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The term “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” is American slang for the word convict that refers to an
individual who has been held for felony on the basis of being found guilty. We are
attempting to incorporate the theme “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” into a Management Fest to
go beyond tested boundaries and penetrate into new horizons.

The theme revolves around the life of a Konvict. The troubles, fights, bank
robberies, mob wars, drug deals, hits, deaths, gun shots, injuries, pain, suffering,
poverty & family. With “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” we aim to benchmark the magnum at
which a Management Fest is hosted. This theme has been a difficult task to work
on as it attempts to bring two ends together.
Trying to understand the relationship between a Management Fest and a convict
was a difficult task, but as the definition of management states that management
means “the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals.” So
therefore management can be a part of anything and everything, even a part of a

Through “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” we are trying to bring to light the managerial aspects

that are present in a convict’s life. The theme revolves around a convict and his
fast moving life but highlights how important management is everywhere. From
contracts, bounty’s to interrogations and trials every aspect has a touch of
management. “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” not only makes this Management Fest interesting
and more challenging but also differentiates it from the conventional themes and
The planning process of the Management Fest was undertaken after strenuous
thought process. The dates of the Management fest have seen finalized on the 18th
& 19th of September 2009. Keeping in mind our reality and staying within our
boundaries we have come to a consensus to make “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” an
international event. This step not only gives “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” an international
outlook but also adds to the value of the Fest.

Taking “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” to a global level requires full fledged team working on

the event round the clock. Understanding the importance of this step of going
global only adds to the work and effort that needs to be put in to take
“K.O.N.V.I.C.T” to a level of bench marking.

To ensure proper functioning of “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” a core team has been created to

undertake the work in each sub-division. A proper organizational structure is
incorporated to ensure that the work is completed within its deadline.
Since we plan to take “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” to an international level the importance of
quality gets doubled. To ensure proper quality through the duration of the Fest a
TQM team (Total Quality Management) will be placed to keep a check on the
quality issues.


The main body of the hierarchy consisting of a three member team that represents
the student body. It is the team in-charge for “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” that will overlook
all the aspects of the sub-divisions.

The Production house is the team in-charge for the pre fest work.
The creative and promotional work is taken forward from this department.
The stage setup, seating arrangements and the entire production plan of the fest is
undertaken by this team.

The technical team is in-charge of the technical aspects of the fest. The LCD,
computers, sound is taken care of by this team. The technical team will also
undertake the videos of the event.
Like everything even “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” requires financial support to sustain itself.
The sponsorship process will be carried carefully as we are not only seeking for
financial assistance but to build a long term partnership. This process will be
undertaken primarily with corporate firms as it remains a Management Fest at the
end of the day.

With “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” being promoted as an international Management Fest there
is need for more effort to put into maintaining the quality of the event. A full-
fledged TQM team will work round the clock in sync with all the other core
departments to ensure 100% quality from all departments.


This department will undertake the catering of Food & Beverages to the
participating colleges and their respective teams. It also ensures adequate supply
and good quality food & beverages throughout the duration of the fest to the
audiences of the Management department which includes the judges, faculty,
student body, etc.
The hospitality team will have two members assisting the participating team with
the information of the fest throughout the duration of the fest. The two member
team for each participant team will act as escorts to their respective team in-charge
and provide all information regarding events, schedules, etc. The hospitality team
will also be in-charge of accommodation of the participating teams.

The discipline team will b entrusted the task of ensuring strict discipline be
maintained by the student body. The team will be enforced three days before the
date of the fest as to get ground work covered. It will ensure no rules & regulations
will be challenged as it will hamper the goodwill of the host institution.
As we all know that money is the backbone of every organization. Organization
has to keep a check on its funds as to know where the money is coming from and
where it’s going. But there is always a risk involved where there is money. You
can’t trust anyone. Your turnover has dropped and its affecting you organization
how do you find out where is the money going? Who is the traitor? This is how
the finance event will work. So keep a close look on you money.

