Army Family Team Building

Level III

Coaching and Mentoring

Checklist: Are You Ready for a Mentor?
If you are thinking about entering a mentoring relationship as a mentee, read the following statements and honestly determine how willing you are to accept someone else’s guidance. Very Certain 1. I know the kind of mentoring I want. 2. I'm willing to accept a mentor's help, if it is appropriate. 3. I'm a good listener. I hear what the other person is saying. 4. I'm a good follower. 5. I can be counted on to carry out commitments. 6. I learn most new things quickly. Uncertain

7. I'd be willing to speak up (diplomatically) if I disagreed with a mentor. I'm not a "yes" person. 8. I'm good about thanking and otherwise showing appreciation to people who help me. 9. I feel that my "entrepreneurship potential" is high; I'd be a good risk as a mentee.


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