Army Family Team Building

Level III

Coaching and Mentoring

The Coaching Process
Coaching is an unending process – each new achievement leads to the next challenge. For any one goal, there is a cycle of six basic stages from goal to completion that the coach and “coachee” work together.


The coach and coachee agree what the performance goals are and what the coachee wants to achieve. The discussion revolves around the current abilities and skills of the coachee and what needs to be done to get to the next level. The coach and coachee explore the different options that can be taken to achieve the goal(s). Together the coach and coachee decide on a course of action and the coachee makes a commitment to work with the agreed upon plan. The coachee begins to work on the goal, and the coach provides support and guidance as needed. The coach and coachee meet and consider what has been learned. They review the lessons learned, and what can be built upon for further achievement.












3.9 Handout


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