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From Bangladesh to Brampton, Sydney to Shanghai, the Cape Breton University Recruitment Team is constantly on the move. Under the supervision of Director Shea McInnis, the Recruitment Team travels the world to let everyone know about the great things CBU has to offer. The Team is your link to the university. Whether you have a question about one of our unique programs or you’re interested in a campus tour, the Recruitment Team will have the answer. Remember, they want to make your transition to university as easy as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact Mora Giovannetti, Mark Carabin, Becky Chisholm or Sarah Farrow.


1-800-474-721 1-800-474-7212

CBU Welcomes You
At first you’re not sure what to think – that’s natural. Then, after a while, you realize you’ve made the right decision. When your professor stops you in the hall to chat and actually calls you by name, you know it’s going to be a great four years. Cape Breton University has a reputation for connecting with its students. This connection is evident from the classroom to the cafeteria and from the library to the labs. As a result, our graduate satisfaction is among the highest in the country. Our students get an exceptional educational experience. This experience leads to excellence both in and out of the classroom, where faculty, students, and graduates have been recognized internationally for innovative accomplishments in a variety of fields. The university’s location also adds to its close-knit culture. Located on Canada’s stunning east coast, CBU makes its home in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality – the largest urban centre on Cape Breton Island. With a population of 110,000 residents, the municipality boasts the amenities of a city with the welcoming supportive atmosphere of a small town. From one end to the other, Cape Breton Island offers spectacular scenery and celebrated culture, the perfect backdrop for post-secondary studies. Here, students quickly become valued members of the local community.

What’s Inside
Admissions & Registration ................................3 Scholarships & Bursaries..................................4 Student Budget...............................................5 The Choice Is Yours .........................................6 Student Life ...................................................7 Don’t Leave Home Without It.............................8 Stuff You’ll Find in Cape Breton.........................9 A Word From Your Students’ Union...................10 Athletics ......................................................11 Campus Happenings ......................................12 Get Connected...............................................13 Research Matters ..........................................14

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Given the opportunities for faculty-student interaction, a small university environment offers great professional rewards. It is a pleasure to contribute to the educational experiences of students whose identities are not lost in a sea of anonymity.
- Sue Korol, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Psychology

Admissions & Registration
General Admission Requirements
The university’s diverse programs may have specific requirements. Students can find additional information at

recognized language testing organization (e.g.TOEFL or IELTS) with their application. Students who have not met the language requirements can apply to the International Centre for English Academic Preparation, an independent language school located on the Cape Breton University campus. For more information about the Centre visit

Registration Early Admissions
Students may apply for early admission commencing September 15 of the year in which they are registered in Grade 12 if they have an average of 75% in Grade 11 and are currently registered in the Grade 12 courses that satisfy the admission requirements for the academic program to which they are applying. For more information visit All first year students are required to receive academic advising prior to registering for courses. Advising and registration begins the first week of July. Once students receive advising, they may register in person at the Student Service Centre, by mail using the registration form sent with their acceptance package, or online at

International Students
Graduates from Senior Secondary School are required to have five GCE or GCSE subjects including English and at least two subjects at the advanced level, and will be assessed on a country by country basis. Official transcripts (a complete academic record bearing the original signature of the Registrar and the official seal of the university), or notarized copies must be submitted with the application for admission. The deadline for international students to apply for admission to guarantee visa application processing for September registration is March 31st. An application fee of $100 CDN is required before Conditional Acceptance for Students. International students meeting all admission requirements except Proof of English Language Proficiency may be provided with a conditional letter of offer pending receipt of an acceptable testing score from a recognized testing agency prior to registration for academic course work.

International Baccalaureate Credit (IB)
Cape Breton University awards credit for IB courses. The minimum diploma score for admission is 24. Certificate applicants will be considered individually based on coursework. Students admitted to CBU who have completed the IB Diploma are eligible to receive a maximum of 30 credits (5 full courses – English and 4 others). Of these possible 30 credits, 18 credits can be awarded for Standard Level courses with a minimum grade of 5, with the remaining 12 credits awarded on the basis of higher level coursework with a minimum grade of 5. IB Certificate holders are eligible to receive university credit to a maximum of 18 credits for higher level courses or standard level courses on a course by course basis subject to a minimum score of 5. Remember your application form is as close as your computer – go online at and complete the application form as it appears on your screen and submit it, or download it from

English Proficiency for International Students
Students whose first language is not English, or whose education was not delivered in English, should provide proof of English proficiency from a



Scholarships & Bursaries
More Scholarships & Bursaries Than Ever
Scholarships are based on grades. Bursaries are based on financial need. Cape Breton University is committed to supporting the financial needs of its students through both. Future First, CBU’s fundraising initiative, doubled the university’s endowment funds, providing more and larger financial awards. NonCanadian students must complete one term of study at CBU to become eligible for scholarships and bursaries.

