Lesson subject: Presenting in Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Level: Introductory Level for College Learners

The learner will: • • • • Demonstrate the use of Adobe Connect features. Upload files, activate video and audio, record the session, and manage the pods. Host or present a presentation in the meeting room. Prepare an instructional sheet on how to use Adobe Connect for participants.

Reading: http://bit.ly/kmtzA Reading: http://bit.ly/dgrIG

About Connect Pro Meeting: http://bit.ly/10crOM How to Record an Adobe Connect meeting: http://bit.ly/162cLo How to share computer screen: http://bit.ly/3Gwkz Flexibility of Adobe Connect: http://bit.ly/plGdu

Activity 1: Sign up for free trial http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/trial/ Activity 2: Set up your first meeting room http://bit.ly/FoLC8     When you make a new meeting room, leave the “Custom URL” and “Summary” blank. Make sure the access is set on “Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room”. Leave the “Audio Conference Settings” blank. Email your meeting room URL to your instructor.

Activity 3: Prepare a concise instructional sheet on how to use Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. Activity 4: Write a brief reflection about the benefits and drawbacks of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. Post it in the Drop Box section of Blackboard.

Prepare a 10-minute presentation using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro about a topic of your own choice. Set up an appointment with the instructor for your presentation.

Didn't Meet Requirements 0%-69% Did not address Technical Quality many of of the requirements, presentation technical problems within the meeting room session. 50 points Areas Met Most or All Requirements 90%-100% Addressed all requirements, meeting room session functioned properly and participants were able to access the session. The instruction sheet The instruction The instruction is not understandable sheet is sheet is Instruction Sheet and easy-to-follow, understandable and understandable and easy-to-follow, all there are some easy-to-follow, the steps are missing steps. there are some 30 points mentioned and in missing steps. order. The URL did not The URL worked, The URL worked, all URL link and on- work, assignments some of the of the assignments time post didn’t post based on assignments didn’t posted based on the the appropriate post based on the appropriate deadline. appropriate deadline. 20 points deadline. Met Some Requirements 70%-89% Addressed some of requirements, meeting room session functioned properly.

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