Army Family Team Building

Level III

Meeting Management

Meeting Responsibilities
Chairperson/ Leader/ Facilitator
Coordinates with others Conducts the meeting Is focused Obtains consensus Announces and facilitates guidelines Solicits input Keeps group discussions on track Avoids speeches Is prompt, clear, concise and professional

Develops the presentation (verbal or written) Ensures visual aids capture the essence of the topic and are used to enhance the flow of information Coordinates presentation with Chairperson/Leader/Facilitator/ prior to meeting Is prompt, clear, concise and professional

Captures proceedings in writing Writes decisions and information discussed during the meeting Records who presented and who made decisions Provides a written summary of the minutes to the leader and circulates them to the members after the meeting

Group Members
Get ready to listen Know the background of the meeting Review minutes or records of previous meetings Ask for the agenda (if not provided) Keep the purpose of the meeting in mind Listen carefully Control their emotions Avoid thinking ahead or anticipating outcome of a discussion Be aware of non-verbal cues Take notes Ask for clarification Check perceptions of the outcome prior to leaving the meeting (I think I understand that we decided to…) (Am I following correctly, we will…)


3.8 Handout


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