for two great ends: First. and the souls of others. etc. Hence. that is only wise. This **** Act. by the free Breathings of his most power-full Spirit.

we pretend and long. from the dead. so this especially. that they are a Beloved and beloved (as we sometimes love unworthy chilpeople. The holy the peoples and Nations in the World. all dren) for their Fathers sake. 6. but as to the propagating of Christ Jesus to other to look. cannot but be many objections: To all which (as also for some mercifull and humane consideration (at least for a season) to such of the Clergie. The Guilt of England and thereof. that the unchristian Kmgs of as to the oppressions. 5. and freely (without their asking) to make way for their free and peaceable Habitation amongst us. and the Kings had just cause to fear. Upon the Scriptures. have cried to Heaven against this Nation and the Kings and Princes of it. 2. because that People (however for a season under a most Arguments for $erm*ssion of the Jews. and ment. As other Nations. and inhumanities of this Nation against the Jews. Out of some kind of sense of these things. and joyful Knowledge of a Saviour. And the rather. life promised to be as peoples. not only to them- selves. 1. terrible Ecclipse) yet. under most gracious and express Promises. whom any Town or people Such a Service for God and attended with of the Nation shall not freely close with in able to direct the Worship and is Maintenance) the wisdome of the most High infinitely Commonwealths High-Senate of Parliaand doubtless will. They are a people above We rising to the blessed 4. . and pray for their Return and Calling. and the fourth Heady as touching the JEWS: I humbly conceive it to be the Duty of the Civil Magistrate to break down that superstitious wall of separation (as to Civil things) between us Gentiles and the Jews. beg supply from him.the Nation. have the it. is Their rising again to own and imbrace Christ Jesus. Scripture saith. Gentiles by their fall have had the occasion of our 3. incivilities. if they humbly see their want.

if once it please the most High to affect their Honorable breasts with the "piety and equity. But I dare not prejudice the high wisdom and experience of the State. That I am not with.Objections the Objections. It is humbly conceived to be a great and weighty Duty which lies upon this State. and for the furthering of that great end of propagating the Gospel of Christ Jesus. but the Jews themselves keep Chronicles? For the removing of which guilt. W. of their known Industry of inriching themselves in all places where they come. in the Reigns of Henry 2. and Edward L Concerning which not only we. and cannot without horror *&***# Lord Jesus.What horrible oppressions and horrible slaughters have the Jews suffered from the Kings and peoples of this Nation. of the wrath of them y of their denying the necessity of so great a Work. I humbly crave out thoughts of many think of the Jews killing of the leave to say. Lastly. John. . Richard I. abundantly rich and able to provide answerable Expedients. and the pacifying of the wrath of the most High against this Nation. the duty and themselves and their posterity. K. to provide (on the Jews account) some gracious Expedients for such holy and truly Christian Ends. of their cursing Jews God upon Fundamentals of all our Christian Worships of some crimes alleaged for which they have been so afflicted by this Nation-. R.

That a certain number of persons> Ministers and others of Eminence. 1383 . And in case there shall not be found a competent number of such persons in the same County. n* and other Persons. be apto examine> judge and approve all such persons. That no person shall be admitted to Trial and Approbation. and known Ability pointed to sit in every County j and Godliness. though not Ordained. unless he bring a Testimonial of his Piety and 2. that others of one or more neighbour Counties be adjoyned to them.spect to all ters Persons fearing Gody though Propalsy ments. f^T hert sub- ^^ That Persons of Godliness and Gifts. under the hands of six Godly Ministers and Christians gathered together for that end and purpose> unto whom he is personally known: of which number two at the least to be Ministers.The humble Proposals of the Ministers who presented the Petition to the Parliament. do hope I. being thereunto. have received Testimony as above. Feb. as being to preach the Gospel. may be admitted approved when they are called to preach the Gospel. Soundness in the Faith. in the Universian^ elsewhere. for the Furtherance and Propagation of the Gospel in this Nation: wherein they having had equal Re- of the Mims. 3. also that they will tend to of differing judgUnion and Peace.

7. to enquire after^ examine. Scandalous. That care be taken jar the removing the Residue of the Ministers who are Ignorant^ Scandalous. or disaffected to the Government of the Commonwealth. these persons may be assigned in several Companies or Committees. Nonresident. being such as above described. to return and to represent unto the Parliament the Names of fit and sufficient persons. Ministers 6? others to be anointed and approved of. to reside in each of the Counties for such a convenient space of time as shall be requisite. shall upon such Testimonial as aforesmd. That these 'persons so sent and Commissioned. shall have power *&&&& they reside in each County. off&r themselves to such Examination. That to this end. to the six 6. That it be proposed. 8. such as shall be called to preach the Gospel in such Counties: And in the mean time. as having a Call to preach the Gospel jfo such Commissioned Counties.4. either by fa&f&oo&rthe persons in the several Counties to && af*fm0d for Trial emd Approbation of such p&rso&s 0s shall && called to . to examine. That for the expediting this work. may be impower*d. the persons so as aforesaid.. untill the work be done: And calling to their Assistance in their respective Circuits such Godly and able Ministers and others in each of the Counties where they shall reside. 5. Ministers and others of eminent piety. faithfulness^ ability and 'pru- dence> be appointed by Authority of Parliament to go through the Nation. before they shall depart out of each County. as they shall think fit. or Disturbers of the Publike peace. and approve of such persons. that the Parliament b& pleased $a mg take some speedy and eff&ctwal course. judge of. a Number of persons. to assist them in this work. or teaching of Schools. xeal. and of all Schoolmasters who shall be found Polish. Circuits of the Nation. and eject all such persons as shall be found unfit for the Ministery. judge.

Reading and Preaching the Word. That all Ministers so sent forth and established. as occasion shall require. and Expounding the Scriptures. that those places were Dedicated and Consecrated: That the Parliament Will be pleased to declare. that no persons be required to receive the Sacrament. as fit for the same. and already placed. 9. further then their Light shall lead them unto. visiting the sick. That a Law may be provided. for the uniting and dividing of Parishes in the several Counties & Cities within this Commonwealth. but such as he shall approve of. Nor no person sent forth to preach. 1 1. in Prayer. 13. be enjoyned and required to attend the solemn Worship of God. except such persons as through scruple of Conscience do abstain from those Assemblies. awd yet not &avmg advantage or opportunity of some . That whereas divers persons are unsatisfied to come to the publike places of hearing the Word. that all persons whatsoever within this Nation be required to attend to the publike Preaching of the Gospel. be compelled to administer the Sacrament to any. or which shall be placed in any Parish within this Nation. saving the Civil rights and privileges of each Parish. every Lords Day.Breach the Gospel there: Or in such other way as they shall think fit. that such pl&ces are made use of awd continued only for the better cotrvemencie of persons meeting for the publike Worship of God. upon this account. in places commonly allowed. 12. That all persons dissenting from the Doctrine and Way of Worship owned by the State. or consenting thereunto. and using all care and win souls unto Christ. and instructing from house to houses residing amongst the people to whom they are sent. diligence by all ways and means to 10. in reference to the preaching of the Gospel there. and upon no other consideration. Catechising. and usually called Churches. That it is desired.

but in places publikely istrate of * oppose those Principles of Christian Religion.of the publike Meeting-places. some faith- FINIS. That this Honorable Committee be desired to propose to the Parliament. commonly called Churches. or else the Hearts of some of his Faithful Witnesses (against such Graven Images) to present ful and truly Christian Observations. gp to take some speedy and effectual course for the utter sup. and Fifteen Fundamentals: I do humbly beg of the Father of Upon this new Spirits. That the *%' * whereby the minds of Multitudes are corrupted^ and turned c ^hereaside from depending upon the Providence of God> to of is not yet come to my put their Trust in the Lyes of Men and Delusions of Sathan. 14. Parliament be humbly desired f or re .sented z$ P^^menpressing of that Abominable Cheat of Judicial Astrologie. That such who do not receive. And further. . without * upon acknowledgement whereof the Scriptures do clearly and occa &nf *c ~ not to be obtained^ as those formerly complained of by the Ministers 5 may not be suf~ Ministers fered to preach or promulgate any thing in opposition unto were desired plainly affirm that Salvation is such Principles. that He will either graciously please to stir up the Hearts of these Worthy Men to put in some Christian Retractation. hanL Project of these Fifteen Proposals. be required to meet (if they have any constant meetings) known> and to give notice to some Magsuch their place of ordinary meetings. 15.

It was always central to Any issue . and that each preacher depend on the free offerings of his flock. The sectarians flatly refused to support ministers who were not of their own persuasion. and the numerous dissenting sects that had sprung up in the land gleefully escaped them. the occupants of the pulpits began calling for their wages. had no intention of abandoning the practice. Ever since the beginnings civil of centralized government in Christian England the people. concerning the civil authority in religion was bound to gain Roger Williams' immediate attention. under had been taxed for the support of the Church and the compulsion. whether Presbyterian or Independent. But Puritans. Once Cromwell had restored a semblance of order.FOREWORD TO The Hireling Ministry None of CHRISTS APRIL OF 1652 found Roger Williams addressing himself for the third time that Spring to an immediate issue of the hour. even though it was no longer clear what established church remained. during the English Civil Wars there was no power capable of collecting the tithes. Their convenience waited only upon a more stable political situation. bate was under A passionate de- way concerning forced tithes. The more radical dissenters demanded that no official col- lation be made. Nevertheless orthodox clergy.

to Educating of rather then to live under the slavery. Williams' gravest offense here was the use of the word "Hireling". and Plow. which for Christ's sake I have forsaken) since I know what it is to Study. to Souldiery. Williams could and cfid coin the additional phrase "no longer pay no longer pray. Each point is taken up in order. They are a state- hand. *T?fae Universities of the Nationy as subordinate and sdbservient to such ministries and Churches^ are noae of the tutions of Christ Jesus.** Nor cfid he endear himself to the academic Puritans by attacking Qxfond and Cain- bridge conservatism. dispute. as a traitcr ID Ms class and an irretroublemaker. to be an Elder. rather to turn to Law. to be applauded 3 and yet also what it is also to tug at the Oar. amongst Barbarians! why should I not be humbly bold to give my witness faithfully.** The Fourth Particular reads. himself a & .to profess my readiness to disor Writing. his thought." Insti- The scholarly pundits cotiH ctely regard Wil- former Cantabrigian. the joining of piety with "humane learning. George Fox. yea familiar. and at the same time a concise restatement of his attitude toward the civil authority in lifelong matters of conscience. and carefully his position on the issue at argued. and have trod the hopejullest paths to Worldly preferments. with friefflejsy Point Seven strikes into the heart nrf tie c^istiN^ersy. or be-fore by whom soever the present Debate concerns having been enin several points of in my former and later Engaged Nature. is Again he "humbly bold cuss. "/ plead -for liams. with which his opponents were all too to Physic. "And why therefore (since I have not been altogether a stranger to the Learning of the Aegyptians. to Preach. and to labour and trowel day and night amongst English. to dig with the Spade. to describe the clergy who took pay for their work. It was already being used by the hated Quaker. Children. with whom. to Digging and the censure " of a mercenary and Hireling Ministery ? Aside from his central theses. debate. Point Five displays his credentials. either Word Ms deavours " The argument ment of opens with a list of Ten Particulars. But it was merely aaodier example of his sponsible well as with foes. forthright honesty in any controversy. to give my counsel effectuallyy and to perswade with some truly pious and conscientious spirits.

both of Jewes and Gentiles. &c. 7 say from Henry had freedom under Popish Kings of England. . diction. what conscience soever this conscience be 7 judge it here only seasonable to say. peace. Protestant and Papist. of not permitting the Hereticks. In into when writing hurriedly on an issue of the he escapes from the narrow Puritan vocabulary the densely packed imagery of Elizabethan rhetoric. so it little. to wit. . Sword "What a voice from heaven is there. of which both Papist and Protestant are guilty. spilt in the few years of our Protestant Princes. compared with the showers and rivers both of one and the other. unto which the people and safety to other Consciences may as freely goe. or so blasphemous as that of punishing. into a prose this tract of irresistible sincerity. now rotten under us! From Henry Englands first the forecast ages of our the second his time. and not permitting. . Contrast all this with the gentle language of "I speak peace and joy to the weakest Lamb and Child Experiments. the Blasphemers. (in Christianity) that eyes.Impartiality and equal freedom. Grosvenor incorporated the text into his book "A Review of the of Messrs. so weake. will fall upon this Bloody Tenent. while their consciences tensity of Williams' style moment. that it is so low. how little bloud was spilt. when yoke was clapt on poore Irelands neck. that the guilt of all that blood. a field of blood $ probable it is. the consciences and worships. unto Henry the eight. that no opinion in the world is comparably so bloody. in a civil way of Cohabitation. Fuller and Wayland on the subject of . in Fathers. and this ac- cording to each conscience. and Assemblies." Here follow two vivid paragraphs on the persecutions in Ireland: "Ireland hath been an Akeldama. English or Irish. as the falls either into the hand of a Popish or a Protestant Victor." This is the instinc- tive versatility of an honest man's The HIRELING MINISTRY liams' works* It is one of the rarest of Roger Wilwas not reissued until the nineteenth century when Cy- ras P. while the consciences of the Catholicks have been restrained by the civil Sword and Penalties? " We have quoted thus copiously to illustrate the directness and inthe second his time. so poor in its owne sometimes saith. hath no Christ.

" Utica. and no plausible ex- planation comes readily to mind.American Slavery. The precious tract was not printed the Narragansett Edition. since the tide appears in their bibliography of his writings. The Editors were certainly aware of in its The existence. reasons behind this omission remain obscure. 1847. .


whom theprcjent ^Debate thereof con>cerns. J CHRIST the Propa- Humbly Trefentedto ftcb Tioiu and Honourable Hands. in New <f London. WILLIAMS.The |j / W^S*!* Hireling ov /* Miniftry| VTt iLg CHIUSTS. Printed in the lecond Moneth. . A Difcourfe touching r OR I 1 |g gating the Goipel of s o s.


as subordinate and subservient to such ministries and Churches. and prophesie until their witness be finished^ and $lmghters probably neer approching accomplished* . its of what worship and mmstney whether parochial or otherwise? and maintenance they please. 1. 3. is found inforcing of the Nation to such a constitution is the greatest soul oppression in this Nation. that so long oppressing yoake of such ministries and Yet in it. Grand Idoll of the Nation. and to make jree choice be permitted to see with 7. Yet Ever since the beast Antichrist rose. It is the absolute duty of the civil state to set free the souls of all men from churches. The to be the 2. 8. The The Universities of the Nation. Nationall and Parishional Constitution of Churches. who must continue tiieir witness.In this Discourse are briefly touched these Particulars. Ought the Nation and every person own eyes. 4. 6. The Hireling Ministrie attending upon such assemblies or others is none of the ministrie of Christ Jesus. The Apostolical Commission and mimstrie is long since interrupted and discontinued. 5. are none of the Institutions of Christ Jesus. the Lord hsA stirred up the m&tistrte of Prophesie.

and the free permission of the Nation to frequent such assemblies. The free permitting of the consciences and meetings and faithful people of conscionable throughout the Nation.9 The provocation of the holy eyes is great in all courts throughout the Nation. by millions of legal oaths. pal Meanes and expedients . which if not redressed. who will not hold him 10. will be one of the princi(as the present state of Christianity stands) for the propagating and spreading of the Gospel of the Son of God. giMess which taketh his name in vain. may yet be a fire kindled from his Jealousie.

To all such Honourable and Pious hands. And being desired by emm&at md friends. who with in- genious Civility desire to search whether what's presented concerning Christ Jesusy be so or no. All humble respective Salutations. It bemg a loved) how frop&g&ted m Bepresent high Debate (Honourable the Gospel of Christ Jesus might more be this Nation: 2. * 7 i T? j JT i later Eadeavoors. the present Debate touching the whom propagating of CHRIST'S Gospel concernes: AND TO All such gentle Bereans. to c&st m my mite towards h: 3. ttgmnst th$t bloody Teoent ^ m my jo$m&r wtd ^T* of Berseen- And hmmg b&m Tke Authors Ca^^ f Enlexuow. ^ tion far come of Conscience: 4. md the ^nrite oj 14% both . engaged in several points of this Nature. And &k hmmg &&8tf f^md to ofaseroe the G<rii^s of God.

to I do absolutely deny it (against all com- be the Burthen oj the Civil State to take mers) cognisance of any Spiritual cause. debate. as touching the Church. and Advantage blows) from Popery to Protestantisme. who being themselves Mercenary deceived. // my first Intentions or offensive. with all readiness to discuss. to manage Heav- enly and Spiritual causes (and that only with Spiritual Weapons against Spiritual Oppositions). 3. not to hide my candle under a Bed oj Ease and Pleasure. if not to Independency . on a Candlestick oj this publike and the Praise of the Father of 2. and I do positively assert it. from Presbyterie. many to Presbyterie and Prelacie. I suddenly drew and delivered two Copies unto two eminent friends of up. And therefore that the Higher Powers have been constantly deceived by the and Hireling Ministry. help of the Press. again! from Popery to Protestantisme From Prelade to Presbyterie. // is true. to use the all Lights and Godliness. and will again to Popery (in some cases) C'523 . and due submission.Old and New England. am humbly bold (I hope in the power of the to profess Most High) my pute. deceive j and tack about (as the Wind. and Time. proper and alone work of the holy Son and Spirit of in the hands of his Saints God and Prophets. Jesus Christ. either by Word whom soever the present Debate concerns. the Ministry and Ordinances oj Jesus Christ 5 I did humbly apprehend my Call jrom Heaven . for the Benefit of others. I am thus (beyond and Desires) held forth in Publike. and being (therefore) advised by some honourable Friends. with whom. disor Writing. dissatisfactory. or before Christian meekness. ought I have expressed seem harsh. it Contrary to Intention and this. I. Tfo Civil Power in all Ages. to be the deceived and deceiving Hirelings. and this Nation: But being importuned for more Copies then I was possibly able to transcribe. For the Substance and most of Desire. deceived by the 4. or a Bushel of Gain in and Profit 5 but to set it Profession. from Protestantisme to Popery. from Presbyterie.

I am perswaded to acknowledge my unworthiness to hold The excellent Gl a Candle or Book unto them. to flead with all his Children of Light effectually. to be an Elder. my Maker (said Elihu) would quickly ^J^"** away.rather than lose (as they say) the Liberty of Preaching! But what that of God.) men> judge impartially in the fear else (Gain. to Educating of Children. 7 humbly acknowledge (as to Personal worth) / deal with men. Yet loss is of somewhat let themselves. of them) worthy of all true Christian (many Love and Honour: look down upon myself. I D533 . and have trod the hofefullest faths to Worldly preferrnents. and all Honour. which for Christ's sake I have forsaken) since I ** and spirit know what it is applauded. Holy I a Child of Light? Is the Father of >& **& Lights my Fatter. so that they may look uf3 wonder. yeay and for Personal Holiness 5. principle. to be yet also what it is also to tug at the Oar. And yet y if I give flattering respects really In which when I ^ Titles unto take me men. and jay. to Souldiery. and to ferswade with some conscientious spirits. rather to turn to Law. elevated above the common rank of men. to cease from Prophecying) rather than Digging (*** ye* truly pious and w* under the slavery. to Physic. to give my counsel effectually. and to labour and travel to Study. and why therefore (since I have not been who are yet captivated th r- altogether a stranger to the Learning of the Aegyptians. and others also) of a mercenary and Jesus to live Hireling Mimstery? 6. and Plow. the Saints my fellow Brethren and Scholkrs Christ Jesus> the children of light also? What make I then in dark Am md m like those that have been dead of old? What mate places. for many excellent gifts. yea and the censure (from Christ and his Saints. ** **? To which end> my humble and hearty cry is to the Father of Lights. and to dig with the Spade. to Preach. &c. amongst Barbarians!) why should I not be humbly bold to give my witness faithfully. day and night amongst English.

been studying a great while these two points First. to wit> to take down places or persons which themfreedom selves or Fathers have erected: yet I. 7 . &c? / have been told a quick passage between the truly Noble Earl of Essex (in Queen Elizabeth her days} and a truly able and zealous Non-conformist: I have said the Earl. they freely please. but what is spiritual in their spiritual causes. That same blessed Spirit breaths (I doubt not) in many heavenly spirits of our Times in Parliament. . and I have laboured with the Queen to .- prefer none but good men to her Bishopricks. which if I find as them to be bad as their Persons be-. Benefices. Promotions. . from their consciences and worships . the Parishes. It may also be> that his most holy and pure Eye sees they . . Only let it be their souls choice. the Persons of the Bishops. the Livings. 1. and and flower - God most wisely tlis- choice fas their holy desire hath been to prefer the of Able and Godly men to Places in City. for whom some Crownes heft to which their Fathers heads were not so fitted. Let ^ e fr one> fo af on & tie i the tb& Townes. Hireling places. then> then &c. and no inforcing Sword. // may yet so please the Father Q J Spi ri ts to stir up their Noble minds to meditate as well y wjorkySomt the Fathers and some to the Children. The next thing is their Places. and let their maintenance be by Tenths and Fifths. uttfo which 2. Impartial am m *f> $ y^ om ^ ^ three Nations be undisturbed by any civil Sword. peace. and divisions of people in the Nations. $outh of in Country. though Parochial. though traditional. . in the Army. 7* And yet although I humbly give the Civil state ifs soul Right. 'But they soon croft of that Noble head &c. or how / plead for Impartiality and equal freedom.. in University. emd safety to other Consciences and Assemblies. . also far from take neck of ofhers. and enough already: More are work left for growing sprigs. in Councel.. .amongst the Graves and Tombs. Stipends. as they have too well known their persons. ^w 'been highly is honoured.

opinion in the world is comparably so bloody. I say from Henry the second his time^ unto Henry the eight^ while their consciences had freedom under popish Kings of England. I humbly hope. of not permitting Papist the Hereticks. prob. the Jewes and Gentiles. Ireland What of our Fathers. Papist. all Ordinances j for I professedly &DQW m&!ffi Churches. and the infemiptiiig of the "first mmistry and order. that the guilt of all that blood. as the Sword jails either into the hand of a Popish or a Protestant Victor. Object. a field of blood. that I humbly conceivey that this objection. I judge it here only seasonable to say. &c. and all that can be said is satisfied in my late un washing of Cotton's washing of the Bloody Tenent: in that late endeavour. while the consciences of the C&tkoticks have been restrained by the civil Sword and penalties? Eightly> In the discourse mistake^ which say I all it will appear. that no (as to piety or policy) M. But would you have say some Jews. God hath gr&domly &$$$> md . the Blasphemers. tmnt that since the Apostasie. will fall ^it ^ lies. compared with the showers and rivers both of one and the other> spit in the jew years of owr Protestant Princes. how gre&tly some dedame against all Ministries. in a civil and worships. of which both and Protestant are guilty 5 to wit. how little bloud was sfilt* English or Irish. may as freely goe> and this according to each conwhat conscience soever this conscience be (not transgressing against Civilities) whether of Jews or Gentile.the "people science.Where the & lt f al1 it is. I have made it evident. able as that of punishing. in the -forecast ages now rotten under us! From Henry the when Englands first yoke was claft on foore Irelands neck. Protestant and 5 upon this Bloody Tenent. or so blasconsciences phemous way of Cohabitation. second his time> a voice from heaven is there. and Papists live in Protestant countries? I answer. both of Ireland hath been an Akeldama. Turks. and not permitting.

and laying on of hands. and exhorted and comforted each other. shall not only Reigne with him. for every soul in the three Nations. of Prophets^ who during all the raigne of Antichrist. for liberty. . for death. have -prophesied in and the sackcloth. and more and more frefared with the golden shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of peace. for imprisonment. my humble and hearty cry to the Father of mercies. whether of higher or lower rank.The ministry ately stirred uf> and sent -forth the ministrie of his Prophets. and full of Glory. Lastly what ever be the Issue of all their publick agitations. but here also in the midst of outward sorrows. (as others reigne of Antichrist. for want. for abundance. that we may more cry and endeavour for assurance of personal reconciliation in the blood of the lambe. and distractions more abound in mercy and compassion to the soules and consciences j and wofull conditions of others. for adversity. more and more for is and more participation of the divine Nature in the purity and holiness the spirit of God: more and more lament (with Jeremy) of the division and desolations of God*s feofle and the holy Ordinances and Worship of The duty of each 'particular child of God in the God in Christ Jesus: more and after love and all possible communion with 'press God's feofle in the midst of many differences: -more and more midst of differences. and the saints and people of God have more or of People God have assembled with them all the gathered to and assembled with them: they have praid and fasted together. ready for all the good pleasure of God in Christ Jesus: for prosperity. Jews or Gentiles. for dishonour. for honour. that desire to fear him. conceive themselves to be) as touching the doctrines of Baptismes. be filled with Joy unspeakable. as knowing that they that suffer with Jesus. for life. less and so do. notwithstanding that some are not ferswaded and satisfied.

Being Desired by some Loving Friends
to cast in

my Mite as to that Heavenly
of Propagating the Gos-


I pel of Christ Jesus,

am humbly

bold to Propose these Conclusions y


their Confectaries



two great Prophets of Gods Revealed Councell, /* Condus, **"" ** Moses (the Servant) and Christ Jesus (the Lord)
as they

have both declared unto us a Creation, a

the Creatour, the Shipwrack of Mankind, the Restoration^ Co*a Restorer, so have they both revealed unto us


of this one most glorious 2>##y of the holy Worshippers Creatour and Redeemer, and that as for his owne most
so in opposition to all false Gads, who also glorious fraise, are attended with their visible Worships and Worshippers.
visible worship the Lord Jesus hath Watt of Division between the Jew&$ and broken downe the

In order to Gods

the rest of the Nations of the World, and sent forth his Ministers (Wisedomes Maidens) unto all N$$im> to bring



sent into the



in (by the Gospels Imitation) Proselites, Converts, Discias should Eternally be saved, to begin that heavples, such and Eternall Communion in Heaven, here in an holy

The white

and visible Worship on the Earth. This going forth of the true Ministers of Christ Jesus is white Troopers in the represented under the Figure of the of the first Seale where the Lord Jesus in his first opening Messengers rode forth upon the White horse, or Horses of
of truth and meeknesse (Psal. 45.) Conquering and to conquer in the souls of Men.



3. Conclus.

Thirdly, From the 6. of the Revelations to the 19. we hear no more of those white-horsemen, that is (as I con-

The White
Troopers Routed,

Messengers of Jesus Christy (the whole streame of the Intervening Prophecies, from the 6. to the 19. insinuating a total routing of the Church and
Ministry of Christ Jesus, put to Wildernesse of Desolation.)

ceive) of the Apostles or

and retired

into the



Fourthly, during the dreadfull Apostacy and Desolation, the Lord hath not left the World withour witnesse, but




and wonderfully stirred up his holy and Witnesses, such as were before the Waldenses Prophets





during the

more eminently the Waldenses, the

Wicklevists, the Hussites, the Lutherans, the Calvinists (so
called) who have as Witnesses prophecyed and mourned in Sack-cloatk 1260 dayes or years (prophetically) I say

ReveL 10 S


Army: and panted and laboured

for the routing, desolating of the Christian Church after the most glorious

Rally thereof, and Restauration. This Testimony is probably neer finished, and the Saints by their late and yet following wars (I say probably) must
inrage the Antichristian world, so far as to provoke the Nations, to their great and generall slaughter, called the slaughter of the Witnesses, Revel, n. After which and

shame three


and a

halfe, followeth their


glorious and joyfull Rising.


12000 mystiT* y seaied twelve times twelve, Revelations j. caU IsraelBut there is in the same seventh Chapter, a numberles **,

These Witnesses, these Profhet s, are probably those one 5. Condus. hundred forty four thousand Virgins, mystical! Israelites, The 144000 twelve times twelve, which stand with the Lamb on Mount Virgins, the t* "* Zion, against the Romish Beast, and are the same Number


Number, which no man can number,

to wit, the Converts of



the Nations of the world, which must yet come flowing unto Christ Jesus, after this his famous second Conquest of the 4 two-fold a us Devil, the Dragon in the Romane Popes, having before f number of triumphed over him in the Romane Emperours.

The World

divided (say our ablest

thirty parts, as yet but five of thirty

Cosmo grap hers) into O f Christ have heard of the sweet Jew * these
ttmes -

of Jesus a Saviour: His Messengers must yet goe forth into the other twenty five, after the downfall of the
also at the fullnesse of the Gentiles, or



Pafacie, when




in, shall be the joyful Raising us from the Conversion of the (Accursed, and yet Beloved Nation of the) of the J ewes. Jewes, Rom. n. Revel. 18. & 19.