This event gives us an insight of how there is a correlation between the theme and
management fest. As human resource deals with recruiting fresh talent, poaching
from different organizations and framing company policies, similarly Head Hunter
shows us how convicts function within a mob/gang and how they recruit fresh
blood into their mob/gang to make it stronger, poaching from rival mobs/gangs
and giving an outline/ rules & regulations on how the mob/gang functions.
The cops question and the convicts answer, this is how the Business quiz event
works. We have tried to give it the look of an interrogation room where the
convicts are thrown questions at and if they don’t give the right answer there in for

You have the money & resources but you need to utilize it in the most effective
manner to make a mark. But things are not going to be that easy. You have you
competitors always watching you. One wrong move and it could cost you dearly.
Use your resources and ensure your sustainability and remember there’s someone
watching your every move.
Hit or Stay?? That’s the big question. In the stocks event we show how the stock
market is a huge gamble and you have to know your numbers right to make it big,
similarly in the casino you gamble and you have to know your cards right to know
when to throw them and take home the big money!

Imagine two competing brands in the same market, pushing itself harder and faster
to gain brand reputation in the market and acquire more market share. The Bounty
Hunter highlights the marketing aspects in the same example of two competing
brands. Take two different mobs/gangs in the same territory trying to gain more
control and dominance in the territory but pushing themselves by all means
necessary to take control.
He is the man who knows it all. The Best manager event is all about the man who
runs the show, the man who gets the spot light, the man who takes home the big
money. Bloodspot shows how the convict goes through hell, loses, pain, suffering
to make it from fresh blood to the master of the game.
No. of people Charge per plate No. of days
Food & Beverages 182,000
1,300 70 2

No. of rooms Charge per day No. of days

Accommodation 39,000
13 1500 2

Over All prize money 2nd place prize money

Prize Money 30,000
20,000 10,000

Charge per piece No. of momentous

Momentous/ Trophies 5,000
100 50

Banners Posters Balloons Theater Ads

Promotion Material & Printing 150,000
15,000 10,000 25,000 100,000
Invites Brochures Certificates Folders
Stationary 23,250
25x300 50x30 350x5 250x50

7,500 1,500 1,750 12,500

Cost of Set-up No. of days

Stage Setup 14,000
7000 2

Miscelleanous Expenses 20,000

TOTAL 463,250
The sponsorship is sub-divided into the following packages.
 Main Sponsors
 Co-Sponsors
 Event Sponsor
 Display Sponsorship
 Stall Space
 Banners

MAIN SPONSORS (Rs. 500,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Folders
4. Certificates
5. Stall space
6. Company Ads preview
7. Promotion through media partners.
CO-SPONSORS (Rs. 300,000)
The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Folders
4. Certificates
5. Stall space
6. Company Ads preview

EVENT SPONSORS (Rs. 100,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Stall space
4. Company Ads previewed only duly during the event.
DISPLAY SPACE (Car – Rs. 100,000)
The following is offered under this sponsorship package for car display.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Stall space
4. Display space

(Bike – Rs. 50,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package for bike display.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Stall space
4. Display space
STALL SPACE (Rs. 50,000)
The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Posters
2. Stall space

BANNERS (Rs. 10,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
Since “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” is going international we plan to go ahead with extensive
promotions. The promotional activities have been considered after making a
feasibility report and considering the budget for “K.O.N.V.I.C.T”.
Promotional activities that will attract majority of the masses have been taken into

The following are the promotions that have been taken up.
 Posters
 Banners
 Balloon Display
 Theater Advertisements
 Media Partners
 Radio Partners
 Blogs & Spams
We intend to go ahead with a poster campaign through which we are trying to
reach out to Business Schools all over the globe. Displaying posters of
“K.O.N.V.I.C.T” in various Business schools through out the city and forwarding
them to selected business schools around the globe.

