Marketing Plan of Nokia

Nokia is well known and world known company for mobile devices. They have branches in 120 countries and sales in 150 countries with 128,445 employees. The operating profit of this world¶s largest mobile manufacturers is EUR 1.14 billion and 51% of world¶s market share according to latest reports released for Q4 2009. This popular public liability company is listed on stock exchanges of New York, Helsinki, and Frankfurt. At the Nokia¶s recent organizational restructure, there was a change in strategy, mission and goal of the Company into precise objectives. Nokia stated that µOur goal is to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate, as a responsible and contributing member of society. We take part in long-term projects aimed at helping young people create their own place in the world, for example through our global youth programs.¶ To achieve this goal they following this mission statement µBy connecting people, we help fulfill a fundamental human need for social connections and contact. Nokia builds bridges between people ± both when they are far apart and face-to-face ± and also bridges the gap between people and the information they need.¶ In order to pursue its mission and to achieve its goal they implementing the strategy of µExpand mobile voice, drive consumer multimedia and bring extended mobility to enterprises.¶ Products & Services: 1. For every market segment they introduce mobile devices of different technology like WCDMA (UMTS), CDMA, and GSM. 2. Nokia Siemens network make services and solution along with telecommunication network equipment. 3. They are providing digital map information and internet services through owned subsidiary.

y Place: A suitable place is necessary for successful launching of the product. specialized locations and all important departmental stores. browsing and in mobile instant messaging made them contrast from their competitors. And its gets change depends on penetration and competitor. y Promotion: Creating publicity and reaching the target audience is very important to promote a product. charge of service and production are the main factors in finalizing price. The marketing mix of Nokia based on four ³P¶s´ arey Product: The product is considered as a vital point for marketing mix and. radios. In fact following three P¶s also fabricated around the company product. The impressive advertisements of Nokia through televisions. prints and also the free giveaways. This marketing mix designed to present what the customer want. manufacturing and service portfolios it¶s an impressive company. video. Positioning is placing the product in the different types of population. The cutting edge technology of Nokia in imaging. money off deals attracted people towards its products. Marketing Mix: The grouping element in the marketing strategy of company is known as marketing mix. In that way Nokia mobile phones can be easily accessible and sold in super markets. The process of identification of the . audio. The advanced mobile technology of Nokia includes information transfers through blue tooth. y Price: Pricing is an important factor in a sale of product. These are all the very powerful promotional tools. wireless internet capabilities and data synchronization. Nokia always conduct a market research to identify the consumer requirements and specific needs because each and every customer has their own purpose or reason to buy a particular product. competition. Targeting and Positioning of Nokia: Targeting the potential customer is the main target of the every marketing plan. A powerful market for a product can be generated only when its service is easy to accessible.However Nokia has a very limited product line but when considering development and research areas. Hence they are pioneers in the mobile phone capabilities. In case of Nokia mobiles customer demand. . There are different strategies for a single product.

Nokia released its first touch screen after the long release of LG only. Nokia has also had the idea of targeting the business people. They conducted a research that the youths receiving lot of pocket money and they are not having any commitments to spend that money. Sagem. Samsung released the touch screen as soon as their entered into the mobile industry market. So they can easily buy mobiles from the pocket money. Smart Phone is the latest buzz in the mobile industry that spreads around for quite some time Nokia should consider the importance of introducing the mobiles having different variations from the previous releases. Particularly in men¶s magazines. It contains the mix of attracting the large viewers as well as they are attracting more specific ones.potential customers is the main thing that needs to be done to sell the product. They chose the youth market that is falling between the ages of 13-19. because the large amount of Nokia Phones are bought by the Men¶s. but they are not eager to experiment things. Nokia is the big player in the Mobile industry for the past 10 years. They placed the ad in television and banner where the large number of audience can get view the ads. Nokia have to concentrate on making the mobile based on the open platform and they have to cope up with market expectations. Nokia¶s targeting and positioning is been good. For this reason Nokia conducted some events to promote the product among the businessmen¶s. However companies smaller than Nokia cannot able to afford big amount for the ads. Panasonic. NEG and Toplux. Motorola. Competitive Analysis: Nokia suffers huge competition from the Mobile Manufactures like Sony Ericsson. These companies are branded companies in 3G technologies available in the market. Nokia is branded company and can able spend lot of money on promoting and advertising the product. Nokia is also getting fresh new competition from the Google and Apple. Other competitors like LG. By following this method. Nokia spreads the product also in the magazines. Samsung. Nokia has also some serious concerns to choose the right target audience. Nokia¶s marketing won¶t let them down in any recession. Television ads gives good results but it must be played at right time to attract huge number of audiences. Siemens. However the customer care of Nokia is extremely providing the incomparable service to their customer base. Many customers of Nokia expecting Nokia to release . These manufacturers are having the technology in their hand and providing the mobile at the cheapest prices.