Civill state of the Nations beeing meerly and essencannot (Christianly) be called Christian States, tially civilly after the patterne of that holy and typical Land of Canaan, which I have proved at large in the Bloudy Tenent, to be





a Non-such and an unparalel'd Figure of the Sfirituall State of the Church of Christ Jesus, dispersed, yet gathered to


in all Nations.


either in

Sword (therefore) cannot (rightfully) act Restrammg the Souls of the people from WorsMp^ or in constraining them to Worshif, considering that

is not a Title in the New Testament of Christ commits the Forming or Reforming of his Sforn Church to the dvill and worldly Powers. Seventhly, no man ever did nor ever shall trofy gt forth to forth to Convert the Nmons, nor to Profketiy in the


present state of Witnesses, against Antichrist, but

by the

gracious Inspiration

God, according

to I. Cor. 12.

and Instigation of the holy Sprit of where the holy Sprit discours-

ing of those three [Gifts, Administrations, Operations] tells us that No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the






I will give





Witnesses, &c.




I prejudice not an External! Test and Call, which was at and shall be againe in force at the Resurrection of the


Churches (as Mr.

COTTON himselfe calls




Sender but
the holy Sprit of God.



in the present State of things, I cannot but be humbly bold to say, that I know no other true Sender, but the most



And when he

sends, his Messengers will goe,

Prophets will prophecy, though All the
the former Conclusions

World should

forbid them.


we may


upon what

a false Sent or


our Fathers and our selves have run

as to the true Ministry appointed
to that

by Christ Jesus:


many thousand

Pretenders have been and are (Protestants


Commission, Mattk. 28.

have my been a diligent and Constant Observer, and have been my

and Papists) to that Grand Commission, Matth. 28. into all Nations, Teach and Baptise, &c? In the poor small span of Life, I desired to

selfe many ways engaged in City, in Countrey, in Court, in Not the true Schools, in Universities, in Churches, in Old and NewBegetting or England, and yet cannot in the holy presence of God bring
Ministry appointed by Christ Jesus,
yet extant.

in the Result of a satisfying discovery, that either the getting Ministry of the Apostles or Messengers to the




tions, or the Feeding and Nourishing Ministry of Pastors and Teachers, according to the first Institution of the Lord Jesus, are yet restored and extant. It may then be said, what is that Ministry that hath been extant since Luther and Calvins time (especially what is

that Ministry that hath been Instrumentall in the

hand of

the Lord, to conversion of thousands?




Ministry of Prophets or Witnesses, stand-


ing with Christ Jesus, against his great corrfaal, and competiour ^w/ichrist, Revel. 10. n. The whole Books of Marly rs (or Witnesses) is nothing
else but a large

The Minis-

Commentary or History, of the Ministry of try of imProphets Witnesses, during all the Reigne of the Beast, to this day. mediately Look upon Berengarius with the Saints enlightned by stirred up by him , Look upon the Waldus with his Waldenses in France , God.
Wicfdife in England, John Hus, and Jerome of Prague in Bohemia; Luther in Germany, Calvin in Geneva; what were they but the holy Prophets of Christ Jesus, in those

and other Places, and Countries, now examine


Witnesses in two Particulars.
Negatively, wherein they Witnessed against the False, The two against the Usurpations and Abominations of Antichrist; Prophets



and therein they were the
ets of Christ Jesus,

In-fallible Witnesses,

and Proph-


Preaching and

oft times Suffering to the

Death for his Names sake. But, 2. View them in their Positive Practice and Worships, as they have assumed and pretended to such and such Ministries, and Titles, and Churches, and Ministrations, and there is not one of them, no not Calvin himselfe (the greatPretender to Church-Order} but the Father of Lights, in our times of Light, hath been graciously pleased to disest

cover their great mistakes, and wandrings from the Patternes and Institutions of Christ Jesus.


I know the multitudes of Interpretations given upon Revel. II. as touching the two Witnesses} and that many, A glance on if not most, incline to beleeve, at least to and desire, Revel. IL hope that their slaughter may be past and over: unto which in
all humble submission to the holy councells of God, for Zions sake, I most heartily say as Jeremy once said in smother, something a like case, Amen. But all the Interfrate-

tions extant, that ever I have yet heard or read of, they seem to me to lock up the Stm in a Chamber> they ara too narrow and particular, and Efce some Alm^mcks^ calculated

cession Secondly. such hath the Witness e of his Servants been in all Ages and Countries of Europe. and to plead Rome. The Lord Saints. their Wages. Notwithstanding that some plead their Sucfrom the Apostles or Messengers. Christs succession did run in an Antichristian line. their Calling. dear up those two Foundations of the Christian Religion (Heb. Catholicisms. without a preceding . there must follow an universall persecution and slaughter unto which an universall provocation. yet are they Succession from forced to run into the Tents of Antichrist . yet they have never pretended to the Gifts and Qualifications of such a Ministry. 28. In their Gifts. nor have they ever been able to First. Worke. Wherein hath the former and latter Ministry been defective? I answer. their Gifts. and to succeed them. that either. 28. is of a more generall and universall concernment. Now notwithstanding many particular slaughters (as the Book of Martyrs and other Catalogues of Chris ts Witnesses testifie) yet I see it not possible that that Serif ture can be satisfied. Calling. Jesus his cause therefore. 6. or Universality also. and the laying on of hands. Pretences notwithstanding they pretend Commission. In all these four. can prove to my Conscience^ from the testimony of Christ Jesus.The Apostacy the Witnesse the slaughter. the after rising all for one Meridian and Climate.) the Doctrine of Baptisme. and neither such nor others which plead their Calling from the People. or that two or three godly persons might f first make them selves a & then make their Ministers. pretend to a as Vicars of Christ Jesus. for to the Apostles Mat. and the cause of his Romane Universall. examined. but that after the Universall finishing of the Witnesse. their Gifts. For Antichristianisme all is Universall plague-sore spread over the Empire that an was Romane: The Romane Popes. Mat. cede and give Occasion. and Exasperation by the Saints must probably pre- Quest.

) was exercised and administred to the Nations. former and have been carried on (in a grand and common misfor the converting of a converted people. and Uwmg. with them in prayers as Christians. that it is one of grand rendred such Workemen Designes of the most High.Ministry from Christ Jesus unto them. PatrUttments and Armies. Thirdly the worke of that Commission Worke. absolute Hirelings between whom and the true Sheapheard ( Joh. Calling. and to (Mat 28. but all our professed Ministrations. Herauld. as Nations. which represents or renders and faithfall Subjects. and the World. A stnferdi- ous Mistery of Preaching to convert the converted. no Embassador sent to a city or army of Rebels did ever (constantly least of all) performe such actions of state with those Rebels. 10. by Preaching. There is no Reward (by infinite degrees) comparable to an hundred fold (though with persecution) in Object. that Trade. if unconverted. and in a capacity of honest them Wages. Faculty. yet feeing a part of Babel and confusion. in the world should joyne their H&ods and Hearts and Armes and Shoulders to support it. that they are converted. it shall sinke as a Mil-$tooe from the Angels hand into the deeps for ever. In their Wages. . whether by Tithes or otherwise. to gather. Fourthly. or or other must be denied. they have alwayes run in the way of an Hire. that we may No up Christian and Sfirituall Sacrifices with them. States.) the Lord Jesus puts so expresse and sharp a Difference: so that in all humble submission. I am bold to maintaine. and that if All the Princes. for if we tery) grant all Protestant Nations to be Christians. whose Eyes yet are as a flame of Fire. and so act latter guide them in such their Administrations. and to preach unto them to convert them? offer One to wit. But is not the Labourer worthy of Ms R&&&T&? I answer. how can we pretend to convert the 0#verted. to breake downe the Hfrelmg Ministry. and L0#g-suffering of the Oh the Patience and Forbearance most High. and the children of God.

The Lands Money. Wherein consists the making of the Hirelings. and in the world to come eternal life. they are . and doe. but from the Arfificiall and worldly respects of Quest. stipend. and that explicitely Messengers or Pastors. a trade. and implicite Bargaine. Maintenance. expresse and plaine. and suffer for the name of the Son of God. Secondly.) I am humbly confident to maintaine. Tis explicate. from the poor Chaplain-ship of Micahs family. I answer. a maintenance. to the more rich and eminent Devotion of a Tribe of Dan. like the former Levite. no long fay no longer pray.this Life. Tithes. to all that deny themselves in this Life. explicit. &c. just like Servants hired by the yeare (more or lesse) stay not when they hear of proffers of more Ease and better Wages. for so much or so much. and teach. &c. that the Son of God never sent such a one to be a Labourer in his Vineyard: Such Motions spring not from the living and voluntary Spring of the holy Sprit of God. and the charge of mens eternall wellfare. when there is & Countries divided for in gain as Daniel spea&s. no longer fast. &c. and Of this sort of exflicite men know in a <uvay of Hire what to full. they must make their living of it. and therefore being something convinced of the Grosser way. that makes a Trade of Preaching) that makes never made Bargaine with his the cure of Souls. How is and flaine Bargaines by way of our owne and other Nations be sure of expressly. and how many thousands are there of the instances of moving and removing from Leaner to -fatter Benefices. an imflicite or implied Bargaine or Compact is when there passeth no ewpresse Agreement for so much or so much. and living. one kinde or another. More Christ Jesus strictly First. makes a covenant or bar game (and therefore no longer 'penny no longer Paternoster. but having been brought up (as we say) to that only Trade. no longer Preach. a mutuall declaring and agreeing. He and particularly I answer. as the Levite agreed with Micha in the Judges.

sup- port and maintenance failed. &c. . but with larger or lesser supplies. and yet were freely supported by the Saints and Bargaine in- my The triall of this is plaine. the great difference between the stated and setled Nationall Church. The Priests and Levites under the Law had setled and constant Maintenance. your Due. And this was and will be the onely way of the Latourers of the Son of God. and Churches of Chnst Jems Objection. we find no other -patterne in the Testament of The first P<*tter*eof Christ Jesus. and the like. Father of Lights who hath shewne his people of late times. state of the all Ch^ch. Sallaries. for without such an Implication or implicite promise. moving. Blessed be the Objection. I answer. supplied their owne and others Necessities. the Hireling will not. or in course which shall to such a promise as this expresse: 1 know your CourFare. when either through poverty or neglect. as to the Labourer worthy of his Reward. with some kind An implicit B *'Zatn* of Intimations by word of mouth. . yet still they eyed (as Sea men and Souldiers say) the Good of the Voyage. I answer. Water-man or Porter. Trust to . is none of Christ$> yet this is won- . and that not in stinted Wages. Thirdly. but that both the Converting (or Apostolicall Maintenance Ministry) and the Feeding (or Pas torall Ministry} did freely serve or minister. and maintenance thereof. and the (ordinary) afficted. and the Battel (the common Cause of the Lord Jesus) and their owne hands day and night. as the Hand of the Lord was more or lesse ex- tended in his weekly blessings on them. amount (like an On. the Mimstry. I will content you. &c. Although it be granted that the Hnelmg M&wtry> both explictie and imflic&e.content as Water-men. Stipends. his Hani ns*> c > Secondly. Tithes.on \ . no more then a or Foot. flying. indeed he cannot (having no other way to live on) move his Lip tesie: su btle$ed* or Tongue. . the world over. Porters.

as the conversion of thousands? &c. have despised Unded School of the Prophets. Barg&ms and Hire. in an Spirit) Hireling way. God hath gracovered their Failings. or many Wives. is but a drop to the Ocean of that which is in I bearing <unth his -peoples Failings. Souldiers. it Hence wofull Excellent made evident. And yet we may with truth assert two things. the preachings of some. &c. Hence sure it is that there have been and are many excellent Prophets and Witnesses of Christ Jesus. Lawyers. though many wayes Thus was defiled with sin. where Solomon as to this great point of himselfe offered Sacrifice. who never entred (as they say) into the Ministry. Thus was he pleased to passe by the sins of the High places. by the reading of the holy Scriptures. mercy. and piety that is in us. Physitians. in which so many of the Fathers or Patriarchs of Israel. good being done. Calvin and other Presbyterians. weaknesses of his Children. good Affections and Endeavours. whether publick or private. without the birth of one child to God: while excellent men the $re- others singly out of Love to Christ Jesus. Trades- .derfull. what what should be the Reason why so much good hath been wrought thereby. were brought forth. that many Prophets of God> who never knew (in their persons. Cranmer and other Bishops. his infinite Goodnesse pleased to overlook the sin of Poligamie. and accepted his owne Grace ciously of good Desires. many more have been brought home by the voluntary and more single First. goodnesse. The most voluntary where God hath been pleased to bring in one soule to Himselfe by the Hireling Ministry. and been more abundantly blest with mercifull successe and fruitjulness. passeth by the ignorances and Hence Luther and other Monks. who with infinite pity and patience. All the wisedome. by experience hath afflictions. Gods infinite answer. preaching ever most fruitfuU. to wit. by endeavour of private Christians. the Father of mercies. by godly examples. and the graces of Gods have laboured a score of yeares and more.

I cannot but with honorable Testimony remember that Eminent Christian An honour- Witness beloved Samuel & Prophet of Christy even How. and after death in respect of Burying> as yet unthought and unremedied) I say. Scripturesj Amongst so many everlasting praise of Christ Jesus. mifedi lesse subdue and conquer others^ lifce a &$$&H becalmed at Sea. And however (through the Oppressions upon some mens to the praise of Christ. and further to improve. outgo him. in the holy things of Jesus Christ. poore Smners came mourning after a Saviour bf ihousands. breathing and blessing where he listeth. that witnesse of Christ Jesus. and Utterance improved. and buriall (being attended with many hundreds of Gods people) honourable. man. Instances (dead and living) to the and of his holy Spirit. which though it make some way . however he was forced to seek a Grave or bed in the very Highway . The Church and people of God since the Afos&i&f} is an Army routed. who being by that despised and yet Calling a Cobler. yet was his Ujey and death. even in Life and Death. at first was. could againe) glorious. and (how much more his Rismg or aptly make a Shoe. But secondly. aad can hardly preserve and secure itseJfe. and others of higher and lower ranky who by Gods holy Sprit (breathing on their meditations of the holy and other private helps) have attained and much an excellent Spirit of knowledge. &c. gloriously and wonderfully SuccessjulL Thus Acts 2. and shall be (because after Gods own m0y and Ordinance) beyond all compare with present Times. True and Right frofhecymg and Preach** No ing. grew so few excellent a Textuary or Scripture learned of those high Rabbies that scorne to mend Samuei and readily from the holy Scripture. & 5. by searching the holy Scriptures. and <*bleremm- *"" a without humane Learning (which yet in its s'pheare and place be honoured) who yet I say. which spirit they ought to cherish.

remarkable Con~ version of of great worke is the bringing and the the Saints out of Babel. that no man. Some will say. the that untill the Vyals be powred smoak so filleth the Temple. downefall of the Papacie. &c from Popery to be good Protestants. Indians in to the point of true Conversion. yet not comparable to what it doth when the most he useth mighty gales of Gods holy Sprit breath (as the wayes of his owne most holy Anointments. the first pattern. Indians in Ireland. those BreathIrish. other Protestant Nations (as well as Popish) are unconverted. &c? The bodies I answer. If the of Protestant dolefull experience Nations yet unconverted'. in America. Dutch. Indians Wales. have there not been great and mighty conversions of whole Nations. England. Scotland. that is (few of it is Quest. and blessed be God for ings. as yet to be expected. I have desired to labour in Europe. who and (as formerly) ready to be converted and turned forward and backward. Hence Revel. By the mercifull Assistance of the most High. probably conceived by some upon forth upon Antichrist. yea and also I have longed after some trading with the Jewes themselves (for whose hard measure I feare the Nations and England. No. French. and may be judge. We may see a great mistake as touching that is a great breathing in the great point of Conversion: There souls of Gods people after the Conversion of the English. after the witnesses slaughtered. with Barbarians.and Towing. according as the powerful! wind of a prevailing Sword and Authority. hath yet a score to pay) But yet shall Christ Jews* (as before) I cannot see but that the first and present great 1:1683 . blow from the various points and quarters of it. yea as in Cornewall. Yet doubtlesse the first the Nations. with English. as an eminent Person lately spake (upon occasion of a Debate touching the Conversion of the Indians) we have Indians at home. fectarie. Indians. Jewes. holy Scripture. and Regeneration by Gods can deny but that the body of this and of all spirit. the Jewes or Gentiles) shall by conversion enter in. or confused worship. to doe) in Thirdly. as the Weather-cock. 15.

Ephes. After which effected. aad this Title is so mud* theirs. humane learning and the knowledge of Languages. & I Cor. in order to which. Schollar. First. bloody whore of the numberlesse number. will burne and teare the in pieces. the great sufferings and slaughters of the Saints. Rev. yet notwithstanding. (Rom. and the Universities of this Nation. and that in many respects. 12. ought to be maintained. as far as light excels darknesse. Christ. Ministry of Christ Jes&t. yet as it is appropriated to such as practice the Ministry. are excellent and excell other outward gijts. stiled Disciples or Scholl&rs ol Qirist Jesus. &c. although as to learning. robbing and Saints who are frequently in the Te$$&- Mina sac-* ment of Christ. 7. for although I heartily acknowledge that among all the outward Gifts of God. none of Jm Institutions. Ministries. our selves plots we may hence see our & our Fore-fathers. His calling of his people more and more out of the Babel of confused Worships. many wayes lawfull. the Universities of Europe. have been at the Umver$iti6s First. shall flow to Jesus Thirdly. and good Arts. r&egious title. they will be found to be none of Christs. in a die way and cherished. were called Scholl&rs.) together with the Jewes. . both of to the pretended Seed 5. upon occasion of which Christ Jesus in his holy wrath and Rome jealousie. and Seminaries for the Ministry. and only they as Beleevers. as great mistakes. the fullnesse of the Gentiles or Nations 9. Secondly. 4. as to the name humme The title Sckattarefto ike istersy (as they say) It all believers is a sacrilegious and theevish title. their Institutions . as to the ministry of Christ Jesus (any one of those ministeries.Designe of the Lord Jesus is to destroy the Papacy.) upon a due survey of Universities as to the and continuall practices compared with the last will and Testament of Christ Jesus. two great Works are first to be effected. that both men and women beleeving. In ordine ad mmisterium. and therefore that Schools of humane Learning. and the finish- ing of their Testimony against the Beast. Con- fectary.

who were LabourChrist (although the ers. so clearly and expresly opposite to the command and Ceremonies in their Creat- no man Father. Rabbi. unworthy Foundation of the Apostles & Prophets. All as far from the purity and simplicity of the Son of God. Tent-makers. As to their Monkish and idle course of life. And I cannot but conceive. that is. of some Painted Harlot. so strange from the New Testament and Language of Christ Jesus. that although it should not please the most holy and jealous Christs istry Min- but re- fined Mon- nowned State. the chief corner stone. by way of Eminency in spirituall and heavenly regards. partly that to wet a -finger in any fains or labor> it is a disgraceful Act: But the Church is built upon the and an Prince of Life yet) a poor carpenter. as he hath done their Fathers the superstitious Pharisaicall and bloudy Bishops before them. Fishermen. Doctor. Thirdly. commencings and creatings. or any word or title that came forth of his blessed mouth. of the Lord Jesus: Call ing! and Rabbi. as far as superstitious the honest Attire of some sober and chast Matron. &c. Doctor. yea and holy bootes also. Secondly. Bachellors of Divinity (or Godlinesse) Doctor of Divinity. holy scarfs. Jesus Universities in order to so vain & superstious. I omit (because possibly for shame left off in these dayes) their childish ceremonies (used even by the most holy and consciencious) in their ings. and misticall Merchants out of his mouth. from the wanton and flaunting vanities. and Popish Titles. &c. holy caps. and their God to stir up this rerenowned Cromwell (the 2nd) to asteries.Act. &c. &c. deale with our refined Monasteries. partly so gentile and stately. as that blessed Cromwell the first did with the more grosse and Palpably Superthe Eighth his days: Yet in his time the stitious in Henry Lord Jesus whose is all power in Heaven and Earth will spue out these Seminaries of Hirelings. 9. . As to their Popish and vaunting Titles. There was a certaine Disciple or Schollar called Dorkas. holy Rings. Doctor. Their holy Gownes (black and red) holy cassocks.

who (in Truth) How Churches and Assemblies have they been prostituted to every prophane and unclean lyp. the true Schools of the Prophets. in a deep Mistery) of all sorts of perceives not the things that be of God: How of Saints. Christ spices Jesus. itcw sfall mm the Quest. 50) What hast thou to doe to preach my word. Successe I say. to set up the Trade and way of Preachingy the science or faculty of Spirituall merchandize (Revel. But have there not come excellent Souls of thousands &c? men from thence. and (too too often) their own Souls. the precious sweet Truths and Promises of holy Scripture. gifts. Learning. which they have learned from the holy Scriptures. But extraordmmy gifts be ceased. Institutions. Labours. I say they have sealed them with holy men the bondage of $mf*til m their heart blood. and precious things. as in a way of Prentiship. and laboured after tfie p&rfay $m~ md plidty of the Sou of God. but that's no justification of their evill standings. Sue- Excellent & cesse. yea. As to their (prentended) Spirhuall and holy exercises proper onely to the Churches and Assemblies of the Saints (the onely Schools of the Prophets appointed by Spirituall exercises proper only to the Christ Jesus:) have they been by Courts imposed upon every naturall and unspntuall man. and to take my name into thy mouth? Fifthly. in the Object. the Holy Spirit. HoUnesse. and which they have declared to others. 1 8.Fourthly. Administrations. and therein famous Prophets and Witnesses of Christ Jesus. There have been excellent men (some say Popes and Cardinals. C 171 3 . unto whom saith God (Psa. As to their being prepared and fitted by these means. Labours. famous for Learning. which (as by degrees it hath pleased the Father of Lights to discover unto them) they have come out of srcidb Borage with shame and sorrow. &c. they have sealed the holy Truths of God. (which we may with holy trembling add) a trade of selling God himselfe. and we are sure) Lord Bishops and Monks in their Personall Holinesse. yea. Heaven and Hel. and the Souls of thousands.

the Apostles themselves did not attempt that untill the Holy mighty enterprise. but waited at Jerusalem and inabled them for that might Spirit descended on them. as the only Masters and Teachers of Religion and godlinesse. All that I bear witnesse against. without his Word. and that's or should be the lamentation of all feit of the Saints. which fit men both with to know. most Christian and. without God. and Godlinesse. &c. to the super- stitious by and honourable Benefices. Pharisees.are ceased. with- Or would you have the out a Ministry. for. those glorious first ministerial gifts The counter. in the uppermost seats in Synagogues and Feasts. and by such skille in godlinesse> by such Degrees might succeed the ancient Scribes and and honourable. me to derogate from that honourable civility of training up of Youth in Languages. and of going forth to it is no ground gifts. to wit. work: least of all is that a ground of counterfeiting. sacrilegious superstitious Degrees (as they call them) in the profession of Divinity. Holinesse. Secondly. whether in the City of or other Townes and Cities. the desolation and widow-hood of Zion: yet Apostolical I Ministry. >Tis true. LONDON. people be of no Religion meer Atheists. in Reverend titles and Salutations. byt from people of this Nation be supplyed such Seminaries of Learning. is and the counterfeiting and sacrilegious arrogating of the titles rights of Gods Saints. Teach and Baptise the Nations. humbly conceive that without those of imitation.? I answer. as if they only knew Divinity. and other humane Learning. and Eloquence to utter the heavenly Learning Mysteries: at all.with Ministers. and all this in the way . and suborning a livelesse picture of that first Ministry (like Jeroboams Institutions) when every one that hath Friends may be preferred to Fellowships in Colledges. and Churches (as before) which are the only Schools of the Prophets: As also against their them with the &no<wl- edge P feare of the Lord. Far be it from Institution Degrees and Titles of Divinity (as they call it) and these staires ascend up the Gospel preferments of rich of Youth in humane learning <withall instructing.

why then should the wisespots. Payments: speciall and extraordinary frfoiledge and Thirdly. in K: Edwards. the prevailing Hirelings of each time. s&cns) some (as in all Religions in the world it is) to serve the Dietie they dome of so There m worship.of the Hireling. the Leopard spots. have been forming and reforming the states and nations. washeth white some Blackamores. Doubtlesse Intentions were holy (as Davids) labours mercy. in every Nation where the Word comes. with a rivill sword in spirituall matters.) the whole Land for gaine: so that there hath not been roome (without some license) for the to live in England. nor a person in Engbut judge themselves Christian. I affirme. &e? still is not a Towne. and to that end cfaalland. &c. try. and therefore spiritually have but builded thankfulness. and although the holy Spirit of God. II. or holy persons for and with them. that & fluckt down. out of the poorest Cottager Bishops Diocese and the Priests Parish. planted and yluckt up. &c. 'Disciplines. That the bodies of all great. put off the Blackamores skin. MinisChurches. nor a Paris h. and since that. Q: Elizabeths days. lenge the right and use of (a Minister. Ministries. &c. and changeth some Leopards & Gods Nations and bulks of Nations. is a part of the world. and therefore. Religion. Worship. againe and again) into the selfe-same delusion of washing the Blackamore. ex officio. there was never Civill meerly The Cvtitt State in the World (for that of the Jewes was mixt and Ceremonial) that ever did or ever shall make good work of it. I acknowledge with many heavenly Sprits . and pty and patience infinite: yet experience long and ever hath told us That there was never a Nation yet born in a day to God. This mine eyes have often seen among thousands of the . cannot by all the Acts and Statutes under heaven. be preacht (by or chosen of many Ages. yet the bodies The body of O each after other. in prayers and holy Rites. as Sacerdotes. In all humble reverence and due submission to the Higher Powers. dividing (Dan.

that all the consciences and '. nor disturb either minister or peoples conscience by any other sword. and person. which I would not my for all freely and impartially weigh out to all the consciences of the the consciences in world beside: it is And therefore I doe humbly conceive. or Ireland. ac- cording to their Con- science. in their worship (what worship soever it be) by the civill sword. and maintenance they walk in. to preach C'743 . of this Nation should violently (Vi & armis) be nor from the Sprits forced Into one way of worship. made spirituall and heavenly by '. but civitt) and therefore cannot without the changings of Gods spirit. the will of the most High. the sword of Gods spirit. that it is not the will of the Father of Sprits. I shall not envy their Ministers maintenance. may freely enjoy what worship. the holy word of God. but with that spirituall sword Objection. for spiritushepheards to feed and build them up with fit the spiritual Ordinance of Christ Jesus? yet. and the expresse and absolute Duty of the chill powers to proclaim an absolute freedom in all the 3 Nations. not borne againe. If the people freely choose that way of worship. who yet (alas) as all the Nations ) yet of Europe. while yet in their naturall and worldly capacities. yea if they will freely pay them the Tenths or Fifths. that the world. and the world are utterly uncapable of Formes and Ministers (or Officers) of Christian worship . what minyea. of two edges. and Division of people. their soul desireth. I desire uprightly to be far and measures in the things of God (especially) : and therefore I desire not that liberty to selfe. be disturbed Fifths. and ministry.'wise Americans. or as spirituall -flocks of sheep. or that any Towne or Parish 'paying of Tenths or (so called) in England. the holy spirit of God. yea in all the world (were their ought not to be forced to power so large) that each Towne. what maintenance to afford them. Grant the bodies of the Nations to be but naturall. be possibly all Pastors. Absolute free cLome In matters meerly ituall spir- from divers waights Fifthly. istry To this end I am humbly bold to offer. need they not a converting or begetting ministry of Christ Jesus. Scotland. Yet.

or being extraordinary ceased? There is a great dispute whether the Ministry of the twelve (Matth. and the bloody storme of the slaughter of the Witnesses . without the constant supplies of the seed-plots and Seminaries. and -furniture Christ. and probably shall not. and Antichrist of Rome. be yet an Ordinance of Christ Jesus continued. 10. Such excellent gifts. First. God hath mo&rm&g m immediately stirred up and continued all along the reigne sackcloth of the Beast. whether all these gifts and administrations. and as yet the fullnesse of the Gentiles is not yet come. And from secondly. his .) be con- tinued since they both had an immediate call from Christ. 4. & I Cor. where shall ten thousand Ministers be had to goe to (about) that number of Parishes in England. there are great Disputes among Gods people whether Apostles or Messengers sent out to teach and baptise. the Universities of the Nation? I answer. confirmed. and many passages of Revel. The Ministry or Service of Prophets. II. raising the dead. that ail that sure befrastel with spkitwll or temporal Tdlmt$y must ky tjbem otit for tbeir Lord aad Master. Christ Jesus.Repentance to them. This Witnesse is (probably) neer finished. that is. casting out Devils. is Controversially and something Ifce that of C&rists expected fersonstt fr^zence^ the state of tfce New Jerusalem^ the new and Ewtfa. which now we find none are furnished with. and the time. untill the downefall of the Papacy. the lost estate of mankinde. H&ens However this is cleare. to spiritualize and change them? And if so. be to be expected? tolical The AposMinNations For my selfe I First. as healing the sick. Further. Yet of the Prophets and Witnesses mourning and Pro-phecying in Sack-doath. to Convert the Nations. abilities. 10. and of a Saviour. Yet Secondly. Ephes. &e. and Witnesses.) or of the 70 (Luk. It is sure of two things. 12. but little of the World yet that hath heard of am istry to the lost interrupted. is yet to be expected and prepared for: But this. &c.