When You Apply
Canadian high school students who apply to CBU by March 1st are automatically considered for Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships. Students with high academic averages, 90% and above, are eligible to receive a renewable entrance scholarship. These are known as the Deans and Rossetti Scholarships. A limited number of the prestigious Chancellor’s, President’s and Marquis Scholarships are available for students with a superior academic average. CBU also offers general entrance awards based on academic achievement of 85% and above. Some additional awards and bursaries have specific criteria, requiring a separate application. To be considered for additional scholarships, a resumé and official transcript are required; for bursaries, a financial needs-assessment form is required. Visit for more information.

Once You Have Registered
CBU also offers in-course bursaries and scholarships to registered students, ranging from $500 to $5,000. For more information on awards, application forms, or eligibility, visit or contact

Leaving Bermuda and coming into Canada’s cold weather is a whole different experience. I love when the snow falls, and all the trees are covered in snow. It’s exciting! Being a student at CBU gives me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, professors and friends that I’ll have forever. Believe me, you have to come and experience it for yourself.
- Tomika Easton, Warwick, Bermuda BHTM’11

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


Student Budget
Undergraduate Fees
2010-2011 Sample Costs for Canadian Students Nova Scotia $4,377 – 4,527* ** 126 3,530 – 5,400 1,350 – 3,200 $9,383 – 13,253 Other Canada $5,399 – 5,549* ** 126 3,530 – 5,400 1,350 – 3,200 $10,405 – 14,275 Tuition Health Plan Residence Meal Plan Total:

2010-2011 Sample Costs for International Students Tuition Health Plan Residence Meal Plan Total: $11,320 – 11,470** 650 3,530 – 5,400 1,350 – 3,200 $16,850 – 20,720

My experience with CBU’s BBA program has been great! I’ve always had an interest in commerce and economics so the BBA program was a natural choice for me. The degree provides a lot of flexibility in choosing a career path and the structure of CBU’s small class sizes allows for a lot of personal interaction between professors and students which allows for a unique learning experience.
- Jeris Abbass, Sydney, Nova Scotia BBA’11

* Nova Scotia student fees include a rebate provided by the Province of Nova Scotia. Complete fee structure including application and graduate fees can be found at ** Specific program fees may differ and are subject to change, visit for detailed information.

Living in residence offers the best option for a complete post-secondary education experience. Oncampus housing puts students right at the heart of university life, with easy access to classes, student services, sports facilities, and entertainment. CBU’s growing on-campus community has four residence facilities. They offer a mix of apartment style living and dorm-style accommodations. Either way, rez life is sure to make it easy to meet new friends, find study buddies, and get the most out of your life on campus. For more information visit residence



The Choice Is Yours
*Refer to Academic Calendar website for detailed and updated information*

School of Ar ts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Community Studies Anthropology Anthropology/Sociology Celtic Culture Communication Drama English Folklore French Gaelic Gender & Women’s Studies History Mi’kmaq Studies Philosophy Political Science Psychology Religious Studies Sociology Sport & Human Kinetics Diploma and Certificate Programs Diploma in Public Administration and Management Certificate in Heritage Studies Certificate in Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Preservation Certificate in Public Administration Certificate in Social Research Certificate in Theatre Arts Certificate in Ethnomusicology

Shannon School of Business
Master of Business Administration (Community Economic Development) Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Accounting Economics Entrepreneurship Finance Human Resources Information Technology Legal Studies Marketing Tourism Marketing and Management Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Certificate Programs Certificate in Professional Development

School of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science Biology Chemistry Mathematics Psychology Bachelor of Science Community Studies Degree Biodiversity Psychology, Health, and Environment Toqwa’tu’ki Kjijitaqnn/Integrated Science Bachelor of Engineering Technology Degree Electronics and Controls Environmental Studies Manufacturing Petroleum Bachelor of Technology (Emergency Management) Bachelor of Engineering (Transfer) Certificate Programs Liquefied Natural Gas Operations Petroleum Operations Diploma Program Engineering Diploma (Transfer)