They need to concentrate more on the marketing strategies to boost the sale of the new model Nokia Phones. Nokia should take some effective measures to introduce some new models that are expected by the Nokia¶s evergreen customers. The reliability of the Product is considerable increased for the past few reports. That is why Nokia is successfully running a customer oriented marketing plan. Every change in the market must be watched to take effective actions in the marketing plan. Market Analysis: Nokia¶s marketing strategy is based on the customer needs. Environmental Analysis European commission has given a good review about the good reviews of Nokia¶s Mobile Phones. Nokia have to keep track of the technology advancement in the mobile technology. It is high time that Nokia needs to take care of the slowdown in the market. They need to focus on the principles of marketing to reach out for potential customers. This is a positive side for Nokia¶s marketing strategy. Many customers said that they are prefer Nokia because of its reliability when compare to other branded mobile phone manufacturers. Customer Analysis: Nokia is having one of the best customer care support among the many mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia¶s predictability is low when comes to customer needs and expectations. Many other Mobile Manufacturers like BlackBerry released the Computer like Mobile Phone. the quality of the product is extremely high when compared to other mobiles in the market. Customer prediction plays the important role in keeping the current share of the Nokia in the Global Mobile market intact. The Nokia Products are fashionable and looks great for the money the customer spent on it. Nokia customers are getting the product for the phones that works like PDA. Then the clean operation of the . For the past few years¶ customer feedback of Nokia is extremely high. This makes them more preferable than the other mobile phone manufacturers. . The wide spread customer care support of Nokia provides the customer to get the service whenever is it necessary. Nokia¶s market prediction needs to be improved and they have to implement the expectations of the customer in quick time.

Their salary cost is rising forever. Nokia¶s External Factors are mainly dependent on two thingsy Innovation is the key thing for every business to grow upwards in the market. y y Supply chain cost is increased considerably and it is incurred in the cost of the product. Below are some of the weaknesses of the Nokia¶s Product: y y y They are only targeting their product at a drenched market sector. Some of the countries placing high tax for the imported products and no tax cut for the Nokia mobile phones. y The reduction in cost of the call charges in many countries provides the opportunity to Nokia to sell more products. Nokia makes their ideas simple. Nokia is losing its reliability among the customers. They have to continuously reinvent the strategies and give the customer something new. Opportunity and Threat.Nokia Phones makes them easily accessible even by the uneducated. . It¶s not a big decline but in the future it may give big worries for Nokia. These parameters are needed to study the market scheme of any company. Weakness is considered to be the internal factors. Simple ideas reach to the people than the complicated ones. SWOT analysis: SWOT is expanded as the Strength. Weakness. Opportunity is the other main parameter that gives you more focus about what are all the external factors that can be added to improve the performance of a company. Nokia¶s Strength is the Popularity of the Company.