Cities. without whose holy & heavenly concurrence in all those way. unconRevel. istry to the Nations and Peoples. false Joy. instead of Glorifying the name of Christ. false Love. as the going out without such a powerfull twelve and the seventy had: or without such suitable gifts as the first Ministry was furnished with. 12. and Administrations and operations. hold communion with them as Saints in prayer: For the call from Christ. and his white Troopers For the going out of any to preach againe. from whom those Gifts. Cities. I have no faith to act. which poor souls in a golden dream expect & Heaven. Townes. &c. and verted. false dition must look for.The Ministry of & That. we may Blaspheame his Name. and this especially without a due knowledge of the Period of the Prophecies to be fulfilled. Prophets false Faith. for the going out to convert sinners. and assemblies of the the falshoods of fellow-mourners. & therein are the Lords & Witnesses against Antichrist. we perswade them of their (already) blessed state of Christianity. untill the downefall of the Papacy. &c. ReveL 19. so the mounting of the Lord Jesus. nor in the Actings and Ministrings of others: for There The Lords worke only in the Lords is but one God. Gods Prophets Prophets of high or h<w con" and false Worship. when by fellowship in prayer with them as with Saints. and three. Saints in the companies. 14. 18. meetings. and grieve his spirit. But for the going out to the Nations. Lord and Spirit. false Hope. and Ministrations. min- to the Nations. and witnesses Antichrist: If any come in (as against in I Cor. This Prophecy ought to be (chiefly) exercised among the and hide their Talents. not kee-p silence. and saving Souls. Administrations and Operations proceed. God if will graciously more or lesse yea if they vouchsafe to catch them he intends to save them. and '76:1 .) come The Apostolicall to catch. against false Christs. both Gifts kinder and harden poor souls against Repentance. I Cor. and yet to upon hire. as and Townes of the World. must prophecy more opened. all (of what rank soever) that have knowledge utterance of heavenly Mysteries.

in spwitnall causes.) If they please to take off the Yoaks. both of Popish and Protestant Countries. by which the souls and consciences of so many have been inbondaged in life and death. and yet I cannot finde by one tittle of that Te$tom&a&> that if he had been pleased to have accepted of a temfwr&H Crowne and Government^ that ever lie would have put no founder power. and sons. that as to the point of converting souls (so far as the present state of Christianity can and Soul-saving fruit to the Nation. then if Millions of Hirelings were sent abroad from all the Universities. Upon the grounds first laid. Parish marryingSy Parish buryings. I observe the great and wonderfull mistake both. Fourthly. Parish maintenance. and especially the consciences. Freedom for and (their bodies. If it shall please our most Noble search into the institution and constitution (as they have The grand done of the Diocesan so also) of the National and Parish oppression of the whole Churches (concerning which I shal humbly subjoyn some Nation is G the Queries in the close of all. powers of matters.that they are Newborn^ the Saints. If they shall please so far (if not to countenance yet) to permit impartially All consciences. I have read this ttoorld. a great and hopefull means of blessed and assemblies. acting in spkit&all (as blessed Latim&r once said) tbe last Will and Testament of the Lord Jesm over many times. therefore oversows. the meetings and assemblings of faithfull and conscionable people. the Soul Yoaks of binding all persons to such parochial or parish formes> permitting them to in joy their own beliejy whether within or Parish in- forced constitution. (the preaching Jesus): so as that what people and persons please. r'773 . without such Parish worships. humbly to God as they doe the Parish Churches: I am confident. may peaceably frequent and repaire to such spirituall meetings the people to frequent the word in other Assemblies beside Volunteers in Christ the Parish. and daughters of the living God. to Lastly. our owne and our Fathers. in respect of Buryings) after death. be so promoted) the souls of thousands will blesse God more. as to the civill Confectary.

(in Religious Quest. &c. Times. Marand Buryings in holy ground. Pagans themselves excepted. and washt off all his late washings of that bloody Tenent of Persecution. as to spirituals. for the Civill state to impose upon the Soules of the People. that pinch the very Soules and consciences of men. Mar- Secondly. or Lord impiJesus . a Ministry. in taking of those Yoaks. yet inforce. ttpoi upon two derances. as I have ryings (I hope) by the helpe of God. a Religion. answer. But how will this Propagate the Gospell of Christ Jesus? I answer thus. such are the holy ryings. they have no faith in: Such are the inforced Oaths. First. The first grand Design of Christ Jesus is. to destroy and consume his Mortal enemy Antichrist. in what is meerly spirituall. Obstructions. as conceive. a Worship. fully debated that great Question with Master Cotton. Hin- turning hinge*. In removing the Civill Bars. in all the Courts of Justice. Hence must it lamentably be against the Testimony of Christ Jesus. will turne upon these two Hinges. In a free and absolute permission of the consciences of all men. present. &c. and stifled the Papists. hath been abused. Oaths and Civill affairs) Tithes. &c. I humbly to Magistrate. not the very consciences of the Jews. This must be done by the breath of his Mouth in his Prophets and Witnesses: Now the Nations of the World. and other such Objections: At TheCivitt Magistrates duty. and elsewhere I have at large discussed that. nor the consciences of the Turkes or Quest. What I is then the expresse duty of the Civill Magistrate. I know how wofully Kings shall be thy nursing Fathers. holy buryings. have ously stopt this heavenly breath. and some ceremonies therein. Days. such as yet are the payments of Tithes. that the great Duty of the spirituals. as to Christ Jesus his Go spell and Kingdome? that Scripture. and the Maintenance of Ministers.forth the least finger of temporall or civill powery in the matters of his spirituall affairs and Kingdome.

Christ Jesus never cald for the Sword of Steel to helpe the Sword of the Spirit that two-edged Sword that comes out of the mouth of the Lord Jesus: Ami therefore if Jesus. but the holy Sprit of God in the mouths of his Prophets can restrain him? Onely let not Caesary (as Contine. cheating his Servants: Now if it shall please the civill State to The breath remove the state bars. the consciences or his subjects their heavenly CQmci&nce r t 7 cording to Rights and Liberties.The Magistrates also. doubtlesse I who. set in his Servants (whom up to resist the holy Spirit of God yet finally to resist. &c and cry out Rl&sfh&m&r$y Htsra&ib? Must we . fru its of Piety and stantine in his setled 'prosperity did) rob the r r> i . Is there no more Qv*st due from the Magistrate to Christ Jesus his saints and Kingdome? pleade the Conscience of All men to be must plead the Liberty of the Magis. But under the pretence of propagating the Gospell of Christ Jesus (it may be said) what horrible opinions and Spirits will be vented. is not in all the f Christ J^AA* powers of the world) I humbly conceive that the civill state consumes hath made a fair progresse in promoting the Gospel of Jesus This Mercy and freedoms is due to the (meerly) reli- gious consciences of all men in the world. While at Liberty. as woefull experience hath fested: mani- Object. answer. Opinions offensive are of two sorts: some savouring of Impiety . What now? must we rale. as large as those of ConstanI I answer. If a Maniche a world of Arrians deny the Deity of Chmt his h&mme nature: If the Jews deny both. and therefore were his bounties and donations to his Bishops and Ministers. God * of i ~ Heaven Merc ac ? t or his Ktghts. and some of Incivility. pefer their Mahomet before him. I Against the first. if the Mahometans the Tmkes (the greater number bf far of one Religion in the World) if tfaey I say. and blasphemously call our Christ a D@ceimr: Nay.

59) will either kill ^^ and ^ Vi/ alone ^ which the Father hath &/. and cry. . conceive. or save the gain-saying Opposite. to fetch downe Fire upon the persecuting Caf tains and their fifths? This doe the Nations. or enjoyne them where the conscience is not so perswaded: For the further clearing of Jesus. doubtlesse the Opinions as well as 'practices. this will not doe the Lambe of Go^. and they J are also of two sorts. as have a Freedome in their minde to fre^_ tion accord- quent the Publick Parish Assemblies of the Nation. sioned by Evill manners. or out Q a superstitious and traditionall awe. &c. Helpe you men of Ephesus. to Qgal ^ho *d Blasphemies & Heresies. The Second sort. who run to the Cutlers shop. First. to wit opinions of Incivility. anc* Senates.No sword be used. t Such / . but this did not. People of this Nation two of The people this Na- First. 1 numbly Tithes ought not to be y . out of a consciencious . and that true Apothegme or Magistrate. ing to their seutratt Con- Such as conscienciosly frequent such places. I distinguish of the sorts. But ought not the chill Magistrate to repeal their Ordinance for Tithes. Rom. the Cities with his promised to put into his Mouth. either forbid the which into assertion. . helpe O Inhabitants of Jerusalem. that the civil State cannot by any Rule from Christ payment of Tithes to such whose conscience is to pay them. the Lyon of Judahs Tribe. Or must we fly up to Heaven by Prayers and Curses. the sword of Armories and Magazines of the and Nations? Must we run to the Cities or Nations. either *zeale sciences dis- of worshiffing of Go^. Ex 'mails moribus bona leges: Good Laws occasaying. are the proper Object of the Civill Sword: according to that civill Magna Charta for the 13. tn?oymd or T i t anc no Restraining^ nor constrammg conscience. and the Mouth of his and the Mouth of his Seeds Seed (Isa. and also to appoint some course for the maintenance of the Ministry? j answer Upon that Ground of Removing Soule Yoaks. this doe false Christs and Christians. i *- forbidden. . .

to pay the Minister or not. Soules of to men? For if each mans conscience be at Liberty Church or not. worship. and Parents will have little mind to expend their Monies to make their children Schol- come to T^ Stm *f Supreame Court in their Dedw&t&m ~Rivht(ttLt~ never Declared to barre up all the Doors astd Windows of that Honourable House. a second sort of people in this Nation. their Ministers of Worships. Such as out of an utter dislike of all Protestant Worship.Secondly such as can goe or not goe. the and loose will neither pay nor pray. when the Hope of their preferment is cut off. Although the Loose wiU be Hrare loose (yet) possiMy I answer. so that no further Lig&$ from Heaven should breake into their Souls and counsels from the most glorious Sim of all Righteoumes the Lor& Jesus. but turne prophane Atheisticall and irreligious: The Ministers of Worship will be discouraged and destitute. &c. and the Objection. Now all these Consciences Papists. (as I have to Master Cottons washings) to (yea the very conscience of the proved at large in my Answer ought freely and impartially be permitted their several respective Worships. which out of conscience dare not frequent such Places. First that ars. But if the civill state injoyne not the maintenance of the Ministry: If they quite let loose the Golden Raines of Discipline (as the Parliament exprest. and the Scots objected) What will become of the Ministry of the Gospel. as Temples dedicated to a Parish Secondly. and an high esteem of their owne Catholick Faith. and care not what Religion themselves and the State be of. Jewes. and what way of maintaining them they freely choose. and they are is There such 5 First. . are as far from love to such places as the former sort. Such as indeed feare Gody and are in their con- sciences perswaded of an indelible Character of Holinesse upon such Temples.

1111 i /- Thirdly.or the Papsts chanty to a Protestant (put in also emulate each for his conscience by the Bishops) for. the Papists and the Protestants. therefore *"*"% Christ J^us. or else r T jj T\ want of such a maintenance. both Presbiterians and 7#dependents will aemulously strive for (their not onely conconsciences science but) credit sake. such Pnests or Ministers as can force a maintenance of 2V/A0J or otherwise. TT tionail Hypocrme.better then inforced may be put upon consideration and peace yet however it is infinitely better. it is not be doubted. Thus a Jesuite once in 'New-Gate sometimes j r TI 7 / i b asted. as the first Patternes. . doe often mistake Gaine and G0W for Godlinesse. graciously be pleased to preserve the Sprits of our higher powers from laying on of Hay and Stubble. and choice of wayes of life being at more Liberty they ^^ . and some -false for the true Lord Jesus: I adde. and 'preferment of Religion. for all such worke in matters sprituall. . . they have been consumed (like //^y and stubble) and come to nothing. Go<2#- Fourthly. pulling out his hand full of Gold. but that each conscience. by the Sword. . that the Profhane and loose be unmasked. look here (said he) are the fruits of our Religion. Lastly. . &c. i and win the Garland in the of bounty. . which our Farej&thers either Popsh or Protestant in their severall changes in this Nation have made. are too fine to worke with cease preaching for move from their hands. God-belly for the true Go^. to fe muffl e ^ up un der the wile and hood of Tradi. and some /**** for the true God. though upon the Golden foundation Thou knowest I The Father of Sprits love thee? &c. to excell fruits . Such Parents or children as aime at the gaine. Christ first Ministers did. Lord thou knowest all things.r of Bashan} for fatter and rancker Pastures: or wanting sfiritudl worke and maintenance. or can reBishoftricks or Benefices (as Calves and 5#//. which turnes and duls the very edge or all conscience either toward Go^ or Man.. how can they say as P<?/?r to C/^m/ Jesus.

Paul did. by Gods mighty providence and permission have turned about) The civill state is bound before God to take of that bond and yoak of Soul. It is the duty of all that are in Authority. to countenance. to preserve the Common-freedom and peace. tl what Worship and Ministry their Soules and Consciences the three are perswaded of: which Act. and supply such true Voluntiers as give and devote themselves to the service it All ***** CMsts F<*ttv>- and Ministry of Christ Jesus in any kind: although *?y be also the duty. and will be the practice of all such whom the Spirit of God sends upon any tew of Christs. incourage. Thirdly. the m#7/ j/0te is humbly to be implored. and that civil peace. > of a binding force to ingage the whole and every Interest and Conscience. so is it .Soul Liberty u &ht be f oppression. to provide in their high Wisdome for the security of all the respective consciences. Such true Christian worthies (whether endowed with kwnane Learning} or without it) will alone be tquad tfaat despised modett which the GoJ of He&vm ml poor handjull and three fauaclml out two thousand by whom the work of the thirty blessej that . &c. worshippings. rather to the work lonians. assemblings. Disputings. to choose and maintaine Stored. since the totalis of all the former particulars is this. in their respective meetings. ter. and to proclaime free and impartiall Liberty to all the people of the three Nations. and the beauty of civility and humanity be maintained among the chiefe opposers and dissenters. among the Corinthians and Thass&then the work and service of their Lord aad Mmas should be neglected. However. as it will prove an Act of Na ** ons mercy and righteousnesse to the inslaved Nations. both Popish and Protestant (as the Wheels of times revolutions. Secondly. people of this Nation have been forc't into a Nationall way of Worship. an Act most suiting with the piety and Christianity of the holy Testament of Christ Jesus.The Summa First. preachings. and of all that are able.

Profession of Christ Jesus y a denyall of Christ Jesus. or the Parliament take a power of jraming and imposing a Religion upon the people. Or is it the Peoples Act and choise. since the Head of the Nationall Church. to that peace which is Eternall when this World is gone. and consequently the whole frame of Worship. or Parishes is civilly late. and in a fairer way then ever. but civill and politically and conse- quently the Grand Idol of Jealousie. before the flaming eyes of the Son of God. and so removeable at their pleasure. that the body be not so likewise. can the Nation give. Whether this Nationall and Parishionall Forme of Worship be a State-Act. whether the yet remaining Division of the whole Land) into Nationall and Parish Churches^ and the centurinto a Parish Church. the bodies and soules of the three Nations will be more and more at peace. is it not to make a State-Religion and the ministry thereof (like the Dutch) state Ministers. Dan. as it was truly said whether of the Bishops were the Kings Bishops: And if so. into Nationall. and not removeable without the peoples free consent: To which end. And if this course be effected in the three Nations. Parochially so that there is not a foot of land left in the the whole Nati ' or the j^est of the highest (without some extraordinary privilege) where to finde a resting place out o f suc h a Church compasse. 2. Or the rather an invention of Satan and Antichristy to divide Queries as the r&TO- Land for gaine. of propagating the Gospel or glad Newes of a Saviour. any more (if not com- . And whether is not such a / i i siott of the <vohole land.must be effected. be ing and assembling of people suitable to the true Religion and Testament of Christ Jesus: First. A few Queries subjoyned as to the former high Question. Provincial^ Diocesan.

Moses. standy to Land> be impartially permitted to make a examine and choose their way of wars/tip Mimstry^ and Maintenance: yet whether or no is it not absolutely people in the Hemyt&e Ml Sells. If such an holy Division of the #?& be not a Stateand removeable at pleasure. not after lesse after Christ Jesus the Son of God. Turkish. 4. as the Temple for strange Character of Holinesse while the Parish worship^ and so consequently the High places^ and Idol Temples* Henry the 5. and be a Controversie from the God of Heaven against them. whether the not removing Act. or else in an enforced Hypoerme against m& Destruction. as the Army of late dealt with some such Holy Places.Nws* of Hyfocrisie tomary Religion. or at least slight the pits. Popish. &c*) then without their owne free Religion the . much 3. Is it not more conducible a thousand fold to the 8th Abbeys ami Cels peoples eternall welfare. to better that they did freely choose rather a false ReKg&m Tra&tionall (Jewish. If the Slate be found the Founders and Owners of the The Paris/i Parish Churches (the meeting places) whether ought they Churches. of such a Forme will not be set upon the Parliaments score. And whether is it possible for all the men in the World) or Angels in Heaven^ to wash off that Popsh still onely reserved for holy which both Papists and Protestants (successively and There is a use. that each Towns and Division of . terne) be not a soul oppression and usurpation. it must irresistibly be plucked up and cast into the Fire. For sure it is. Holinesse and Forme of them by reducing them to a civill forme and use. being a plant which neither God nor the Son of God ever planted. Idol Ternnot to demolish them as Jehu did. be nusled up in a way of Tr&dt&omll and Cm. interchangeably) have made of them.parably so and Wives Nation: much) then of choosing and imposing Husbands (In way of Marriage) to all the people of this The Inf oreing of a nationall therefore to inforce an Uniformity of a national a Nation to one Religion or Worship (after the Jewish pat- And whether way. perswasion and Conscience? choise.

some other turne upon this Power and Commonwealth.that folicie that refuseth to search into these the present Govthings. ernment and feace of the Nation. and the next way to provoke the jeal- ousie of the most High. 7. Whatever the duty of as touching the Parish Formes and Churches. this holy Parliament. the civill State be found to be. in most wonder full and singular 8. as to the latter. -n r i being not able to walk in the Parish wayes of burynaturall in Ao/y ground. . pretending danger of discomposing 6. \XXXL forced (not without danger also) to the High-way es M*. Whether his since the naked deHverances. preservations. ungodly. and to cause from Heaven. Jewes or Gentiles: and as to Civill things (the proper object want of of the chill state) to cast the Nation into a civill forme. this Army. they have ing Chill th*n&. . and to their Dead- beloveds. most high hath made bare and &rme from heaven for this Nation.# Ordinance. victories. against both State and Statesmen. irreligious. And since this Nation is set in the midst of the Nations of the world. to keep the people in Obedience. and by the Parish Officers. and The Chill Offito appoint m?i7/ Officers thorow-out the Nation. Parents. tt 1 for succour to their own consciences. hath been a second o f which death in this Nation to multitudes of . wearing a Crowns of advantage reserved to be exemplary and presidential to the whole world about us: Whether hath not the most /iftgA some wonderjull and singular Acts for the /ri^/ of their singular love and gratitude: And since he rewarded . is not such Policie. mw T TI Yoak-fellows. by publishing their Acts unto them 5 I say. unchristian. the dismounting of the State-Ministers in every present Governors. the misse of Tovme. *& / who . To Record cersinMs ren: to take order as to marriages and Q c Nation as to foV*& o/ ^ ^^ &e- f^ ChMrtny Marriages and Burials w*y : The want buryings of all people impartially in a . Whether Dangtrous State-policy. yet is not the to take off the soul yoaks unquestionable duty of the State from the Necks of all that doe or may inhabite this Nation.

Jehu with temporall honour to many generation*) and will Singular not forget to pay richly for a cup of cold water> &c* since mercies call U r he hath promissed an hundred fold in this life. wisedome and reason under Heaven to search out only what is his only and acceptable pleasure in Christ Jesus> and to trust his infinite ^owery wisedome and goodnesse> what ever be the present successe or consequents. . and in the world to come life everlasting: Exemplary Is it not the best Policy. to such as J^of loose for his sake.

and holding up the hand &c. Although of the most it be lawfull (in case) for Christians to invocate the Name and High in Swearing: Yet since it is a part of his holy worship > sometimes put for his whole worship. that in the mouth of two or three Witnesses (not Swearing) every Word shall stand: Whether the inforcing of Oaths and spirituall Covenants upon a Nation promiscuously. and that on slight occasions. it is minablej since and (ordinarily) in such as are not otherwise deterthe voice of the two great Law-givers. That he will not hold him (what him or them soever) guiltlesse that taketh his name in vaine. but most solemnly. since it ought not to be used. Moses and Christ Jesus. 1883 . and whether it be not a provoking of the eyes of his triviall constant inforcing of all persons to practice this jealousie who hath said it.An Appendix as touching Oathes.) be not a prostituting of the Holy Name of the most High to every unclean Lip. and the Worship in the most and common cases in all Courts (together with the Ceremonies of Booke. from God. A Querie. and taking of it by Millions. and therefore proper unto such as are his true Worshippers in Sprit and Truth: and persons may as well be forced unto any part of the worship of God as unto this. and so many millions of times in vaine. and in most solemne and weighty cases.

and (after the Dispatch of some Civill Affaires) I should unspeakably rejoy ce to be gone tomorrow. as to precious and excellent^ yet) as to the& Functions end as to procuring the Magistrates actings spiritual cases. h&& not owly $&& Popish. Since the remoulding of this Nation into the ModeH of Prat- estantisme: the Clergy or Ministry (so called) of this Nation. I am here humbly bold to Professe^ as in Whereas my least the holy presence of the most High. (howew&r m many of them Offices. But while the Most High is f leased to "force hath also (as I beleeve) inforced stay: Spirit. tost up &nd downe (evm Kk# Tenis-faals) the Mag- [189:3 . before whom soever.An Humble and Christian Disputation. both thmr pearsons Prelaticall. my He my First. Presbiterian and Independent. have rendred me now a Stranger. proffer of readinesse to debate the Parin the Epistle I intimated ticulars of this Discourse. the Worships and Consciences of this Nation. but the Protestant Clergy. they h&ve b&en bewildred. *T*s true> my long Exile into and in America. if not wholly blinded: For as the Hireling w&y of Ministry is m none of Christs: So for tMs Him. that I am not Conscious to the Designe or Aimey but that of a Conscionable and Peaceable pre- senting Verbum opportunum {an Apple of Gold in a Picture of Silver) into those Honorable hands whom it so highly concernes. agfme to in all Christian meekness and humility to agitate with whom or proffer. these following Proposals. &c.

(now over and above. sometimes into an Headship. Parochiall or Parish forms and Classes: To feed which Churches and the Ministries thereof. that not one person in the of the Civill Magismen for their Land be Re- strained from. and Soul mischiefs. and so will. Civill Magistrates our Fathers before us never made true Christian Worke of it. the Peace and War. so he never needed the casting of whole Nations into Oecumenicall. Faithfull. and under the Church: Out of this Sphear as this present Age is forced to conjesse. sometimes into a Footship. or MainteFreenance. as may best suit the Holy ends and Periods of his Fifthly. Ministry. and putting out Nation (if against the severall sorts of Ministers of Worship in of choice and desire) hath ever and will be yet. so I am humbly bold to maintaine they never shall: and Civill line or that the therefore Thirdly. Provinciall. hath not forgotten to be infinitely his Chosen. as well as Corporall to which end I add. as have been. infinitely Wise and Tender to the Soules of and Changes of his Spouse. and againe as the Revolutions have been) inferiour to. or Constrained to any Worship. Ms Insurrections. a Grand oppression. dome. and to 'provide.istrates and Laws. Time and Kingdome. and in all Conditions Fourthly. of all As the men in Things Civill permission of all the Consciences and Worships is no wayes inconsistent with true meerly spirituall Christianity and true Civility: So is it the Duty trate to su-pfresse all violences to the Bodies and Goods of Souls beliefe. The Lord and stirred wp by his holy Spirit. Nationall. both of Civill practiced. and shall be abundantly sufficient for this Nation and all Nations. while so the Peoples Free and a Powerfull occasion. that the violent putting in. the Divinity (or Godlinesse) of Universities and Colledges. the Weale and Woe of this Nation. Nor the enforcing of all the '903 . the Hireling Ministry have Secondly) In all ages since Constantine. the Consciences and Worships. most wofully mislead the Consciences of the Civill state by preaching them out of their Civill Spheare and Line. Jesus Christ. but peaceably maintained in his Soul. As he never appointed. but hath in all Ages. he never appointed nor needed. and sent such Voluntary Labourers into his Vineyard.

therefore (as all such like. . and cast into the Fire. but not to others. FINIS. though fairer Plants and Inventions) must all in his Word and holy Season be plucked up. but not to the Lords SupAll which are Plants which God his Father never plantedy and per.People of a Nation to come to Church (as they call it) nor the Distinction between in forcing to some Ordinances. and Singing and Paying. as to the Prayer.

fought a rear-guard action against the rising Because the author of the original work. Written by someone on friendly terms with Roger Williams. those against which Williams had devoted a tireless opposition. he compelled Williams to compress the substance of the two Tenents and the other tracts into a succinct recapitulation. it was an effort to from the charge of being "zealots" or in the defend the proponents of complete religious liberty "enthusiasts.FOREWORD TO The Examiner defended IN THE hectic spring of 1652. amid the avalanche of pamphlets sliding from the London presses was an item entitled Zeal Examined. The sects. the form of twenty-two questions. In examination was answered by another anonymous tract. a de- fender of the principle of an established church. The author maintained that the program of freedom was rational. strength of the dissenting sion. was engaged in "Publicke affairs." possibly Roger Williams undertook to answer these clever interrogations. sane. questions precision had been put with Since this conservative was a logician. and arranged in a logical progresThey upheld the orthodox stand on church-state relations. level-headed. and of civil enforcement of uniform orthodoxy. Though there is nothing essentially new in this . as yet unidentified. In April this The Examiner Examined. Sir Harry Vane himself." pejorative terms language of strict Calvinism.

and a judge of wholesome -food and foyson for his people 5 he forced foyson for food upon the Scotch Nation. What will this babler say? he seemeth to be a setter forth of new Gods. both Ceremonies. the Councel. Yet in the long essay the subtle edge of his irony.. How many millions are the conspirators against the life of it? And yet. How many whom Christ invites^ send Christ this mmer: I kawe not such time to search the Scriptures. But before the Parliament. and upon that occasion was perswaded to maintain his stewards and cooks. call he declares." Realistically but sadly examine the prisoner. Because the Temple God is no longer any physical edifice. it is a Novelty. and flattered and bewitched into this dream of a Nursing Father. was not this the Life? who being very Doctrine that cost the late King Charles his Crown. Classes. Where Williams of briefly invokes his typological lore to declare that this injunction could apply only to the typical state of Israel. Yet God Forfrul we ernour. (and Peter. lefs (as) though all the false: because Assemblies. and D933 . Councels. liams' it has a conciseness which makes his it a fine summary of Wil- opponent has introduced the Old Testament phrase beloved of all the orthodoxies. appoint the prisoner come to the GovDisputations. and indeed but new. Bishofs. Conferences. "Truth if a prisoner upon suspition. the First and the Last. about my Merchandise.polemic. In pungent phrases he summons a contemporary instance. Synods. "Yea. "This cannot be Truth. but only the "Conciences of Gods own people. &c. and therefore not the Alpha and Omega." the persecutors have violated the sanctuary." The general tenor of Williams' writing in this tract is calm and temon truth occupying the first pages he shows perate. about my Farm. which (by a naked Hand from heaven) justly pluckt up root and branch. should wound the Truth . as the Bereans had: So m@$y &re my distractions. Paul. and King together. Thus the Protestants and the Protestants against each cry the Papists against " And other later." whole mind.. so necessary are my occasions. stab it> kill it. "Truth findes few at leasure. the Bishops. that the civil magistrate must be "as a nursing father^ to provide saving food for the people. old were false. Go thy way. by com- mencing and prosecuting those fatal Wars. about my Marriage. about my Qjcen.

Christ. time and God) " saith Festus. Roger Williams. 1932. Matter. The Thomason Collection of Commonwealth Pamphlets. N. England Firebrand. It was quarried from that inexhaustible mine of source material. New . style. imagery.. all was first made unmistakably to his authorship. The identification testify research by James Ernst in 1930 while pursuing in the British Museum for his book. language. Y. until I have a more convenient Williams' signature can Although this tract was issued anonymously be read on almost every page.