School of Graduate and Professional Studies
Master of Education (Information Technology) Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Science, Nursing Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) Bachelor of Science Human Nutrition Degree Diploma and Certificate Programs Diploma in Education (Curriculum) Diploma in Education (Counselling) Diploma in Educational Technology Certificate in Educational Studies (Arts Education) Certificate in Educational Studies

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


The past four years at CBU have been such an amazing experience. Going to a local university has allowed me to stay close to my friends and family and yet meet people from all over the country and the world. Because of the small class sizes, it was easy to make new friends with similar interests and allowed for a more personal relationship with the professors. They are always willing to provide information and advice because they truly wanted to see you succeed. CBU is such a positive environment I would recommend it to anyone seeking undergraduate education!
- Maryam Mohseni, Sydney, Nova Scotia BSc’10


Student Life
Frosh Week 2010
This will be your first opportunity to get involved in Student Life! A crew of fun Frosh Leaders who will help you become oriented with CBU will greet you upon your arrival. Keep your eyes open for tons of events that will introduce you to new people and chances to win awesome prizes. Expect information over the summer about the activities happening for orientation and you can’t miss the posters we’ll put up around the school and on Facebook. Here’s a sneak peak with much, much more! Residence Competition Frosh Meeting First bash at The Pit Concerts Frosh Kits Student Orientation

Students’ Union Events and Services
Halloween Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Tour Tony Lee, hypnotist Live bands performing Intramurals and Sports Tournaments Karaoke nights Ladies night Bursary Bash Molson Promo Nights Holiday bash East Coast Kitchen party Love Africa week Green Week Battle of the Bands St. Patrick’s Day Bash United Way Week Student Appreciation Week Pride Week Swim n’ Gym Shinerama Softball Tournament Aboriginal Awareness Week Treaty Day Celebration African History Month Events Peace One Day Orange Army Week Financial Literacy Week Get Involved Week Cultural Diversity Coordinator Sustainability Coordinator Mentoring Program Operation Red Nose



Don’t Leave Home Without It!
Top 5 Cool Things to Bring to CBU
By Gregg Whiting, Nottingham England BBA’12 Left Winger/Midfielder Men’s Soccer Team 2 years in residence 5 Games Console: So there’s always something to do if all else fails, and great way to meet new friends. 4 Posters: The rooms can look a little bare, brighten up the place. 3 DVD’s: Great way to chill out and relax, watching some of your favorite movies. 2 I-pod: When you hit the gym or exercise, it makes it go a lot quicker! 1 Camera – You’ll want to capture all the famous university events forever.

Top 10 Items You Can’t Leave Home Without
By Laura Swain, Halifax, Nova Scotia BA’10 10 A dry erase calendar: So those papers, exams and assignments don’t sneak up on you . 9 TV: For the occasional relaxing movie night. 8 Flip flops, rain gear and a winter jacket: Cape Breton weather is unpredictable. 7 Your favourite blanket from home: Sometimes you’ll wake up thinking you’re in your old bed. 6 Laptop: Facebook, MSN, and Skype are great free ways to keep in touch with friends and family from away. 5 Every piece of orange clothing you own (and maybe some additional purchases). 4 Alarm clock: Because 8am comes earlier some mornings than it does others. 3 Microwave: Convenient for when you’re in a rush. 2 Pictures of family and friends to bring some life to your dorm room. 1 Coffee Mug: For those early morning classes.

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


Stuff You’ll Find In Cape Breton
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League – the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 10-screen movie theatre Concert venues Vibrant local music scene – concerts, open mic nights, all-ages shows Shopping mall, local artisans and a farmers’ market Skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, surfing, hiking, golfing Convenient public transit to and from campus Bars, pubs, and restaurants

Stuff you’ll have access to as a CBU student
Sullivan Fieldhouse (basketball, volleyball, and other athletic facilities) Canada Games Complex (which houses a full-size skating rink) Max Bell Health Centre (with a doctor, nurse, and physiotherapist) Cape Breton Recreation Health Complex (with an indoor/outdoor soccer pitch, track and field events venue, fitness centre and much more) Nature trails for walking and hiking Caper Radio Incorporated Library