This is the most common way of getting the desired Market and also it leads to the high profits. Below are the Key threats to Nokiay Market Penetration ± The main purpose of the market penetration is to sell the current products into the current market. Below are some of the main objectives of Nokiay Customer satisfaction: In every business customer satisfaction is very important. the company had to spend Euro 110 billion. y Market Development ± Nokia¶s Market development to achieve the complete development effectively. Nokia has reached all over the world. y Customer perception: Before buying the product of any branded company. Nokia has taken utmost care to find out whether the product has given 100% satisfaction. the customer may have some perception about the product. . However some of the products of Nokia are still in operation and also in Manufacturing. y Product Development ± Since from the launch of the particular product.To get a 3G License in Europe. Even they conducted some research regarding the customer satisfaction and expectation. Nokia¶s development is hampered by the Losing Market Share and the legislations prevailing in most countries. Nokia stopped some products after the poor performance in the market. They need to update with the latest technology and make them appealing to the large customer base. Similarly Nokia tries to catch the . Changing the times of the Television ads and changing the place of the print ads will give some results effectively. Marketing Objectives of Nokia: Because of the Successful marketing plan. They have to find the new market to sell its product.Threat is also one of the external factors to effectively analyze the Companies situation in the Market. For e. Those results prove to be good for Nokia.g. y Diversification ± Nokia have to contribute something different to the customer. if the market attains the saturation level. the product must be continuously updated with the current technology. They must change the pricing scheme to match the competitor¶s price. The objectives of marketing plan should be clear and legitimate.

y Generating income or profit: Every organization needs to be function only if they are getting sufficient profit from the business. For them. It is totally a waste of time. Nokia. Obviously providing quality service is the main objective but without money you cannot provide quality service. Being one of the best contenders. Getting high returns will also satisfy your shareholders as well as it will provide the opportunity to get more investment on the Nokia. the company. updating the mobile technology news. y Be aware of the environment: Every organization must have a look around the environment to perceive what is happening in the market. In this world. slow down of the market. if you cannot manufacture according to the customer needs.perception of a customer through various feedback systems. the advertisements have proved to be an effective tool for marketing their every product. It is giving some reasonable attentions for how to develop them in a market and how to make a way for grow rapidly in a limited periods. The company. Nokia spent some time on this to develop products according to the Customer expectations. Nokia is giving more importance for advertisements. Growth Strategies: The growth strategies are one of the essential factors for every company to keep eye on it. Nokia has given some high priority to this issue. the company. Nokia is one of the marketing leaders who are coming up with well-packed marketing objectives. the company is also coming up with innovative Growth Strategies. y Customer needs and expectations: Satisfying the customer needs and expectation is the main goal of any branded company. saturation level in the market and changing trends with the market. catching up the customers is the main task. Nokia is using such advertisements as the main objectives for their rapid growth in the market. rapid growth of the market. So having some proper awareness about it. the advertisement is one of the unavoidable factors especially in the field of marketing. Customer can interact with the nearest store and get some ideas about the Product. Some of the key things are mobile technology advancement. The customer satisfaction is the main subject for improving any kinds of marketing business. When comes to marketing development. This is the basic objectives for this company. So keeping that in mind. is giving more freedom for their every employee to create their own .

the Nokia are giving more rooms for every manager to improve their leadership skills. If doing so. To conclude. The Nokia is providing some best coaching methods for improving the skills reasonably for every employee. Nokia offers some innovative training for their employees for further improvement in their own skills. They also providing best platform for their every employee to share their thoughts with the every leader of the industry. Mobilization is very easy and cost effective with the IT involvement. Hence organization can easily take advantage of mobilization and attain benefits of workforce like high employee flexibility and increased productivity within very short time period. This is the basic Growth Strategies for the well-known company Nokia. Nokia is very conscious about the business mobility market and with the support of its reliable partners. the company will automatically find a way for reasonable growth. developing a particular area of mobility after another. In that sense. By aligning the internal strengths and external opportunities. The development of managers is the main thing. Nokia completely relies on phased approach. The company Nokia is offering jobs internally for their employees. balancing the emergent and planned strategies Nokia retrieved the market share. The balanced various approaches of Nokia made it as a leader in the market. The Nokia has used to give some effective training for their every employee. Having touched with global network of learning centers. evade at any cost. is able to extend its mobile business solution worldwide. which cannot be. When comes to growth for a company. . Therefore. it is sufficient for the every employee to shine in his or her careers. Hence the Phased approach is basic reason for the long development of Nokia in mobile phone industry.development plan. The on-the-job learning is yet another factor that Nokia is encouraging reasonably. the managers have to develop their skills for interacting freely with their employees.