Highlighting “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” through banners is another promotional approach.
Putting up banners in public places such as malls and other populated shopping
areas to attract the crowd and give out information about the event.

A new promotional that will adopted is the suspending of balloons from public
building in malls, colleges, etc. This is a new method that has been considered as it
grabs the attention of the masses.

The newest approach that has been adopted to gain more audience to know about
“K.O.N.V.I.C.T” is through advertisements in movie halls, before and during the
intervals a movie is previewed advertisements of “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” will be aired.
Partnership with youth related newspapers such as the Deccan Chronicle and
Bangalore Mirror to propagate about “K.O.N.V.I.C.T”. This will be used as a
median to publicize “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” nationally. There isn’t a better channel to
communicate through to reach out to a vast crowd with information.

Radio partnership with Radio Indigo to promote “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” on air will be
carried out. Promotion on air gets radio listeners to know about “K.O.N.V.I.C.T”.
This is an extensive campaign that will be carried out with the support of our radio


A blog that has all the information about “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” its date, venue, events,
etc will cater to online interaction about “K.O.N.V.I.C.T.”.
The blog will also cater to any queries regarding “K.O.N.V.I.C.T”.
Links of the blog and video of “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” will be mailed through spams.
GODEJ (Co-Sponsors Rs. 200,000)
The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Folders
4. Certificates
5. Stall space
6. Company Ads preview
*(Godrej offered free invitees)

BALJI GROUP (Event Sponsor Rs. 100,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Stall space
4. Company Ads previewed only duly during the event.

ADVAITH MOTORS (Display Space Rs. Bike – Rs. 50,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package for bike display.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
2. Posters
3. Stall space
4. Display space

SONY (Stall Space Rs. 50,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Posters
2. Stall space

SAMSUNG (Space Rs. 50,000)

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Posters
2. Stall space
MILESTONE GLOBAL (Banner Rs. 10,000)
The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners


The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners

The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
The following is offered under this sponsorship package.
 Display of Company logo on
1. Banners
*(Offered 25% Discount on stationary)


 Dinner vouchers – (Balji Group)

 Nokia handset N82
 Puma T-shirts
 Staples Gift vouchers
 Red bull cans
The segmentation is done on the basis of geographical locations, as this
Management fest is of international level. Therefore we are looking for
participants of home town institutions, national and international institutions.

This segmentation is applied to seek different benefits. As this management fest
provides us a platform to demonstrate our skill set. Taking this management fest
international enhances the brand name of the host institution
On the other hand participating institutions over the globe will gain immense
exposure and a rostrum to demonstrate their skills.

 Home Town Business Schools

 National Business Schools

 International Business Schools


We Position ourself as one of the Top Business Schools in the country hosting an
International level Managemant fest.
Christ College
Address: Hosur Road, Bangalore -29, India
Phone Numbers: +91 80 4012 9100, +91 80 4012 9012 (IVRS)
Fax:+91 80 4012 9000

Christ University, a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of

individuals dedicated to the motto of excellence and service. The university was
selected for the Best Campus Award by the Bangalore Urban Art Commission for
four consecutive years, 1996 through 2000.

“K.O. N.V.I.C.T” Management Fest

The Christ University Management Association organizes each year a

management department fest in order to create a dynamic platform for showcasing
managerial skill and talent that will eventually drive the future. “K.O. N.V.I.C.T”
the theme for the Management Fest this year makes the fest more interesting and
challenging..Events like Bloodspot, Bounty Hunter, Casino, The Contract,
Interrogation Room, Head Hunter and Counterfeit will serve in enhancing the
latent potential as they compete in a series of events in a bid to emerge victorious

After overlooking the entire concept, promotional strategies and cost involved we
have creayted a budget that will be effectively utilised for the running of the fest.
After taking into careful considertaion the costs involving accomodation, food,
stage setup, stationary, production and printing, banners & posters, etc we have
come to a effective total of Rs. 500,000 to run the fest succesfull.
This target will be broken down into spomsorship packages and presented to
possible sponsors/ partners to raise in cash and kind.

