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************************************************************* This article is being delivered in Draft form and may contain errors. Please use the MetaLink "Feedback" button to advise Oracle of any issues related to this article. ************************************************************* PURPOSE ------To provide the actual steps needed to set up load balancing in 11i Applications. SCOPE & APPLICATION ------------------This note is directed at DBA's or those responsible for implementing load balancing. LOAD BALANCING IN RELEASE 11i APPLICATIONS -----------------------------------------The load balancing feature is controlled at the forms server connection level. Load balancing requirements include a metrics server and at least two metrics clients. Metrics clients are separate machines, or can exist on the same box with a metrics server. A metrics client is created by replicating the application server tier on different machines. To make the newly created application server a metrics client, the following changes need to be made to the metrics client start up script on each instance. 1. The script adfmcctl.sh needs to be a mirror on each instance. The changes can be made manually or by moving a copy of the .sh file to replace the original. Specific detail: d2lc60 $FMS_HOST $FMS_DATA_PORT exit_code=$? 0 1 f60webmx >> $FRMLOG 2>&1 &

$FMS_HOST = This is the Metrics server machine name $FMS_DATA_PORT= all Metrics Clients will use the same port The "1" reflected above is a weighting factor [refered to as scaling]. This can be adjusted to a value of 10 and will give a multiple to the total number of processes detected by the client. 1 represents a large (4cpu) instance .

. if it is commented out) Note: To use https in a load balancing environment. (note: on some operating systems it may be necessary to leave this blank as the download will fail looking expressly for domainName. The appsweb.10 would be a small (1cpu) instance.cfg for each instance will need to be modified as follows: MetricsServerPort: <FMS_REQ_PORT> (this is from the metrics server startup script) MetricsServerErrorURL: <this is optional> ServerName: %LEASTLOADEDHOST% comment out the domainName. 2. this should be provided by the Metrics Client. you will need to import the certificate using Oracle Wallet Manager (Note 123718.1 section III SSL setup for Oracle Forms 6i Server) for each Applications server tier that will be used in the load balancing envrionment.

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