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Document ID 1 1282434.1 2 1285571.1 3 1186338.1 4 740964.1 5 380489.1 213021.1 980924.1 287176.1 390374.1 419728.1 863800.1 976188.1 199081.1 1118846.1 1053147.1 404954.1 747806.1 761836.1 744143.1 419475.1 171855.1 743716.1 213021.1 295206.1 262557.1 557259.1 216212.1 465259.1 342332.1 131704.1 185489.1 169935.1 104541.1 175485.1 183643.1 122812.1 468760.1 151475.1 1036553.6 1089693.1

121632.1 837570.1 132793.1 241512.1 1020180.6 557070.1 1092593.1 745695.1 744866.1 454701.1 562807.1 1094413.1 565396.1 1233515.1

2 Tuning performance on eBusiness suite Removing Credentials from a Cloned EBS Production Database CCM.10+) Database Scripts Library Index Setting Up Parallel Concurrent Processing On Unix Server Troubleshooting Oracle Apps Performance Issues Troubleshooting (Concurrent Manager Generic) How to Apply an 11i Patch When adpatch is Already Running Workflow Scripts TROUBLESHOOTING: Tuning Queries That Cannot be Modified How to Save the DDL Scripts of the Various Database Objects Like PROCEDURE and FUNCTION in to a Unix Shell Script to Check if Database Connection is Alive HOW TO DETERMINE WHICH SCRIPT CREATES AN INVALID DATABASE OBJECT How to Troubleshoot Communication From the Oracle Management Service (OMS) to the Grid Control .sql Diagnostic Script for Concurrent Manager How to Setup and Test Failover of PCP on Non-RAC Environments Concurrent Processing (CP) / APPS Reporting Scripts How to Count Total Number of Users Connected to ORACLE Application 10g: DataPump Export and Import Job and Attached Client Sessions Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and 12 PC Client Performance Disaster Recovery and the E-Business Suite EBS and APS Decentralized Apps Instances Overview and Diagram Troubleshooting Login Problems in Oracle Applications 11i (11.Useful document ID's: Description EBS Concurrent Manager Performance .Temp Table How to Change the DBID.10(and above) .What You Need to Know How To: How to run OATM migration utility How To Identify Which Scheduled Workbooks And User Are Associated With Which Database View / Re Easy Steps to Install/ Upgrade/ Migrate/ Uninstall APEX . TKProf and Explain Plan Determining Which Tape(s) RMAN Will Use For A Restore Or Tapes For Specific Backups 11gR2 Clusterware and Grid Home .5. Advisor Webcast Archived Recordings Oracle Support white paper Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.5.Example 3.Concurrent Process.Best Practices .5.1.US Advisor Webcast scheduled for the Applications Technology Group (ATG) of the E-Business Suite. Concurrent Processing (CP) / APPS Reporting Scripts Using WGET to download My Oracle Support Patches DMZ Configuration with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Oracle Performance Diagnostic Guide (OPDG) How To Gather Statistics On Oracle Applications 11.2 – 11. DBNAME Using NID Utility Patch Wizard Utility Overview Reference for SQL_TRACE.

0.1] How To Debug APEX and PDF Printing Integration (BI Publisher) Issues [ID 454701.6) or higher [ID 557070.1] How to Access Apex Application Without Defining Any User and Without Prompting for Login Credentia Troubleshooting & Verifying APEX SSO Configuration Setup Steps [ID 1233515.1] PDF Printing with APEX in 11g DB Results in Format Error or ORA-20001 [ID 745695.1.1] Master Note for Oracle Application Express (APEX) Authentication [ID 1094413.1] .1] Master Note for Oracle Application Express (APEX) Printing Issues [ID 1092593.Space Usage Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 11gR2 Script to Extract SQL Statements for all V$ Views Script to Collect Data Guard Logical Standby Diagnostic Information Script to Generate CREATE TABLESPACE ORA-24247 Trying To Send Email Using UTL_SMTP from 11gR1 (11.1] Configuring an APEX Application to Use SSO With SDK in Separate Schema [ID 562807.1] Printing Large PDF Reports Results in Various Errors [ID 744866.Database Report .

id Control? .

APEX send mail Apex Master .

