Cristina Alcivar

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry assistant

Alison Koffler, Teacher

Ellen Kirshbaum, Principal Public School Repertory Company

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

with funding support from NYS Council on the Arts

©1996 Ten Penny Players

""When a person dies; the one that

you love and

were close to,

you break down

in tears.

But you have to

be strong and help the other people to be strong.

Instead of scattering tears alI over

the place

and being sad




Sometimes" people

don't show their feelings to other people

because they don't

want them to know how they feel

about that person.

The way I see it is:

you don't have to hide your feelings,

because everybody feels the same way as you.


If you don't show your feelings it's going to hurt you

deep down.

You're going to get sick and you don't want

that to happen.

But it is o.k. to cry, 'cause that's the way to show your feelings when a person passes away.


When you open your eyes in the morning you are exci ted to know

what is out there; so many things you think of doing.


When you have life, be excited. Everybody starts caring and thinking about you.

If you are gone, everybody will stop caring, thinking about, and remembering you.


When a person dies

family members grow closer and closer with each other and share tears.


But when it is time for them

to be buried,

it is hard for all of us to deal with;

and it is the last time

you are going to see them and to say good-bye to them one more time.


In Search of a Song Volume 197

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'--- .. -.~ .. - ............. -- _ .•. __ ~··-~'---.r ~ ..

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a waterways publication

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