*" thereof.xs il*c great i $ Hesticks. . Chriit :ViagI(lrrs v e na ni .cnv Co t^ Contclcnct . m*etere*f all ( *vll States. Idoiat rj irt r*i^ jtiiikc . conlc^ucncc mf* many - #t* 'M\ */ <W*r Canaan. The Two and twenty Q^u oc E s T i o N s uHned du Author of Zeal Examined. ruHented rtn%-c</" r/?. Bla iphcmcrs.*c i*(x*itv ature In r tj) Spiritual*. cb*c.The Examiner IN defended.* ^ffvrdu' /ic r/rA ' Jfus himft tf> *xd tit falli crs. -lie toj'*t gsuk *f Soul Kspcs j&d Kiti^njfi w hypKiiBe < *j*ff>. Con oo r* : //?< f / r/i ex/. A Fair and Sober TO which Lit el v W j . H* ill's Lmcr^f* tf . ttwrtiid and pi^'flu d..' he Titi' *f Chrlil Ian I tc.*. fio& all LaM/.?*/' A/ft?'**.* wr . . :! perm fft n * ~ ^* Confcicn. i *< .j. N aclona *' - C^u r< h */* . In this ANSWER are (not unfealbnaLly} touched^ . tkt Civil > Sword. world Kcllp'.*f luern* Lo s n Printed by^f. I fc.


Hereticks. under this Title. // was desired that the for the dissolving md untying of was a tnidy gallant and heavenly speech of the Author these Questions. &c. The first of these Two Worthies published his Zeal Examined: The second attempts upon the former with Two and twenty Questions.To the Reader. Pious Readery have so far (lately) honoured Christ Jesus and their honorable stations. and multiplicity of Publike affairs engaging his hours and minutes. and to beg the finger of God's most holy and gracious them. It Spirit. Examiner of Zeal might have examined these Questions also. The occasion and themselves. wheresoever I my in an heap of Errors. as to try by the Sword of God's Spirit (the f **** D*5~ cott"*Word of God) whether the World. may permit Idolaters. I have been humbly bold to look up to heaven. But finding an indisposition of health upon his person. (whoever he be) his Epistle of Ptefof m ace: [I profess it. and the Civil States (as is Two honorable Gentlemen said] and Nations thereof. finde that a lover of Truth. The Examiner Examined. for I know though self it is the high way to be given up to strong .

but) What man will not say. Trtak if m Msgroce. New 2. // Doctrine. and not that honor which comes from God alone? How many had been convinced and per'9811 .us! instance: This cannot be Truth. the Clouds. 7 7 t our Popedoms. the Hoods. it is a Novelty. know and Breach Christ Jesus? &c. |j How can you believe (saith Christ Jesus) who receive Onour fr0m one another. will this babler say? (said the famous Academians of Athens) he seemeth to be a setter forth of new Gods 5 though all the old were false. no room in the Inne for Christ Jesus & his fa New New New monly Truth ts Bother. &c son. but not so pleasing and practical in our own dis- tempers. the Curtains. is whence hath he such learning: How should such base and unlikely medicines as Clay and Spittle. (not onely y What what Angel. Ser: ^ f oor Carpenters . and Colours. Tent-makers. -pected for a What Novelty. onely amon? the * ^ beasts in the stable. Truth sus- For call Truth. Gods. magis Arnica Saint. . the Hangings. Veritas. Mechanicks. Benefices. the we believe this Romanes will come and take away our place and ^. and indeed but new. New Doctrines. in the 7 . Ey this Trade (saith j Demetrius and his Crafts men) we have our living.] But I had almost said. the Cloaks. an universal love of all truth. the First and the Protestants Men.. Comoutwardly There . nation. Such counsel is like our common counsel of Physick to others. Bishopricks. Vincat Veritas? We know who said.not to receive the love of the Truth. He takes away our Hogs (say the Gadarenes) and thereQre feseecfo fam to depart from us. the Vizards. Christs. Man> 3 . is hidden and eclipsed from. Amicus Plato. &c. the Veils. and Quod anti- therefore false: because not the Alpha and Omega. ofen mens eyes? How should the dry and lowe tree be fruitful? How foor Fisher-men. yea. Lights. by which the lustre and shining of that which we I. &c. &c. against each other. is cry Papists against the Protestants. And Oh how many are the Skreens. Truth costly.

This may be Jehovah's miraculous work. and the holy Spirit.swaded that Christ Jesus was the Son of God. Do 7. &c. to conform (upon the deny Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus. O Ahab to two Prophets. Hence (though Christs followers have ever found the sweetest enjoyments of God and Christ. without a and taking up his Cross. the Assembly. tb& Parliament. Thus must those blessed Petitioners under the himself. to chase the stones cast by y &c. the University. any of the Rulers believe in him? Do the learned Scribes. but that they loved the praise of men. &c. but flesh and blood cannot get over this mountain. or Gallows also. to 6. the Councel. the Reverend Clergie. the Queen. Altar wait. Thus are we (saith David and Paul) as sheep for the shambles all the day long. more then the praise of God? Howsoever sometimes it hath pleased God to take off the Rod and Plough of the wicked. the Convocation. that few wise fieremg eyes mre dkoei% $ md Christ Jesus. from the back of the righteous 5 jet the general Rule is t That All that will live godly in Christ Jesus. . must be hunted. carried his Cross it 5. the King. md Ms despised Truths tmd Mysteries* Trvth m $A& Bearctus few at leasure. Htm mtmy whom CMst kmme$^ s&nd CAmt Ms I h&ve not such time to search the h&l: So mowy &*$ i&y Scrfjptuffes. until the rest of their fellow-brethren and servants were slain also. mine enemy? (said prejudiced. Truth is Micaiah ever speak good to mey who never yet sfake good to me? And hast thou found me.) This Stone the builders hve al- ready refused. and Gallows 5 and frofesseth denying of impossible for any to follow him. in sufferings. TrvtAit followed with fe<w Ms the eyes of the wisest cannot fierce it! for it is Gods signe. Truth is persecuted. yet) how harsh is the Alarm to flesh and blood! which therefore rather seeks a thousand point) to Can swear. there any good thing come out of Nazaresh? Can shifts. to subscribe. The great Lord General. the Synod? Oh how thick is Ctond.

may cause the Name of Christ to be like ing his name to be bias- phemed.) My feet are better. the signe of God's most holy presence? Yea. and the their cakes to the Queen of heaven 5 then 'twas Truth kept out by experience. 5. Go Oxen. and from our very experiments of our good conditions.occasions. causunchristian courses. a Drunkard. which damps the ingenuous searchin gs after Truth 5 and that is (like unto deceptio visus) a Delusion from our very Senses. were there no slaughter of Witnesses in question) I cannot but suspect a storm. was Jesus a Glutton. and Pagans. a false carrying of the Ark. And just as John. Paul. a straight impending. chandise. This Jesus (say the Jews) cannot be He: This man is a Glutton. jo. is it not one of the unkindest Answers that ever was given to so dear a Saviour. and God) saith Festus.) it is yet since the devil in English is an Accuser. to stumble at him. Cant. about thy way. &c. Truth is slandered. I. which shall bring forth a more refined and purer Edition of Christianity to the whole world*. and Turks. of a finer spun and thread. for that most black and . to kindle Fires of 'persecution. by dren. I acknowledge . Jews for what rejoycing findes the heart of David and so many thousands of Israel with him. What trembling calls &c. how shall I defile them? Lastly. (Cant. &c. a Company-keeper. for Christ himself also. blasphemed (as questionless the lives of many Papists and Protestants cause both Jews. because of a more loving and soThe Uvts of ciable. tis but dinner must be drest. and therefore. about my Mer- Marcha knows > 'tis Christs voice . There is another. until I have a Peter. but) washed. (and and Christ. saith the soul. yea. and had a devil. the followers of Christ Jesus. of a more merciful and pitiful disposition and conGods chilversation. even in himself. &c. Thus (not onely ignorant souls -plead for the Old Religion. Our spiritual sences may deceive us. about my my Marriage. &c. p. &c. slanderer. a fire. and it is but foolish to stumble at reproaches. about my Farm. It is the voice of my Beloved. but devilish to reproach. and because austere and harsh. more convenient time. came -from hell.

&c. secret prejudice. Hatred and holiness of the Son of God. First. &c. Thus. 201 3 . yet secretly resolved to go down to Egypt. Natural. the Seducer. a barricado. This and breakable. to eternal loves with Jesus Christ. is enmity with f this wall is faltable gives way in Gods chosen. How And yety let's examine the prisoner. like those fourty re- solved to perfectly. (who is light. and blessedly Two watts f hMre& reconciliation. appoint Disputations. Councels. My md md md shall flease to examine them &d this. ^^f wall against it. consulting Jeremiah about their stay in Caldea. Yet God forbid we should wound the Truth. There God. the Disturber. m&y try &$k David. but the Heretick. truth) that tha$& honlove. The second. Thus. &c. The result of all these (gentle Reader) is too often evil in the heart of the greatest lovers of Truth in the worldy a Resolutions truth. &ll those noble Bereans wA@ cmMdly orable Examiners. and saidy He shall not raign over us. there is one more saith Ahab. the Parliament. But is a twofold hatred of Christ Jesus. Micaiahj but I hate him. a resolution against some against Truths of God. But before the prisoner come to the Governour. is a wall so high ever. Conferences. and leagues of and strong. Synods. as it stands for is a malice and hatred after light. among the many hundreds of false Prophets. the Councel.horrid sackcloth of hell it self (to the weaving of which many of the former contribute) to wity a malicious hatred of the very purity n. &c. Such a resolution was that of the Captains. Such ('probwas Saul's against David the shadow. The wisdom of the flesh. kill Paul. millions are the conspirators against the life of it? Classes. they ftretend to enquire something more The many truth is> Truth is a prisoner ufon suspition. call Assemblies. &c. stab it> kill it. and the Phariably) sees against Christ Jesus himself: They hated him. humble prayer therefore is presented to the Father of lights.

57. r. for height dence. r. r. prudence. The errata refer to the pagination of the this tract. 76. 17. 54. p. 29. p. Idolatry. 56. Canaan. high Whether. 4. Storms. 42. 61. religious. p.sensibly earth: and cordially. put out but. in the margin. for Uhether. p. ERRATA. Page 10. p. 24. L.) I am a stranger in the O hide not thy commandments from me. p. for Religions. for ought and 'pruthey. p. L. L. ought they not. read shadowing rocks and trees. r. r. 2. 12. first edition of . L. for &&^ Idolatry. 74. (PsaL 119. p. for Sorms. whether the Bishofs. p. r. L. r. r. 41.

so called) must share her weals and woes in dangers of Rocks and one. Plentiful provisions. Leaks. and there is each prifwvate good engageth our desires for the ptblike. Preservations. and raiseth cares and fears for the due of common evils* in Now a Ship there is vate Cabbm* A Hence is it. Storms and Tempests. their Fair w * Windes and Weathers. Hdm in Artificial. Unanimity and Peace. and joyful Anchoring in their desired Ports and Harbours. treacherous and professed enemies. this JMst fee done Img. &c. to stand to the and C&mfms. Want of Provision*) Sicknesses and Diseases. and wish to both. to the &i& sw! r$&to the <?**fltf aad Artillery* Tim is. Common & e5 Fires. Gfc^ and not 5% aisd tio e$$4&&i& . WtalSt I humbly beg of God. aad to ia each ^^y. the whole. that in a Sh$f all agree (in their mg orders. Mutinies. Such woes and weals are common to all that fail in either.The EXAMINER defended. and &&eymg stations) to give and tafce tifeo Wtw$. so the other hath its Sands. The Shty common. Victories. As the of the Commonwealth (like that gallant Ship now going forth. Boon-Voyages.

not true Chrisany Christs Intianity. Christs i nterest j s the Commonweals. though every dust of the field were an army. our Commonweal. a selfish Monopoly. or Prelatist. &c. of all. I know each Sect is apt to plead. All power make peace with him. and every drop of the Ocean should sprung up a Navy against us. true) the Christian. and say. that draws the Sword for one or other. I hope it will not therefore be offensive. or lions in . that into the ^reat anc[ common treasury I cast my mite. must either at the shaking of a sword fall down before Christ. of private and yublike safety. ought to kiss the Son. but 'tis Christs due: But. at which this Skip hath rid. If England safety. and can onely ride in in heaven and earth is his. is terest . all Peoples. n this Commonweal (or any) is the freedom of the I also maintain. or Presbyterian. Peace should Every but one (the flourish. Kings. that no people must live but Christians? That the many millions of mil- our own and other Nations of the world. some sense) I verily believe they all say As no Religion in the world can justly least chalenge the drawing of the sword. I confess that all Nations. a kinde evil. yet our tranqu-ility our Parliament. Princes. souls of the People. conscientious Papist. for its defence 5 so. to be nursing -fathers and mothers to Christ Jesus and his followers. Christs. But what a dreadfull mistake is this. ally with him. Judges. Mine interest being the Purse and Sword of the State is not onely mine. is CMst But where js ^thTcLil Sword ant maintenance. the best (and onely of all desires it that which is. of Tyranny. &c. Chrhts ln~ terest in atton not true Civility. and Shtyy that is. or Insentient that assumes not thus 5 [Christs interest is ^ that man whose Case is not right? Where mine?} And (in truej plainly thus.from the sense of common goody and to exempt our selves is a treacherous Baseness. that 'tis dom. Christs Interest is that SheatAnchor. and tendeth to the destruction both of Cabin terest the Common*yje&t>s. our not be shortned.

all Protestant. when the Sword fell into the hands of that bloody Mary? And when Gods providence and vengeance wrung the Sword from the paw of that Lioness. the Father of lights. and hung out the flag of all Protestants? &c. what turns. kit it pleased the may observe h0w K&I& and how God of he#&em to go out mtfa our . how hath the Parliament and the Religion of England (since her time) carried the face.with the edge of It be cut off for Idolaters. and fixt it in a hand more merciful (I hope) to the souls of all men. That the Parliament of Eng. Hereticks. Jews and Gentiles! sees not this to be the designe and the decree of GO&S Heaven. Blasphemers (or evil speakers) against Christ and his Religion? Hath not the God it with the beams of heaven.f^f^ land) and the Religion of England> hath ever followed the h^e wer Sword of England? Was not the Parliament and the Re. half Protestant. that this his Decree hath begun to break the &rms aad necks of all both Pofish and Protestmt fersecmtors? iron Yokes more then o- What seldom eye so weak. with holy f#ar aad mm^er. &c. and as altogether Popish. Henry the eighth. In these late Earthquakes and Combustions (which the King begun.fottowed the ligion of England all Popish in Henry the seventh's days? But in his son's. written of the noon-day-sun. and to break to pieces tlte &&&** * Who and Chams upon the so&ls and sciences of men? Who sees not. Henry what wonders? Was not the Parliament and the Religion ligion divided. in favour of his Prelates} how dreadfully hath a naked Arm from Heaven snatcht away the Sword from both. To bring into the light. In the eighth his three children's days. that (notwithstand- The Parlia- f ing -pretences) the truth is. the Parliament and Re- *"? f^ *** s relof ng and turned half Popish. in that most hopeful Edward's spring. by imposing upon the consciences of the late Scotch Presbyters. and reacht it to the hands of that tender Lamb Elizabeth.

and the ComArmies until this interest of the to be seen monwealth of England. they but prosper. Alexander's sword will cut all Gordian knots. for hours and yeers together? Will not all the people of the Nation stand obliged. till that fatal hour. and that they begun but (as to Religion) fought not for one sect or conscience . nor earth. can. I verily believe. and. still shall. and the interest of soul-freedom to and can onely maintain this Commonweal in men. what and with Who but whom to pray. and our Armies could never did hardly be said to prosper: And ever since. still when the yokes. The same blessed all of God. nor under the earth. that could open the seals. to live and die with such Saviours and Deliverers. and to elect and dmse such Vindicators of Freedoms? their spiritual . Who and make a trade and living of Heaven and Hell. (soul-yokes especially) they shall cease to break and to let the oppressed go One of the greatest free. accord- ing to their Abilities and Consciences? but such as buy and sell Christ Jesus. but the Lamb did. of any conscience? against tyranny. the Balance turned not. I confess. as one man. There was none in heaven. of the greatest Knots this day in England. that the souls of men should chuse whom to hear. the late Son of God (soul-freedom) and served by our Armies. and persecution Till then. can cry out. Great is Diana. but none but the finger of Christ's interest will untie them. One knots this day in England untied.of The Goings God tn Wars. and themselves be judges of the path they chuse. and the Parliament thereof flourish. whom and how to pay and maintain. in to finde eternal life and Blessedness? Who which they hope Tyrants and Oppressors can be grieved. and the sitting of the next. concerns the rising of this Parliament. Lamb but soul-oppressors can be unwilling that mens Consciences be free to see with their own eyes. the freedom and glory of it: for.

it own coyn. and may maintain obliging the. in justice. Prophede unto that (yet) beloved people? And so consequently. Answ. I confess. WfaeAor all those cutors (P&pists aad Protestants) who be iijotxljr Perse- used to draw this . and Queens being nursing fathers and nursing mothers to the Saints. be not (as many wise and godly take it) a fe~ adiar prophecie and promise to that peculiar and dhmct Nation and People of God.people of of their consciences. as a nursing -father> to provide saving food for the people. Commonweal of this Nation England? many Objections. That answer with Questions. was frequent with our Founder . my Principle of Soul-freedom commands me to applaud and honour this searching and proposing from the Sun of righteousness is risen holy Scripture: yet since the so high (as to soul-freedom) and darts the beams of his his Name (espeLight upon the very eyes of all that love I plead for a more gentle censure. this Re-examiner cannot refuse his Secondly.How will all men be enforced (either from the freedom The onely from the freedom of their purses way (according to (which is their due) I say. I briefly oppose my Answer to the pres- to ent Govern- two and twenty I Questions: onely to one Objection. Christ Jesus. Object. first. Whether this Prophecie of Kmgs Amsw. or freedoms) of the Against these thus. &c. ment and Governoun. be obliged and enforced to send God) of such Representatives as have stood for. who knows the Doctrine Whether the Civil Magistrate. The sum of the first Question. of Salvation. 22 of that 49 of Is0M) I mil lift mj> to the Gentiles. if in any line or cially) letter I speak too loud to such a most unseasonable sleeper. and to provide that poyson Quest* i be kept from them? I answer. the Jews: And whether these hefr of Km%s mersing j&tkari and words hmd (vers. be not bound. &e* be not a chmstete? ixiog mme tMs mothers. First. and ask. the Common Freedoms and Liberties (especially the soul.

who are distinct from Nurses. must needs be understood to be spiritual Nursesy such as Paul (who was no Kingy &c) professeth himself to be.) yea and suppose all other lawfull Magistrates. in heavenly and soul matters.shaft out of this Quiver of Scripture. Secondly. Civil Nurses? &c. literal and mystical. I aske why is it said. whether is there not here prophesied and promised to these Saints (whether literal or spiritual Jews) that Kings and Queens shall put off their Lion-like and Liones-like nature toward Gods people. Whether there be not two sorts of of Gods own people 3 and Mothers. yea and all that give a power to the Civil Magistrate in Spirituals from this Scripture. Whether there be not the same distinction of Fathers and Mothers. being a Messenger of Christ Jesus to the Thessalonians. and again of mystical two sorts. If this be not the true meaning. and spiritual fathers and mothersy such as he profess'd he was to the Corinthians and Galatians? Or. That these Kings and Queens. And whether these Kings and Queens (in Isa. and prohibiting poyson? &c. shall bow down to these Jewes with their Face toward the Earthy and lick the dust of their jeet? which posture and practice seems not to imply a disrobing themselves of their civil Dignities and Authorities (for that is it by which they show such kindness to the Saints) their high esteem unto these Saints. although food for their children. Whether here is not prophesied and promised to this People $ or rather. and that to usurpation over the Temple of God. and Spiritual? as also. 40. of the people. to bloody violence against their under a cloak of providing wholesome Bodies. whereby to pierce the tender heart of Christ Jesus. I ask. and that in Spiritual respects they . the Consciences Have Fathers. &c. verse 23. not most ignorantly profaned this Prophecie. Nurses^ distinguished. and shall be (as the Poets used to write good Kings ought to be) shepherds Wonderful honour that Kings and Queens shall yeeld to the Saints.

the Peofle. Husbands. be not (in the Shi-p of all Thirdly. and all meerly and essentially Civil. &c. Tfo People receive not all their Power and Authority from the several of each Nation the and respective Peoples who them and impower them to of their several and respective Services? Accordingly. both by his word and practice. Fourthly. com- manding obedience. paid and rewarded for his and as a Master of a service: But as to the Consciences of the Passengers.are so far what is from challenging to be Fathers and Judges of wholesome food and foyson> that they bow downe and kisse the feet of Christ Jesus in his Saints. maintenance. honoured and respected. &c. according to the quality and temper of his owne Beliefe and Conscience? I ask. Pagans. Ship. &c. Kings and Commonweals in the world) Queens. but a shewing kindness and countenance. tfaal is tte fmm- ment of it. I ask whether he go not beyond the Sphere of his Activity. whom account of he transports from Port to Port upon a civil payment and recompense. Masters. Wbefher relations it tarn have not been declared by the PwUmnenty and original of all Authority and Rule. are as truly such in their Relations. Protestants. or constraining them to his? And whether he have any more to do. consenting and agreeing in their several Com&iw&$faf$$t by 2093 . or Master of a Ship at Sea. and other Princes. I aske whether the Office of Kings and Queens. just as the Office of a Captain. honour. if he act by any authoritative restraining them from their own Worship. Papists. whether Jews. Whether Kings and Queens. Persians. like as Idolatrous and Pagan Fathers. as he that is most truly Godly and Magistrates as lawful Christian. far more superiour in spirituals than themselves. Whether all Magistrates in the world Idolatrous what quality and conscience soever) be not as true and and Popish (of lawful Magistrates. who ought of all his Passengers to be Magis* essen- t rates tially Civil. &c? Whether doth not the holy Testament of Christ Jesus acknowledge this? the Lard Jesus. Turks. for their Civil and work sake? Fifthly.

. a soul-rafe. . (under was 210. but most commonly acting the subtil Jeroboams and Nebuchadnez- zars of the world. in some juncture of time. with capacities. and the very souls of them that sent them > and who neither did nor could commit such Power unto them) Is not this.] . and Magistrates in the World. since &c*' he wanted not power. Admit some Kings & Queens thus to have been impowerM by God. &c. Is not this chalenging of Spiritual 7 .Power of judging in sptntua s themselves or their Deputies. - be Kings and Queens. or any of his people. in their meer natural and national and Divine power. upon due weighing in the Balance of the Sanctuary. that it should ^eir charge. and Queens. orl ^ extraordinary account j yet I ask. (for all fower in heaven and earth ^ his) nor low and faithfulness. in a coercive way binding all souls. ise. any one jot of S-piritual be but usurpation in which to betrust their Magistrates and Officers? And it if. jew mighty. duty. If the counsel of Christ Jesus had been otherSeventhly. and that he appointed spiritual Pastors and Shepherds for the feeding of them 5 so his holy purpose was to call jew wise. upon some especial and Sixthly. 8c. to the saving ^ knowledge of Christ Christ Jesus rardy sends s w Jesus. j j 7 power to judge and determine what is som-fooa and soul- f*jj foyson. And consequently. imposed upon them from Heaven? when the counsel of God is revealed. What is this to all Kings. (I mean. I say. that as his flock is a little flock. and a meer policy of Satan. to erect their State-Calves and Images? &c. few noble. deceiving (too often) honest and zealous mindes. to the Kings and Queens. Why in life. found that they have not. either for the Jews sake. and calling. and that he had committed (as is pleaded) the judging sou^"f^ anc^ foyson. (for he laid down his and foared out his heart-blood for hisj) I ask. Whether have the Nations anc[ People of the world. for their better subsistence in Peace? &c. the first three hundred yeers (under the Romane Emferows) nor in the second and third three hundred. Christ Jesus. and tyranny.

that (according to that most dangerous and seditious trate doctrine of some Papists and Protestants) such Magistrates being a who change their judgements and way of Worship. and Princes. will not this doctrine extend to all other Civil Offi- both at Land and Seaj yea. and Mighty of the world. Cotton) until they be rightly informed. that most of all tjtose Klsgs. until they be of his Church and Conscience? And if so. and so at tear confound all Fothers^ H&$ReJMkm$t and up by the roots all Civility. and Noble. but rather and Lions? &c. and all Order? and the world out of the 'world? Ninthly. and Queens. As to the mMter of f&cty do not all Hfat&w&$ and all experience demonstrate. must Christian or in Spirituals. that by this professing Christianity. yet it 5 When they ought to suspend acting in Spirituals (saith M. to refresh. Magisterial power aMagtsr 11 t f v i 7 i T tollow. and Magistrates (Boyish and Protestant) that have prefcetided to tbis pwer of judging . Whether their Regeneration and New birth hath made any addition to their Civil Magistracie and Authority and more especially (as Popish and Protestant Rabbins have taught us) that now the Christian Magistrate he must judge in spiritual matters more then all the Magistrates in the world beside j who though (say they) they have equal Authority and Duty. upon the point. Mothers. that is. and comfort. is pleased sometimes (after long and sharp persecutions. and Trees. and change by his Word and Spirit. and consequently be found unfit at last to govern in Civils also? And cers. as Rocks. he hath not been world with such Shepherds. Fathers. any of the Wise. notwithstanding that he permitted Wolves. even to all last bandsy Masters.Emferours and Popes) nor ever pleased to furnish the since. I ask. Nurses. hath pleased him graciously to call Eighthly. to stir up some blessed instruments. and shade. I ask if irate is not they receive this addition of moreo less it do not clearly ^ ^ lose their Headship in Spirituals. and countenance his servants.