Stuff you’ll find in the CBU Students’ Union
Women’s Centre More than 60 clubs and societies Caper Times newspaper Sexual Diversity Centre Free Tutoring Services Student Representative Council (SRC) Bus Passes Job Navigation Centre A potential job – at the Pit Lounge, Caper Convenience or in one of the other areas run by the Students’ Union



A Word From Your Students’ Union
Hello Caper Recruits! We, the Cape Breton University Students’ Union, would like to welcome you to CBU! Your executive team is very excited about the upcoming year – especially with more events than ever that will keep you busy from September to April! We are Allison Haley, President; Adam Jamieson, VP Academic; Jenn Howarth, VP Student Life; and Philip Campbell, VP Finance and Operations. We will be a strong representative voice for you and will ensure that your first year on campus is one to remember! Our Frosh Week is being revamped to bring you BIGGER and BETTER events! Last year’s concert with Sean Kingston, Karl Wolf and Danny Fernandes was a HUGE success! Stay tuned for whatever big act we will bring this September! Aside from sweet activities, we are here to help you in whatever way we can! From tutoring to bus passes, Women’s Centre services to Cultural Diversity- your union’s got you covered!

We can’t wait to meet you all next year!

Questions in advance, visit us at

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


Being a student-athlete here at CBU has really been a privilege, and an experience that I have definitely enjoyed for the past five years. With a hectic school schedule and traveling with the basketball team from November through to March, many of my professors have been very accommodating with tests, due dates, and assignments. The support system throughout the entire university is unbelievable. With the Orange Army in full force this past season, it made my 5th and final year in the uniform one to remember.
- Kelsey Hodgson, Fredericton, New Brunswick BA’10 Two-time AUS MVP

Athletics – On Top Of Our Game
Championship-Calibre Athletic Programs
Athletics is an integral part of the CBU experience. The CAPERS varsity sports teams compete in women’s basketball, soccer and volleyball, and men’s basketball and soccer. They are consistently among the best in the AUS and continue to rank among the top teams in Canada.

Other Activities
In addition to varsity sports, CBU maintains a diversified schedule of programs and events for students, faculty, staff and the wider community including hosting major sporting events, elementary athletics camps, tournaments and regional and national championships.

Other Spor ts
CBU also offers a wide range of programs at the club and recreational levels, including women’s hockey and men’s baseball and rugby. CBU also offers an organized and growing intramural program with men’s and women’s ice hockey, volleyball, floor hockey, basketball and soccer. In partnership with Students’ Union, there are tournaments in flag football, softball, golf, dodge ball and soccer.



Campus Happenings
University is not all about textbooks and exams. It’s also about getting to know yourself, creating new experiences, learning about new cultures and teaching other students about yours too. At Cape Breton University there is always lots to do on campus whether you’re hanging out at residence, in the cafeteria between classes, marching for the Orange Army or taking on a leading role in the Boardmore Theatre’s latest production. During your time at Cape Breton University you’re going to make life long friends and memories that you will remember for years to come!

We Want You for the Orange Army
Who are we? We are strong, proud, and fierce. We are, the Orange Army. The driving support behind our championship athletics teams, the Orange Army is the student spirit of CBU. Join us. Fall in line and march for the Orange Army. “Capers fans – dubbed the Orange Army – were unofficially anointed the No. 1 fans in the country at the national championship, which was hosted by Carleton University.” - Jim Charters, CBU Men’s Basketball Coach

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


Get Connected
A home-away-from-home for many, CBU recognizes the importance of meeting the individual needs of all students. With this in mind, the university offers a wide range of services and resources accommodating specific needs, including child care, computer and career services, bookstore, women’s centre, international student advisors, health services, and personal counselling. Students can find a diverse range of resources on campus that will cater to individual needs, such as:

Jennifer Keeping AccessAbility Centre
The Jennifer Keeping AccessAbility Centre is well equipped to assist our disabled students with a wide variety of services ranging from tutorials to facilitating academic accommodation. The Centre also utilizes or has access to a wide selection of assistive technologies to provide additional support.

