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Context Diagram DFD Job Scope of Project Manager in Information System Resources Involved in Project Management Types of Documents That will Be Produce by Project Manager Five Major Problems That will Occur During Project Management and Solution Reference 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 2 .

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The project manager can minimize cost so that he won’t run out of funds by using a WBS (work breakdown) approach.e. The tools could be . and services and with this division he can be able to find out what section of the project will involve more money and what part will not. softwares. or can be diagrams such as ERP. with the documents that have been produced during the time the person has been working. NECESSARY RESOURCES INVOLVED IN PROJECT Workforce are the skilled and unskilled people needed in the project such as the programmers.Equipments are the 6 . charts such as Gantt’s chart. it can be given to another team member so that the new person will be able to continue the work of the previous on time and without delay. and task changes within the contract statement of work which the assistant provides. simulators and prototypes. the project manager should employ enough people depending on how much he was given and also demand that each member of the team produces a documentation weekly of their work. and master project schedule(s) for the successful completion of the project. To be able to manage the workforce. system context diagrams. he should divide the project into the different parts like hardware. Project Manager’s assistant is responsible for daily communications and formal project reviews with both the customer and his/her senior management which is then reported to the project manager.. and the testers for the computerized accounting. Funding refers to the amount the project manager has been given for the completion of the school’s project. The Project Manager makes final decisions on tradeoff studies. He is responsible for defining the organizational structure of the computerized and for interfacing with the functional organizations. control and assigns budgets. etc. dataflow diagrams. i. which is. Below are the job scopes of project managing. that the project manager can use to pass out information to the school’s administrators about how the project will be like and also to tell more information to his team. so that incase on person in the team gets sick or leaves the project.THE JOB SCOPES OF A PROJECT MANAGER IN AN INFORMATION SYSTEM. The project manager is mainly responsible for the success and failure of the project which the school has contracted to him/her. He is responsible for risk management. Tools refers to the softwares used to be able to effectively plan the project. the analyst. checking the critical part of the school project and finding out where more man-power and more resources will be used up and accurately releasing the necessary resources for it without over using it. The Project Manager directs and controls all work performed within the framework of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that is.

summarized costs and resource requirements. Feasibility study report show’s detailed research. expected duration the project will take and methods that provide grounds for financial justification of the project to the school’s management. the project manager should assign 2 or 3 people so that if one misses out on a detail the other should get it and they will be able to create an acceptable system. user’s requirement and project assumptions to the management of the school. the system analyst may not really understand what the user is taking about or may miss out a point while recording the requirements. For the school project. cost. Implementation report done by the developers. User requirement specification document/project assumption is where the analyst writes down what the users expect of the computerized system and their assumption from the users as well or the school’s management. To handle this problem. Project plan is the detailed objectives. plans. roles and responsibility for the school’s management to know. in case of any changes. Design documents is the detailed objectives. the project manager will have to get equipment which will cost money and therefore the project might fail. Project review report is usually done at the end of the project to show the important project achievements and lessons learned from project errors for future project improvements. Poor information from user requirement phase: sometimes the users may not really give details of the system expected from the project manager and this will be a big problem because the project might end up a disaster. FIVE MAJOR PROBLEMS THAT MAY OCCUR DURING PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND THE SOLUTIONS. and reviews to ensure customer’s acceptance. roles and responsibility for the school’s management to know. assessed. scope. Quality plan document is project manager’s schedules. then the system analyst should take a tape recorder to record the conversation.Untrained project manager: 7 . prioritized and implemented efficiently and with known impact on the project.hardwares and the type of softwares where on shelf or purchased softwares that will need to be used for the development of the project. methodology used. TYPES OF DOCUMENTS THAT WILL BE PRODUCED BY THE PROJECT MANAGER’S TEAM DURING THE PROJECT.Change control register report: show the set of practices around effectively managing changes to the project so that they are raised. summarized costs and resource requirements. If all the equipments are used up at once before the completion of the project. It comprises of both functional and nonfunctional requirements. scope. shows how the system will be delivered to the users. the project manager should also advise the system analyst to create an interview form because sometimes the user may not have time for interview so a form should be created and if the user can be available for interviews. Business case justification document shows details for justification of the budget required for the project based on the feasibility study.project manager can purchase some accounting softwares from the market and make duplicates of it for the other systems in the school thereby reducing the amount of equipments that will have to be used. Other times.

N. types of documents produced during project management (online). (business performance).wikipedia.. 2010).org/wiki/Project_management>. Lack of detailed information from the feasibility stage.if the project manager is not skilled enough and/or does not have experience handling this kind of>. (accessed on 19th October.bizmanualz. 2010). available at : < http://www.html> (accessed on 18th October.A.businessperform.. The project manager should assign 2 system analysts to carry out feasibility study and compare results to see which one might be accurate enough for the project before submitting to the school’s (online).Lack of sufficient or appropriate equipments: without the right tools and equipments. the project manager can out-source his equipments and rent software tools for the duration of the project.. the project will become a failure.html> (accessed on 17th October. available at : < (online). The school administrator can ask for experiences from the project manager before contracting such project and the project manager can get help from someone with more experience than him and share the project with the person.html> (accessed on 19th October. 2010) N. (Wikipedia) available at : <http://en. N. available at : <http://www. 2010) 8 . (Wikipedia). (bizmanualz 2009) available at : <http://www. (accessed on 16th October.(online).wikipedia.Unskilled team members: sometimes the team members in the project manager’s team may not have enough expertise to carry out the project so the project manager should out-source his team members to be able to reduce failure rate of the project. Chris Anderson 2009. types of documents produced during project (business performance 2003). REFERENCE. meaning of project manager. N. problems in project management (online). the project will be so much tiring and the project manager may not be able to complete the project or time or may run out of funds so to avoid this problem. If the project manager does not have a good description of the cost and time that will be needed to complete the project. 2010). meaning of project management. then the quality of system produced will not be accepted and the project manager will not be able to handle the project within the given time period.