 Posters
 Banners
 Blogs
 Media
 Radio
 Theater Advertisements

“An International Management Showdown”

Top Management Institution in the country
The host institution being a very well renowned educational institution not
only locally but also nationally. The biggest strenght of this Management fest
is the banner it will undertake suchan initiative under adds to the value of the

Financial Stability
As every event requires financial assistance to successfully operate, similarlly
for this fest to run succesfully it requires assistance. Incase of any unfortunate
events that result in less turnover in terms of sponsorship the institutionis
economically sound to assist the management departememnt to conduct this
Strong Student Body
Human resources is an essential part of any organization. The student body
here is quite a strong and well nuirtured one that is very well accquainted with
the organizing skill s. Such a maganus event requires a stromg unit to support
and that is excatly what the institution holds as an asset. A strong and
knowledgeble student boidy hat is innovative, proactive and effective in th
events it has taken up ajnd has proven to be succesful time and again.

College Infrastructure
One of the biggest benefits that adds as an strenght to this fest is the excellent
infrastructure that the college provides. It has a widespread capmus over a few
acres. The campus has an state of the art audituriom with excellent lights and
sounds. The college also has many other mini audis where many events can be
held simentenously.

Theme of the Management Fest

A never been attempted theme that draws link between two ends the
corportates and the convicts. This theme is unique and acts as an strenght that
gains a lot of attention. A completely new concept that is being introduced
into the management fest that will only takes things to a whole new level of

International Fest
As the fest is being taken to a international level, it attracts media attention
and attention from other institutions across the country. It is one of the few
colleges to take this initiative and with the exisiting brand value of the
institution it only adds up to being a major strenght.

It is very essential to have good brand name in the market as selling an
international managemnt fest isnt a easy rtask but when it is under the banner
of an esteemed institution it makes the task of striking patrnerships and
gaining sponsorships easy. Thsis also attracts institutions overseas to be a
part of an event hosted by such an premier institution.

Association with Top Corporates

The institution over the year has gaind immense recognitation across the
country. This brand value of the institution has enabled it to strike successful
partnerships over the years. The institutions has been associated with very
reputed corporate firms in the past which highlights the succes rate of delivery
by the institution.

Guidenace and support by the Faculty

The institution has a very highly qualified faculty that has always acted as an
constant median of support. The faculty is highly trained and is ready to guide
the student body in it activities.

Poor Co-operation from Ground staff
The only drawback that we have come across is that the institutions ground staff
tends to be non co-operative at times. This may hindre the success rate of the
fest and also send out a negitive message of the institution across the
participating teams and their institutions.
Recognitation and Participation from other continents
As the institution is extending the boundries from national territory to
international territory, there is an excellent opportunity provided to the
institution to make its presence felt in other parts of the globe. This is an
excellent opportunity to get more and more international participation and gain
immense recogination in other continents.

To conduct the Fest on a Larger scale

There is always an opportunity to excel oneself. With an perfect opportunity
with the fest going international and its unique theme, if pitched in an consise
and effective manner the institution can achieve more assistance in terms of
funds so that it can excel its initial plans in its previous budget.

Stronger Corporate Association

There is always a chance to grow into various field and tap into potential
partnerships that would benefit the institution in the long run. It has the perfect
opportunity to pitch its event and attain succes rate and build stronger bonds
with firms in the long run.

Larger Participation
There is an possibility of increasing participation locally, nationally and
internationally. The istitution can maximize the participating teams to ensure
higher participation which acts as an value add to the institution.

Low Participation from Colleges
There is a risk involved of low participation form institutions. If the
promotuional strategies fail to convey the message across the masses then the
fest may witness a major setback wihere as few institutions turn up for the fest
which acts as an negitive aspect on the institution.