] . ^^ to the very Presbyterian Magistracy? And whoever next P reten<^ to j u< %e between this poyson and jood. and Magisfrom the Pope unto this day. Acts 10. if any have been * J ^ ^^ enlightened by Christ Jesus to discern this poyson. thousands and millions. that neither Constantine. or else forced and fired them out Q ^j. I ask. is nations} accented with him. and all Magistrates in the world (so derived) are lawful. whereon the very sarily inforce so Tyde of such a practice doth neces- many (lastly) since that typical 'partition-wall gallant Ships miscarriage? Therefore land of Canaan is abolished the broken down. and to refuse it? Christ Jesus. Superstitions. by ^ (spirituality or) Christianity. &c. and none can receive any addition to the The doctrine of Kings power of Magistracie. How Rocks. even down s ^terian Magistrate. but may furnish himself with instances. Whether this doctrine of Kings and Queens judging soul"1 ood for all their subjects. have grossly mistaken the poyr ill-wot'ships> &c. but have been mistaken most grossly (either in Doctrine or Discipline} and that in great quantities (sometimes) of danger- From Constant'me to '**' ous poyson> for saving and wholesome food? What man. and in every nation (not whole he that jeareth God and worketh righteousness. Queens. W ^ at wholesome and heavenly food pretended this 5 and with bloody hands have forced poyson down the throat of have ever force ^ ovm -poysonmstead of food. Yea. hath not foyson (especially in Popish and Protestant Nations) the his ^ of Fire-brand that hath kindled so the world. son o f Satans inventions.All Magistrate$$re- of saving food and poyson.]^ bar fr arous r persecutions. declared it. nor Protestant Kings. and the forms and sword thereof derived from the People. was not this the many devouring -flames of very Doctrine that cost the 212. an(i put forth a restraining or a constraining Sword accordis it possible but they must also dash upon those ingly. War? &c. in these last times. nor the good Emperors before trates departing still Hath not the Popes rose. since Magistracy is a meerlyCivil Ordinance. ^ or To riL spirituals.

and the power thereof derived from the People. A 2. vix. Whether there be any sedfo thing to be found in the last Will and Testament of Ckmt J&m$ as a N&tiowl . Spiritual national original and may therefore rightly delegate such a power unto their Officers or Magistrates? Secondly. by the Magistrates advancing the doctrine of Grace. more (I say) then the people of each Nation. & what is the doctrine of Godliness. Whether a Magistrate be not bound to advance that Godliness which giveth all good and happiness to a nation? I answer. King The sum Whether together.*# M forced poyson for /oo// upon the Scotch Nation. that the Magistrate can no more judge authoritatively what is the doctrine of Grace. I ask. of such doctrines by the power of the (as the scope of all the Qne$$Qm seem Thirdly. no Answer. and a judge of wholesome food and poyson for his people j he T/k . and cooks. National profession of the doctrine of Gracet and the doctrine of Godliness. Whether the proposer of these Questions intendeth not. these two things: 1. civil The advancing Sword? And to imply) then. which doth advance the peace perity of a Nation? and pros- Of which nature is the third Question. it will not appear. an ^ 5* *. the Magistrate be not bound to advance the Q Ufst. pluckt up root and branch. of the second Question. and the doctrine of Godliness.King Charles his Crown. both Ceremonies. (as before) Whether since Civil Magistracie is meerly civil. the Bishops. in its and natural capacity. can be the primitive and Judges thereof. Bishops. and ask. the fountain of it. if so. and Life? who being flattered and bewitched into this dream of a Nursing father. doctrine of Grace. and upon cutoff the ss that occasion was perswaded to maintain his stewards and late ' **^ by commencing and prosecuting those which (by a naked Hand from heaven) justly fatal Wars.

and the body of the people estranged from the life of grace and distinguished notwithstanding that this body be sometimes clothed with the name of Christianity. through the golden image which he had set up. under (sometimes) godliness. and Wife. do not 8. lieth not in the same estate of wickedness also. Whether the Kings and Queens. in a few yeers. Queen Mary. and sometimes a Protestant fashion. in Edw. since the world lieth in wickedness. but himself was really the Deity which golden Nations worshipped. Hen. undeniably evident and demonstrate? For illustration. whether (as the Land of Canaan was a so) Land holy unto God. &c. 10. Four great changes of the a Popish. whom they have worshipped in and by the several Images and Representations of their mindes and wills. the wonderful changes of Re- And 12 yeers space. according to his own holy Order and Body of and Appoint- ment? Or The world (and England in a national respect) Ues in rather. I ask. and of this. which they have set up as ways of Worship and Religion to the Nations? Thus Jeroboam pretends the Name of the God of Israel-. ligion in other Nations.) I ask. Act. in sins. from the Nation. and proper. Whether this Nation. and Religions their pictures in & not been the Gods of the Nations. may lawfully pretend to be the Spouse. Kings Queens &c.) be not the true. beside the grace and Godliness? of this Nation in about common nature of mankind. by the golen calves which Jeroboam had set up.Church. that is. make this Elizabeth. since every Nation in the is world a part of it 5 since such as jear God in a Nation. . Jeroboam was their God. and robb'd the true God of his honour. Fifthly. such as fear God in every Nation. dead are Fourthly. have 6. as a part of the World. Whether. and that in the same individual persons. upon the point. more or less. 10. and trespasses. as it pleaseth God to permit the Sword to pretend to and advance its way Religion of doctrine of whether. wickedness. Thus Nebuchadnezzar pretends honour to his all selves are Image. and Qu^en Parlia#2<?#/j and Princes of all Nations. (Act. any Nation) as a Nation. Whether Gads people (that is. and in none more then in this. the Gods of 'people. but. I ask. Christ Jesus.

and the more Goitiy. Whether some Presbyterians (in forfirst Christian raign parts come not neerer to the truth of the admit not one of ten or twenty to be of their worship^ who this To Churches: And the Independents yet neerer. yea of some thousands of years continuance and flourishing) in which the Doctrine of Gracey and the Doctrine of Godliness hath not been (I am sure not nationally) advanced? And notto this withstanding that Godliness hath promises belonging as well as to the life approaching. the Souls uader the Alter must rest but until tfae rest of their fellow-servants ane siaie. Scotch. that all Jesus. You are a A National typical Church In chosen Generation (as Abraham and his off-spring in the a Kingly Priesthood^ an holy Nation? &c. many great and mighty Nations of the World (some of some hundreds. according to I Pet. to modellize a Body or Chwrch Judaism. and Irish. 2.and only Antitype of that typical 'Nation the Jewes. and in our late Wars both against whether it be not generally English. in whom they hopefully see the Spirit of Regeneration and Holiness? not been in all Ages Sixthly. and to be yet in the denial of Christ Jesus come? end. in the A.B. and the God of life. against the the more persecuted? and according to the lytjsfc&ry of the fifth Seal. must be persecuted or hunted.. in that land of Canaan. Whether. heaven is pleased to to imprint a Character and Crown of his Flourishing States of the in World which not heard Christ Jes&s is favour and love upon some Persons and Actions. And therefore I aske. when his Name is greatly engaged (as in Queen Elizabeth her ckies Sptmard. Whether there hath of the World. &. who admit onely such in their Societies.C and Horn-book of Judaism. We have . I ask. yet) that will live godly in CJmst and ordinarily true. I ask. Type were) of Christ^ with Natural and National bounds and circuits (after the pattern of the typical Land of Canaan) be not to dwell in the old Levitkal shadowes. and are at this day. Is it not (upon the matter) a TwrUsh argnfinrat.

that seemed to have been placed among the stars. Prov. Since then that National and typical holiness. not to the Protestants. Kingdoms. and both the holy Scriptures and Histories tell us how of Kings and States. who sits as a God hath given . are tumbled downe. GoW and Silver ^Cf to the Catholicks. by his Birth in a stable and his Death on a Gallows. is it not a Popish plea. (who had the first offer . promissed upon condition. What was it but Mercy . that poor fisher-town of Amsterdam the gallantest of the Lady-Cities of the world? I say.The $eace andprosP* nt Gods 'people yf conquered so many Nations. &c. I aske if it be not at last the wisdome of this State. Honors. are (it may be) Anttyades of all former examples. Riches. the Western Mines of it is therefore the onely true. are not two say nothing most wonderful before our eyes and feet? awe To First. to tremble at man y Thrones the shi-pwracks and downfall of our Predecessors. Therefore Mahornet is above Christ? And also. Mercy which that poor (now one of . T fstat Eightly. hath taught all his followers to despise this Worlds Goods and this Worlds Evils. Since the Throne is upholden by Mercy. What was it that within the memory of man hath so wonderfully (almost miraculously) raised and advanced from the low valleys. but the song of mercy also to such whose Consciences (whether out of a slavish or child-like to ours? of God. and the Lord Jesus. therefore. 2 Q. the Jewish and the Christian Canaan. how should his Saints study the difference between the Tenour of the Old and New Covenant. which are even in this present life unspeakable and full of Glory? Mercy 1' to the persecuted. is vanished. and at last finde out that peace speak of. * M- <tuor/^ is sprituall Queen. Joyes. down to our Church. &c. &c. &c. with all the annexed outward peace and prosperity. Beauties. All Nations have bowed . and to the Spaniards before the English. and to learne not onely the song of judgement and Zeal (as we judge) for the doctrine of grace and godliness. in those spiritual and prosperity they pleasures.

under whose bloody colours the s ng ~ most Sins and Plagues. but they were never so torn with the . and up and exalted our present State and but mercy to the long oppressed souls of men. Co toetousness> and Greediness. whose either consciences or necessities. now lodge in raised Sin of Towers of the aforesaid Fisher-Towne. States-men. and Tyranny as to Hollands reateslsm men. Are not false Worships.Ftsher-town sciences. spiritual the poor oppressed in England. if it may be a lengthnmg to thy tranquility: For. and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor. which some have reckoned up yet still in England) I ask. and his Cavaliers $ that sin (I say) if any. the two Generals. who shewed to distressed and persecuted confled from Enchuysm and other persecuting it parts thither? Secondly. roots and (as before) that pluckt foundations of so many Thrones of late lift What was up the The rise of among our selves. if einer such cries went up to He&oen in the late Kings Rmgme^ or his Fathers. But 'tis that Sodom. Ingratitude and Unthankthe newfulness. and their late notorious strengthning the hand Oppressours. amongst whom Christ Jesus (who will not suffer a cup of water. in all the Nations of the World. oppressed both in their and temporal liberties. from such. Excess. to pass unpaid for) hath been favoured and relieved? Break of thy sins by righteousness. But are there not the cries of the oppressed ascending to the Heavens against us also? (to say nothing of the many other particulars of Soul-Violence and Oppression. cannot **> f the** for- permit them to practice that notorious (it's The Nonconformers Judaism or Tyth&&? were s&sd^ a&d mst? and true) paid. the not strengthning the hand of the poor. have ever marched? I question not. as to God. the King. will staine the Pride of all their rising Glory. and Drunkenness. or all the long tyranny of EUz&beMs Bishops. given to his. but Ambition and Pride.

the Treble I ask therefore. after all our former sins. that Grace. And also hath rendred the strongest sword to be the measure and standard of all Religion in the World . or And Power. wapons camal comCor. to stop our Eares their Teares. whose is all power in Heaven and Hook of Elies Sons. be not bound to love God. what Godliness that is. but what the People commit unto him? Whether any People the civil will or can betrust such a Power to their Magistrate. to 10. Civil Officer of the People. hath not constantly of ting forth his carnal might camel *zpoccasioned the Magistrate (according to the mistakes of his Thirdly. Whether the Magistrate. kut sprit? and whether his Spiritual Weapons (2 able and mighty. teacheth us. their Cries. An*.) be not sufficiently and abundantly spiritual ^ bring strong hold. Authority. and the good of his people. hath any Might. their Consciences. and every high thing. our Counimagine that our Commonweal) our Army y our Navy must prosper. Whether the Sprit of and that the Weapons of Christians are not Sword and Might. and from the opdeliverances. and vows. 4. and to pressed.damages and oppressions. and the Magis- . and to advance his Glory. in our most knowne cely of Him. to compel Souls and consciences unto his? God speak not expressly Secondly. with all his might? Whether (as before) the Magistrate being the I ask. oppressings Earthy the Son of God Christ Jesus? The sum of the fourth Question. and of Jesus every imagination and thought to the obedience carnal might ever did Christ? And Whether ever any down every or can effect ought in Christianity. but the storming of the Nations into an Antkhristian Hypocrisie and Compliance? the Magistrates putin spirituals. true worship and service. our Parliament. Whether this Principle of owne conscience) to promote Superstition and Idolatry. and judgements. What Quest.

I ask. Whether The first and f last ****** c up Constantino. but (as is confest World to put on the bare and empty name of Christian? &c. or in his aftertimes. as of God in the first 300 years after Christ. to give some rest to his people from persecution. his spiritual Ministers and Messengers with spiritual itued ^^ ons ea*~ might and power. the Nimrods and mighty Hunters before the Lord? I ask. that two edged Sword of Christianity did ever so flourish. the dreadful! byters. sufficiently cacious for the propagating of his holy and for the confounding of Antichrist and abundantly effiName and Truth. in all both Popish and Protested Coffitrfcs? And brisked Whether it did not kindle our late Wmrs. when the people had no might but that of Christs spiritual weapons? And Fifthly. whether Christianity did most flourish in the first time of Constantine. which proved these the Bhh&j& aad &b them both? And wf^tior E^feri&nc^s are not the rake dF?^iiiit>f ifee C&tmMes. sword the judge and defender of his Religion and Worship? And why he hath not furnished his cml Magis. and doth. when he with his Colleague Licinms published the edict of Freedome of Religion to his subjects. Lastly.trates thereof. the civil Where Christ Jesus (the onely Law^t forget- giver to Christians) hath appointed in his holy Testament. and will. when he when it pleased God ^^^ to raise compelled all the World by many) occasioned the to Christianity. and oodisbit all which hath kindled stich Ww ^^^ *w&n.kingdom *& sP*r~ trates of Justice in the World with such hearts and sprits. Whether this Principle of the M&$$$f&$&$ TJktCara&t KWS* employing the carnal sword or Might in spirituals^ liaTO S not in all Histories and Experience been the Pfretrml n abort Of sa ^^^ devouring flames of m Religion. Fourthly. but contrarily hath calPd few of them to the profession of J his Name? And whether he hath not ever furnished. between fatal to J^ all 1 . and Antichristians his by the breath of Spirit? his Mouth.

made the ground. Ephes. the wonderful effusion God. persons. to keep wind. Saints enjoyed two such helps as no Christians ever since did? First. 1. not bound to do that for which the People pray? &c. in those rare and miraculous gifts and operations.of the World. the People be not bound to pray for Magislive a peaceable and quiet trates. that under them we may life in all Godliness and Honesty? and whether the Mag- Whether istrate is Answ. &c. Secondly. (I imagine that those first Saints should not of their pray for the Civil sword to defend (I speak their godliness. so miraculously. who are calPd expressly the (Ministerial) Foundations of the Churches. and indued with the Spirit of God so savingly. but) doth it not imply this twofold strange and most unchristian Cor. That they being thus calPd of God. that strange Paradoxes. 5. 2. To whom this direction of Christian times. Quest. 12. Whether (as some have urged) these words be rightly translated 5 but rather. yet should not be able to live in Godliness and the pure pro- . and suppress ungodliness.) to Now Paradox? First. upon a mistake in the Translation. and honesty The and the ftirtty 'pre- eminence of first graying for Magistrates was given? Whether they were not the first and furest Saints. to waken all the Magistrates within the Civil sphere of Civil Jurisdiction and Dominion? The sum of the fifth Question. and an higher Authority in judging of Godliness and Christianity then themselves and the Apostles of Christ Jesus. I ask. godliness and honesty. weakly for the Magistrates being the keener of godliness in the in the second Table? first. and those times the most glorious. the -presence of the holy Apostles or messengers of Christ Jesus amongst them. trates to have those Saints must imagine those Civil Magisa clearer sight in discerning. I ask. of the holy Sprit of Secondly. wherein the 2.

Thirdly. and more. Whether the blessed Spirit of Life and is in all Gods people. and aU Believers in the The scop* of l Tim ' *' Ages following. walking in the fear of God That so the and Christian Edification. &c. establish and reform them. and not onely for themselves. 9. should be much in prayer MagistraUs. without the help of a carnal sword them pure. For the peace of the Nation and Cities wherein they and so.) they might multiply. although there should not be a M&gistr&te in the W@rUy yea although all the World and the whole WarU oppose tfaemj . that the ships of the several States (wherein the Saints as Passengers were imbarqued) might Sail in peace and safety. Whether the scope of the holy Exhortation be not this 5 That those first Believers. but for all men. though Babylonian. that God would gratiously guide the hearts of the Helms-men the Magistrates. be not abundantly sufficient to preserve them in Godliness and true Christianity. that sin have no domnrioii over themj that they sin not. I ask therefore. and watch against the touching of 5" Satm. with God. and all such paths and ineanes. (according to the command of God to his People in Babel. lived . 29. Roman. and to reform and Uofa*3restore them from all their Backsliding* and declensions? Rom 6 preserve fession of Christ Jesus. which in Fmth they are perswaded of to be the commands of Christ Jesus? Ail this. whatever the Religions of the States or the Magistrates there should be. Jer. 2. consequently. the holy Sprit of God works ia Gads Grikben.) Saints injoying civil feace. Regeneration which * - ' I add. I ask. to preserve them. to preserve them from falling. That such as were Gods Elect amongst them might be called. to preserve them in the use of the Word and fr&y#r. that in the peace thereof they might have peace. &c. and also (if it may be the holy pleasure of God) injoying rest from persecution (Act. and especially for Magistrates the Chieje of men? 1.

who ought to should be put up for Magistrates? judge. without prophaning of the holy Name What ers of God. Worships and Godliness. no Resurrection. as of late (in the Scotch wars) to blood and dreadfull slaughters (I say) I ask. believe as the Church believes. that God would send such Magistrates. like that of the Friers in Chaucers time. that the civil Rights may flourish in Righteousness dition of Elders.The most holyand jul and eternal Indwell- yea although there were no Heaven nor Hell. no Judgement) nor World to come. As also prohibite by his carnal Sword other Consciences. with them. Antiquity. which teacheth them. be preserved and Civilities and Mercy. in all Nations of the World. are torn off. so divided and differently perswaded. whose Conscience. and broke from the souls and necks of the People. that it may please the most holy and only wise God. and Inhabitants thereof? . wherein they should be rewarded or punished. and abideth Spirit In all Gods Children. Fifthly. Blasphemous? &c. Heretical. whose whose Godliness is true. &c. and will abide with them for ever. defend that Faith. and the guilt of the breach of the civil peace 'pray- of the Nation. as Schis- matical. every Order and conscience pleads the integrity and purity of their way. Decrees and Precepts of Men. advance that Worship service of God. Whether we may pray. which are and must be greater and greater. I ask. to vouchsafe such a Spirit of Godliness and Wisdome to the Rulers of this Common- How much Soul Yoaks. when once the Chains and Yoaks of implicite Faith. Traweal. Seditious. and accordingly maintain Worship) authoritatively and all that Godliness. Whether in the present state and juncture The sions divi- of the of affaires in England) wherein (as Chaucer observes of the four great differing Orders of Friers in his time) every Sect. &c. Customes. rather ought we to pray. and the People of God themselves are Clergie showy. glorifyed or tormented. yea although they should want all Spiritual helps and Gods Teachers (which ing of respectively are necessary) for they have most holy received an Anointing. even in the midst may of so much spiritual Division and Opposition.

since the Lord J&ms the substance of those shadowes is come. com- carnal punished. he maintaineth. and Jacob. overrule the meerly Religious Vowes and D&&ot&m$ of tfaeir Wives and Daughters? Or rather. Magistrate. hath the same Authority in manded and now? And that therefore. & (Ate. and Kings of the Israel and People of God.a^Magisernours. with the Examiner. and commanded and reformed their Families in matters of Religion.The sum of the sixth Question. as well as Abraham and Jacob might command their Housholds? And Whether or no did the Examiner once mention Abraham or Jacob? It is true. Isaack. in bringing him in (odiously) to say. those Saviors. Husband. EUer Brother. Children to their Parents. Gov. in trausof ^^J^ those -figurative times and typical administrations.) ia a fapaily of i^e persons^ spiritual matters m& . I ask. Judge. People to Magistrates. Wbefcfaer k te ot one fais vaeaaee express end of fife coming. and others before the Law. in all their respects? I ask further. according to an Husbmd or Father may now disannul and Numb. Question 6. that because Abraham. Whether the Question*** hath dealt fairly Anm. ernour.IQ. Wives to their Hus- bands. as the Examiner saith? First. Judges. to set a msm at ts> set: two F&t&er. or were Whether Abraham and meerly fellow-Servants. Jacob. Is the civil spheres and The dh$*nconsequence fairly gathered. with their Servants. were not Magistrates in their Families. even with a material and matters j therefore every Master of a sword in spiritual GowFamily. 30. King. that Abrahams and Jacobs Housholds might command them. (and with express words and dear light of holy Scripture well may) that in Religious matters the Magistrate and Subject are fellow-Servants: but gave he any colour or appearance of Countenance to Servants to be inobsequious to their Masters. and those Fathers of Families and Elder Brothers. Father.

for his visible attendants and Embassadours to the World. three against two. the subject and souldier to the highest Magistrate and Commander? For. there is neither male nor female^ for yea are all one in Christ Jesus. Whether the wife (notwithstanding in civil converse she submit with all wife like submission and affection. in the matter of matters of Conscience. and against his declared will and signe course. I ask. and Heires of the Kingdom? Hence. not many Noble. that is. and that Flesh must be taken from a poor Carpenters wife. Gal.. there is neither Jew nor Greek. there is neither bond nor free.Great divisions in against three. yet) as to Religion ought she not to judge of her Husbands Belief e or Unbeliefe in God? and may she not joyn with him or separate from him. the Servant to his Master. Whether that Rule be not constant in the Christian Profession. Secondly. yet. even those two Pillars whose names have so sounded in all parts (especially at Rome. And so consequently. but that thou mayest save thy Husband? &c. Whether many Christian wise or learned men. necessary. nobl nor Vessels. la- bouring to be a Saviour to him? How knowest thou. many Chris- . rich in Faith. according to that of chosen the poor of this World. and she delivered of her blessed fruit in a stable amongst Beasts: And however he command thousand thousands of those most blessed Invisible Sprits the Angels. it not many Mighty? And be not against the purpose and deof God. and Paul the Tent-Maker? Further I ask. therefore. 3. and lowest of Earthen Hath not God stupendious condescension. the Child to his Parent. Flesh. Whether it be not the designe of God to cary of causing (for the manifestation of his owne most glorious Brightness) on the Mystery and Glory of Christianity in the Gods designe meanest James men of lo*w degreey not 'many wise. Religion and Conscience? And I ask. God manifesteth himself in mighty. Not many Wise. O Wife. that his Servants should expect many Christian great or noble persons. and London) Peter the Fisherman. in a most 2. were they not (ordinarily) of a low Ranck and condition.

According to that Honour of all his Saints. ex- My Brethren. Whether the or Servant.tian mighty men either for wealth or valour. and Henry the Eighth of Englmd: Christ. then the highest Magistrates or Suferiours. 10. Thar names then soared so Mgh for Chwstitmty* tfiat they .) yet I ask ? housholds) do we Caesars (Masters of those finde the believing in Jesus. 4. I ask. that being read out in the following words. &c. but to the greatness of Humility and cept it Lord Jesus (Matth. Birth.1. &c. chains. Authority. first blush. have not be granted. many Christian finde the Saints in Caesars houshold Magistrates. to intrench upon civility and good manners. were not higher(in Spiritual and Christian respects) then those Emferours of the World themselves? Thirdly. Rom. that are not so indowed. 18. Hence though we (Phil. manifested in the profession of his Name before the World? Mat. And if so. but the Sprit A of Christ in a person. We read of two mighty Prmces professing the naiae of of Christ. &c. participating of more of the poorest Subject Grace and Sprit of Christ.) humble himself as this tittle chHd> the Whosoever shall same is the greatest m the Kingdom of Hemten. 16. a Serifat ture. And that charge from Heaven. true Christian wh 9 Whether Christy and knowledge of render not persons more and more eminent and that more of the Grace glorious in Christianity? And consequently. James the faith of our Lord Jesus with resfeet of -persons. Wealth. be not invested with more of the and Authority and Power of Christ Jesus. What is it that makes a Christian. Gr&ce Brauerie. Charles the Fifth Emperow of Germa&y. that in Christianity the greatest respect is not given to greatness of Place. in his affaires Kingdome. for three How many hundred years together? and therefore. Whether the poorest Saint in the Household or Court of these Caesars. what Chris***** the * s who (especially) bind Kings in 2. according to that of the meeting together in Englmd. seems.

reprove him. If that rule of Christ Jesus (Luk. and that by way of Au- thority in the Whether Christ of Christ Jesus? Yea and I add. Nobles. pardon to such a Magistrates penitent Soul. where was in truth the true Authority and power of Christ Jesus. if he repent. Gold. Jesus? The Authority of the reproving in name of Christ. have not such inferiour persons Authority from to grant a truer Name upon Repentance. the great defender of the Church. or in the twoedged Sword of the Word and Spirit of God. I ask. Whether such a poor Believer in Christ Jesus hath not a power and privilege to separate from such a Magistrate (in spiritual respects) and refuse to touch Spiritually such a (Spiritually) unclean person? The sum of the seventh Question. in the mouth of that one single. contradicting and blaspheming-. 17) be not yet in force (// thy Brother sin against thee. I ask. I ask. had the greatest Authority in Who Yet the poorest wit- Christs affaires. by his lowest Groom or Handmaid. with all his Nobles and Bishops. yet) if a Brother in Christ be not to be reproved for sin. I ask. in that famous Disputa- above them. then all the Popes and Priests in the World can affoard him? And in case of final obstinacy.Two mighty were both Princes pretending to glorious Hights in Christianity. and Condemnation of that faithful witness of Christ Jesus John Lambert*. Whether in the stately assembly of Kings. forgive him}. Whether a Magistrate (eminent in the grace and knowledge of Christ. sat in person with so much Glory and Majesty. were condemned and persecuted by that Charles the Fifth. or the poorest true Christian? And when that glorious (pretended De- any truth of Christ Jesus ness of fendour of the Faith) Henry the Eighth. Terrour and Authority. set upon the very Gates of Guildhal in London) Carolus Defensor Ecclesiae. Nay further. or the poorest follower of the truth in Letters of of Christ Jesus witnessed by Luther. . the great Emperour Charles. Henricus Fidei: yet when Luther. and yet most faithful witness of Christ tion. Consequently. and Bishops.

What Conclusion can be gathered l^arts thence. themselves. yet. from Thirdly.) gave free liberty of conscience to the Jewes. Was he not an Idolatrous King. Did this Artaxerxes compel any of these Jewes to his owne Religion (which he believed to be the onely true) the Religion. Whether this Instance of 4$$Mffm#$.Whether Artaxerxes and making their decrees? &c. 3. two Kings and the Instances be not ill coupled. bountifully incouraged and assisted them. But (Secondly) I ask. &c. a stranger from the A Terror of Whether these . I ask. but that it sometime pleaseth God to affect the owne of Idolatrous Kings with kindness to Ms people. and mixt condition of Church and Commonweal. one that had no true love to the God of Israel nor his God God 50 ttmes causeth *~ a fear of the wrath of the people. the K. I ask. but onely out of God of idolatry to Israel} shewed favour to his people. did well in Quest. partake ao dE live. favour $ eo $ ** He He furnished them with a Decree. one that held the people of God in slavery. Let all which are mmded of thew Or jree will go up. Incowwgeme&te) and Ntttims wfaere tibey thority? for which mercy (although the and the Princes thereof. suiting to their National Estate. whereas the King of Nineveh forced all his people to a positive Act of Fasting? _ examined. granted them free to Jerusalem to worship? liberty of their conscience. cfo . as to Artaxerxes: i. 7. 7. for the one.of the Persians? Or did he God of Israel? compel the Persians to the worship of the did he compel the Jewes themselves. or any one man of them. to go up 2. and foftefcfa them to permit his people the liberty of their Gomdem$> Auyea and that with Countenmce. to go up to the worship of their owne God at Jerusalem? but verse 13. Therefore. Artaxerxes (Ezra. of Israel. I ask. . ought doth. Gwis people to pcaise Fourthly. t A But more particularly. of Nineveh.

of one sort or another. how will that be proved amongst the Ninevites. stranServant Moses? although probCandle from the Example of gers to the true God and ably they might light their that national Church of Israel. Christ Jesus. whether either of Popish or Protestant. and the worship of that Church. was abolished. and Sea-men. Secondly As to the Proclamation of the King of Nineveh? Whether all examples recorded in holy bind our consciences in our worships and comScriptures. I ask. as we know there was in Nineveh? must Nineveh his the Beasts also be kept from Food and Water. examined-. I ask. munion with God? First. Whether he speakes one Tittle to the Decree of the King and his Nobles. Whether all Ship-masters or Magistrates. in that these very Jewes were not forced to their own Jerusalem. but as every one was freely willing? &c. there be any Example I master deales with Jonah in the first Whether in the or Rule for any such National worship. or to any particular sect or way of them? And Whether it do not absolutely make for Soul-Freedom in spiritual matters. why not the other? if we say that such practices were ceremonial and typi- cal. as there? Proclaiming must Man and Beast be covered with Sackcloth. which kept their National Fasts. as the Ship- No Warrant in Christs Testament for a national Chapter? New Testament of ask. Christ Jesus approves the Action: yet I ask. to arise and call upon their several Gods and Deities. as there? a Fast. for (much less Enforced) what cause soever? although it may be said. Secondly. must there be a King and Nobles in London The King of to Proclaim a Fast. ordinary and extraordinary. by which the National Church. &c. and People. in their respective stormes and tempests. If Or one part of the Example bind us.not absolutely condemn the forcing of all the people and consciences in a Nation to one way of worship. may exhort their Passengers. but onely to the Re- And . In particular. And if example be Rule for Gods Servants.

and souls. Jonah? And Whether the scope of the Lord Jesus. I ask. and all or the greatest part of another: And (like as in a Ship) where several Consciences of Seamen and Passengers happen. as his. how can there be an inforcing of all Consciences unto one worship. the Magistrates (possibly) may be of one Conscience. Lowes. command that part of the Nation under his command to Fast and Pray. whose Consciences (like the various Meridians and Climates of Nations and places) may wonderfully differ in one and the same Commonweal ^ ous Con~ ^^tf be in the and Kingdom. and tfeoiisaiid% com- .-pentance of the People. and the holy Eyes of his Jealousie mightily provoked in this Nation. Fourthly. by the Fasts and Thanksgivings. and sometimes hazard of the whole. as the Ninevites did? Thirdly. got over and God Kmg against the Pwrlt&mentf How have thousands been forced to pray for the Pertia- menty whose hearts and courses have ratter joyaed with the Kmg. for which the comthe People to give thanks for. and consciences? did the Parliament at first. without great Violence in and Distraction. against the Pertimnmt. can be a proper and fit example for the imitation of all the Nations of the World. in not repenting at the threatnings of Gods Judgements. even against their hearts. for his contrary Forces fighting upon the very same Grounds and Causes? the King at the How manded did the Parliament thanks to command the People to give for those Victories. for the defence of Religion. inforce the How People of this Nation to Fast and Pray. breach of Peace by mutinies? &c. I ask. Liberties? And how did same time. Parliament. as the preaching of upon the point. King. Whether this example of the King of Nineveh. Whether the holy Name of God hath not been mightily prophaned. was not to upbraid the hardness of our hearts. which the People of this Nation have been forced to observe.