It is a true pleasure teaching at CBU. With small class sizes I have the opportunity to get to know students and discover more about their educational needs, interests, and goals. I love to work with students to create classroom environments where they can engage in learning experiences that are meaningful for them.
- Tanya Brann-Barrett, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Communication

Mi’kmaq College Institute
The Mi’kmaq College Institute helps students make a smooth transition to university life and is equipped with a meeting centre, computer room, resource office, and study hall. Students have a comfortable environment for study and relaxation, where staff provide a vital link between the university and Aboriginal communities.

Writing Centre
Free of charge for all students, the Centre helps improve writing skills and provides a large collection of self-help materials. Also recognizing the importance of meeting individual needs, the CBU Students’ Union offers supports services such as course counselling, tutoring, email services, and a host of activities and programs.

The library staff is friendly and helpful, and the librarians know their stuff. They know the profs, the assignments, and the best information to use. There are always people around to help you find the perfect information, and even when you’re not in the library you can get help through IM, phone, or email. And being a member of Canada’s national research network, we can ensure that you have access to the highest quality information whenever and wherever you need it.

Learning Commons and Student Life Centre
The Learning Commons and Student Life Centre is the hub of Student Services housing the Writing Centre, the Academic and Career Counselors, the Clinical Social Worker, the International Student Advisors as well as a new student study lounge complete with three private study areas. This entire space is cool, relaxing and an inviting place to catch up on assignments or hang out between classes.



Without the skilled and committed participation of my students, it would be impossible for me to pursue marine research programs on the health of the Bras d’Or estuary, the sustainability of emerging fisheries for marine species, or the remote sensing of submarine ecosystems. We learn from each other, and have fun doing it!
- Bruce Hatcher, Ph.D. Chair in Marine Ecosystem Research Director, Bras d’Or Institute Associate Professor Department of Biology

Research Matters
Imagine a classroom in which academic concepts are discussed in theory. Now imagine classes at CBU, where research and experiments are conducted in nearby labs, and often form part of the lecture topics covering everything from the arts to the sciences. Throughout the academic year, over 80 students work directly with researchers at CBU. This close working relationship not only provides students with an opportunity to earn extra money, but to take ownership of their research findings and discoveries. Undergraduate Student Research Awards, NSERC, SSHRC and Summer Student Grants all facilitate the growth of our research community. Each year, the efforts of our student researchers are featured at a campus-wide Student Undergraduate Research Forum. This showcase event provides students with an opportunity to present their research projects to panels of judges, providing real world experience in a non-threatening and fun environment.

Where Curiosity is Celebrated…
CBU is proud to have three faculty hold prestigious Canada Research Chairs. The diversity of subject matters investigated by these Chairs is indicative of the breadth and depth of programs and research opportunities offered at CBU. Integrative Science is breaking down the boundaries between mainstream science and Indigenous peoples perspectives on the sciences. Intangible Culture and Heritage engages directly with communities to capture and archive the rich sociological and cultural traditions that characterize our region. Molecular Spectroscopy is literally on the cutting edge of hardcore science, studying inter- and intra-molecular interactions by using state of the art infrared and Raman spectroscopy. CBU faculty members are involved in a wide variety of research activities. From marine ecosystem diversity & sustainability and mine water remediation, to children’s rights and the effect of nutraceuticals on Type 2 Diabetes, our dedicated team of researchers and educators are here to support the growth of our students by providing them with a wide range of exciting and practical research opportunities.

…Creativity is Rewarded!

Visit WWW.CBU.CA to find out more.


Web Guide
WWW.CBU.CA/admissions Find out admission requirements to attend Cape Breton University. WWW.CBU.CA/scholarships Check out the available entrance and in-course scholarships offered. WWW.CBU.CA/academics Find out more on the variety of programs offered at Cape Breton University. WWW.CBUSU.COM Visit the Cape Breton University Students’ Union, home to many services and activities for Cape Breton University students. WWW.CBU.CA/student-services Visit the Student Service Centre, an important department for students, providing help with anything from registration to transcripts. WWW.CBU.CA/fees See a breakdown of university fees, including tuition, residence, and more. WWW.CBU.CA/residence Considering living on campus? Check out our residence facilities. WWW.CBU.CA/athletics Student athlete? Sports fan? Check out Cape Breton University’s top-notch Athletics program. WWW.CBU.CA/research Find out more about the exciting research happening at Cape Breton University.

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P.O. Box 5300, 1250 Grand Lake Road Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada B1P 6L2 Toll Free: 1-800-474-7212 Tel: (902) 563-1136