Army Family Team Building

Level III

Coaching and Mentoring

Characteristics of a Mentor
Role Model
Provides a model for civil and appropriate behavior and attitudes Portrays a person that a mentee admires or wants to be like Has qualities/values that the mentee desires for self

Helps the mentee acquire knowledge, information or skills Shows the mentee how to do things Participates with the mentee in learning new things

Enjoys doing things with the mentee Shares interests and experiences with the mentee Spends time talking with and listening to the mentee

Boosts the mentee’s self-esteem Conveys warm caring about the mentee as a person Gives support to a mentee's efforts Listens to the mentee's ideas and concerns Expresses belief in the mentee's abilities

Provides opportunities to try new things Introduces the mentee to new people, places, interests or ideas Encourages the mentee to approach other people as resources Suggests new sources of information

Enables, authorizes or gives power to others Encourages others to take responsibility and learn to act independently Looks for meaningful challenges and sets the bar a little higher each time
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