Secondly.and causes have ful frophanmg of the manded by the King to pray and fast for him. to such Worships> such Violences! &c. can do any more rightly and by the Testament of Christ Jesus. to pray unto him. by the inforced Worships of ^ as from God> just upon them) how have they been forced to such publike Actions of grayer and thanksgivings (and especially. Gods Judgemenu. to turn to God. while the Prayer of the wicked is an Abomination. &c. and Consciences have much abhorred? unsearchable Treasure of the patience o f God. fendinz Christianljy First. 4. and hath promised to hear them. Thus some good Emperours have used to desire the In- . and therefore more provokes him. which their Soules O the infinite and fore. themselves in such waies of Worship and with such Societies and Communions. by Righteousness and Mercy? Humble Daniel 4-27. The Duty of good Magis- w Thirdly.The wonder. perswades men to be reconciled to God. in their sevstormes and tempests. O that their Souls may see God. to the several Passengers under their civil care and charge. The duty of at Sea. hom they believe to be the People of God. 2 Cor. and to stand in the Gap by Humiliation. Use all possible perswasions and exhortations. whose hearts more adhered to the Parliaments cause and Interest? Yea as to the Presbyterians. in reference to the Scotch Nation and cause) the Thanks eiving in this Nation. whose Prayers he professeth to be his Delight. I ask. implying this to be the way for the prevention both of Temporal and Eternal 5 Judgements. and one with another. then.: and thereLastly. &c. theMa&s~ eraj[ Whether the Governour of Ships. knowing the Terour of the Lord. Intreat the Prayers and Supplications of such. and then to call upon him And thus Paul. whose cause of violence this was (and therefore. Thus Peter exhorteth Simon Magus (fearing Gods judgements) to turne unto God by repentance. artificial Commonweales on shore. wherein they have fellowship with God. or mystical.

The Whether any Quest. Jesm of N&z&etk Kmg of the Jews? All whkb he was."\ tliat he was Arraigned. . I ask. in times of danger and distress. Gr&ek. yea and so ful we read of no Spirit of prayer (as next to the Lord Jesus. Yea and Paul full of the himself. were under the dispensation of shadowes and figures. Was lie not saluted by his followers. and Executed. so high in favour with God. man more in the New Testament} yet no man do we read Grace and of. that he should be the Kmg *** <***ly on the Throne of his Father Dmtid. and the crime pretended. <?. by whom onely God hath spoken in these last times? Heb. Christ Jesus? The and the Prophets were until John (saith Christ Jesus} Church) cannot fachrbt~ their actions (as relating to a National be brought as witnesses with John or Jesus? Secondly. in that National and typical Church of Israel. and Lord of Lords. Did not all the Prophets foretel of this most absolute and independent King and Law-giver to his People. since the Prophets before Christs coming. Coodcmiied. I ask. the King of Kings. Whether the Prophets and Christ Jesus his Apostles. The dispen****** f the joyned in this Witness. 5^^ And was it not for this very cause. are here so fitly and Amw. (which yet he never did literally?) Luke i. yea our Saviour did ever except against the Magistrates Authority> himself. not in any temporal or worfdiy ol a temrespect (for he disclaimed aacf refused tibe dfer poral Crown) but in an absolute respiritual coiisideratiofj. viz [that he was the King of the J0wes. of the Prophets or Apostles. and should sit i. Thou art the King of I$r&el^ Sofm of Israel. that so frequently and earnestly begs the prayers of Gods people. and Latm. Law and and King. and so of the Spirit of God. Did cM*t Jesus not the Angel declare to Mary. for questioning them in matters of Religion? First. jfi^ed on his G$&&$) in Hebrew. eighth Question. and onely prophesied of that great HighPriest. i.tercessions of Gods People. and Prophet to come.

specting the souls and consciences, the Religions and ships of the children of men.


Thirdly, I ask. Whether the Lord Jesus except not expresly against the Magistrates in matters of Religion, in
that so

famous Distinction between Cesars right and Gods;

give unto Cesar the things that are Cesars y and unto
Cesars due



the things that are Gods? More particularly and concisely, I ask, Whether Cesars Sword was not Gods Sword? Rom.

Gods due,
and. yet







by giving unto Cesar his Submission, pj onour* Tribute, &c. was not a giving God his due (in a y true sense) by giving this his due to Cesar? And it so, then

And Whether


what singular and





which gives

God his due, distinct from Cesar? And Whether there can be any other Characteristical difference imagined, but onely that of matter of conscience, spiritual, and Religious,
which Cesar himself
(as the old

Martyrs witness of Jesus,

to say) had no power over? The Apostles Fourthly, As to the Apostles, I ask, If the book of the were the Acts, and the Efts ties, &c. breathe not forth the most absohtghest and j ute Jtidependency of their Ministry and Apostleship, from

were wont

CMst Jesus, in matters of
tk* Christian

^ e highest chil powers in the World?


Tis true, Paul makes an humble Appeal (against the Persec uters of his life) to the highest Magistrate Cesar: But to *k e matters ^ Religion and Christianity, was not the


upon the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets? (Eph. 2) Were not their Commands, in spiritual things, the command of Christ Jesus (I Cor. 14.) even to the highest Kings and Keysars? Was not that an Apostles


Ye are bought with a price, no man (consequently not the highest, &c.) judge you in respect of meats and drinks, or an holy day? And what can be more express, then such peremptory, not
voice (in case of Religion)

(I Cor. 7)


onely refusalls to obey ungodly and unchristian commands (Act. 4.5.) but even to own the very Courts and Judicatures

of the highest in the matters of the King of Kings and of Lordsj Christ Jesus? matters of Religion y


Lastly, Since the Magistrates Authority in questioning may be taken two waies:

For demanding a private reason of a Christians Twofold

Faith or Practice; so here it cannot be intended: for there is no question, but that every Servant of Christ Jesus ought

m **l*&ou*


to be ready, to give a reason to every one, &c. I Pet. 4.

Secondly, For Authoritative questioning either by inferiour Magistrates y Executive, or Superiour, Legislative: and if Christ Jesus had been subjected, and bound to answer

any Authority questioning him, or
of his

his Apostles, as to


or Christian Worship, if himself and his and followers, had or should owne any Tribunal Apostles in Spirituals but his owne, they should have pluckt up the



the most

most glorious and most absolute Government and Headship. And if so, what kinde of Heresie and Blasphemy against Christ Jesus this is, let the Heaven and the Earth be Judges.
roots of his

The sum of the ninth Question: Whether the Examiner have cause

to say, that the Believ-


ing Magistrates giving wholesome Food, and forbidding of Poyson, be a ground for a Magistrate to command Poyson?

Unto which may be added, the sum of the tenth Question. Whether Asa's Authority from God to advance the true Religion, were a ground for Manasseh to set up Idolatry,
and a principle of Persecution, to


those that would not

worship his Idols? As also the sum of the Eleventh,

Whether Gods Law, punishing Blasfhemy unto Death, kid a principle for Jeza&el to kill Naboth?



of the Twelfth.


Pmd commanding

Parents to bring up their


Children in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord, laies a principle for Children to be brought up in Idolatry? I ask, Whether the proposer of the Questions do indeed
All Godf

work and

think the Examiner so void of Zeal and Reason, as to imagine that Corruption and Abuses, are sufficient ground to

and God
himself abused by

overthrow a truly Christian, yea or the least natural or Civil Constitution and Anointment? Or rather that he grants all
Natural Bodies, both Caelestial and Terrestrial, yea all Divine and Civil Constitutions from God, or Men, are Gods works, and excellent in their kinde, although by man abused
to Idolatry, Superstition, Oppression, Gluttony,



Secondly, I ask,

upon these


Pride, Ambition, Revenge? Whether all the Questions are not built which are not one in Dispute, and not
at this


granted, but

time of the day, they do most shamefully beg of Moses, of Christ, of these late Times, and mercifull discoveries of the true principles, both of



out of

and Civil Government; I say, beg for that which can never more be granted, without horrible Oppression and Tyranny, over the souls and bodies of all the sons of men? viz. To particularize: First, That Civil Magistracy is not meerly a Civil Thing, in the very nature and essential Qualities and beings thereof but rather some Divinum and Queens and Magistrates are Gods quid, and that Kings (not onely by way of Allusion and Consimilitude, and in a


respect, but really they are Sacred (or holy) persons, their Sacred, their Crownes Sacred, their Thrones

phemies of
the Kings,


Sacred, and their very Kingdomes and Empires Sacred, that most horrid Blasphemous Character, on the

Forehead of the Whore and of the Beast, Sacrum


Imperium, that Sacred or holy Roman Empire. Secondly, That the People and Inhabitants of the Nations of the Earth, are borne Slaves, and Villaines, and are not the

Original and Fountain both of their Offices, Officers, and of the Authority committed to them.
are Thirdly, that no Magistrates in the whole world, lawful Magistrates, but Christian and consequently none but the Protestant; and among them, none but of such a Sect

or Conscience.

Land of Canaan (that Land of Cereand Miracles) was a Land of patterns and monies, Types, and example, for all Lands, all Nations, all Magistrates, that not in matters of Morality, dvHity y and Humanity
Fourthly, That the

onely (which
of Religion,

not controverted) but even in the matters and Spiritual Covenant, of Conscience in Gods

Worship, &c. If these Questions are built upon these found rotten and withered, grounds, I ask, if these Roots be

what can be lookt
Thirdly, I ask,


on the Branches?


be avoided, but that one of

two Consequences must be granted? Either,

be keepers of both The Tables, then must they keep them and interpret them, and determine Controversies about Religion by those Eyes, and that Eye-sight, which they have in Religions and heavFirst, if Magistrates, as Magistrates,


enly things (be


Pagan, or Turkish, or Popish, or Protthey must


else, secondly,


Master Cottons


ail the Magistrates in uge of suspending (or hanging up) the World from acting in Spirituals, if they see not the tnie and onely way of Worship; and that for all the daies of their life, except God give Repentance, and reveal the true

and onely way unto them. And I add, and ask, Whether
strongly, to these tiro



incline not








no Magistrate must


Spirituals, but

such as are of the pretended true (which erety




to plead to be his)

and Magistrates (many thousands and

ten thousands, must be hanged up as above said) yea and Essential and Fundahanged outright, for want of those

mental Qualifications, which may inabie him to discharge the principal end of his Office 5 so, neither may the People, which are the Original and Fountain of Government, lawin civil Cohabitation, or Societies, but fully combine and live must live Barbarians or worse, since that all the People and

Nations of the World, in this depraved state of mankinde, are wholly void of heavenly understanding, and can no

more convey

to their Magistrates

Power, then a

Dead man

any spiritual Authority or can appoint his Officers, &c.

and right Magistrates Secondly, If such Orthodox, sound chosen by the People, come to be of another conscience, to be perswasion and Worship (true or false) ought they

who put deposed? &c. and may not that Oxford-Author, turned Jesuite, and all forth that Book, called the Puritan that hold that principle of Magistrates being Custodes that (in this respect) utrinsque Tabulae, be forced to say,
the Bishops were Jesuits, the Presbyterians are Jesuits, the Doctrine Independents are Jesuits, and hold that dangerous
of Deposing heretical Magistrates? &c. Lastly, As to the Question from the

violence to




and Parents

children to wrath, (Ephes. 54 Fathers, provoke not your them up in the Instruction and admonition of the but bring

Lord} may not he do this, except he conscience and Worship?



to his


And I ask further, if it followes not, that if the child by some providence of God (as sometimes it falls out) become Superiour and Magistrate to the Parent, The Child now
being Father, must force his Fathers Conscience, according


that typical Example of Asa (punishing his Mother for her Conscience?) Yea I ask, how could it be

avoided, but by this Rule King Edward did well, in forbidding his Sister Mary the use of her Conscience, when

it some interpret those words (// / beheld the sun when shitted. the use of her Protestant Prayers and Conscience also? And therefore I ask. he (though younger) was her Head. which tempts all men. &c. Whether it ligion in the followes not by this Rule.38. For this had been a plain condemned or judged Iniquity. 28. I say. for being puft up with prosperity and success. Etiam hoc juisset 2. Sword? Whether since Idolatry was punished by the light of Nature (as Job acknowledged. is the greatest. Exa tn*&> those words [that were an Iniquity (as we turn it) to be punished by the Judges] I say. many ture? As to that place in Job. judged or esteemed. asd mut*t*m** even Gods People themselves. For Interpretation. or the moon wdkmg m G*ls$&>$* the brightness) to imply Jobs denying of his worshipping Sun and Moon. &c. who is the Lord? and to cfeirf Him who is the Alpha and Omega. (as Agur confessed*) IB say unto God when they are full. /j. or a very great iniquity. I ask. of all their mercies.woman. in the Goj^Z-light? &c. viz. which or a very great Iniquity. to be measured by the accidental turns of Superiority . be not (except we grant the monstrous suspension of almost all the Magistrates and Fathers in the world) be not. Others. Whether there be not various Translations and Inter^pretations of this Scrip- Doth not the Seftuagint. and the Civil The sum of the thirteenth Question. it Quest. Some Metaphorically. Job 31. the greatest. but forbid her Sister Elizabeth. the Author and Fow- J*J^ tam. and Mary (though a yet now Head of the Church) could not do other. Others. the Seventy turn it thus: - Koi TUTO |Aol avofiia TJ [isyiaTq XoyHteiTi. If k be not probable. Qua est Iniquitas maxima. that all Conscience and Rewhole world. For this would have been accounted. And therefore I ask.) the Magistrate ought not much more to punish First. Answ. that Job might sooner be tmiptel to that so . Imqwtas judicata-. (the Seventy) interpret Job 31.

Iniquity to be punished by the Judges: As also that Job lived before Moses.himself in the shining of the pleasing a sin of applauding sun (Heavenly (and right-hand) mercies) and the brightness of the Moon (left-hand. and therefore is not such a Building and Fabrick. and inferiour merries) then indeed to that gross and so palpable an Idolatry . yea and further [that the Gos$el gives more light for the Discovery of the sinfulness and Guilt of Idolatry} Yet. as well Ecclesiastical as Civil. to be Secondly. the true King of Israel. Grant that the beholding of the Sun and Moon by Job. and a temporal Judge. and the elder brothers (in a figurative Birthright of the first born) carried on the figure Christ Jesus to come. and acknowledged the Justice of such punishments (all which particulars can be but probably dis- dispensations of Gody both before and after Moses. relates to Idolatry in the very real and literal Worshiping of those Creatures j grant that was '. erect new Lands of Canaan in puted. pro and con. as supream Heads and Gov- the Nations of the World? Will they not be meer Skeletons. or (as the Word saith. Jacobs. shall we nonesuch. without those living Demon-^ all last Christ Jesus and miraculous appearances of God. &c. Shadowes and Carkases. to deny the seems to cary it) the God that God de- 0383 . now then. in the bright light of the Sun of Righteousness.) But admit all. to be laid upon so uncertain a Groundsel and Foundation. and the Patriarchs. from first to with that wonderful and typical People? Shall we still take the Lord Jesus by force to make him a temporal strations. since both Moses and Job also lived under such dispensations of National Covenants and Worships. and the secret inticement of his Hearty and the kiss- ing of his mouth. fuseth. and proclaimes this that his when he peremptorily reKingdoms is not of this World? &c Will not is be as Job there above. &c. The Land of Canaan a ernours in all causes. of worshipping the sun and moon? &c. Isaacks. King. and typical. such as Abrahams. not & temporal king. wherein the Fathers of Families.

under the Masks and Flags of the Christian name. live in First. for the Lords sake? I to be judged. but first descended God in Fleshy and dwelt in Flesh of the Lord Jesus Bodily. all the World over. or Gods. holy Spirit of God. designing. &c And however the Devil (despairing to destroy the appearance of God in Flesh. in the Consciences. (or Gods pe com an ^ confusion) and darkly confound all the most holy. either in the Person of Christs humane body. or in his mystical Body his Saints. Spirituals. which is Idolatry in tbe Heaifs and Lives of all maakmde. we ought Pet. Yet (I ask) Shall Gods people still inhabit Babilon. or God-heads. by three hundred years persecution) hath taken the advantage. and submit to every Ordinance (or Creation) of man. and Conversations of Men. the Foxes. to turn the very World it self Christian. the Emperours. most distinct appearances of God together? and not rather wise. which he could never do by the Roman Lyons. and Worships. and established a spiritual Kingdom. albeit listen to the in Civil affaires. wfikfi all shipping the Nations. in that absolute prohibition (Col. Thirdly. 2. 2. Religious. to conceal his Serpentine malice to pure and true Christianity > and to effect that by the Roman Popes. by the shining of Peace and Favour to the Saints by Constantine. Moral Idolatry. I ask (as before) Whether the Gar^<?/~light hath not discovered unto us (more clearly at least. upon any Spiritual account and Consideration. Secondly. aoDording to that of Pmd to tie Efhesians: and CovetoiisiiesSy which is Idol&$ry y &c to this Distinction.scending? who hath ascended. &c that is.) Let no man judge you in meats and drinks. how are all the Nffiiom of According 3 the World (even ttiat wfatch is called C&msrim also) r ^ spread with these I&ol&&ies? Yea and (is bfiieiifablf too . then ever the Two kmd*s Old Testament did) a twofold Idolatry? which is (in a word) the fearing or Worof false Deities.

but darkness it self (Ephes. Whoredom. 2. that the Light of the Moon shall be as the Light of the Sun. Pride. and which (yet above Fourthly. Light of Nature? ? Tis true.) are acts of Idolatry in a Gospelsense: Then consequently the goings out of the heart in Nations. Ambition. As try. Gods people in 5. discovering IdolaLight First. of Nature.The over- great a measure) how are Gods owne people reported (at least in the moral sence) to be Idolatrous? &c. when they shall need no more Candle nor Sun. and the Light of the Sun seven times Light of Nature in spiritual They expect that time. a fallacie and snare in the term or expression. Christ Jesus Prophets.) And if to dark Nature? You were 240:1 . are Idolatry also. not onely in darkness and children of the night. other Sins. lying. For. they expect and shall assuredly reap the Harvest of Light to all Eternity. They shin as a Sun and shield unto them. Righteous. Self-love. all others) cries to the out against Idolaters? &c. and all raking. &c. Efhes. I ask. all covetous actions (such as England. Lights: God is a Sun of Righteousness shining on themj The holy Scripture is a Light and Lanterne to them 5 the words of the Lord. as a Light shining in a dark place. Oh odiously) what an object of the Jealousie of the most High. But what is this to corrupt Nature. until the Daystar Christ Jesus arise spiritually in their hearts: They have glorious promises. If Coveting of Gold and Silver. If there be not a wonderful mistake. be Idolatry. and Phil. House and Lands. stealing. and all the Acts attending such motions and desires. Acts of Idolatry also in all the Inhabitants of the World. and even that part above all others. spreading of Idolatry in and consequently. 5. Ye are light in the & glorious state of is Light. The Nature of Gods Children is Light. and then especially and more eminently (or rather in such as profess the name of Christ Jesus. is this Idolatrous Ball of the Earth. which pretends the name of the Son of God. but the Lord God and the Lamb will be their Light: and knowing that Light is sown for the brighter: things but darkness.

The Spirit of a man is the Candle of the Lordy searching all the inward parts of the Belly: It is an Excuser and an Accuser. even in the Prmc&s of natural biowlfore.. by Exferience* AIM! can attaine. whether upon an equal dispensation? when in those times corf oral Judgements. I ask. an Adversary. Cor. a Secretary. can amount unto more. they glorified him not as God: and that of I. The World by Wisdome knew not God. L They knew God. even of God Hmselfe? And tfaene- . and in Gospel-times spiritual Judge- ments are proper j testified. this Candle of Jehovah hath searched. I ask. and Executioner. * whether the place of Rom. I.that which we call Light in men.. that the Light of Nature discovers Idolatry. the lowest. into all the inward parts of the Belly. which may not rather be counterbalanced another way? Or if Job should say so. a Sergeant. I ask. by their utmost Activity. and their respective Worships? And Where lies the Harmonie between these two Scriptures. or possibly may search. If natural wisdome (that Candle or Light remainall Natural ' ing in man) be not twofold? First. And false Deities. by Observation. . That which is Common to mankinde * in general ^ to the people. the vulgar? Secondly. 2. by Study. is abundantly It is true. this of Rom. within the What bosome of all mankinde: But yet I ask. be Darkness (as the Lord Jesus speaks) how great is that Darkness? But if it be said. When they knew God. That which is more Noble and High. how far this Spirit of Man. or by any consequence. (in degrees) refined and elevated by finer Animal Sfirits. that Job and Paul say. as touching this great mystery of true or *>. a Judge. aad saving. by Ed&cation. may attain or Heart of man. as Solomon saith. to a true. and doth.. Whether Job say so expressly. I. - . and Go^/-knowledge. as in this very Rom.

The monstrous opinions of the Nations. by whom Creation and Re- dempion are wrought. and so many monstrous and horrible. Son. that they were not thankful. the Persians. talk of 5 and then I ask. a Deity. is men. in all their knowledge . unto this day. a Godhead above us. God to attain the mystery of the Father and of the manifested in Flesh. Parliaments. and some ridiculous kindes and waies of worship? Thus did and their worships. which some. and the number of them. in all known parts of the World. in depraved nature? If it be not to run pointblank against all the Histories of the Nations. an Invisible all things. or to any thing but Sylendidum Peccatum. and a natural Worship. that the wisest Nations. also. both Jewes. It I. to the matter of true worship. If from this Corruption of Nature it have not sprung. Aristotle. a Conviction of and of Cursedness in Disunion from it? mighty power. Rom. to attribute so much Light to any of the Eldest and Gallantest sons of Nature. and other not a downright ancients. Councels. . out of his absolute. an Instituted. the Greeks. but unto a confession of edge. if it be Doctrine of Free-will. Creating. the light of nature worshipping this Deity: Come to the seven precepts of Noah. without the Revelation of the Word and Spirit of God. in us. as Blessedness in the favour of this Deity. to the Creature. as God-. and all present Experience of mankind. about us. Plato. the Egyptians. that they gave the glory of the Creator It is true. the Romans. and peculiar Grace and Mercy in Christ Jesus. as to Deities Hence I ask. free. charged upon the wisest of the Sons of They glorified not God. the Chaldeans. Seneca. to and that therefore God delivered them up those moral filthinesses and defilements. have run into such monstrous opinions about the Gods. Ordering But now let's descend to Cultus Institutus and Cultus Naturalis. and all the Generations and Nations of men. Ruling. to attain a love unto God.&c. as to attain a Spiritual and saving knowledge of God. Come to No spiritual object seen <with a natural eye.

Of Cruely and Murder. Chastity .shi f %n by some Nations. . in their Sacrificing The cutting . as well as mans. that f ceeded so the poor deluded Generations of men. be. to dunseons It. the Civil Sword is Gods Sword. i have tumbled down millions of millions. And also these Spiritual Judgements have profar. and of many Priests and Whoredom an^ SectSy afflicting themselves in some Nations. and launcing themselves. and one of the very Kings of Judah (before repentance) fell into this bloody pit.It is true. who censured that famous Ch^> for that n&m&QU Book of his De Arte am&ndi) as a sparke to immodesty and uncleanness: and doubtless it is the duty of the to cut off the IncivilMes of our timesj as the Jmire of women. The second. in the fesl of the Romm$t of any humane Judge or JudgeAert upon the But yet I ask. in the Bodies The Cwtt or goods of any. that in these cases mentioned. > c r* i i i A j >kW out of fore the coming of Ptzarro amongst them 5 but also Gods owne people of Israel. lyes. even upon the very account of Religion and Conscience. Of practicing uncleanness and Whoredom^ prac. into these two deep and doleful Dungeons. tised tumbled. * r & some The first. I honour that noble act of the Emf&rt& of Rome. Love of believe That because men received not the Truth in the Two God delivered them up to strong delusions. H$tmm>I** &c **y* ^ Hence. yea and the very Principles of them 5 and for the Incouragement and applause of the contrary. one upon the neck thf con~ of another. with many Torments j and above all. for the suppressing of such Practices and Appearances. as of Baals Priests. not onely the Mexicans did abound. I readily up in all acknowledge. m& f yearly many thousands Infants to their bloody Deities. and other cases wherein Civility is wronged. of offering their Children through the fire to Molech. that of the abominable and most inhumane Sacrificing mankind: In which horrid Worship. up the heads of some roe% &a Whether P&&1 speak ought.

All seeming incivilities not to be lookt upon up to so many Lusts and Sins. &c. That it was significations. in those strong Delusions and Lyes. that it was not performed with any lascivious or uncleane observations or gestures. That it was done solemn and Religious a way. thus most dreadfully plagued already. &c. yet may not be such. which also run upon the Civil Sword of God and man. very seeming Incivility of Circumcision: Recutitaque Sabbata. how was it branded and blackt with the Scornes and Jeers of the Nations? insomuch that the very Sabbath (the solemn worshipping of God one day in seven. as a attended with heavenly and mystical Type and Figure. and great Affliction of the outward man (as we see in the Shechemites) And lastly. be deliveries and with one eye. for their uncivil and unrighteous practices? I ask further. (not to instance in any disputable Acts which the The practice holy Scripture and experience presents us with) what shall be said to that very common and constant Practice of Circumcision. a commanded by God himself it to the Jewes. the Circumcised Sabbaths. of Circumcision. and seeming Incivility. &c. that they ought not so suddenly and easily to be condemned and punished. which the Light of Nature more fairly may condemn. and Bloodshedding. by the most righteous Judge of the whole World. Yet notwithstand- ing. but with a more tender and observant Eye. The Institution of this in so be (with faire probability) Although the Ordinance was from Heaven. now entertained by one of the greatest Empires of the World. the Turks? may not argued to be against the light of Nature? Jewes might plead. but with Horror. distinguished? For.Nations of the World. and the Lord of Nature. Whether or no some seeming Incivilities. from this . and Pain. for their meer Idolatries. and hale before the Civil Tribunal. in a most religious acknowledgement of his of this wonderful frame of the World most glorious Creating in six) was jeered. and so Circumstantiated with Impressions from Heaven.

that so miraculously and su-pernaturally gave him. and the severest Judge. so Holy. and being tormented for Rekgion and Conscience} . how ready to sheath our swords in . as Judah said of owne the Child (in Religion) ours. his Addresses to the Act so Holy. but that the most Civil.***&*& edged) without the company of her Husband. and gloriously free from such Impurities. might rationally and judicionally have pronounced to have found no violence of Civility. If Abraham had lived now in what would our rash Zealots have done with Abraham. upon due Examination of the whole matter. the Parents and the child unclean (Bring her seidome but ** extreams. oh the madness of the Children of Men (said I?) yea the precious Children of the very God of Heaven! Into what furious Extremes do we leap and run into. Heaven? also. with which even the Religion of whole Nations are defiled? But. Yet who can chrnt Jesus be so impious against God. forth and burn her. for inflicting torments on & r others. Incivility. And therefore againe. would they have examined the miraculous conception of the Child as from Heaven. Or if the Mother of the Lord Jesus had brought forth So Maries her Son amongst us. as to question. now him. and (it should have been acknowl. without the The Extreme ^a^n ^ t t '' f * s* ous Light and Lanterne of the holy Spirit and Word of God$ notwithstanding our great pretences of such pure Natures light? For how fiery would we be to condemn such a Birth as spurious. from Designe? &c. no wrong to the Bodies or Goods of any (the proper object and cause of all Civil Officers') but contrarily a most holy and glorious appearance of the living God.England (one of the most zealous Nations of the World. by a Voice miraculous from would they have observed the Man. and the reason that that most holy and most glorious hand. in case he had Sacrificed his son Isaac? &c. the Thamar) Mothers until we ours? &c. and so free from Passion. and so Faithful. and so unchristian and blascall'd againe for phemous against Christ Jesus.

&c. and his Servants pait might please the God of Heaven to and a Rescue from the snares and chaines give Repentance. to forbid the very casting out of Devils (as done by Conjuration. I abhor the debauchedness of those poor deluded high Attainers. accounting of that blood as false and Counterfeit? or of the Papist. and . &c. Blasphemy. for the height and prudence of the State. the Persians. they follow not us. But. Arrows. the true Messiah? The ties Incivili- of the Ranters. which cannot see with our Eyes and spectacles. to call Fire from Heaven (as the gratious Disciples of Christ Jesus did and may do) because (as they think) men practice Incivilities (against the light is it What of Nature) refusing to entertain the Son of Jesus? God Christ What is it but Ranting. of Satan and Destruction? tiently to wait. Baptisme and Dipping now used. the millions of millions of millions of poor deluded Consciences whose oppositions the meek Lamb of God commandeth gently to be born. if yet Yea. what is it but Rantisme. these Casters out.the bowels of the poor Jew or Gentile.) because these Exorcists. science of any. If ever there was Ranting in this World. are there but one sort of (Religious) Mad Folks. of Christ. the Pagans. Ranters and Ranting more sorts then one* but Ranting. perswaded that the Jewes are wanderers 5 but that there's need of Maries Milk to her Sons blood? or at the Consciences of the Turkes. perswaded to finde out the Blood of Christ. as to the nington well calls them) the Ranters: And I praise God. our Worship? &c. Ranters? &c. Yea. Heresie. the Mad Folks (as Master PenI profess my self unsatisfied. our Faith. Many Consciences dif- our Way. but the mad flinging about of Firebrands. our Church. what is it. to fling stones at the Con- fering about the blood. to prevent and punish the Practices and Doctrines of such Abominations. in the way of dipping into Water 5 or at the Conscience of the poor Jew. and believe this Child to be the Christ.

