Patient X, 45 years old diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease presents the following signs and symptoms

: - Easy fatigability -Decreased Urine output - Muscle cramps (Dialysis) - Episodes of fainting - Serum Creatinine: 1,037mg/dL -Hemoglobin: Requires nsg diagnosis 10g/dL -Increased BP: 170/110 -Weight: Pre: Post: ESRD DIALYSIS
Requires nsg interventions Outcomes shown improvements in Requires nsg interventions

Assess Fluid Status Give fluid as pres. Weigh Before and after the procedure

Fluid and Electrolyte Balance Maximized

Assess Fluid Status, Weigh Daily Limit fluid & Na intake

Fluid VOLUME deficit PAIN and other COMPLICATIONS

Fluid Volume EXCESS

BP Stabilization

Monitor BP


Assess the machine; presents of bubbles Aseptic Techniques Massaging;relax ation techniques

Anti Hypertensive Drugs Further Complications Prevented Asses contributing fx Promote independence as tol. Alternating activities Rest after Dialysis Maximized Level of Functioning Reorientation


Heparin and Epoeitin Administration

Discomfort Alleviated

Disturbed thought Process

Safety Measures Compliance of Medical Regimens

*Nursing Interventions are separated in two columns because some of the symptoms are only present during hemodialysis and were not felt at home; the patient is out- patient basis.

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