USE FULL Sites and Blogs related to Oracle / Oracle Apps Sno .


com/oracle/sys_tables/index.htm http://download.blogspot.htm http://www.html http://learnappsdbarac.html#10 http://hi.php http://www.htm#BABJADGA http://download.SE FULL Sites and Blogs related to Oracle / Oracle Apps Site Adress http://www.920/a96519/strategy.php http://apps2fusion.htm# http://www.html http://apps2fusion.htm http://www.html .xpertshareblog.101/b10726/recover.32/e13363/ http://apps2fusion.102/b40002/

php .htm

1 Oracle Application Express Oracle ApEx and BI Publisher Oracle Application Express – Free Browser Based Tool for Oracle Database Developers Call BI Publisher Web Services from APEX Short Guide to install Oracle 10 on Linux FND_USER Script for Techies Create Oracle FND_USER with System Administrator Oracle® Enterprise Manager Advanced Configuration 10g Release 3 (10.Comments Own DBA Scripts Printer related info . good metalink noes listed Open cursors related information very good one Oracle/PLSQL: Oracle System Tables Apps Useful scripts Viewed this site for not able to define user issue after SSO Site for all OS admin inforrmations Apps dba handy scripts **** Apps scripts *** DBA Tolz Scripts 11g upgrade Oracle site APEX related sites…Oracle® Application Express Advanced Tutorials Creating PDF Reports with Oracle Application Express Oracle DBA – Tips and Techniques Thread: Integrating Oracle EBS and ApEx Aplication with Responsibilities and SSO Introduction to Oracle Application Express Frequently Solved Problems/FAQs with Application Express Oracle BI Publisher .2.

Oracle Articles Your username is: vendba Your email address is: Your new password is: b1321a251a64564 .



. ps aux | sort -rn +3 | head select instance_name. type..'dd Mon. ps aux | head -1.SUPPORT_CP.addr FROM GV$LOCK WHERE (id1.SUPPORT_WEB. type) IN (SELECT id1..to_char(startup_time. sanj_sessf(sid) "Module" FROM gV$LOCK WHERE id1 IN (SELECT id1 FROM gV$LOCK WHERE lmode = 0) ORDER BY id1.0.sid sess.status.'Waiter: ') || inst_id.0. select sql_text from v$sqltext where HASH_VALUE = (select SQL_HASH_VALUE from v$session where column sess format a8 word_wrapped column id1 format 999999999999 column id2 format 99999999 column req format 999 column type format a4 column "Module" format a30 word_Wrapped SELECT lpad('-->'.request SELECT DECODE(request.0. id2. type --. Related Data Dictionary Objects: all_directories and dba_directories Create directory syntax : sys>create or replace directory XYZ as '/oracle/path'. lmode. request req. id2 . lmode .References if any.action. select HOME_URL from ICX_PARAMETERS. id1.serial#.5).write on directory XYZ to apps. sys> grant read.DECODE(request. id1 .Useful Commands .'Holder: '.SUPPORT_DB from select sid. request. id2.SUPPORT_FORMS. select NODE_NAME. ctime .SUPPORT_ADMIN.status. type FROM gV$LOCK WHERE request > 0) ORDER BY id1. sys> select * from dba_directories. Syntaxes .LAST_CALL_ET from gv$session where sid = 279. id2.' ')||sid sess . yyyy hh24:mi:ss') from gv$instance. request.module.

5.sid=l2.1.'%') and s.sid and l.username || '@' || s1.'S/Row-X'. decode (l.lmode.'Null'.'TX'.machine || ' ( SID=' || s1.type != 'TM' and l.'No'. v$lock b where s.username || '@' || s2.'Row-S'.request > 0 and l1.'||o.logon_time.sid || ' ) ' AS blocking_status from v$lock l1. 6.sid)) details from v$session s. v$lock l.sid and l.machine || ' ( SID=' || s2.osuser. sys.'Exclusive') lmode.null.'USR'.username uname.'Waiting on session '||to_char(b.request.'%') and s.type = 'TM' and o.'Yes') blocked.'S/Row-X'.'Share'.request. .s. 4. s.'Row-X'. v$session s1.0.user#(+) union all select s.user$ u where s. v$session s2 where s1.sid sid. v$lock l2.username like nvl(upper('&user'||'%').id1 = b.s. decode (l. decode (l.sid = l.2.'TX'. 3. 2. 6.sid = l. set verify on select s1.3||'.id1(+) and b.id2 = l2. decode (l.BLOCK=1 and l2. v$lock l.sid and l1.'Yes') blocked. sys.request. decode (l.0. 'SYS') ltype.request(+) = 0 order by 5 desc.obj# and l. 5.'Share'. 'UL'. u.id2 .id1 = l2.id1 and l2.'No'.obj$ details from v$session s.sid=l1.sid and s2.1.owner# = u.sid || ' ) is blocking ' || s2.id1 = o.'Exclusive') lmode.0.username like nvl(upper('&user'||'%').4.

status.Comments List top 5 memory consuming processes Instane name . startup time with time stamp Instance Web URL Nodes information from FND_NODES table Session details corresponding to SID It sql tex corresponding to sid It will give the basic LOCK information Locks in RAC environment Few basic information on oracle directories: .

Displays which session a blocked lock is waiting for throw a little v$session into the mix.Display locks currently held and requested. the results are highly readable: .


k is waiting for .

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