And therefore (lastly) I ask the Proposer. of the forteenth Questionsince Idolatry brings plagues upon the people. Quest. Let the Tares alone until the Harvest? The sum Whether. and charging him with Sorcery. no not for the highest of -position made against him. the Ammonites. about the Hereticks. and compleat. have not expressly lockt up the hands of all that call him Lord and Master. CH73 . no not that of calling him Beelzebub. the Blasphemers. discovering Idolatry more clearly) and Covenant it self. Christ Jesus. tions. I ask (I say) Whether. wholly Idolaters.Death) (which Solomon speaks of) to fling all the World topsi-turvy. Christ Jesus hath not left his Followers full. of these Quesligious Heats. and absolute Directions in all Cases? I ask. Slaughters. or that of the New bound up * it Testament in case the s iuer& OU not. Yea Whether Old Testament it self. the Diablos? &c. The New the Whether in case it had pleased the Lord to conceal Old Testament from us. such Nations as were I ask. when they were subdued under him 5 although in the Canaan (the onely Church in Covenant with God) there were just Lawes in force against such sins and of Land practices? I therefore conclude with this Question. for the Civil of any Sword to be to be drawn in his Quarrel. in the very such Persons. in what part of his Testament. Plundrings. and casting out of Devils by the Devil himself. alone (as is some people in the frequently) should fall into the hands of World . &c. of the purity of the Goswithstanding whether the Gos<f>ely pel. and to Fire the Nations with uncivil and irreTumults. then. Raviskings. for the Body in this Christ Jesus man afflicted for his sake? and therefore case proclaims to his zealous Followers (who in this case against the highest of did not to know destroy mens of what Spirits they were) that he came not Bodies. hath he given the least Direction. Whether (notthe Proposers plea. were punished even by David himself 5 as the Moabites. therein. saying.

by removing Idolatry? twofold (as before) Rea God. above cially after so the grossest Idolatry of all the The greater Idolaters. or Gold ligious and Moral. therefore to cry out. without a ripeness in other sins. 5? his The World. since the beginning of the World) and destruction . bring Plagues and Destructions upon Lands and People? Were not others Sodom. the Flesh. and raise such Sormes about Idolatry? &c.the Magistrate ought not to deliver the people from those plagues. God blessed for evermore. like the Spaniards and Portugals. before the Creator. I as k. of many sorts 5 Worshipping (according to the several Lusts of the Eye. before the flaming Eyes of Christ Jesus. and our Selves. and in some respect. cry World is it beside. Sodoms sins alleadged the cause of (one of the most fearful and most famous Destructions. And making the Belly a God) is as real Idolatry y as the making of the sun a God. and loving. and the Pride of Life) several sorts of Creatures. against the poor Indians besides their owne Images and Superstiwere notorious worshippers of. lies In Idolatry and. What Anti- out against the less. which to their astonishment. the Lord abhors as much (having commanded it not to be named among the Saints) yea. and espe- much light and experience from God. and bowed down tions. they to the Indians Gold. is as real Idolatry. With what face then. or a Golden Image: As also. I Cor. When the whole World. Ms Nation and People. Doth Idolatry alone. and each Nation. can we cry out so much against Idolatry in Worshipand Tempests in the World -ping. First. when dians beheld and stumbled at? Secondly. since Idolatry is and the honouring. This kinde of Idolatry especially in Gods people. and serving them before the true God. lie in the second kind of Idolatry. the In- christian Blindness and Madness Idolatry. as the worshipping of the sun. since Christ Jesus commands people to separate from a Covetous person professing to be a brother in Christ Jesus. I ask.

the greatest professed State ****l&y terpreted Persecution r VIT T t TTT7 T 11 i ti of Christianity. sins. and Children perished.) be the Plague of the Turks. yet was there not Sin. though most Whonsh. 17. oppression Was not Egypt the wonder of the World for Plagues? And Egypt. drunk with the blood of the Saints. indeed their Soul-oppressions. 9. sent one unto them. which especially unstopped the Vials of Plagues and Vengeance on them. beside their Idolatries. and misused the Messengers from God. O Jerusalem.oppression the Church of Rome. I. and and Soul- complaint of the Lord Jesus against And Jerusahe wept over it. And when (Rev. and dispised. a principal one. but yet there was a remedy. nor of their Thefts? read of the great Whore (commonly in. that is still and though most infamous for Idolatry.amongst other of oppressing the poor? and soulthe highest.lem> **~ were captivated) What was his great complaint. And Israel. read we not (verse the last) That neither relented they of their Murders.) three famous causes are assigned. Women. is not this among found Bloody Oppressions. Jerusalem Thou which killest the Prophets. foreseeing the Destruc. and the chast. and burning of her. Gods People were guilty of Religious Idolatry. before the tearing of her Flesh. That she is a whore. upon the Antichristian World. nor of their Fornications. 18. to wit. Chron. nor of their Sorceries. What was the Jerusalemy when tion of it shortly after his death (in which Eleven hundred *M*rMw thousand Jewes. Men. their Oppressions. until they mocked. oppression c *y ' and stonest them which second are sent unto thee! &c. but this. that in her is last) the blood . 36. of her most famous downfal. under the pretence of being the most cause of the And when we and onely Spouse of Christ Jesus) read we not also. downfall of Witnesses of Jesus? Rev. And if that Wo (Rev. on the Israel and people of God? It is true. to wit (verse the the rest. Hence. in all abominable onec ^f worships and practices.

of the Prof kefs and Saints. and are not to be destroyed yet ought as Idolaters and Blasphemers. for his abuse of. should rise again. and conquer France. and not improving of all his with a spirit and Light. yea suppose all the world over? I side -. Thirdly. if peradventure it may please God to give them repentance. into several degrees and sorts of sin and wicked- f P^^g ness? What hinders this. What some Edw. . if Yea. who tells his fiery Disyou know not what Spirit do. without offence. Tim. but worship that Deity corruptly. sins witil temporal plagues. so accounted? And what should the Protestant conqueror do with so many hundred thousand Popish Idolaters in France and Spain. and delivered up to further alienation from him. Rom. know what some furious Zelots would say. I ask. 5. ciples in such cases. 2. (though but moral. what intemperate and unbridled Zeal. and implies no more. hath done in former and present times: But I ask. Whether that place and not of Gods speak not there onely of spiritual plagues. yea and with meekness ought of a Deity. that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil. to be suffered to live. what the meek Lamb of God would Luke 9. or Hen. what self-interest. whereby they are taken captive at his will? 2. what Christ Jesus would do. to be instructed. on either I know what Superstition. but of punishing sin with sin. I pray leave humbly to ask. natural} conscience hardned. civil. I. but that such as have some convictions and yet improve not these convictions to the That such (I say) highest. as those Kings did 5 yea. and of all that were slain upon the earth? spiritual plagues fol- of Paul. 3. and that in a Protestant profession. suppose that France should conquer England. but that God justly punisheth mankinde. What should the Catholike conqueror do with so many thousand Protestant Hereticks.

6. for then we must go out of the World. the people whom the Land spued out. of. and miraculous Considerations? Further. for I Jehovah am holy. now in these Gospel-daies? Hath not the irreconcilable Disproportion and Dissimiliof Canaan. who have separated you God. and have severed you from other Peoples. Come out from among arated these unclean Beasts clean: and verse 26. I Cor. touching their not since the And and Fowle from you. but in spiritual communion and Worshiping of God. from whom we ought not to separate in civil converse. signifie men in Go^/-times. whom the Land recieved. to pass over to Ireland. and that without any tude. 20. 5. Master Cotton. I ask. and attended with extraordinary. You shall be holy unto . Act. figurative Land. Did not all these unclean Beasts and Birds. with the sound of Rams-Hornes. and all unclean Beasts and Fowl? Lands to verse 25. even of Nation mention separated Israels ceremonial and typical holiness. Therefore I have sep- Proposer of this Question is pleased to Israel a Lev. 10. on dry Land (as Israel from Egypt toward Canaan-land) and to tumble down City-Wals and Castles. may we not as well expect. &c. As to that particular case of the Land of The Land of Canaan a Canaan. and all others. or shall be? from all eating of Swines Flesh. attended with miracles. France. or Holland. as the Jewes did. as unto that great Argument of the difference between the Land of Canaan. whether that Land and Nation. from other peoples: and verse 25. or ever have been. supernatural. I are them. or any man else. and all other Lands that are. Is not this the Ground. / came not to destroy mens lives. against the most conscientious and able in this Controversie. I am Jehovah your God. as unme. I ask. that you should be mine. were not all of them typical and of it. as to think of a material or literal Antitype or parallel. it and the feo-ple figurative. been alleadged by some. but to save Fourthly. between that Land reply of his. and the people of Israel.

the onely ty$e Doth not Master Cotton himself acknowledge. as Master Cotton holds) or Nathe tional. and to hold no Spiritual Society with that man. to all the Nations of the World. Act. are all parts of the World. to be anointed with Christs Spirit 5 I ask. Men. The Israel and $eo-ple of God. &c. Persians. as Christs Church. and Passions of all sorts? &c. What can be then the Result from this. and the many millions of millions of the Sons and Daughters of all Ages and Nations pass on in outward Peace. Did not God wink at the Nations. What is this the Saints. or Wife. amongst some of whom. of Gods Israel in Canaan* who are (Nazarites. who in that is. E$hes. and lie (saith John) in wickedness. and I will receive you. that this punishing of the Idolater. what weapons hath either one or the other. being called a Saint or Brother. not to be once named. who. as others .them. ought to touch no uncleanness. and not onely to separate All Gods 'peo-ple are from Religious Idolatry y but even to separate from. in the Land of Canaan was typiChurch of Christ. the Chinois. rolling and changing as Waves of the Sea. Whether 11*5*3 . in Idolatries and Superstitions. Yet I ask. 20. and that the Antitype is onely the which ought not to purge out Idolaters: which Church (whether Congregational. and love the Lord Jesus? But for any of these whole Nations to become Christians. but Spiritual? &c. Lev. among But fifthly. Covetousness. and be a Father unto you.still pleased to wink at those numberless Nations of the berless numWorld unto whom the sound of a Saviour reacheth not? bers of the How wonderful are the Dominions of the Grand Seigniour Sons of inert) without (the Turkish Em-perour) and the mighty Empire of the Christ in the world. or) separated unto him. and Glory. the great Mogul. as Nations. and be ye separated. who covets this Worlds goods? which thing. is separated unto himself. from all the people of the World. 17. God may Prosperity call some to fear him. 5. in restless Lusts. and abhor that Moral Idolatry. and touch no unclean thing. but that the Israel and People of God. and is he not The State of all the num. cal. I ask. the Tartars.

cum precio. Come. in the most Reformed Churches} I say. of the Body of this. but withall I ask. having got the Throne of Jeroboam. . without so much or so much. when men profess they cannot. that the Bottome and Root of the matter. Idolatry. I ask (with a lour of England) Whether all Violence in Religion. Blasphemy. For.) for.) a very Sale of Law and Gospel. He Magistrates act acted gloriously. . or any other Nation? _. d National TTT . . and the Soules of men? I truely honour the many excellent Persons. that $tend **dovsly but have profest. but a Merchandising for gain. &c. and let the Zealous (even such as make profession of the most reformed National Ministeries. he goes on in the sins of saith the Jeroboam. _ Church a fiction. and kept up still the worship of the Calves. to the scaring and affrightment of poor people. in both Popish and Protestant Countries? But let the Zeal of the most Zealous outcries be examined in plain English. which Jeroboam had set up. be not for some sinister cause and Interest? John pretends and boasts. What a wonderful noyse and sound have those three The World Greek names. God himself. to such as Minister esft Spirituals. preach Christ J^sus? 1*53:1 . &c. and it shall be found. is a plain Merchandizing with the word of God. &c. slowly ' f^ an mter~ Lord (Hes. and the ex. I confess. there is a due of Temporals. or be in experience true. .such a thing be found in Christs Testament. i. and not f ound in Christs casteth. . Heaven and Hell. What is it but a Trade and Living. the Nations Ministery or Service. Heresie.Ministers cellent Abilities. Whatever be the pretence and mist which Satan famous observer once Lord Chancel- t . Testament. and (seeming) Piety: And yet I will visit the blood of Jehu. of many. let the most Zealous impartially Examine. and as it was in Rome and is (Omnia Romae. to maintain that Throne and Crown. Sixthly. made in the scared by world. with wonderful Activity y Impartiality. he took not heed with all his Heart. both humane and Divine. Moses and Christ. see my zeal for the God of Israel. and do.

with ready lights and linkes. fruits. as freely who did labour spiritually. offering to go with any call (presuming on a pay) and therefore his word is to Bloody fruitf of every likely passenger. as that Light? so frequently and so dearly (I speak as to the external preaching is sold then of many holy I Truths.) Light. and ten thousand times ten thousand of niankinde. when he appears in flaming fire. other Prudential Images and Inventions are set up. and Opinions. will he disclaim and judge. and ask. for a Salary. by rules of Christ Jesus. as did trust him. as not to make a Mercenary light. Light be) whether his Calling and Standing be not as truely Mercenary and Unchristian as his that stands at the Corners of the Streets in dark Nights. If I Yea. as divine and heav- enly light? and yet what sold. by the horrible which this bitter Root hath brought forth. What should be so free in the world. &c. maintenance. nothing'. Experiences. erre in the Piety or Charity of the Question. Bargain. Tenents. defect of supthe poverty or coldness of the Saints) did (through labour with their own hands and other course for his Mes- ceived.The maintenance of Chrlsts true Ministers. If any man can possibly. upon such a Service or Ministery. nor will his true Ministers and Prophets desire he should: and whatever What more and yet what more bought and free. Surely the Apostacie hath benn most wonderful and None can say but that the Lord Jesus did send out such Preachers of his Truth. for so much or so much j yet if there be an implicite Expectation or Dependence. and depend on that for maintenance to him and his? shall desire to be corrected. and upon : they had re- plies sengers (in most infinite wisdom) took he none. profess a Ministery of Christ Jesus. his Gifts. Religiously and Zealously (as is pretended) hunting one an- . I ask. although he have so much Civility. I ask. who did as -freely give. and lacked dreadful. to the slaughter of so many thousands. &c. (Whatever the Person. Whether (as the Lord Jesus speaks of false a Prophets} we may not discern false Doctrines. pretended holy Root. Will you have a light Sir? Lastly.

above all other. hath been that bloody Knife. that they should by the forme of some Creature. but change the glory of God into an Image? &c. that hath so many thousand and ten thousand times stab'd the Lord Jesus to the Heart. &c. and Lusts hanging on them) to soare so kind. by the light of Nature) who many Convictions and Confessions of a The Natural Godhead. this. . is it best Q j and Education. &c. as wild Beasts. nor any marvel. that they are without excuse. and Equanimity of Spirit. both in this and other Nations. First. that the Eternal power and Godhead. truly in love with Yea. Blas- phemers? &c. do not glorifie him as God. are so manifest. &c. and Equity. Christ Jesus. but a faithful and Christian plea. that the Heathen should Paul proves. his Servant and Penman? Whereas a more sober and Dove-like Christian Eye will read no more. of barbarous Ignorance. which may cause a Soul.other. The sum of the fifteenth Question. I ask. to all the Nations and Generations of the World j better sence) yea although by the hightned power of Reason. Whereas not easie to finde. as the greatest Hereticks. Whether the little presseth not very Pro-poser of these questions exof that Christian Moderation. then that he hath set himself to contradict and fight against God himself. represent him. and his most holy Spirit in Paul. Blasphemers. Hereticks. Paul. by insinuating little less. Yet so many not so facile and easie for them (having thousand clogs and chaines. Monsters. 15. for moderate and Christian thoughts. set Whether the Examiner hath not it is himself to confute Quest. Idolaters. in setting the words (which bear a The and the Heart of the Examiner upon the Rack. who knowing God. which a Follower of Christ Jesus pretends to. in the And bloody hunting of so many his Servants and Followers. to tremble . saying not make a Graven Image. they may possibly attaine to (as above hath been discoursed.

Examples. and carnal Protestant. the Persians. and that not onely Solo- How but even David. and the many millions of millions of wise and understanding men. World. and understanding in themselves so far. and of being gross Negligence and undervaluing inslaved by many corrupt Lusts. and the true Way of glorifying God Whether this is posacceptably in Christ Jesus. Gods owne hardly ke$t from Superstition and WULworshfy &c. Yea I ask. but the Turks. as they ought and might also do? the World Secondly. the Grecians. I ask. If it Will-worship. Superstition. and thirty thousand of Israel with him. to finde the true God. Superstition. be so easie to escape Idolatry. implies. and fearfully. will be found guilty of of God. darken his Glory? &c. the Jewes. should so stupendiously and constantly wander from the glorifying of God. Will-worship. the Papists. the Romans. people (Aaron the Leader. and the reforming of what was notoriously Superstitious. &c. Rom. but by invented Images. sible to be attained unto (as above-said?) But rather that this place of Paul. that the wisest and most industrious of the Sons of Men. the Egyptians. Tradition of Fathers. all Israel with him) slipt into the Idolatry of the Golden Calf? yea and afterwards. as God. the whole ten Tribes of twelve (Gods owne people) apostate to the Calves (againe) of Jeroboam? is it. &c. that all the first Gen- erations of mankinde. If it be easie for the Nations of to escape and miss these Rocks of Idolatry. I. with the wings of meer Natural corrupted Reason. and Representations of Superstition. from the Creation and Fall of (the Phoenicians. Fear of high. that onely the Godly Kings of Judah. How how Servants easily. of Reason. Gods owne $eo$le and choicest Thirdly. brings up the Arke mon built houses for the gods of his Wives. Customes. neglected the demolishing of the high places. Will-worship. not Man to this day onely the Pagans. how comes it to pass. is it that the holy Spirit records. . the Chaldeans. how wonderfully. wandring in Idolatry and Superstition. and of not improving that Power All the Nations of the and so high.

but he gave no answer? Thedi*io that not onely God sendeth AntiFourthly. Independent. of Ministery. Rom. Diocesan. and Affections. and kindes. the many strange waies. that they is it. the Breach of Uzzah. because of their separation from the National Churches.) rising up to open to her Beloved. not onely E^hraim against Manasseh. and shall not be able 5 and Israel obtained not that which they is it. God How Cfoist Jesus sought for. christians strong Delusions. 2. Provincial. 5. Insomuch that Gods people at this day have not onely occasioned that reproachfull terme of Sectaries. and Dove. But even the tender Love. Judgement. which so hold their Understanding. a molten or carved Image. and must continue. the Consciences of Gods children and people (in whom the blessed fear and love of God hath shined) how are they (I say) divided each from other. Parochial. .(the signe of Gods presence) with wonderfull Solemnities shootings and rejoycings. of Prayer. and undefiled of Christ Jesus (Cant. and Manasseh against Efhraim. but even Judah against Judah. of Church. Separated. as it is written. whether this shall not be. Half-separated) the Nations. and both against Judah. an Image. and formes o Protestant Churches. And conseful1 f quently. gathering themselves into separate Congregations. Since every Way. Manner or Forme of Worship. until they met with Perez-Uzzah. (that onely excepted which the Lord Jesus appointed) is an In- vention. Day among our selves. How etven J f y a really belive Lyes. she findes him agrieved at her unkindness. of Baftisme. but even from their Sects and Divisions among themselves? And I ask. notorious this and great Lyes. until the blessed time of one Heart. National. but even at Judah. Presbyterian. which God will vouchsafe to all his people? Fifthly. the signal of Gods disof pleasure? that not onely many shall seek to enter. Conscience. she sought him. &c. but she found $retendersy but Cordial nte ers ' him not she 5 called him. and one Spirit. and one Lip. and gone.

If it be not And since any of them be yet) according to Gods own people. wales and Manners of Worship (though more subtle and mysterious. as those of the grossest Composition? Gods designe to suffer the an own . and of late. I ask. &c. offence. Wood. have had a much more sit easie for the poor Nations of the World. toward poor sinners. so Written. and Rock of means. If there be not a deep and heaven-designe. o f the most holy and onely wise God. &c. he was given for a stumbling Block. the Captivated and (sometimes) the passionate striving and souls of thousands. (as of old) to erect Images of Gold and Stone. and dissi? ? r r ^ to P^e themselves . a third way (as to their various Formes and Constitutions) are but Images and Pictures. about these and the like relucting and pitie of Christ How Opin- ions? IT'S* 3 . Thus to cause the holy Scriptures. from whence so many. amongst wander and iffal"* both Papsts and Protestants (the pretended Rule of Life and Li&ht Unt a11 their waies and Consciences ) to be so en ^. &c. both in England. I ask. Lastly. yet) as real Images. and none but one of them the first (if pattern. and so texts wonderfully different perswasions and Consciences are risen? In particular. great share and hand in such framings. that as it was said of Jesus sprit in the use of all Christ. like our selves 5 If any sence of the mercies. If there be any Bowells (therefore) of pity in us. Scotland. as well as for a Rock and Foundation to his people: it not also be said of the holy Scripture. and the and writings thereof. who in darkness Silver. may into the many wandrings and Labyrinths of consciences now which though but Threads and Strawes. France. until the holy and blessed Spirit of God discover and dissolve? &c.Baptized one way. so translated. a second. thus to suffer the worj^ ancj people also. I ask. Low-Countries. to divide and scatter. should we comJesus to our selves. to slide P So. yet do hold the conscience as with Chaines of Adamant. If it have not been wonderfully easie. from the seeming light of Nature and Scripture too. extant.

the anointed of God. that the knots of holy Serif ture (besides those of Reason) are very great and wonderful? thousands are perswaded that the several Orders in the government of Christs House and Kingdom. will say unto us. that laying on the hands most godly how we can dare to say. be the true Messiah. To thee will I give the Papists will tell us. in a real and corporal presence? Did he not say to Peter. sions yoakes? how hath he redeemed us. that Christ Jesus died not -for ally when so many Scriptures speak of the propitiation for the sins of the whole world? of the Presbytery was? many Consciences will ask How And why slighted. thou art Peter. when is (say they) shall the power of Nature be so Christ Jesus tells us. How T -* r * can that Jesus whom you pretend. that he would. the Jewes. that the great and wonderful mystery of the holy Trinity is beyond their understanding and reach $ and they cannot believe and die for that which passeth their comprehension j as also. whom TIT . he whom all the Prophets told of. that plainly said. that Jesus the the blessed Messiah that was to come? Keys of the kingdom of heaven? How many thousand will tell us. Friends and Acquaintance. in the in particular. are not manifested in vain unto us. -plea from all the Fathers lookt for? How did he deliver us from the Roman since. i & conscientious and ten thousands wanting. he is and why should we not believe him.How many thousands and ten thousands of Gods ancient . of the Jerusalem would not? And how . and upon this Rock will I build my Church. these 1600 years from all our Enemies. in the Lands of our Disperand Scatterings? How many thousand Son of Mary. but that doctrine (say they) so infallible. the order of Bishops? How many The several Word i Nor XT are there thousands T i 111 What of God. This is my Body? Is he not able to make good his word. who peas of the more knowing an& will (triumphantly) ask us.

and so many dreadful examples (especially in these times) of the departure of so many from Christ Jesus. and whether this opposeth not the word of God by Moses. Items. because the other is is discerned ought not not punished. Hereticks? &c. how cruel are the thoughts of his Co-rival Antichrist. and thereby the heart of the Idolater is discovered? for the Murtherer is discovered guilty. Blasphemers. as to of discerning? First. and Baal. Not to respect what hath been the Dis- tinction of Idolatry^ as to the nature of civil Magistracie and . Warnings. to have Gods Spirit. for want said. Whether of two sins. the punishment of the worshippers of the Calfe. as well as a Murtherer. how pitiful are the bowels of the Lamb of God. to question the God- head of the Son of God. 16. and whether the Translations are on? infallible. who makes it so easie to be born againe. with the j/o#y ground? many abominations. How many are assaulted by Satan. and of the Holy truth of the holy Scriptures 5 and of the Whether there are no more Spirit.breach between Christ Jesus and Beimpossibility of a final when so many Caveats. As also the eighteenth. to the world with Demas and Judas. may not be punished. and which are to be rested or relied Oh how merciful. holy Scriptures but these. to lusts. because of Malice in his heart. that which to be punished. because the Magistrate doth not know the heart of the Idolaters. to poor wandring sinners? And how "fierce. and the Prophets of Baal? Unto which may be added the seventeenth Question. to be truely Zealous against Idolaters. us nor to fall. and Idolaters The sum Whether of the sixteenth Question. viz: Whether Idolaters may not be convinced by Acts. and pleasures. to honour and and preferments with Diotrephes. are given lievers. to be Orthodox.

by his most glorious Canaan. which tie right hand of the . and at last by his Son. because the Magistrate doth not know the heart of the Idolater? And will all that the Examiner speaks there of the heart. and dear Son. in the West-Indies. and that opened by that so famous instance of the Spaniards. yea millions of the Inhabitants? It is incredible how many millions of mankind were there destroyed (as their own Cardinal fifth) as Idolaters. Whether the Examiner can be fairly charged. be fairly cast up and amount to more. first. did sacrifice to that Golden Image. wrote to the Emperour Charles the Blasphemers. I ask. be not indeed (upon the point) a new piecing up of the vaile of the Temple. divers times. to the poor Indians. Idolaters. and of Baals Priests. are presidential and binding unto all the Nations of the World? And whether the that ceremonial paralleling of all Times. the Indians Gold (as all Eurofes Naand England more or less) and in a sordid and bloody tions. Heathens. Secondly. whither the Spaniards were said to go. . that Idolatry should not be punfamilies. worshippers of the Sun. so many thouto the ^ * Q sands. the different dispensations of God.its and divers power. and of Baal. to bring it in as a reason. and yet themselves did most notoriously bow down who that id l grand f the * Golden God. rtls cryed out against the poor Indians. devotion. God blessed forever! I ask. monial place. such their Covetousness and Cruelties were. But it is very credible and easie to believe.Whether those Examples of punisMng the Worshipers of the Calje. to and all places to that typical and cereTime. insomuch that they abhorred to hear the Spanish Priests to talk of heaven. waies. to ished. whose Covetousness and Cruelties they thought would never send them to a place of Blessedness. To the Fathers in Moses and the Prophets in the typical Land of and at last all the world over. Idolaters. what stumbling-blocks. then the forementioned distinction of Religious and moral Idolatry. &c.

Heaps? ful How would Commonweal (by this Doctrine) not onely this hopebut also the whole world. Doctors. Chaplains. Monks. The Bishops root and. ought not onely to have abolished Efiscofacy (branch and root) but also to have slain the Bishops by the sword? And by this rule. and a preferring of Moses the Servant. whether Bishops. If there not three apparent differences between civil crimes . the great Messiah. As to the instance of Murther. these Examples be now presidential. of to be yet God come? if Thirdly.The new facing u^ of the vaile of the tern-pie. and Akeldama's. whole World. if not almost all the Inhabitants of the ought 'put to to be death. be turned to Shambles. &c. to be as false as Presbyters. Heaven hath rent. as Moses and Elias did? be Fourthly. Whether if there branch. Friers. I ask. yea and all several Priests in the World. Deanes. to destroy (even beyond all compare and Imagination) the greatest part. favouring the Nonconformitant and Presbyterian. Parsons. I ask. as false: And if anrevolve. &c. yea and (consequently) a denying of the Lord Jesus. Whether by England. before the Lord Jesus the Son. for some false Worship. Where will this bloody Issue stop? What Heaps upon other Power or Parliament should death. and one Golden Calf or this rule. whether all false and Antichristian Ministers. the State of another? Yea then I ask. and all false the world as were such Civil Magistrates Monarchs of formerly (yea and however) whether it be not Ministers the duty of all the Magistrates in the World. ought not without mercy to be put to death? Presbyterian and Inde- pendent Ministers 'put to Yea. Vicars. in the constant of the Wheeles of Providence and should condemn turning the Independent Ministers. If this State of England should resent the Presbytery of England. I ask. Curates. Scotland. Idolatry. Fields of blood? for must we not slay the worshippers of Calves as Baal. Priests.

hath some gressions more discheckings and convincings in his owne conscience yet both cernable then Papists. Townes. Secondly. Murtherers. Torments and First. or but truly Civil.which all mankinde demned these four sins. and Pagans that are serious. have trampled over Posts and Prisons. I ask. and walk but by the rules of Humanity and Civility. have con. Without some Order of Civiltie (more or less) some civil Officers of Justice to punish those four sins (especan live (as men. his worship? &c.) they cannot but confess themselves sinners. and ages together) Great is our Diana. withdrawn from Christs admonition. and justly punished. Those four sorts of Sinners. Theft.not so about Religion. if men one Nation. $ Deaths. &c. Spirituals. as inconsistent to the converse of man with man: But to condemn: all the Generation and Nations of men. and Commonweals (in the midst of Spiritual Differences) whom may flourish. But notwithstanding sevcially) it is Without Civil Order. Families. stantly differed. to keep their Consciences. impossible that men no spiritual. yea in one Fambe either truly Christian. have most con.against the State. and Turkes. Christianity. 3. have agreed Lying. are easily convinced and ashamed (Jer. Adulterers. And however (Tit. and yeares. Adultery. viz.) an Heretick or Civil transobstinate. and his waies of worship. and those of spiritual nature against God. Cities. As . &c. they pretend to follow. to the punishing of the Idolatry. like unto Christ Jesus. but by the dark light of nature. 6. and varied into many thousand differences about the true God. Murther. little. nor never were Four sins in the world. &c. and all other transgressions of Spiritual account. in one Shire. Are the wounds and deaths of the two edged sword. and Jews. There are no generations of men. no eral Religions in ily. Thieves and Lyers. But Idolaters all the world over are ready to cry out (houres. Thirdly. proceeding from the mouth of Christ Jesus. and not as Beasts or worse) together. and of no estimation with us? Fourthly.

