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2k7 PDP 50in Troubleshooting Ver1.

Troubleshooting on 2k7 - 50" Plasma Units:
. Unit has no Display with Back Cover Off
Sequence lighting of the LED's
PSU has one Green LED in the left lower portion (LED8001). No Jumper required to set PSU into Standalone Mode. plug AC directly to PSU.
Logic Bd. has four Green LED's on the Bd. (Photo below)
One Green LED (LED2000) on the upper right hand corner turns on first with a steady LED.
One Green LED (LED2003) on the upper right hand corner to the left of LED2000 turns on with a steady LED.
The Green LED (LED2002) turns Off when the Green LED (LED2001) starts flashing.
One Green LED (LED2001) on the left of the uP is Flashing (Data is flowing in Logic Bd)..
Note a: if LED2001 above has the LED Not Flashing then no Data is flowing and Logic Bd. may be defective.
Note b: if LED2001 above has the LED ON then check LVDS Cable & SSB, problem is no communications with Logic Bd.
Check connector CN8002 between Logic & PSU 2nd pin from Left (Vs_ON) for DC volts.
If Voltage is 0 then problem is with Logic or SSB.
If Voltage is 3.1 VDC then problem is with PSU or other PCB's on Panel.
On startup Logic checks for errors and also polls the SSB for Errors. If Errors are found then Logic will not send High to PSU.
To confirm if SSB or Logic is at fault then disconnect and remove SSB.
Use 1 Jumper to short Pin 2 & 3 of CN2007 on the lower left corner of the Logic PCB, this Jumper will supply a White + Other .
sequential screen patterns to the Display. The Screen Change Button is to the left of CN2007 (photo below) hold the Button for 2 sec
to Freeze a White Screen pattern. Then hold the Button again for 2 sec to go back to the White + Other sequential screen patterns.
Plug in the AC to the PSU thru CN8001.
If PDP panel operates with White+Other screen patterns problem may be SSB. Internally generated Screens same as 2k6 Plasma Logic Bd.

PSU Board Logic Board

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2k7 PDP 50in Troubleshooting Ver1.xls
PDP Type / Version Model Name H x V Pixel
42” HD W2 S42AX-YD04 1024 x 768
42” HD W2 Plus S42AX-YD08 1024 x 768
50” HD W2 S50HW-YD05 1366 x 768
50” HD W2 Plus S50HW-YD07 1365 x 768

S50HW-YD05 - Plasma Panel

This model has only the Vs Voltage going to the Y-Main & X-Main Boards. The other voltages on the Y & X Main Boards
are derived from the Vs voltages on their respective Boards.

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2k7 PDP 50in Troubleshooting Ver1.xls
50" HD W2 & W2 Plus - Set unit for Internal patterns
Set the Internal Logic Bd. pattern to Full White:
1. Place jumper on CN2007 (pins 3 & 4) on Logic Board
2. When the display starts showing a cycle of different patterns
push button SW2000 for 2 seconds. Now the display shows
continuous full white pattern.
To restart the cycle of different patterns, push the button once more and
wait for the white pattern to finish, then it goes to the cycle of patterns.

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2k7 PDP 50in Troubleshooting Ver1.xls
50 HD W2 Logic Bd
Y-MAIN Protection Check (50” only)
Protection circuit
- Voltage Sensing : The important voltage sensing circuit
- Protection : This circuit compares Vref and each voltage using comparator
- Interface : DC/DC circuit which is connected with Photo-coupler, SCR
- Reporting : LED (Green) light on
Protection circuit behaviors
- Enable Circuit : This circuit enables protection circuit using Verc voltage
- Enable : (High, Verc> about 60V)
- Voltage sensing : Verc, Vscl, Vsch voltage sensing
Verc>130V(Normal 100V)
Vscl>-165V(Normal -190V)
Vsch<-100V(Normal -70V)
- Each comparator enables the protection circuit if any voltage is abnormal because this consists with AND Logic
- If SCR is enable DC/DC Controller(MR4710) F/B voltage is low(0.7V) and Vscl, Vsch, Vccf voltage is 0 level.
- Ypn, Ysc, Yfr, Scan IC’s behaviors stops and no display
- Protection reporting through LED lighting located on lower right corner of Y-Main Bd (LED shown inside of yellow line below).

Note: If the LED is ON then you have a problem with the Panel,
Y- Buffers or Y-Main Board. Starting at the panel connections
unplug them and then Y-Buffers one at a time (while unplugging
& plugging the AC cord). Each time confirm if the LED stays ON
after unplugging the connectors from the Panel to the Y-Buffers.

50 HD W2 - Y-Main Bd
Y-MAIN Protection Check LED (50” only)

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