Army Family Team Building

Level III

Family Readiness Group Leadership

Straight from the Heart – Piece of Advice!
Know your family comes first! Get an answering machine and let it take the messages during dinner or when you need a break. It’s ok to enjoy your family or find time for yourself. Find someone you can talk to….a buddy….preferably away from the unit. Know your limits; set priorities and learn to say “no”. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Remember you are human too and going through the same situation like everyone else. REMEMBER, you are providing a service. You pass information along. You do NOT have to be the one doing everything. Find others who will share some of the responsibility. You are not responsible for solving ALL the problems that arise. Refer the person to the appropriate agency and inform the unit leadership. This is not a competition among the unit FRGs. You are on the same team. Don’t be discouraged with numbers (or lack thereof!). Ask people to find a buddy – someone they can rely on in an emergency. Someone to get them someplace when their car won’t start, etc. You are not in a popularity contest – some people may not like you or the decisions you make. If it really is a sticky situation, call the unit leadership or senior spouse and let them make the decisions! Don’t be surprised if you are misquoted or misunderstood. Correct it and move on. NEVER TAKE ABUSE!! Hang up or walk away. Call the unit leadership or the senior spouse. Don’t get caught in gossip or favoritism – you’ll lose all credibility. Try to remain neutral. Get all sides of discussion and base decision on sound information, weighing the pros and cons that affect the majority not the minority. Remember that confidentiality is a must! Keep your sense of humor! Think twice; speak once. Smile! Laugh! It’s contagious! Be open and approachable. Be open-minded too. Never hesitate to say “I don’t know” and then find out! And get back to the person.


3.10 Handout


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