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When the media pitched in to do good ‘Guidelines for the mecha enjoin objectnity and distance in Slory about how the media can promote social good andu (official name Vissudey) Markad is a farmer in Niv inge Village of Aheneddn gar District in Mahacashitra, who was gr pomegranate on his land fe a living, bait severe water shortage put the crop in jeopardy In ander to keep his 100 plants hhe was forced to hire water which charged Rs 500 per could mot pay the water changesand aan wpa debt ‘of aver Rs 70000, the tan thatthe frit he harvested cule not fetch even Rs 10 per ky usual rate for a crate of 20 gs Rs 50 te 904 in the mama ~ ity pay theee times that p at enetropolizan retail unbearable anger =m, Bandu sat with a fruit and threw them on the street, moaning dementesty all the whibe, as passersby watched the frullt pulped and trampled The usual story, of an indigent farmer flinging his harvest away by the matey Potato ar! onion growers in difer: ‘ent parts of the country have done that earlier, wilh newspapers carry ng pactures of sch ooeasions, bu this story has a very different end. ing. thanks to the media, Moneylife {reww.mane started in 200 a (mostly pertaining to the sector initially, but now core widened canvas), carried 3 January-March 2019 | VIDURA won Hand. with pictures, in early Deceener by Yogesh Saphale, Mon- cevbie’s deputy editor I mews report. Sucheta Dalal, one of the became famous aa an investiga- tive reporter after she broke the explore whether Momeylife could. gobeyood reportage and help him in some way, and came up ith dea of taking wp a colle She obtained

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