Fathers. Judgement more to Davids choice of to Sword. a giving up to the of his holy Countenance. And the Chaines of strong Lyes all the Antichristian World. Famine. with this Quere: If it had and onely wise. (Dent.) Is the delivering now Efhraim is joyned to Idols. is acknowledged by so many of Gods people. &c. to wit. 33. I say If he had been pleased And I add a least of sins. whereas the people swore with And although Hyfocrisie do follow. in figure of that great King. since as the Examiner saith.Spiritual Are Levfs of Brethren. would not David. . 63. to have added one pleased the most holy the three sore plagues. that people miraculous-cast out. yea hiding our Hearts be after Gods and Davids') chuse ten thousand times all the first three. those Pro-phet. then cutting off for murther. fold. the great Saviour to come: these were anointed. yet from the Corruption of the hypocrite. and Priest. Pestilence. Christ Jesus: All which. Whether Asa did well in bringing the people into Covehave nant. no dread nor terrour with us? &c. and it is elsewhere discovered. as also were their Prophets and Priests. the figurative Nature of this Land of Canaan. this flows lously brought in 5 their Kings & Judges immediately de- and types of signed and stirred up by God. to such unnatural and monstrous of the world (Rom. as the Savious. then the least Spiritual our selves (if stroke of Blindness. and the seed of Abraham and Israel miracuall their heart? &c. Sisters.) and Delusions upon Lusts. i. impartiall slayings plagues the forest. the least fourth. he might thereby made many turn Hypocrites. Quest. A fourth to the -plague added three of Davids choice. Hardness The nineteenth Question. and not from the holiness of the command. I have before. with all Ceremonies and miraculous goings of God with figurative that people. end this Question. up of the Nations Mothers. let him alone (especially and Gospel-times) is far more dreadfull in more spiritual and horrible ten thousand &c. 10 from the fear of God? Isa.

thuadriiig language. and the though we all matters. Cor. &c. to the Fathers ment enough for ChristianSy al- and the Prophets j Is not his Testament compleat. and Conscience. and to have fulfilled the National and Ceremonial figures? But since we say he is come. Christ Jesus his Testa- hath brought the discovery of his Fathers displeasure. and I ask. I ask. although had never heard of Moses. have not heard the voice of the God of heaven out of the whirlwind (as in Job) declaring himself in. his two-edged sword. Distractions. First. we had never heard of Moses.this Controversiej and that the of God in the Testament is the onely Antitype. spiritual (2. otherwise dispensed then was in former times. and that under pain of death? Is not Christ Jesus the truly and onely King of Israel? And is not his sword. and Destructions. and a denying of him yet to be come. 10. Whether Asa did compel any Nation that The difference between had not been so miraculously bought and brought by God as Israel was. Whether this be not an overthrowing of the whole designe of God concerning Christ Jesus. if he conquer all Nations. as to his Revelation of his Fathers minde full in Servants and Followers. about this National League and Covenant? Were ever . the very Heart. people As also that there is no Footstep nor Colour. might Asa or any of the Kings of Israel or Judah. into Covenant with him? And may indeed a King Israel and other now. as Asa did? Did or Nations. and this under pain of death. and dialects of Blood. so compel other Nations. compel and force them all to swear to serve his God. and Sprit. which they did or might have conquered.) entering into. and although it should have pleased God to have concealed the whole Old Testament from us? I further ask. to make a Covenant and Contract with him. and thoughts of the Heart? Secondly. for a National Church or Cove- and by Master Cotton in New New nant: And therefore. If this poor Nation of England and Scotland. and his mighty weapons. in the Testament of Christ Jesus.

Schisme. and to purge out. per- swading and spiritually compelling the Sprits and Souls of men. and with such seeming glorious Holiness united. Men and Devils. which their Forefathers knew not. and ing. It was no guilt of Hypocrisie in Asa. to the most holy Sprit of God. which. but Mosaical and lowish. which their Souls owne not. but that Unchristian and destructive Christ. and their Consciences secretly disclaim as . shall never be able to untie? Thirdly. and all Nations be forced (like Cattel) by thousands and ten thouask. and all the powers of Earth and Hell. written upon such Covenants. to compel that whole Nation. Cities. and written it in National letters of blood. that Death and Hell. between the Covenanters themselves. may (and men may) whould other whole Nations. he that runs may read it. were miraculously brought and kept in Covenant with God. and Worship. and Covenant. as out of an holy Land and Aire (as Canaan was) all Idolatry. That this National Covenantand National Churching. Nations. about the Interpretations of it? And his hath not the most holy and invisible God made bare holy Arme. National conforming (as to the Soules and Consciences of men and as to the worship of the God of heaven) is but Levitical and Ceremonial. to a Religion. to make this Island an holy Land. &c. such Conjunctions? Or was there ever (almost) such a miraculous Decision of the controversie. to the to the New Testament of gratious free breathings of the freedome of the soul and conscience.The wonderful Character of Gods the jealouste u$on so solemnly. why sands. upon which the Examiner doth not fix the least charge of Hypocrisie: But now he all The Hyfocrisie of Nationall Covenants. and Here ticks? And were there ever two Nations Scotish National Covenant. and National compelling. to knit the onely true Lovers Knot and Covenant. according to those figurative times and old Covenant. more evident Characters of the Jealousie and displeasure of the most High.

Others fought for the Parliament. and Judas with Christ Jesus. or Independent (if persecuting) Con- sciences? I ask further. First. and Liberties. Is there not a twofold Hypocrisie. and pretended onely the name of that (to wit. which they will not have heaPd. that which is Cordial? &c. holy. fill a Nation with Nation Hypocrisie? ever any) with wonderful Hiyocrises. or Proteshath not this Doctrine filled this And tant. Lawes. such as that of the ten Tribes. that Christian ^ many are taken & moved to real compassion. Thieves and Tray.J \ . and yet withall. sat in Committees*. they steal or get Children to beg with. evident and plausible. Secondly. the Worship of the Calves. and Hell. or Presbyterian.. faithful. and Jeroboams Feasts and Priests. they keep open those Sores. we finde two sorts of Beggars. as after was discovered. fought under his Colours. Lowes and Liberties. so predicates Christ Jesus. and other his Inventions and moreover. as Isaiah tels us. and yet deceived.false? &c. yet lay they like Traitours in the Bosome. so prayes for you. In the late Wars. they abhor to labour. and damning. and make a Trade of Hyfocrisie: 11s and pity * . as the Civil Sword (if and power of compulsion hath fallen by Gods most holy providence. profess the Trade of Begging. yea fought for the Parliament. &c. holiness and the Love of God} which they hated more then Sin.Hypocrhie tors in the Bosome. living without the life of the true God of 5 Israel. Doth not this. into the hands of Pagan. such as Achitof>hels A twofold with David. one speaks such wants. more hidden and secret. A second sort. professing the name of the God of Israel. voted in the House. Or as in our Streets dayly. some that professed to side with the Parliament. That which is more open. and yet joyn'd openly with the King. or Polish. Yet outwardly true. &c.

then to force into the Beds of any Men of Honour. King. overand moral Idolspread with the Abominations of Religious and corporal Murthers. which (Cant. professing Christ in Word. that they served their the true God at all? Is not this owne Gods. good. or else thirsting after the day of their bloody fils? &c. spiritual the Saints and Prophets of Jesus. Of this second sort. Religious Ravishments and horrid Abominations. either as the great Whore (probpressions.) is Would no other then the mystical and Jesus? spiritual Bed of the Lord Did ever God or Man command to do well. up Greek or Latine. and (many of them) like the strange Nations. Whether as to force the Consciences of the Unwilling is a Soul-rape. into a pretended holy fellowship and Communion with God. ably the Whore of Rome) actually drunk with the blood of atries. i. They feared the God of Israel and their owne Gods too 5 and the Sprit of God concludes of them. brought in after the Captivity by Salmanasser. 2. who like the ten Tribes. the Popsh or Protestant Churches. ugly and de-formed strangers. and served him. but in works denying of him. Fourthly. how they from blessing to cursing! &c. and served not and ten apparently the state of thousands thousands and millions of (named) Christians. and you put not into their mouth. be not ten thousand fold more unholy and unrighteous. Whoredoms. 17. that they crie pray for soon The -pretended Christian you 5 but if up the name of Christ Jesus too. yea and impudent Whores and Strumpets? the Proposer stile their commands holy. whether East or West% calPd) made fall Nations found AntiChristian. I ask. before a . as who can but know the matter in question so neerly concernes the Lord. did the matter concerne but his owne Bed? just. &c. Tit.true. being communion. I. yea enemies. are not the Christian Nations (so and constituted. and unregenerate) Nations. so to force the (Ignorant. prophane. OpDrunkenness.

delighting onely in a willing people? how sweet are the paths of the Lamb of God Christ Jesus. righteousorder. Heb.ceasing from Evil? Doth God or man ever strike up Covenants of Love. prudence. invite poor sinners to the heavenly Feast and Banquet? And because three are not onely Rivers of pleasures at the right hand of God. whose true Messengers are Maidens (Pro. ness. Rev.) who with VirginChastity and Modesty. that the Examiner doth call any Principle. necessary to Salvation. Whether the Pro-poser of these Questions have fairly collected from any words of the Examiner in the quoted ninth Section. or sick neer Death. the laying down of Armes. so.2. what commands shall they be calPd. but Rivers of Fire and Brimstone for the obstinate. Dissimulations? &c. and pull. 9. perswade. Quest. 18. Therefore (lastly) I ask. how much infinitely sweeter are Gods Methods. or despise them under the name of Formes. deserve to be calPd and depies spised by the name of Forms 5 and whether the Examiner think of formes.) Myster- Babylon. which carry written (like the ies. I ask. those portions of Scripture. he would refuse Bread or Physick. Whether if the of the Doctrine of fit upon the title Examiner were ready to starve. &c. to despise the Principles Christ Jesus. or doth despise those Principles of the Doctrine of Christ. Heb. The sum Whether of the twentieth Question. that contain princinecessary to Salvation. Hypocrites. 6. because they came in Formes? i. ' . they knowing these Ter- rours of God. and compel poor sinners as Brands from the everlasting Burnings. men. Leagues of Amity* yea or admit a treaty. before Repentance and satisfaction ror rormer Injuries. under the title of Formes? or whether . before the Removeall of Force. 6. what holiness and goodness shall be found in them. whom Whores forehead. and the acknowledging of Power and State of such with r ~ j ft * r r T - r they treat? If these be waies of civility.

a Babel and confusion? Besides. while they force whole Of doctrines necessary to Salvation. and whence the -forms of creatures are produced) to imagine that any a being (much less the best thing in the world should have and perfect est. and (although there are very intricate Disputes deformis internis & externis. &c. I ask. Several sorts Worship and Prayer. in all Nations. wofully in all Sects of all sorts. now extant among our selves. (which the Examiner is known to apand order. For can it be supposed. In which. Formes of Worship. and yet to want that light to know that -forma dat esse. spiritual and heavenly things) and be -formless? or that there should be so much visible Acknowledgeof God left in the world. of which they severally and reAnd is not this most spectively are so and so pers waded: and lamentably true. are not these his very words excepted against. as to force men Christs. and upon all the Face of the whole Earth? Secondly. whiles he disputes of Principles necessary to Salvation? And indeed. Secondly. Word of Forms pretending all to be [Do yet make so much to bow down to them] of outward Forms. or without Of outward Forms of all due consideration. Forms First.he do simply. of Confessions. that the Examiner should plead of the holy Scripture and the holy so much for the Light of Reason. contend or the substance of a Forme? against the Title. That there are many sorts of outward forms. doth there not fairly seem to be couched this double Assertion. 370 3 . That every Sect and Sort are wofully apt to force one another to bow down unto their owne most excellent waies and manners. as of the service or ment. Formes of Churches. without prove and practise) without some -form which it must prove a Chaos. as not Sprit of God. in all Religions. Forms of Prayers. If the Proposer walk not upon a most dangerous Bridge. Nations to believe many Doctrines necessary to Salvation. whether both Papist and Protestant are not both in the woods.

i. Faith. what we think of the short word of the Lord Jesus. but by their owne and Faith. yet how have such Children been ten thousand times more believes? who cannot see or live. without an express and distinct 'God 'will save. He that bedamned? And howsoever some grant that as to the visible profes- It is sion of the Christian Religion. and desire to taste. a distinct knowledge of Christ Jesus is necessary. pleased to assert: Yet I ask. as to those other . the Resurrection and Judgement. yet) whether tite Proposer believe four of these Principles. And I ask. according to that of Heb. viz. Mark. a stint and bound of so much Knowledge. which others both Papists and Protestants are Religion. once more. and so much grace of Christ (as to the degrees of it) without which there is no Salvation. He that comes to is God. He that Believeth and is Baptized. Whether (although I question not but that both the Proposer and Examiner Re^ntance. shall be saved? yea whether upon the point. notwithstanding several numbers of Funda. from that Heb. 6. Yet we know what is extant abroad dangerous to say> with how faith little of a possibility of Salvation. and to hold fast that onely which they are perswaded comes from God? Againe. knowledge of the name of Christ. to examine and try all Eyes things. then such eth onely lieveth not shall be upon not Believing as Damnable. the first of these two be not absolutely necessary j because he pinchaccepted. 6. Whether (although it be a duty to work out Salvation with fear and trembling. 16. Tvoo of the Principles Heb.and yet wind up all in one.Fundamentals of mentals. of great Contrwersie* be able to dissolve the doubts of thousands. and a Rewarder of them that diligently seek him. viz. and to grow in the Grace that he and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus} yet is it not very presumptuous and dangerous to set a Ne plus infra. must believe that God is. I ask. to believe as the Church For if they prove but obedient Sons to the doctrine of their Mother the Church (although they wholly want the Life and Spirit of God their (pretended) Father.

and the Laying on of hands 5 concerning which. what have been the several National Models. and Youngworship. est.the Doctrine of Baptismes. wrapt up in several and Forms. and Fairest of the Pictures. and the people of the God of heaven with them 5 from whence he hath. without the power and life of Godliness? In which respect. about the holy waies and means of it? Thirdly. that all men might an ingenious be saved j That eyery Man were a Noble Man. and Faith without works is dead 5 So. about the true worship of God and Christ Jesus. the Life and the presence of God with themj as those first Messengers the Apostles. better sit still. then still rise and fall: Have all the Sprit. the more Conscientious and tenj der the People of God are. and Prescripts of Doctrine and worship (since the great Apostacie and falling away) but meer Formes and Pictures. do nothing. even to the last. &c. Platforms. what he believes he hath received from the Father of Lights. Examining by the Scriptures. What have been most of all the Forms. and the Children have broke) either in Forms of the East or Western Churches. for I unfeignedly desire (as the Nations: I Scripture speaks) in a Scripture-sence. and yet but liveless Pictures and Pro forma? I most humbly and thankfully acknowledge the Heavenly discoveries of many Truths of Jesus. the Calling. but Pictures drawn to the Life. the more they finde their loss. Frames may The meer Formalities Governments (which the Fathers have built. wrapt up confusedly even in Babylon it selfe. I not say in the Language of James. As the Body without the Spirit. Berean. And yet. and holding fast to the Death. of the Ecclesiastical of State- up In the National Reformations* Clouds of Reformations (so calPd) in our owne and other am far from imagining that people should hold nothing. and increasings of Light. whose Successours Men yet pretend to be? . I ask. the Gifts. and will gloriGods light and Gods ously redeem them both: I acknowledge the several blessed 'people waft degrees.

glorious and Abundance. to trust himself with a Guide.and tyranny (in the very place and time of Teaching) to propose his Doubt. a Creed composed by the twelve Apostles of the Lamb: That a Synod of heavenly Angels assembled and ^ four matters. how poor. Ministeries. truely see. how miserable we are. that impossible) but into the outsides and knees of men. nations. or Civility. and to listen to the holy Counsel of Christ Jesus. how naked. I ask. for another Gospel. from whom he must re. his Question. his Objection. and be truely and beautiful. of Forms of Worship. Yea further. and want of nothing 5 we prove so grievous to the stomach of Christ Jesus. (and all without the reach of a Curse. and be truely rich. then boasting of our Knowledge. the Alcaron of the Turks. that he vomit us with loathing out of his mouth? Lastly. which is ^ s Swords and Staves. and beaten into (not the Braines and Hearts of men. and not dare ^ ^ of secut- And that I add. to buy of him. that blessed Gold and Eye-salve. &c. or desire Explanation? ceive all upon Trust. commands no Ministers chosen^ no Doc- . and force him pay for his Teaching. that we may External i r in concluded of Fundamentals. and to pay him for his Conduct. that white Rayment and fine Linnen. &c. In case we had for unquestionable Fundamentals. are dangerously ignorant. that Pilot. these Prescripts must be imposed. that The mystery Guide is blind? &c. Ordi.farce the outside. that the Talmud of the Jewes. that these Forms.) Yet I ask. Gal. which no Churches be gathered. i. To trust his Ship with a Pilotj and to pay him for his Piloting. when he believes to that Teacher. with (as Christ Jesus said of the Samari- tans) they might worship they know not what? What reason of Christianity.Were it not better for us to acknowledge. Maintenance. What Christianity is that. what rule can be produced from the Testament of Christ Jesus. and the Canons of all sorts of Popes must not be questioned? What Scripture or Reason shall force a man to be a Scholar to a Teacher.

that would he comes not neer make Lawes take out of the heart of a Christian Magistrate the advancement of true Religion. not content to mention it in the seventh Question. to or from Christianity or any other Religion in the to favour world: As to Artaxerxes his fact. not capable of Artaxerxes his Diminution or Addition. or his people. but out of a Conquering Ter- rour of Gody he shews just mercy to his captives and people 5 he feares wrath to himself and his Sons from that Gody whose love and acquaintance he cared not for. forsake their owne. If God was to be blessed for putting it into the Heart of a Heathen Magistrate to 7. 22. Whether this Supposition of making Laws to advance Religion. except he be of our Church. as but their Deputies. Sure the Proposer highly esteems this Example of Ezra for. not being moved out of the J'ewes. as some say is the Mystery and Tyranny of trine preached. doth not overthrow and Evacuate one great end of the comming of 274 3 . Quest.what the civil Sword shall say is true and Orthodox? Nay no Magistrate himself chosen. and perswade him to give a Toleration to the chiefe Enemies of Religion. Queries. Religion.) Whether for Religion (Isa. our Way. and especially in a National way. he it attempts to win by Force and Storming (indeed in a very stormy Language) in this last Question. by the Magistrates change of Religion. I shall First. But add (with Christs help) these few.27. nor any Civil Officer. either Legislative or Executive: As to the perfection of Civil Magistracie in its self and in its kind. but New-Englands practice? The two and twentieth Question. for neither did he. Idolatry and Heresie? 7. To many Branches of the same hath been spoken: As to the nature of Civil Magistraciey essentially Civil all the world over: As to the power of the Magistrates or Officers designed unto them by the people. and Conscience. to a curse.

holy Swords? &c. in this Jewish Religion. I further ask. ought onely to regard (in Spirituals) the Scepter. of that Law of Shadows. they were made to cease the building by power and Force. which was to fulfill all those former shadowes of Temple. notwithstanding the prohibition of the King. the Nethinims. yea and against it? Yea it is expressly said. at the instigation of Haggai and Zachary. be a president for all Nations. Jewish Nation. holy Priests. holy Temples. 7. and Crown of the Lord Jesus Christ? Secondly. Whether according Heb. chap. holy ought we not cers Cities.the "Lord Jesus. and Sword. to build again. If these things were not Examples (L Gods<peo$le spirituals Cesarbut hmselj\ and &*** Son - Cor. figuring out the freedomes of Gods people. whether they ought not to have builded the Altar and Temple. And lastly I ask. Christ Jesus the body and substance - or Ministers of the house of If it God? be said. but had been in their owne Land. and not restrained by force. (his Word) to conquer poor sinners in a way of love? For if Ezra's pattern of carrying Lawes Sword and Authority from this King. If that people of God (the figure of Gods Israel in after-Ages to arise. who if not hindred by actual Force and Power. the Porters. verse 24. the holy Land. the Levites. Priests. yet they went on. to break downe the partition Wall. to tear the veil. (if holy Temples. without the Kings command. Or National Christ Jesus be not come) to have the Offi. the Singers. Altar. What Lawes this Artaxerxes made for the advancement of Religion? Is not the first of absolute . and with the two edged of his Spirit. Priests? &c. yet lying in force against them.hoUness ani the commanded by King to be Tole-f ree. chap* 4. where is the abolishing of the holy Nation. I ask. 10. to force men to keep the Law of God. there being a necessity of the change of the Priesthood.) or Types. the Morality of such a to Law remaineth. there is not a necessity of the change of the Law also. I ask. the * Priests. Sacrifice) &c. in all Nations of the world) if they had not been captivated. 5. Altars.

was it a commanding of the Jewes they to their owne Religion. was a The law of was an absolute I ask. vastly differ- commanding the Jewes to his Worship and Conan Uniformity of Worship to the Nation wherein were captive? Yea. although Artaxerxes should have given them no Countenance nor Incouragement. and being set up. and from all parts of the World. he must be hanged thereon. any commanded to pay. the Sacrifices. toward the building of the Temple. and his house made a dunghil. or onely (on his part) a Law of Toleration and Freedome to practice their owne Religion. a Decree against any that should oppose. or toward this Expedition? Yea were not offer a the Jewes them- selves absolutely free. whether to offer to this work one peny. it was of science. whether as Jewes (Gods people and subjects) they ought not of themselves to have departed from Babylon. judgement must be executed speedily. &c.. &c. and Worship. or hinder the building of this House. Conscience. What Law was the Law of Artaxerxes the King? Law of Toleration of the Jews Conscience. in the Chapter 5 seventh? Secondly. as appeares both his owne Treasury. an to his. command and Law in Spirituals. And chaf. and therefore (accordingly) whosoever would not do the Law of God. and to have ascended to Jerusalem (as the Jews dream) literally . Timber should be pulPd downe from his house. &c. whether to go up to Jerusalem. Yet I ask. in the first of Darius. the command of God and the King here mentioned. and of the King. Thirdly. or stay in Babel. he decreed bountiful Assistance out of not. 6. in the sixth 5 and of Artaxerxes.Freedome and Toleration to these poor captive Jewes? Was peny there any Babylonian or Persian command to to go up to Jerusalem. and that with favourable Incouragement from himself? For (as before) if the force were removed. whosoever should alter Darius his decree. II. or by the Decrees of Cyrus. If any shall say. in ing from.

though to the ex- tream mine of life? &c. Rev. hath not been in all Ages since Christ Jesus. I ask. Hence Law Reason suspect a Muitherous snare in the pretended against Thieves. and there have built the Temple. ~ r them free to their owne Conscience. Robbers. or fast. 17. As Artaxerxes made not one Law either The literal how or when the Jewes should pray. or not to go i i . Rev. and hunted the Woman the Spouse of Christ Priest esteemed him) as the blessed Christ Jesus? And doth not the and her seed: And the great Whore pretending that she drinks the blood of Hereticks. and will not . Jesus. Whether the plain English of not tolerating the Idolater and Heretick. as Christ Jesus was? accounted was there ever such a Blasphemer of God (as the High Was Son of God God himself. but left and Spritual Jew. subject to Whether as the Jewes refused to be any Judicature but Gods alone revealed by Moses. 2. so when these Kings did make Lawes in Spirituals (as concerning prayer) whether Daniel did not well. in our owne this Hood and their holy City. many Books of Marand other Languages set forth. the not tolerating indeed of Christ Jesus. 12. and Witnesses of Jesus? Rev. and both in his the world? there ever any of the Prophets esteemed so great an Christ Jesus Heretick from the Jewish Religion. &c hath been drunk with the blood of the Saints. Whores. to go up. the Devil hath cast the Saints into Prison. or by shutting of his window to give appearance of obedience. God manifested in in his owne Person. I ask. &c. the hunting or persecuting of him out of flesh. that under tyrs. Further. up to Jerusalem. and presented their Sacrifices? &c. And consequently. in refusing to cease praying. and Followers. to So whether Christian Israel and Jews ought any Tribunal but Gods? acknowledge Thirdly. &c. He hath watched to devour the Man-child.

&c. &c. Enemies. Halters. against Spiritual Adversaries. they must be forced to the Forge of the Philistims to borrow Swords. are the chiefest EneIdolatry. how justly may men complain (as in 83) that Powder was said to be wanting in our own Ships. I are proper against Corask. those very famous Religions. in the Proposers owne words (whether he be not neer a Curse. and those Gifts. which upon his Trium-ph in Heaven he sent upon men. If Christ Jesus his Spiritual since provision.True grounds 'pition^ yet most sus- commonly ful. yet and Corporal. chast. Spiritual enemies? are men to charge Generals and Commanders. Guns. &c. against Idolaters. Halberts. at our owne doores? And shall be imagined that the Last Will and Testament of the Son of God. but honest and falling upon none and modest Persons? faith- in Spirituals. Could Christ Jesus so forget take sufficient order for Spiritual weapons against all his In a Battel or Fight. his Kingdome. Secondly. Grant them to be the greatest sorts. Spiritual Enemies are of two Adversaries? against (meerly) Spiritual himself e. so that in the very day of the Battel. Heresie. Pikes. Fourthly. If it be said. First. Hereticks? &c. and Wolves. Are not these Engines worthily to be questioned. his Wife. as not to Thirdly. for a Sword of Steel. should leave his Army. &c. Whether as Corporal weapon so whether Spiritual weapons are not onely proper poral. and the 078:1 . &c. if how apt Ammunition be wanting. the Sheep and Lambs? &c. I may end and ask. which have in the World. Yea in that case. mies in Religion. in the hands of Civil Officers. by Sea or Land. pretending to take none but Birds and yet ordinarily catch nothing but harmless Doves. have not pretended themselves the truest the greatest Idols? &c. his Family. the word of God. that would change the two-edged Sword of Gods Sprit. his whole Life. unprovided. Prisons. been found I ask. which of prey. his 40 daies after his Resurit rection.

Whether these two ExaminWorthies shall not be wrapt up in the everlasting Armes ing of Blessedness it self. the Fires of devouring Wars amongst the Nations. that brings not Buckets to quench. while they improve their Talents uprightly. his Christ. Zeal against Idolaters. his pure Worship. &c. shall con- How ceal a Dagger (which yet. while they Candidly and Impartially Examine whether these things are so or no? And FINIS. Hereticks. as the Eereans were. his Saints. in the further Examination of this Fire of Zeal in question? Yea and whether not onely these two honourable Senatours. for an arme of Flesh? &c. yea and at the Heart of all and Civil Magistrade. I hope this Proposer knowingly doth not) stabbing at the heart of God.Arme of the eternal Spirit of God. his Spirit. True come. . and Christs persecuted (Matth* 5. I ask.) how neer to a curse doth he come. and throughout the whole World? Civil 1>eace Civility it self therefore lastly. And if blessed are Christs peace-makers. but the most renowned Senate of the world (the Parliament it self) shall not be truly crowned with the Lawrells of true Nobility. but Bellowes to kindle the Fire of Gods Jealousie against State Inventions 5 the Fires of persecutions and hunting of Christs Saints. Religion. and impartially. for their respective neer to a curse doth he Religions and Consciences? who under a Cloak of Christian Magistrate.





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