Poor Involvement of Student Body

There is a r isk involved of low participation from the student body. In every
institutions we come acros different groups of students some very proactive and
then rest away from from everything. Since this is an student organised fest it
requires man power from the student body and if there is less turn over from the
student body it makes it very difficult for the core team to ensure success of the

Clashes between the Organizing Body

The organizing body which is also responsible for the entire fest, may at certain
stages come across disagreements tat may cause conflicts between the members
of the team which may hinder the progress of the event. To work with different
individuals with different persecptions is a tedious task that may come acrosss as
an threat.

Poor Sponsorship
As mentioned earlier the requirment of finincial assistance is of most importance
as it ensure quality and delivery of the event. Poor sponsorship may be a threat
to the fesrt as it will cause a major problem in the budgettin that has been kept in
consideration for the fest and may have to be revamped in a short span of time.
Again with cost cutting there a good chance of less quality at the time of
Taking “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” to an international platform is a giant leap for the host
institution and excellent opportunity to make the brand name of the institution felt
in other parts of the globe. As we are going international there is an importance to
focus on the quality of delivery of the fest. A TQM team will be initiated to work
in sync with each department to ensure 100% quality.

Since quality is an issue it also implies on the number of institutions being invited
and which institutions to invite. We have a streamlined process in place that
focuses as to which institutions to invite that will not only give the fest an
international outlook but also enhance the value of the fest and ensure exchange in
cultural values, knowledge and concept.

Invitations will be sent only to selected primer institutions across the globe.
Utilizing the existing international partner institutions of the host college to
participate in this “International Management Showdown” and also partner with
them as to make our presence stronger in other continents through their channels.


The marketing strategy is the heart of a marketing plan. Without this a
marketing plan is considered to have no foundation. “K.O.N.V.I.C.T.” plans
to penetrate the market through the following marketing strategy to capture
and capitalize on the market share.



As the name suggests this strategy is the initial strategy implied by
“K.O.N.V.I.C.T.” to create a presence before the fest is introduced. It is the
pre-launch strategy which includes market surveys, pre-launch campaigns and
various teaser ad campaigns as innovative promotional techniques. This will
give a head start to this service as it will create curiosity and eagerness among
the people. These strategies will be implied to our target market as this will be
the sector which will avail the platform being provided by us to the fullest.
Our pre launch strategies will be planned and will be executed in various
places all around the globe.
It will be carried forward keeping in mind the regional beliefs, languages and
the various diversities to create a sense of belonging in the mind of the various
prospect participants. By this it will create a perfect launch to this new
innovative Service with the most effective impact. This will take place until
the actual introduction of the fest. As our target market is premier business
schools locally, nationally and internationally.

Initially there will be an extensive teaser ad campaign held in the selected

cities sectors all around the globe especially in those places where our
potential target customers lie. This will help in arousing a sense of curiosity in
the minds of the people. This teaser ad campaign will begin a month and a
half before the fest begins. And after about a month the revealing ad will be
presented to the public.

The penetration strategy will not stop abruptly; it will slowly fade off as the
new Elevation strategy takes its place.
After an effective introduction of the fest there will be extensive
promotional strategies to grow the already acquired market and take it to new
heights. There will be a strategic distribution network used to gain more
presence in other parts of the globe. The promotional activities as mentioned
earlier will be introduced with all its strength to grow the existing market. The
process is planned in such a way that the places “K.O.N.V.I.C.T” is being
promoted gains immense ground so as the hype created in the initial stages
continues into the final stage the marketing strategy.

This is as important as the above two marketing strategy. That is because

capturing a market is just one side of a coin. Retaining what has been captured
is equally important. So the follow up or the retention strategy is to support
the Penetration and the elevation strategy and to see to it that what is captured
remains that way and it is not lost.

For this periodical surveys need to be conducted to keep a check on the

captured audience and to attract the remaining audience. New Innovations and
brand new attraction methods will be implemented. New creative a
promotions will be carried out to keep the market audience on the edge of
their seats.